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Derek Fisher, but not Kobe Bryant, likely suspended for Game 3... plus Ron Artest video

I wrote last night after the LA's 111-98 win over the Rockets in Game 2 that I thought it was coming for Fosh Scola 2 Derek Fisher, and it looks like I was right.  Reports the LAT's Mike Bresnahan:

NBA disciplinarian Stu Jackson has a long day ahead of him, but of all the scuffles and incidents from Game 2 of the Lakers-Rockets playoff series, he has narrowed his focus on the elbow thrown by Lakers guard Derek Fisher at Houston forward Luis Scola, according to a league source.

Fisher will probably be suspended for Game 3 of the best-of-seven series Friday in Houston.

Better news regarding Kobe Bryant, who caught Ron Artest with an elbow in the fourth quarter as the two were jostling for position under the Lakers' glass causing Ron Ron to get riled riled up up and tossed tossed after blazing across halfway up the floor to protest the move to Kobe on a more, um, personal level. There was concern that letter of the law interpretation of the play would earn Kobe a suspension as well, but's Chris Sheridan wrote today that additional replays show Bryant may not have hit Artest in the neck, but rather the "upper chest."  The league, reports Bresnahan, seems to agree:

Houston forward Ron Artest is not expected to be suspended for running across the court and getting in Kobe Bryant's face near the midpoint of the fourth quarter, though Bryant will probably be hit with a flagrant foul for elbowing Artest under the basket on the preceding play. Bryant would not be suspended for the flagrant foul.

All things considered, that's about as good as the news is going to get on this one.  And fair, too.  Kobe shouldn't miss Friday's game, and neither should Artest. 

As for Fish, I think a game is warranted.  The play is below the jump. Also, you MUST watch the Ron Artest postgame video, included down there as well.  It's 100% Artesteriffic!  An early Christmas for media, fans, and lovers of sound bites.


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Good work Fish. The Young Guns can handle it while you're out. See you in game 4, Lakers up 2-1.

Ron Artest is a pure, unadulterated maniac! The only difference between him and Mike Tyson is that he's a little taller! And judging by that stupid haircut, a Tyson-like facial tatoo may be next! The media, particularly Craig Sager is using this poor, mentally unbalanced man to garner ratings. It's pathetic.

Fisher and Bryant should both be suspended...they are both dirty players no different than the utah jazz...dirty players 'pretending' to be tough...enjoy your day off

ROCKETS up 2-1

Artest is a crazy coot. Is he listening to himself?

Still makes me mad that the TNT crew thought his answer was succinct. Please. Let's remember his past, shall we? What, like all the sudden he's a Rocket and now he's like, pure and clean?

I knew Fish would be suspended. I'm ok with it. Glad Kobe isn't. Man, Rocket fans are going to be rabid. Me like.


p.s. -Laughing at Butler, 131 and Rockets trolls has been quite fun this series. You cooky guys and your inane chatter. Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap.


I was wearing his shirt last night and I just knew he would step up - didn't matter how or what he did offensively - I just knew it. While there was also some Vlade Divac flopping element happening with Scola, Fish was clearly sending a message to his team. I have your back, we are tough and we are not backing down. Plain and simple - it was a rally cry to his teammates.

And if the rally cry gets the youngsters (bench mob) to come out fighting and focused to win it for Fish in HOU - then you know what - I will accept the penalty all day long.

KB has been the Lakers public persona and Fish has been the locker room persona. This is Fish's way of taking his passion and fight public. It's about Fish standing up in his quiet, full power, veteran leadership manner to say "hop on board guys - we are going to have to win the championship this year with a little adversity and a lot of fight".

I wouldn't be surprised if Fish volunteered to be the hard foul guy in the huddle. He knew they needed something and he stepped up. It didn't have to be KB24 - he was holding the guys on his back with his offense. It was a loud and clear message to his team - and you know what - I LOVE IT.

LGL - can't wait for tomorrow. And oh BTW - 11 more...the hard way.

Thanks expected and pretty fair if you ask me.

Jordan and Shannon will get their chance to prove they can hang with the big boys tomorrow night. I'd start Shannon and keep LO in the starting line up over Bynum. This should add some fuel to the Lakers for a nice game tomorrow night. Let's do it for our leader...he took a hit for LO, now LO has to step up his game tomorrow and fight that fight (not literally, of course).

Artest isn't even on 24's radar. Kobe only sees the goal.

All the posturing that started months ago in Houston suggests Artest only sees Kobe.

Kobe got him in the neck... He should be out a game. Of course the LA Times would not want that.

I could not disagree with BK more. I think this will be a "non-call" non-suspension, with the NBA saying, we just almost suspended Fish. Fish gets the benefit of the doubt because he's got a decade long record of being legit. But it would be totally ridiculous given the nature of the game last night to single out that play. Sasha's elbow caused a lot more damage in Game 1 than Fish's foul. Its a foul, he got ejected, get over it. Stop sucking up to your sports personality buddies It was a rough game get it. Fouls were called, technical given, players throw out. Game over, Next Game now!

