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The Lakers will need to "rebound" after this loss

Yup, clever titles like that are why I get me the big dollars as a paid writer.

Kobe Byrant As I explained during last night's game summary, Game 4's 120-101 finish was the result of superior energy offered by the Denver Nuggets, the glass's disparity a most telling sign.  Rarely does getting beat 58-40 overall and allowing opponents a honkin' twenty boards on the offensive glass serve as a recipe for winning, and the Lakers weren't the exception proving the rule.  "We just didn't get to the ball," noted Phil Jackson of his team's lethargic showing (perhaps a painful reminder of why they needed to shorten the series against Houston).

Indeed, the Lakers didn't get to the ball as often as needed.  And when they did actually possess the rock, they didn't utilize it well, hitting just 42% of their shots.  Kobe Bryant led the way with 34 points, but sank just 10 of his 26 tries.  Pau Gasol was his usual dependable self, pitching in 21 points on an 8-11 clip from the field.  Beyond that, Crickets City.  Andrew Bynum showed some second half life en route to fourteen points, but that was about as good as she got for the purple and gold.  Even series hero/"potential keeper" Trevor Ariza was a no show.  With four games in the books and few Lakers stepping up on a consistent basis, the O.C. Register's Kevin Ding is wondering if anybody not named "Kobe" or "Pau" can be relied on.

Should Ding's concern prove more "realistic" than "pessimistic," that may put even more onus on El Spaniard to help carry the load.  Pau is cool with that, but first he needs to carry the ball more often, a request the Daily News' Ramona Shelburne reports is growing more pointed....

        Denver's far less talented and polished frontcourt players, Kenyon Martin (5-of-11, 13 points) and Nene (5-of-8, 14 points) took one more shot than the Lakers' All-Star power forward and future All-Star center. What's most troubling is that exploiting their frontcourt advantage with Gasol and Bynum doesn't even seem to be a focal point of the game plan.   "Obviously it wasn't the game plan tonight," Gasol said with an annoyed shrug. "It should've been. It should be in the game plan every night. At least for me. From my perspective. But obviously it wasn't and we didn't get the ball down low early on, we settled."

       Pau puts up a shot over Nene Earlier in the season, Gasol politely expressed his frustrations at his team's inexplicable propensity for forgetting it has an immensely talented, skilled offensive-minded low post threat. But he did not want to make it a distraction for his team, because the Lakers were winning so many games.  But after a loss like this, in a series he could've dominated, in a season in which he has played so well, Gasol was through being polite.  "It's frustrating because we lose games," he said. "I don't mind when we win, because the bottom line is, I want to win. But I feel like we have an advantage, and I'm effective, we should stay with what works and what's effective and not get away from it. It just doesn't make a lot of sense."

No argument from me, but even if Pau's shots and touches properly increase, the Lakers' supporting cast still needs to pick it up.  That could be the difference between a title and coming up short, says SI's Chris Mannix...

      Title-winning teams are deeper than two or even three star players. Where would the Lakers have been in 2002 without Robert Horry, who pulled their fat out of the fire with two game-saving three-pointers? (Come to think of it, would they have won any of their three championships this decade without Big Shot Rob?) Or where would the Spurs be without Bruce Bowen, whose pesky defense was  instrumental in San Antonio's raising three of its four banners?

      Championship teams need to be eight, sometimes nine players deep. They need significant contributions from their role players and more than just towel waving from their bench.

Certainly, Denver's second unit passed this test, picking up the slack on a night where Carmelo Anthony battled a sick stomach and a bad ankle.  J.R. Smith scored two dozen off the pine, twelve alone on three-point shots.  Still a major work in progress, the kid managed to balance an unquenchable thirst to chuck with some much needed play-making.  If only such restraint could be displayed when it comes to over the top reactions after a successful shot. 

Nba_g_jrsmith3_576 Late in the fourth, on the second of back-to-back three's, Smith busted a move somewhere between "funky chicken" and "George Jefferson strut," a display of theatrics that can only be described as "bush."  If the NBA is so concerned about emotions bubbling over (as one assumes, given the immediacy in which T's or flagrants are now doled out), perhaps they should send a memo Mr. Smith's way with a request to quit "showboating" (by his own admission).  To me, this stuff is carries as big a threat to spark skirmishes as a hard foul. 

Between Smith's antics and Dahntay Jones' proclivity for play that PJ called out as straight up "unsportsmanlike," CBS Sports' Ken Berger wonders if Denver is earning that "Thugget" reputation...

       There was a moment in the winning locker room Monday night that spoke volumes about Dahntay Jones' arrival to the Western Conference finals. It also exposed all these stories about the Nuggets' "growth" and "maturity" as, well, a little premature.   Jones was being interviewed about his blatant trip of Kobe Bryant in the third quarter of Game 4, and Lakers coach Phil Jackson calling it "unacceptable" and "unsportsmanlike basketball."

