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Lakers vs. Rockets, Game 4 Live Chat

Ouch-ke!!!  The Lakers look a gift horse in the mouth and drop a Yao-less contest 99-87.  Very little good to say about this one.  More to come later.


Don't screw around, purple and gold.

Game chat below.


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No Yao, no TMac, no Mutombo....NO PROBLEM....

wow...that was embarrassing for you people...the few faker fans at the game were crying like baby was priceless

can't wait to watch the replay...i hear Van Gundy was great...per usual

pretty please with a cherry on top...look past the ROCKETS again on Tuesday

GO it for Deke and Yao!!!

Fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free.

Very angry, upset and guilty right now.

I don't even want to go into it right now.

I know clearly why we lost and it's not time to panic, but I am highly disappointed.


Because of Mother's Day I was not able to unlock the powers of the lucky barstool... and I feel terrrible about that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


LakerTom said:"Hi, my name is DT and I am a Fakerholic."

Being a true fan doesn't mean being optimistic 100% of the time. What are you going to say if the Lakers lose this series?

When you see a team playing with no heart, they deserve to be called out on it. I'd rather see a 46-36 Lakers team with limited talent play their hearts out and lose than a 67 win team loaded with talent play well below their potential, disrespect their opponent, give up 20+ point leads over and over again, see a coach like PJ, who instead of coaching and motivating like Pat Riley, just fiddles while the Lakers get burned.

I want to see a Lakers team that plays consistently game after game, makes free throws, defends on every play, plays team ball, and generally tries to play the game the "right" way. That's the type of Lakers I want to see.

So if a Fakerholic is someone who wants to see the Lakers become that type of team, then call me a Fakerholic!

I also think the Lakers will still win the series in 6 but the problem is who can be relied upon to step up consistantly and be that second scorer next to Kobe?

Gasol had a big game (30 points) but he and Kobe playing well will not win a title. The bench must step up.

Even though I the Lakers are 6-3 so far in the playoffs two things have been made abundantly clear in terms of what they need to be successful.
1. they need to score over 100 points to win (they are 0-3 in the playoffs when they fail to reach the century mark)
2. Kobe needs to play well. (Kobe has had over 30 points in their last four playoff wins.
3. The bench need to get open shots to be effective (few open looks in game 1 and 4 leading to losses)

One extra thing: The status of Bynum and Odom could determine how much further the Lakers go in the playoffs this year.

Bynum is playing with no confidence and if Odom's back becomes a problem throughout the rest of the playoffs they will have practically no inside game. In that scenario, we could see them lose to Denver.

That totally ruined Mother's Day for me. The effort was non-existent. Pau Gasol stood around and did absolutely nothing all game...LO did the same...Bynum sucked too.

I'm rooting for my team on Tuesday but we can't claim we want to win the championship and go out and play like this. Somebody should've been knocking Brook's head off at some point in that game. He needed one good hit to keep him out that lane.

I'm pissed! Go Lakers! Ugh!

all i can say is the Lakers have a lot of fairweather fans. it's even more pathetic than today's loss.


Well, where is Pig Miller and his adoration of koby, the most questionable recipient of an MVP this league has ever seen?

Aren't the greats supposed to have a killer instinct? Steve Nash will tell you yes.

Like I've been saying, if not for Amare's injury, the SUNS would be playing HOU right now.

I hate Las Vegas. They ruined my team! The Lakers couldn't compare to the Celtic in last year. I hate the C, but they played every heart beat to win or loose a game, which the Lakers didn't. Sick to be a Lakers fan

I didn't bother to watch this game, but I will need to catch it on the replay.

HOU missing its two top playas, and they humiliate the lackers - I LOVE it!

Rudy T Corollary:

Never overestimate the heart of a pretender.

The rockets big 3 shoots a combined 4 of 19 and we lose??

would someone tell the lakers that the playoffs are actually here ?

theres no excuse for that performance...actually its become boringly predictable that the lakers can't get up for such games.The regular season is one thing but a playoff game is something else.I'm disgusted quite frankly...its jsut pure arrogance thinking you can stroll out and smoke somebody...anybody in the playoffs.

