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The connection between Lamar Odom, Phil Jackson and Jerry Garcia

Phil Jackson is known for his love of the Grateful Dead, who sang of the "Candyman" back in 1970.

Lamar Odom is the Lakers' "Candyman", as demonstrated in this ESPN segment.

Phil Jackson has always been a fan of what LO brings to the table.

And there you have it.  "Six Degrees of Kevin" meets "The Lakers" meets "Willy Wonka" (which naturally includes Sammy).  Those who figured the Dead are what united PJ and Luke Walton, jokes on you.

And FYI, Lamar was in no way playing up this habit for the camera crew. Dude loves him candy. Rare is the day when you don't see him chomping on something sugary.  Trevor Ariza is right.  LO's dentist must be a miracle worker.


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Phil make adjustments. Farmar plays inside out and looks for Bynum. Farmar also plays pick and roll with Gasol better than anyone but Kobe. Answer? More Farmar, much less DFish.

Phil are you watching the tape and looking at the box score?

"Ball don't lie!"

I gots an idea...

put some damn candies on Denver Thugget Basket.. Candy Man will definitely wanna chomp those candies. Go get it boy.. go fetch.. tongue hanging out (drooling o'dumb)..

Just an idea..

No wonder Lamar's game is so up and down unpredictable...he's a freakin' addict!

OK boys, here we go...

The biggest game of the season is upon us. All the ups and downs of the year lend themselves to tonight.

Make your fans proud tonight, Lakers!

Make your parents proud!

Give us everthing you got. It's yours if you want it.

Go Lakers!!!

Perhaps if LO switched to fruit he would avoid the blood sugar crashes that inevitably follow the post-candy spike and we might see a guy who plays with energy every night....

Just another game.. on top of its a home game..

Why worry when you got Da Black Mamba?

Phillup ain't worried.. He is already saying .. Next Game.. Next Series!

LOL I hope he ain't already saying Next Year .. like last year.

Put candies on the scorers table, on top of the rim, and give it to the cheer leaders.. Make sure you give some Jack Nicholson to feed him M&M's.

Kobe in da huddle.. Here Lamar .. pack up on some snickers.


Please put the link in tiny url form. It maintains the blog's physical appearance better.

We've actually already linked that article, but if you want to do it again, no worries. But use that format.




"Out of pride in the Western Conference, it is best for DEN to go to the Finals. Their bigs play with gumption and heart, even if they are smaller than the LA bigs."

Posted by: BUTLER | May 27, 2009 at 10:14 AM

C'mon Butler, you're just sucking up to Denver's bigs so they don't throw your ass out of the fishing boat when they get there next week.

I don't think it's going to work though, you better lace up your life vest. Enjoy your vacation.

What did one Deadhead say to the other Deadhead after they came down from their acid trip?

"What is this AWFUL music we're listening to?"


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Kev,

1. Lamar Odom's Bio-Chrono metabolic process is highly contingent upon carbohydate/sugar levels.

2. Major fluctuations in blood sugar will totally screw up your body's ability to function in a consistent fashion.

3. Adam Morrison probably hates on Lamar for gobbling so much candy in front of him constantly (diabetes).

4. Lamar. Seriously. Dude. Lay off the candy and MOST IMPORTANTLY STOP GIVING IT TO OTHER PLAYERS!!!! THAT STUFF'S NOT HEALTHY!!!!



What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


This is to the good brother named Mike
Who seems to have for Phil jackson a dislike
You say Phil Jackson will talk about the flow
We'll my brother that shows what you know
The nuggets used all their energy in the 1st 4 like clowns
While Lakers played efficient ball in a air lacking town
So tell me what would you have Phil do
Jump around and act a fool like you know who
I guess yelling and screaming will put the ball in the hole
I'm telling you now that spit can turn old.
why is it when times get tight his teams don't panic
cause they don't have a damn fool coach acting manic
sure a lot of that zen stuff is bull spit
yet he manages to go a long way with it.
All i can say is 2 and 2 aint chopsticks
Look at coach Karl damn the boy looks sick
So I'll cast my lot wtih 9 rings all the way
And if the Lakers lose then you can have your say
You can call me an idiot and call Phil a fool
But if the Lakers win, i won't say nothing just be cool\
Both you and me we both want the same thing
At the end of the day we want that Championship ring
So at least for tonight let's make this pact
If you got mine then brother I got your back
And when the game is over win or lose here's to you
I'm Mamba24 and you are a cool dude too

