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Lakers vs. Rockets, Game 2 Live Chat

UPDATE:  Lakers bounce back in Game 2 with a 111-98 victory in a heated game at Staples. There were five technicals handed out, and Ron Artest and Derek Fisher were ejected. Kobe was on fire, leading everyone with 40 points. Series tied 1-1 - plenty more to come.

Time to even this bad boy up.  LO starts, Bynum off the bench, Walton active.

Game chat below.


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Oh Slap!!

Rafer Austin is my new favorite player!!

phil jackson has to go....i pity my lakers having a coach whose triangle is obsolete...not a defensive oriented coach either...he has to go.... a powerful lineup thats what the lakers are..but having jackson as coach...useless....larry brown as coach for the lakers next season...the same lineup = championship...

Kobe Doin' Work. May 16th.

Spike Lee needs to change the title. Kobe on Vacation.

LA tries to win with offense,

HOU competes with defense and toughness

It's going to be unusual if the lakers win tonight.

WOW! Is anybody else just a bit concerned? Really how bad is our bench? REAL BAD! And for all those people who think Kobe needs to get others involved, how'd that work in the second quarter?! KOBE, just shoot baby, shoot! I think PJ better not sit any starters in the second half. How difficult is it to see that we don't have anybody except Brown that can come in and not hurt you! Sasha and Walton are just awful! Also, why do we always make a Superstar out of another team's bench player (Landry)? Where's out Landry or House (31pts)? Seriously, we HAVE to win this one or be in MAJOR trouble.

Um, half time right now, and you can imagine that I am NOT happy. Pretty angry as a matter of fact.

I'm not one to criticize the coach but....I get that we're up by 15, but WTF??? Brown-Farmar-Vujacic-Bynum-Odom? That line-up CLEARLY is not going to work. Its the playoffs. THE PLAYOFFS! Don't put in FOUR BENCH PLAYERS AT ONCE. Don't. Just Don't. And when they inevitably start to choke away the lead, MAKE THE ADJUSTMENT. Call a TO, put in some starters and make sure they execute better.

To say the least, this is NOT the effort I expect from the Lakers in the second quarter. At this point in the year, I am sure we are ALL SICK OF CHOCKED AWAY LEADS. Sick of it.

Come on LAKERS! I know you can do better than that! LETS GO LAKERS! LETS GO!

LG (is not happy right now).

that's the problem with the rotation of lakers. everytime they have a big lead, 2nd unit comes and the lead is gone. come the rescue of the 1st unit, if they missed some shots, the blame is on them. isn't it ironic?.

phil should do something about it.

kenny smith got all "rocket luvin" at 1/2time with that "thie could be the championship" biz. sorry to crush your dreams, Kenny!

Lakers in 5

What did Luke say to Scola? Is he finally becoming the Rick Fox that we always knew he could be? It took a torn ligament?

man its 4th with 830 left and at least now the team is kind of playing good with out kobe and Gasol. But i really feel sorry for kobe.

a artes was right he hit him but it was not that hard but still he should not have tryed to get in kobes face just give him an elbow on the way back thats better than getting in his face but thats artes he like to be real and i can respect that but still he should not have taken it so personal but i see his point man what will game 3 be like i can see him giving kobe a good elbow

finally some fire...LA is showing the world they will not be punked.

I want THE MAMBA for the rest of this series. Period.

Great win, but we aren't finished.

They let them get away with murder in the East, for the sake of the Western Conference, let these guys play. Both teams.

good victory...

You have to hit back when hit. You have to come to play. You have to play like you deserve the victory. We sleepwalked through the 2nd qt but we came like gangbusters at the end.

This is a proud moment for me. Nothing dirty, just NBA basketball.

Go Lakers! 5 down 11 to go.

congratulations L.A....u have the dirtiest team in the NBA


Kobe's alley oop to himself off glass, his spinny move, his assist to himself, took it to a whole other level.

LOOK CLOSELY On KOBE'S SHOT The ball is spun with three fingers from a squat stance, it hits the bottom right of the glass and angles up left and lobby like. He jumps, grabs it perfectly off of glass and puts it in with no problem. Did you see that?

Also, there was an assist from Gasol to Brown. Before the pass, Gasol got in squat mode. Gasol did a back and forth between the legs. He looked like an old guard. BAD ASS!

Did you guys see Kobe's shot off of glass?


Im sick of everybody thinkin LA can just be pushed around...what fisher did tonight wasn't out of was a message.

He took one for the team.

