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Lakers vs. Nuggets: Western Conference Finals Game 5 Live Blog

UPDATE:  The Lakers pull away in the fourth quarter for a spirited 103-94 victory over the Nuggets to take a 3-2 lead in the series. It was tight throughout - tied after each of the first three quarters - but LA shined in the final frame, outscoring Denver 27-18 over the final 12. Look for Shannon Brown once again to grace YouTube - his monster dunk sparked a 19-3 Laker run from the end of the third quarter into the fourth. A monster game from Lamar Odom: 19 points, 14 rebounds and four swats. What a series! Lakers look to close it out on Friday night in Denver. Plenty more to come!


At this point, I think we all know the recipe for victory.  Hopefully these guys can cook.

Chat box below.


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Defense starts with rebounding. Lakers need intelligent effort, more heart, team defense & communication. Not enough movement on offense with and without the ball. Are the Laker guards and small forwards afraid of attacking the basket? They need to watch the Celtics or go back to old Rodman tapes to see how a 6'8" guy with heart does it!!!!

should Derek be taking that many shots?

The officiating was so weighted to the Lakers tonight it made me ashamed. Both teams should be held to the same standard. Ridiculous NBA.

Man, its good to see the Lakers back. I don't know where they went, but glad they're back. Let's go Lakers! Finish this!

the lakers get off with so many mistakes....the nuggets can do the same things they do sometimes and will keep getting fouled...but if the lakers do it, the refs dont make the calls.

I'm not understanding how this can possibly be fair. I honestly believe the games are fixed...and this is coming from someone who was not rooting for either team, i just like to watch the game....fair is fair....and the lakers get away with way too much bull.....


The Candyman can. Give it up for LO people.


The only thing that the Lakers have going for them is the officiating.


Adressive and steady
Big Win

The Lakers have not had a lead yet going into the 4th and still somehow lead the series. And despite giving Game 4 away.

There's every reason to believe that the Nuggets will get an easy win in Denver Friday. Please prove me wrong, Lakers.

Congrats on Pau for helping with the win tonight AND to FC Barcelona! Maybe Pau will take that as a good sign & get inspired for every remaining game!

I'll go ahead and speak for the CO...


Good to see Lamar's finally showing up for the Western Conference
Finals. His back must be feeling much better. Also good to see
Fisher hitting some shots.

finally, the kobe we want to see!

everyone did their best. andrew's improving! lamar rebounded, defended and scored, pau is pau, trevor and shanon were the energizer. hopefully, we cud bring them down in denver to silence the critics and my cousin, who has been rooting for the thuggets and just called to say how the lakers cheated for this game, (please!)

so see you Saturday here in Manila. God bless the lakers.
let's whupped them in their own home.

This game felt like a football game, where the team with the size advantage stays patient and methodical, does not let the smaller team disturb them, and wears them down and takes control at the end.

The Denver front line won Game 4.

The LA front line won Game 5.

Ariza, Gasol and Bynum used their length and/or agility well. Ditto Walton, who contributed.

The star of the game, though, was Lamar Odom. The Disappearing Act took Center Stage tonight. Defensively, offensively, on the glass, in the open court, he remained aggressive. He gives us even a similar effort from here on out, LA shelves another O'Brien.

Now I'm listening to Karl not complain about the referees. And yes, that's exactly as contradictory as it sounds.

LO played one of his best games. Imagine if he came to play this way every game ?? Fisher was his usual disgusting self. Cannot shoot the ball missing everything but the backboard on his 4th quarter shot. He canoot run, he is lost and should be benched and Shannon should take his place. Derek please provide leadership from the bench. Your days are over.

Think how much they would have won by if Jackson had played Bynum more and Odom less! It would have been a real blowout!!

Even though he said he wouldn't get fined, it's safe to assume that George Karl will be fined for his complaints about the refs and foul calls.

He's lucky Jones was available to get his team off to a hot start... should have been suspended.

Our bench got some condidence back thanks to Kobe.
I am so glad to see a team back in this series.
We win in 6

In the post-game interview, George Karl says they did NOT get the calls, and thats why they lost. They were on the soft-side of the whistle.... I wonder if he had won, would he have made all the cry about bad refereeing?? He is DISGUSTING!!

He said out of 6 calls on Nene, 4 of them were pseudo-calls. I am confused.... Is he talking about this game??

I love it! All of the sudden it's the Lakers being rewarded by the referees! No credit when they win! Way to go media!