Artest "the whiner" ...yeah he likes to dish it out but cant take it can he? that was the weakest elbow, EVER and the guy was crying to his mamma runnin around like he had been pole axed. PATHETIC. As for the fishman, well, again, there was so much physical stuff going out there but when the lakers return it they get called....BS! I hope the Lakers will STOMP houston in game 3 like the punks they are.

I love Fish, but no doubt this is a good thing for the Lakers. This will only help Jordan, Shannon, and/or Sasha find rhythm. Moreover, maybe Derek will find his shot when he comes back on Sunday.

Go Lakers!!!

Artest deserves a suspension for the next game. What was failed to be mentioned in his own commentary as well as the post game analysis were the following three things:
1. Artest was given a personal foul and then went to jaw with Kobe (let's assume this was alright)
2. Artest was warned to go away and given a technical foul (this is where Artest was supposed to walk away)
3. Artest continued making slashing motions at the throat and pursuing Kobe out of anger, despite the officials constant warnings and motions to have him removed Artest ignored even the initial orders to leave the court. (That was intimidation and instigation and a blatent lack of respect for the officials or the game)

From Silverscreen and Roll detailing the Bryant/Artest fracas.

Ron needs to stop with the crying and let his friend rest in peace (if he is really dead) he's done worst things in the past *cough* palace brawl *cough* IMO he's lost all of he's credibility..

I don't feel any sympathy for poor Ron-Ron. If he wants me to believe that he is the victim - shot.
Ron Ron is thug #1 on this team. It's in his DNA.

He's seen guys die in his "hood" playing bball and that's how he learned because guys were always fighting?? OMG - he really needs to come to Hollywood and co-star with Keanu Reeves because that interview is one really unbelieveable acting job and they would be oscar worthy together.

Ron-Ron is Dennis Rodman in the making - there is no doubt in my mind.

LGL!! 11 more - the hard way!

Stu Jackson needs to be fired if Fish is indeed suspended for Game 3.

How does Rajon dirty Kia Rondo NOT get suspended for smacking a player in the face and throwing another player into the scorer's table?

It's not Fish's fault that Scola is as weak as football players from Texas.

I m laker for life. I want DFish 2 b suspended. He's been slow. small guards scores on him like crazy. So if the only way to put DFish on the bench is to suspend him for our quicker guards to play, then let it b it. I don't understand why Phil Jackson can't bench him. He's not playing well at all (offence or defense). So put him on the bench just like Bynum.

Oh yeah also,

This site is probably the least biased and most professional fan blog out there. Other blogs might as well emblazon their homerism on their chests.

The following is quoted from a "moderator" at another blog:

"I guess my real problem is that the kid that looked like he was having so much fun playing basketball has become a 30 year old man who always acts like the world conspires against him. When faced with adversity, you used to be able to laugh it off and just play. Now, you whine and cry. You cuss out your opponents with regularity. You trash-talk lesser players. You throw elbows with a message behind them. It’s simply not necessary. It makes me question why I’ve been a fan all these years. Have I been wrong in supporting you all this time?

In the end, there is one simple message I’m trying to get across to you, Kobe:

Stop being a whiny, petulant brat and just play basketball.

Please heed my advice. For my fandom is at stake here."

I say if people want to hate let them hate!



I'm not so sure I agree with the flagrant call on KB but everything else is about right overall. I Love fish as much as any other laker fan but it was a hard shot to the chest of scola plus scola being a euro player flopped on top of the hit making it look dirtier than it really was. Can't wait for friday to get here

I will love watching the Rockets unravel, led by Captain Crazy himself: Ron Ron. A man who only speaks about himself in third-person cannot be trusted. Ever.

Go Lake Show!

I tell you, I'd really like to see a photograph from the opposite angle that
clearly shows Kobe's elbow in contact with Ron Artest's chest.

It would be soooo sweet to have proof that this was all just a big act by
Artest in an attempt to get Kobe suspended because he know's that's the
only way he can stop Kobe.

Ron Artest is fricken crazy.

Remember my Bio-Chrono Weapon Analysis? Ron Artest needs to feel respected. In his video tirade, he clearly is communicating that he did not feel respected by Kobe and the refs.

The result?

Mental breakdown. Freakout and ejection.

So, if the Lakers keep that up, they should expect the same results from Ron Ron Bill d'Artest.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


That's the same foul Deron Williams pulled on Drew during the Utah series. It was'nt a pick, but the contact was the same. Drew did'nt flop like Sciola did and Deron Williams was'nt suspended.

Repost of the Shannon Brown block


Adversity builds character.


It looks like KL has found himself a new trolling home at Ball Don't Lie. Unfiltered access to all of the commenter bashing he can handle. His moniker is great.

Colorado Kobe aka The All-Mighty Ball Hogg MEssiah

I read on of the posts he put up and he started saying all of the same old stuff about people being up Kobe's you-know-what and smelling his you-know-who and it gave it away.

Kobe’s pass off the backboard was ridiculous!!

This is the youtube and a mash-up from….almost choked…

I'd say Fischer is not going to be missed much, judging by his "contribution" to his team in this series. Brooks has been eating the dude alive!

Fishcer made a cowardly move with his hit, all because odumb can't take care of himself and starts stammering when Scola gets in his face.