Posted by: mamba24 | May 27, 2009 at 02:25 PM

High sugar in blood leads to diabetes. Too much consumption of sugar also lead to blindness or retinopathy, memory loss, kidney problems and pancreatic cancer - WebMD. Laker doctors should warn LO on these ill effects for the sake of his family. This is an addiction.

Secondly, Phil relating to LO as Candyman. Is Lamar another Michael "candyman" Olowakandi? BTW, Michael was the teammate of LO in the Clippers.

C'mon LO, avoid candies and run the Lakers like Scotty or Magic, wihout you propping up, we're one star short.

Personally, I prefer Iggy Pop's "Candy," but that's just me. All I ask for is a game that leaves a sweet taste in my mouth. Go Lakers!


Actually, Phil and Bill Walton met at a Dead concert way back when and cut a deal for Phil to draft Luke out of college and groom him for a big contract. Jerry Garcia actually brokered that original meeting. They christened the deal with a few tokes from Jerry’s beloved bong. Phil, Bill, and Jerry puffing away and solving the world’s problems. LOL.


Anybody remember back in the mid 90's when the Dallas Cowboys were a winning team? I think it was a Monday night game. The Cowboys ran Emmit Smith on a sweep around the left end with Big Nate Newton leading the way. Newton throws a block, hits the ground rolling and a half eaten snickers bar came flying out of his waist band. John Madden almost lost it laughing when he saw the play in slow motion. I remember it because Madden kept going back to that play and circling the action with the candy bar on the ground. Pretty funny stuff.

I wonder if LO has anything in his waist band during the games.

Hi Everyone!

AK/BK - are we having pre-game live chat today? Just asking.

Rick Friedman,

"Personally, I prefer Iggy Pop's "Candy," but that's just me."

Oooh. Strong call. I don't know where I would have worked that in organically, but nicely done.


Lots of lakes to fish in Colorado. Hmmmm.. Lake Mead .. nice place to fish .. but i donnu if its in colorado.

Imagine JR, Melo, Martin, Crazy Karl, and Billups fishing. Prolly eat each other to survive.

of the topic.. i heard Phillup loves to fish also.. Fly fishing in Montana. maybe dats wats on his mind and does not call timeouts. he does look miserable in La cause there are no real places to fish.


"Is it just me, or does this year's laker team mean much more than just adding a banner to the rafters?

I think LA fans truly NEED to see koby win a title without Shack. Even though another title would be great, a title with koby leading the way is what laker fans desperately want.

It's like us in SUNS-ville. We'd love to just get that 1st title so we can get the monkey off our backs, and it would mean so much more than just a title. It would represent the release of 40 years of frustration.

I think LA fans feel a similar desperation, because the window on koby's career is closing. See all the talking heads who are ready to crown LeBrawn as #1 now...if koby doesn't win it this year, it might never happen. A title would mean koby could finally and unquestionably be held up alongside Shack, Magic, etc., and that I think is what LA fans really desire the most."

Puddle sez:

"I think this was your most insightful post ever. I happen to agree."

Thanks Puddle, (and the K Bros for a good suggestion).

Jon K. sez:


Nice to see a little humility out of you.

I can't bring myself to ever desire anything positive for the Suns, but I can tip my hat to you. I don't appreciate all your hatred, but I will say this, you are a fan."

Thanks Jon. We're both fans, we just differ on whether orange or yellow best matches with purple.

Laker Larrys sez:

"C'mon Butler, you're just sucking up to Denver's bigs so they don't throw your ass out of the fishing boat when they get there next week.

I don't think it's going to work though, you better lace up your life vest. Enjoy your vacation."

As a SUNS fan, my vacation started long ago, my friend.

But, are you saying that LA's bigs are indeed playing with heart and desire? If so, I haven't yet seen it (for more than one game in a row).

