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Live Chat: Lakers vs. Rockets, Game 1

UPDATE:  Not a good start to Round 2.  Lakers lose Game 1 100-92, as a combination of LA's poor shooting and Houston's defense helps grind things down for the purple and gold. Plenty more to come. 

Somewhere, Brian Cook is sticking pins in a Phil Jackson doll.  I doubt it works. 

Chat box below.


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Are we on yet?

BK - I heard it was a Mitch Kupchak doll.

I'm watching the TNT halftime show and realizing that they're basically just a live version of the Lakersblog. They ignore the host (sometimes) and just spew their perspective on what's going on.

Just as I suspected, it's a tightly contested game tonight. Our guys are still adjusting to Houston's defensive schemes. This is Houston's best chance to steal a road game in this series. If Houston can't pull this one out, this series is as good as over.

damn rough game

This game goes to the Rockets and the series goes with it.
There is no heart, guts nor glory in the Lakers, there is way too much complacency and brain farting specially from the 9-ring "guru." It is probably better to lose now then to be humbled by the Cavs.

Damn, Phil, how long do I need to stay in and be embarrassed by Brooks before you replace me?

phil has to go..i keep on telling this..lakers will be eliminated. phil jacksons triangle is obsolete...and he's not a defensive coach either....defense wins championships

There you have it, folks.
Gutless team brainless coach




Well Kobe tried to knock Yao out but cheaters never win. Rockets Rule!! Lakers Drool!!

Meh, not worried about. They looked really rusty. Reminds me alot of game 1 against Philly during the 16-1 championship.

its a 7 game series.

Welcome back Butler, LOL.


You were saying. . . . . . . . . . .

What DO we play for?

who wants to bet 10k, i say the Lakers don't get out of this Houston series and go on vacation early?

Props to the Rockets. They brought it on. Where were the Lakers except for Kobe?

Bynum who? Lost when it counts.
Lamar? Get the ball away from him.
Sasha fouled who? Stay on the bench.

Hopefully we'll show up for game 2. Great eye opening night.

Colorado loves the Lakers!

what the freak?! Lakers NEVER got off. They led for 46 sec.!! Kobe was trying and trying to shoot them back into it but nobody helped him out at all! Brooks kept going inside for layups while Kobe had to make awesome jumpers over all kinds of defenders. This had better be a wake-up call for them. Can't believe we're going down 1-0 at home! Sometimes you gotta lose the homecourt to gain that edge back.

what did it tell you faker fan...WHAT DID I TELL YOU!!!

lots of recipes for crow online...enjoy...i hear it's a cure for your faker addiction


and there goes the was a nice season guys.

Lakers fan at the Staples Center are pathetic. Seriously.

Pathetic Fans. No noise whatsoever. Might as well have not showed up to the game.

PJ lost the game when he called Sager Bozo the Clown. the only clown was PJ.

Good job Odom 1-6 on Free throws Great job really stepped up. O wait he just does what he always does miss in tight situations.

Kobe Bryant No wonder Lebron James won MVP






IF you dont want to hear people wear there emotion on their sleeves then go to another web page...

ITS A BLOG...and its a LIVE BLOG... So, yea, people are going to get happy when thing go great and mad when things dont go so great...

Who are you to call people "whiners" for expressing that opinion?

Ironically, you are "whining" about other people "whining"....

Yao Ming has decided to introduce the lakers to a helping of international diplomacy, it would appear.

Looks like no championship for Lakers.

There is always the Dodgers who have a superstar and leader in Manny who actually has an effect on his team. Kobe. Still has to prove it.

We were 2-18 from trey tonight, can't beat excellent teams shooting like that.

Good wake up call for the Lakers. They played like total crap. I'm not even against the officiating. Lakers just plain stunk!! Will they have the character to bounce back on Wednesday or will they puss out and give up. They better come out with passion and kick Houston's azzz!!