Someone earlier today said someone needs to put some wood on someone and let everybody know this is the playoffs.....

We didn't just push and shove....we struck first..we struck harder than they expected.....And ole crazy pills wana be Mr Physical but can't take incidental contact under the rim

Hey, did anyone catch the end of the game where Kobe meet up with Fisher in the hallway? They slap hands. That was some cool Godfather #$#@$#!

Go LAKERS! We answered the call in game 2. Now lets go make some noise in Houston. This battle with Houston will definitely make the LAKERS stronger going into the 3rd round.


Pau was a beast tonight, and Kobe was ruling. We had great energy with the rest of the guys, loved it. On to Houston, Lakers in 5.

C'mon Rocket Apologists, whats the excuse. Who or what are you gonna blame?

Note to self: don't post when your angry! LOL, I feel much better now. If you've read my posts before, I'm usually not that irrational or crazy....I still don't like that line-up phil put out there or the fact that a 15 point lead was lost, BUT

WE WON THE GAME! And in convincing fashion. Definitely the most exciting Lakers game of the playoffs. Still think we're soft? At half time Chuc and Kenny were talking about how the Rockets can win the championship....And they still continue to talk about how the Rockets are tougher than us. Hmmm...we'll see.



congratulations L.A....u have the dirtiest team in the NBA

Posted by: buddha | May 06, 2009 at 10:27 PM


Love how the Rocket Apologists on Inside the NBA are framing this argument for everyone now.

Congratulations! Kobe, Fisher, Vxxxx(sorry, man, I can't remember ur number), you guys do learn how to play nasty from Jazz. So from now on, I won't call you guys lakers, I will call u Jazzers. And for you, Kobe, you deserve the NVP--Very Nasty Player instead of the MVP crown on James. You don't shine again, man. You are old. And your Jazzers can only win the game series with the main court advantage and those nasty flagrant fouls. I am pretty worried about Rocktets cuz they don't know how to use the home court advantage by doing more nasty. Anyway, Thank goodness I watched this game and I didnot buy the Kobe shoe, I am really disappointed with the current Laker, and I will be very glad to see LBJ and his team teach you guys how to play playoff. But I think you guys can't not go through the nuggets. So take care and continue play nasty. GO! Jazzerrrssss

Hey, did anyone catch the end of the game where Kobe meet up with Fish in the hallway? They both gave each other a PIMP handshake. That was some Godfather %$%#$!

I don't believe the comment made about the Lakers being the dirtiest team. They are fighting back and sending a message to the other team.They are showing some must needed toughness. This series will definitely make the Lakers stronger going into the 3 round.

Go Lakers.

AB should start, AB should start. Phil's a bum, Phil;s a bum.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Fisher made me so happy when he bowled over Scola. No mincing around, No whining to the refs or barking at people. He just went down the floor and took care of what needed to be taken care of, wasn't a cheap shot, just a manly move.

Buddha, go back to your seat, you don't know what is dirty. Rockets have been physical since day one and kept on intimidating the Lakers, there is a boiling point in everything. Good, that's my team tough, giving back the dosage the rockets have been giving them. That Fisher's blow will be the turning point of the Lakes mojo. From now on, no more finesse, we're in the playoffs. Now we found the path to Championship.

I love Chuck and Kenny, but they can't escape being former Rockets. When I look at the Rockets, I don't see pit bulls. When I look at Shane Battier, I don't see a pit bull. Ron Ron is definitely the toughest dude in the NBA, but Hayes/Landry really aren't prototypical tough guys, maybe Hayes a little bit but Landry ain't no mad dog, c'mon.

Odom is tougher than all those guys, except for Artest (who he's got in a fight with before, Ron respects LO), Kobe is tougher than them, D-Fish is tougher than them, and the rest of our guys aren't the toughest characters around just like the Rockets, except for DJ who is the baddest dude out there, but ultimately it's not about "toughness", at least physical toughness, it's mental toughness, and physical toughness, and soul and team and talent and chemistry and we got that, and I've been impressed that the Rockets got it too, but we got more of it, and with or without D-Fish, we win the next game and this series in 5.

Hey Edwin Gueco, well said.

first of all, the celtics are the dirtiest team in the league, hands down, and they consistently are rewarded for it.

secondly, i am glad the lakers are being tested like this - the rockets are a good, tough team of guys who can all play. the lakers showed tonight that they CAN play lock down very aggresive d, which is the way they need to play all the time to win. they need to be rough and tough all the time - this series will hopefully serve as a wake up call.

