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Lakers vs. Rockets, Game 4 Live Chat

Ouch-ke!!!  The Lakers look a gift horse in the mouth and drop a Yao-less contest 99-87.  Very little good to say about this one.  More to come later.


Don't screw around, purple and gold.

Game chat below.


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Ariza is playing like crap to start the game

Lamar is ALSO playing like crap to start this game and FIsh seems
reluctant to shoot.

Battier is fighting like a warrior.

There's another terrible play by Ariza - Pau right under the basket
on a fast break & instead of passing to him, Ariza charges into Battier.

Lakers are battling the 3 Blind Mice (Bavetta, Crawford and the other guy) and the 3 Stooges in the ABC booth.


Old. Can't defend. Can't shoot anymore. Can't do anything.

Send in his retirement papers already.

Lakers are not going to win the championship this year. They will not even get out of the western conference. Denver will destroy them. You think Gasol is going to attack Chris Anderson, Nene, or Martin. Please. They will intimidate Gasol and he will wilt, whine and whimper like he always does. Billups will light up Fisher like any other point guard in the NBA. J.R. Smith will outscore Vujacic by about 100 in the series. My bad. At least 100.

Fisher is Number One.


These Lakers absolutely suck! Ruin our Mother's Day. They are supposed to give the Rockets the knockout punch - but they end up getting it up their (blank). What a bunch of freaking sissies - I am sooooooooo sick of rooting for this team with no passion and focus. Blow this team up!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and fire PJ already)

Phil needs to play his better matchups:

Farmar is better than either Fisher or Brown at guarding Brooks:
Phil plays Fisher

Either Fisher or Brown are better at guarding Lowry:
Phil plays Farmar, then Brown

Ariza, Walton, and Bynum all played exceedingly poorly in the
first half.

But a game is two halfs. I expect the Lakers to come out playing
LOCK DOWN defense in the second half and pull off a win.

Half-time, unbelievable, nope, for the Lakers, very believable. Can't defend, can't score inside even with Yao out! Simply believable! Farmarworsethan thought is back along with Vuycan'tmakeashot, and Fluke Walton throwing passes to the Rockets. I think we may be in big trouble, When we consistently play inconsistent, how we ever gonna beat Denver, let along Cleveland? Second how should be really telling, one way or the other.

The Lakers are pansies. Other than Kobe Bryant. The whole Lakers team are pansies. Excluding Shannon Brown also. He seems so far to be fearless.

I'm sorry, this Lakers is not a Championship team. Even if they get past the Rockets, the Nuggets will kill them.

The Rockets will embarrass the Fakers today.

i can't believe it they came out sluggish and with no heart typical lakers

I bet Magic Johnson thinks Gasol is soft. He probably feels insulted when Gasol puts him on his Fave 5 players for players Gasol watched growing up. He is probably thinking: "Wow . This guy is insulting me. He watched me growing up and emulated my game. So he is calling me soft. Unable to handle playoff pressure. Unable to handle end game situations. Unable to hit important free throws/ jump shots. Unable to lead. Unable to inspire. Cause those are all the things Gasol represent"

Lakers should be ashamed of themselves already. They totally lack any killer instinct and have no idea how to close anything out. Denver, Clev, Magic will tear them up - so might as well let the Rockets have a shot at it already. Even if the Lakers pull this one out - what kind of weak ass effort is this? I think Denver will end up in WCF - they are on fire and playing aggressively with a huge desire to win!!! Can't say anything like that about this Laker team. Just a huge disappointing season already. Who the hell cares if you win over 60 games in the season but can't win in the playoffs?

Lakers reflect their record as a soft team, consistently fragile and back sliding. Not in the same league as Celtics, Boston, Magic & Denver for this years championship. Unfortunately, if they reach the finals Cavs will beat this soft-D, low intensity, mentally fragile, turn-over prone, lack of rebounding effort team by at least 15 points per game in a clean sweep. Dr. Buss needs to realize yet another lost championship year with Kobes career going downhill is the worst luxury tax he faces.

I've said since the beginning of the post season that Andrew Bynum's confidence should be one of the Lakers top priorities.....Phil has bewitched his ball club yet again with his stubbornness.......The guy is just a stubborn as he says Kobe is.......Fisher is clearly being toasted, but Phil says he'll figure it out instead of putting Farmar or Shannon on the quicker Brooks......LO is NOT A GUY WHO YOU CAN COUNT ON TO PERFORM EVERY NIGHT....any who has watched the Lakers over the past 5 season know that he can be discouraged by a hostile crowd.....Pau again shows that physical play effects him negatively........So I guess the only option Phil has is the one thing that has bailed out his lame coaching over the years.....KOBE'S JUMP SHOT...........Criticsim of Kobe is certainly merited at times but the same should said of Phil yet....he is almost never challenged for foolish substitutions, minute management, and player management....... I guess when you have been won 9 Chips by 4 of best players of all get a pass......Many of you say "give me Lebron over Kobe" I say give me POP over Phil ......