And KOBE, stop jacking up shots. Don't you read the stats on your game? When you chuck up tons of shots we lose!! (not that anyone else was making shots)

Man - we have to wait 2 days to see how Lakers will resond.

If we don't win the next two games, we will lose the series

I just can believe how pathetic the home crowd was tonight. It sounded like a WNBA Sparks game. The fans were absolutely pathetic.



BK - looks like Brian Cook hit something...

never thought i'd say this...but we need luke walton back :(

It feels good to a Rockets fan tonight with great d on
Kobe... Robert in Houston

By losing in the second round the Lakers won't have to lose to the Cavs in the Finals. No consistency in their defense came back to bit them in the A**


The Rockets deserved to win tonight....they played with more focus and intensity.......Pau/ LO didn't respond well to the Rockets toughness........Kobe showed signs of fatigue and relied on the jump shot a little too much.....but he played through .........I expect the Lakers to respond well to this loss.....tie it up in game 2 and get home court back in Houston........Bynum was again slow of foot tonight (off balance, shooting 10 footers instead of attacking the basket)........Again Houston deserves a lot of credit for responding to the Laker run early in the 4rth.......I expected a tough series from these will get the Lake Show better prepared for the next round......While their are concerns going into game 2 (Pau Toughness, LO's FT's. Bynum's rhythm, etc.)....The Lake Show will still win this series and advance.....

Lakers 2009 NBA CHAMPS


we got beat by the wheelchair again.

LO needs to clean up those free throws, but they weren't the difference in the game, and when you look at our guys who got major minutes tonight, the only guy we won the scoreboard battle with (+2) when he was on the floor was LO (6 points better than any of the other guys, and 16+ points better than Ariza/Fish).

The reason?


Also, Drew should have played more, whether that means Pau sits out a little more or LO plays some 3.

HEY KOBE Maybe try driving the ball more often.

We sign Vujacic to a multi year deal for a shooter. Yeah he is a shooter. He isn't a shot maker though.

... And here come the Stans.

The Lakers played a TERRIBLE game. It won't happen again. They'll watch the film, shake off the rust, remember to drive to the hoop, practice their foul shooting. And then they'll win the next four games. Guaranteed.

Lakers in 5.

Go Lake Show!

Well, the silver lining of this game is that I won't have to hear
any whining from people about the Lakers blowing big leads.

Seriously though, this was all about rust. Pretty much every
Laker shot poorly in the first half, other than Bynum (who couldn't
stay out of foul trouble) and Farmar (who was only in for a couple
of minutes. Pau must have missed 5 wide open jump shots
from the free throw line. Fish and Ariza kept jacking 3's and
missing them. And that allowed Houston to sag off of them
and pack in the lane.

Next game, the Lakers will win by 20.

I disagreed with Foxsports article on how Lebron is the greatest of his generation. AFter watching this game, i understand why he is. Kobe settles. He settles and fails to drive and lit a fire under his team. Kobe is turning into a Vince Carter.

Why is Sasha even on the Laker team? D-fish is over the hill.....better find someone other than those two whiners or the season will end with the Rockets.

Nice to see all the naysayers out in full force. Not.

Give the Rockets credit, they brought it and we dropped it. Now that they've stolen HC maybe we'll wake up and steal it back. It's a 7 game series, guys, and we were in it 'til the end. We didn't play like ourselves, either. I thought Pau needed to be more involved, and no one else really got going. Not a good game.

Pick it up, dust yourself off, and above all, don't freak out. Yes, it's an important game. Yes, we bone headed it. But ask yourself this: If you are a fan who has watched all season long - do you really think it'll happen twice? Not so much.

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!
I LOVE LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope Kobe opts out and leaves the Lakers if Lakers don't win title this year. Go after Lebron when he becomes a free agent instead. What a Vince Carter performance by Kobe.