The refereeing has been bad all postseason. How did the Lakers benefit from the refereeing in this game? The fact that the Nuggets took fewer FTs and the Lakers got a total of 3 points because of it?

What a bunch of BS from people who are desperate to find evidence for their predispositions.

Great 4th quarter by the Lakers! Close it out in Denver!

I agree with what George Karl just said about being confused by the whistle. The NBA has seriously jumped the shark with fouls, especially charges/blocks. For instance, the play where Nene fouled out, that was way too close to call, so don't call it, why penalize one guy when there is clearly no certainty? It's not like we were hurt by Nene's action, he was on the ground and Gasol was uncovered entering the paint, where's the disadvantage?

That's where the NBA has ruined the game for many people, and makes it so hard for me to get sports loving people, even my own family, to care about the NBA, when they are diehard NFL and MLB fans.

No other game allows the refs to dominate the action, flow, and create such consistent controversy, let alone inconsistent calls inside and between games.

The first culprit to go is the pandemic of charge/block fouls, just stop calling 80% of them, because there's mostly no disadvantage to the offensive team in the first place with blocks when guys are flopping.

The second culprit is flagrant fouls, bring that back to actually flagrant fouls, stuff that shocks you, not just hard fouls.

Last, let 'em play, sometimes the refs read way too much into that action, start calling everything, when in reality they're taking the actual excitement, pleasure and passion, for both the participants and the fans, out of the game. puncturing the bubble right when it's getting juicy.

Finally, MrBarneydangles got what he wanted - Lamar, the MVP of Game 5. Derek contributed as well as Sasha breaking the machine lock box but I have to make a bow to the game changer-

SHANNON BROWN! (loudest)....

Finally, MrBarneydangles got what he wanted - Lamar, the MVP of Game 5. Derek contributed as well as Sasha breaking the machine lock box but I have to make a bow to the game changer-

SHANNON BROWN! (loudest)....


1 More win to the finals
5 More wins to the Ring

In honor of keeping the Nuggs under 100, I made tacos for the fam tonight.

Hope to see the regulars on tomorrow.

I love this team.

From the beginning of this game, I could see the team struggling against their instincts to move the ball around the perimeter and then take low success shots.

But they got it.

They fought against their instincts, but you could tell they got it.

Move the ball inside. Play the Triangle.

And they did.

And they won.

At this moment, my heart swells with pride in our team. It's not just about winning and effort, it's also about growing. Be Champions not just in name, but in spirit.

We're moving closer.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


As I mentioned after Game 4, the difference between a good Laker team and a great Laker team is Lamar Odom. When he shows up, we are the best team in the league, when he doesn't, it gets dicey. Too bad he doesn't do this night in and night out. I'll settle for five more times this season. Let's end this on Friday.


I just hope the real Lakers would show up on Friday in Denver to close out the series. Game 7 is not a good thing. Since the game was tied after 3 quarters in game 5, it would be too much risk to play game 7 as the outcome can swing either way. If the Lakers play game 6 with the same passion and effort like they did in the 4th quarter tonight we would advance to the NBA Finals. Go Lakers.

I don't like the officiating of this series.. it has been too home-centric...the last 3 games... it a shame that this is happening to our beloved game...

What are they thinking...? Please REFSSS... give us a good one to watch.. you are ruining the essence of a pure, hard, and contested basketball game...


George Karl please do not complain about the referees. You should consider your own pathetic coaching. An article on detailing Billups' basketball career notes how the Nuggets did not have an inbounds play under the basket before he arrived. How ridiculous is that.

Great game from Odom and Brown.

Bynum!!! just 2 rebounds in 18:53 min. lakers front line is weak!

Happy the bench put it all together. Beside Shannon's dunk, he shut down Denver''s shooters to the delight of the bench on several plays. Bet we see more of him Friday. Also shared a Tech with Birdman.


On an earlier thread some one brought up oxegen use in Denver. What was the outcome?

If it is ok to use I think Lakers should take some in locker room before game to be able to start off fast.

I love this team.

Ummm... I just re-ran Lamar's Bio-Chrono reading. He should be eating less carbohydrates. Carbohydrates (sugars) are important for the guy, but all this candy is too much.

I'm rambling right now and back from my lucky barstool, but SO much attraction to carbohydrates means a particular process(es) is (are) really stressed on his part.

He's experienced a lot of pain in his life and it has caused him to question a lot of things.

