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Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest: More on "the elbow"

May 7, 2009 |  2:31 pm

As will happen over the course of a day, better views of the Kobe Bryant elbow on Ron Artest are starting to trickle out.  I wrote this morning that neither guy deserves a suspension (Kobe for throwing an elbow, Artest for getting all up in 24's grill), and the LAT's Mike Bresnahan reports that they won't.  That either would have to miss Game 3 seemed like a long shot, probably more media driven than anything else... but here we are. 

Below are two much better angle of the play, in which you can see Kobe's bow fly, more to the chest than any higher, but also Artest driving his arm into Kobe's neck.  Basically, they were playing hard, physical playoff basketball. 

Click below the jump to watch. 

The first:

And the second, even better:

For a frame by frame look, check out this very detailed post from Silver Screen and Roll.  As for Derek Fisher, I don't expect him to escape punishment, but we'll know relatively soon.