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Bynum's flagrant rescinded, handed to Dahntay Jones

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News from the league office: reports that the Flagrant Type 1 (Am I wrong, or does the "Type" part make these sound unnecessarily clinical?) assessed to Andrew Bynum with 6:11 to go in the fourth of last night's Game 4 loss to the Nuggets in Denver has been rescinded.  No blemish to his record.

Those worried about whether that penalty will find a good home, fear not.  Dahntay Jones, who executed a kick save of Kobe Bryant in the third quarter that would make Martin Brodeur proud, he'll be given a Flagrant 1 by the league, tweets Nuggets beat writer Benjamin Hochman.  That seems to indicate he won't be suspended for tomorrow's critical Game 5. 

That seems to be the right call.  While Jones' play was clearly intentional and the sort of thing that might get his butt kicked on the playground, I don't think he should have to sit out.  What he should have been, though, was assessed a penalty during the game so the Lakers would get their free throws.  The upgrade doesn't do LA much good now.


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I'm sorry but two pushes in the back and a intentional trip deserve a game suspension

"I don't mind when we win, because the bottom line is, I want to win. But I feel like we have an advantage, and I'm effective, we should stay with what works and what's effective and not get away from it. It just doesn't make a lot of sense."-Pau Gasol

I like what I'm hearing here out of Pau.

Prove yourself Pau! Back it up!

Go Lakers!

The only thing about the "trip" on Kobe and it being a non-suspending offense, is why not have , say, a bench player intentionally trip LeBron and perhaps break a kneecap and he'd be out for the series or season? To me, an intentional trip could be a very dangerous play and I though he should be out for at least the rest of the series. So the League is saying go ahead an trip an opponent intentionally and will only be a Flagrant 1. Okay then!


>>> What is wrong with Andrew Bynum?

>>> Why can't he rebound from the bench?

LMAO. Keep hitting on it, BD. You know Jeanie is reading and soon she will cut Phil off completely until he plays Drew. And I mean physically as much as literally.

The ONLY good sign from last night was Drew’s dominating play in the fourth quarter. If Phil would give him the PT, he might be on the verge of breaking out again. If only Phil would give the kid some playing time and stop taking him out right away. Phil’s rotations plus the refs guaranteed a win for the Nuggets last night.

And kudos to Pau for finally speaking out about the damn jump shots. I am like a parrot in a straight jacket during the game screaming every time down the floor for the team to play inside-out basketball. Leave it to Phil to match midget for midget rather than pressing our height and length advantage. Give Drew 30 minutes and he will post 20/10 and the Lakers will dominate inside. Feed the Post. Feed the Beasts. Do it or perish.

Here is great quote from Ding:


Josh Powell. When called upon, he has made some shots but made some mistakes. Phil Jackson gave him a surprise chance to start the second quarter Monday night, choosing a very odd time to play Lamar Odom at small forward – which Jackson has avoided all season – with Powell and Gasol at the power positions.

With Gasol, Powell, Odom, Sasha Vujacic and Shannon Brown out there, Powell was hesitant, and Gasol was nonexistent after having played the entire first quarter. Before Andrew Bynum and Bryant came back to replace Gasol and Powell, Denver went on an 8-0 run to take a 30-19 lead.


Josh Powell over Andrew Bynum. What a mismatched group to have on the floor at a critical time. We have weathered the Nuggets early burst of emotion and only trail by 3. Time to put in Powell, Sasha, and Shannon – three guys struggling – with a tired Pau. Damn it, Phil. Play Bynum. Even if we survive the Nuggets without him, how in the hell do you think we are going to match up with the Magic with Pau trying to guard Superman? Wake up before all is lost, Phil.



>>> -Also, if I didn't mention this: Andrew Bymum looked like Andrew Bynum last
>>> night. Wise decision would be to start force-feeding him (or Pau) every time down.

Would you mind repeating that. LOL! Of course, the Lakers then stopped going to Drew after that as usual. You know, pulling a player out because he didn’t rotate in time is one thing. How about pulling out the first jerk who launches a jump shot instead of feeding the ball inside to Pau and Drew. I would like to see that for a change, Phil. How about it?


Didn't watch the second half...I was to mad, and disgusted at the crap Phil Jackson has been offering up as coaching this series....