This is going to be a great series for the Lakers, because it is the best preparation they can have for the tough, physical Finals versus whoever comes out of the East, likely Cleveland, with the bulldozer-Lebron.
Last year, Lakers breezed through the WC playoffs and were not tested. When they came up against a tough, and tested Celtic team, Lakers last year were shell shocked.
Lakers 4-1, winning both games in Houston. Game 2 showed the form of the regular season. This Laker team is really 13 points better than this Rockets team. That was the average regular season margin and for Game 2. Since the Laker team is healthy for this time of the year, they will be better over a 7 game series. This series can be extended if refs start suspending Lakers players.
Great comeback game for Farmar.
The bench players really play better when they are mixed in w/3 starters. They don't play as well when there are 4 or 5 bench players in at the same time. So expect Phil to keep juggling lineups

Wow, someone just called the Lakers dirty! This is a first since they've been called softies for the longest time. LOL! As PJ said, the time when people call his players bullies (cough*Utah*cough) will be the first time. But they will not be punked! LOVE IT!


Before Kobe started throwin' 'bows, Artest was ALL over him with his forearm in the back of Kobe's neck. There was initiated contact and a foul before Bryant responded; funny how nobody seemed to mention that!

Although I like the message Fisher sent to Scola, the T on Walton and his T2 created a 5 point turnaround. Add on Sasha's bone headed double dribble and it could have been an 8 point turn around. You have to have more poise than that.

Buddha, dirty is slapping, pushing, and hand checking someone every time someone has the ball like the Rockets defenders do on Kobe. Kobe gets hacked so much, that he had bruises after these games. Dirty is face guarding someone. If Battier hits Kobe in the face, that's equivalent to slapping someone in the face, and should be an automatic ejection.

As for the win, any win is good, but I still don't like the way the Lakers played. I don't get the sense that they can do this every night. Other than for Kobe, who will not have 5 more nights like this, and Gasol, the rest of the team played like garbage. Especially Odom. He may have had 11 rebounds, but was again only 3-6 from the line and had four crucial turnovers. I can't stand Ariza and Sasha. Sasha again was fouling people 30 feet from the basket and Ariza can't guard Artest. At least Farmar did a reasonable job on Brooks. Actually, not having Fisher in the game may have helped.

I'm still not optimistic about the rest of the series.

TNT keeps showing the elbow, but they aren't showing the seconds just before the elbow when Artest was pushing down on Kobe's head -- the old boxing trick of trying to tire out the other fighter. Artest should have been called for a foul well before the elbow.

Houston heard a rumor that the Lakers are soft.
They decided to find out if the rumor is true.
Derek Fisher's reply: the rumor ain't true.
To all the D-Fish ("he's too slow") haters:
I love the "message" he sent to the Rockets.
Peace out.
Ioved the shot of Kobe and D-Fish slapping hands after the game (you can tell Kobe was like, "way to send the Sasha wanna-be a message).

High Noon is on TV right now. Seems appropriate.

The LOL moment of the night: One of the Trolls from Houston, after calling us the softest team in the league, switched his game up and called us the dirtiest team in the league after Fish's ejection and Kobe's rebound.

Schizophrenic? I think so.

We've said it before and we'll say it again. The key to this whole series is making Bill Bill come undone. Which ain't hard. If Bill Bill would just shut up and make his shots, there would be no issues. But, as Jon K's Bio Chorno reading stated, get Bill Bill emotionally charged and he - and the Rockets - are putty in our hands.

As for us, this is the game we've waited for all year. Note the following after Fish's ejection:

The Bench hit shots.
The Bench sustained a lead...and helped to build it.
LO got rest...which means he'll be ready to roll by Game 3.
No 4th Quarter letdown.

Fish will probably get suspended. Won't mean a thing. The Mamba has been unleashed. Blood is in the water. And Bill Bill is slipping into darkness.

I doubt if we lose another game in this series.

I'm truly laughing at all the people coming on the blog and talking about how the Lakers are dirty players. Please. Go find someone who cares about what you think and spout to them.

Lakers played some tough ball. Fish's foul on Scola really turned it. Even though we were ahead, it didn't turn until Fish showed his toughness. I liked it. Whether he meant to or not doesn't really matter to me right now. It brought our team together, and we needed it. Lakers won't get punked now.

This series is going to be a crazy one. Lakers can win if they maintain cool heads while dishing out the toughness.

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!


We played to win.

That's all I ask for.