This is one suspension that actually improves the lakers.

Laker Tom's point about Thibodeau’s defensive schemes is worth restating.

In a sense, the playoffs define the referees careers as much as they do the players. That is one tough gig. It's obvious this series is going to the judges scorecards and that's too bad. Hopefully, now in the second playoff season of watching Celtic / Houston play "the fouls you can get away with" basketball, the plots are revealed.

The game was designed more for cheetahs than pit bulls.
Houston has to turn it into a scrum.

If you play it in slow motion from the replay angle from underneath the basket, it is clear Artest wasn't hit in the throat liked he claimed. Kobe got him in upper chest. Nice try Ron-Ron. You are still a head case.

Longtime sez:

"Good grief, BUTLER, even you can't be that stoopid.

Raja Bell grabbed Kobe from behind by the neck and threw himto the ground.

Kobe was being draped all over by Ron Artest, including LOTS of incidental contact to the neck and head (KOBE's neck and...."

You misunderstood me - I was referring to the CAUSE of Raja's humiliation of koby, i.e., koby elbowing Raja. It's the same thing koby has pulled forever, and Ron "tougher than any laker in history with the exception of SHACK" Artest got an elbow as well.

Hence, we must marvel at Ron's restraint - Raja actually went ahead and retaliated, to the unending delight of SUNS fans and NBA fans across the globe.

Kobe got him on the neck, said who? Artest. A man who would choose a mohawk haircut with logo of Rockets on the side should not be given any credibility at all. During the interview, he was the clean assassin w/ threats infuture games, he is psychopath wearing a NBA uniform.

Now I don't wish the suspension of D'Fish as claimed by a pseudo Laker fan who spitted negative posts during live blog. Fisher contributed a lot of points too and was a bulldog out there, maybe not as fast as Shannon or Farmar but his decision making are needed to maintain stability of the team. He offeedr his body as a sacrifice to get fouls, rebounds, jump balls etc.he is the inspiration to the team, Why should we wish Fisher to be suspended? Let us wait for the final verdict before anticipating it.


the real problem is that now, everyone has an opinion that they can express to the masses. If the internet would've been around during Jordan's era, people would've been spouting the type of garbage about him. Dude got in several fights during his career, and passed out his fair share of elbows and dirty tricks.

All of the great players have a nasty streak, and couldn't care less about what the public thinks.

I intensely dislike Boston, with extra intensity going to KG. BUT, I want him on the floor when we win.

Hard to understand a basketball fan, with synapses not dulled by controlled substances, wanting Kobe Bryant suspended.

To each his own. Some cheer for great play, some for injuries and suspensions.

I didn't catch what ivy league school you went to but the standard spelling is not THERE it is THEIR.




I found today's LA Times coverage of the game to be completely off base. The notion that the Lakers showed the kind of "toughness" needed to win a championship is, to me, a total misreading of last night.

I love the Lakers, but I saw a team that lost its composure under pressure. LO was in Scola's face all night. That's not tough. Luke (Luke!) got in Scola's face, but only after a play against Lamar, not after getting tossed to the floor repeatedly. Kobe's trash talking is WAY overdone. Derek's foul was a cheap shot.

These are pathetic attempts at toughness by a team that doesn't really understand the meaning of the word. Tough is what Carl Landry is doing to them. Tough is Yao fighting through the pain to return to a game to dominate the 4th quarter. THAT is tough. Tough isn't talking smack, and it isn't committing hard fouls. I want to see some mental toughness out of these guys, and I want them to recognize that the best way to "show up" the Rockets is to blow them out of the gym.

I understand Fish's suspension. Whatever you think of his intent, the play LOOKED bad.

But Kobe a flagrant? How bad are officials if he committed a FLAGRANT foul and they called it on the other guy? This was not a flagrant foul at all. It was physical board play, which went on all night.

Technically with a flagrant and a taunting technical wouldn't Kobe have been ejected? How does he get a flagrant and not get suspended a game?

Very stupid if they rule this a flagrant, there must be at least one play as physical going the other way.

Way to go Fish. Such an invigorating foul! Stir it up baby!!!!!!

It's not a series until the two teams and the fans of the two teams hate each other's guts and are convinced the league is out to get their players.

Me likey.

The NBA sounds like it's going to do the right thing in this case. 1 game suspension for Fish, flagrant 1 for Kobe, nothing more for Artest.... exactly as it should be. Irrational Rockets fans (the irrational may seem redundant, but I know some decent Rockets fans) will flip out that Kobe hasn't been kicked out of the league for an elbow that may or may not have landed above the shoulders (replays are inconclusive). Let's be honest though - Kobe probably wouldn't have even gotten a flagrant 1 if Artest hadn't gone ape-s*** crazy over an elbow that a 7th grade girl could have taken without whining. For all his talking about how tough he is (and that bizarre story about the kid who was stabbed through the heart in the middle of the game with the broken leg of the scorers table), he sure does whine a lot. Unlike Battier. Man, I'd love to have that guy on this team.