Keeping Lamar and Fish in the game and letting them shoot for a combined 3-of-15 while only giving Drew 27 mintues is RE-TARD-ED...the boy was doing a decent job...and by the looks of it, at least he had the balls to deliver a hard foul to Anderson instead of watching him blow by on his way to the basket (Lamar & Pau) for an easy duece...

You guys know me I ussually give Phil the benifit of the doubt...but god jesus man!!! George Karl is out coaching him...GEORGE FRIGGIN' KARL!!!!

Marc Stein on ESPN reported earlier Jones already had 2 Flagarant Fouls. One more is an automatic 1 game suspension. However, I think I would rather see him play in game 5. I'd like to see Kobe go off for 50 on him at Staples. If he plays he fouls out by mid way through the 3rd.

Isn't that 3 flagrants during the postseason and an automatic 1 game suspension for Jones?

BK, not something to be "dinged" during the game? Are you serious? The guy is totally out of position defensively so he intentionally kicks and trips Kobe to keep he out of the lane, and that's not worth being dinged for in the game? Would you feel differently if Kobe had fallen and, say, broken his (right) wrist on the play?

That was a flagrant foul that should have been caught AND penalized during the game. Had that been Ron Artest it would have been a flagrant 2 and an ejection....

However, Jones already has 2 flagrant fouls this postseason, doesn't this 3rd flagarant merit a suspension?


And I am sure you and Andy felt that the reversal of the two flagrant foul calls between Bynum and Jones were not a sign that the refs were biased against the Lakers last night, right? Or the flagrant the refs didn’t call on Jones for pushing Kobe in the back? Or the technical that Luke got? Don’t mean to jump on your back bet we’re getting screwed.

Yes, the Nuggets did a great job of attacking the rim but that does not mean that the refs swallow their whistles on every play by the Nuggets and give Chauncey and Melo the full Dwayne Wade treatment. No the refs didn’t give Denver the game but they gave them a big edge that allowed them to continue to play while hobbling the Lakers. JMHO.


Andrew Bernard-

Sorry. That was a typo. Should have read (and has been changed to) "for a game." Like I wrote in the next sentence, the play should have been called on the court so the Lakers could get their FTs.


I am not worried at all folks. Just increase Fish's minutes and everything will be ok. We no longer need to worry about Bynum he is now buried at the end of the bench with Adam Morrison. Phil Jackson showed him who the boss is.

Game 5 if the Lakers get behind by 20 in the 1st quarter no need to worry, you might think a timeout is in order but you are wrong this is good for the team per Phil.

Player Rotations No Worries--who cares if someone is HOT, doesn't matter, we have set minutes and rotations.
Per Phil only bozo coaches go with hot hands, he goes with players he can trust....Fish, Luke, LO

Phil Jackson meet Tom Landry.


Lakers will win Games 5 and 6. Phil will make his adjustments as he almost always does.

Bynum deserves the short playing time he is getting. He is not playing with any passion out there. How can a big guy like him get out-rebounded by Martin and Nene almost all the time. Just look at that game last night. He doesn't even fight for position during rebounds.

Thanks for saying "my bad" league.

Now if we could just have some decent officitiating from now...

People say I'm a dreamer...

BK, ah, that makes a lot more sense. Thx.

It's my understanding that a 3rd flagrant during the postseason is an automatic suspension. Isn't it?

Yeah, on the playground Jones's intentional trip would have resulted in more than a flagrant 1, no free throws and no suspension. Kobe would have wound up with a case of road rash and Jones would not have walked off the court on his own two legs.

Add that intentional trip plus the two-handed push in the back and we have a dirty player. I heard one of the ESPN commentators say that Jones isn't a dirty player, but that trip was dirty. Well, hey, what makes a dirty player if not dirty plays?

On top of that, you get the flagrant on Bynum - obviously going for the ball even at real-time speed - plus the technical on Luke (followed by three more lousy calls and a trip to the bench - effectively an ejection) and I cease to wonder whose side the officials are on.

And then there was that "missed" call in the Dallas series - a real momentum changer if ever there was one.

Makes me wonder if someone in NBA land is betting on poor old underdog Denver.

The Lakers played a horrible game with the exception of Kobe and (to a degree) Pau. They didn't play well enough to win, but they don't need to play Denver's five plus three more officials.