What a great game by the Rockets!!! LA thought they could play at half speed and knock off the Rockets. You'd better check yourself LA! Tell me this, is Pau more worried about crying to the refs every time down the court or is he worried about playing basketball? He is the biggest baby in the NBA. And that girl that plays for the Lakers, yeah Vujacic, does he ever commit a foul? No way! Just ask him. Fisher is old, there is no way he can keep Aaron Brooks in front of him. LA has Kobe and that is it! He was worn out by the 5 minute mark in the 4th because he was doing everything on his own. The teams to beat in the West are Houston and Denver. This series is going 6 and Houston WILL move on to the WCF!

This loss definitely is on Phil's shoulders. What was he thinking leaving Fisher in to guard Brooks? Fisher CAN NOT guard him. When Brooks made 2 lay ups and a 3 pointer in the 3rd, that killed a Lakers run.

What was Phil thinking leaving Ariza on Artest. Artest was killing Ariza inside. Just pathetic.

All game long, I had the sense that the Lakers were going to pull away and win, but that never happened. Now I have this sick feeling in my stomach that this is the beginning of the end. I knew that they didn't have the defensive toughness to beat this Houston team or to make it all the way. I saw all four regular season wins, and 3-4 could have gone either way.

If the Lakers don't win here, they will never win it all. Kobe is just too worn out. He pushed himself too much in the post season by playing in the Olympics, and now he gets one virus after another. How many times is he going to get sick?

Remember folks, when Lakers lose game 1, it's buh bye. I hate to tell you this, but Kobe ain't winnin another championship without Shaq. It's Yao time now. Besides, the Rockets are really the only ones that might have a change against LeBron anyway.

Give the Rockets credit. They're a good team with a whole lot of depth. Here is how I see the matchups.

Yao vs Bynum - Edge Yao (not close)
Kobe vs Battier - Edge Kobe (not close on offense, close on defense)
Scola vs Gasol - Edge Gasol (slight)
Brooks vs Fischer - Edge Brooks (not close)
Artest vs Ariza or Odom - Edge Artest (not really close)
Bench - Edge Rockets
Coaching - Tossup

Lakers take the next game. Rockets in six.

Great contract extension for Bynum Mitch. He looks so overmatched in the playoffs.

Not sure the series is lost - but wow did the lakers play poorly. the combination of rust, poor execution, and appallingly low energy, combined with a hungry, defensively-solid rockets team is a sure fire recipe for disaster if you are a laker fan. i think that considering the lakers lackluster play they were very lucky to keep the game so close. that could be the silver lining in this game. also, to all the lakers' fans who don't like phil jackson, you guys are idiots. pj is an awesome coach. i think 9 rings and 11 finals appearances speak for themselves. he can't go out there and execute for the players. he also can't force them to play with better energy. anywho, we're not out of this thing, but man did i not expect such a stinker of a game from the lakers.

Oh Phil...
Oh Pau...
Oh Lamar...
Oh Fish...

That was one of the worst playoff performances I have seen from a Laker team...

I know we were rusty, but, really?

No one can hit a shot but Kobe in the second half...and then they go away from him...

Bad officiating, yet if Lamar makes his FTs, it's a game...

And Phil...when are you ever going to counter a move by the other coach before it's too late?

We go up one, somehow...Adelman brings in two quick guards...they go straight around our guys(Fish & Sasha) to the hoop...go on a little run...too late...

Phil has nine rings...but I still say that he is the worst in-game coach for adjustments...always a day late and a dollar short...Pau and LO killed us down the stretch...but no changes...

I still think we win this series in five or six, but...

Please Phil, lay off the jokes with the broadcasters and coach for a change...


To all the posers on the blog - Get off our nuts. We know u are pretendica. You are not fooling any of us stating that you are a dissapointed Laker fan. Its easy to be jealous of 14.

No wonder Phil has lost his last two Finals. Allowing Brooks to tear up Fisher. Say good bye to the championship. Hope Kobe opts out and sign Lebron in a year. Kobe- if you don't want to step up and win a title go become a Vince Carter on another team.

There is always the baseball season. GO DODGERS.

Have fun on vacation Lakers.