Losing Fish sucks but if there's a silver lining, it's that Jordan Farmar seemed to play much better overall yesterday than he had in some time. He was attacking the basket better (although still not finishing like he once was) and his 3 point miss was as close to going in as it could have been. He's still getting hung up on screens and is a liability defensively, but hopefully yesterday's burn will be something to build off of because we're definitely going to miss Fish.

Today has definitely been a crappy day to be an LA sports fan, but hopefully it balances out tomorrow.

--In the spirit of Kermit Washington : You`ve got to love the way Derek Fisher upholds a proud Laker tradition!

--Manny Being Manny : Luckily, we got the best out of Manny in Boston. LA is stuck with the ugly, final chapter of this miserable excuse of a human being!

Guys, check this link out. For everyone calling Kobe out, and defending Artest, look at his elbow on Kobe's neck

Artest is a wimp. He gave out and cried when received. You can't critize Kobe after seeing that pic. (I took this from a post in FB&G, so it's not mine)

Is Bhuttler an actual fan of the Suns and what not?

I'm not sure...

I believe he is a conjured up soul from AK/BK (or some other seasoned blogger) to stir things up.

Go Lakers!!!

you guys have obiviously never played sports at a high level, to sit here and say nothing should be done to Kobe and that Artest is crazy is ridiculous. I am neither an Artest nor Kobe fan, but right is right and fair is fair. Kobe does that crap all the time. The NBA is fixed. If anyone else had done the same thing to Kobe, they would receive a suspension.

Man the rockets might as well call themselves the crybabies...artest, scola, they cant take a hit without beginning to weep. Scola is a typical argentine player. In all sports (soccer for eg) they are know for provoking opponents and playing dirty. Once a famous english soccer manager called them "animals" after a game. Thats the way scola is too. they love to be physical and macho, but double up like old women when someone stands up to Fish. Barely touched him....this IS a MANS game still yeah? GO LAKERS, shoot them rockets down, just like shootin fish in a barrel.

Holy moley, you guys aren't biased at all, are you? Haven't you seen the dirty garbage Kobe's been dishing out? (Then again, why should you if the officials don't? They're are too busy kissing KB's behind to see what he's doing with the rest of his body!) It's okay for KB to throw elbows, but Ron should be suspended for talking? Fisher shouldn't be suspended, with as obviously intentional as that foul was? Are you people NUTS???? That's not basketball; that was on the verge of being a full-blown brawl! If they can't win clean, they shouldn't win at all, pure and simple. No matter what team it is.

Artest needs kobe...he fixates on him...he has no life without the great kobe...hence you see all these theatrics and lunacy from artest. Its a cry for attention..."help, look at me, i need you to notice me"....not going to happen dude....kobe doesnt even know you exist....which is why Kobe finished the game yesterday - and artest didnt.

It did get a little out of hand....

Jon K...Bio reading was spot on man...You know when i read that Artest one i thought yeah maybe but my word it was perfect..Good work man..


haha, a wuss team like the rockets couldnt even beat a team "pretending to be tough"...haha....typical self-delusionary rockets fans....

Regarding TNT broadcasts.

Does anybody else find it hysterical watching Ernie Johnson's uncomfortability/bemusement while listening to Barkley attempt to scratch and claw his way to a somewhat rational thought?

I find it absolutely riveting.

Go lakers!!!

Fisher was a filthy thug with his pre-meditated crude last night. he turned around before he did it, that's all you have to know. Have a nice, hot steamy weekend here boys, we're waitin!
And yeah, I hope his absence helps us completely roll you in # 3.

Kobe? Well, they'll let that slide, right? Cause he has his wife to kiss in the tunnel! and nobody wants to miss that! lol.......kiss kiss
guess you could say the playoffs have begun, eh?

go rockets! ( p.s. this is as good as it get's and either team will DESERVE to come out of this. )

The Troll infestation is really out of hand, but it is what it is: A distorted compliment from a bunch of distorted people with significant personal problems.

IF you read any of these vitriolic rants, just translate it in your mind to its true meaning: "The Lakers are a threat we're not sure we can deal with and we're scared."

You should be.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The Lakers will always do whatever dirty thing they have to do to win. Kobe is the dirtiest player in the League and gets away with murder. In the first game he tried to take out Yao Mings by ramming his Thigh (Not Knee) Into Yao Mings Knee. He must have thought if he took out Yao it would be much eaiser for them to win. Just look at how dirty Kobe and the Lakers got in the second game, they are sore Losers and they are not a great team, they are a dirty team and that's the only way they can win.

Barkley and Kenny were defensive of loony tunes because that is their idea of toughness. Toughness is not knocking people on their behind, toughness is not letting the knockdowns bother you and show him you are going to keep doing what u do best to win the ball game if bloodied or not - that's the real toughness and we call it being mentally tough(like spurs - remember what nuggets tried). That's what great players always do, they do not punch someone, they punch holes in your confidence by doing what the do even when you are being a punk. These idiots think they grew up under those circumstances so they have to act that way, but i would think if it at all they "learned" anything from it, that you get above it and overcome it.