       It didn't take long for Jackson's comments to reach Jones' teammate, Kenyon Martin, who shouted from a few lockers away, "You made it, dog! You're a dirty player!"  Those are the Nuggets. Call them rugged, resilient, emotional, or whatever you want to call them after they evened the series at 2-2 with a 120-101 victory against the exhausted, dilapidated Lakers on Monday night.

      Just don't call them classy, because that's an argument you can't win right now.

Seriously, there's no need for the Nuggets to act like a WWE squad, particularly when they're already part of that act.


Photo: J.R Smith showing off after a three pointer.  Credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

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Is the NBA reviewing the trip?

The stats and rebounding and aggression or seemingly lack thereof all depends on the officiating. If the Lakers are gonna be called for small fouls and get into foul trouble early, of course they're not going to be as aggressive. The officiating was obviously skewed this game and I knew what the outcome of the games was going to be by the first quarter watching the way the game was being called. I think this problem of officiating really needs to be addressed. I realize that this could be fan bias, but "home court advantage" is just getting out of control.

Best of three. Love it.

Dahntay's Inferno: Jones is about to enter the 7th circle of Hell. Kobe is going to light him up for 48 points on Wednesday.

Go Lake Show!

Nice Article on Trevor.

I think I understand why Phil played Walton so much during his "contract" year. Phil really goes out of his way to help players who are in there contract year hoping they will continue to work hard and return the favor later on..He really finds a way for them to get showcased if they need it. Im sure the players appreciate it and it makes him a good coach.

I'm really surprised that the league hasn't taken any action against Dahntay Jones. It's obvious they're reviewing these plays (Anthony Johnson's flagrant was downgraded) but do they review if the ref doesn't make ANY call at all?

On another note, can you believe Ben Wallace is outraged by VanGundy's claim that he's a flopper??? Are you kidding me? That's one of his signature moves and I hate when he does it too.

Fouls like Jones' tripping Kobe are just good, playoff basketball.

Fouls like Bynum coming down hard on Chris Anderson's ball and forearm are obviously dirty plays and deserve league review.

The Refs are not the reason the Lakers lost the game last night. The Nuggets are a tough, rugged bunch, and played determined playoff basketball last night.

That being said, if the Lakers were pulling the stuff that the Nuggets were last night, there would have been a few ejections.

What is wrong with Andrew Bynum?

Why can't he rebound from the bench?

Will the Nuggets ever grow up and act like Men?

Nope, because none of them are.

One of the Lakers major problems is their inability to spread the floor. With Vlade gone there is no one besides Kobe who can really be considered an outside threat.
In the last game the Lakers really looked slow and unathletic compared to the Nuggets.
Just how long will it take for the role players on this team make a serious contribution?
Again, how unfair is this to Kobe, how much more can we ask of him?

Yes, the calls were bs last night and the trip was very bush. Phil should have made more of that during the game. That said where is my team?

Not jumping on the panic band wagon yet, but there are-


Is Trevor’s OK? His hip pointer/groin injury has slowed him down considerably.

Lamar being Lamar? or back injury a factor? No Lamar step up =no NBA championship series.

3 pointers? Sasha? Derrick? Anybody? oh yeah thanks KB? Thanks for winning game 3 on Friday too. Anybody else want to step up?

What happened to the bench mob?

Luke I love your play just don't shoot the ball....

LA peeps-these are the trials and tribulations of spoiled fans who watched Lakes roll through last year but now must continue biting our nails through this series.

Wednesday night we need to get a lead and hold it!

We need five guys in double figures like the balanced Nuggets have been getting.

We need offensive rebounds!

We need to knock someone down.

We need to send a message to these tatted up punks!

We need to WIN!

In order to rebound from the loss, Lakers need a formidable defense in the post. Denver became aggressive in game 4 by avoiding perimeter shooting and went for inside games, nobody in the Lakers big could block off Andersen and Hilario which is really ridiculous, these guys are 2 inches shorter than Drew & Gasol and almost same height of Lamar. That is where winning and losing will be determined in Game 5.

What is going on? Bynum shoots 6 of 7. Odom shoots one of 8 but Odom gets more minutes and most of Bynum's minutes were with idiot boys, Sasha, Jordan and Shannon, jacking up long jump shots.
Its obvious that Phil needs to show them how to feed the post. Also how to stop the driving of Denvers guards.


I too would like some information about Dahntay Jones's dirty play. He's getting away with murder out there.

We might still have lost game 4 without the horrific officiating, but we'll never really know, will we?

