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Game 5 reaction and video

When BK state that last night's 103-94 Game 5 win over the Denver Nuggets was big enough to create its own genus for yet another bad Jurrassic Park sequel, he wasn't just whipping around hyperbole. This was a win that could have made or broken the Lakers' postseason quest.  Advancing forward from a 3-2 disadvantage isn't impossible. It's hardly unheard of.  But lest we forget, it's also anything but easy.

Thus, the importance of avoiding that scenario can't be underestimated.

Even more noteworthy, particularly when looking forward, was how the Lakers won. With defense, a second half stretch of around ten minutes where the Nuggets notched just five points. Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom swatting shots and challenging at the rim. Stop after stop after stop. Phil Jackson has seen a lot over his coaching career, and even he sat up and said "Wow!" while watching this sustained a lockdown.

And unlike the series previous quartet of contests, where the formula seemed to be "Kobe and Pau fill it up and roll the dice that someone else can maybe step up," every Laker that hit the hardwood added a legit two cents.  One dozen points apiece from Trevor Ariza and the heretofore shaky Derek FisherAndrew Bynum's presence felt during the first half.   Luke Walton played big minutes during the critical defensive stand. Even Sasha Vujacic, who didn't remove his warmups after halftime, came through by draining a buzzer beating three to kick off the Gatorade break. As Fox Sports' Todd Behrendt notes, that balanced attack put the purple and gold into overdrive.

        Coming off two games in Denver in which Pau Gasol was the only Laker other than Bryant to show up, L.A. desperately needed its supporting cast to take some pressure off its leading man. At least, if it was going to avoid returning to Denver in a 3-2 hole and choking away its title aspirations in that thin mountain air. Enter Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, Andrew Bynum and Shannon Brown — four players who can't match Kobe's Q rating combined, but whose contributions Wednesday night were essential to the Lakers' 103-94 Game 5 win.

       "We definitely see (what's happening with LeBron in the Eastern Conference finals) and we feel like we're the deepest team in the league," Bynum said. "So everybody has the opportunity to contribute all the time. If the ball's moving and we're moving ourselves, we've got a good shot."

Credit also the work from Kobe Bryant as a facilitator/quarterback, part of a game plan to keep everyone involved.

Two supporting players, however, may have walked away making the biggest impression.

The first was Lamar Odom, he of the balky back and previously meager stat lines. Walton mentioned after the game that LO's in much more pain than he'll readily admit, instead  opting to chug along without excuses and make the best of a bad situation.  And last night, emphasis was "best." 19/14 off the bench, highlighted by an ability to bounce back after frustrating sequences like missed layups. It's hardly groundbreaking news that when Odom is in a groove, the Lakers typically add more wins to their column.

Lamar Odom, on playing through his back pain and the emphatic dunk he threw down on Chris Andersen.

By the way, the rim shot after LO's deadpan joke came courtesy the editing magic of yours truly. We got sound effects up in this mug! This ain't your daddy's Lakers Blog, people!

More from Lamar on playing through the pain. Now in his tenth year and really in want of a ring, it's all about sucking it up.

The other guy who really grabbed notice was Shannon Brown, who came off the pine during the second half and ignited the team and Staples Center faithful with some seriously energetic play on both sides of the ball.  In particular, a dunk he threw down over The Birdman really helped snowball events in L.A.'s favor.

Beyond simply how well Shannon played, what truly impressed me was his ability to enter the game cold, having logged roughly zero first half minutes. That ability to stay ready is a reflection of a professionalism and attitude I've often praised.  As did Phil after the game.

Throw all that together and you've got the Lakers playing at the top of their game (possibly quite literally) and it couldn't have come at a better time. AK

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VERY good column by Bill Simmons.


Game 5 = Win

Five more wins = NBA Championship

Here's to the number 5. BUT, let's not forget about the number 1, as in number of wins reamaining for the Lakers to get to the Finals! Friday would be an excellent day to get it.

I had to watch the game on replay but at least that gave me an opportunity to watch and rewind some of the more amazing plays. Case in point...Kobe's faked three and the pass to a wide open Odom under the basket with about 30 seconds left in the last frame.

Lakers- Where Amazing Happens.

Congratulations to the team (esp. Odom, Gasol & Kobe) and Phil's tighter rotation. Love the defense in the 4th quarter. Beautiful!


When Brown is on the floor ya get the feeling good things are going to happen. Chauncey gets tentative knowing the kid can out muscle him, out run him and obviously out jump him.

Speaking of which, like a great movie, we all know he can jump out of the gym but every time he does it, we love it all over again.

He's the other Doberman Kobe's always wanted. He's the last piece of the Kobe, Trevor defensive assault.

Mamba24 - to answer your (sort of) question last thread:

We ALL have been talking about the live chat! We ALL wanted you (and UTZ) on there EONS ago!

You have just caught up and we are all very happy you did! Hopefully you won't suffer any more computer melt-downs and will be able to do it more frequently.

BTW - I think I sound the same on the chat.... weeelllll... maybe a little more rabid.... just a little.... but during the heat of the game you get all fired up! You have to support your team more aggressively. You have to go to the proverbial rim, which is what I try to do. I don't want to get called out for being too passive. Those guys (and girls) will turn on you in a heartbeat lol !