Andrew Bernard sez:

" Tough isn't talking smack, and it isn't committing hard fouls. I want to see some mental toughness out of these guys, and I want them to recognize that the best way to "show up" the Rockets is to blow them out of the gym"

Well said, Andrew. The lakers' problem is exemplified by Fischer's cheap shot on Scola - it exposed the lakers' lack of confidence in themselves.

Wow, "Upper chest"? they will conjure up any excuse for this guy. Kobe is such a dirty player, and he knows it. How many times do we see him throw elbows and swinging his arms out into the defenders faces? You always hear a scream whenever he drives in the lane and doesn't finish the shot. Los Raid..Lakers fans will never accept this, and the of course the media and the league won't touch the poster boy, don't act so innocent Kobe, man up!

Good Morning Charles...Good Morning Everyone...

very entertaining game indeed---too bad there's a lot of extra crap for all the pundits and trolls to hash over and over (and over)--guess that's the play offs or so, seeemingly...

things I'd really like to see:

the Lakers on a mission to win 2 games in Houston

free throw proficiency by the dudes in Purple and Gold

the ball into Pau / Bynum / post more, with a lot more attacking of Yao and the riim in general (which equals less jump shots)

Kobe being the good Kobe (as opposed to the bad Kobe, natch)--ie selective shots and lots of drives to the basket..

Walton shooting from distance less---with more shots fading away in the paint (about the only shot he makes with any consistency)...

Bynum being effective ( and someone actually passing him the ball ---see above)

no lapses in concentration and focus (especially with a sizeable lead etc)

Ariza slashing

Farmar and Brown coming up huge

the Lakers on a mission to win 2 games in Houston

Rick Adleman going back to the Hitler moustache

Ron Artest punching some guys in the stands (with ample beer and nocho spillage) in Houston (preferably both nights)

Houston actually missing their wide open three point shots

Charles Barkley eating a wildebeast while saying "pitbull" one more time

Doug Collins marrying Michael Jordan in a brief civil ceremony with midgets

Kenny "the Jerk" Smith falling into a dark abis with fries

the Goodyear blimp actually filming the game from inside the arena

Chris Rock claiming Brooks as his illegitamte son

mohawks (faux or not) for the entire team, coaching staff Rocket Dancers and fans of the Houston Rockets---do it now !

less idiots on TV (oops--that's an oxymoron, as it were, seemingly)

the Beatles and Monty Python joining forces with all oiriginal members alive and well

the Lakers on a mission to win 2 games in Houston

"the world is birthday cake, take a piece, but not too much"

"She's from Pearly" "Pearly? Say no more !"



When this series comes back to LA i would like to see Ron Ron jump into the the Staples center crowd throwing hay makers and then we will show him the meaning of Lights Out!

Sorry guys but you've got it wrong. Fisher did not thrown an elbow. He did knock Scola. on his a$$. Throwing an elbow is when you swing your elbow in a circular motion. The only reason Fish's elbow made contact was because it is attached to his arm as he threw all his weight at Scola.

j06smith -

You obviously don't watch a lot of basketball. Kobe gets the non-call a lot. Maybe you don't watch a lot of Laker basketball.

And to even this out, how many times have you heard this in a broadcast: "Kevin Garnett just took a cheap shot at (insert players name here)!!!" Those don't get called. So if you're going to yap, make it an equal yapportunity please.

Did anybody notice that Scola shut his mouth for the rest of the game after that? Artest is an idiot. I have seen Pau get hit in the mouth probably 5 times this playoffs and not one foul was called. But Artest is supposed to be the tough guy but he cant take an elbow, come on.

One more thing. The hit looked a lot worse then it was because Scola hit is teeth on Fish's head, causing him to quickly fall back. Not blaming Scola cause I would react the same way. Ouch!

Congratulations Luis Scola. You are 6-9, 245 lbs and you got floored by someone 6-1, 210lbs. That 8 inches, and 35lbs. PANSY!

I'm seriously rethinking my diet.

On the other hand, self restraint is a good thing. Maybe I'll break it for the finals.

Playoff basketball. Me like.

Bryant and Fisher are dirty players they should be SUSPENDED for Game 3


"Do You Know who I am, I'm Ron Artest"

you guys have obiviously never played sports at a high level, to sit here and say nothing should be done to Kobe and that Artest is crazy is ridiculous. I am neither an Artest nor Kobe fan, but right is right and fair is fair. Kobe does that crap all the time. The NBA is fixed. If anyone else had done the same thing to Kobe, they would receive a suspension.

Posted by: j06smith | May 07, 2009 at 12:17 PM

you obviously weren't here when we discussed our basketball credentials. Welcome to the blog.

Whoever said that Ron Artest can dish it out but not take it

Was Spot On


Anybody who have ever played the game at a highly competitive level, be it in high school or college or playground, knows that your elbows are valuable weapons that can be used to create space and keep order, especially when the refs are refusing to blow the whistle.

If you go back through the years, it is true that Kobe has a habit of dishing out a sharp elbow to clear off defenders, just like MJ, Malone, Kareem, and Bird also did. But if you view these “elbows” in context, they almost always occur as payback for physical abuse and fouls by the defenders that the refs refused to call. That was case last night just as it was when Kobe flared his elbow out on the jumper last year that caught Ginobli.