Of course the lakers will win the series and everyone will soon discover that denver got has been looking good against a couple of shoddy teams...


you have to get up for the playoff games no matter who is on the floor...

blh, I don;t agree with you that the loss in on Kobe.
However, I do agree with you that he is mainly responsible for letting Battier score 11 points in the first 4 minutes, and he did not show leadership on the defensive side when the Rockets came out with purpose.
Kobe's habit of not guarding opposing players not named LeBron or Dwayne has bitten the Lakers several times in tha past.
As Charley Rosen has pointed out, this puts the whole Laker defensive scheme into chaos bec. Kobe is too often out of position. He only plays good Kobe on defense when he thinks he has a real challenge on his hands (like the Olympics.)
Kobe is overconfident and he deserves to be because he can back it up. The problem is, the rest of the Lakers feed off him and become overconfident too, thinking they can just stroll in and win the game just by showing up.

Yeah, Hugo, I was visiting my mom and missed the game too. My spirits are still very high.

The only good thing about losing Game 4 is that will definitely win Game 5!!!!!!!

If I know anything about my Lakers, they will not lose a big game.
I'll bet you that when I go through my TiVo'd version of the game back home, I'll find a Laker team that just is isn't in to it.

I've seen it all year and they come back fine in the next game.


The Rocket's last wall of defense (Ming) is out, and Kobe does not shoot one single free throw in Game 4. That's real intelligent. Way way WAY too many jump shots, and not enough taking i tto the rim. Is it really that difficult for players to realize that, in the NBA, if you take the ball to the rim, you WILL get fouled. Period .... Period.

I'm generally a PJ fan but he stubbornly left Fisher in too long when Farmar played really well in the last game. As it turned out, Shannon Brown was probably the only Laker player who played a good game. (Pau got 30 but was lazy on defense.)
And PJ should be saving Fisher's legs for the Denver series bec. Billups is a strong, very experienced PG and we will need Fisher's experience and strength.
Another nice thing about Shannon was even though he got his minutes when the Lakers had a big deficit, he was never out of control and played good defense. That really separates him from Farmar who can get out of control and is not a strong defender.

The bottom line is that the Lakers thought they were going to walk all over the Rockets without Yao, and Kobe or Phil should have had the team focused, but neither did and the Lakers did get embarrassed. No doubt about that. They should be ashamed of their performance. I felt sick to my stomach seeing how they came out today. I was especially ticked off at Ariza for being totally asleep on that first play. What the heck was he doing. And Kobe, not even guarding Battier? I'm sick and tired of Kobe's approach to the game.
And they lost and now Odom, as badly as he has been playing, is hurt. Good job Lakers. Good job Kobe. This is the reason why you have no rings without Shaq.

Laker Tom,


>>> FISHER NEEDS TO RETIRE. Old. Can't defend. Can't shoot anymore. Can't do anything.
>>>Hi, my name is TOM and I am a Fakerholic.

This Fakerholic (and a bunch of others) drove me off the live gamethread chat. It's one thing to criticize a particular move or shot or any other specific action (or non-action). It's completely different and unacceptable to attack an individual.

Is D-Fish challenged against an Aaron Brooks? Absolutely. Are his best days behind him? Probably. But he still has a lot of value to this Lakers team. Calling him OLD at age 34 is just cheap name calling.

The game drove me crazy. Phil's failure to call a time-out during the initial Houston run made me ballistic. I admit being responsible for a post that wondered if he was still alive. But that's just one of the HOF coach's inexplicable characteristics with which I frequently disagree. That's different than posting that Phil is an IDIOT, as some have done.

In Game 4, the Lakers left themselves wide open for scores of criticism. Magic Johnson says their play was "embarrassing." I'll add my comments in the next thread. But for now, let's separate the Fakerholics from the Lakerholics. Name calling isn't legitimate criticism. "Old" and "idiot" are words that say more about the poster than the target of their venom.