Take off the homer glasses, and start hoping that gasal and bynumb play with the kind of physicality they are built for. They got torn up in DEN by smaller men.

I think LO will have his best game of the series tonight. But I think Bynum might just answer the bell tonight with a huge game.

I think half of Bynum's problem is his agent, his private doctor, and his personal trainer.

AB, Get rid of these people, throw that pussie ass brace away, open a large can of whoop ass and go play some ball tonight. When the rock comes to you in the low blocks, wheel around quickly, with elbows up and out, then hammer that leather puppy throw the iron regardless of who's in the way. Do that a time or two and you'll be surprised. Anyone who was in the way before won't want to be there again.

I like Pie

I feel like Da Black Mamba will lay it down on the Thuggets.

I also feel Odom will have a monster game also.

Total Attack Mode.

Lakers 101-82.. I am sticking by it!


Thanks for putting me in the song!

When the Lakers win I will get up and sing that song 100 times in your honor.

Go Lakers and Cheers to you Mamba24!


Between the weed and the candy, is it a wonder why LO goes left? And I don't mean in the basketball sense.

Those are symptoms of bigger issues. He tries to turn it on and off but you can't at this level. You have to save the party for retirement.

His inconsistency is an extension of the ying yang of those kinds of choices. Kobe works out at 3AM and puts nothing in his body that would shorten his career a millisecond. Lamar's trying to achieve a balance he can't afford. A balance between the good time and the life of a thoroughbred athlete at the highest level. It's not quirky or cool, it's debilitating.

Having said that, GO LO,

Things I'm asking myself: How much emotion do I invest in tonight's game? Do I do the Zen thing and not get too high with the highs or too low with the lows? Or do I get myself all up in a lather at every Laker make and miss? Is it possible to truly enjoy a win tonight? Or, at this point, does a win simply lead to a feeling of exhausted relief that my roller coaster of a team -- favored in this series -- did not blow it again?

C'mon, Lakers, give me a reason to believe your effort deserves the cheers of this diehard fan.



The reality of it is our bigs are "not" playing with the "physicality" that we as fans would like to see, however, I'm so tired of hearing how much "smaller" those Nugget bigs are. If you look at it honestly, what's an inch or two, one way or the other, when you're that size. It's not much.

I'm actually hoping Joey Crawford calls the game tonight. Joey won't put up with the Thuggets crap for one moment. And, regardless of who officiates tonight, I look for a crack down on the rough junk, we might even see an ejection or two.

La Bigs cannot play with same intensity for couple reasons. Bynum just came back from an injury and on top of Phillup uses him as the goat if he looses. Gasol won't play defense but on offense he needs more touches and Kobe should bring his shots down to 22 unless he is torching the Thuggets.

Odom cannot play with same intensity because he also needs more touches to get fired up. And yeah he needs his candies to get him going.

Lakers are build around Kobe which is all Phillup knows. Since he won with MJ he thinks he should be able to replicate it. Minor problem Black Mamba is not MJ and supporting cast is not like Bulls. Its like what monkey see is what monkey does.

So to get the bigs fired up you need more inside shots.

Anyway .. I don't think the bigs decide this game.. Its Kobe. Really this is still a one man show. Cause Phillup decided this long time ago.

I love LO. He is such an awesome dude with a great story.


By the way, a lot of posters on this blog say we shouldn't feed the trolls....... but I want you to know we sort of consider you to be our house pet troll. Personally, I look forward to reading your posts and poking good hearted fun back at you when I can.

Jon K,

Thanks for the response to my "addict" post. Always enjoy your Laker passion and insights...I'm a displaced Laker fan, too. Except I'm in the other ECF city...Orlando! LOL

Btw, I've been intrigued by your Bio-Chrono analyses of different players, as I've partipated in and administered several personality/temperment tests in my work. (My favorite is LIFO.) I've googled "Bio-Chrono", but unsuccessfully. Can you send a link to find out more about this? I'm also curious as to what the source of your data is...expressions, movements, posture, all of the above?