I understand. I get it.

It's just that with his physical disposition, he is succeptible towards developing diabetes as a result.

He should hold off on the simple sugars and move onto more complex carbohydrates. Really.

Lamar, we need you to keep this up, brother. We need you.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


(A) Haven't been reading comments as much as I'd like to lately so this is certainly more than a little late ... but it's good to see you Hugo Boss!!! (I always notice you, I'm an LA transplant from CO from many years ago but never cheered for the Thuggets a day in my life, it makes me sick how many of my CO friends who have likely never watched a basketball game in their lives are suddenly "die-hard" Nuggets fans. Don't begin to question my love for this franchise)

(B) It was immensely enjoyable beyond words to watch a game where I felt like every single Laker on the floor stepped up. I can't remember how long it's been since that has been true. Even Sasha made a big shot. Yes LO was huge but seriously there was never a point in the whole game where there was a Laker on the floor that I was truly frustrated with. Maybe it wasn't always the best game or the cleanest game but it felt like the most complete team effort that I've seen in a long, long, long time.

Denver fans,

The Nuggets have shot about 187 FTs this series.

The Lakers have shot 169 FTs this series.

The officiating has been spotty at best..

But Denver has come out ahead for the entire series.

You don't know what you're talking about.

Especially when Dahntay Jones commits two blatantly dirty plays in the last 4 games and was still eligible to play tonight.

Kobe the facilitator!
Pau the instigator!
Lamar the finisher.. This is why I love la!


To add to Kobe's response, it's not only "television" but that these analysts are a bunch of donkeys.

I'm talking about guys like The Coward, guys like Legler, et al...

While most of us knew that the Cavs were the worst of the remaining teams, these fools had them guaranteed in the finals and openly questioned if the Lakers could even make it...

Yeah, they change their minds every day... because they're either ratings hungry, or THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT

Great to see Kobe trust his teammates and pass out of the double team for most of the fourth quarter when it switched to pick-and-roll.

Yeah, GKarl lambasting the refs by innuendo! So what? Its not true, just NBA crapola that might get a couple calls going the thuggets way next game. Its right about the officials of THIS sport though, they control the game like no other sport and it leads to a huge lack of trust.

Kobe is great!

Fish is solid!

Sasha breathes!

Ariza is the defensive juggernaught!

Pau is steady!

Bynum is coming along!

And the Lakers are ready to bring a parade to Downtown!

Lakers were Beast tonight! A team win!

That 6th foul on Nene was a mistake by the refs. I'll admit that. Of course, the conspiracy theorists get a hole punched in their collective balloon by the highlight alley-oop dunk ESPN keeps showing. Look who's right there hitting Kobe on his left arm during the play. Yep, Nene. But no foul was called. So I guess the refs missed a perfect opportunity to orchestrate Nene's exit one foul earlier.

And BY THE WAY. Complaints about calls in this game are ludicrous. +5 for the home team is highly reasonable, especially given that if Crawford had been reffing, 'Melo would have been ejected for his clothesline on Kobe. (I'm sure the league will look at it, but unlike the stuff with Jones I really couldn't care less whether or not anything happens to him. I'm fine if they just let it go).

Nuggets have been on the favored side for FT for 3/5 games; for the entire series Nuggets are +8 on FT attempts (which even to me and some horribly officiated games still seems pretty reasonable over 5 games even with some blatantly cheap and dirty fouls the Thuggets got away with *coughJonescough*).

I have believed all year that the Billups trade was incredible for the Nuggets, and known all year they were vastly improved from last year. I'm not surprised to see this series be so competitive. I am surprised at how annoying the Nuggets bandwagon fans are.


* Fabulous stretch of defense from the Lakers as they held the Nuggets scoreless for a long period while spreading the offense perfectly and using pick-and-rolls to find open players underneath the basket. 12 blocked shots and 38% Nuggets shooting.

* Pau’s best defensive game as a Laker. And it couldn’t have come at a better time.
Pau talked the talk and walked the walk tonight. I know he can do this every night but what great timing to amp up the D in the 4th quarter. The Co-Player of the Game.

* Great game from Lamar. More importantly, he actually made a great in-game adjustment from trying to soar to the rim to forcing the contact to get 3-point plays. Not to mention a timely 3 and a couple of monster dunks. The other Co-Player of the Game.

* Kobe Bryant was sensational, dishing out 8 assists and getting everybody going early on offense with a balanced controlled attack. While we took a few too many 3’s, we also did a much better job of pounding the ball inside and playing inside out basketball.