I'm a huge fan of the Lakers, but I'm getting super turned off by this officiating crap. I'm seriously considering no longer watching.

First of all, I'm not blaming the refs for last night's loss. I'm blaming the refs for being horrible at their job.

I will repeat this statement: This is the worst officiated playoff series I have ever seen. You may as well have a group of chimpanzees in black and white stripes calling the series. It's pathetic.

I'm not going to go chicken little right now. We made some mistakes. We had lousy guard play (Kobe doesn't count) and we didn't get the ball into the post enough, but outside of that... it just wasn't our night. We were tired. In out lethargy, we didn't make good decisions. And the ball just didn't bounce our way.

The stars were aligned for Denver last night. The Thuggets played very well. They got the breaks and they got the benefit of an all-around horribly officiated game.

We'll be fine for Game Five and Laker Nation better be ready.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Oh, by the way...

Fire David Stern.

He's ruining the NBA.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


It looks like most of the informed comments focus on the same themes....lack of energy, lack of bench players making an impact, lack of production from the PG position, and lack of attentiveness on pounding the ball inside where we have a clear advantage.

I wonder when someone is going to realize that "Birdman" does the same thing over and over, i.e., when a shot goes up he's rarely directly around the basket, and instead hangs around ~10 feet out or so, and then flies in and hopes he gets the timing and angle right for a follow-up? It seems like no one on the Lakers have figured this out and Gasol, Bynum, and Odom all act surprised when he does this.

Oh well...tough series that we're going to have to work extremely hard to get through. Anything less and we'll be talking about next year.

When the whole world (or at least the corperate sponsers) want a Lebron vs Kobe finals matchup the opposing teams have two options; embrace the role of the villian or fold to the expectations.


"Fouls like Jones' tripping Kobe are just good, playoff basketball."

It wasn't called a foul, Dr. Brilliant, and that's the whole problem.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Not only is Dahntay Jones getting away with murder, but the smug smirk on his face shows he knows it and relishes in it. This makes me madder than anything else.

Not sure if there's gas in the tank to take this in less than 7. At least they're coming home. That's a huge plus. Out of the thin air of Denver.

C'mon Lakers - we're all behind you!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all:

Well - we certainly didn't win on EFFORT, there was little HEART and zero ENERGY. HOWEVER.......

We did win a bunch of locker room bulletin board material. And if that doesn't provide EFFORT, ENERGY and HEART to this Laker team, absolutely nothing will.

I am still psyched but greatly discouraged that this Laker team can't scrap together two consecutive wins.

Hey Lakers - guess what - we might get out of this round but we might not have home court in the next one....


We need offensive rebounds!
We need to knock someone down.
We need to send a message to these tatted up punks!
We need to WIN! Posted by: mHS | May 26, 2009 at 11:56 AM

You talking my language there!!!!!!

Hey EastCoastJessie, Don't give up I think you will see a
new Laker attitude at home. and if we don't win it in
6, the 7th game is at home and the Nuggets will implode in
a game 7. Not to mention david stern will tell the referee
to call it close and that's all lakers


Definitely fixed. The NBA must be fixed if the Lakers are losing. It's not going according to our script because Stern sent down an edict from on high in the NBA secret conspiracy construct room and it said, make the Eastern and Western finals go 7 games with Lebron and Kobe starring in the June series.

In order to keep a lid on all security leaks, not to mention to keep a ref from, say, writing a book and going on Larry King, he pays them huge sums which is why Joey Crawford has his own plane with NBA cheerleader stews manning the bar.

That coupled with being aware that players like Kobe tank big money games cause he's down to his last 150 million, makes it easier to just sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the show.

Dahntay Jones only got a flagrant 1.

Will not be suspended. ( Per Ireland )


I am a laker fan. But I feel the lakers can not beat the Nuggets. except Kobe and Pau nobody is consistant. this is not a championship team acts

the Lakers's are playing 2 on 8. it's no mystery as to why Kobe and Pau looked exhausted after both Denver games. They are the only two playing for the Lakers. If the other teamates would step you'd see different results.
For godz sake - box out. It's ridicoulus how a team with 7 footers get out rebound by 18.

I am still psyched but greatly discouraged that this Laker team can't scrap together two consecutive wins. Posted by: PsychedLakerGirl | May 26, 2009 at 12:15 PM

Just stay Psyched & I guarantee we'll get to the next round!!

Dahntay Jones didn't get away with murder only once in this series... That foot he put under Kobe's when he was cutting to the basket wasn't the first case... Remember in Game 3, when Kobe was rising for a layup and the thug just flat out pushed Kobe from behind? He could have hit the basket frame really hard, the way he was running... And before Jones tripped Kobe, he already had tripped him off the play a few minutes before... That was ridiculous, and those four straight calls against Luke Walton only made it worse... The Thuggets are robbing us on national TV, and the refs are acessories to that.

