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Lakers-Nuggets Game 4 live blog thread, plus some reading material

UPDATE:  Lakers drop Game 4 in Denver 120-101. For the first time in four games, the Nuggets pulled away when they had a fourth quarter lead. Denver was more energetic from the start, snatching an astounding 20 offensive rebounds and pounding the Lakers 58-40 on the glass. The Nuggets bench contributed 40 points and Denver finished with seven double-figure scorers. Way too much for the Lakers, who couldn't shoot from the floor (42%), the charity stripe (69%) or downtown (29%). There were technicals, flagrants, and flying Birdmen (14 rebounds for Christ Andersen) as the series heads back to LA for a pivotal game 5 on Wednesday. It's getting serious now...Plenty more to come!


Game 4 previews from Silver Screen and Roll (who wonder if Denver's first encounter with postseason adversity will spark the combustible habits of old), ESPN/Scout Inc.'s Mike Moreau (who thinks the Lakers need to step it up in transition) and Forum Blue and Gold's Kurt Helin, who thinks it's all about paint control on both ends of the court

Plus, a roundtable piece from ESPN that couldn't possibly have waited a week until a Kobe/LeBron Finals was certain and the topic appeared less presumptuous and/or media driven.  At least I can take comfort knowing The Four Letter ignores me as much as they ignore Dwight Howard. 

Come game time, the jabber box will be up and running below the jump.


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Otis loves L.A. Hey Mamba24 - you love the Lakers?

Right now....Coby Karl is going over "How to stop the Lakers" in the Nuggets Locker room....just kidding....3-1 in a few hours.....You gotta love the game!!!!!

Game 4 baby of the Western Conference Finals and my Lakers are ready! I think Lamar Odom is going to come up big and give a Big Game James Worthy type performance tonight and go off!

And how about my boy Trevor Ed Reed-za, making like the ball-hawking super safety of the B-More Ravens, coming up with key late game changing interceptions and setting up the offense with great field position!!

Go Lakers!

where is living streaming gonna be at

On that over hyped last minute shot by Lebron, has anybody else noticed that even he was very muched surprised that it went in? I mean, compare it with MJ and Kobe's confidence that their shots are going in. MJ and Kobe has the belief, Lebron got lucky.

The question shouldn't be "Do the Lakers have a Killer instinct"? The question should be " Does Phil Jackson have the killer instinct"?

Please pay attention to Phil's rotation and substitution patterns.......If they remain the same as in game 3....I like our particular attention to Phil's subs at the end of the 1st and beginning of the 2nd and also how long Kobe stays on the bench to start the 2nd.....and most importantly will Phil call a timeout early to stop Denver runs.

live streaming at good luck

Ummm 2-2 in like 45. Go Nuggets, hahahahahaha

Kobe, Pau and Drew 13-24. Everybody else 3-28! Ridiculous! Looks like the Faker Softies have showed up again! How many offensive rebounds do we have to give up. Out rebounded so far by 12! Refs hurting us as usual. Please some of you Bench Mobbers (what a joke) step up in half 2!

Kobe v. Lebron

For conversation sake. Any thoughts on how teams defend these two players? I watch Kobe quite a bit and it seems most teams consistently have two or more secondary defenders watching him as a rule.

Does Lebron get the same number of defenders assigned to provide secondary support on defense?

I think the answer to that question is vital in any conversation about whom is the better player.

When I watch individual games, Lebron seems to have a greater control of games than Kobe - at least the regular season games I've seen. However, head to head in the games I've seen over the last couple of years (in which Kobe didn't get hurt) I'd give the edge to Kobe. That would include their two meetings this year.

BTW - don't like the early substitution of Odom for Bynum in second half tonight. Bynum goes out - Denver starts going to the rim again. Odom not giving much this evening. Why the substitution?

Midway through the 3rd and we are down. Odumb is really hurting us as is Fisher. My oh my! Has anyone else notice Denver getting every lose ball? Also notice they are getting every call, phantom as well, especially phantoms! Jackson, what a coach?!

Well, so much for Lamar masquerading as Big Game James, but the officials seem to be leaning towards Denver?
C'mon Lakers, man up on defense! I don't like Pau's ball-you-man defense, he has to have awareness of opposing players sneaking behind him around the basket.

GO Lakers, beat these fools!

T kobe up

count it nuggets

I have given up on the Lakers. I hate to say that but if they don't care why should I? Their lack of passion and and seeming disinterest has made this series painful to watch. In addition, the officiating has been such a joke. The Nugget players shove and trip and foul with impunity, smirking the whole while because the refs have allowed them to get away with whatever they like.
There is obviously more than one dirty official in the league.

Whatever happened to the Lakers being the deepest team in the NBA?

Tonight, they've become a two man team and Kobe/Pau had been playing a lot more minutes than everyone else. Everyone esle on the team should be fresher and have more energy, yet its just Kobe/Pau who showed up today.

Ariza is clearly not 100% physically. What's wrong with Odom? PJ s/d play Bynum more minutes although his knee might be worse than they let anyone know. The rest of the bench just sucks and they can't say they're tired.