C'mon Lakers folks! Bet 10k against me that Lakers lose this series. Cowards!


Today's game was pathetic. Chuck is right. The way the Lakers keep blowing leads in Utah shows that they are not mentallly ready.

Lebron James Regular Season MVP
Lebron James Finals MVP.

Kobe Bryant. A loser without Shaq.

Our twin towers are becoming twin girls once again.


sager really look like a clown brighter than the laker uniforms.

Gasol + Bynum = Lakers Twin Girls

I've been telling you all the ENTIRE season, that if the Lakers play with no heart, no fire, passion, on a mission to knock out opponents, they will not go far in the playoffs. How does a championship team constantly give up 20 point leads????

They lose first game to Houston and put themselves in a precarious position for game 2. Lose that one and they are history.

Freaking PJ and the rest of the team suck!!! They should have gone after Artest - you can look back at my posts and see that I was all for that. Yes, he is a head case but no way Kobe and Fish would just let him go off. And then they would have had a real defender.

Oh well - I say Lakers don't get out of this round.

Pretty pathetic. Having a winning season doesn't mean freaking anything if you can't win the ring!!!

Hey, I thought the lakers held the advantage at guard!

The most spectacular display of PG annihilation award goes to Aaron Brooks.

that kid is dy-no-mite!

Totally disappointing game. Rust, layoff, refs, are no excuse. It was just poor effort and execution all around. This is not a doomsday scenario, but I also don't think it's 16-1 all over again. Lakers don't have the same rip your heart out mentality of the team that beat Philly. Lakers are seriously lacking mental toughness.

I may be a Rockets fan, but I won't gloat, unlike some of my counterparts who just posted recently.

While I am extremely happy my team won, I am well aware that the team who wins four games first wins the series. But you can't win a second game until you've won that first game, right?

In all seriousness Laker fans, y'all have a great team that was probably just a little rusty from the long layoff. You gotta still like their chances, just like I do with my team. The Rockets know the Lakers will be hungry for game 2 and I hope they adjust for that.

This could shape up to be a great series. I'm still predicting LA in seven with each team grabbing a road victory. But I'll gladly take a Rockets win anytime. :)

Instead of running your team into the ground because of one subpar game, give credit where credit is due. Ya gotta admit Yao Ming was a warrior tonight. You could tell he wanted to win this game so badly.

If any of my counterparts claim that Kobe intentionally tried to hurt Yao late in the game, just ignore them. There was no foul or dirty play; just incidental contact.

I'm out. Until Wednesday night.

lots of "bugs" in here after 1 loss. do you guys seriously think that LA will lose this series? cmon! bunch of chicken littles....

4-0 did not happen, now lakers go back to the drawing board and dig some inside shots and remove yao ming that's the key to this houston series. If Goliath is down then the lilliputian rockets will not be able to penetrate. The problem is Bynum got his first within the first 30 secs of the game then out of the game b/c there is no energy in getting those R's. He should preserve his fouling in the last quarter and just go as secondary defender. I also notice Pau was helping in double teaming brooks and leaving yao free on 2 o'clock angle, that's yao's forte his height and deadly shooting and his weakness is from the stomach down to his foot. If LO, Ariza and Pau just kept on attacking him on the inside, very soon he will take the bait and get 5 fouls within 3 quarters.

Any day the Lakers lose is a great day.
Loved how Yao stayed consistent on defense and rebounding even though they went away from him offensively.

Posted by: lakers_sth | May 04, 2009 at 07:37 PM

Wow. Lakers looks absolutely tanked. I'd be very surprised if they can survive this series.
What a difference having a good big man makes against Lakers. Imagine what we would do to Lakers. It's just a shame that Lakers won't even make the Finals.

Posted by: EJK | May 04, 2009 at 07:36 PM

BTW, has anyone heard the Laker fans chant "Boston$%#!" after a foul that they don't like? I think it's hilarious because the only other time I've ever heard a crowd chant that is when I used to watch the WWE. Is there any correlation?