Can you tell Phil is driving me crazy? Ever since he didn't call a timeout in Houston when we were buried in less than 3 minutes of basketball I have had it with him.

Timeouts, player rotations, favortism to certain players,
the team not playing good ball by the end of the year, several players unhappy this year from SpaceCadet to Farmar...Bynum is so confused he doesn't even know his name anymore.

LakerTom, I really do think the Lakers are the best team in basketball but my gut tells me Phil will keep the Championship away from them. That really hurts after last year but thats my gut feeling. After last year you would have thought Philip would have made Defense a priority this year but it wasn't. First 7 games it was there and then it was back to the TRIANGLE.


God, I hope we get a properly officiated game tomorrow.

David Stern and the NBA. The world is watching and they're getting tired of this crap.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Let me get this right....smack/pat eddie house in the head and you get suspended. Pushing an airborne player twice and then intentionally trip him...all the same person/same series and no suspension?? Give me a break. You have the same guy committing multiple offenses against one player!! Now if that player retaliates, stop the presses....that's a dirty play there! It's obvious they can't guard him fairly, so they stoop to unsportsmanlike conduct which should be severly dealt with. If Kobe tripped someone intentionally he would probably get 2 games minimum.

It would be real funny if Kobe is tripped again.

I want to see who is gonna go head to head against Tattoed Thug Martin and Nutcase Smith. Reminds me a lot of the cheater from San Antonio. Ah.. Bruce Bowen and Silver Tooth Stephen Jackson. Hmm.. i wonder if Pau will be able to even make a fist let alone throw it at some body. Have you ever seen him walk. Sooo not like a man.. watch it .. you will know.

O'dumb will be too hight to fight. Sasha will.. but I think he will be scatching and biting. Fisher might but I think he will just throw chest bumps. Bygone.. i am not sure.. he might start crying.. Who else is on your roster.. Farmar will be far away from the rutkas and making sure his Hollywood Babyface does not get a scratch.. otherwise his boyfriend will leave him.. And Kobe.. Kobe will have an extended arm with his finger pointed at Jones... He Will.. yes he will be making those Facial Expressions!

You can't gaurd me! LOL Kobe will be shouting at Jones..

BTW does Kobe practice those Facial Expressions?

Whats with those EXPRESSIONS!!!! (YES I AM SHOUTING!)

My understanding is that the fourth flagrant point (one point for each degree of flagrant, i.e. flagrant one is one point, flagrant two is two points) in the playoffs triggers the suspension. Jones now has three flagrant foul points. That means the next point he gets triggers the suspension.

The NBA is really losing credibility and needs to get its officiating in order. Another day another 3 calls changed from prevous games. Its time the league starts suspending or fining referees for calls that are blatantly missed such as these.

My problem is, everyone is watching Kobe, and other players see what they are able to get away with. It started with Utah and has escalated ever since. He's got 5 technicals, all collected in retaliation/complaining about the dirty play that has been allowed because he can't be guarded fairly. Yet they want to show his highlights and praise him when he succeeds. I know in my heart they still hate him...they refuse to give him the superstar respect they give second tier players like pierce. wade, billups, anthony. These guys can draw fouls just by running into the defender and flopping. I guess they're right...he will never be jordan ...because THEY WON'T LET HIM !!!

These recissions are utterly useless after the fact. If these calls were made as they should have been during the game, who knows?

Phil and Kobe,

It is time to hand the ball over to Andrew Bynum. He was the excuse last season. Let's not make this record skip!

Go Lakers!!

I will tell you why PHillup does not like to call timeouts. He naps! He napped his way through 6 championships when he had MJ and 3 when had Shaq. He still thinks he has MJ in Kobe and tries to continue the tradition of napping throught the game. Maybe he is high.. hmm.. on second thought I know he is high..

Its easy strategy. Call it Triangle .. call it square.. isolate your star and get easy hoops. Works well in Basketball but would fail in Football or soccer. No one person can ever rule Soccer or Football. Unless you are Pele.

OK back to Phillup .. he looks like a buzzard.. he whines like a woman.. well he still got 9 rings..

If he calls timeouts then he will have to get tell something to his players.. oh yeah.. we have this awesome strategy give MJ the ball and spreadout.. oh I forget this is 2009 and we got "poor man's MJ" in KOBE.. WTH roll the dice on him.. cause I really don't got much in my head to call another play.

