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Game 6 and all the talk about nearly everything BUT Game 6

Soren-390-Thereflg_med It's a sad state of NBA affairs when, on the eve of the a potentially series closing Game 6 between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets, all the chatter is devoted not towards Kobe Bryant.  Or Carmelo Anthony.  Or Pau Gasol.  Or Chauncey Billups.  Hell not even Sonny Weems.

Instead, the biggest names in question may be Mike Callahan and Mark Wunderlich.  Neither rings a bell?  Okay.  I'll throw you one more.  Joey Crawford.  That oughta do it. 

Happy, happy, joy, joy. 

I realize referee complaints are as entrenched a part of playoff culture as the TNT gang (recently taken to task task by Ron Ron), ads making use of the word "Amazing," and marathon articles by ESPN's Bill Simmons.  But when the Sports Guy's latest happens to be a dissertation about everything gone wrong with whose manning the whistles, that ain't a good thing.  And Simmons ain't the only one voicing dissatisfaction.  The staggering amount of flagrants and technicals assessed is being described as absurd, and that skepticism is granted validity when they're rescinded on a regular basis.  Even former official Hue Hollins is throwing the current crop under the bus, and this comes from a dude associated with a call still resonating of sketchiness fifteen years later!

Thus, it's no shocker to see the Lakers and Nuggets series mired in such anti-gruntled yap.  Specifically, an unnamed Nuggets player insinuating the 50K coughed up by Phil Jackson and the Laker organization wasn't so much a fine for criticizing the Game 4 referees, but rather a calculated investment to pressure favor in Game 5.  The irony, of course, being that George Karl then turned around and bitched about the refs, but simply utilized enough restraint to avoid getting hit with a bill.   Should the Nuggets end up on the right side of the charity stripe this evening, Karl's dad leaves himself open towards accusations of being the "bargain shopper" version of Phil Jackson.   The complainer who shops at Costco, if you will.

The worst part of all this?  This storyline isn't overblown.  The refereeing truly has been as amateurish as advertised.  Against both teams.  And during the Eastern Conference Playoffs as well.  What bothers me the most isn't so much the blown calls- Lame as it can be to hear, these guys are human- but the seemingly small interest expressed by the league to correct the problem.  Outwardly, there appears to be more concern about making sure "emotions don't boil over"- Seriously, Mr. Stern, seek whatever therapy or counseling is needed, because it's REALLY about time your paralyzing fear from the now-five-years-old-Palace Brawl was overcome- and creating the appearance of fairness than cutting down on referee assignments that smack of "conflict of interest," making better use of instant replay or adding more officials to the mix.  Doing something.  Anything.

Most of the Lakers Blog faithful aren't big on The Sport's Guy, and while I think they allow his inherent (and totally owned) Boston-bred dislike for the Lakers taint appreciation of what's often very insightful and funny writing, we are entitled to ones own taste for whatever reason.  But even the Simmons haters can agree with him that two classic Conference Finals are being overshadowed by referee flailing, and that really does stink.  It's also hurting the league's "image" way more than whatever hypothetical punch could (but probably won't) get thrown during a game of heighten stakes involving players that aren't robots. 

Anyhoo, for those still interested in tidbits involving the game...

And finally...


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I already bougth a ticket for Sunday's game 7. Go Lakers!!!

The ESPN "witnesses" are at it again.....Since their king is on the ropes they are hoping that Denver will keep Kobe from a chance at his 4rth......When Orlando shocks the world tomorrow the headlines will be "If Lebron had Kobe's team they would go undefeated" LOL .....I am expecting the Lake Show to come out with intensity, keep the game close, and win it in the closing minutes.......The WCF ends tonight.....