A major value of this blog is the quality of the discourse. You, Jon K, Blitz, laker_sth, Faith, Psyched, justa, keifo, mrbarneydangles and others too numerous to mention bring light rather than meaningless heat. It's become necessary to see who's posting to know whether it's worth reading. Thanks for calling the Fakerholics out.

For the last 2 years we have seen this laker team sag in the paint and leave 3 point shooters open and let guards drive the lane and score easy baskets and have gotten away with it. Those days are over with and if the lakers don't correct this immediately, they will lose this series. Kobe need to come out scoring each game, he can't afford to wait on his teammates, they should be ready to play by now. This is Kobe's legacy that his teammates are messing around with. Kobe will be the blame good or bad.

I don't agree with your conclusion DT, but that was a really good post.
Perhaps, something the coaching staff should have shown to the players before the game, that the Rockets are arguably better without Yao.

Add another massacre to our history, this one the Mother's Day Massacre.

We'll bounce back in a vicious way on Tuesday.

Look out.

When will Jackson finally bench Fisher, he was decent on defense 10 years ago. He couldn't hit a 3 pointer when it matters to save his life !!!

he should definitely be retired !!!

Don't screw around, purple and gold.

So it was written.
And they did.

Wow, after watching the post game interviews, it really didn't seem like the Lakers were to concerned. I guess if they're not going to care, we fans shouldn't either.

Uh boy.

Screw all the Laker haters here... I am pissed off too however its only one game

We will destroy them in LA...

We are playing the hardest serious of all the teams

Cavs play Detroit and

Denver beats Soft Dallas...

Lakers got this

Screw all Lakers haters..

Game 5 is outs

yeah they played a bad game.
yeah it was embarassing.
but there gonna come back
why is everyone trippin'?

Very nice interview by Magic in ESPN. He said the 2 Laker leaders Kobe and Fish need to change the mindset of their teammates. In Game 4, it was Kobe's man, Battier, and Fisher's man, Brooks, who killed the Lakers at the start, so yes, they failed their leadership roles.
In Game 5, Kobe will be more serious about guarding Battier, but Fish needs the help of his teammates with good team defense to contain Brooks or else, he can only "Derek Fisher" Brooks into the stands.
Magic also said that if PJ does not say what needs to be said to the team, that he is willing to come in and say it. Way to go Magic!

yeah they played a bad game.
yeah it was embarassing.
why is everyone trippin'
if they won nobody would
be hating on them right now.


>>> When you see a team playing with no heart, they deserve to be called out on it.

Nothing wrong with criticizing the team’s or any player’s performance but you basically threw the Lakers entire starting lineup – Kobe, Fish, Ariza, Odom, and Pau – as well as injured future superstar center under the bus.

If you want to admit that your comments were in the heat of the moment and you overreacted, then no problem, I don’t think you’re a Fakerholic. But I also would not characterize your behavior as being that of a “good” fan. You sounded exactly like a Fair Weather Fan giving up on his team and turning into a Fakerholic.

I mean, this is what you said:

>>> Fisher is ALL WASHED UP! He's a joke of a player. So is Odom and Ariza
>>> I hope they resign Kobe without the no-trade clause and trade him away for
>>> DWade or someone who plays hard every day.
>>> I hope they don't resign Ariza or Bynum.
>>> This team will never win a championship.
>>> No heart(Kobe), no courage(Gasol), no brain(Odom).

No loyalty (DT), no support(DT), no faith (DT).

If you are really a fan, then be what you say – Don’t crap on your own team and bail and spew vile after a bad game and expect us to think that it is criticism.


Shame Shame Shame

or is it

Sham Sham Sham

Never Ever give a team the confidence to think that they can actually win.

Houston won 22 games in a row last year without Yao and McGrady

It's time for the Lakers to put up or shut up. And play some freakin defense.

Hey everyone this is a very interesting piece I found over at the Celtics blog. It was written following their game four loss to the Cavs in the conference semifinals. It's pretty much exactly how most of us feel right now while also provides a precedent to how a championship is won in today N.B.A.