Hey TEX I need some help while I collect some Zen Dust!

Dave In Hillsboro is right, my understanding was wrong. 4 flagrant foul points (Flagrant 1 worth 1 point, Flagrant 2 worth 2) gets you suspended.

In 1985, Winter started another chapter of his life, serving as an assistant coach with the Chicago Bulls, and teaching the triangle offense to Michael Jordan. He was hired to the position by General Manager Jerry Krause, an old friend he had met while at Kansas State. As an assistant to Phil Jackson, who took over as the Bulls' head coach in 1989, Winter was an integral part of the Bulls' NBA championships in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, and 1998. Winter followed Phil Jackson to the Los Angeles Lakers, where he collected three additional championship rings, in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Another get seven technicals which you can obviously get at the drop of a hat or if joey crawford, danny crawford, or steve javie is on the rag.....but it takes 4 blatant unsportsmanlike acts to get the same time off?? A flagrant foul should carry 2 to 3 times the weight of a simple technical foul or the rule makes no sense. Either that, it should take more than a refereee's whim to get a technical foul or flagrant foul...

The real problem here, THE LAKERS SOFTNESS. How come the Lakers were outrebounded by small players, Carlos Boozer, Carl Landry, Chuch Hayes, Nene, Martin, Andersen. These guys are not even seven footers. The other main problem for the Lakers is Derek Fisher, the bricklayer pointguard and Lamar Odom, the lazy 6-10 player. Last but not the least, the BENCH MOB. These are the main problem.


There is something else that bothers me about Phil.
This line from Phil: I trust Fish to run the triangle.

In the meantime Fish's Effeciency Rating is 5.8..
This might go down as the lowest Effeciency rating in the History of Playoff Basketball.


The free throws wouldn't have mattered. We would have missed them both anyway.

Dahntay Jones only plays 19 minutes a game. So what if he is suspended. No one can gaurd Kobe on Denver team .. right?

Why are you guys so worried about Dahntay? You got Kobe right? He should able to knock any kind of shot from anywhere. Da Mamba..

Looks like Mamba turns into Garden snake from time to time.

Maybe you should be more worried about the kind of shots Kobe takes because he does not make most of them. Maybe you should be worried about why O'dumb is so passive. He never gets the ball and so he just vanishes. Even Pau vanishes on Offense (ofcourse EUROS are not expected to play defense... it states in their contract) because someone with number 24 is shooting 10 for 26 and 2 for 12 on 3 pointers.

Their are about 80 avg possessions in a game and if Kobe take about 30 you got 50 left for the rest. Remember last years final when Lakers were down by 7 and Kobe shot couple 3's and missed that broke the game open. Eddie house and James Posey made that lead like in 20's in a span of 40 seconds. Thats why you lost last year.. Had Kobe gone to the basket like a man you would had a title and I would be saying how great Kobe is.

But thats not what happened Kobe shot 3's a career 33 % shooter and missed crazy.

So I would not be worried about Dahntay and stop blaming O'dumb, Sasha, Bygone, Fisher, Farmar and etc. I would also stop whining about refs because you can trip Dahntay also and you would if you get a chance. I am sure the Tattooed Martin scares Bygone, Pau, and O'dumb and they think twice before hacking him.

I would kind of look at the guy that shoots 10 for 26.

When one guy gets to a ball hog other guys tend to stand around. They look a lot like Bride's Maids.

Better pray that Kobe hits his shots... causing Napping Phillup won't be calling any timeouts.


>>> There is something else that bothers me about Phil.
>>> This line from Phil: I trust Fish to run the triangle.

I saw Fish look straight at Drew who had sealed his man inside the restricted area and then pass the ball on the perimeter two times last night. I thought the initial starting play for the Triangle Offense was to hit the post player and go to the corner. When was the last time we saw that play? The regular season. If Phil has any balls, he will tell the Lakers that the first guy who takes a long jumper without first feeding the ball to the post so we can play inside-out basketball, will sit the rest of the game. Come on, Phil.


DA Mamba or is it da Garden Snake.. HAHAHAHA!

Black and red.. skinny thing.. just a lil bigger than a worm...


BLACK MAMBA,,, yeah right!