That coupled with being aware that players like Kobe tank big money games cause he's down to his last 150 million, makes it easier to just sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the show. Posted by: VMan | May 26, 2009 at 12:32 PM

The problem with the lakers is Kobe Bryant. He plays a one man game. He wins 3 championships with Shaq and somehow finds a way to get rid of him. Magic loved Kareem. Did not matter who got the points. Gasol only gets 11 shots because Kobe cannot tolerate anyone being the star but him. You always go thru the center expecially with the talent he has. Bryant gets his 35 or 40 and they lose. I love the lakers but as long as Bryant plays the way he does they will never will a title again.

I'm a Denver fan but don't like showboating more than anyone else.

However, I think this reflects more on the youth of some of Denver's players than anything else. Doesn't excuse it and hopefully they'll turn that down a bit in the next games.

I don't think this makes them boys rather than 'men'. For example, if the Lakers were to lose Bryant for a game and the Nuggets lost Anthony for the same game do you really think the rest of the 'men' on the Lakers' team would have a serious chance of beating the showboating 'boys' on the Nuggets team? The Nuggets practically didn't have Anthony last night and yet they still were able to defeat a healthy and productive Bryant.

Regardless, this is an awesome series and I can't wait to see the next game!

Hey Mamba,

How are you? No worries with me...I may get a little upset with our team but I never give up and neither will the Lakers.

I'm still believeing we'll pull together two consecutive wins so we can wipe the smirks off the Nuggets faces on their home court. Nothing would satisfy me more. ;-)


I friggin asked this q before and I'll ask again....What the hell were the Lakers doin in the offseason anyway? I mean CMON....This is like the nightmare of last season, PART TWO!....Didnt the LAkers learn anything at all? Hasnt Phil learnt anything? These guys are sposed to be the greatest ballers in the game and they didnt learn one single thing from last year....They made ZERO changes to their lineup, they relied on USELESS bynum...AGAIN...Fish is Ob past his best....sash cant hit the boradside of a barn.... i mnean CMON WILLYA....

Im LAKERS forever, but surely they saw the writing on the wall last season and SURELY they could have rung in some changes and brought us all some REDEMPTION MAN.....bye bye rings.

I'm not going to complain about the reffing. The Nuggettes attacked the rim, and that was smart basketball. The Lakers need to do the same.

The team that wins the rebounding stat wins the game. I'd like to see Bynum working a LOT harder to get position and to WANT those rebounds. Make them YOURS, Socks.

The Lakers can own the glass, and they can own Denver. And they will. Game 5 will be epic.

Go Lake Show!


We need a massive roll call tomorrow, okay?

I mean, seriously.

We need an electromagnetic pulse of the first order.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Its time we brought the spikey haired moron called the sparrow or robin or bird or something and the rest of these nuggets crashing to the ground.... as for "kobe stinks?" The denver crowd must have less cranial luminescence put together than a 5 watt light bulb...hence their thoroughly original abuse. We need to shut all these monkeys and their tattoed clowns up WITH A WIN!

Geeeez! Can't you Laker fans give credit when it is due? Kobe can, why can't all of you?

Keep focusing on the trip that was unintentional; the Nuggets will focus on rebounding and perfecting their game. Your Lakers are tired and need some rest, I am hopeful my Nuggets can put them to sleep once and for all!

Ok..Let me begin about here...
Last season a young man by the name JR Smith made some snide remarks towards Kobe Bryant in the first round...As a result of those remarks Koby Bryant responded with this quote.."If you shake the tree a leopard is going to fall out"...
In the photo above we have JR Smith doing a chicken dance..
You guys and girls are smart people so i will allow you to put 2 and 2 together...As for the trip by Mr Jones..That was like adding 10 gallons of fuel to an already burning fire......

Big People.....Andrew and Odom...The other night Bynum started the engine..Trust me its nearly warmed up..Lamar Odom will be fine.The back will feel better at home..

Mike T....I agree with that post...If the Lakers make it out of this round Dwight Howard really scares me..He is a monster..

Korey / AZ LakerFan

Response from previous thread:

NOPE - I totally meant to say this ain't rocket surgery. It ain't brain science either. LOL!

WTH?? It's easy:








I know you all think Kobe is a perfect angel and has never fouled any one hard! Geeez you guys are so one sided it kills me.

While I was in LA this weekend I noticed there were not so many Laker flags flying this weekend. Only saw one guy with Kobe Jersey (hmm.. down to his knees). Those flags are funny and just don't look right. I guess you could always take em down when your team looses or is out of the playoffs. Stickers seem to more on Die Hard fans.

