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Mom gets some love from Ball Don't Lie!

BK and I have long been big fans of Yahoo!'s Ball Don't Lie blog.  We've linked to them oodles of times.  We've had BDL voices Kelly Dwyer and Tas Melas on our 710 ESPN Podkast.  We dig how the site gets its name from a cool Rasheed Wallace quote.  Safe to say, we've been in their corner. 

But now we realllllly dig them, because they made Mom's day after linking a post I wrote about her wondering how the Nuggets Chris Andersen got "The Birdman" nickname.  She thought this was very cool, although she couldn't understand why anybody would care about her Birdman curiosity.  Then again, she also once told her sons that she didn't understand why anybody would read their blog. 

I'm not kidding, by the way.  She actually said that.  It wasn't meant as an insult and she expressed confidence that we do a good job.  But, as she put it, "I just don't understand why anybody would care what you think."

I often ask the same question myself. 


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"I often ask the same question myself." Hahaha.

I hope and pray the Cavs get eliminated. If Kobe can't win it, then neither can Lebron. Let Orlando sweep the Nuggets and watch the NBA ratings plummet. Serves that bastard Stern right.

Mom K. gets it. She's totally grasped the whole concept of new media, "things you can't believe people care about".


I've watched Clev-Orlando, Orl are the better team, they are tough and for real after they beat Boston Celtics. I look at Lakers team, Odom, Fisher, Luke, Sasha are players with the most experience with Lakers, Fisher is old, but other 3 players did not help Lakers. Kupchak and Phil should know these three players better than us.

Kupchack did not know how to build a championship team, he keeps on getting young players, why? We want a championship this year, we don't want to be patient on 3,4 more years. Portland, Houston, Orlando are teams with young GM, but they know what they do. I am tired of hearing that NBA GM with NBA 10, 20 years experience but they still can't build a championship team.

If Kupchak is smart, he would get Boris Diaw from Charlotte, because this guy can pass, can score inside, outside, he is much better player than Luke and Vlad. Shannon, and Morrison , did they win any playoffs games ?

orlando would be stupid to loose the series with the talent they have. 05-06 lakers dont count they should have never even ben 3-1 up only thanks to kobe that they were up.

man we cant loose we have to win if we loose i think it is over.

if we dont make the finals i hope orlando wins it all. Because i dont like the cavs and denver.

The only reason I read is because I really enjoy the ads on the side of the page; far different then what the mainstream media outlets offer as far as ads go.


Feeling real good about tomorrow's game. If we were going to get the split, glad we got the first one and lost the second, gives us more sting going into this huge game.

Lake Show will come out focused and much stronger than game 4. Feed the bigs early, Kobe will also assert himself early. Would like to see Gasol get 20 shots tomorrow.

A much better effort from Lamar will make things a lot easier as well. He's about due to show up for one of these games. I think tomorrow would be a good one for LO to tease us with some of his amazing talent.

Oh yeah, let's make some damn free throws.

If all of the above happens, we'll win handedly manana.

Go Lake Show.

ps. I told you we'd be facing Orlando. It's about to be a reality.

Did anyone else notice that in the third Kobe-LeBron puppet
ad, LeBron is watching Kobe be unstoppable on TV?

Maybe a preview of the way the finals will play out for the two?

If the Lakers lose game 5, it's over. If Denver lose this one, there will be game 7 for sure. I don't see the passion on this present Lakers at all. It's so easy to tell what game they will win or lose. I was never wrong when I decide not to watch the game after the first couple of minutes or by looking at the series score. It's so frustrating. During the days of Magic, Worthy & Kareem I will watch the game from the beginning till the end, because I know the Lakers will give everything to win. This line-up, if the Lakers is trailing big in the beginning of the game rest assure they will lose the game 99%. If they win game 5 and leads the series 3-2, for sure they will lose game 6 in Denver and there will be game 7. That's how easy to read the pulse of this present Lakers. Lose game 5 tonight and it will be Denver against Magic in the finals, for there's no way the Laker will bounce back to win game 6 in Mile High city.

If the Lakers fail to advance in the Finals or win the championship Lakers management should let go Phil Jackson. He's the worst coach amongst the remaining 4 semi-final coaches right now. Lamar should go too, same with Sasha, Luke, Morrison and Fisher. If they let go the worthless PJ, I guess Bynum will blossom into a an all star player. Kobe and Pau will get even better without the boring, outdated "triangle offense" Kobe, Pau, Bynum, Trevor, Farmar, Brown as the core plus some new players and a new coach, the new look Lakers will be an exciting one and will be good for a two or three more championships.

Birdman rules!
He's the real deal -- the difference-maker.

Mom is so on the money!! The crew here got a kick out of Mom's roster comment....Keep it up!!!

your mom needs her own reality show!



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