Thanks in advance, Laker Kev

Mamba24, Thanks for putting me in the song!
When the Lakers win I will get up and sing that song 100 times in your honor. Go Lakers and Cheers to you Mamba24! BD Posted by: BD | May 27, 2009 at 03:24 PM

Wheew does that mean it's safe for me to get a refund
on that ticket I bought to high tail it to Mexico before
you read it. LOL! Thanks man for taking it in the spirit of
fun it was meant.

Game 4 was a very bad game for us. But in a 7 game series, we are allowed 3 bad games. Tonight, all we have to do is play better. Establish Pau and Drew in the low post. Kobe better be ballastic tonight.
#1 lakers fan since 1970


I know you respect Kevin Ding. What are your thoughts on the last 2 articles about Phil and Drew? Knowing this now it all makes sense now. So the big question is:

Can Phil relate and communicate with the younger players. This tag has always been on Phil and I think it is a fair question after witnessing what has happened this year.


Funny thing is, as much as Butler calls the Laker bigs soft, our primary big man, Gasol, would have been absolutely lethal in a D'Antoni system.

These dinner time games are messing with my schedule. Usually its get home, cook/grill something up for the wife and kids/eat and then game time with a beer or glass o' vino.

I've taken to picking up something on the way home now. Not so good for my wallet or my belly.

Last Night, night before
12 Denver Nuggets at Staples Door
Beast got up Let them in
Cold kocked Ne Ne and broke his chin. All hid

just posting to say right on to the K Bros. for the Dead and Jerry reference! great youtube clip, too!

you always drop the classy musical/cultural references!

You seem to have a personality issue like the Lakers team do. Sometimes you act like a troll with your posts. In other occasions your posts are welcome because you show intelligence, accuracy and other virtues.
Please, take your medicine, and be welcome.


It's do-or-die tonight. I'll be showing "Romeo and Juliet" to my summer-school class; them's the breaks. But the Lakers have a habit of playing great games at times when I can't watch 'em, so I'll figure that's going to be the story tonight. I'm terribly superstitious about my team; sometimes I'm convinced that my not watching the game is what has caused them to win. Or that my having fired up Game Cast on ESPN is responsible for a fourth-quarter collapse. I know it makes no sense; but I have to do what I can for my team.

Many years as a Lakers has made me nuts.

Go, Lakers! Thrash the Thuggets! Tattoo the painted ones!

how about the connection between lamar and larry "grandmama" johnson. as barkley once said "the only thing grandmama has ever done in this league is make money, that goes double for "l.o." which stands for left out

ChuaHugo said, kobe better be ballistic tonight
The Denver Nuggets will come ready to fight
But the one thing they forgot you see
This aint Denver this is Laker Country
Tonight all we have to do is play better
If we do we get a win on a platter
Laker Larry say we shouldn't feed the Trolls
I say why not cause tonight La Lakers will roll
BD asks Can Phil jackson relate with young players
I really hope so or we don't have a Prayer
Nick says LO is a great dude with a great story
That's why tonight he will bring Lakers Glory`
Mike says the Bigs don't decide tonights game
The one who does, Kobe Brynat's his name
Vman says LO tries to turn it on and off at this level
But VMan tonight in LO's skills you will revel.
ZLakeShow pleads for a reason to believe
He's much like me we wear our emotions on our sleeve
Laker lova asks for Lakeras to give all they got
Well tonight, that will be a hell of a lot
Jon K asks, what do we play for, it's Rings
Kobe Bryant already has 3 of those things.
As for me I just like Basketball and writting Poems
And I'll like tonight cause our Lakers gone bring it home
That's it for now, I may be back I don't know
Got to get ready to celebrate the Lake show


No Prob!

I am taking your advise: Enjoy the Ride Laker Fans!


I've taken to picking up something on the way home now. Not so good for my wallet or my belly. Posted by: #4 | May 27, 2009 at 04:09 PM

Whew! For a minute I thought you were going to
say not so good for the wife. Lol!

BD, you are right to ask about Phil's relationship with Drew. I think it is pretty clear at this point that Phil is simply the wrong coach to develop a young player. Andrew does not strike me as dumb or as a liar, which suggests that when he draws a blank about Phil's assertion that PJ sits next to Drew in film sessions and coaches him up, PJ is probably exaggerating.