"By the way, the rim shot after LO's deadpan joke came courtesy the editing magic of yours truly. We got sound effects up in this mug! This ain't your daddy's Lakers Blog, people!" LOL

AK/BK, You guys are on point today with your writing!

Thanks for the link exhelodrvr.




Interesting, lonnnnng and revealing Simmons article.

Officiated sports are flawed. You can call holding on every down in football. Basketball is impossible and what the hell is a strike really?

Golf isn't officially tainted but who wants to watch it?

Maybe the most revealing thing about SImmons rant was saying Melo got fouled 73 times last night. Is that how you saw it? Van Gundy saw all kinds of Laker infractions, the refs reviewed and disagreed.

Nobody knows nothin.

Posted by: utzworld - THE BANNER HOLDER | May 28, 2009 at 10:39 AM


The BS about Melo getting beat up last night is ridiculous. If the Lakers play defense and don't get called for fouls, suddenly there's a conspiracy. If they play defense and get called for fouls then somehow it's an even game. People are so blinded by their biases they can't watch a game without assuming every play is a foul.

I liked what Simmons had to say up until he said something about Melo getting hacked all game. What a load. There were about 3 or four really bad calls in that game, just as there are in every game. The difference in fouls wasn't the problem last night.

The Lakers just played better.

BTW - I think I sound the same on the chat.... weeelllll... maybe a little more rabid.... just a little.... but during the heat of the game you get all fired up! You have to support your team more aggressively. You have to go to the proverbial rim, which is what I try to do. I don't want to get called out for being too passive. Those guys (and girls) will turn on you in a heartbeat lol !Posted by: justanothermambafan | May 28, 2009 at 10:20 AM


Good Morning Charles....Good Morning Everyone...

a much needed victory seemingly, great game...

though now the pendulum will swing back, as it were,....the trolls crawling back under their collective bridges, the fair weather fans back in force, the over optimistic falling over themselves to tell us how we are now ready to smear the Fuggetts on Friday...

Kobe's after game comments about the media and pundents (that's us) going from one extreme to the other after each game was insightful to say the least....

anyway, for some reason I can't see us winning on Friday but I sure would welcome a close out to say the least...

to win Friday we HAVE to:

MAKE FREE THROWS (did you hear my screams from up here in Idaho at each of the 9 misses?---I really hate crappy free throwing---there is no excuse whatsoever....this series would have been over long ago if we made our freebies with any proficiency...sorry for my redundency in this department, I know I have a problem---I tried to attend Free Thrower Lovers Annonymous but didn't like the punch...

FEED THE DAMN POST: how many of us have been screaming this mantra forever and a day--it's so simple a caveman could do it--- it makes me want to vomit my guts out of my lower abdominal cavity to see us feed the post a whole 3 times a game...

ATTACK THE RIM; both offensively and defensively---this is a no brainer Einstein...

PLAY WITH FOCUS, INTENSITY, AND PURPOSE: is it too much to ask of professional ball players???

DEFENSE, DEFENSE, AND .....WAIT FOR IT...MORE DEFENSE: nuff said Captain Obvious

and just for good measure how about abandoning the stinking triangle and actually play real basketball, i.e. utilizing the PICK AND ROLL and the GIVE AND GO until it hurts the Fuggets collective rectums ...

here's a popular quote of the day that I will add my name to the ever growing list of advocates: Brown needs more minutes, period...

is it Friday yet for the love of Spam?

"I told her I didn't and crawled off to sleep in the bath"

"I'm going to start a war for peace"



"...highlighted by an inability to bounce back after frustrating sequences..."

Am I reading this right? Cuz that's def not the LO I saw last night!! ;-)

Here's to Utz; the mother of all bird pluckers!!

Congratulations to the team (esp. Odom, Gasol & Kobe) and Phil's tighter rotation. Love the defense in the 4th quarter. Beautiful! Posted by: AZ LakerFan | May 28, 2009 at 10:12 AM


more thoughts seemingly or so....

loved our shot blocking last night---keep it up boys...

I watched that dunk by Shannon about 96 times...

if I had pitchfork handy, I think I could pop that Pilsbury Dough Boy Marsh Mello dude---really can't stand his little pudgy face (and I am being nice, believe me)

Karl hinting that Marshmello Man was beat up is pathetic---I thought he benefited from a lot of ghost calls if anything...

if we lose Friday my friend Steve will go off on his litany of how the NBA is fixed---one more reason for us to show the hell up...

I have bought a filter for my TV so I can actually look at the Fugly Fuggets without retching profusely...

Pau still didn't touch the ball near enough---8 shots????
some mathmatician could tell you that 5 for 8 is a pretty good shooting percentage---Pau needs to shoot a lot more Sherlock...


the more we attack the rim, the more they are going to foul us-----A = F SQUARED (now if we could only actually make our free throws----ah shut up Floyd cries the masses)

I would really appreciate a close out on Friday, that's my vote anyway...

Lamar HAS to show up on Friday---please someone piss him off the right way, take his bong away, or wake him up or kick him in the nuts or whatever it takes---attack the rim and dunk Lamar, really it's okay to utilize your size and ability, it really is...



Hopefully, the much shorter rotations last night won't result in another "fatigue game" in Denver Friday.