This whole tripping deal points out a lot of the Lakers weaknesses and the NBA's weaknesses. The officials miss a blatant trip isolated in the center of the court and almost wind up teeing up Kobe. Kobe's coach does virtually nothing. Kobe's teammates do virtually nothing to send a return message.

The Lakers have lacked physical and mental toughness in a lot of these Playoff games. We have had a few proud moments on the road, but mostly embarassment.

I would not put last night's performance in the same bin as those Houston disgraces. We didn't play well enough to win for sure, but Jesus and the Choir of Heavenly Angels would not have won with the officiating we encountered last night. Was not going to be allowed to happen.

If these continued cheap shots and Denver's little victory dances after every made shot don't bring us to an edge for the fifth game, I don't know if anything can reach these guys. Maybe we need to find our own Bruce Bowen (or the real Bruce Bowen, who is a FA) to provide an edge to this team. We don't have one. Starting with Phil Jackson, Sideline Doormat.


>>> Black and red.. skinny thing.. just a lil bigger than a worm...

They have lots of treatments to help you with your problem these days. Pills, inserts, lotions. You shouldn’t be embarrassed asking for help. Help is just a web order away.


In rescinding the the F-1 on Drew and recalled it on Dohntay the day after, is a good policy but also bad because it did not alter the outcome of the game.

If Drew was not given F-1, momentum could have changed, the same with Mr. Jones, Kobe could have made that shot and another 3 pts added due to possession of the ball which could also have changed the momentum. Well, at least something is corrected and the admission the refs. erred. At the end of the season, something has to be done on erroneous officiating. During time out, perhaps it is a good idea to have a 4th referee who is just manning the video. He would call his fellow refs. during timeouts or end of the quarter and discuss the vital error viewed on video. It is like what they are doing now in deciding whether the shot wouldl be counted before half time or end of the game. The 4th ref appears only during playoffs. That is just one suggesion.

DA Mamba or is it da Garden Snake.. HAHAHAHA!

Black and red.. skinny thing.. just a lil bigger than a worm...


BLACK MAMBA,,, yeah right!


Posted by: Mike | May 26, 2009 at 03:47 PM

Wow Mike. That really hurt. Especially the part where you come in and succinctly vaporize my belief in Kobe with those powerful words "da Garden Snake.. HAHAHAHA!" You are the man.


Hope you'll have some professional mental health counselors along for the 6:00 chat. It may be more like a suicide hotline than a sports chat room. I suspect I'm not alone in my numbness to all the dumbness.

This is just not fair. I mean if Dahntay Jones had tripped LeBron James, everyone in the media would be interviewing LeBron James and Jone would be suspended. What really sucks is even Magic Johnson didn't stand up for Kobe during Post Game. Even if you don't like someone because of his personality but then you need to be fair.

This is ridiculous how NBA sucks now, Why did they even introduce 7 game series no wonder people have shift their loyalty to college games rather than watching NBA. Why can't they find good refs with millions at stake?

I will stop watching NBA from today. As a Fan, We all should support Kobe and Lakers and Stop watching the Game at Staples Center or at least protest it publicly. If nobody turns up at Staples Center i guess that will do the job for David Stern.


So a struggling and frankly not very passionate Andrew Bynum has, and I agree, and Iove the guy, but he has a good FOURTH quarter.

So based on his play in the FOURTH quarter was he supposed to get minutes earlier in the game?

He has been looking not only out of synch but often mentally out of the game.. He doesn't hustle. He isn't attacking the boards.

If I am the coach I might look to Lamar first too, he's done it for me in these playoffs, or have we all forgotten when Lamar was the second best Laker in these playoffs? Do I abandon him when he misses a few shots?

And might I throw Powell out there to see if he will be aggressive and active when some of my other bigs look like took ludes or something.

Andrew is getting 20-25 minutes of burn a night, plenty of time to show a willingness to play D, rebound, run in transition, play with passion. He is stuck on that number because he has only shown that in spurts. Lamar and Pau both have out rebounded him.

I want him to succeed and we need him to succeed. But it is up to Drew to show some damn fire out there.

Laker Tom....Dont bother with him..It happens from time to time when the LA Times lower the idiot filter...Sometimes they allow them to get through....For a supporter of a team that has achieved about lets see...Nothing for over 20 years to pop up and mouth off that should tell you enough about the type of person you are dealing with...An idiot....