* Great signs from Drew and some impressive and aggressive minutes in the first half. A Beast sighting for sure in the 2nd quarter. Had Lamar not been playing so sensationally, Drew would have definitely earned some fourth quarter playing time.

* Excellent substitutions in general by Phil, never let the game get out of control, and got positive contributions from Trevor, Fish, Shannon, Luke, and even Sasha, with a clutch 3 from the quarter to tie the game at the half time buzzer. Bench won battle 34 to 26.

* Lakers need to toughen their resolve and punch out the Nuggets on Friday night. The last thing you want to do against a team like Denver is give them a shot at a Game 7 when they have already shown they can compete in Staples. Game 6 close out is key.

Great win by the Lakers. Slowly but surely, they are getting their game back together.


Excellent post Critical Beatdown.

I really think after this postseason, the NBA will re-evaluate its officiating and how they tell them to call games. I'm all for eliminating the Bad Boys style of play and actually trying to get these guys to play basketball. But right now, it's gone way too far and they're taking the passion and hard work out of the game.

So happy about the win. I was a little scared in the 3rd when it looked like Denver was pulling away. The guys came out with energy, defended and executed in the 4th.

Everyone agrees that when LO plays like this, Lakers are unstoppable. Hope he plays with this passion the rest of the way.

More Brown and less Fish pleeez. Despite scoring some pts, Fish's decision was horrendous.

The stats don't show it, but Gasol played a GREAT game. He was efficient and a great play maker. As he said, good things happen when they go to him. Keeping feeding the Spanish Fly the ball!

Lastly, I can't believe Karl complained about officiating (LA 35, Denv 30 tonite) when his team got 49 last game.
Does he only complain when they lose?
I agree that officiating in NBA is horrid, but come on Karl, you've also benefited so quit whining.

Lakers will shove it down the enver's collective gullets next game and prove why they are the best of the West! Enver has played too many good games and are due for a stinker due to inexperience, false expectations, and fool's gold in JR, Dante, and Martin . Points in the paint is the key to this series. Lakers know that this and ball movement are the significant to over-agressive, lane jumping, weak, pseudo D. That's why I refuse to call them_enver, and instead refer to them as enver. No D. Lakers have the momentum and Championship 15 in their sights.

Love the whining about the refs from the sour grapes posters tonight! Do they realize the Lakers only had FIVE more free throws than the Nugs tonight on their home court? Not even the margin of victory!

And here's another stat for the whiners: Nugs have EIGHT more free throws in the series overall, despite the Lakers having 3 home games to the Nugs 2! Still think the refs are in the Lakers' pockets in this series? Is that why they called a flagrant on Bynum when he tried to strip the ball from Birdman Monday?

The Nugs had 14 more free throws than the Lakers during that debacle. But unlike some fans, I don't scapegoat the refs when my team loses a game.

LET'S DO THIS!!!! (sorry Re-Post)

Feeling real good about tonight"s game. If we were going to split in Denver, glad we got the first one and lost the second, gives us more sting going into this huge game.

Lake Show will come out focused and much stronger than game 4. Feed the bigs early, Kobe will also assert himself early. Would like to see Gasol get 20 shots tomorrow.

A much better effort from Lamar will make things a lot easier as well. He's about due to show up for one of these games. I think tomorrow would be a good time for LO to tease us with some of his amazing talent.

Oh yeah, let's make some damn free throws.

If all of the above happens, we'll win handedly manana.

Go Lake Show.

ps. I told you


Just got back from my meeting, caught up to the end of the game and have to get on here & express my utter joy and satisfaction in this game!!!!

FINALLY we see some GREAT play by our beloved P & G. LO was fricken incredible. Kobe was the dangerous decoy - a role I love for him! Pau was solid - I really love the quick moves to the rim instead of waiting with the ball on the post. Socks was aggressive and looking more beast-like. Shannon UPS Brown and Trevor Ariza are solid and downright scary for the other team to handle. Luke - our very own human victory cigar - was doing all the right things. I AM HAPPY & PROUD OF THIS TEAM!

Fish was talking about how we just don't know what LO's been going through with his back. He said that LO played a MAN'S game tonight. THANK YOU LO for leaving it all out there & playing with such joy & passion.