Amazing! So many bandwagon bloggers out there. When Lakers win, everyone loves them. When they lose, people talk crap


What oy have today is ALOT of effort by the Rockets and unfortunately no effort fom the Lakers. Hope they re-watch this game later and figure out how not to let this happen again.

Too late. the Lakers are screwing around and the refs are determined to give the Rockets a W. The fix must be in . . .

Absolutely insulted!
This is what I call being embarrased... Did the lakers really think the Houston were going to back it up because their best player isn't there?? Didn't they know that because people were counting them out the Rockets were going to play like there's nothing to lose? Now imagine...everyone is saying the Lakers will win it all.. oh yeah!! wait 'til they meet the underdogs starting from this crew (rockets)

What a joke and a horrible excuse for a team. I am so f'ing mad that I could hurt someone. I hope a Lakers player reads this. They are a disgrace to our city. Hardworking is not their game. They let more people down than an elevator. Stop faking the funk and get us some guys with heart. 27 years as a fan and this is what I get. Go Dodgers. At least Manny trys. Steroids or not, its more effort than you could get out of andrew 'I'm weak as an 80 year old' bynum or Sasha 'I cry when the wind blows' vujacic. At my job, I give 100% every day. No mailing it in.

It's bad enough that the Lakers are getting outplayed, not really, because they ARE NOT PLAYING, I have an issue with the announcers, they are so pro-Houston, and anti-Lakers it's a joke....JVG keeps saying that the Lakers dreaming if they think they can cakewalk into the finals...duh??? JVG is not being professional by letting his bias leak through. 6 game series now.

Can't dial it up against Yao-less Rockets and Artest is doing nothing. Watch out for the five Superstars of the Rockets though: Hayes, Lowery, Battier, Brooks and oh, whoever! Kobe please opt out and go play with LeBron next year for the veteran's exception. You don't need the money, but playing with LeBron would be so much fun for you. You seem to be the only one who actually cares about winning on the Lakers!

Laker Fan,

Dont give up Ive seen teams come back from 24 points before!

Phil Jackson needs to go more with DJ Menga, he's a lot more active and can defend better and will give the Lakers a tougher presence in the inside than soft, butter Bynum. Bynum wasnt ready for the playoff he shouldnt of came back that soon and we dont have anyone to back up Pau or Odom when they need a rest or get in foul trouble. But hey its Mother's Day and the series is still 2-2. Still home court advantage and will win the next 2.


Phil Jackson has proven again that he can't motivate...that he can't manage in-game...
That he is incapable of change...
Or humility...

"They can't play with that much passion for 48 minutes without burning out..."

Not an exact quote, but close enough to his end of first quarter comments...

Mediocre journeyman player...

Egotistical, incapable of real change...


except phil

So, K brothers...will this get posted?
Or delete3d like my last six anti-Phil posts?

What happened to my dear lakers? They are not playing consistent like CAV. They have all that they need to play well, just not the energy and spirit. I am a little worry now.

Derek Fisher shouldnt of started because he's a lot slower than today's guards and Jordan or Shannon should run the faster pace offense and let Fish come off the bench and stay in for the all most important 4th quarters.

LA biggest mistake was giving some bums in Sasha and Andrew big money before they can prove any worthiness of it. Look back at the signing of those two only one made it worthy before he got hurt, Sasha was a waste of signing, we could of picked up another tough minded defender, hell he cant do no worse than Sasha..

I thought game 1 was embarrassing but nothing compared to this performance. If you can even call it a performance. Looks like they expected the Rockets to mail in the series. This team hasn't changed at all since last years finals. Same old story with their defense and there seems to be no sense of urgency. It's still the best of seven and I'm sure they'll get passed the Rockets but then they'll have to play a more talented and hungrier Denver team that is playing great ball.

they should trade kobe and move the team to Baltimore

wow. when is plasckhe going to be fired?
jesus christ. what the hell is this?

bring back Ira Newble

Its a 2-2 series nothing to worry about yet except getting Phil to play more of DJ Menga whose a heck of a lot better right now than Andrew, and a lot tougher inside than Pau. Phil did the same thing with Chris Mims NOT giving them a chance to show him that they cant play any worse than a broken Bynum or a soft minded Gasol who cant out play a 6' 5 so call center or shot happy, hacking Sasha.