Once again, we see that when Kobe moves the ball and HELPS the role players step up, we're the best team in the league. It's not enough to say "I need help"; a great leader controls the situation and provides the circumstances that allow his troops to thrive.

Kobe did that last night and we all saw the results. Here's hoping Karl won't realize his mistake and try and goad Kobe in to shooting 30+ times. And here's hoping that if he does, Kobe is smart enough not to fall for it.

My Reaction?

Well.. I said 101-82. Hmm.. Had the bipolar dudes played defense for an additional quarter I would be Oracle of Apollo.

I am right now flirting with the idea of 1 point game for Friday? Thuggets loose by 1.

Or do the Marsh-Melos have a complete meltdown and call vacation early. Hmmmm...

Altitude is 5400 ft in Denver. Maybe Lakers take a rest and let the freat of nature Mamba take over. 50 pt kobe night and Denver watches Sun set on 08-09 Season.

Great year for Nuggets though. Loved Chauncey turn it around for them. Anyone thinks Chauncey still has something left in the tank to take 2 from LA? And 4 from Orlando? Yes I am counting LeBrick out.. counting the eggs before they have hatched.

BTW Game 7 is in LA.. so Lakers can go to Denver wine and dine. Loose the game by 100 pts and still won't matter. I would even rest most of the players there.

My strategy to pop as many 3's in 1st quarter as you can. See if you can bury the Thuggets. See if you can get sasha going.. Pretty much have no plan.. so Thuggets don't know what hit em. experiment Phillup!

Correction: Freak of Nature

Like i have said before, Shannon Brown is quickly becoming my second favorite Laker behind KB24. The enrgy he brought when he entered the game put us over the top. We were able to pull away and put it away. Great team work for the entire game. This would be a great time to get back2back wins. Lets finish this tomorrow in Denver.


Roy Batty
Typo. Good catch. Thanks.


Once again Kevin Ding goes a little deeper.

This is an excellent article:

My brother and I always say, Kobe's value is not his scoring but his mind. He's more deadly and cold-blooded because he uses his mind more than his brawn.

BTW, thanks much for the article exhelodrvr.

I have to agree strongly with the overall sentiment. I am absolutely sick and tired of seeing time after time a player throw himself into a defender who is standing straight up, and the call go against the defender.

If the defender reaches, grabs, or otherwise actively creates the contact, then yes call the foul on him. But when the offensive player simply lunges, head down, straight into a stationary/vertical defender, either call an offensive foul or don't call anything.

Bynum's 2nd (or maybe 3rd) foul on Mello last night was a textboook example.

The league definitely needs to put an end to it.

Nobody knows nothin. Posted by: Vman | May 28, 2009 at 10:46 AM


Lamar HAS to show up on Friday---please someone piss him off the right way, take his bong away, or wake him up or kick him in the nuts or whatever it takes---attack the rim and dunk Lamar, really it's okay to utilize your size and ability, it really is...GO LAKERS !!! Posted by: Floyd | May 28, 2009 at 11:10 AM

Floyd, brother you have out done yourself!!

Didn't Bill Simmons complain about biased officiating in Game 3 of last year's finals because the Celtics shot 12 fewer free throws? That was a game after Boston shot 38 free throws to LA's 10. Read him at logic's peril.

Didn't Bill Simmons complain about biased officiating in Game 3 of last year's finals because the Celtics shot 12 fewer free throws? That was a game after Boston shot 38 free throws to LA's 10. Read him at logic's peril.
Posted by: ZLakeShow | May 28, 2009 at 11:50 AM


KOBE TAKES 13 SHOTS? (repost)

Blitz, remember the arguments we had about Kobe taking less shots and getting more asists a game? I've been harping on the fact that with all the attention Mamba gets, and with the players he has around him, 8 assists a game and less than 25 shots a game spells Laker Championship.

Last night he was forced to distribute the rock and he did it masterfully. Yes, he had a few to many turnovers, but his overall play in this mode empowers his teammates, gives us great balance and basically makes us unstoppable. Also, keeps more gas in his tank for the crunch time heroics we always depend on.

Bottom line, Kobe as distributor, facilitator and team leader (7-8 assists per) gets us to the promised land.

Keep it up Mamba and we close this thing on Friday.

No need of wining and dining in Denver and play again with the switch. Finish the job before eating a lot of candies. Nuggets are on a dead end street, all they can do is wiggle a win and come over to braggarts like that Birdman who thinks he can fly. Today, they have a bird flu with clipped wings, don't let them rise from their ashes. Terminate those thugs who wants to play in the Finals at the expense of the Lakers. Our objective: Lakers should not hurt themselves by playing fire with thugs, at least the other thugs in the East coast have been eliminated. Is KG playing in the Finals? NO but they are dreaming of Old Shaq playing with Baby slow it can be in a limbo rock? Celtic dynasty hahahahahaha!

I agree that Simmons article is boring and unnecessary.

Simmons is like Vic the Brick when he was first on Ch. 9 or 13 way back when dinos roamed the Earth...kinda funny the first time then increasingly annoying each subsequent time after when you realize there is no real substance behind it. Yes Bill, I get it that you've seen a few movies in the '80's and want to reference them because you think that will make you obscure and mistaken for hip. Please move on.

That article could have been about half as long. Hollinger wrote a good piece in where he discusses the refs calls are not out of norm, and it was about 1/3 in length, with actual facts and not pop culture references.