I really missed chatting with y'all during the 2nd half. Watching it by myself was just nerve-wracking with nowhere to vent! LOL! Sure glad we got the W - I can now get a peaceful night's sleep without having to worry about my sanity (at least until Friday) lol !

Good night and sweet dreams, Laker Nation. This was a great win for us! 5 more like that and Larry O comes home.


My name is justanothermambafan and I'm a Lakerholic.

11 DOWN, 5 TO GO!!!

Big stars show up for big games. Pau and Kobe do what they always do. I thought Pau played a great game even though he didn't score a ton. He played big, he defended the rim, he was large. However we needed a third guy to step up and low and behold Lamar stepped up. I had a feeling he was gonna show up tonight and he did....HUGE!!!!!!

We always say it, but if Lamar plays like he did tonight, we'll win the championship. He may be hurt, but if that's what it takes for him to play in attack mode every minute he's on the floor, so be it. Lamar played like a wounded animal tonight and I loved it.

Fish made some shots tonight, Ariza was flying around the floor and Brown gave us a huge lift. His dunk on Anderson seemed to really give us a shot in the arm when we needed it. AB also looked much better when he was on the floor. He definitely looked more engaged on the defensive side of the ball, made some silly fouls per usual, but his floor time made a difference out there tonight.

All in all a win is a win in the playoffs. We had to have it, we got it. That's what this team is about.

The Finals are one game away. Let's get it Friday.

Yeah, the refereeing has sucked for the past 20 years or so in the NBA, thanks for noticing Denver, since you just start mentioning it tonight, I guess you have no problem with it as long as it is biased for you.

Pau got a double victory FC Barcelona beat Manchester United. Lakers won after he got help from LO and Bynum.

I e-mailed the league about the officiating in general and its inconsistencies.

My message:

"I understand that because of the type of game that basketball is, (high speed, high action, contact) it is difficult to officiate. Regardless, there should be more consistency in calls. What I am referring to are sequences when minimal contact warrant foul calls, and later blatant illegal contact does not. It makes it difficult to play the game, and difficult to watch it. Apart from this I think that the league should consider reviewing the penalty threshold, and elevate it to 8 fouls per quarter. I think it would help make the game more fluid, and less of a free throw shooting contest."

They e-mailed back saying,

"Thank you for contacting the National Basketball Association with your concerns regarding officiating. The NBA has a covenant with its fans. The foundation of this sport is the promise that nothing other than the skill and performance of the players on the court will determine a game’s outcome.

To preserve the trust of our fans, we make every effort possible to ensure that league processes and procedures are as thorough and transparent as possible. NBA officials are subjected to incredible scrutiny by the league, including tracking every call they make and holding them to the most rigorous standard in all of sports. Not only is their past performance measured, charted, and evaluated, but we employ a system of stringent metrics designed to continually hone their skills and improve their overall ability. We strive to ensure that NBA games are officiated at the highest possible level with the understanding that perfection is an unattainable goal.

Thank you again for your concern. We appreciate your feedback regarding this issue.


NBA Fan Relations"

I'm pretty sure that's like a generic e-mail they send out to fans when they write things concerning refs. Still I was surprised to get anything back.I wish they said something about the penalty rule though, just to have some idea if they would consider any such change.

Finally someone other Kobe and Gasol was having a good night. Fisher, Odom, Bynum, Ariza, Brown, Walton, Farmar contributed to the scoring, but more important thing of all is that they all played some decent defense for a change. Good work Lakers, especially in the 4th quarter. That's more like it. Let's repeat that same performance in Denver. I hope the Lakers would show up Friday in Denver to close out the series. It's simply too risky to play a game 7. Go Lakers !!

By the way - I'll be very interested to see if they review Carmarshmello's foul on Kobe to see if they upgrade to a Flagrant 1.

Given the way the after-assessments have been going, it will be.

Let's see how much consistency there is in the inconsistency - if you know what I mean.


5 Games - Lakers 3 home. Denver 2 home.
Advantage Lakers. Will disappear with next game in Denver.

Totals Fouls: Lakers - 130. Denver - 140.
Advantage Lakers. Will disappear with next game in Denver.

Total Free Throws: Lakers - 174. Denver - 182.
Advantage Denver. Will increase advantage with next game in Denver.

Just one question I would like to see asked of George Karl after next game:

"Given that your pushing, tripping, elbow throwing team has embraced its identity as the new 'Bad Boys' and your beat writer claims its up to the Hornets, Mavs, and Lakers to 'deal with it', how big of an advantage in fouls and free throws is it going to take for you to SHUT UP?"