We've seen this act during the regular season. At sacramento, at Miami, at Minnesota etc; the list goes on; but in the regular season, u get to play some teams that suck so u can still pull off a win...

AND NOW, the post season;

game 1 and 4 rockets; game 3 jazz, LOSS/LOSS/LOSS!

For a good team to play well consistantly it takes 3 things;

THIS starts with the head coach and team leader.

Phil has to teach it, Phil has to preach it, AND kobe has to enforce it.

Laid back coach causes laid back play. Simple as that. You can tell when Phil has cracked the whip; you can tell when kobe wants to attack. This shouldnt have to be after embarrassment; this should be everygame. IT'S CALLED PRIDE.

watch the difference... LAKERS will show up tuesday. They've done this all year.

(beat houston!!!! PERIOD!!!! ... talk about denver/cleveland/boston/orlando and whomever when we get there. We have to shoot down a couple of more rockets 1st)


Just like Phil said after the game, we got home court back. So now let's defend it properly. It's just amazing how when the Lakers win, the feel of the blog is that we are on pace to win the championship but when the Lakers lose, we are on pace to dismantle the team.


Posted by: dpk | May 10, 2009 at 04:41 PM
What PJ said we got home court back. He wore out our players to get HCA yet we lose the first game.

Instead of fresh players we are getting beat and beat up because PJ to stubborn to coach.

The team is fine and could add a couple of players just need to overhaul coaching staff.

I agree wit ECJ and knock Brooks on his arse when he drives but hard foul playing the ball. Hack like they do to us.

Game proves that Rockets better without Yao and TMac. Mitch, trade Mbenga for them.

I don't think the coaches should have blamed the players at all about the energy stuff. The coaches should be blamed first! They did not prepare the players for the fast pace Rockets, by knowing Yao would not play!, There should have been an adjust before the game started.

The effort the Lakers players put this afternoon make all the Lakers fans all over the world sick to their stomach. It's not because the Lakers lost, but because of the lack of effort the players did put forth. Their defense was horrible and inexcusable. Derek Fisher simply could not guard the Brooks and Lowry. In the 4th quarter the Lakers showed us that they actually were capable of playing defense. There is no doubt the Lakers need to make adjustments, but the biggest adjustment they need to make is their attitude and their mind set. You don't win championships by without putting in effort on both ends of the floor. This current Lakers squard needs to learn from the "Showtime Lakers" of the 80s. The "Showtime Lakers" were well known for their offense, but their defense and their ability to put teams away quickly created the offense. If the Lakers cannot win this series without McGrady and Yao Ming on the floor, what kind of future would the Lakers have when McGrady and Yao are healthy? Not to mention Portland as an up and coming team with the Lakers failed to win in the Rose Garden this season.

Remember Clutch City?

The reason why the Lakers didn't WIN The NBA Title In 2008.
OH ! We didn't have BYNUM--Well you got him now,you can have him for keeps.
KOBE BRYANT did not SCORE a Single point in the THE FOURTH QUARTER .
He is better tham MICHAEL JORDAN. ? ?
IT will be the Cleveland Cavaliers this YEAR.
GO Lebron James it's your turn. BABY.

Bad coach and bad coaching. Bad game plan, bad substituion, and bad moltivation. Nothing wrong with the Lakers, everything wrong with the coach.

The wrong thinking of Phil and Kurt Rambis is that jump shooting team can't win in 4th quarter because they will get tired. Phil don't understand NBA players today, they are big, strong, fast. They are not Honaceck of Utah, Dan Marley of Phoenix,...Phil still thinking the old days with Chicago Bulls, with MJ in the 4th quarter to beat weak opponents.

Game 1 in LA, less than 2 min, Houston lead 10 points, Phil called timeout too late, because he thought Lakers would come back, wrong. Game 4 in Houston, you can tell the trouble right away, but no adjustment with Fisher. still playing. No problem, Phil thought Houston would loose in 4th quarter, and Lakers would come back to win game by 2,3 point, wrong again. This happened over and over again, because he doesn't know NBA players today, and with hid laid-back attitude, Lakers became a soft team, a joke in the NBA.