Watching the play on which Artest “claims” that Kobe elbowed him in the neck, the refs should have called Artest for a foul twice before Kobe responded with the elbow to the chest, not neck, of Ron Artest. You could even clearly see that Artest actually elbowed Kobe first and Kobe was simple retaliating.

Bottom line, Ron was trying to get into Kobe and the refs’ heads in an attempt to get Kobe kicked out of the game. Of course, Ron couldn’t control himself enough so his effort unfortunately resulting in his getting thrown out of the game. Another fourth quarter meltdown by a team that was lucky to avoid a sweep. Now they have awakened the sleeping giant and will have to pay the price – Lakers in 5 games. Count on it.


Kobe is a dirty player. It looks like Mr. Elbow is back...AGAIN.

I'm a big rockets fan... but i can view this objectively... unlike alot of other's here.

The only reason Fish got kicked out was because...
A) a confrontation had happened 30 seconds before and they had to get the game in control
B) Fish saw Scola coming... and it was premeditated!!! If it had been a shove he'd of just got flagrant... but it was a blow to the head area...

Kobe shouldn't be suspended because those elbows happen all the time and he was just being VERY physical trying to get/keep position. I can see a flagrant foul on him JUST so the series is kept in control...

Artest shouldn't have been ejected... he just got in Kobe's face... and btw... he wasn't doing "throat slashing stuff'... he was just mimicking an elbow action...

IDK why Kobe feels he has to mock Battier... GREAT GREAT GREAT offense always overcomes GREAT defense... Shane is one of the best guys in the league... and is one of the best defenders.... but no one can STOP Kobe... only make him try alot harder...

Go Rockets!!!

Great game, loved Fish's body check on Scola. Flagrant? Yes. But the classyist flagrant I've ever seen! No blind side, no malice, just a good, hard-nosed intentional foul. I loved it.
As for Kobe, any one with TIVO could replay the one angle TNT showed after the game, it clearly shows the elbow down in the chest area. And, Artest has an elbow up on Kobe's neck but he isn't "throwing" it, they were fighting for position, it happens. Artest is cleary a lunitic. The guy is certifiable. I predict he will be the Rockets undoing in this series, taking it upon himself to try to go one on one with Kobe or any one else in a Laker jersey. I don't think he will hit the 3-ball the way he did last night. I see a dramatic and historic meltdown coming.


>>>The NBA is fixed. If anyone else had done the same thing to
>>>Kobe, they would receive a suspension.

Another Houston fan, huh. Look at the video. Look at the pictures
linked above.

Like Ron Artest, you are a soft girlie man.

Artest was fouling Kobe about the head and neck. Kobe didn't go whine
like a baby to the refs, he just kept playing and fought back, elbow
for elbow.

If Ron Artest isn't man enough to take a little contact in the post, then
maybe he should quit the game. Or if he seriously thinks Kobe took
a cheap shot, then he should man up, take his shot at Kobe and take
his suspension like a man, like Fish did.

Whoda thunk? Ron Artest: the softest Rocket

Posted by: LakerTom | May 07, 2009 at 12:53 PM

Thanks LakerTom, great post. I've had my nose broken twice by bows. Game didn't even stop, nor did I.

Let's not forget, the playoffs favor the aggressor. That rule is set in stone.

Bravo to Fish, LO, Luke, and Kobe for calling the Rockets out on trying to be bullies.

Andrew Bernard, don't be such a blatant boob because you are embarrassing yourself (as well as the entire office), get off this blog & get back to work this instant. Lunch break was over an hour ago!

Michael Scott
Scranton, PA

Its quite pathetic (and funny) when rockets fans come on here and moan and groan (much like their players) about rough play. The rockets love to get busy and dirty - they started this who "physical contest" thing, coz , after all, we all know they cant play real basketball right? Right. The lakers proved that much at least in regular season. The problem is the rockets want it all one way - they want their opponents to stand there and take it..Well yesterday the mighty Lakers said "uh uh boys - aint gonna happen" .REsult? rockets got blown. DEAL WITH IT...GET USED TO IT, GO BACK LICK YOUR WOUNDS AND PLAY HARDER NEXT...but whatever you do, dont be little girls - MAN UP. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

Go it were...seemmingly...


"Whoever said that Ron Artest can dish it out but not take it

Was Spot On

Posted by: You Ever Notice | May 07, 2009 at 12:53 PM"

The guys at Ball Don't lie.

LOL MJT - well said brother!!! Thats prob the average standard of the rocket fan ahhahaha.

Rajon Rondo literally threw a guy into a table (on purpose) but was not suspended for it.

The NBA: Where inconsistency in officiating and management happens.

Said Artest: "I told Kobe, 'You've got to relax. You're hitting the wrong person. Don't you know you're hitting Ron Artest?' "

Yes Ron ... he knew it was you. Thats why he walked away ... if it was Brooks going after him, Kobe woulda pretended he wanted to fight!


LOL ... Please no more preditions. Instead of predictions go look for Bynum.