NBA letting a young player get away with cheap dirty play. Wow, NBA reffing has really been at its worst this season. Probably all those mixed messages from the league office has really messed up the refs. Bad bad job by the league. Stern has been king for too long, time for a change.

Only the Lakers would over pay a bench that features ...
LO , Sasha, Luke, Farmar, etc...LOL! ....Man I sure hope Miami makes LO an offer he can't refuse this off season......The Lakers need to let this guy go.....The only consistant part of his game is rebounding......5 years is enough to see that LO is potential and nothing more


Lakers needed a big game from Odom and he was being outplayed by a Birdie man.

BUTLER in 3, 2, 1...

what is with all the stolen balls by the Nuggets! And the un-called dirty play by the Nuggets UNSEEN by the refs!!!

Phil again proves to be Denver's MVP......LAME LINEUP TO START THE SECOND NUGS 8-0 RUN......In the 4 rth when his ball club is already down he put Shannon, Luke, Sasha, Andrew, LO....LOL......guess his Zen demon told him to give up on the game with 9 mins to go in the 4rth.......The Laker bench was thoroughly out played tonight and that is the lineup that LO is suppose to lead......I have never seen a guy with so much talent and so little desire......Amazing!!


* Lamar Odom cost us the ballgame

* Pau has stepped up the last 2 games, except for rebounding

* Lamar is usually are best rebounder. what happened with him?

* derek fisher?

* I use to like sasha, but there is something truly wrong with him

* I wonder if Ariza and Lamar smoked a blunt before the game

* I still say Bynum is the key to the series

* Kobe has really tried his best, but he's almost due for a bad game

* Phil Jackson continues to underwhelm me

* you cannot underestimate the damage of a missed shot, particularly when the Lakers are not rebounding

* if you don't watch out, being a laker fan could make you physically ill

* if the lakers lose game 5, they would face a close out game in denver

* if the Lakers don't make it to the championship, i hope and pray lebron doesn't either.

* is the nba ready for an orlando/denver championship?

worse officiated game ever. Kobe gets pushed game 3 on purpose then tripped in front of the ref and no ejection on Jones. then bynum gets a flagarant

Andrew Bynum needs to elevate once in a while, just to prove his feet aren't nailed to the ground. What makes him think he should be starting? No energy - no pizzazz. He's paid too much to stand around and complain about minutes. Not liking this boy too much.

Isn't anyone going to comment on how HORRIBLE the refereeing has been? What does a brother have to do to get a call....oh, yea, weare blue and yellow.

Well no surprise. Lakers don't have their backs to the wall so Denver walks all over them tonight. No effort in rebounding. No interior defense. Nuggets bench destroys Lakers bench. PJ pulls Bynum even though he plays decently. Etc etc.

If they don't win Thursday, they'll likely lose the series. And Denver has proved they can compete at Staples. Do Lakers realize that? I'm not convinced.

And the reffing is again ridiculous. Bynum gets a flagrant going for the ball? Someone should tell him he should just smack Birdman in the forehead instead. That's seems to be okay with the refs.

JR Smith, pure class huh? Looks like he's never been there before. Oh, that's right he hasn't!

No attack rim, no rings!
Can PJ learn that?

how much are the refs getting paid to make sure Denver wins. That game was trash. I cannot believe what I just saw

ODOM and SASHA needs to step up....

Lakers did what they had to do. I can't wait to hear all the analysists question the Lakers heart and passion. Go ahead call them arrogant, they don't care about winning.

JR Smith and his band of Thuggets provided the Lakers with PLENTY of locker room material. Interesting how there were NO taunting calls made. And when Jones PURPOSELY tripped Kobe Bryant and there was no foul call, I loved that.

Seriously lets give a hand to the officials. Its not their fault we loss, AT ALL but it was pretty horendous.

Next game, we control the boards and use the Thuggets ridiculous antics to drive us. Lakers blow out.


In games 1 to 3, Lakers were a 3 man team: Kobe, Pau, Ariza. In game 4: Kobe, Pau, Bynum.
Oh, I seem to remember that basketball is a 5 man game.

Lakers losing game 4 after stealing Nuggets home court...not shocking really..Lakers are just doing what they did against Houston. If Lakers lose at staples..I'm not sure how they can win going into Denver.

Kobe, Pau, Drew were 24-44. Teammates (?) were 10-38! I'm so mad. They have 7 players in double figures, we have 3 (not counting Farmar's garbage time).
How's that loss taste boys?! Out rebounded 58-40, WOW! That's showing up to play! I feel sorry for Kobe and Pau, mostly Kobe. I hope he finds a really good team next year (Orlando or Cleveland perhaps)! He deserves a decent team around him. I would have only Kobe, Paul, drew and Trevor next year if we could and add Artest, Kidd and Gordon. Unfortunately we have Walton, Farmar, Vujacic, and Fisher locked up, ha, ha, ha. Besides Kobe, Trevor could walk too.

of course they lost, and lost big. when have the lakers ever put in the dagger and finish an opponent? i didnt even bother to watch the game. was kobe the only one who showed up again? they can barrely eek out a win, but dont you worry, there will be plenty of games where they dont even bother, and have no chance. not really helpful when you give games away.