In front of national tv today, a chance for Lakers to show that they are a team with mission, a team who learned from game 6 in Boston last year, they failed again. Lakers fan has learned many lessons from Phil with the cost of 12 million dolars a year.

Two biggest reasons why we lost today.

1) We lost because we lost our poise and composure. Everyone knew the rockets were coming out on fire, but as a team he had to take that initial first hit and counter attack. When we had a chance to counter attack we turned the ball over, missed layups, missed wide open three point shots and we did not move the ball.

This game reminded me of the final series last year when Paula faked an injury. In that same game we lost our poise and composure. We pressed too hard in that game trying to throw the knockout punch since one of the opposing team marquee player was out, rather than taking the game one possession at a time.

2) Coaching...Phil should have called a timeout when the rockets came out blazing. He needed to settle his team down, and remind them one possession at a time and to stop pressing so much.

And for the love of God, Phil needs to start Brown. Brown is our best point guard at this very moment. He pushes the ball better, and his shooting is more accurate than Fisher. Plus, he is full of energy. While Brown was on the bench he was on his feet bouncing up and down waiting for his team to play like he knows they can play.

If Phil doesn't have the will to tell Fisher to come of the bench especially in this series, Fisher should tell Phil to bring him of the bench for the sake of his team, the Lakers organization, and Lakers fan. If Luke can tell Phil to start Ariza over him, Fisher should do the same too. Fisher has the makeup to be a good bench player and instant offense from the bench, which we are currently missing right now.

We will win the next two games convincingly because we won't press so hard like we did tonight. We will limit our turnover and go back to the basics.

This team is a total embarrassment!!! Watching the Magic and Celtics game - neither of these teams will lose a 7 game series to the Fakers. I hate the Celtics but at least they come out to play - even without KG and Powe. (?) I just can't stand a team that keeps trying to cruise through the playoffs. Lakers bring it every game or go home already and start your summer. It will be GREAT to watch the Lakers get knocked out and all you homers will finally admit that this team sucks!!! They will NOT win the ring this year!!!

This is SO EMBARASSING!! It's sad when you're a loyal Lakers fan and they play STUPID like this!!! From now on, I will root for the team that the FAKERS play against. YOU GUYS SUCK!!! I'm so ashamed to be a fan...

Posted by: Rob | May 10, 2009 at 03:34 PM

And you should be... you are not even have to be considered a fan.. a fan is a fan... wherever the team goes.. he goes...that's why we are called fans...

Go Lakers! Go Kobe...

A loss is a loss.. let's move on and win another one...

This is SO EMBARASSING!! It's sad when you're a loyal Lakers fan and they play STUPID like this!!! From now on, I will root for the team that the FAKERS play against. YOU GUYS SUCK!!! I'm so ashamed to be a fan...

Posted by: Rob | May 10, 2009 at 03:34 PM

And you should be... you are not even have to be considered a fan.. a fan is a fan... wherever the team goes.. he goes...that's why we are called fans...

Go Lakers! Go Kobe...

A loss is a loss.. let's move on and win another one...

Houston Trolls feed on fear.

Don't feed the Trolls.

Yes, this was a painful loss, not because we should feel without hope, just because we are better than this.

Well, I stated that this series would go six games. It looks like the Lakers have an opportunity to prove me right.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The Rockets have exposed the Lakers for who they are. They are not invincible, they are overly cocky, and Kobe is not the next Jordan. Whether or nor we win this series, we have proven that Houston has more heart and more substance than a flashy gold jersey and a city full of snoody phonies will ever have. As a firsthand witness to the slaughter that occured today, I can honestly say that the Lakers need to be scared, if not for the Rockets, then for their alleged reputation of being legitimate playoff contenders. Tuesday will be yall's time to boo us and everything we stand for, but the boos may not be able to compete with the genuine and authentic heart that we can potentially display. Go rockets, and as Rudy T. said back in the glory days, "Never underestimate the heart of a champion"!

