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Derek Fisher, but not Kobe Bryant, likely suspended for Game 3... plus Ron Artest video

I wrote last night after the LA's 111-98 win over the Rockets in Game 2 that I thought it was coming for Fosh Scola 2 Derek Fisher, and it looks like I was right.  Reports the LAT's Mike Bresnahan:

NBA disciplinarian Stu Jackson has a long day ahead of him, but of all the scuffles and incidents from Game 2 of the Lakers-Rockets playoff series, he has narrowed his focus on the elbow thrown by Lakers guard Derek Fisher at Houston forward Luis Scola, according to a league source.

Fisher will probably be suspended for Game 3 of the best-of-seven series Friday in Houston.

Better news regarding Kobe Bryant, who caught Ron Artest with an elbow in the fourth quarter as the two were jostling for position under the Lakers' glass causing Ron Ron to get riled riled up up and tossed tossed after blazing across halfway up the floor to protest the move to Kobe on a more, um, personal level. There was concern that letter of the law interpretation of the play would earn Kobe a suspension as well, but's Chris Sheridan wrote today that additional replays show Bryant may not have hit Artest in the neck, but rather the "upper chest."  The league, reports Bresnahan, seems to agree:

Houston forward Ron Artest is not expected to be suspended for running across the court and getting in Kobe Bryant's face near the midpoint of the fourth quarter, though Bryant will probably be hit with a flagrant foul for elbowing Artest under the basket on the preceding play. Bryant would not be suspended for the flagrant foul.

All things considered, that's about as good as the news is going to get on this one.  And fair, too.  Kobe shouldn't miss Friday's game, and neither should Artest. 

As for Fish, I think a game is warranted.  The play is below the jump. Also, you MUST watch the Ron Artest postgame video, included down there as well.  It's 100% Artesteriffic!  An early Christmas for media, fans, and lovers of sound bites.


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yea right lakers don't have a chance at houston


>>>I'm a big rockets fan... but i can view this objectively...

I pretty much agree with your assessment.

Fish's shot was premeditated and earned an ejection. I'm 50-50 on the potential suspension part.

"Elbowgate" was just two guys jockeying for position in a game
where the refs were letting a lot of stuff go. Kobe's elbow was no
more significant than Artest's shoving and elbowing Kobe in the
head and neck leading up to it.

I agree that Artest shouldn't have been suspended, but he really
has to learn to control himself AFTER play has stopped. Especially
in situations where the refs are already on edge.

As for Kobe's trash talk, it's a tradition in the NBA. LOTS of players
talk trash including most of the greats. If you're calling Kobe out
for being a trash talker, then you're also calling out Michael Jordan,
Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and a host of others.

Fisher should be suspended for a game. Otherwise I think this would set a new water mark for what is allowable and what is not. And if another player does the same thing in the future (and they will), it wouldn't be that player's fault, because that would be where the league has re-drawn the line.

A hit like that can easily get a player hurt (lost teeth, broken nose, concussion, etc, etc). If you hit someone who is not expecting to be hit that way, you can really injure him. That's true even if he outweighs you by 30lb, 50lb, or whatever the case might be. I can probably injure any NBA player that way, and I'm far from a professional athlete. He's coming to set a pick with his hands down, and you wait till his face is close enough and give it to him with your head/shoulder, with your body and legs behind it. There is no reason a hit like that should become part of "normal" play in basketball.

I also don't buy Phil Jackson's excuse that someone else got away with the "same thing" before. Even if true, that doesn't make it right. Basketball is such a beautiful sport. There is no need for this type of play.

Just my two cents...

Ron Artest is a little crybaby! real quick to play physical with eveyone else, but when it happens to him he can't take it. please!!! and the funnier thing is he actually thinks Kobe should be suspended for Game 3, grow some balls, if you can't take the heat get the hell out the kitchen! Artest is not even on Kobe's level, never will be, he needs to be a man and get over it, Game 3, Lakers whopping on them rockets!!!!! eat that artest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ LongTimeLakerFan : if you check out the lakers forum in fan voice someone posted a good pic and a short vid that clearly shows that he didn't get him in the throat.