DJ can backup Pau or Odom when one is tired or in foul trouble. We need another inside person that can get a rebound and put a guard on its azz when they want to penetrate and he's your man.

it's official, this laker team does not have any kohones. i think for game 5, the rockets need to take artest out, just so they could guarantee they would win by 50.

i'm thoroughly disgusted and now convinced this laker team will not win the championship this year. how sad and pathetic.

A total lack of effort. A total embarassment.

A total azz-kicking! I'm ashamed of my team today! But I'll be supporting them on Tuesday. My team win or lose.

Okay lets not start overreacting. The Lakers beat the Suns with Shaq, Nash, and Amare but when the two are out, they get trounced. People said Okur was critical for Jazz to have a chance, but the Lakers played their BEST game against Jazz in Utah when Okur came back.

So T-Mac and Yao both out and the Lakers get trounced. Should this surprise anyone?

Lakers play to the level of their opponent, and they play their best as underdogs or when their backs are against the wall. When they look like the clear favorites, they don't show up.

So no need to panic...yet.

That play that led to Lamar being injured was a BLOCK! Battier ran under him!

Hawaii D (and others)

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I spent the day with my family and had a great time. I didn't watch the game and I am thankful. My blood pressure is good and now it's nap time.

Wake up Lake show. Wake up.

Colorado loves the Lakers!

kobe needs to come out looking to score. When he did that, we won our only two games. Kobe, forget the rest of your teammates especially D Fish. That dude is retired.

PATHETIC....I've been a Laker's fan since the 80's and this team is the most pathetic by far... at least kwame and smush competes and had phoenix suns scared in the series.

lakers in 6.

kobe will explode.

That hurt.

We should've put our Moms in the starting lineup.

Hope y'all had a nice Mother's day.

Lakers will forge ahead and put this series behind them.

Move on to game 5, shall we?

Sad, embarassing game. The Lakers will win the series but all they're doing is giving Denver and Cleveland confidence, which is dangerous. Every team knows Lakers don't play defense, give up leads, and are not tough.

I don't understand why it's so difficult for the Lakers to stay motivated and focused. Blame goes 1st to the players, but where are the coaches in this as well? Where is the preparation?

Relax peoples! Last year the Celtics were taking every series to 7 games and everybody said "they were soft and lacked that killer instinct". we all know where that theory went. This doesn't mean as much as you try to make it. The sky hasn't fallen so enjoy the rest of this beautiful day and wait until Tuesday when the Lakers actually play their game and rip out some hearts!!

You all act surprised - HERE WE GO, AGAIN ! as long as Kobe's in charge we'll NEVER see another TROPHY in L.A.;
wake up! I gave up on the Twin Fools (Buss & Kobe) yrs ago. Actually makes me laugh to hear of "Laker Pride" nowadays- well, too bad for us all. Now i'll go away for another yr. & leave you all to your fantasies!

Been saying it for 2 months ... Lakes don't have the heart, will or hustle to win anything this year. And no I'm not one of those who, win we win, talks about how they are going to breeze to a championship. Even when we win, it is quite evident that the Lakers just don't have what it takes. It must be something out there in Los Angeles - it's like their too "cool" to hustle. Too "chic" to work hard and have an inner drive.

This team was a pathetic joke.

You know that Lamar, Trevor and Kobe can walk after the playoffs (next Thursday perhaps). But we'll still have overpaid Luke, Sasha, Fish, Jordan and Drew left, ha, ha, ha! Perhaps Kobe's suggestion of Bynum for Kidd two years ago was absolutely correct! Might have been enough to win a ring last year and this year too!
I know I say this too much, but I really feel for Kobe trying to win a ring with this soft, non-caring group. At least Boston tries hard and the Cavs, well, wouldn't number 23 like having number 24 to dish to and visa versa. The next year they both could sign with the Knicks if they wanted to go as a combo.

The CHEESE warned. Nobody listened, except Jon K. Now, all ye' faithful, take down the names of all the scurrying little rats, all so afraid that the ship will sink. They're tossing their luggage over the rails, hopin' it'll float 'em in dat icy water...

The gray lady sails on. This was just a scrape, nothin' more.

But remember the panicky posts of the fairweather fools. Quote 'em! I say!

These Lakers came into this series DETERMINED to win a classic barn-burner - remember how they skated last year, while the Weenies played all seven warm-up games whenever they could?

These Lakers need to be underdogs - it brings out the fight in 'em.