Lakers 2009 NBA CHAMPS


Here are my wishes for Game 6:

Whatever the Lakers were doing in Game 5, change it a little bit because those guys who were free to roam around will be heavily guarded. Don't expect Lamar and Shannon get a free look without getting a strong foul. Playoffs are games of adjustments, do you think Dantley, Dunn and Karl have not discussed the necessary strategies for all these guys. Therefore, I would like to ask Fisher, Bynum, Ariza and Sasha to step up big time because Kobe, Gasol and LO will get the brunt of Denver defense. You see when deadly animals are cornered, they will exhibit their fierce wildness and fight back before they finally give up. Lakers should employ their hunter instinct of aiming for the kill. The Matador will take his long sword & lunge it to the heart of the bull, (who have been circulating 50K BS) the pinching of spears are over, we need the curtain to fall down on the Nuggets to allow Fatty woman sing. Lakers need at least 8 energetic players to do the job. Go get them.

by Michael Sifringer in collaboration with Marcel Schirmer

"Taste my deadly revenge, smell your upcoming pain
Eat the dust to which you will decay, nothing will remain
I have been fighting for my rights but the wheels of the law
Turned out to be a toothless shark

Don't turn your back - looser - it is over!
You will enter the twilight halls
The final curtain falls, the final curtain falls."

>>> Give each coach 6 red balls to throw at the Refs.

Don't need to give Phil any balls, as he's already got `em.

And clearly the anonymous Denver player doesn't have `em

May the best team win tonight.

And I know who that "best team" is. Calm, calculated celebrating in LA tonight. The plane ride back should be joyous.

Go Lake Show!

This from a fan at cnnsi:

"Utah and Lakers should talk. Utah can get rid of Kirilenko and Boozer (and he can sign a new deal with LA) for a package including either Gasol or Bynum. That would leave either Gasol or Bynum to play center in LA with AK47 taking Ariza'a place and making them a better defensive team, and Boozer making them tougher. Gasol would make the same money as AK47 but be more productive, or they can take Bynum who will be much cheaper if they're looking to dump salary. They would have to throw in some other pieces like Sasha and Farmar as well as draft picks, but they can always make these things work. The Lakers will have some money to spend because Odom is off the books and they are way over the cap anyways, so they don't mind spending the money to win. "

I'll pass.


Tired of the talk of officiating, turn into radio eternity to catch the ephemeral voice of Chick Hearn calling the game from the afterlife...

I miss the days when I could turn the volume off the TV and listen to the radio for true play by play.

... so tired of NBA announcing. Nothing to ad since 199?

Otis is here - I know, big deal. Aunt Bea & Opie love the Lakers.

I didn;t read if anyone deciphered this....

"I hope the Lakers bring their "Moxy" tonight.

Can you figure out my quote?


Posted by: Hugo Boss | May 29, 2009 at 02:34 PM"

I believe Hugo Boss (my favorite designer who dents my wallet regularly) is making a refernce to the altitude and's 2 AM, I know the Lakers won, but I just got home from a 10.5 hour shift, could lose the "L" IMHO because that's how my employer treats their employees....

So final guess "moxy" could stand for Modus Operandi in the oxygen conditions they will be facing (already over...rembember, I time travel, because I work Carpy hours, well theirs actually another fish I could have used but I would have been bleeped, warned, banned...)

Did I get it Hugo Boss, and why did you make the uniforms for the Nazi's back in WWII??? No choice???

sorry, mean't lose the "T" from the word shift...which should be fine for me to reference on this blog considering what words make it onto television nowaday....

gotta eat and watch the dvr (betamax ruled!!!) of the game....


Hugo Boss,

"more oxygen'......hey I stopped reading so not sure if you revealed....

wesjoenixon said about the thought of players shuffled between Utah and LA by some guy at CNNSI..... The team we have know is almost perferct.....just woke up, watched the game in a haze last night, the totally played perfect ball...and you could see the spirit draining from the Denver players. Good team, good sportsmanship (except from D. Jones, can't believe he went to Duke....I bet he had issues while there because his continual recession to his core person showed he is an ars whole dirty player....). Even KMart, who was once a feared thug has grown and plays the game as it's supposed to be played....taking wins and losses like a man...the gloating of JR during the series was wrong...

OK I killed this blog.....


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