Posted by: Rob | May 04, 2009 at 07:20 PM

I HATE the purple n gold.
It's like playground punkball out there.
Why are the refs even there?
GO Rockets!!

Posted by: justanothermambafan | May 04, 2009 at 07:15 PM

Never, you have to reverse your cycle by going with the attitude of "yes, we can" lol

Front runners, get your smack in now because it'll be your last chance.

Gotta give props to Rockets, they outplayed us tonight. Yao is a beast and Brooks was great.
I'm not worried though. Lakers were rusty and missed many good, open looks which they'll hit in game 2. Guys were passing up shots for worse shots, a sign of of rust.
It's a wake up call and we'll bounce back on Wed.

Go Lakers!

Im not that suprised because I knew the rockets got better from watching the portland game and that lakers would be rusty and kobe was sick. But even tho we were rusty it was not like rockets were hot. They shot 46% and we are at 43% so we could have done better but so could have the rockets. We had more rebounds more points in the paint and less turnovers but the problem was shooting. Now we gotta win game 2 and win and at least game 3 or 4 go home win game and take game 6 from them at the worst go 7. Good luck to us.

10,000 how you gonna get that to bet sitting in your mommas basement on the old desktop, and yes i can see u.

Can someone tell me why Jackson can't call time out. Why take out Jordan Farmar. He is the only one who can keep up with Houston's speed.

Guys we got beat tonight because several of us Phoned it in, were very sloppy, Houston played a great game but we will adjust and look forward to going into their house and returning the favor 2 times.



Although he was shooting with no conscious, I going to assume Kobe will watch the video and realize 2004 Kobe doesn't need to rear its ugly head again.


He's a playoff veteran but Fish is looking like the old Kareem in the last championship of his career. He can't stay with anyone at point guard. He's more of a problem than any help to the team. I can live with Kobe Ballhogging but Fish is a big problem.

It's ok to start him and put him in from time to time. But Fish has had it. Everytime he was in the game, Brooks was licking his chops!

Fisher got killed in the Utah series and will get killed in this series too. These games will all be close to the point we can't afford to be giving easy layups down the stretch and unfortunately for DFish, he can't stop anyone. PJ doesn't limit Fish minutes, we will lose this series in 6 games.

Not a promising to the series. Let's see how they respond.

I still say Lakers in 6.

Put in Farmar or Brown. Fisher can't keep up. Gasol will find his touch. Ariza will stay aggressive, yet hit his 3's.

Everything's going to be allright. This team will be ready for game 2.

Everything's Gonna Be Alright

I'm not concerned with this loss. We need to adjust to Rocket ball, aka UGLY BALL.

Not sure why Phil only played AB for limited clock in second half, none in 4th. He only had 3 fouls. Need Bynum out there to take pressure off Pau. Strange. Also to much clock for Fish tonight.

We'll blow them out on Wednesday.

Rocketman, I'd love to take you up on your wager. Easiest money I'll ever make.

Another troubling sign is how Houston is packing the paint. With the way Sasha and Fisher have been shooting, that does not bode well. On top of that, the Rockets have two things that the Lakers are not very good against. One is a quick guard like Brooks. The Lakers have had trouble all year against guards like Jameer Nelson and Nate Robinson. The other is a dominant big man. Dwight Howard dominated Gasol and Bynum in his two games against the Lakers.

The Lakers HAD to win this one. But they were just thinking about the regular season 4-0 and didn't come out prepared. As I said before, it could have just as easily gone 3-1 Rockets in the regular season. The difference in this game was that they left Yao in there longer in the 3rd and 4th, and I think essentially, other than when he hurt his knee, he was in there the entire time. One thing Adleman did in this game that he didn't do in the regular season losses was that they kept going into Yao in the 4th. In addition, rather that settling for outside shots, Brooks and Artest took the ball to the basket. That was something they were not doing in the regular season games. Yao played 40 minutes today and would have played a couple of minutes more if he didn't get hurt. In the regular season, he played an average of 33 minutes. The reason why the Lakers were able win the 3rd and 4th periods of the regular season games was also that Yao would get more of a break, but now that it's the playoffs, he's going to play more minutes. This is also not a good sign for the Lakers. Finally, Phil is something like 6-8 in series where he's lost the first game, so this is also not a good sign.