Team which wins Game 5 usually wins the series and I think Billups is going to try to light it up. Denver is not supposed to win Game 5 but might take it.

I don't think Lakers will have the legs and will be counting on Home Court. Dirty Dahntay and Snaring Smith is already in Kobes head. Forcused on that they may forget that Thuggets still have Melo.

For Lakers to win Kobe needs to light it up. If Kobe misses his jumpers those long rebounds may turn into rout like last years final game. It would be safer to take it to the rack for Kobe but I don't think he wants to sacrifice his body like Wade.

Don't be surprised if Chaucey takes this from you. He has already done that to you in 2004.

Last time you guys blamed it on Shaq getting fat or Kobe-Shaq in-fighting. The only two things I remember for 2004 finals is that Ben Wallace gaurded Shaq without any help. Shaq was still somewhat effective but Phillups did not want to give him more touches. Phillup wanted his rising star Kobe to get all the credit and made him go 3 on 1 (2nd thing I noticed). Kobe complained that he was gaurded by 3 guys (btw MJ never complained about that.. hell he would take it against all 5 and ask bench guys to help out also).

So tell kobe if he shoots long three's they might turn into long rebounds. And when O'dumb and Bygone are not rebounding it may be a long night.

Oh.. I did see a Laker Flag drop from a Vehicle (ofcourse a SUV.. ofcourse an Expedition!).. and was run over .. I am not sure if I ran it over also... Hmmmm... Thats a sign... Foreshadow! Bad omen buddy!

Sleep tight guys.

I'm a longtime hardcore loyal Lakers fan and love Phil Jackson...But THIS Lakers needs a coach that focuses less on being the zen master and meditiating with the team and more on being a DRILL order to whip these PANTY-WEARING PANZIES into men!

So- Nugs like the dirty player tag, huh??

Ok - let's "Derrick Fisher" someone tomorrow & see what happens. (Just an expression - no hate posts please LOL!)

Seriously - someone needs to punk Jones in a big way. I want him to get his snot beat out of him. Punch him in the throat. SOMETHING to remind this kid that's he's a nobody and he'd better watch his back. Same goes with Smith, Birdflu man, Martin & anyone else thinking they're all that.

These punks AKA thugs need to be reminded that they are NOT going anywhere but fishing in the backwoods of some armpit town.



The lakers are not playing champioship level basketball. Period. Denver is more athletic, enegized, deeper in the bench, and tougher. He'll....I think the Magic are a better team at this point. The lakers looked better against Boston last year than they do now and they got spanked badly. Go Denver and Orlando. Next year with KG back and rondo leading the league in triple doubles, the big 3 will be the big four plus a tougher than ever kendrick Perkins who played dwight howard betting than any center all season....I can already taste the the next championship. If I were a laker fan, I would implore my franchis to go after a big time free agent this year or start making space for someone in 2010...this team is still missing a piece.

The officiating sucks !!!..Dahntay Jones is going to catch HN1 tonight and he won't play on Wed night...So called "Birdman"'s wings will be decapitated and he's gonna crawl underneath Kobe's instead of flying...argggg...I hate the Thuggets...

Go Lakers !!!!!!....I still BELIEVE in you !!!!

We need a massive roll call tomorrow, okay?
I mean, seriously. We need an electromagnetic pulse of the first order. osted by: Jon K. | May 26, 2009 at 01:08 PM

YES SIR!!!! One Electromagnetic pulse will be delievered


So, what is PJ 's game plan for tomorrow? I mean, do you guys or anybody else have any suggestions? we're all looking in the rear view mirror. I would like to know if we have any options other than Kobe and Pau in isolation.

The Nuggets are throwing themselves at us successfully. So, what do we do?

No way to win

Unleash the Eight Wonder of the World!

I wanna see Kobe score 147 points a game!!! That's right, I've lost all faith in this team. Might aswell get some entertainment. As I mentioned earlier, it became quite clear in the first game against Utah that this team won't win the trophy. I'm flabbergasted by the fact that people (AK cough cough) find the games in this series good. I get filled with anger and contempt when I see my beloved Lakers underachiving and playing like retards. Sure, Denver is a really good team but for the love of Pete - step the hell up then!

I was so happy and thankful, at the start of the season, when the Lakeshow FINALLY commited to playing defense. YES! Now we can finally be contenders, I thought. We haven't seen much of that the second half of the season, so bye bye trophy... Stupid snotty idiots!!!

The Lakers can own the glass, and they can own Denver. And they will. Game 5 will be epic.
Posted by: The Outlaw | May 26, 2009 at 01:04 PM


No worries with me...I may get a little upset with our team but I never give up and neither will the Lakers.
Posted by: EastCoastJessie | May 26, 2009 at 01:03 PM

i know you won't give up and neither will Jon k, Outlaw,
or the rest of the crew. We got this Jessie!!!! We got this!!