So let Denver sit back and yuck it up. Let Jeff "the critic" VanGundy gush over his former team. Let the LeBron's go out and get their ring-fingers all sized up. Let the rats jump ship - good riddence!

'Cause the Fat Lady swallowed the canary - there'll be no singin' round 'ere jus' yet.

Respectfully, to those who deserve some (you know who you are.)


OK PHIL jackson what ARE U DOING!!!!!!!!!!
can anyone seriously argue with my line up i would have
PHIL WHY cant we have the big 4... you are so reluctant to put them all on the floor at once Odom? is ODOM not a 3 at heart, i dont think so.

Look, one doesn't have to be on or off any bandwagon to ask a simple question.

Do the Lakers have the guts to win a title?

The evidence begs the question.

20 point leads blown not less than 4 times in the last 9 games.

A team lacking both franchise players and its centers beats LA by double digits.

Would Cleveland let this happen to them?

Would Denver let this happen to them?

Has EITHER of those contenders let this happen to them this postseason?

LA has put itself in danger of going seven games with an inferior team. Give the Rockets all the credit in the world. If LA had half of Houston's fire, this series would have ended a half-hour ago, Yao or no Yao.

LA flames in and out. Houston brings it every night.

So do the Cavs.

So do the Nuggets.

I'm not saying that the Lakers WILL NOT win the title.

But they've given only a few indications thus far that they WILL.

I believe one of this blog's leading lights paraphrased King Henry V's famed St. Crispin's Day speech, penned so beautifully by Shakespeare.

One line from a subsequent scene will do for today.

"Shame, and eternal shame."

Well done, Houston. You showed all of us how true pros come to play in May, and you showed us what you can do this whole series.

Have the Lakers really shown us what they can do yet? If the answer is yes, then their title chances are merely an academic issue.

End of rant.

Lakers will win this series 4-2. They will finish it in Houston and tear the Rocket's fans hearts out.
LA loves playing Denver. Nuggets will lose too.
The big question mark is Cleveland. Or Orlando. The Magic are getting healthier and will have a real chance versus Crabs.
If the Lakers win the championship this year, they will really deserve it.
If not, management needs to take a hard look at the character of the players, not just the skill level.
We still need a big, who is tough down low even if he is not that skilled.
And coaches need to find a way to impose discipline on the defense of perimeter players including Kobe who free lance too much on D.

Phil Jackson will get fined for dropping an F-bomb at the news conference.

the Zen Master has unraveled. He's irate. Expect 14-hour drills.

Objectively, I don't think Rockets will win this series without Yao, however, it would be great if we pull it off. On another note, Lakersfans, you should be scared that your team play this way. You'd be really lucky if you squeak by Denver, but you have no chance against Cleveland. I'll put 100K on that to anyone who is brave enough to take my wager. I say Lakers don't win a championship, again.

i think phil just said the f word and why does this team all ways throw all the bad stuff they do out the window and stay so happy with the good stuff you know what i mean. every body is like that even kobe

And how in the wide, wide world of sports does Artest hit Ariza in his neck with an elbow, get the foul called on Trevor and then talk SPIT???? Lakers played garbage but the refs reffed like garbage, too!!

It's not heart, though I get why some would say that. If they didn't have heart they don't win game 3 on the road. It's more like, when they expect an easy win, they mail it in and assume the other team will fold. Obv, despite today, getting past the Rockets, isn't the issue, and really neither is Denver. It's the Cavs, if the Lakers don't figure out what to do with Andrew, the Cavs will wax them.

And if I may, I'd like to put in a word for Fisher and Bynum.

It does not appear that Fisher was ready to go today. But Jackson's failure to give Farmar a shot in the first half didn't help him. I still believe Fisher can be effective, but he needs help.

Farmar had his best game as a Laker a day and a half ago and he can't get off the bench? What is Phil thinking?

And Bynum doesn't have faith in himself because his coaching staff apparently doesn't either. Instilling confidence in this kid is key. They haven't since his return. You simply can't let some players "work it through." But if you're going to do that, it would help if you put Bynum on the floor for extended minutes.

I don't ever like to doubt Phil Jackson, but his sub patterns have been baffling at times this spring.

Gotta admit, I half expected this. Doesn't make it any less frustrating tho.We definately are lacking the " heart of a champion." I'm not worried about this series, LA will win it and probably in 6. Rockets can expect a beat-down Tuesday. What does worry me is PJ's absolute refusal to manage game-time situations. I know he has the rings and all but a lot of that stuff that worked when he had MJ or Kobe with Shaq doesn't work any more. It's too old school. Call a time-out already! And why couldn't anyone see that Pao could score at will in the paint in the first half? Yet we kept settling for bad jumpers. Adjust already!!! These are my Lakers, right or wrong. But I think we saw every weakness exposed all at once today. Denver's gonna be a tough series and I'm not even TRYIN' to think about the Cavs yet.