I hope I'm wrong, but I've seen over 40 regular season games a year(this year I saw all but 2) and almost every single Lakers playoff game since 1979, and I don't get the sense that this is a championship team. Again, I hope I'm wrong, but this team just reminds me too much of the Lakers team that lost to Phoenix in the 80s or the Dallas team that lost to Miami.

Adelman more cerebral than the 9-ring "guru," no way, really?
Battier with a bloody face and Yao on a gimpy knee worth more than the gutless Gasoft and Odom.
Fish can't guard anyone in the league, worthless defender.
Bynum might as well stay home.
Kobe against 5, no deal.
Look for the Rockets to sweep. Easy, take it to the bank.
As I said, better to go down now than to be humiliated by the MVP.

i NEVER thought i'd see sooooo many stupid laker fans on here

u guys should go to the houston rockets blog if you want to talk shit...

didnt know losing game 1 was a life changer!

I bet you the same people who are saying "Trade kobe" and etc will be kissing his ass wednesday, what a bunch of idiots.


why do you post on here every 5 minutes?

are you mentally challenged?

everyone reads your comments and just ignores you.

you're probably some weirdo who pretends to like the lakers and come and bash on them whenever they lose.

Come on Lakers! Don't let me down!

We don't want to over-react.....BUT, THE LAKERS ARE IN TROUBLE! It all starts with Phil Jackson and his philosophy both offensively and defensively.

The Lakers may come back to win game 2 or even the series but there is still something wrong fundamentelly with this team. This is just not a well coached team, especially on the defensive end. Phil Jackson doesn't place an emphasis on defense and rebounding which is obvious by the players he covets.

Derek Fisher is done!! We can't win a Championship with this guy playing over 30 minutes as he did toinight.... but a point guard has been our problem forever and it has still not been addressed. I would much rather see Shannon Brown play a lot more during this series or even Farmar because Fish is done........Can'f Phil see that?

After this series maybe people will see what I've seen a long time ago........It is time for Phil Jackson to or lose.

Did somebody mentioned a SWEEP a few days ago ?? Yup, you are right !! ROCKETS IN 4 !!!


KOBE + PAU = ???


Not only that, you lose the moment you bet with this invisible rocket man. It is useless to bet with a troll on the blog, it is a big bluff.

that game was not that surprising.

the Rockets played hard and the Lakers shot poorly.
the Rockets will likely continue to play hard, but the Lakers are unlikely to continue shooting poorly...

It's not the end of the world, we're still better than these guys, I'm still calling Lakers in 5.

We won't go for 2-18 from trey again, that's game right there if we just go 5-18 (28%), and we usually shoot a lot better than that.

Kobe won't shoot 31 shots again (hopefully), LO won't shoot 20% from the line, Pau will play better, Fish will shoot better, Brown and Farmar will play more if Brooks is hurting us, Bynum obviously looked sharp but needs to pick it up defensively, Ariza and Brown will play better, The Machine will shoot better (good defense tonight though, along with LO and Brown), and Artest isn't likely going to be that efficient, so we'll be fine.

Good game from Jordan, he will prove his worth as a 2 if given that role. Play Shannon, Farmar and Kobe when Yao is not on the floor, that will be a good rally.

Blood flowing in the Lakers court is not a good omen...Hope they can overcome this bad luck.

Kobe made some great defensive plays too, we need him to lock down defensively even more and dial down his shots to about 20-25.

Derek Fisher is not done either, this is just not a good matchup for him unless he can deliver offensively. Last series, I thought he did about as good as you'd expect against a Top 3 point guard like Deron Williams, who has size and D-Fish is a decent matchup for. This series, we need to get Jordan Farmar back out there and possibly run a 3-man PG rotation, merit system whoever's getting it done plays the most in the 2nd half.