A long analysis from way behind enemy lines tomorrow.

Lakers, Laker Nation... Thank you.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




What a bunch of cheap shot artist. You have some nerve talkn bout Rondo ... at least Rondo was tryn to stop a game tying basket.

Fish ... LOL

Kobe ... What else is there to say about him that I havent already said. How did I know he was gonna throw an elbow at Artest. Well because he does that to anybody who gets close to him. He thinks he is special. Well hes not. Too bad the Rockets dont have Kermit Washington!

Laker fan runs their mouth about KG ... I had to send my kids to bed with all the sh@& coming out of Kobes mouth. What happened to the "classy" Kobe. The crap that comes out of his mouth.

Look in the mirror, Laker fan .... dont talk about other teams when your team is cheap and dirty!

I cant tell you how happy I am for them to get exposed for what they are ... WANNA BE THUGS!

I dont care what they do ... Just dont be a bunch of hypocrites ... you are being exposed!


That was a great anecdote by Kenny Smith about how he (and his bro?) coached all three of Artest, Lamar, and Rafer Alston back in the New York youth superstar leagues, and how they all got in altercations tonight.

Great stuff.

to be such a tough guy... artest sure is whining right now

You know what's really annoying? When "tough" teams play against us and have this game plan of being physical and playing hard, and the second we do the same, WE'RE dirty. You guys are the ones wanting to play physical. Everyone knows that's not the Lakers game, so when you come into our building wanting to play tough, and we match your toughness, even though that's not the way we prefer to play, and you complain about just doesn't even make sense!!! You're saying "I wanna play physical, but if the Lakers don't just roll over for us, and instead match our intensity, it's not fair."

If you wanna play physical, we'll play physical, just don't complain about it!!!!


My wife as she watched Artest's post-game interview, "Is he on drugs?"

Great win. Fisher going jujitsu on fools. It looks like he took a tooth to the noggin as well.

Let's take the next 2 games and wrap it up.

Watch closely and what do you see? Artest got Kobe on the top of the head with his elbow. You get physical and you can expect it.

Why Ron is being lauded and praised like there's no tomorrow for being thrown out of the game is beyond me. CLEARLY he has an ANGER ISSUE and NO SELF CONTROL.

Charles Barkley is an idiot. Plain and simple.

First we are soft and now we're dirty... Analysists and members of the media are so fickle.

I'm liking this series though, the physicallity, the intensity, its gonna be good for the Lake Show.

BTW Ron Artest is OUT OF HIS MIND. (Oh, you were aware of that, just making sure).


One more thing...

Y'all Houston fans DO realize that y'all ain't winning Game 2 unless you go 80 percent from the perimeter. The refs are gonna call that game so tight that as soon as you even SNEEZE on us, you're gonna get whistled - thereby taking your so-called "pit-bull physicality" right on outta the picture...

...and further continuing Bill Bill's descent into madness. Before this series is over, he's gonna have a Detroit flashback and go crazy on a couple of Purple & Gold jerseys. Mark my words.

it'll be nice to see the old fish sitting out game 3

Ron Artest was just interviewed and he's reversing the crime scene. He is the innocent bystander or just a congenital LIAR. This is war and Yao Ming is not used to this kind of pressure. He is a decent Rocket player, compared to Artest it is night and day.

When the Lakers lost last year in the Finals everyone said there were soft and could be pushed around.. They breezed through the West and had not been through the true battles that are the playoffs like Boston.. which ultimately lead Boston to wining it all....This year the Lakers are showing they are and can be a physical team. They can play better defense. They are and will go through battles... In the end this will make there Lakers better and get them a championship against a Cleveland team that is not going to battle anyone to get to the finals...

Charles Barkeley had an HOMMAGE for LakerTom

he was looking under the desk and Ernie asked him what is he doing.

charles answered: looking for Andrew Bynum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... no more knee excuses. he has a real challange in Yao, a legitimate center, and HE IS PLAYING BADDDDDDDDD (just paraphrasing Charles)

We're in your head!!!

Fisher's elbow a message? Yeah right! It was a cheap shot and he will be suspended. Fisher is now second only to Kermit Washington in terms the leagues worst cheap shots!!

Scola is a tuff nose player who would never have turned and throw a cheap shot like that. Spin it any way you want LA fan -- that was a no class act.

The Fakers can never stand when a someone contest their claim to the title. Face it...We're in your head, even if you survive us, we're going to take so much out of you that you won't make it out of the western conference.

Rockets in 7...we'll break your heart!!