The refs and ESPN camera directors could benefit by being more unbiased. The refs could keep their job next year if they are unbiased. They should all take lie detector tests to determine their past integrity and future integrity. It feels like they have some kind of agenda. Could the league somehow implement lie detector tests to determine unbiased officiating in the future? The Lakers aren't guaranteed anything this year. Just like the Cavs aren't. Both teams are thought of as the favorites. But the Lakers better adjust from now on. Luke should just let Carmelo shoot as opposed to fouling him. He knows how to stay away from him. Luke needs help and he needs to know he's gonna get it out there. Come on Lakers we can do this.

Here we go. My abridged version of the game. Nobody came to effn play but Kobe and Gasol.

Point blank. We got some lazy MOFOs on our team, compalcent, got their contracts and simply want to ride Kobes' ballz!

Match Kobe with Lebron, we got championships for days......

I am heated we came out whack...Kobe opts out, I cannot be mad, we have absolutely NO SHOOTERS!! Nobody that plays with the passion he does...dayum already!

Denver was ripe for the taking, we gave them hope....I dont like our team as it stands..

tough loss, but I could clearly see that coming.
Outrebounded, outhustled, out-pretty-much-everything-ed. And who said they were weary? Lol.
Lamar and Trevor took the night off. Can't afford that, at all.
JR and the Birdman are straight into my Top 5 Players You JUST CAN'T STAND.

Well, WIlbon just said that this is as good as LA is. Yep, we're only good enough to give up 120 to a playoff team at their arena. Jeez, we might as well just not even play the next two games, spare everyone and just go home.


Lamari i s a girl! Trust and believe I wanted to hold it down for him cuz we from the same parts, Jamaica Queens, but he plays scared ball to me..and I cannot have that on my team. Give me crazy Ron Ron over Lamar scared ass any day!

This league sucks, why frickin bother to review and up or down infractions, fouls, technicals....these affect points of the game as it is going along...and thus affects how you play each play..... that's it....I don't care who wins....I hope it's Denver versus Orlando in the finals because no one will care or watch.

au revoir et salut.....


More time to enjoy life....

Anyone else really dislike Magic as an analysist? Love the dude as a player and a person, but an analysist....


They were outplayed, and they lost the freaking game.


Yeah, we were out toughed, sure, I'm starting to lose more and more respect for Magic each time he says that.


Are the Lakers really that good that they're supposed to breeze through the playoffs by 20 ppg margin?

Jesus....Maybe the Nuggets just outplayed us. wtf... I don't get it. It really baffles me.

These analysists....I can not take it.


Where is Michael Cooper when you need it?


LOL at all the chicken littles and trolls. The Lakers haven't lost a game with the series tied. This isn't gonna be different.

Wasn't Denver the one that said they were gonna win both games at staples to begin with? Talk about overestimating themselves and underestimating the Lakers.

No silence from this laker fan. They'll be fine.

If you watch really closely, you'll see that Kobe gets double-teamed constantly, rarely gets a shot that doesn't have two defenders on him or a hand in his face (Battier). LeBron doesn't seem to be double-team on that basis. I would say that Kobe (lack of shooters) has it the hardest. I think most reasonable people would say they are both at the same level (alone, with nobody else).

Mike Klein....

Your eye transplant did not go well????

Only Phil Jackson would leave Luke walton on Melo when his team is trying to make a run looooool.....Bynum is left on the bench after having a productive game throughout......Instead of mixing it up a little...Phil just waits for Kobe to save the day...... instead of coaching his young ball club until the end he lets the work through a torrid 4rth qtr run by Denver......Andrew could have maybe saved some of the offensive boards Denver got in the last 5 mins......If your ball club is getting massacred on the the glass ....why not play Andrew, Pau, LO, Kobe and Shannon.........WHAT A SILLY COACH.....NINE RINGS OR NOT THE TRUTH IS THE LIGHT........Phil's love for Fish, LO, Sasha, Luke are costing the Lakers ball games..... When Andrew is playing bad Phil takes him out ....when Andrew is playing well, he takes him out......AWFUL COACHING..........Maybe the coaching staff figures if Kobe doesn't go for 40-50 on the road then there is no chance with stiffs like LO playing significant mins.....The great thing about this debacle is J.R. Smith just guaranteed himself and his ball club an epic payback game from Kobe ........THANKS PHIL FOR LETTING THE GUYS FIGURE THIS ONE OUT.......THANKS LO FOR JUST BEING YOUR COOL CALM DISENGAGED SELF and for once again reminding us why your 14mill will be better spent on a play who has DESIRE NEXT SEASON.......Hopefully Trevor will make it to game 5 ......Hopefully Andrew will get more mins......Hopefully Kobe/Pau don't wear down completely from having to shoulder the load for an incompetent coach and a sub par supporting cast.......Hopefully someone will get in contact with Fish to let him know the playoffs have started........I said yesterday it will very difficult for Orlando to beat the Cavs and the may also be equally tough for The Lakers to beat Denver and Phil's coaching.......What can I say PHILLIP ZEN HAS DONE IT AGAIN........