This is SO EMBARASSING!! It's sad when you're a loyal Lakers fan and they play STUPID like this!!! From now on, I will root for the team that the FAKERS play against. YOU GUYS SUCK!!! I'm so ashamed to be a fan...


You’re right about Van Gundy. Only in today’s fast-scan sound-bite media world would a coach who was fired from his last gig and has never once sniffed an NBA championship have a national forum to criticize a coach with 9 rings and a team with 14 championships. The only thing that tops that are the coaches who join the networks as playoff analysts because their team did not make the playoffs or had an early exit. After all, that was how Jeff Van Gundy’s professional broadcasting career got started. Guy’s a pretty good coach but has never proven to be a winner. He’s the NBA’s version of Woody Allen and a likable and laughable but not really believable broadcaster. That’s what happens when you can’t play or coach anymore, as Jeff is learning and Chuck figured out a long time ago. Bottom line, calling the Finals will be the closest any Van Gundy comes to winning the title.



I have a different outlook on this loss than many of you guys.......BUT LET ME DISH OUT CRITICISM TO THOSE WHO ARE WORTHY.....First off, Phil's coaching was terrible....his loyalty to Fisher is hurting the team, it is evident that he already disqualified Andrew Bynum mentally with his silly mind games, it almost appeared as if he absolutely gave up on the team and kept Kobe out past the mid pt. of the 4rth........

Kobe- didn't do a good job of remaining ultra aggressive to set an example for your ball club......The Lakers are better when Kobe is aggressive.....He seemed a little upset by being held out of the game until late in the 4rth (didn't take a shot the rest of the game).....I expect Kobe to rebound and end up with a career playoff high in a Laker victory in game 5........

Fish- needs to be demoted to backup mins. (even if he starts)......he has struggled the entire second half of the season and SHANNON LOOKS MENTALLY TOUGH ENOUGH TO GET MORE MINUTES.....

The entire Laker ball club outside of Pau (in the second half) play uninspired basketball........This will prove to be another great lesson for the Lakers in this years Championship run......

NOW TO THE LAKER "FANS".....It is acceptable to say the guys were awful today......but I certainly am not writing the Lakers off against Dever or anyone else......Houston played inspired basketball and the the Lakers were embarrassed.....NO DOUBT.....but saying Denver is going to kill the Lakers IMO is nonsense.....Denver will be another great challenge but the Lake show will overcome them as well......

TO THE LOYAL LAKER BRASS.......HOLD YOUR PEACE......The guys will bounce back from this terrible loss and end it in 6.....

Lakers 2009 NBA CHAMPS


Enough of the Kobe/MJ references.. MJ played defense.. Kobe was quoted, after the elbow-throwing controversy of game 2, "this is playoff basketball". Seems the league's biggest whiner forgot that today. The Rockets won't win the series and count on the Lakers, and their fans, to lack class in victory or defeat...

LA- such myopic arrogance.. It's comical, really

I've seen all but 2 games this year and this was the first game where I had to shut the TV off a few minutes into the 3rd period. Not only were they getting blown out, but they were playing with absolutely no heart.

I've been saying this since April. Fisher is ALL WASHED UP! Their best game was when Fisher wasn't even in the game. He's a joke of a player. So is Odom and Ariza.

Kobe not respecting his opponent leaving Battier to make all those threes to start the game. I hope they resign Kobe without the no-trade clause and trade him away for DWade or someone who plays hard every day. I think that Kobe does NOT deserve to be on the all defensive team. He was pathetic today as were the entire Lakers team. Now they have a do or die game 5. Anything can happen in that game. The way the Lakers are playing, I don't know if they can win game 5.

If they lose this series, they need to break the team up and start over. I knew that Bynum would be a bust as soon as they signed him. I hope they don't resign Ariza or Bynum. This team will never win a championship. No heart(Kobe), no courage(Gasol), no brain(Odom).

Available words:

I gotta give credit to the Rockets, they came out on a high emotional wave and surfed like native SoCal'ers, they played great basketball and defended their home court, bravo.

Also, I was saying that Battier was not outside the restricted area in the game thread, but after further review, he was outside the restricted area, the only problem is that he didn't set his feet until literally right before Lamar hit him (and was already in his move and in the air), so that should have been a blocking foul and really the league should discourage that crap anyway (all it does is increase risk for injury and slow the agme down ever further with unnecessary fouls).