Does anyone else love the fact that the Lakers are being called dirty now?

I sure do.... From soft to dirty in one game. I SAY GOOD!

good work by Shannon and Jordan today, BTW. They extended the lead when they were in.

I'm going to love it when they get to Houston. Get them to fight back, because Houston doesn't play well when they are angry. Since they are physical, they believe the game can be won physically. They will implode again. Ron Ron will do something stupid, Scola will think he can get away with the after the foul stuff, and Yao will become the smallest 7'6" player ever. Oh, and Von will probably get himself thrown out.


I love how you all live in that smog bubble...........the game was won only by the self pre-mature self proclaimed "western conference champions" you know this will be a game 7 series.........and it'll come down to the wire......."cakewalk"...don't think so....

DT, Odom was not horrible tonight, good lordie. LO was high energy, very effective defensively, and sure he missed too many free throws again, but unless you're just looking at the box score, you'd know that 3 of his turnovers came after he made either a great defensive play or offensive rebound, and just ambushed by Rockets before he could really get control of himself.

Bottom line as all season we play our best ball with LO on the floor, as evidenced by the scoreboard when he's in and out of the game, and the same thing happened tonight, we were at our best with LO in, especially defensively (except the end game part when we our intensity was amazing and Phil never had to bring in LO back in the game, there was no point, we were stifling the Rockets, chocking the life out of them, and without our 3rd best player on the floor).

Still, our defense inevitably breaks down when LO isn't in the game, it's too bad few notice it. He is the key to our defense, your own personal witness should notice it when he's in and out, especially the impact on our transition and interior defense, and all the available measures also support it (+/-, on/off, the evidence is undeniable we are only a good defensive team with LO on the floor).

Also, to be fair, LO has Ron Artest covering him a good portion of the time, so his offensive numbers are going to come down a little bit, Ron is that good.

Add Mr. Triple Overtime (131-92's New Name) to the list of schizo's. Weren't you singing along with the rest of the Lakers Are Soft Chorale all season long? Now we're WANNA BE ALL CAPS to boot!

Make up your mind, trolls. Either we're soft or we're thugs. Pick one!

Y'all remind me of Faye Dunaway at the end of "Chinatown" (MY DAUGHTER! MY SISTER! MY DAUGHTER! MY SISTER! MY DAUGHTER! MY SISTER!)


"Kobe ... What else is there to say about him that I havent already said. How did I know he was gonna throw an elbow at Artest."

Actually, like I called you out on, you said twice within one week that Kobe wouldn't elbow Artest because he only elbows guys smaller than him. So, yeah, what else do you have to say about him?

And seriously, reading some of the replay of the live chat, Rockets trolls are lame, lame, lame! At least the regular trolls bring stats and history to the table, but Houston fans are really quite pathetic.

Revisionist history. Plain on revisionist history. In the age of replay and yes, dvr see for yourself.

Watch the first foul, is all I can say.

Dirty? Or tough? These are all in the eyes of the beholder. I for one am happy we're showing life to begin with. There is no victory without pain, no losing without doubt.

We have to own our own destiny and DFish in my book just woke us up from a long slumber. It's on now.

Luke redeemed himself for a poor 2nd Q to a composed energy player in the 4th Q. I always believe in playing Farmar side by side with Shannon together with Kobe, tonight you saw the effect of that strategy. Farmar was the hungry tiger out there and he was directing Kobe where he should be. LOL!

What happened to Bynum? He is not showing any fire out there. He looks so lost, it's quiet disturbing! He needs to rebound and play hard. I just don't see it! Notice how Gasol plays smart most of the time. Gasol does not foul too much and saves it later on in the game! That's what Bynum needs to smart, play defense, and play with passion because God knows we need him sooner than later! Go Lakers!

why do they allow Kobe to take of his monitoring ankle bracelet during a game?

I would advise all Houston fans to buy tickets to Game 6. It'll be the last time this year you'll be able to cheer them on in person.

Lakers in 6.

Ron Ron self-imploding in 5, 4, 3, 2...

Sasha is another energy player but he is a super anxious Euro, he double dribbled with 2 seconds to go. PJ should give him a book on how to play cool, collective and focus to the objective.

Laker Fan...stop trying to play the victim. The Rockets play tought team defense. Kobe's ego can't handle it and we're in your head. Don't confuse a cheap shot with getting a backbone. Fisher is gone for Game 3 and that is big. You won the game and you think you found your edge...keep believing that. If I were you I'd be worried about how the tables will turn.