Your last comment was deleted. Don't leave another one like that. This is your one and only warning before getting bounced permanently.

If you have any questions (although you shouldn't), email us at


J R Smith must be suspended by the NBA and yes, worst officiating I have ever seen.

By the way, I'm going to be the deranged fan tomorrow who finds the e-mail address of the NBA league office and sends them an e-mail to look at certain parts of the game and see all the errors that the refs made.

I'm going to be that guy because this is getting out of hand.

I promise you all that I'm going to do this.


Does anyone know the names of tonights officials?? Can we get the best in the business for the next game please?? Can we get Danny Crawford Joey Crawford and Steve Javie please Mr Stern. These guys are the best in the biz people. These guys don't mess around!!!!!!


But not angry at my team.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


A disappointing loss, but the series is pretty much right where most logical people would expect. It's 2-2, and now it's a best of three, with the Lakers still holding home court. Gotta win on Wednesday, and maybe try to shock the Nuggettes on Friday.

I hope Dante Jones catches an "inadvertent" elbow on Wednesday. He deserves it. The guy is as dirty as they come. He'll get his.

Go Lake Show!

Everyone: I think Denver's playground posturing matters more to us than it does to this Lakers' team, as a whole. The 80's or early-00's Lakers would blow the doors off the Nuggets in Game 5. Then again, neither of those teams would have given this team 5 games.

Anyway, credit goes to the Nuggets for playing their best game of the season tonight, as a team. For the time being, George Karl is right. This team is better than LA's. For the following reasons:

1. Lamar. Odom. Has. Disappeared. I want to believe in LO. I like him. I really do. But regardless of how this season turns out, his inconsistency and lack of physical play means he can't be relied on in the postseason. No good having a Ferrari in the garage if the alternator seems to go out at top speed. He uses his rebounding to get him going, and he hasn't been doing that. He still doesn't finish at the rim like a guy his size should. Maybe he busts it out from here on out, but how can you trust him long-term?

2. The Nuggets are physically a stronger team.. LA plays volleyball for rebounds. Denver goes and gets them.

3. Everybody else seemed to get fatigued watching Kobe the other night. Shannon Brown was a disaster this evening. Fisher was a non-factor. Sasha was entirely too inconsistent. Sometimes, I wonder if our young guys are scared of the Nuggets. I think Denver thinks LA is soft, and they can do to them what Boston did last year.

This team is what it is and it's too late to correct their deficiencies. But they are good enough to hold serve and win this series. Problem is, Denver has its confidence back. And that's hard to dispel.

Our bench let these guys back off the mat. Over the last 2 games, Kobe, Gasol, and Ariza/Bynum have carried this team. Can the other guys come through?

AK and BK , you guys run a great show here, thanks for all your time! I know it's a lot of work for you guys and it's alot of fun (better when we win, however)!


I agree with some of the points in your post-game rant. Yeah, you're pissed off. So am I.

But if Bynum wants to stay on the floor, he's going to have to actually FIGHT for rebounds. Not be standing stationary, waiting for a miracle to bounce his way. He's got to put a body on someone and box out, make that rebound his. Until then, sit his ass on the bench. Wanna play, Bynum? THEN WANT TO PLAY.

Go Lake Show!

I only tell the truth there was no curse words so ehy did you delete my comments

Smith, look him eye to eye, you can't....he's not aligned....

the team should emulate Kobe.

unfortunately, we have LO, the "popular" guy in the locker room. all of u can see how mentally prepared they r for each game

LO should have been shipped out years ago

mitch cupcake is a retard. giving shaq away for nothing, making picks that will be shipped out, re-signing stiffs for many years, and especially giving AB a contract for the rest of his life, before he ever shown anything.

that;s the spirit of the team and looks like jBuss approves. i guess his team, his money.

This is an even series, and all the games thus far have been decided in the 4th qtr. It's going to be a battle. Whoever has the better TEAM will ultimately win.

I Agree with my fellow laker fans we did are job home court Is ours again.... I definently understand what people mean when they say no one questions Cleveland and there crap team who is down 2-1 were tied everything is fine laker fans first to four games I don't care how long it takes Boston showed me that last year when they won the title good Lakers 2009 NBA Champs but no one said it would be easy btw I hate JR "wild card" Smith he is not that good just that lucky

is 131-92 still coming around? Helllllooooo!! Your team is out already. Go away!! Man you must really have a sucky life that the highlight of your day is rooting against the Lakers when your team is already bounced. I could see it if it was the Lakers-Celtics - but your team has already gone fishing. Go and get a life and do something productive. (man, I feel like I'm talking to my 10 year old kid)

Man, if the Lakers lose in this round - oh well - we just hope they make good moves in the off season and move on with my life.

Let it go!!!

i could not believe how Magic j was over-exited about Denver in the pre-game comments. does he want to buy them? he is their best PR.


You Laker fans don't seriously believe "the league" is using the refs to keep the lakers out of the Championship, do you?

Why in the world would "the league" prefer the nuggets over the lakers?