Here's one mans opinion on NBA officiating. All around the league and on different city blogs it's all the same complaining about bias, fixing games and incompetence. NBA refs are the worst, they say, when compared to the NFL or MLB (forget NHL - very few penalties called).

The thing to remember, though, is that basketball is the toughest sport to referee. It can go nonstop for 1-2 minutes with relentless motion, forcing officials to constantly stay on the move trying to gain a vantage point where they can make a good call.

Football and baseball, on the other hand, are characterized by short bursts of action followed by play stoppage which allows refs or umps to RESET TO THEIR OPTIMUM POSITION AFTER EVERY PLAY. This makes their job much, much easier.

I'm not an apologist for the refs. I get frustrated like everyone else when something so obvious is missed but it seems like a lot of criticism is coming from people who really have no conception of how hard a job it really is.

The Nuggets keep talking about how they think they've played better in this series. Isn't it the Nuggets who trail the series?

Things that matter in basketball:

Who scores the most points in the game.

Right now, the Lakers have done that 3 times, and only need to do it one more time. Whether you think your team plays better than the other team doesn't matter.

Winning matters.

Between the third and fourth quarter of game 3, I bought two tacos. Coincidence? I think not! Keep the Mojo Moving!

I admit it was a terrific win. They brought everything they had tonight and stuck with the D till Denver popped like an overfilled balloon. You could see the desparation in some of those 3 pt.shots they took after the Lakers double teamed the ball early in the clock. It really forced them out of their comfort zone and I was impressed with the effort level and desire. Most of you have made all the othere points to be made. Fish's early success with baskets really helped to settle them in after the fast start by Denver. Odom was terrific ..(except for those long gambling passes, one of which was picked off) Bynum was a big presence, even Sasha hit a key 3 when the needed it...all good and there was more.

But guess what? If they don't close it out in Denver they are right back to where they started this night. If they play anywhere close to this level of basketball next game, I'll be satisfiied. But only with a win. Time to show if you have the heart or not, Lakers. Stop playing the fans for fools and FINISH this team. EArly if its possible.

Should Lamar be eating more protein? I think he should. Much healthier and does the same as sugar. Maybe not as delicious but man give it a rest, in the middle of the night?
$ 77.74 was the total for all the

Very well said Pig.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Moral victories are worth nothing in the playoffs. Just win.

It's not the dominance, it's not even the consistency. It's about winning. If you suck the entire game, and you still win. Hell it's a victory. There are no asterisks in the playoffs, regardless of the refs. Oh and FYI who had so many recalled Ts and "recalled plays"? Us. We do. They are robbing us and everyone knows it. But we prevail because that's what winners do.

Tonight we brought the effort and the defense in play. Shannon Brown proved he can shine and he proved he can make a difference. The game changed literally when he stepped on the court. Hope he keeps it up. Go Lakers!

I can't believe any Enver fan could complain about the whistles, Melo goes to the line if anyone looks at him the wrong way. Kobe gets tripped by Jones, clotheslined by Melo, and there's no flagrant? Enver is a whiny team.

Finally someone other than Kobe stepping up. Gasol needs to toughen up on the road and play like tonite. LO finally bringing his A game, although he is hurting more than he is letting on and admirably gutting it out. He needs to continue to play like tonite where he wasn't afraid of contact. Bynum played a bit better, but still lacks defensive intensity.

Good stuff, yes, but Phil continues to have misplaced faith in Fish, who committed several stupid TO and dumb fouls. Despite Brown's energetic game, Phil still gives most minutes to Fish. The only thing Phil seems to be doing right is limiting Vujacic's minutes, as he is worthless. Ditto for Walton. Lakers still need to dump Phil, Fish, Walton, and Vujacic.

I was right as to Game 4 blowout. Game 6 prediction: Fish returns to his miserable self and Phil continues to give him minutes, Vujacic and Walton continues to be worthless, Bynum benched again, LO unable to step up again, Kobe scores 40+, Gasol scores but plays soft, Lakers lose big again by double digits.

George Karl was quoted as saying that he doesn't think his players
have been unsportsmanlike.

AK or BK, you should ask him that if one of the Lakers intentionally
tripped Carmelo and he sprained his wrist if he would think that
was unsportsmanlike, or just good hard defense.

Word up Pig! Enough! WE will prove it on the world stage. Wins!!! That is all that matters.