Phillups crying about dirty play. Pot call all the kettles black.

1. Phillup gets Pippen to fight Barkley and Barkley is ejected for punching Pippen. Bulls beat Sixers.

2. He used Rodman to annoy a lot of his opponents and gets into their heads. Like pullin shorts and sticking fingers.. yuck! he was a fruitcake and love it. Phillup had a caged animal to let loose on anyone.

3. Rick FOX would do the same but was not as dirty as Rodman or should I say could not be as dirty as Rodman. But if you watch old film you will find out he would pick fights and try to get into peoples head.

4. Derek Fisher. Do I need to say anything?

5. Lately he even let Sasha loose on Battier. Pretty much on any play Sasha fouls.

6. Kobe.. yeah your beloved kobe.. he elbows and knees. I would say he deliberately kneed Yao Ming and ended his playoff run. I am sure yo know other instances in these playoffs. And remember those pesky Kings and Bibby who were knocking all those 3 pointers that ended their run. Kobe punched him in his nose so accidentally. After that Bibby could not knock the 3 pointers in overtime. What a coincedence.

Phillup is just whining because he did not have him on his team. Otherwise he would have him tripping Chauncey instead.

BTW if you give me MJ and Shaq I will get 9 rings.. maybe more. That said he is a great coach. Love the Post game interviews. Made for Hollywood. I am sure he has a script writer.

Oh.. and whats that Kobe making all those face gestures in interviews. Is he stretching his facial musles. Some one please describe this thing to me. What is the name of this condition? That is only reason I don't want to see Lakers in Final and God Forbid win it. Damn I will have to see those Weird Facial Expressions all summer long!!!!!!

Kobe bryant is very smart.

As dirty as Jones has been this series, it will be beneficial to the Lakers if he still plays. Kobe is in his head along with everyone else, all he needs to do is mess up once and his confidence will be shattered.

Asked if Jones intentonally tripped him, after making a sarcastic comment at Jones, Kobe said he played good defense.

At first I was wondering why Kobe would say that, but i soon figured out why.

Kobe is going to torch Jones on Wednesday, and he wants to make sure he does not get suspended so he can do so. He wants to get into Jones head and embarass him. Kobe is a very smart player, no one underestimate him. Jones is also not as good a JR Smith so it will be better to see him start. This is all part of Kobe 's tactics; act indifferent to questions but let Phil do all the dirty wok. With that being said, let Jones know that everyone thinks hes a dirty player, but dont suspend him. He is coming into our house anyways where everyone will probably boo him everytime he does anything.

I am calling a huge victory tomorrow night.

Are you fools actually complaining about the refs? The Lakers have been the beneficiaries of biased officiating long before Magic was HIV positive. Kobe and Fisher are DIRTY!!
Kobe has been throwing elbows his whole career. Are you clowns coherent enough to remember his cheap "unsportsmanlike" actions? He started throwing elbows against the Kings Mike Bibby and Doug Christie in the 2001 playoffs and continues to this years elbow to Ron Artest's throat. And Phil Jackson complains about a trip? Have you already forgotten about Fishers cheap shot in the Rockets series? Look at your team for what they are, prima donna cry babies who dish it out but can't take it!


It's now a Best of 3,Denver WINS GAME 5 They will win the series,if not the Lakers win it.
Denver WINS GAME 5.

We will drink kool-aide during the parade, however at this time, they are still figuring it out how to get there. Have patience will travel.


-I know PJ mentioned this in his post-game, but I'm still totally incensed at those 3 straight calls against Luke. I kept thinking to myself, "I just don't understand where the foul is"? Still buggin the livin crap out of me.

-JR Smith to me just looks retarted, clinically. So I'm gonna give him a pass. He's kinda droopy if you get what I'm sayin.

-My god their announcer...UGH!!

-Kenyon Martin still makes me nauseas.

-Andrew Bymum looked like Andrew Bynum last night. Wise decision would be to start force-feeding him (or Pau) every time down.

-Andrew Bymum looked like Andrew Bynum last night. Wise decision would be to start force-feeding him (or Pau) every time down.

-Andrew Bymum looked like Andrew Bynum last night. Wise decision would be to start force-feeding him (or Pau) every time down.

-Also, if I didn't mention this: Andrew Bymum looked like Andrew Bynum last night. Wise decision would be to start force-feeding him (or Pau) every time down.

-I love you Lamar! Please step up. We NEED you!!

-Ah! I see now...Shannon's got stone hands. Either way he's the best option because of his defense and intensity.