This is about as absurd as cleveland fans claiming "the league" is cheating their team to get orlando in the championship.

It is beyond ridiculous

What's the over/under on Laker fans quitting on the team tonight?

We're possibly headed towards another Game 7, which is fine by me. I kinda like seeing this team tested. Whether we win in 6 or 7 games, rest assured, we'll win this series and move on to win the championship. That is our destiny.

Odom went 1 of 8 from the field, several stupid fouls and had only a handful of rebounds. Calling his defense subpar is already a compliment if you substract the two plays in games 1 and 3. If he wants $12 million a year after this season is over he'd better prove that he is worth it because with this kind of stat there is no way I'd pay him $12 million dollars per season. The entire Lakers team were out-rebounded and out-hustled tonight, and they should be ashamed of their effort. Besides Kobe and Gasol does the rest of the Lakers want a NBA championship? Bring it Lakers. Your lack of effort let us the fans down big time.

I do'nt have a problem with the Lakers losing a must win game for Denver. What I DO have a problem with is the way the players refused to show up. The Lakers were out rebounded and out hustled the entire game. Kobe and Pau played their game well but the others [to many names to mention] just refused to play hard.

The refs are blind. They are makin sure this series goes 7 games. I wonder what their bonus looks like if a series goes seven games? Worst officiated game i've seen ever.

The series is far from over, but at least play with passion in the next game fellas.

go lakers

The Lakers just need to fight. What's up with Fail Jackson? Is his chair too comfortable? Denver just came out with the aggression. Lakers came out with nothing.

With the exception of Kobe, Gasol, Fisher and Bynum everybody else should be get rid of one way or another at the end f the season. Odom - 5 POINTS?! Cretin WALTON - 0 points, 6 fouls and 11 points off those fouls against his own team. That's how he plays all year long - for the other team. Only Kupchak could collect that kind of absolutely talentless players. Kobe's wasted big time on the rest of the soft, lazy, talentless and defenseless fools.

Odom, Ariza, Walton, Sasha, Bynum (if Phil stays), Farmar (he or Sasha), Powell, Mbenga (Phil won't use him anyway, why not send him in to intimidate, within the rules), Morrison (can't run), Fisher (he's given us his all, thank you out a buyout and retire), Sun (if Phil stays, he will never use him), Gasol (so talented,but soft, seems to be looking the wrong way when his teammates screwup and he has to picup) I say changes are needed...what do we have left, Kobe,Shannon and Phil.....If we do not win it, expect Chernobylesque moves, either player, coach or management driven. WHATEVER!!!!

Does anyone think D Jones might be suspended for one of the next two games? His slide tackle of Kobe deserved not just a T but an ousting. Instead the refs did nothing. And yes I am biased, but I know stuff happens in testy playoff games on both sides but there was some real garbage tonight that made it worse.

The Lakers would've lost anyway, as the Nuggets outhustled them tonight, but it would be nice to have some consistency from the refs. What about Bynum's flagrant foul where he was literally going for the ball? That should've been a foul but not a flagrant, don't you think?

Anyway, if y'all hear anything on the post-game chatter about the technical and flagrant fouls, I'd love to hear it.

Most importantly, the Lakers just need to step it back up for the next one and knock the Nuggets back down on the keisters.

The broadcasters said Dahntay Jones is not a dirty player, but two shoves in the back and a trip in 2 games says otherwise. The referees let too much go in these playoff games, so it's no surprise that there are more technical fouls and flagrant fouls. Why do they call the playoff games differently than the regular season? It encourages dirty play and cheap shots which seem to be part of the Denver game plan.

Very dissapointing 4. This series will will depend on the following:

1. LO has to show up. If not, this season comes to a crashing halt for us. He is the third best option on this team, without him, we go from great to good. Good won't get it done.

2. As Pat Riley used to say - "no rebounds, no rings" What the hell was that on Monday? Forget Billups, forget JR Smith, Forget Melo - the Birdman is the one killing us. He gets every damn loose ball and long rebound. If Powell needs to see more action - then do it. Someone needs to put a body on that freak. Bynum - GET AFTER IT!!!

3. Ariza needs to be on the floor more - particularly in the last three minutes. While PJ is the GOAT, for the life of me, I don't understand his rotation sometimes. Why was Walton on the floor so often and Ariza on the bench. He is our second best defender - and also a very reliable spot up shooter.

4. Farmar needs to see more playing time. I love D-Fish, he will always have a spot in my Laker heart, but he is hurting us.

5. I don't know what to do with Vujacic - I guess we need to let him continue to try and shoot his way out this drought. He brings energy, but dude can't hit a Bull in the butt with a banjo these days. That is just wierd.

6. Finally, Kobe and Gasol must dominate. Kobe is doing his part, Gasol comes and goes - he needs to demand the ball in the post. No one from Denver can defend him.

Looks like simple solutions from here, I realize it's more difficult than that. I fully expect to win Game 5, no idea about Game 6, and then we win this in 7.