THe officiating in this whole series has been terrible. And for those of you defending the refs, and using free throw attempts as the measureing stick, thats only the tangible effect. Look what happens when Nene gets fouled out? The Nuggets lose their power inside player. George Carl was right about the officiating. They were calling it very tight on Denver in the beginning. Chauncey Billups' offensive foul? Thats a game changer. The tight calls early game took the Nuggets out of their physical style of play. They were a lot more tentative going into the second half. I do believe that theres been a lot more home team calls, because the NBA wants these series' to go longer for more money.

Just before the game began tonight, two of these arrived on my doorstep (one is a gift for someone else):

I wore one for the game.

I'm not particularly superstitious, but I think I'll be wearing this shirt when I watch Lakers games from now on.

High pick and roll with Kobe and Gasol. Its a beautiful thing.

Its a high breakdown on defense, taking one of their big defenders away from the front court. The thing is, with Pau, you may not get the hardest screen, but you probably get the best "roll" in the NBA. Double Kobe, pass the ball to Pau, Pau finds open man, or takes it himself. If the shot goes up quick enough, you have Pau and Lamar on offensive rebounding duty with the bigger defenders behind them.

Hit the open man? How about Mr. Odom feasting on an exposed and rotating Nugget defense.

Cascading failuires by the defense.

Alright folks, I've had about 2 glasses of wine, so excuse my blabber. But that pick and roll with Kobe and Pau has to be about the most lethal thing the Nuggets have faced this whole playoffs. So much for their bravado and chest pounding. When it gets down to it, the Lakers will force you to get smart and execute. You can't just out hustle the Lakers when they play their game. Its too smart and too svelte.

Its too cold and too efficient....and if that ain't working, LO or ShanWow will dunk on you, LOL.

Okay, no more buzzed blogging for me. LOVE THIS TEAM, WHETHER IT BE MAGIC AND KAREEM, SHAQ AND KOBE, OR KOBE AND PAU. Don't ever get that twisted.

...and for that matter GO DODGERS! Rockies=SWEPT!!

hope laker fans are happy...the refs gave u one ...AGAIN....u guys cry about game 4....OMG that had to be the worst case of homer calls i have ever seen in the 4th quarter of a conference finals ...that was a JOKE

To all Enver fans who need to blame the refs to make themselves feel better, have some cheese with that Whine.

When both teams are complaining about the reffing, that means that, overall, it is pretty close to even.

C. Wilson:

The call disparity goes back and forth from game to game. And there were plenty of no-calls last night that were more legit fouls than some of the more questionable ones, so it basically balances out (Nene in particular). Blame the refs all you want, but your team doesn't have an answer for Lamar and that's the main reason they lost.

Truth is, as well as Odom played, Brown won the game by shutting down Billups and causing offensive mayhem for Denver.

Lamar Odom.. Da Candyman!!!

All of us should get together and send a truck load of candy!

I got no words to describe the game. Speechless.

Oh.. Bye Bye Denver,

And Hello Orlando!


Disney Land vs Disney World

You all might know my dislike for PJ by now .. but you know what I have a bigger dislike for the Van Gundy Sisters!

I hope Lakers sweep Orlando and Stan gets fired. Joins his brother in the booth and cry on National TV in next years finals. Master of panick is prolly doing stuff in his pants right now.

Just the thought of Lakers coming to town must be sending shivers down his spine!

correction PANIC..

LOL PANICK has more umph to it.

Reffing had nothing to do with any games. Okay???

Last night Lakers slammed the ball on the Thuggets and no Ref could stop the slaughter.

You mean to tell me Sasha's 3 was made by Refs? Fisher dropped all those points were the refs? Hello.. Browns facial on someone was because of a ref.. did a ref put a invisible ladder for brown to climb and stuff it on the Thuggets?

LO .. do i need to say anything? And Kobe was Kobe!

Okay.. I love Chauncey but he just could not break Laker Defense. Car-Marsh-Melo was fumbling the ball all over the place. Birdman, Nene, and Dahntay could not put little 2 footers in the hole. Just did not go strong. They stank it up because Lakers played hell of a defense.

Refs had nothing to do with the outcome of the game.

As Karl said earlier.. Looser Lament? something like that.

When both teams are complaining about the reffing, that means that, overall, it is pretty close to even.
Posted by: exhelodrvr | May 28, 2009 at 06:08 AM


okay one more thing I noticed. I complain and joke about how Euros are not supposed to play defense. But I noticed something in the BOXSCORE. Pau had 5 blocks!