"Does anyone else love the fact that the Lakers are being called dirty now?

I sure do.... From soft to dirty in one game. I SAY GOOD!"

HaHa I love it too! The trolls are so confused they don't know what to say. Fakers are soft but they're dirty! Love their oxymoron attitude.

I agree with the faker fans.......your tems not soft.....just not as physical......and the frustration know when all the smog should realize there is a difference between being physical and stupid frustrated moves..........trying to tease a team to foul, or bait a dirty tactic.......the fakers aren't really a dirty team......but realizing they were about to go 0-2 at home........pushed the wrong buttons....

My favorite Lakers game so far for these playoffs... all about heart and hustle. I love it.

Fisher is THE MAN.


He told them to BE MEN, NOT BOYS.


And we are sick and tired of the Lakers playing like pansies, like boys.


Hopefully the message came home loud and clear.

Bynum, unfortunately is still playing like a lost boy or girl.

Vucacic is still playing like a girl.

Come on, guys.

Play hard. Play playoff hard.

Do you want it? Do you want it hard enough?



AGREED!! Dirty or not, intentional or not, suspension or not, a message was sent, and everyone got the point!!!

Anyone got anything to say about Fish? Old? Done? FRIED? He's the heart of this team, and just his presence alone is PRICELESS!!!


longhorn, go back to college games. Your comment on Kobe's bracelet has nothing to do with the game. Did you lose because of that bracelet.

BTW, where is the 10k compulsive blog gambler?

Man, I ride down to grab a cigar for just 5 minutes and miss a girl-on-girl scene with Christina Ricci.

Nice win Lake guys responded just the way we thought you would.......BIG CONCERN THOUGH: PHIL GET BYNUM MORE MINS. TO SHAKE OFF THE RUST OR YOU WILL BE SORRY COME JUNE........Again tonight Phil's coaching left much to be desired......The awful lineup he started the second with ignored Andrew in the Post and just made bad play after bad play......START ANDREW IN GAME 3 AND KEEP HIM IN THE LINE UP......STOP SCREWING WITH THE KIDS HEAD!! is he going to shake off the rust if he is taken out of the game every time he makes a mistake.......All this kid needs to is to get his confidence back.......Also, I don't understand why Phil doesn't finish games with KOBE/PAU/LO/BYNUM on the floor.....if nothing else Andrew could get a few offensive rebounds/put backs and take good hard (clean) fouls.......IMO it is ridiculous to keep a guy with Andrews ability on the bench to close out games.........PAU/LO have shown weakness in physical/hostile environments ......Drew can make a big difference in Houston if more confidence is shown him by PHIL!!! I said it before and I'll say it again.....As great as Kobe will be the rest of the playoffs, his toughness alone won't be enough to win it all........Andrew can be the guy to take some of the pressure off of PAU/LO when things get tight..........Good win for LA ......I wouldn't be surprised if Fish is suspended for next game........Kobe will again come out in game 3 on fire BUT WE HAVE GOT TO GET BYNUM ON TRACK!!



Banner Folder,

I dont give a rats a$$ what you say or do! Or what list you put me on. Put me on all your childish lists ... what do I care!

All Im saying is dont be a hypocrite and talk about others when you are no different. Thats all. Be standup about and just admit it.

I predicted Kobe would throw an elbow at Artest. Like he hit Battier with an elbow and hit him with a knee after the foul was called.

Like he threw an elbow at the Jazz when they tried to trap him and he drew a tech.

Like he went after Price at the end of game 5.

Like he pushed Rondo after they were both going after a loose ball.

Im not sayn ... but Im just sayn.

Your soft and you want to be thugs. I didnt say you guys are soft and ARE tough ... I said wanna be! Theres is a big difference!



Who should win who has the best european hair contest???? West(side!) Europe hair with Scola or East(coast!) Europe hair with Vujacic. You decide. Cleary though, Scola’s hair has more shine, but Vujacic has more bounce. It’s too hard to debate so I’m going with Gasol. He clearly doesn’t use any products. Spaniards don’t need hair products.

I find it hysterical that Fisher acted like he was the victim with a little blood dripping above his right ear. The slow motion video clearly showed him pulling a Lawrence Taylor like football hit job on Scola.

Time out everyone......go get your botox shots.......we'll the way.......the botox is affecting you ability and judement to see a badly played game.....

I love how Faker fans spin a cheap WWE clothesline as some sort of coming of age moment. If you want to cheer what Fisher did and you think that all is fair in love, war and the NBA...go ahead!! That says more about you than anything I could say.