Lincoln Laker

I think the most critical play of the game was when we were down by 3 in the third quarter. Fisher hoists up a 3 but expectedly bricks. Denver comes down and scores. Lakers lost everything from there. He should have dished it out but I guess he wanted to be Captain Save the Day.

REPOST (Revised)

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Just thought I would change the topic of discussion for the sake of our post-defeat sanity...Game #4 was a stinker for the Lakers from start to finish. It is what it is. It is now a best of 3 series.

Wow! With all the heartbreak/excitement of our Lakers in the NBA playoffs thus far, have you checked out what's going on the women's side of Staples recently?

The WNBA season is quickly approaching with a whole lot of promise, especially for the L.A. Sparks.

First of all, look at the Sparks lineup for this 2009 season:

Starters (projected):
Lisa Leslie
Delisha Milton-Jones
Tina Thompson
Betty Lennox
Noelle Quinn

Bench (projected):
Marta Fernandez
Marie Ferdinand-Harris
Kristi Harrower
Shannon Bobbitt
Jessica Moore
Vanessa Hayden
Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton (rookie)
Ashley Paris (rookie)

On Maternity Leave:
Candace Parker (starter/6th lady)

Check this out...If you look at the starting lineup for a moment, you will see players who are "tough-minded" and "physical" offensively and defensively. They have three future, championship pedigree hall-of-fame players, a couple of proven veteran role players and a young player just getting started in terms of future greatness not to mention several young talented players.

Speaking of greatness, imagine when Candace shows up later in the season FRESH and ready to GO?

As for the bench, look at the players that have the ability to score, defend, and penetrate. I'm glad that they addressed the PG issue in the offseason (which is the position that hurt them last year in the WC Finals). Overall, they have more size (in C Vanessa Hayden at 6’4, 240 pounds) in the front line and better ball handling and penetrating guards with experience and quickness in the backcourt (in PG Noelle Quinn at 6’0, 175 pounds).

As a fan of L.A. basketball, it's going to be an interesting summer indeed past June. Folks, we are looking at a championship team (If you are not familiar with Sparks basketball, I think this is the perfect time to get acquainted with it. It's a brand of “winning” basketball any fan can appreciate).

However, for this to happen, the key to winning the championship will depend greatly on team chemistry. Based on the current roster, I see true leadership and work ethic across the board. Barring any major setbacks, I see a WNBA championship in 2009 HANDS DOWN!

This team no doubt has all the pieces to make a championship happen THIS YEAR and beyond...With the floor leadership of Leslie and Thompson, Michael Cooper from the bench as well as Penny Toler from the front office, I see a legit WINNER!

If 2001 and 2002 brings back any championship memories for both the men and women, the Lakers and Sparks are surely capable of recapturing the past in 2009.

Speaking of recapturing the past, I expect the Lakers to take care of business in the present/future by winning Game #5 at Staples Wednesday night. You only get so many chances. They proved me wrong in Game #4. Sometimes, I just don’t know the mindset of the players and what they want. Magic is just disgusted with this team. I don’t blame him a bit. Like I said earlier, it is what it is. The Lakers bench is REALLY snake bitten at the WORST possible time.

However, despite it all, it's always great to be a L.A. fan.

Laker and Spark pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Go lakers!

Looking forward to Wednesday!

Really well said both Peace and Lincoln, I couldn't agree more with all your points.

I'm worried about Odom, too, he needs to step it up more consistently (he's been a good rebounder in previous games tho, especially at home). But they need him to score more.

I have been a fan of Shannon Brown's but agree he was bad tonight. Their best PG right now is Jordan Farmar imho. Ariza, Odom, Bynum, and some of their guards need to shove back, get physical back. I expect they will in the next game. But it would be nice if they could find a way to carry that over in 2 straight.

But hey, they split two on the road, that's what they needed to do. Look for a better game on Wednesday.


I knew we were gonna be in trouble tonight. It wasn't a back to the wall game, so of course, we got out hustled and out worked. It would have been quite a feat to get two in the Mile High, obviously a little more than we could muster.

Bottom line is we need a 3rd player to step up every night and tonight we didn't. Kobe and Pau are gonna deliver every night. Who will show up after them is always a little big of an open question. After the effort we got out of Ariza on Saturday, I didn't think he was gonna be that guy tonight. I was hoping Lamar would rise the the challenge, but Lamar doesn't seem to come with a big game when we really really need it in the playoffs. I'm hoping he does going forward, but his performance tonight was vintage spaced out LO. He gave us a lot of nothing tonight.

AB definitely showed some mid season glimpses on the offensive end. However, he's still not sliding his feet on defense, nor is he being the enforcer we need. It was a better effort, but we're gonna need more from AB in this best of 3.

Fisher just seems to be running around out there, but we really need better guard play to compliment Kobe. It doesn't look like PJ is gonna change his rotations much, so hopefully he gets the clutch performance he's hoping for from Fish down the stretch.

Bottom line is the Black Mamba is coming home 2-2 and I like our chances. Jones is gonna get absolutely obliterated by Mamba on Wednesday, if he doesn't get suspended first. Our bigs will play better and rebound better, (Can't play worse) and someone besides Kobe and Pau needs to step up. Ariza, LO, Fish, AB , Shannon, all need to bring it like they can.