Like I've said before, these playoffs will be heartwrenching, which will make the champagne in June that much sweeter. Enjoy the ride Laker fans

Go Lakers!!!

Oh, now I get it, it goes like this: if the Lakers win they are the greatest team ever to step on the court, other teams are simply foolish to even dare play them; if the Lakers lose it's the refs fault. I'd bet my last dollar that Houston fans read exactly the same stuff a couple weeks ago. Well, if the Lakers do take 2 out of the next three and win this series, I can't wait to see the epic whining that will result if D. Howard is mean to your little boys.


>>> What is wrong with Andrew Bynum?

>>> Why can't he rebound from the bench?

LMAO. Keep hitting on it, BD. You know Jeanie is reading and soon she will cut Phil off completely until he plays Drew. And I mean physically as much as literally.

The ONLY good sign from last night was Drew’s dominating play in the fourth quarter. If Phil would give him the PT, he might be on the verge of breaking out again. If only Phil would give the kid some playing time and stop taking him out right away. Phil’s rotations plus the refs guaranteed a win for the Nuggets last night.

And kudos to Pau for finally speaking out about the damn jump shots. I am like a parrot in a straight jacket during the game screaming every time down the floor for the team to play inside-out basketball. Leave it to Phil to match midget for midget rather than pressing our height and length advantage. Give Drew 30 minutes and he will post 20/10 and the Lakers will dominate inside. Feed the Post. Feed the Beasts. Do it or perish.

Here is great quote from Ding:


Josh Powell. When called upon, he has made some shots but made some mistakes. Phil Jackson gave him a surprise chance to start the second quarter Monday night, choosing a very odd time to play Lamar Odom at small forward – which Jackson has avoided all season – with Powell and Gasol at the power positions.

With Gasol, Powell, Odom, Sasha Vujacic and Shannon Brown out there, Powell was hesitant, and Gasol was nonexistent after having played the entire first quarter. Before Andrew Bynum and Bryant came back to replace Gasol and Powell, Denver went on an 8-0 run to take a 30-19 lead.


Josh Powell over Andrew Bynum. What a mismatched group to have on the floor at a critical time. We have weathered the Nuggets early burst of emotion and only trail by 3. Time to put in Powell, Sasha, and Shannon – three guys struggling – with a tired Pau. Damn it, Phil. Play Bynum. Even if we survive the Nuggets without him, how in the hell do you think we are going to match up with the Magic with Pau trying to guard Superman? Wake up before all is lost, Phil.


The officiating sucks !!!..Dahntay Jones is going to catch HN1 tonight and he won't play on Wed night...So called "Birdman"'s wings will be decapitated and he's gonna crawl underneath Kobe's instead of flying...argggg...I hate the Thuggets...
Posted by: EmmosN | May 26, 2009 at 01:25 PM

That's the spirit!!!!!!

Hey Edwin save some of that KoolAde for me!! LOL!!


I like the your way of thinking.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


there's just no excuse for the rest of the team playing the way they have been. I'm really surprised by odom, fisher, and sasha. These guys have made no contribution whatsoever. It's still 2-all, but thee guys can't continue to ride Kobe and not pull their weight. These are guys who should have a better knowledge of the offens than either Ariza or Brown, yet have not contributed as much. If lamar is hurt, he should sit. It seems to me that he is being intimidated by shot blocking.

If Chauncey takes 20 3-pt shots the game might be over for Lakers. At about 47% percentage that would be about 9 or 10 3 pointers. That would relieve Melo and Post up crew to roam free. Risky play but I think it might end Laker run this year.

All these haters make me smile.

The Lakers are going to ruin their day... and their summer.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"NOPE - I totally meant to say this ain't rocket surgery. It ain't brain science either. LOL!

WTH?? It's easy:






I laughed and then nodded my head in agreement.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


HORRIBLE OFFICIATING! Flagrant foul on Bynum , why? Dahntay Jones intentionally sticking out his foot when Kobe made his way to the basket , nothing on that , why?
Does the refs really control the outcome of the game or the players do control it? Come on now , Nuggets is not a physical team but a dirty tactic team is what the right term for them. Nuggets knows how to be a dirty player & not a
physical player. D Jones can't be in the same class with Shane Battier bcoz Battier knows how to be a defensive physical player & not to be a dirty player like D Jones. Pls Nuggets apologists also stop comparing Chris Andersen aka "birdman" to Dennis Rodman because it's so disrespectful. Rodman has multiple championship ring while Birdman zero. J.R. Smith enjoy your chicken dance bcoz once u get back to Los Angeles you'll be needing a lot of facial tissue to wipe away your tears. Game 5 Lakers will take it & give game 6 to Nuggets & finish the series Game 7 just for entertainment purposes.....