Bottom line is that was a cheap shot and he will be suspended and Brooks will explode in Gm 3. I hope the "coming of age" moment will be worth losing Gm 3.

Rockets in 7

you trolls (like 97longhorn and 131-whatever) are just upset that the Rockets lost tonight. *sigh* it's really quite pathetic. okay, call the Lakers thugs. they still won tonight didn't they? Fisher committed a flagrant two and got ejected. he did what he did and he paid the price. okay, so the refs missed the call on Kobe. so what? refs can't see every single foul in the game. Kobe gets fouled tons of times (particularly in the act of shooting),and never gets the call.

i hope Fish doesn't get suspended, as i think him getting ejected was enough, and fit the crime.

although, i gotta say... that Alston slap on House was pretty funny. but Alston should prob. get a suspension for that slap.

so, c'mon people, get real. calling the Lakers dirty is like calling the Bulls, Knicks, and Heat of the 90s dirty. it's just plain old, hard playoff basketball, just as Charles Barkley called it. when it's all said and done, let the better team win. (which was the case tonight)

Fisher's message was not only for scola but also for the young Laker players. He just turned the pressure ON. See what happened after that foul, Gasol was rebounding and competing for the ball. Luke was everywhere going for double teaming and suddenly Brooks brinkmanship became bricks. Drew is still passive on the bench, a foul prone beast.

K Brothers,

I would have thought you would start a whole new thread about Von Wafer getting into a fight with his coach.. LOL

How can Scola just crumple like that when he is heavier and way bigger than Fish???! I say it was a FLOP!

"but realizing they were about to go 0-2 at home........pushed the wrong buttons...."

Did you know that we held a commanding lead at the point of D-Fish's elbow? Or did you just watch Inside The NBA highlights?

It's darn near 2 AM, Houston fans. We won. Y'all lost. Go to bed.

Ron Artest should be suspended 2 games in my opinion. He is going to be a danger to whoever's on the court. You could tell by the look on his face that he wants to go and hurt someone, hurt them really bad.

Fish need only utter one word, albeit a dirty word, in his defense: Rondo. The Rondo who viciously smacked Brad Miller in the face and threw Hinrich into the scorer's table, yet only got a slap on the wrist.

It would be a terrible injustice if Fish got suspended for a game. And I never imagined that Scola would fall faster and harder than Ricky Hatton. Amazing.


>>>I cant tell you how happy I am for them to get exposed
>>>for what they are ... WANNA BE THUGS!

So you're getting worried about the finals (in the tiny percent
chance that you make it there), huh?

When the Lakers get punked by the Celtics or Houston, they're
soft. When they fight back, they're Thugs.

Well, this summer, you're welcome to call them thugs with rings.

Ted, the tables HAVE turned. in the Lakers favor, i believe. the Lakers now have momentum, and they know they can run and score against the Rockets, and put up double digit leads, at any point. (usually after both teams subs)

you said Kobe can't handle the Rockets team defense. excuse me? how much did he drop on Ron-Ron and Shane tonight? i don't know, but it seems like Kobe usually owns the Rockets, not the other way around. Shane guards Kobe admirably, but Kobe can get his jump shot any time he wants on him (and if he has to, he'll throw it off the back-board, collect the rebound, and put it in).

97longhorn, i admit, the Lakers aren't that physical of a team, but they're very damn good at putting the ball in the basket. as long as they create turnovers and rebound, that should be enough to win games, even in the playoffs. and it wasn't Fisher's elbow or Kobe's elbow that won the game. it was the Lakers players, from Luke Walton down to Jordan Farmar out-hustling the Rockets (like when Jordan dove onto the floor, and fed a driving Walton, who went at the defender, and dished to Sasha for the fast-break lay-up).

Did you hear the interview Fisher did just before the game? He was discussing how the quiet ones are the ones you have to look out for. He said they are the toughest.

That was a message. It was pre-meditated. I'm not saying I'm not glad he did it. But it was not out of nowhere.

DId you guys see the crouching tiger shot Kobe did off glass? DID YOU GUYS SEE THE CROUCHING TIGER SHOT KOBE DID OFF GLASS?

Who cut Fisher's head?


>>>Scola is a tuff nose player who would never have
>>> turned and throw a cheap shot like that.

Are you kidding? Scola is a perpetual pushing and shoving
cheap shot artist. One of his favorite tricks is when he's out of
position for a rebound. If he's behind the rebounder, he'll wait until
they jump, and then either shove them or move up under them
enough to distract them and then take the rebound. He rarely
gets called for that unless he shoves really hard.