But the most telling part of the article is the end when he throws out the Nene's fouls and Melo's non calls. I agree that I wouldn't have called Nene's last 2, but he got away with one when he clearly rips Kobe's left arm off the ball in that Fisher "Coopaloop" to Kobe. Too bad he couldn't have managed to hold off his contempt for the Lakers and everything LA (despite living there) for an entire article and act like a professional for a change.

I found this bit a little 5 year oldish...Ya think...

a Nuggets player said.."The Lakers paid 50,000 for that game and they got there money's worth"..That was said by a Nuggets player who did not want to be identified....And who do you think that brain surgeon was?....It was reported over at RealGm........My guess is Kenyon Martin....

Some crap by an unknown Kobe-hater blogger:

Here is what he has mentioned:

" (Melo) He's a nice player, but he's two giant steps below the superstar status occupied by LeBron, Dwight, and CP, and he's a step removed from Kobe, Dirk, and the rest. "

So, does he mean to say Kobe is ONE step below LeCrab, Howard and CP?? I think the writer has got eyes and brain both in his behind!! Kobe is inarguably the best in business, and calling him below Crabron, Dwight and Paul is the biggest shame you can bestow on Mamba!!

I did not want to continue reading into the article and stopped once I reached that crap!! He calls himself "TCW", instead he can call himself jackass, and even that would be an understatement.

And what this Simmon's article telling Melo was hacked 76 times?? Did he 1st of all TOUCH the ball that many times...???

Bill Simmons' initials of BS match perfectly with another two-letter word which starts with Bull and ends with "it'.
Perfect match for him.....

Lets march through the adversity and bring home the "W"

Didn't Bill Simmons complain about biased officiating in Game 3 of last year's finals because the Celtics shot 12 fewer free throws? That was a game after Boston shot 38 free throws to LA's 10. Read him at logic's peril.
Posted by: ZLakeShow | May 28, 2009 at 11:50 AM



-Lakers NEED to win this series on Friday, If only just to spare this fragile heart from something tragic.

-When Fisher made that boneheaded play in the first half (you know the one where he was late on the outlet pass and it got picked off) I don't think I've ever yelled louder at the TV. My thoughts were that if any other Laker guard (besides Kobe) makes that play PJ takes him off the floor so fast his head spins. By the way, I adore Fisher. Anyway...

-Bynum looks good. He just might be a little too slow to compete at this point, especially with this Nuggets team.

-I'm developing a man-crush on Shannon Brown.

-Kobe was brilliant yesterday. That's your legend right there people.

-If the Lakers continue to play the way they played to end that game yesterday, i.e. team ball, the Laker team we've been dreaming about will finally be realized.

-It was kinda weird, but when they were showing Jack Nicholson joke with the Birdman and George Karl, I had this feeling we were going to win. Not sure why.

-Thank God for Pau Gasol.

Go Lakers!!!

Fan of the Mamba,

Kevin Ding is great.

The Three Stooges are not so great.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Tomorrow it's going to be very tough; refs will return to Denver mode, Chauncey will reach 20 points, grabbing as many rebounds as Nuggets will be a chimera, and Lakers’ bench will not be as sharp as yesterday…

If there is a chance to win, that chance is called DEFENSE

Since the BS article is getting a lot of run, here's my take posted on another site:

Simmons piece was generally good, which is something I seldom say in reference to him, but in the end his ever present and not-so-subtle gaps in objectivity are his undoing.

He is a knowledgeable and frequently engaging writer. He is also a full on Celtics homer masquerading as a sports journalist. His fondess for the green is the root of his antipathy towards the Lakers and is the reason why he points out hacking on Melo but fails to point out the similar and in my view more egregious muggings Kobe has frequently received in the paint dyring the Denver series with no foul called. I can live with that but let’s not make Carmelo the poster child for Victims of NBA Refs Anonymous.

Kobefan in Cupertino

The best answer to the Star comparison to Kobe is a question:

"Have you seen my 3 championship rings?"

Have you guys seen this drivel posted on the Sports Illustrated site under "Truth & Rumors"??

"The NBA has an integrity problem, as shrill and annoying as a referee's whistle. If the competitors don't trust the truth in the final score, why should we? Did the Nuggets lose to the Los Angeles Lakers 103-94, or were they robbed by referees who gave favorable calls to a marquee franchise that pumps up television ratings? Does the league want to see superstar Kobe Bryant in the NBA Finals rather than the tattooed bad boys of Denver? In an accusation that goes straight to the heart of the sport's integrity, one member of the Nuggets shook his head in disgust after the game, and could not believe how cheap it was for Los Angeles to buy a 3-2 lead in the Western Conference finals. "The Lakers paid $50,000 to win that game. They got their money's worth," said a Denver player, not wanting to be identified for fear of retribution from the league."
Denver Post

Hmmmmm - wonder who the mystery playa was???

I thought that I read that KMart made the 50k comment? Though I can't remember where I saw it.

Enquiring minds want to know:

Has David Stern ever actually played Organized Ball?

Here's something for the conspiracy theorists:

Game 4: PJ sits Kobe on the bench at the start of the 4th; Nuggets pull away.

Game 5: GK sits Melo on the bench at the start of the 4th; Lakers pull away.