Kobe and Phil did not set the tone for this game. Kobe allowing Battier to score 11 points in 4 min and Phil not calling a TO and not starting Farmar against Brooks. Game planning by Phil was terrible by not using laker bigs to punish smaller rockets. Way too many long range jumpers when we have 4 guys on our team bigger then anyone they have in uniform. Open Message to Phil Jackson: Stop using GASOFT as a 5, He is obviously the tin man getting out muscled by 6"5 Chuck Hayes. This guy is soft as a baby's bottom. I have never seen softer play from a supposed 7 footer in the playoffs in all my years of watching bb. Bynum is a mental midget, he should be dominating instead of riding the pine lookin unconcerned. BYNUM GROW/SHOW UP. This guys work ethic is suspect also. He made no progress in the 6 days the lakers had between series. This guy shoulda been gettin ready for a battle instead he comes in the series and does NOTHING. The guy cant even hold on to a pass or intimidate 1 rocket. Play Mbenga Now!

I am so embarrased about these lakers.

Who's THE MAN?

Playoff Basketball is a game for MEN.

The Lakers showed up as chickens. They barely looked like high school basketball players.

I agree with Charlie Rosen at FoxSports (who use to coach with Phil Jackson) who wrote:

"In short, the Rockets displayed every characteristic that the Lakers LACKED: HUSTLE, TOUGHNESS, PASSION and INTELLIGENCE."

These four characteristics were in all of Phil Jackson's 9 championship teams and Magic Johnson's 5 championship teams. They were overwhelmingly tough, hustling, mature, passionate, and intelligent teams. Only Phil Jackson's 3 Lakers championship teams had some problems with immaturity - Kobe and Shaq and one shooter, whoever he was. But the rest of the team were mature men, who made up for the egos of the stars. The other teams had MEN through and through - not boys - as this Lakers team is filled with. If any teammate had a problem, Jordan, Pippen, Magic, Cooper and other teammates would quickly set them straight.

I don't know if Kobe can do this with his teammates. This is what LeBron James has over Kobe - outspoken leadership qualities. Derek is too quiet to lead on the court. Pau Gasol defers too much. This team lacks a leader who can change the game as it occurs in real time on the court.

If anything, Phil Jackson should be more hands on with this immature, leaderless bunch of guys called the Lakers. He should call time-outs sooner and REAM REAM REAM AND REAM the guys who are slacking off, daydreaming, lagging, who are not on the same page, who aren't focused, who aren't hustling, on the court.

Perhaps these Lakers should drink some coffee before the game to wake themselves up.

This team is exhibiting to LITTLE SOUL. Dammit. Their walking zombies.

Maybe, they should beat a side of beef like Rocky did in his movie. Perhaps some coach instead should push them up against the locker door and YELL AT THEM. Someone has to wake this team up so that they can stop playing like the sissies they have been.

Where is their love of the game? All I see are spoiled jocks clocking their time card in for a fat check.

Come on guys. When are you going to show up and inspire the kids in this economy? When are you guys going to be heros?

When are you going to put everything on the table, give it everything you've got so that you do not have to hang your had with shame that you lost?



Where is my post?

I do not yet see the HEART OF A CHAMPION in this Lakers team.

Well that sucked.


You are right about the Lakers looking past the Rockets. They may have been saying the "right" things by saying that Rockets are good at overcoming adversity blah blah blah, but in the Lakers players' minds, they were looking forward to the Nuggets series.

The difference between this team and the Lakers threepeat teams is that the threepeat teams turned it on in the playoffs. That Portland series in 2000, when the Lakers gave up a 3-1 series lead was more of Portland being a great team and the series could have just as easily been 2-2 at that point, so I wasn't surprised that Portland was able to tie it 3-3. But this team is something completely different. Not going after loose balls, not blocking out, etc. I've never seen such inconsistent play from a Lakers playoff team. I just don't understand why they can't play like every game is important. Why they don't have a sense of urgency.