The league should deemphasize charging/blocking calls, and go back to the old custom which was the guy had to be set, standing straight up, and it was fairly obvious; otherwise it's a non-call or a blocking foul if it's egregious.

Seriously, what is the point of that ish? If a guy is already at full speed going to a particular spot in a straight line momentum, why the hell should be entitled to jump in front of him and get a charge?

Sorry for you LA fans, but your team has no HEART...Rox in 6!

Spare me no one from Texas should ever talk about who has class. When Yao got hurt, every comment I saw on this board was sympathetic and complimentary towards Yao. Secede already, please.

Yaoch! This Kobe-led laker team looks very unimpressive. I don't think the lakers can beat the cavs; assuming the lakers get to the finals.

Wow, we lose a playoff game and the blog turns in to an anti-Laker haven for Celtic and Rockets fans alike. Seriously, the series is tied and we still have home court; the sky isn't falling. The Rockets lost their best player and came out with some fire, its actually pretty understandable.

This will prove to be a very hard series. If we advance, the Nuggets will be a breeze. They play no defense and play to our strengths, a run and gun offense. We don't respond well to tough defensive teams like the Rockets and Boston however we have no problem with offensive minded teams. I predict this series to be our toughest challenge on our way to the O'Brien trophy.

My only concern in Andrew Bynum. Drew clearly has game because he has shown us more than once that he is capable of controlling the game on the offensive and defensive side. I also understand that under his current circumstances, it is unlikely that he will come out and play at a top level. BUT, I expect more out of him that he is contributing. At the moment he is dead weight. I don't care if he scores, I just wanted him to be lively and energetic. I also don't understand why PJ didn't give him some run in the 4th. We weren't going to win and I feel like Bynum just needs some meaningless run to get back in a groove.

Tuesday's game is a biggie, hopefully the Lakers respond like they did in game 2. I also hope Odom is OK.


Lamar = Finals MVP


I don't give up on people easily however this loss was totally UNSAT. I will hope and pray that this series goes to 7 games then houston blows out Fakers by 40 points just like in last year's finals!!!

So ashamed even to be an ex-Fakers Fan! Hopefully Kobe and PJ reads this...


Come on, now. Ariza gives the Lakers what they have lacked for some time, or at least, since Caron Butler was shipped off . . . an athletic, potentially explosive option at the No. 3 slot.

Bynum is working his way through 2 serious knee injuries in 2 seasons. He's young. He's underachieved this season, but he can be a difference maker. They're running out of time for him to be one this year, though.

Fisher should be coming off the bench, but they likely thought Farmar would have taken the spot by now. He hasn't, and that's on him. His stellar effort Friday night should have been the norm, not the exception.

I don't think it's Kobe that doesn't have the heart. Collectvely, there's an issue with consistency and focus. And the blame can go around.

I don't think LA will lose this series. But the 2 teams likely standing in their way have got to feel awfully good about their chances to get 4 games from these Lakers.

And that's the biggest danger. To cite the Sean Carter movie, the Streets Is Watching. In Denver and Cleveland, and Orlando and Boston, for that matter.

I meant to say Bynum underachieved this postseason. Pre-injury, he was well on his way to fulfilling his promise.


I just saw a post from another "Rob"

I officially have to change my name as there are too many variations of my name, and I don't want it to come off as a post like I wrote it. Especially a chicken little type of post like that "other rob."

I'm officially "Skeletor" from here on out.

If Kobe and the team would quit being so arrogant and acting as if they deserve to win by default things may have been different.
Kudos to the Rockets for their tenancity !

This LAKERS cannot win any Championship with this kind of attitude....

I think they will win this series but will bow down against DENVER with this type of performance. No sense of urgency and passion to excel...

These are all FAKERS...if I were them they should be assamed getting all those millions from the fans watching.


This LAKERS cannot win any Championship with this kind of attitude....

I think they will win this series but will bow down against DENVER with this type of performance. No sense of urgency and passion to excel...

These are all FAKERS...if I were them they should be assamed getting all those millions from the fans watching.


The refs were terrible today. Even though the free throw counts were about the same, there was one sequence, the one before Kobe got his T, where Kobe was hacked in the fact multiple times, as was Gasol, but nothing was called. This just goes to show how fixed the games are. I think because of Yao getting hurt, the league is doing everything they can to "even" up the games. It set a really bad tone from the start and the Lakers don't play very well in physical games. If they were calling all of those little fouls, then it would have been a different game. But what they need to do is not let Brooks run around like that without consequences. If the tries to drive in, then they need to give him some hard fouls to not allow him to do that any more. That's what the Rockets do to Kobe when he drives in.