IF (BIG IF) PJ sits Kobe on the bench at the start of the 4th qtr of game 6 on Friday and then Nuggets pull away, thereby assuring a profitable game 7, something's rotten in the state of the NBA....

I'm watching game 6 of the Lakers Phoenix series on ESPNclassic, I had forgotten Kwame's horrible, horrible hands, and how many bad decisions Smush made. I am so happy at how things have changed.

Never mind the false prophets on ESPN, ABC, TNT, etc. .....they are all "Witnesses" and ALL THEIR CHIPS WERE/ ARE ON LEBRON and they are working over time to shift the attention of their media disciples......Thats why their Lebron worship has shifted from "ALL HAIL Lebron the GOAT" to neither Kobe or Lebron is on MJ's level......The hype machine is breaking down and they are fretting to fix it.......It is incredible to see what Orlando has done playing against "Lebron the GOAT" AND THE NBA REFS......The calls that have gone against Orlando are corrupt at best......If it was Kobe scoring 40+ in series and his team was down 3-1he would be the scum of the earth......But of course the desperate cry of the talking heads is "The King needs help"........Kobe will shut up the male groupies on ESPN and get his 4 rth and then they will start to saying well Kobe only really has 1 title that counts - LOL!! ....The refs have manipulated calls for Lebron while ESPN, Nike, ABC, Vitamin Water, and sadly the Logo himself prematurely hailed Lebron as the GOAT and now they realized they got suckered into their own hype......For the sober minded fan it is wonderful to watch......perhaps the league will diversify some of their marking to other guys after this self inflicted debauchery. The Celtics will be back next year to give the KOBE/PAU/BYNUM Lakers redemption for last years "Beantown Beatdown" . If the Lakers play with the sense of desperation they played with in the second half last night, they are almost unbeatable......Soon the Hype machine will be turned off for the summer and the Lakers will be the 2009 NBA CHAMPS by mid June.....Laker fans this could be the beginning of another LAKER DYNASTY..


If history repeats itself, lamar will disappear Friday. One good game in the series is not bad, though.
Posted by: BUTLER | May 28, 2009 at 12:38 AM

[Now it looks like Butheadler is comparing LO to the Suns. A few good games in the season and done for playoffs. LO hs a lump in his back and played through it. Any Sun or ppl down on LO would not be on the floor or their job.]


To answer your question... no, i personally haven't read that SI post yet but i don't need to, i already know there is always financial influences in every game. In the lakers case (i hate to say it..but) they do get alot "help" to win games like game 5. Do you think anybody is gonna tune in to watch a Denver/Orlando finals? I always come off very cynical on this blog when it comes to some issues, but if any of you think that the nba or any pro sports league is in a perfect little innocent world then you need your brain checked. David Stern has this god given gift of seeing the future, he won't tell you but he knows what teams will meet in next years finals. If i'm right it will be a boston and lakers rematch, afterall you can't let an opportunity like this slip away when in a few more years the window closes on nba's most popular reborn rivalry.
good find btw.

Just 50K? Dr. Buss has it wrong then. To win 16 playoff games he just need 800K. Fire DJ Mbenga then and use that salary to win the next 12 year championship. Then lets hear Boston brag about their 11 rings.

By the way, the trade of Vladimir Radmanovich for Adam Morrison and SHANNON BROWN is one of the more brilliant trades ever. It's not as flashy brilliant as the Pau Gasol trade, but it wasn't obvious in the slightest.
Mitch to Charlotte: "Hey, you guys need a shooter, why don't we trade you Vladmir Radmanovich for Adam Morrison... and throw in THAT SHANNON BROWN KID just to even things out. He doesn't play anyways, right?"
Just brilliant. Mitch, how do you do it?
What do we play for? RINGS!!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.
Posted by: Jon K. | May 28, 2009 at 08:17 AM

[Actually I was bugged by it as to how it came about. PJ usual mind games frustrated Vlade to request trade and PJ is now doing the same to AB.

I love the trade went down and we got SB but would have loved to have seen Walton and not Vlade go.

I don’t care for AMO because of his attitude. He stated he was going to get well physically and then try next season. BS you come in to a new team and try to start improving on the spot.]

I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Cousin had the nerve to tell me that we could have used Smush Parker in this seriuos. I almost through the remote at him last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would take a broke down D-Fish over aSmush Parker anyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's Go Lake Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carmelo should be suspended:
Posted by: Rancho | May 28, 2009 at 08:11 AM

[I completely agree. Imagine if Kobe did that to Melo, don’t doubt Kobe would have gotten flagrant 2 call on that.]

Fan of the Mamba,

I'm really starting to like Ding's columns. He seems to be the thinking man's columnist. He actually analyses what he sees and writes accordingly.

I also agree with his assessment of the game, and he didn't even mention how Kobe single-handedly kept Sasha in the series by setting him up for that game-tying three to end the half.

That move told Sasha two things; we need you and we trust you.

If Sasha actually comes out of his slump, we'll all look back at that play and say that started it all. If not, at least Sasha knows he was instrumental in helping to clinch game 5, the pivotal game of the series.

PJ was smart to not reinsert Sasha after that, instead opting to allow Sasha to only have good thoughts about the game to take forward.

That's being a team mate. He trusted the game's biggest shot (at that time) to a guy who needs to work on his confidence.