I know after flagrant/tech fouls the league reviews the call. Any chance of this happening w/ the Kobe trip? Or do they not review noncalls.

Also, does anyone know where I can read up on the officiating rules, these playoffs are making it hard to keep up with them.


For your info Laker fans: Next year, Kobe can opt out (we get nothing, does open up $23 Million. Ariza is a Free agent, opens up $3 Million. Odom is a Free agent, opens up $11,4 Million. Brown, Mbenga, and Powell are also Free agents, opens about $1 Million or less each.
Walton, Vujacic, Fisher and Morrison all are signed at $5 Million each. Farmar at $2 Million. Gasol and Bynum are signed for a couple three years at aprox $16 and $18 Million and $12 and $14 Million respectively.

Note these Free agents we might be interested in: Ben Gordon, Jason Kidd, Ron Artest, Birdman, Carlos Boozer, Shawn Marion and Allen Iverson, Rasheed Wallace (don't know how they would help).

I would like to h0pe Kobe stays, and he mnight if we would add Artest, Kidd, Boozer, Gordon.


I emailed you but no response. I didnt post anything! Im sure you are able to track it and see it wasnt me.

Ill wait for your public apology!



1.POINT GUARD POSTION: Fish please retire, Farmer doesn't play hard enough, has talent however. D-League is calling his name. Let Shannon Brown stay as option 2 off the bench.. LETS GO GET Stephon Murbury, or Derrick Rose. (Give them LO, Luke, Shasha and Powell) for Rose.

2. LO can stay unless we need to use him in a big contract.. He is what he is--a medicore player. Cut his salary!

3. Phil needs to retire. In fact the entire coaching staff needs to retire. New blood needed.

4.Andrew will find his way, so will Gasol even though he's tooooo damn soft. Someone needs to be a Force

5. Bye, Luke. Bye Sasha, Bye all the other non contributors that warm the bench---they could get seat warmers and spend less money--those guys have been useless.






i panicked as much as anybody during the houston series because of the lack of effort i saw. tonight though i felt a bit different. they made huge threes, got the loose balls, and benefited from very dubious officiating. still, all in all, considering we stole game 3 and they desperately needed this game, we were NOT RUN OUT OF THE GYM like against houston. we were RIGHT THERE PEOPLE. we just could never put together that stretch of two or three stops that would have really put the pressure on. this loss was expected, but now i have all the confidence that we go home and take care of business. loved the way drew played tonight. kobe kept us close as usual. pau has regained his shooting touch. and if we can just get one or two other guys contributing decent games on wednesday we are up 3-2.



I know that the Birdman's career has resurrected, but to call him "Christ" is going a bit overboard, don't you think?

Where did the feud go? Is it gone, or just smoldering?

After Game 2 the LA press was all over the Bynum vs. Jackson feud. The absence of Bynum was so obvious that Lakers sports writers could no longer ignore it. Jackson started to feel the pressure so he did a little damage control. Jackson decided to talk to Bynum during a film session and let the media know about it. This according to Jackson is all Bynum needed and now everything is “fine with Bynum”.

Add on top of this a Game 3 win with Bynum on the bench in the 4th quarter and the feud is seemingly all but gone. After this win, it is clear that Jackson is right and Bynum needs to grow up, play better defense and shut up. Nothing Bynum can say and no one can question Jackson.

Now we have a Game 4 loss. According to Jackson it’s not that big of a deal because they got what they came to Denver to get: “home court advantage back to LA". Everyone should be happy. He even says Bynum played well, yet he still plays him limited minutes. The only reason Bynum played 23 minutes in this game is because the lead was so large in the 4th quarter. Had this game been a 1 or 2 possession game during the 4th quarter, Bynum would have had his usual 19 minutes.

How can you expect a big man, a guy that depends on his teammates to get him the ball, to build a good consistent rhythm if he plays sporadic minutes? This makes it extremely difficult for a talented offensive big man to get into a groove. If Bynum got consistent minutes he'd be dominating. His flashes of brilliance come out in the limited minutes he gets.

Bynum is a good defender and will one day be a great defender. But he’s a great offensive player now. Bynum is at his best when he gets the ball on offense. But Jackson has convinced everyone in the Lakers locker room and Lakers sports writes that Bynum is there to do is play defense and get rebounds. As Kobe has said on countless occasions, “Drew’s offense is bonus”. It’s so bad that his teammates don't even look for him anymore. Shannon Brown missed him wide open under the rim and instead drove to the basked and lost the ball. Tervor Ariza does not look for him, nor does the Broken Machine. The only two that look for him are Walton and Gasol and that’s because they are smart basketball players.

Jackson does not see how talented Bynum is offensively. If he had the freedom to shoot 10-15 shots a game, he’d be averaging 15-20 points a game, shooting about 50-55%. Given the freedom to shoot the ball, Bynum propels the Lakers easily into championship #15.