But the biggest change would be that I would tell Fisher to pack his bags and clean out his lockers because the series is over for him. And without Odom, as much as he is a bonehead, without him, I'm not sure that they have anyone to rebound since Bynum can only average 2 rebounds a game.

As a previous poster said, a team of:
Fisher, Sasha, Bynum, Walton, and Gasol is what we might have left after this year. Frightening!

Laker fans should be pissed off right about now.....No Tmac, no Deke, and no problem. And this is suppose to be the team to win it all?...You gotta be kidding me. Surprisingly, Phil got outcoached this time, that wont happen too often im sure. To me, a Rockets fan, the L.A. offense is Kobe and a cloud of smoke. And yes, Gasol had 30. But damn, you had a 6'6" chuck hayes guarding him....Thats weak!!!!!


>>> Old. Can't defend. Can't shoot anymore. Can't do anything.

Hi, my name is TOM and I am a Fakerholic.

- - - - -

>>> I’m thoroughly disgusted and now convinced this Laker team will
>>> not win the championship this year. how sad and pathetic.

Hi, my name is PURPLEMAGIC and I am a Fakerholic.

- - - - -

>>> Fisher is ALL WASHED UP! He's a joke of a player. So is Odom and Ariza
>>> I hope they resign Kobe without the no-trade clause and trade him away for
>>> DWade or someone who plays hard every day.
>>> I hope they don't resign Ariza or Bynum.
>>> This team will never win a championship.
>>> No heart(Kobe), no courage(Gasol), no brain(Odom).

Hi, my name is DT and I am a Fakerholic.

- - - - -

>>> From now on, I will root for the team that the FAKERS play against.
>>> YOU GUYS SUCK!!! I'm so ashamed to be a fan...

Hi, my name is ROB and I am a Fakerholic.

- - - - -

>>> PATHETIC....I've been a Laker's fan since the 80's and this team is
>>> the most pathetic by far... at least kwame and smush competes and
>>> had phoenix suns scared in the series.

Hi, my name is POOKIAW and I am a Fakerholic.

- - - - -


As John Sally has so insightfully said before, "If IFs and BUTs were raisins and nuts we'd all be eating Waldorf Salads."
Instead the Lakers are eating raw crow today after getting beaten like a rented mule by Houston.
The Lakers look bored and never did show up.
People can talk till they're blue in the face about what the Lakers are GONNA do next game and later in the series. But so far they ain't shown me nothing - especially in the heart department.
This team will never make the Western Conference Finals and really who cares one way or the other at this point. Passionless teams generate no passion from their fans.

For all of you who think this game was a fluke, do you realize that the Rockets are actually a BETTER team without Yao? They are -33 in this series with Yao in the game!!! It's not a coincidence that when Yao sits, they Rockets have built their leads in the 1st three games.

The Lakers are -22 with Fisher in the game.

So the Rockets NOT having Yao in the game and the Lakers having Fisher give the Rockets a +55 advantage.

Also the Rockets went on that 22 game winning streak, which included a victory against the Lakers, they did it without Yao. They're a much faster, more intense, sharp team without Yao. I think Yao sometimes boggs team down.

I'm not saying that they could win it all, or that over the course of a season they're a better team without Yao, but in short spurts of 10-20 games, they can play better without Yao.

It's like how the Lakers have a tough time dealing with certain teams like Charlotte.

Seeing how the Rockets dismantled the Lakers today, as I said yesterday, the Lakers will LOSE this series. I have a feeling that the Rockets will go on to win the next two finish out the series, both in dominating fashion.

lakers are not playing with any heart at all. I think this is the reason why they are not playing so good on this or the last series. I think from Kobe going down to DJ. they are not playing with any heart at all. I think Phil needs to sit down and talk to them about it. I also think it would be a good idea to play farmer before fish. I think he plays better against brooks. Now that Yao is not playing I think they need to play their men straight up and not double team at all.

Let's take game 5.

Stay faithful to the team.

Don't listen to these media "experts" doubting the heart of a champion.

This is a championship-caliber team. They proved it this season in Boston and Cleveland. Those were two defining games.

Nobody was complaining when they were blowing out teams at the start of the season. They can easily do that again in the post-season.

Remain calm. All is well.

The series is not over.

Good post PL.