Magic was right that this Lakers team should be embarrassed. Not that they lost, but because they let a wounded animal bite them in the neck and now they have a huge fight on their hands. If they lose this series, it is worse than Van De Velde or the 2004 Yankees.

Cavs, Celts, Magic & Nuggets have demonstrated the characteristics of a championship team in that order: Heart, intensity, fierce fight for every possession, mental toughness, rebound positioning and team-D 48min. 6' 7" & 6'9" forwards play like 7' 1" forwards and centers on those teams e.g. Davis & Perkins. Gasol & Bynum play like 6' 7" forwards & appear intimidated when attacking the basket and blocking shots & have their shots blocked by 6' 7" forwards! Hardly championship effort. The Laker guards Sasha, Fisher & Brown combined do not match the intensity and effort of a Rondo at both ends. Wake up Lakers, team needs physical & mental toughness, heart, intensity from the getgo each game, and desire to win a championship through team effort not Kobe giving 110% & the rest 75% on offense & 50% on rotating team defense!!! Go Lakers!

What I'm seeing here from a lot of "unflappable" Laker fans is a sense that our guys will "wake up" for Game 5 and respond with a win.

And that may be true.

But it is beside the point.

The problem is that our guys feel like they have the luxury of sleeping on the job because they'll always wake in time.

But if they give 2 games like that to their opponent in the next round, their luxury becomes a crisis. This is what I think is nagging many upset fans here.

We suffered through uninspired play, the biggest choke in Finals history, and one of the biggest routs in Finals history, to our team's No. 1 Rival, and said, "this won't happen next year."

We watched this team give up huge leads from November to April, along the way getting swept in regular season series by lottery teams, and said, "they'll be all right in the playoffs."

We watched this team give up huge leads in the first round and said, "they'll turn it up in the next round."

We watched this team lose homecourt advantage in this series in the first game, and said, "they've learned their lesson, they'll get serious now."

Now, the issue persists, the team is in a fight for its life (and may not yet realize it), the conference finals and Ghosts of 2008 loom, and the rivals for the title look lean, hungry and merciless.

Maybe we should be a little more concerned, instead of simply insisting everything's going to be all right.

I want to believe that. But every time I start, this Los Angeles team gives me another reason to worry. The latest of which was today's disgrace.

This seriers would've been a sweep to the Rockets favor if they had a full squad (Yao, TMac, Mutombo). Just think if Artest only had to exert his energy on the defensive side of the ball and not feel pressure on the offensive side. The Rockets are REAL SCARY. I wouldn't be surprised if they win the next 3-4 championships...

Yea - this team is the most pathetic group of sissy girls I have ever seen!! Just disgusting. Even if they win this series which is questionable - these types of losses are totally inexcusable. Ok to lose - but not how they did. Unbelieveable - I can't believe they can even show their damn faces. I'm sick to be a fan of this team - actually no longer. I hope they lose already.

Even if they win - who is actually proud of this team? Tell me what is there to actually be proud about? (forget the 60+ games they won in the season - doesn't matter now)

Dont ever underestimate the heart of a Celtic!

Go Rockets!!!!!!


It is all about COACHING which the Lakers don't have

Fisher does what Jackson tells him to do.....Coach is either too loyal to his old players....Leaves Fish in no matter how bad he is outplayed, but pulls Farmar and Bynum at the drop of a hat..he is either too stuborn or he's brilliant

Why are the Lakers not running the triangle offense, the offense that was so successful for them all season long? I guess they put the triangle offense in the hospital with Tex, very sad.

As a longtime Laker fan I have to say the WHOLE team today was a JOKE. Kobes prior comment that this years Lakers will not settle for anything less then the championship rings hollow.After todays game I am wondering if I should change to the Clippers. At least they put out an effort which is more then the overpaid jokes today did even if they lose. Today the WHOLE Laker team STUNK!. You put together a GREAT season only to quit today during the playoffs when its for all the marbles.Since everyone is looking for a well deserved apology from Manny Ramirez to Dodger fans for using steroids how about one from you Kobe for your teams LOUSY play today since they are your team after all and you are their leader? If this is how the team is going to play going forward then maybe you should consider opting out next year and going to a team of players that have the desire and drive to win once they get to the playoffs and a finals appearance with only 6 more games to win to get there. Get it together guys or you will be watching the finals on your T.V. at home and I will be looking for a new team to support. I cannot think of anything that would be more of a disgrace to the people of L.A. and the fans who support you but most important you disgracing yourselfs with another game like today.