Just goes to show how little class the LAL fans have when they congratulate fisher for that. That was the biggest cheapshot I have ever seen. To those of you who say scola was flopping shut the f*** up. Fisher saw him coming then bent his knees and prepared to hit him, he did EXACTLY what he meant to except I think he wanted to injure him. He should be suspended for the rest of the series.. Not just for the play itself but for the fact that he was so smug about it afterwards, and he was smiling on his way out. Scola proved he was the better man by walking away and letting the refs handle it (the same thing artest shouldve done).

The fact that the fans encourage that kind of bs from the lakers is sad. I'm a huge rockets fan and I get dissapointed in scola when he flops. I can't imagine cheering for him doing something as violent as fisher did you guys are pathetic.

On another note it's funny how pissed off the lakers are that we aren't just laying down and letting them win.. It's like they REALLY expected the rockets to just hand them the series, and when they couldn't beat us fairly they tried to injure our players. I'd like to see them try that in Houston. Rockets fans are pretty nuts. It'd be pretty funny to see fisher fall into the crowd and get mobbed by the red rowdies LOL. I may like the players to be fair but that doesn't mean given the chance I wouldn't pop fisher in the face.

sneaky, dirty kobe. This is not the first time. San Antionio, Philadelphia etc.

i think the suspension for fish was good for da team the bench needs to step it up in the playoffs...they did it all season long and they need a little spark to get it going again...and artest BIG CRYBABY...naggin n naggin about gettin hit in the throat...he got hit in his upper chest one of the camera shots clearly shows it....GO LAKERS!!!

Fishers' s hit was one of the dirtiest plays I have ever seen in the NBA He completely premeditated the hit. It should have been at least a three game suspension if not for the entire series. Luis Scola is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He never talks to anyone and was baited and targeted by the Lakers because they know he is a key to the Rockets winning. They can't do that to Yao or Artest for obvious reasons so they picked someone where no one would realize what they were doing. Now all you have done is make your team known as a dirty team that every one hates.

If you watched the game, you can see that Scola was a trouble maker from the beginning of the game, and wasn't given a tech. As for the Kobe situation, this is playoffs and things get physical. I don't have to remind you Houston fans how Kobe embarrassed Artest on the court. It was quite embarrassing for Artest. Artest has been a problem from the beginning and he really needs help. Who gives a hoot that he's "Ron Artest", what did that remark have to do with basketball -- nothing at all. It just goes to show how immature he still is and any of the rest of you who believe that his behavior was warranted.

I think Artest shouldnt have gone to Kobes face, but he just complained due to the fact that he was the one comitting the foul when clearly it was Kobe. He was frustrated at the call so dont tell me you dont complain when you get accused for something that you didnt do? So stop with the crybaby stuff.

Scola a trouble maker? Please..!!!!! Have you seen how he has shaken off Odem and Aldrige in the previouse round? The trash talking started when Odem blocked one of his shots.

Do laker fans and players dont have anything else to do besides trash talk? No wonder Lebron is MVP.!!! For keeping his composure and being a clean player.

Just like yall said, this series is going to be a lot stricter, there is nothing wrong with that, GUARANTEE Yao getting the ball a lot more to get a lot of calls the.!!!

Laker cant play tougher like the Celtics or Rockets, all they do is play dirty and trash talk..!!!

From Houston - not saying that Ron's not a bit out there at times, but for anyone who's questioned the "out there" story he told the other night -

If fisher is so tough, why does he look like he's about to cry from the little cut on his head.? lol. Battier had blood running down his face the first game, and he wasn't on the verge of crying. Rockets are tough and they play clean. Artest was just fed up with Kobe playing dirty and the refs not calling anything on Kobe.
The rockets deserve to win!!!!!!!!

I used to have respect for Derek. Maybe it was the story about his child that was pushed until you had sympathy for him. But you have to remember that these guys get their butts kissed all the time and they can get away with almost anything. He is a just another arrogant, overpaid punk playing a game.

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