Jackson thinks Odom is the key to the series? Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll know the answer to that in less than a week. But in my opinion, Lamar Odom is too nice and considerate of others to stomp on his opponents. He’s never been able to do it, on any team he’s played for and he won’t in this series either. Lamar Odom does not have the personality needed to dominate when all the pressure is on. He’s a wonderful basketball player and a better person, but he just does not have the killer instinct needed in this type of highly competitive games.

But we all know that the Bynum vs. Jackson issue is not gone and one more loss will expose the fire again. If the Lakers win the series then Jackson’s plan worked but it does not mean his right when it comes to Bynum. Bynum will just have to demand the ball next season and hope an injury does not slow him down.

I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. I want the Lakers to win badly, but I also want Jackson to give Bynum the freedom he deserves and that will only come if the Lakers lose. Catch 22. I can’t wait for Game 5. Go Lakers! Go Bynum!

Anybody that knows basketball can see that Denver is deeper and more athletic and has outplayed the Lakers in this series. Fisher should definitely retire...and anybody that is mad about Kobe being tripped, flashback to that cheap shot by Fisher in the Houston series...too bad.
Lakers are just not that good....they were over rated this season. The Lakers were Schooled tonight !
and quit blaming the referees...many nights the Lakers and Kobe get all the calls.
LA is a bunch of crybabies !

What was up with the one-sided reffing?

The leage better suspend Dirty Jones.

The leage must fix the inconsistency in technical and flagrant calls. Furthermore, it needs to eliminate the 7 technical limit before a suspension in the playoffs. They are making a life-long NBA fan questioning the legitimacy of the league.

from bill simmons' twitter during game:

"Andrew Bynum plays with the passion of a porn actress filming her 12th scene in 9 days"

i mean...that's kind of funny


I think that if the league golden boy "Lebron James" don't get pass the magic they will try to prevent Lakers going to the Finals! My reason is that if Lakers get pass the nuggets and cavs lose to the magic assume that the lakers win the championship, Kobe will be the face of the NBA! I don't think that the NBA, ESPN or other network that are pro Lebron want Kobe to be the king! I though last year Finals vs boston was evident of that! especially the refs was calling fousl on the lakers when they play at Boston.

Hey G. Kent .....why in the world would you keep Fisher ?
Have you seen him play lately ?

did anyone watch the post-game interview of Phil Jackson? TJ Simers was a joke... a guy with vendetta... how does a guy like this have a job?!! especially covering the lakers...

AK/BK - whom do we write to get this guy off of the Lakers? More than that, whom do we write to get his ass fired?
He just gets kick by antagonizing the team and its fans...
I am absolutely furious...

I wouldnt be so upset if the refs were even a little partial. Why is Kobe the only superstar who is allowed to get butchered on every drive. And why would the NBA want the Nuggets the most classless team in the league in the finals. If they make it fair and square is one thing but it seems they are getting every call.

Bill Simmons is this generation' Tommy Heinsen, except he can't play basketball. What he thinks does not count or matter.

Number1LakerHater...we understand where all that you just typed came from...


The 2006 FINALS when the refs gave Shaq and D. Wade that title was evident enough for me to think that they league despise Kobe!

I know the playoffs aren't over yet but I really would like to see this team make major changes in the personnel...including PJ. If they win the ring - ok, I still would like to see some changes.

LO - he has to go already. After the Celtics game I became a true believer in him. It really appeared that he had turned the corner - but all the naysayers said that he will disappear again....LO and behold he is gone. I know all the Lakers love him and team chemistry is important, but can we please get someone like Artest who will bring it every night? We all know he's crazy but he played hard during the playoffs. Yes, he did make some boneheaded plays but which Laker is not? I'd take a tough defender any day over Sasha, Walton, Fisher, LO, etc.... Everyone keeps saying that defense wins championships but the Lakers don't have the right personnel to play lock down d. They have moments of it but they cannot sustain it...and definitely not over 2 games.

If Kobe doesn't win the ring this year, I hope we can keep him and get a supporting cast who can play hard every night....especially during the playoffs. I do give them credit for winning game 3 on the road so I'm not just all negative with this team.

I am not a basketball guru like many of you other bloggers but I can see when a team plays flat. To me, even if you can't score it just takes a lot of heart to play good defense....this team is not willing to put forth that kind of effort.

I do agree that they had their chances until the final minutes. If they could have played good d and got about 3 stops near the end, they could have made it a game. I truly do not understand PJs coaching. And yes, the officiating has been a fricking big joke.

Can someone tell me what kind of players can we trade for in the off season? Give me some reasonable options - not like CP3 for Walton, Sasha. I just want to know what are the real possibilities of trading some of these guys and giving Kobe something to work with.

lakers looked tired, mailed it in.

they ought to win next game, but denver won't roll over.

SHACK will also win if Denver takes this series.

well, for me the most frustrating thing is seeing most of denver's team work..everyone seems to contribute something....while our guys are all in a "slump" or whatever.I thought that at least in game 3 seeing kobe on the verge of passing out and/or heart attack would make the bench shape up.

I hope its the altitude..but the same thing was going on with houston...I still wont write them off...these games are incredibly close! lakers will win game 5 ..ugh i can see this going to game 7 :(

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