BTW Lakers had 12 Blocks.. Odom had 4..


Great win by the Lakers. Slowly but surely, they are getting their game back together. tom
Posted by: LakerTom | May 27, 2009 at 10:04 PM

Do I have to say it? OUT FREAKING STANDING!!!!!!!

Look who's right there hitting Kobe on his left arm during the play. Yep, Nene. But no foul was called. So I guess the refs missed a perfect opportunity to orchestrate Nene's exit one foul earlier. Posted by: ZLakeShow | May 27, 2009 at 10:00 PM


I'm ashamed of the NBA. The calls in game 5 were so weighted for the Lakers it was so so obvious.

Okay, no more buzzed blogging for me. LOVE THIS TEAM, WHETHER IT BE MAGIC AND KAREEM, SHAQ AND KOBE, OR KOBE AND PAU. Don't ever get that twisted. GO LAKERS!...and for that matter GO DODGERS! Rockies=SWEPT!! Posted by: #4 | May 27, 2009 at 11:46 PM
Great Post #4. And After Friday that's how many games we willl need!

DumpPhil Wrote:

Good stuff, yes, but Phil continues to have misplaced faith in Fish, who committed several stupid TO and dumb fouls. Despite Brown's energetic game, Phil still gives most minutes to Fish. The only thing Phil seems to be doing right is limiting Vujacic's minutes, as he is worthless. Ditto for Walton. Lakers still need to dump Phil, Fish, Walton, and Vujacic.


I complain about PHillup also but not really about his coaching. I just believe that he leached 9 Rings off MJ and Shaq.

However, I will Defend the old buzzard this time and in his defense I would say Fisher has gotten the Lakers within one game of the Finals. He does handle the ball effectively .. right? His 3 point shot is missing most of the time but don't overlook the fact that the primary reason Fisher is there is because of stability. I have not seen him panic. Plus he has won 3 championships and taken Lakers to finals 4 times. I think Phillup not only has faith in him but probably is loyal to the soldier who has gone to many battles and Wars with him. As much as I hate to admit it Phillup does have 9 Rings and its not like MJ won any titles before he got there. Doug Collins was like a chicken with his head cut off when he coached the Bulls. On top of it Lakers never won with Shaq either until Phillup got there. So give the buzzard a little credit.

And then who will you replace Phillup with?

Doug Collins? Do i need to repeat myself.
Van Gundy Sisters? Rant rant rant.
Coach from San Antonio? He ain't leaving plus I don't like that style of play.
Rick Pitino? Will never succeed in NBA.
Coack K? Never proven outside NCAA.
Fratello? Looked only good on TV.
Saunders? only knows offence.. ask Billups.
Karl? even if Thuggets let him go.. he is about to explode anytime..

D'Antoni? I love dat man but 7 seconds or less.. Kobe might be popping 45 shots a game. But really? Farmar might be a 30 pt player and Kobe avg 50pts.

Mike Brown? He cant even beat Orlando.
Doc Rivers? Ewww... do we really want a Celtic leftover?

Phillup has better record than all these coaches. He has won more and I think he has had better defenses than most of these guys. If I put any of these coaches to coach this laker team I bet they probably will either get heart attack from the bipolar attitude of these players or run some of these players like Knicks ran Marbury out of town.

I think Phillup is the best coach for this Laker Team. With his Zen stuff.. he lets them play their ego out.

Get used to it.. he will not be calling timeouts .. and he will be using Fisher the rest of the way.

And yed he will be napping during the games.. Chanting some mantra or something...

Agressor gets the calls.. Be Agressive.

I got no complaints on game 4.. no compalints on Game 5.. Trip on Kobe was funny.. but did you see anyone blatantly tripping in Game 5? I thought Carmelo could have been called for Flagrant on Kobe.

Y don't you complain about Marsh Melo not playing better. Y don't you ask Karl for not having Billups shoot a little more. Y don't you get Birdman to shoot better layups. Y don't u get Kenyon to practice shooting.. man has no arch on his shot. Thuggets could have won the game had they had better shot selection and protected the ball better. Their own damn fault. Blame the Thuggets and not the refs.

JR was shut down. Billups was shut down. All the front line was shut down.

Lakers were aggressive and Thuggets were standing around. NBA or any game is about how aggressive you are.

I disagree .. Refs had nothing to do with the outcome of the game.



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