Also, our bigs need to do a better job rotating on Brooks, because even with D-Fish covering him in the regular season, we pretty much held him down with our length and he wasn't that effective in the paint.

It's always amusing to come on the blogs after a Laker loss. The mass hysteria. The sky is falling.

Rest assured, we'll bounce back in Game 2. We can't play much worse. The only team we could've beat tonight is the Celtics.

I expected a tough series from these will get the Lake Show better prepared for the next round......
Posted by: PL
Next round ?? You better get arse together quickly or else you gonna be talking about WHERE KOBE WILL BE VACATIONING in 2 weeks !!

Good job Never...."Come on Lakers! Don't let me down!"

As you psyche yourself often, the good vibes will be transmitted to the Lakers. haha!

Btw, who called Faith "sir"? Is that intentional or what? The blog will rise up and defend our lady Nightingale.

Another troubling sign is how Houston is packing the paint. With the way Sasha and Fisher have been shooting, that does not bode well.
Posted by DL

It's called PLAYOFF BASKETBALL !! You better MAN UP or go home !! Pau and LO were softer than a baby's behind !!

Kobe needed to stop HOGGING the FREAKING BALL !!

Mr. Rocketman, don't call us coward dangling your 10k without the money. If you are really courageous, do it quietly by betting with Las Vegas casinos, then you prove your manhood too. In this blog, we just exchange words eye view w/o money exchange. Another way of doing it, buy a 5k ticket courtside and shout on top of your lungs that you want to bet 50k, those are the moneyed people sitting beside you. See how far your courage will last when you lose 55k after the game.

As a Houston fan I'm really glad to see a lot of class from the LA fans. That doesn't happen too much from one horse towns like Salt Lick and Rip City, Oregon.

I've got hope but I'm also realistic. Lakers looked rusty and complacent, I don't think we'll see that again. One word to Laker fans though, Luis Scolla was cold and there's a lot more gas in the tank by means of Lowry, Wafer and Landry.

Also I noticed a lot of attempted bulllying by the Lakers in some hard uncalled fouls. Swinging elbows, bleeding Battier and rediculous no call when your Colorado's most wanted Kobe gets up from the scrum with cheap throttle to the throat.

Be careful what you wish for LA, us dumb redneck hicks from Texas don't like you very much.


Did you fall off the wagon? Come out ... Come out where ever you are! What happend to fo-fo-fo-fo or fi-fo-fo-fo?

Rocket Fan,

Ill let have your shot at Laker fan ... Its your night ... enjoy. Dont hold back cuz if they woulda won the woulda been talkin smack all night. But now that they lost watch Laker fan turn on each other and their team.

Fire Phil ... Kobe shoots too much and has bad shot selection ... Fish is old and cant guard me with a gun ... Ariza is young and cant shoot straight ... Pau is tall and soft ... Bynum isnt focused and lost ... LO is LOL. Sasha contracted vertigo tryn to guard Ray Ray and isnt the self-proclaimed machine ... Brown cant guard the 1 or 2 or 3. Farmer shoots and turns the ball over too much.

Now that I think about it ... they are finally right!

I wont pile on Laker fan ... I can do that anytime since I always have bragn rights vs them!


None of us would feel good taking away your hard-earned welfare checks. We Laker fans are compassionate people.

lakers' fans,

stop freaking out...everytime l.a loses a game, y'all start dissing kobe and the team...yes, they lost, so let's move on...a championship team gotta win on the road, and y'all know lakers have done it b4...houston cannot be l.a in a 7-game series...just chill out...the series just becomes more interesting now...just because they lose a game, now suddenly kobe can't win a ring without shaq...give me a break...just sit back and enjoy the series...championships don't come to u, u gotta go get it...with that said, there will bumps in the road...I actually think this team plays better on the road than they are at home...

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