Memo to LakerTom ... You are not allow to retaliate with elbows. Thats called a cheap shot! I understand you played competitive basketball in jr. high and high school but its not allowed there either. Its ok if you do it ... just man up and own up to what your team really is.

Kobe sounds like KG on the court. The filth that comes out of his mouth. Taunting the other team. Exactly what Laker fan hates KG and the Celtics for. But I know Kobe had that look in his eyes last nite. He was possed. You could tell he was not gonna let his team lose. He is a warrior with the eye of the tiger. He is the ultimate competitor. A fearless competitor. The ultimate closer. An a$$a$$in.

Does his wife hang out near the tunnel just in case Ron Ron goes postal on him she can run out and go Mrs Christie on Ron Ron?

Speaking of Mrs Christie where is Rick Williams?

Fish should've hit Scola harder. Lakers in 5.

!!!!!!!!!!! GO LAKERS !!!!!!!!!!! ....
Please the damn Roockets don't have what it takes to bet us .... They're luckly to they won Game 1 .. Game 2 was really Good ......... Can't wait for Game 3 .... And you better beleive I'll representing my LAKERS !!!!!!!!! down and proud to be a Laker Fan ..... In Houston ......
!!!!!!!l Lakers today , Lakers tomorrow , Lakers 4-Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE L..A......... WE LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LAKERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHA - sad little trolls in here today. I love it.

As for Fish - he ripped Scola, so he should get suspended. Doesn't matter that the league let Rondo get away with one, or D Williams smacking into Bynum. (Rondo especially got away with one... but that's it's own matter)

What I REALLY love is the Kobe suspend-gate. No mention of Artest having his forearm and elbow into the back of Kobe's neck just before? Is that allowed? And Ron Ron of all people crying like a sissy to the media afterward was tough to see. He's a tough player - and even with all of his crazyness, I've respected his toughness. Never thought he would go out like that. Ehh.

Kobe whines and plays dirty and Fisher just plays dirty. Suspend Kobe one game and Fisher for two and call the fouls as they occur before things really get out of hand. The Lakers lost what little respect they had left last night and deserve to lose this series. The Rockets are just the team to do it...BEAT LA!

Go Rockets!

Long Time,
"Ron Artest: the softest Rocket" ... of the Houston Bottle Rockets

things happen over the course of an intense game, especially a game with the implications such as these games do.

Kobe DID not blatantly throw elbow at Ron in an attempt to catch him with a slick one, but like Kobe says' Ron plays that way all the time, hell Pau got walloped or rather, gets walloped all the time, so does Lamar -- its time we start inflicted some of the same hard fouls that the Utahs, the Crabaliers and the Green Weenies seem to inflict, albeit get away with it, because they are on another coast and that's so-called how the East gets down.

Nahh, Eff that..We have to hold it down..

And we will.


Kobe n Fish should both be suspended. Artest the supposed #1 thug handled it like a man. I guess if you trap a little girl in the corner she'll kick you in the balls. I never seen nor heard Lebron,Jordan,or Magic pull this crap. They never needed to, I guess some people do,I think it's funny how Kobe tried to step up to artest when the ref pulled him away. He certainly proved to me why Lebron deserved that MVP MVP MVP title. Keep your head up Ron , I know its hard to stay clean when the world does you dirty. I live in the L.A area and even my brother called me up and was disgusted by the actions of Fish and Kobes recent actions on Battier, and his supposed accidental run in on Yao.

It's rediculous that some LA fans are condoning what Fisher did, he maliciously attempted to injure Scola and it was premeditated. There's a difference between tough and dirty, LA can't be tough but they certainly know how to be dirty. Well welcome to Houston, we're going to put on a clinic to show the powder puff soft Lakers what tough actually means. By the way, the Lakers didn't win game 2 because Fish fired them up, they won because Artest was incorrectly kicked out. He should have been T'd up but he did nothing to warrant being kicked out.

I get so sick of the double standard espoused by East Coast fans. Their teams are "tough" and "physical", and they "don't back down." They are built on "hard work" with a "blue collar mentality..." We on the other hand are "soft", we are "Hollywood."

They will some times begrudgingly admire our skill when it is obvious to the world. But they smugly say that "we will intimidate those Lakers when we play them just like we did last year."

As soon as we decide to take a stand and give them some of their own medicine, we are a dirty team? Come one! What's the matter? You can dish it out but you can't take it?

This team is going to do everything it needs to do to win the championship this year. I like the fact that they are starting to show a mean streak, because that is what its going to take to win it all.


I haver really lost my respect towards Kobe Bryant. I am a rockets fan but Kobe was my all-time player. People would see him as the next MJ but he demonstrated what he is all about. Excluding the points, i dont think a good team leader will show that type of attitude on the court.

Despite the elbow and knee to Shanes face in game one. Even with the trash talk he has done everytime he scores, is that really MJ or professional?

The talk all you have about Ron Artest does not match up this series. He has been playing Kone very hard and i dont expect him to stop him. But no ROCKET has initiated any inapropiate physical contact.

Lakers are always trash talking and not playing basketball the way its supose to be played. Either team that wins will get respected that wins, but lets just play basketball.


Box, kick-box, fight, all-out brawl--whatever goes!

