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Lakers vs. Rockets, Game 2 Live Chat

UPDATE:  Lakers bounce back in Game 2 with a 111-98 victory in a heated game at Staples. There were five technicals handed out, and Ron Artest and Derek Fisher were ejected. Kobe was on fire, leading everyone with 40 points. Series tied 1-1 - plenty more to come.

Time to even this bad boy up.  LO starts, Bynum off the bench, Walton active.

Game chat below.


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Scola is the biggest woose I have ever seen. What a freakn' baybe. Just sat there and took his beating and cried like a baby on the floor. Waaa Waa Waaaaaaaaa

I was at the game on Monday and had to endure 3 Rocket fans with the lone female fan's constant shrill throughout the game. They were obnoxious. So imagine my surprise when I saw the same three weasals at tonigh's game. This time however they finally quieted down. At one point an usher had to reprimand them for their unsportsmanlike behavior. He should have ejected them. All the Laker fans booed them. Go home you weasals and prepare to get beat by the Lakers.

Laker Nation:
Stop wasting time and text on the haters that are here only to marginalize Laker victories and magnify Laker losses. If they are legitimate NBA fans of the Rockets or some other non-Laker team and bring knowledgable and statistically accurate information to the blog, then I agree that their posts should be addressed. Anyways, Fisher will be suspended I'm willing to bet. Did I think what he did was "thuggish?" No. Did I think i was necessary? Yes. The Lakers needed someone on the team to show that they can be physical if it's necessary (especially after getting pushed around physically/defensively in Game 1). Is it a series changing moment? No in my opinion as the Rockets are a good defensive team and won't change the way they play. Finally, the bottom line is the Lakers roster overall are too talented at nearly every position for the Rockets to do better than make this a 6 game series. I'm glad though that the Lakers are getting tested finally as they needed something to humble them. Go Lakers!

Well, if there was any doubt that Ron Ron was mentally/emotionally unstable, that doubt has evaporated faster than Boston's chances of repeating.

We're very close to witnessing Ron Ron completely snap and destroy his own team. If I were Phil, I'd put Mbenga in to give Ron Ron a hard foul or two. That should be enough.

I'm COmpletely hoarse. Hope the voice comes back before game 3.

GOD I love PlaYoff basketball.

Can't believe Ron made 7mil per.

Kobe..... enough said.

Do what I am doing.
Ignore this guy 131-92 the more you read and reply to his messages the more he comes back.
I do not even read his messages.

97 Longhorn said "I love how you all live in that smog bubble..."...

Look it up, LA was rated as the worst, but Houston was rated the 4th worst.......IMHO LA is much better now than it was years ago, there are other cities out there such as Tucson, Phoenix, Dallas, and obviously NY that are bad...At least we have the ocean far is Houston from ocean breezes....What are your summers like 105 degrees for 4 months???? Pass.....

That was a great shot of Fish waiting for Kobe in the hallway...when they win it all, it may go down as a classic. Artest and is innocent act is a joke, can dish it but can't take stronger than anybody else out there except where it counts...upstairs between the ears...he probably has 50 pounds on Kobe,but Kobe can probably hold his own against Artest......, but watch out because if needed Mbenga will be his bodyguard, he knows a few ways to stop fights....if needed but probably won't be, because the refs will not let the next game get out of hand.
Phil's explanation of running through picks versus running into picks was interesting....tihink of this....opening up a case that holds 10 championship's destiny....

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