Jackson routinely suggests that Drew knows what he needs to do to get more minutes. Drew routinely says that he isn't sure why his taken out of games and then not reinserted. As a fan, I see Jackson show displeasure with LO and other veterans for their lack of hustle defensively; but I never see him send a veteran to the bench in the 3rd quarter for the rest of the game. As for focus on defense and rebounding, that's great. But Chris Anderson was not beating Drew for 14 rebounds in 24 minutes; he was beating LO and Pau. Didn't see those guys get benched....

For a young kid, the double standard is obvious and it is frustrating. Andrew is not some clueless 18 year old with no experience; he is a guy who was playing at a dominating level prior to his injury, and he is a physical presence the Lakers don't otherwise have. So, why not just yell at him (like PJ yells at LO) but leave him in the freaking game where even at a fraction of his pre-injury ability he can do more than Pau or LO when it comes to defending the low post?


I do respect Kevin Ding, probably more than any other columnist/reporter on the Lakers beat. He and AK and BK are by far the best journalists following the Lakers. But I also have a great deal of respect for Phil Jackson and even though I currently disagree with how he has been handling Andrew in the playoffs, there is no other coach I would want at the helm of the Lakers right now. It’s a moot issue at this point and hopefully will still be a moot issue for another couple of years. Right now, all we can do is hope Phil wises up and Drew plays an entire game like he did at the start of the fourth quarter.

There are two things that give me some hope with respect to the situation. The first is that Phil truly does know how critical Drew is to the Lakers future. It is not cheap rhetoric for Phil to claim that Drew is the player who can totally change the defensive outlook of the Lakers. I also think he realizes that our likely opponent, should we make it to the Finals, will likely be Orlando and Dwight Howard. Having said that, I think Phil is going to give Drew more minutes tonight and the rest of this series, assuming that Drew plays well. One thing I give Phil credit for is Drew breaking out both last year and this year. You can criticize Phil all you want but bottom line, before the injuries, he had Drew playing at an All-Star dominating level on offense, defense, and the boards.

The second thing that gives me hope is Drew’s recent play against the Nuggets. We got a glimpse Monday night of the dominating player Drew will be once he is fully healthy and no longer has to wear that damn brace. If the Lakers can exercise some discipline on offense and pound the ball inside to Drew, we may get a chance to see the Beast before next year. One thing for sure is that there is no way that Pau Gasol can handle Dwight Howard in the paint. We saw that when we played Orlando before. We need Drew’s size and height to keep Howard in check should the Lakers play the Magic in the Finals.

Just as Drew was looking ahead to playing Yao during the Utah series, I suspect he is also getting amped at the prospect of playing Dwight Howard in the Finals. With Yao’s status uncertain due to his foot injuries, the NBA Finals may match the top two young centers in the game. Drew would be excited to go against Dwight on the NBA’s biggest stage. As we see how well the Magic played against the Celtics and Cavs – without their starting point guard – it is becoming clear that it may be Dwight and the Magic who battle the Lakers in the NBA playoffs the next ten years. Battle of the Beasts. Superman versus the A-Train. That’s why LeBron may end up being Wilt Chamberlain to Kobe Bryant’s Bill Russell, winning all of the regular season and individual awards but struggling to reach the Finals and watching Kobe and his superior Lakers win all the NBA championships.

Drew explodes for 20/10/3 tonight.


Laker Kev,

Bio-Chrono is something only a handful of people on the planet know... and I'm one of them.

It was first developed by the Soviets and then finalized in the United States by Russian scientists whom I assisted in completing the system.

Anyhow, if you want to know more about it. I'd be glad to explain the logic of the system to you through email.

The Kamenetsky Brothers have my address.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




Spectators sit on their fans in the dark and try to find Kevin Bacon in the crowd. (Spectators suck, by the way. The last thing the world needs is more spectators.)




I'm off to go scream from my lucky barstool. It may not be much, but all the energy I can give I will give tonight from the dark, swampy morass of Northeast Ohio.

Let's get a win.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I had a similar thought - a lot of sugar results in lower energy; seems to match the symptoms on the court.