You know what .. on second thought .. I would let Melo also shoot 3's at will. Join JR to the party as well. If they shoot 30 three's and get 40%.. thats 36 pts

I would say take only 3's in 1st quarter. Do or Die!

20-25 shots.. 24 - 36 pts.. i would be okay with 30 pts in 1st quarter. Shoot 3's or layups.

No worries lakers are suppose to win it .. right? NOT!


Damn straight!


BO-CTB=Box Out -Control The Boards

Thanks Jon K - at least I know someone reads my posts....


so i was eating at california chicken cafe the other day and the dude behind the counter had the nerve to give me a number "23"...what a hater!!

Thanks Jon K - at least I know someone reads my posts....Posted by: justanothermambafan | May 26, 2009 at 02:56 PM

comeone now I always read your posts!! LOL!!

Mike, you need to go play in traffic.

And I agree with almost everyone here- the TEAM needs to step up MAJORLY. What ever happened to the bench mob? We were invincible, great, complete threats. Lately, we've become exactly what I feared most from this team and everything we've worked so hard against: Completely dependent on Kobe.
I miss the days most of the starters would sit out the 4th quarter and the bench would sustain our double digit leads. The Lakers turned from a versatile, multi-leveled threat into inconsistent and unreliable players, for the most part.
Yeah we might win this series, but I honestly can't see how we're going to deservingly win the championship with such a half-assed effort. :(
That being said... GO LAKERS!!!

Bynum has been playing soft from the start of the playoffs. Its as if he is in a dream. Just watch his face. Step up young man and be a force...starting at the defensive end. Why does he ride the pine even with making more shots that Odom? Because he won't play defence, he wont stand up to the driving Nuggets, he won't put a body on some one, he won't stop trying to slap balls away from driving nuggets instead of blocking them with his 7 foot height and 3 plus feet arm span. Yes, he is 21 years old, but my GOD he IS 7 feet tall.

Not to go on about Bynum alone, so lets throw in Gasol as well as Odom. Does the Lakers nor remember the beating they got from the Celtics in the finals last year? This year, with both 7 footers in the line up, was supposed to make the Lakers more "tough" in the paint, at both ends of the court...that hasn't happened yet and if it has (40 point win against Houston) it has not been consistent. Even high school and college players would never allow another team to dunk on them consistently. You get away with one dunk, but don't think it will happen again. Lakers' Bynum, Gasol, Odom and especially the bench mob cannot just part the waves when the Nuggets come marching through. I have not watched a Moses movie in ages, but if the Lakers keep on opening up and stepping back from the Nuggets charges, I won't have to.

Lakers will indeed "rebound" tonight both on the boards and in the win column!!! I just needed to sound off as its been frustrating watching how soft my Lakers have been. Shaq must be laughing hard at how soft his old team has begun, but embarrass as well must be the Lakers of old to watch them fold and cower as the Nuggets drive the lane.

Bench mob? Shots aren't, drive, drive. Go to the body...AND yes, turn and put a body on Anderson...rebounding is not a spectator out requires feeling someone to be able to box out!!!

GO LAKERS!!!! Step up and be men...its not much to ask is it!!

JR Smith's showboating is unacceptable. For someone who comes off of the bench and hasn't accomplished a thing but making it in the association...which what all of the players he plays with have accomplished...his ridiculousness has been going on all season. God help the NBA if these guys actually get to the finals. What a bad example to set. My hope and trust is in the Purple and Gold and that they will figure this out. Go inside...rebound...24 be 24 and give a little help. Go Lakers. I'm getting tired of dealing with Denver fans in Colorado that just jumped on the bandwagon 3 weeks ago and think they know what's going on. Shut em down Wednesday and hopefully Friday right here in Colorado.

To Andrew Bynum: I know you want more minutes and you love to play offense. Here is the main thing: if you score 10 baskets and give up 9 baskets at the other end, then there is no difference from someone who only score 1 basket and hold his opponents with no basket. That's why PJ demands you to play defense. This's what offense means: number of points scored - number of points giving up. If this number is less than or equal to zero you are better off on the bench. Got that?

Lakers fans are such dolts.(look it up homes)

Quit crying about the refs. Do you really believe there is a conspiracy? Stern and his minions want the Nugs in the finals? Please! Of the four remaining teams, the Nuggets are the team the NBA leasts wants to see in the finals. It's all about ratings. The league's dream matchup is LA/CLE. End of story.

The reason why the Nuggets went to line more in game 4 is that they are taking it to the hole. They have been the whole series. The Nuggets have carried the ebergy in the series and the teams with the most ebergy will get the most calls. The Lakers are settling for jump shots.

Nuggets in 6. This aint Hollywood



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