Lakers fans, I am as upset as any of you that we got pwned today.
However, after game 2, I predicted we would win 1 of the 2 games. At that time, I think any of us would be happy to win 1 in Houston and the home court adv back.
I know that without Yao, we should've jumped all over him. But before you boast that all great teams have that killer instinct blah blah blah. Check the history books again and you'll see that they aren't as perfect as you think.

Give the Rockets credit, they played hard and hit their shots. But they won't win the series shooting all those 3's and jumpers.
We'll regroup and win the next 2.

Bumps on the road to the title.

Can someone please elaborate how PJ dropped the F bomb?

I hope he said "F this, I'm not playing that F'ing old and slow Derek Fisher anymore"

I said it before and still say it now PJ has to go. His style of coasching sucks. In both wins and losses it is the players who get the wins in spite of PJ. In losses that is when I criticise the most even though I remain silent in wins.

Bring in M. Cooper or B Scott or both. If Coop not head coach then he should coach defense.

PJ tell AB it is ok to play offense and to post up low. Get out of his head. Give Mbenga some run. At least he brings intensity to game.

Get a shooting guard or defensive 3 who can also score from 3 point line. Rest Fish this series and have him practice shooting 3's

If LO is ok then use him at SF. Time to change the paradigm and create mismatches in our favor.

From now on if the NBA really wants to put a stop to the Laker cheap shot artists ... Instead of suspending that player they should make Fisher play all 48 minutes of the next game. I guarantee you that they will never commit another cheap shot foul. (Well except for Kobe)

Laker fan instead of running your mouth about Fish getting ejected and then suspended you should have been happy. Its Houston that shoulda been complaining.

Did anyone else notice how today Kobe pretended he wanted to fight? The other night when he knew he would have to fight ... he kept his mouth shut and just raised his hands. Like you do when you dont want the cops to shoot you.

Same mentality that lets the team get consistently beat by sorry ass Charlotte. It's not gonna happen again this series, but a game 7 is not out of the question.

I'm actually pleased with the outcome. I know moral victories are pretty much worthless, but at least they showed enough heart to not lose by 39.

If the Lakers do make it out of the Western Conference, there should be a big fat asterisk after it. This Rockets team would've been really SCARY if they had there squad at full strength for the whole year. Could've gotten the first seed this year... If they get McGrady back next year and with all of their 2nd year players (Brooks, Scola, Landry, Lowry) gaining valueable experience, while keeping Artest and Battier defending with Yao anchoring, I don't see any team in league giving them much problem. That defense is downright scary.

this loss is on kobe. how can you let battier score 11 points in the first 4 min? that changed the whole game's momentum. kobe's gotta lead on defense as well as he did when we played cleveland and miami.


As I said the day after the Lakers lost to Utah, we have nothing to worry about. Let's understand that Houston hit a lot of jump hots and played extremely inspired ball. Just wait and see on Tuesday when the Lakers really take it to the Rockets. I have a feeling that the Lakers will blow the Rockets out. I am sick and tired of guys like Barkley talking about how the Lakers aren't playing the way that champions should play. How would he know?!?! And let's stop comparing the Laker's path to the Finals against the Cavs path. They have nothing to do with each other. In fact, I wish I would have posted this when the playoffs started but I told all my colleagues at work that it's going to be Lakers vs. Magic in the Finals.

Just like Phil said after the game, we got home court back. So now let's defend it properly. It's just amazing how when the Lakers win, the feel of the blog is that we are on pace to win the championship but when the Lakers lose, we are on pace to dismantle the team.


The 1985 NBA champion Lakers lost the first game of the Finals by a score of 148-114. That game came to be known as the Memorial Day Massacre. But it was only one game. The "Mother's Day Mauling" is only one game. I give the Rockets credit...they played great. But the series is not over.

wow. that game sure left a bad taste. say what you will but the rockets sure were better prepared and wanted it more. hope things get better soon.

Go Lakers!!!

People are talking like we've lost the series. It was a lackluster of a game, no intensity, and no defense. This series is far from over. Houston played a great game. Props to Brooks for showing our PGs how the game is played. He was unstoppable and his shot was falling.

On to Game 5.



hey never,

A reporter asked if Phil was "embarrassed". Phil took it as a stupid question, trying his best to dismiss it, but then let the F-bomb fly.

I'm sure we'll have a transcript of it soon.

lakers fans must not know their team too well. When they are getting spanked, they jump all over their team. When their winning, they are all over the bandwagon. Some of it has to do with cheeseball stories like this,0,4027720.column

and like this,0,646034.column

I can see why their fans heads are filled with superficial dreams.

The Lakers should win this series but a nice dose of reality will hit them square in the head when they face the nugs.

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