In fact, the whole thing with the three technical fouls started
because Scola pulled a Rondo. Lamar had beat him and was
clearly going to get a layup, so Scola stopped it by taking a shot
at Lamar's head.

And in fact, if you watch the 5 seconds before Kobe's elbow
to Artest, Artest is laying wood to Kobe's neck and head. If the
refs were calling the game close, they would have blown the
whistle on that foul, the clock would have stopped, and Kobe
would never have gotten to the point of elbowing Artest.

That's two shots to the head by Rockets, and two physical
responses by the Lakers (though no shots to the head).

When you play rough, sometimes you get away with it, sometimes
it gets called, sometimes it doesn't get called, and sometimes
you get ejected for it.

It's hypocritical for Artest, Houston fans, or Boston fans to
call the Lakers dirty for responding when the other team is taking
cheap shots at their head. Fisher's shot was body to body,
clearly intentional, clearly a message. Kobe's elbow was because
Artest was draped all over him and clearly fouling him on the
head and the neck at the time.

Quoting Mr. 131: "I dont give a rats a$$ what you say or do! Or what list you put me on. Put me on all your childish lists ... what do I care!"

YOU obviously care a lot...seeing as how you have now become a regular on LA Times Lakers Blog. I'd ask the K Bros to pull up stats on the frequency of your posts here in "the enemy's camp" but they've got bigger fish to fry.

Dude, you have become the true-life version of Napoleon Dynamite's Uncle Rico. Long after KG, Ray and Pierce retire with their one and only championship and Kobe retires with his 6, you'll still be talking about Game 6. Even after we win the whole thing this year, all you'll ever talk about is Game 6.

Dude, you're almost more pathetic than BUTLER at this point.

It's 3 AM in your hood, dude. Go to bed.


>>why do they allow Kobe to take of his monitoring ankle
>> bracelet during a game?

Good one. Someone should tell Coach Adelman that they need
to make sure Ron takes his thorazine before every game. Clearly
he didn't take it tonight.


"I predicted Kobe would throw an elbow at Artest. Like he hit Battier with an elbow and hit him with a knee after the foul was called."

Again, no, you didn't. You said twice that Kobe WOULDN'T throw an elbow at Artest because he only throws them at guys smaller than him.

Awww, poor wittle trolls getting all hissy fissy, I love it. It's ok to be envious. Really, it is.

the cheap shot was Scola trying to pull Odom onto his face by holding Lamar's jersey, because he'd been schooled by Lamar twice. Fisher's play was appropriate retribution.

"physical" play is just less talented players trying to even out the competition. the Rockets are the dirty team, the team that wins through intimidation, grabbing, pushing, leaning on and other nasty tricks. i'm glad to see the Lakers return the favor. normally, the Lakers try to win by playing a better brand of basketball.

Rondo nearly pulled Miller's head off.

He wasn't suspended.

Miller was so dazed, he couldn't hit his free throws.

Fisher did not do anything nearly as bad.

Scola hit both of his free throws.

Scola faked the fall. What a faker.


The "cheap shot" had NOTHING to do with the Rockets!!! It had to do with Fish waking up his OWN team, who have been sleep walking through most of the season. Anybody who thinks Fish is a dirty player obviously doesn't watch the NBA. Look, clearly it was intentional, and you may be right about the suspension, but it was not done to hurt anyone, it was done to wake his team up, and it's about time someone did something about that.

And it seems you're not quite's not about winning game 3. It's about winning a championship. And yes, "the coming of age moment" will be well worth it.


The game was off the hook tonight. The Lakers showed some moxie. GO LAKERS.

I know bynum is not 100% but the playoffs are a 2-3 month process , and you don't play every day so can't he just keep rehab his knee 3-4 times a week beside practices and games AND MAYBE TAKE OFF THIS UGLEY BRACE .

Laker won the game but they showed a uncharacter showing of a team winning the game by not playing a clean game, tonight. Laker needs to play with a mature attitude about the game. I like to see the Laker played as a clean, sportsmanship and mature team. Houston will give Laker a challenge in this series. Don't blame Ron Artest for elbow to Bryant because he is protecting his own players from Laker uncharacter playing.on court.

Laker, good luck in the series..

Fish takes out Scola and shuts him up.

Kobe takes Artest out of the game and dominates.

This is the team. A smart game and a victory!


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