"Blitz, remember the arguments we had about Kobe taking less shots and getting more asists a game? I've been harping on the fact that with all the attention Mamba gets, and with the players he has around him, 8 assists a game and less than 25 shots a game spells Laker Championship."

Again it takes more than 8 assists and 25 less shot attempts to win games.

(Game 4 2008 NBA Finals).

If your teammates won't be as active it matters not.

Last night was LO being active and Kobe finding the guys who made their shots which included Sasha finally. If Kobe gets 8 assists and only 20 shots yet the Lakers lose what then?

Don't forget 7 turnovers KB had some were passes that the teammates cut the wrong way.

The better stat that was more pleasing was 25 assists and it all didn't come from Kobe.

"Chris Anderson is today's Dennis Rodman"

Without the athleticism or the ability to guard positions 1-5. Rodman could guard guys from Shaq, Malone, Bird, Jordan and even some point guards. On complete contrast Kobe dunked on Birdman all the way from the perimeter. All that birdie reminds me more of Marcus Camby except not as good as Camby (the Camby in Denver not Clipper Camby) but while Camby was a class act Birdman is thug.

The losing team and it's fans are always going to complain about officiating in the playoffs regardless of how well a game may or may not have been called. Officials are always going to miss some calls on both sides during the course of a game. It's just that those missed calls are mostly remembered by the losing team.

As for Simmons article, it's ridiculous! He's a Celtic fan and a Laker hater thru and thru. He only complains when the Lakers win, or the Celtics lose. Maybe the NBA could start a writers school.

"If the competitors don't trust the truth in the final score, why should we?"

Because the "competitors" usually like to blame something or someone other than themselves for the loss. A lot of sportswriters have been saying that they felt the game was officiated more fairly than most in this series. Why is it that the only people who are so adamant it was fixed are the Nuggets, their fans and, by extension, the people like Mark Kiszla who cover the team for the Denver Post?

Remember the Sacramento series, when the Lakers beat them in a Game 7 in Sacramento? The Kings just kept saying all summer that they were better than the Lakers. They blamed the officiating. They blamed the league. They blamed everybody and everything but themselves. If the Nuggets keep going with this persecution complex, they'll wind up exactly like the Kings: All of their potential in ashes on the floor and not a single championship to show for it.


I agree wholeheartedly with your post. Last night I was sick to my stomach when I turned to NBATV for the post game press conference of the Lakers/Nuggets. Laker and Kobe Hater extraordinaire, Rick Kamla was analyzing the game with Eric Snow when all of the sudden he stopped and stated that Kobe had the highest 4 game pt total in the CF until LeBron James surpassed Kobe after scoring 44 pts in his game 4 loss to the Magic. LeBron's accomplishment had nothing to do with the Lakers/Nuggets last night, yet Kamla went out of his way to make sure that LeBron got props even though his team is down 3-1 and on the brink of elimination.

What's more sickening is how the analysts on ESPN, TNT, ABC and NBATV continue to be more positive of the Cavs chances of advancing despite being down 3-1 than they are the Lakers who lead their series 3-2. All they keep saying when the Cavs lose is that LeBron doesn't have enough help, while they chastise the Lakers and say things like the Lakers have no heart, no killer instinct, don't play hard all the time and are soft. Truth is, all these guys must feel like idiots now because they look bad as analysts because they've put LeBron and the Cavs on such a high pedastal and appear to be falling off their high perch. You don't hear these fools saying that the Cavs are in any real trouble which I think is clearly a sign of disrespect to the Magic. If the Lakers were downn 3-1, these same guys would be saying that it's over. All I can say is, the hell with all these haters and their weak predictions. Go Lakers!!!

If the Lakers and Orlando make it to the Finals, Jeff Van Gundy should excuse himself from the broadcast team. There is no way he can be any where near objective if his brother is coaching a team in the Finals.

We don't hear too much about Mark Jackson as a potential coach anymore, do we? Dude has been exposed.

Great game last night. The Laker big men defended the goal with zealous energy. Combined with Shannon's inspirational minutes and better defensive rebounding, The Show was able to get the job done. This is the way the team has to play on Friday.

Anthony's clothesline of Kobe needs to be reviewed. He caught Kobe in the head and neck area. Bad play. Jones got away with another trip on Fisher when they got entangled near the Denver bench early in the game. He's a real dirty player...this year's Raja Bell.


Guys! Forget Simmons and his stupid article. Here's a fantastic one from Slate:

Basically talks about how you are nothing until you beat KB24. Love it.

Off point but reading hoopshype rumor has it Dallas and Knicks may be trying to get package to trade for rights to Ricky Rubio at #2 pick from Memphis or #3 pick from Thunder.

I say we package Luke Walton, Jordan Farmar, AMO (expiring contract) D Fish (expiring contract and our #1 pick to Memphis which has always been a good trading partner.

Back to presentnI will stick to my prediction of Lakers in 6.

LA Lakers -4 games
Denver Stearns - 2 games

Good to see the Laker big men getting their "touches" by blocking shots and grabbing rebounds.

Heard a lot about Kobe's 7 TO's. Didn't hear too much about the fact that 'Melo had 5 of his shots blocked in addition to having 5 TO's of his own. That's 10 changes of possession.