EX-Laker Fan---i have been a Ex-Laker fan since they traded SHAQ,SINCE SHAQ LEFT-NO NBA Titles.
KOBE BRYANT Did not SCORE a single BASKET In the FOURTH QUARTER. and he is considered BETTER THAN
He needs 7 NBA RINGS. and 11 MVP Titles and 7 Defensive player of the year TITLES to break M J Records.

What does todays' performance dictate for team changes? How about Bibby takes over at PG, and if possible we land Boozer at PF, shedding Odom, Fischer and who else for cap space. We need an elite PG to run the show and make 3s, and some real muscle tough dude to buck up Pau and Drew.

I was really surprised yesterday with the Lakers play. Or should I say not-play. The ball doesn't always have to go to Kobe. There are many good players in the Lakers that can score (Pau, Bynum, Odom, Ariza), but you have to give them the ball.
I can't believe how Pau Gasol has had just 8 shots until the 4th Qtr. And in the 4th, he scored 7 shots out of 9. Why don't they give Pau the ball?? I have not seen a team taking less advantage of a player like Pau. Not even the Grizzlies. Pau is averaging 19 pts and he just shoots 12 times in a game. I wonder how many points would he make if he had the chance to shoot the ball 23 times like Kobe.

Wow, people really need to chill on their critiques of the team. I'm not saying we shouldn't point out what they did wrong and what you would like to see them doing better but all the talk of disowning them and calling them out as losers and such, well that's just really not in my fan mentality. I've never gotten down on them that much even when we didn't make the playoffs. Appreciate what you have even when they don't win. At least you're not stuck rooting for the Kings, unless of course you want to jump ship in anticipation of their next resurgence. Don't worry though, y'all will be back in line when the Lakers are looking like contenders once again (game 5).

Here in Houston its amazing that your beat writers continue to write comlumns that perpetuate the Lakers entitlement attitude, saying the Rockets are done, its all about LEBRON and KOBE in the finals.

Even tho the Lakers are the best team on paper, this is a team sport, and that takes effort from the group on both ends, not just making highlight clips on sportscenter.

Phil Jackson isnt a coach, and has just been the benifactor of having truly gifted players to carry him, never has he assembled a team on his own and won anything.

We would rather have our team of players that are together and unified and play hard especially on defense than anything else win or lose, we know we will never have to worry about them not showing up.

Kobe is one of the best, no doubt, but his tasteless taunting and antics are disgraceful, Jordan or Majic would never of lowered to that, they earned respect with their actions only. And he doesnt respect Battier at all and paid for it.

The Rockets have lost both of their star players, and Mutumbo, and will never give up, what would happen to your Fakers if Kobe went down? Has your GM done his job assembling the team for all phases? I would be worried Laker Fans, if not this series, but the long term future and becoming the Clippers.

As far as Van Gundy goes, it is funny to hear the opposition to any postive comments about a team, when all the media does is fawn about Kobe, how dare someone make any complimentary comments about anyone else but him?

The Lakers are SOFT period!!! All they want to do is take turns shooting the ball. They need to become more reliable with each other and quit waiting on the ball. Their defensive skills are very very WEAK! Game 7 will be money for David Stern because he loves his referees. This game 6 was for financial purposes only for the NBA. The Lakers will NOT win any championship games because they are TOO SOFT period!!!!!!!!!! I'm tired of being a spectator for a championship caliber team who does not play on the level they should be playing. QUIT PLAYING SOFT......IT'S IRRITATING!

there will be a big surprize in store for the Lakers on sunday

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