Lakers win tonight. Lakers win series. Lakers win NBA Championship. Why?

Cause Jackson can coach...

I was wondering whats wrong with Lamar. I think I found it. He is eating all the candies like a little girl and he became one over the period of time. With this softie-Ladylike candy girl, Lakers will not go anywhere. Trade this POS from lakers and Bynum too.. Both of these specimens are Waste of Money, Time and Space

LeBron... LeBron... LeBron...


Is this like a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing?

Gametime in less then 30 minutes. Figure I put my thoughts in about Lamar Odom.

I like the guy!

Now onto other things, I expect this Laker team to shut Jr. Smith -- I mean, the Denver Nuggets up tonight and for the rest of this series. I have to admit I stopped watching in the middle of the fourth...I hadn't realized that Jr Smith was acting like an idiot near the Laker bench and in particular, Phil Jackson.

I thought Jr Smith's act was over-the-top and uncalled for. I expect the Lakers to send the nuggets a gift-wrapped message tonight with a blowout victory.

Go Lakers!



With "fans" like you not sure we need trolls.


POUND THE BALL INSIDE! Allright that's off my chest. Go Lakeshow.

Magic was a great Laker, but he's a lousy analyst.

"What are your thoughts on the last 2 articles about Phil and Drew?."

This is just PJ's subtle way of creating another controversy in order to get his team more focus on their game rather than some other stuff around them. It's like creating a diversion, a distraction from being distracted. I mean, back in the day of the three-peat team, they always have something going on (some friction within the team), and yet they always find a way to turn the switch on and win the whole thing. I guess that's just the PJ's way... the only effective way he knows to motivate his team.

Jackson has done a superb job developing Bynum. Those of you who say oherwise are clueless - take a look at how Bynum was playing the last month before he was hurt. The problem is that Bynum is very slow coming back from injuries - whether that is physical or mental, or some combination, that is hardly Jackson's fault.

OMG! This explains so much about Lamar Odom's performance. His candy eating habit is typical of someone who has diabetes. I am diabetic and I know about the effect sugar has on your body. It not only hampers you physically, but it can cause mental confusion as well.

When Lamar stands around and watches the opposing player drive to the basket, I think he might be experiencing a "sugar low" after having eaten all of that crappy candy. When you have diabetes, strenuous physical activity can cause a major sugar low leaving you lethargic and unable to think quickly. I feel so sorry for him.

By the way, who is in charge of making certain the team players are healthy? They are not doing their job! Lamar needs to be seen by an Endocrinologist (someone who specializes in diabetes). If I were Jerry Buss, I would want my investment (Lamar) looked after better.

Who else is eatting Gummy Bears?

Jon K--YOu need to get out here for the victory parade. The weather's always great when the Lakers celebrate a championship.

I luv Lamar Odom he is a great player sure he has some bad games but so what. He is finding his way. He played a good game with a bad back & that takes talent. I think he'll be ready 4 game 6 so Denver better go hard or go home. I will always be a fan Go Lakers!

$77?? why doesn't he just go to costco and get it for cheaper?

First of all, I have never written or complained to the Times or any other media in my life. I have to say that I've been a subscriber to the L. A. Times for years.

Why does the Times continue to publish T.J. Simers column? I won't talk about other L.A. sports teams right now. However, do the people/editors at the Times read his junk? This guy believes he's more than he is. Report the news. How about a home town writer that's at least some kind of a fan of the local teams but if not, go to a city where he will be more apt to relay stories that are not constantly derogatory. Please stop printing these articles with himself versus coach Jackson or others. T. J. Simers is far to stuck on himself and constantly writes articles that are so negative about our teams and their personel that I refuse to read them anymore. Stop already. I now jump past his constantly negative column where he bashes the Lakers, Phil Jackson, and many other great athletes and coaches. IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!!! I doubt if I'm the only person that feels this way. Once again, WE DON'T CARE ABOUT T.J. Simers. Please fill the section with something L.A. fans care about.

Thank you, Fred Davis.

P.S. I'm not so naive as to think that everything has to always be rosy, but there has to be some kind of balance.



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