Rumor has it that LeBrawn & Co. will be out on Lake Erie fishing as soon as tomorrow. Even though the Magic are a great team, I'd prefer to see the Lakers have the HCA in the Finals, should they get there (I don't want to jinx them!).

Karl needs to get fined for his comments about the refs. If PJ took a hit, so should he. And, IMO, retroactive flagrant fouls serve little purpose as far as penalizing the offender. If a foul is upgraded to flagrant, free thows should be shot at the start of the next game if the series is still in progress. Jones' 2 flagrants didn't hurt his team the way they should have. He deserved to be suspended for the trip. Again, just my opinion.

Pleasant Day to everyone,

See this article from David Friedman, if you enjoy Kevin Ding post then surely you are also going to love his in-depth post-game analysis of the Lakers.


Thank you Kobe! Talk about cutting up a team. Magic!

Thank you Pau! Brilliant basketball

Thank you Odom! The Octopuss

Thank you Shannon Brown! The Spark that ignited them!

It was nice that someone woke up Phil and let him know that Shannon is still on team and is actually a pretty good ball player.



We continue to bring the ball inside tomorrow against Denver and we'll win.

I'm confident about that.

Ball movement + Feed the post + Strong defense = Victory.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



You are right on. All I'm hearing are excuses about how great Lebron's been playing, and how he is not getting help from teammates. This might be true, but it's a complete double standard.

If Kobe was getting his stats, and still losing to Orlando, all we would hear about is how Kobe is not a leader, he can't make his teammates better, his shooting hurts the team, he can't win without Shaq, blah blah blah.

Cavs fans would argue that Kobe has a better supporting cast, which is true, but these same criticisms about Kobe started when he was playing alongside Kwame, Smush, Luke and Cook.

It's a battle Kobe cannot win unless he wins three or four more championships.

man, i can't stand the nuggets. it's their whole attitude. they act like they are tough but really they are the classic bullies. seriously, man up. the refs suck in all of the games, but hey at least the lakers are not playing dirty and intentionally trying to hurt you and getting away with it. k-mart is one of the players that i really cannot stand. watch next game nuggets will get another 20+ free throws and end up hurting one of the lakers. for some reason, i hope i am wrong b/c i have a feeling they will either hurt kobe, lamar, or trevor. i just don't put anything past them. i

"David Stern has this god given gift of seeing the future, he won't tell you but he knows what teams will meet in next years finals"

Absolutely. That's why Dallas was in the FInals a couple of years ago. And why New York hasn't been in the FInals for a long time. And why the Clippers won the lottery. 'Cuz it's all part of the plan.

haha so funny

Lebron actually told people on TV that he was trying to do what kobe did last night lol

everything these guys do is modeled after the Lakers

first the olympics with everyone picking up on Kobe's tactics.

now Phil jackson's coaching methods

thankfully they cant steal the triangle


What we saw last night might well be a glimpse of the Lakers next evolution. While it is purely bored speculation while waiting for tomorrow night’s game, maybe the solution to the future of the Lakers point guard position is Kobe Bryant.

Now before you laugh, realize that once Drew recovers from his injury and starts playing like a beast, the Lakers current advantage in the front court is going to grow even greater. As will the need for the Lakers perimeter players to feed the ball to the post, which is far easier for a 6-7 player like Kobe than our team’s current mob of smaller point guards.

And point guard in the Triangle Offense is really more of a combo position. What it demands is a player who can handle the ball, make plays for his teammates, hit the open shot, and play lock down man defense on opposing teams’ point guards. Sound like anybody currently on our team? Remind you of anybody on Team USA?

Whether he actually plays the position or not, I think we are going to see a lot more of Kobe the Facilitator starting next year as the team refocuses its offense on Drew, Pau, and Lamar in the paint and Kobe focuses his game more and more on playmaking, defense, and closing out games in the fourth quarter. Kobe will score less but more efficiently.

Another factor is that great point guards are much harder to find than great shooting guards. It’s hard to imagine any team in the league parting with a Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, or Deron Williams but finding a Lakers version of Ray Allen to play shooting guard to Kobe’s point guard would definitely be an easier task.

That’s not to say that the team won’t turn to Kobe to bail them out when team ball is floundering from time to time. Or that Kobe will turn into a pass first rather than shoot first player. Rather he will adapt his focus on what the team needs, much as he is doing right now but with a clearer understanding that our matchup edge is in power basketball.

Kobe the Point Guard.
To hell with chasing MJ.
Better to chase Magic.
Be a triple-double threat.
Evolve like Wilt the Stilt.
Pedigree of a Champion.

Anyway, is it game time yet. LOL!


Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Great game last night! The Lakers now have a 3-2 series lead to take with them to the Mile High City. However, it's long from being done. There is still the business at hand of closing out a very determined Denver Nuggets team in their building.

The one thing they need to take with them is their INTERIOR game featuring Gasol, Bynum and Odom. That is what got them the Game #5 victory without question. It is who they are and should be! The Lakers are the most dangerous when they feature their INSIDE-OUTSIDE game for four quarters and KB24 as the closer. This is their WINNING recipe!

Believe me, their height in the interior with a skilled Gasol, a big bodied Bynum, and a talented Odom (when on display) are no match for any team when committed to the painted area with a sense of purpose and energy.

When they exploit the interior, I strongly feel that it gets the Lakers lathered up "physically" and "mentally." In other words, it gets them engaged in what they want to do on both ends of the floor.