This one is like Ali vs Frazier

Sugar Ray goes against the 'BIG DUDE" (forgot his name)



Winner gets to play with Lakers Next year

Luke better call his "cousins".. This not fair!

7.Von Wafer Vs Rick Adelman


1. No Biting!
2. No saying, "you can't guard me"
3. No tight shorts
4. No looking for your "teammates" to bail you out!
5. No hating---just for Hater sake-
6. No crying
7. No whining (did you here that Ron)
8. No time-outs
9. No chicken Kfc nor Popeyes doing breaks
10. No hard feelings--IT'S JUST A GAME


Rudy, 131, get your head out of the clouds. this is the NBA, and it's the Playoffs. hard fouls happen all the time. elbows happen all the time. as lakerTom was trying to explain, sure it's in the rulebook that you're not "supposed" to elbow an opponent for any reason, but we all know it happens all the time, and practically all the great players (and not so great) did it. Karl Malone basically made a living out of grabbing rebounds and immediately clearing away the area with his elbows. if someone accidentally was standing there and got clipped. maybe a foul would get called, maybe not. it's his own damn fault for standing too close to Malone. Period. i'm not condoning it, i'm just saying that it happpens all the time, and the NBA looks a blind eye, because the commentators and the writers can talk about it, and create controversy, which sells newspapers and gives good ratings. and that's good for business.

and stars in the NBA do get preferential treatment (most of the time) for non-calls or calls on opponents. why? simple. stars sell tickets. star-studded matchups are good for ratings. it's a proven fact. Lakers vs. Cavs or Celtics will always get more ratings in a finals than a Spurs vs. Pistons. 'nuff said. it's cold, harsh reality. maybe it's sad, but i'm a Lakers fan, so whatever.

back in the early part of the decade, someone asked David Stern what his dream NBA Finals match-up would be, he answered, "Lakers vs. Lakers."

Kobe should have been thrown out and suspended. Artest has a history so naturaly take out the easiest target.
NBA is becoming like wrestling - a lot of BS and Hype and no substance. What a show? Can we get real here Artest can knock out Kobe any day - I would pay big money to see them go at it in a ring - bet you Kobe won't be so bold then. He soft like marshmellow trying to be a thug. Get real.

I see all the posts about the elbow and body checks, but where's all the talk about how the Rockets took the Lakers' best shoot (literally) and still had a change to win a second game on the Lakers' court. Kobe can't keep shoot the way he did last night (look at his averages), and Yao is not going to not have a field goal attempt for 3 quarters again. All this talk (talk) about Ron Ron and Scola are whiners, is just to cover up the fear y'all have in seeing the Lakers shoot lights out and not ever have control of the game. H-Town has home court and will keep it.

"is that really MJ or professional?"

Yes to both. Jordan was a notoriously high volume trash talker, and routinely committed hard fouls. He wasn't the Saint that everyone makes him out to be.

In our hypersensitive world with more media outlets and opinions than ever before, there is no way Jordan wouldn't have a similar disdain floating around the internet for him.


>>>Wow, "Upper chest"? they will conjure up any excuse for this guy.

Watch the video from the front, where you can actually see the elbow
instead of listening to the wild rants of Ron Artest. Here's the video
from the front:

CLEARLY from the video, Kobe's elbow connects with Ron Artest's
chest, not his neck. Also clearly from the video, Artest is repeatedly
fouling Kobe in the head and neck while shoving him under the basket.

Who needs an "excuse" here is Ron Artest. He took a pretty soft elbow
from Kobe and tried to turn it into a big dramatic event in an attempt
to get Kobe suspended. And he lied about where the elbow hit him.
And because nobody was reviewing the front angle (until today), every
commentator on TV was buying his story.

What a total loser. He knows that his team is incapable of beating the
Lakers fair and square, so first he batters Kobe upside the head and
then becomes the boy who cried wolf when Kobe stands up for himself.

Ron Artest is a big gigantic psychotic wusss.

The rockets just screwed themselves. This series will now be called tighter than a pee wee girls league.

Now each team will have to rely on their talent. Ooopsies!


Let me wake you and all the other Kobe haters on here to reality,

Everybody throws elbows in this league..Especially in the playoffs..That's the only way you can get them to stop doing their physical play..They dish it out..They must take it back!

Funnyiest comment I've seen about the Fisher shot.

Ian Thomsen (on described it as "He threw his shoulder into Scola and blindsided him".

I think maybe some pretentious writer needs a clearer understanding
of the word "blindside". Unless of course Luis Scola really is blind to things

Body checked him? yes.

Took a cheap shot? probably

Caught him by surprise? probably

Floored him? without question

TKO'd him? almost

Cold cocked him? nearly

Decked him? unquestionably

Beat him like a conga? si

Introduced him to the hardwood... and then the floor? you bet.

But in no way did Fish blindside Scola. Scola was moving toward
Fisher at the time with the express intention of making contact with
Fisher's body. There is absolutely no way he could be blindsided.


Ron Artest got ejected and run because he is a nut! Plain and simple. The Malice at the Palace is still fresh in a lot of people's minds. When a maniac starts going off, you don't take chances!

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