The 4th quarter was a prime example of bringing that "mentality" and kind of "physicality" to the opponent. This was the first time all series that the Lakers manned up physically with a sense of "want" and "desire." Although the game was tied after three quarters, you could sense that LA was wearing down the Nuggets as they pretty much forced them to move defensively for huge stretches during the game.

Denver became reactive and fouled as a result. The aggressor, the Lakers in this case, naturally got the calls because of their will to play their "game."

With Game #6 coming up Friday night, I expect the Lakers to continue the steady diet of INTERIOR play. They are not going to win this game with KB24 being the savior.

Interestingly, I really like the matchup of Brown on Billups on D. His strength can bother him as shown in last night's game. Even Farmar did a decent job on him. Basically, if you limit Billups, you limit Denver's capability of winning pretty much. However, Billups is too much of a battle tested veteran to have two bad games in a row. I expect Billups to be a handful.

With this in mind, as long as the Lakers play their game by exploiting the interior with their bigs, rebounding with a purpose, and playing smart basketball on both ends, I see no reason why they can't win Game #6 in Denver. Most of all, if Odom plays the way he did last night as well as the bench in key situations, Denver will check out of the WCF.

They just don't have an answer for the Lakers third wheel (Odom) when he is locked in. It's obvious!

BTW, their second half defense was the best I've seen all playoffs. Like they say, good "interior" offense leads to good "defense."

As fans, we are surely going to find out a lot about our team Friday night in terms of character and desire. Adversity up to this point should serve the Lakers well. They don't want a Game #7 on Sunday afternoon. That should be the "message."

The message you may ask? Be consistent! Just WIN the damn game!

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

orlando just blew a great chance. They are under pressure to close it out at home because you know if there is a game 7 there is no way orlando will win, all the favorable calls went to lebron charging into defenders and there is no way the refs call anything for orlando, you saw it again tonight...Orlando must play inside out to get open shots. They must throw the ball in to howard instead of taking bad 3 point shots. too many 3s for orlando...


You got a point.. Kobe is Kobe not MJ, not Magic, not Wilt, and obviously not Shaq..

I criticize the Mamba but really he is like a two edged sword. You double him and you will pay because he may still drive on you. Or he may just find the guy under the basket. If you play him one on one then you are at his mercy. Its like Thuggets are finding out. Dilema for the Thuggets.. To Double or not to Double?

And Butler.. I don't think Lamar will vanish tonight. Okay you may be right if you look at the history; however, I got this feeling he will eat the Nuggets like Candy Tonight. Monster Rebounding by Lamar. Hope he gets into the paint and takes it to the rack.

Chauncey looked dejected in the interview last night. I love the guy but I see the Sun Setting in his eyes. Denver looks like they don't have any answers to Lakers front line, point gaurds, and Kobe. Thats what I see on Chauncey's face. I think he needs to mentor Marsh-Melo another year to be tough and not make mental mistakes. Marsh-Melo is cracking under pressure.

Lakers by 1 tonight.

Another steal by Ariza in last seconds of the game?

Orlando Magic are boneheads also. The 3's that got them there also wrecked their chances. Had they utilized howard down low .. Lebron would be LeBounced.

From 3rd quarter they should have adjusted and gone to the post every time. Cavs centers would have foulded out by 3rd quarters end. Hedo and Rashard can shoot but they ran out of energy by fourth and had no legs to jump.

One good thing though.. Fruitcake Gundy Lost!

"David Stern has this god given gift of seeing the future, he won't tell you but he knows what teams will meet in next years finals"

Absolutely. That's why Dallas was in the FInals a couple of years ago. And why New York hasn't been in the FInals for a long time. And why the Clippers won the lottery. 'Cuz it's all part of the plan.

Posted by: exhelodrvr | May 28, 2009 at 05:38 PM


New York has not been to the Finals? Maybe you should talk about New York not even getting to the Playoffs. Maybe you should talk about how New Yorkers think it is a good year if Knicks win 32 games. Maybe you should tell Dolan to stop drinking and making decisions like getting Isiah to be the GM and coach when he is drunk. Maybe if you did not shell out a billion to Allan Houston and Marbury they could have signed some decent players. Even Larry Brown could not work because of the mess. Blamed it on one of the best coaches? Ask yourself.. where is Isiah? where is Marbury?

NY is trying to recover. Good decision to bring in Donnie. Not sure about D'Antoni.. 7 seconds or less. sounds like Premature blank blank blank (fill the word in). NY is betting on bringing LeBrick. LeBrick will be tired midway 1st quarter in that kind of offense. And remember Kobe torched NY for like 61 point on 61% shooting.

But to say Knicks and Finals in the same sentence kind of hurts the tongue.


This is how you build a championship team:

1. Have a guy like Dr. Buss as owner of a team
2. A GM like Jerry West
3. Get a Coach like Phillup
4. Get players like Shaq and Kobe
5. Get role players

It also helps to have won like 15 championships and fans who support like crazy (3-4 generations).

Lets look at Knicks:

1. Owner: stinks
2. Current GM: not proven yet
3. Antoni: seriously nuts
4. Got no star Player
5. Won't even make role players on Laker team

Fans always looking for next year. 2010 when we land Lebron!



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