God, this is hard for me to say .Guys let's face it. Phil needs to take a chill . As in retire. A good coach he once was perhaps. I think the talent he had in Chicago would have won with almost anyone. Kobe and Shaq, same thing. Watching this guy get schooled by Doc Rivers last year was bad enough. This year is the end. His rotations and game plans( if there are any) are frustrating at best and angering at worst. Are we to believe this guys is actually one of the greatest coaches ever?
I love the Lakers. If they get past Denver and go on to win the title it will be in spite of Phil not because of him. Man up Phil. Get up off your laurels and go home, or shut me up and prove me wrong. That I would love to see.

Lakers are going to beat Denver, then Orlando.

But the FO needs to make changes over the summer. Trade Farmar and Morrison for draft picks or veterans.
While it would be nice to trade Sasha and Luke, you won't get another party interested in taking on their contracts.
Do not resign Odom. Sign Artest as an FA.
Odom is more well rounded and has more skills than Artest. But Artest brings more intangibles to the Lakers namely killer instinct.
PJ is the highest paid coach in pro sports in the world, he s/d be able to handle Ron-ron, and reign in his propensity to hang on too long to the ball on offense.
With Bynum back to 100% health and another year and a playoffs wiser, he will be averaging 32 minutes at Center. Pau can average 34 minutes, most of it at PF.
Without Odom, Powell can be the 3rd big man averaging 15 minutes. Luke can play PF against other team's bench PFs and average the other 15 minutes and make up for some of the facilitation lost w/out LO..
Kobe will be starting SG and Artest starting SF. Ariza can come off the bench to backup both Kobe and Artest since he's a swingman who can play both spots.
Kobe, Artest and Ariza will be the best defensive threesome in the NBA, and they can even be played together in certain situations.
Shannon can be the starting PG averaging 28 minues, with Fish as backup PG and Sasha with the rest of the guard minutes.
DJ and Sun can be the garbage time reserves.

All those criticizing Phil for not playing Andrew more should take a look at Andrew's play right before Phil took him out halfway through the first Q. Andrew simply did not even try to go faster than a jog back on defense when his man easily beat him down the court for an easy layup. I would not accept that from a player, either....unless his name is Shaq and this is 2001.

Phil deserves criticism for many other things, including his rotations that make no sense. But Andrew's problem is Andrew.

should have been a flagrant 2. the push in the back and trip show jones doesn't know or doesn't care about the difference btw playing hard d and committing hard fouls versus committing fouls that can injure players because they are vulnerable. it's like intentionally sticking your foot underneath a player trying to get the shooter to land on it and turn his ankle or low riding a guy who is up in the air and hoping to knock the player out of the game. those are not just dirty plays but malicious plays with a reckless attitude towards the player getting fouled and those plays have no place in the game. those plays are different than plays like fisher's on scola or kobe's elbow to battier's neck in game 1 of the houston series. those fouls are dirty and they certainly hurt but they don't run the risk of knocking a guy out of a game.

Well, I can see the anxiety among Laker Nation for the Lakers (again) making things a bit more complicated for themselves.

Please, a couple things to keep in mind:

1. We didn't make freethrows. That's something that will be fixed.

2. The Thuggets played great in a must-win situation.

3. The refs officiated the game slightly worse than a convention of Down Syndrome patients trying to engineer a more effecient large-scale coolant system.

4. Kobe and Pau were tired and understandably so.

5. Are shots just weren't falling, even when they were well-chosen shots.

6. The Thuggets were frequently lucky.

Listen, I'm not saying that Game Five won't be difficult, but it is in our house and we WILL play better and Denver will not.

We are going to win this series. Ugly or not, we are going to win this series.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Just to review, class, the NBA officiating this postseason has been beyond atrocious. By my count, there have been 14 egregiously blown calls (and one could argue for more than that)...

1) Rajon Rondo asking Brad Miller what the five fingers say to the face (called foul, league upheld (bad) call and did not upgrade to flagrant)

2) Rajon Rondo throwing Kirk Hinrich into the scorer's table (HINRICH assessed a technical for reacting, foul call on Rondo, again no flagrant upgrade from league (huh?!))

3) Kobe's elbow to Ron Artest's chest (missed altogether, later assessed as flagrant 1)

4) Kobe doing nothing and Artest freaking out like a little girl being chased by a bumblebee (assessed as flagrant 1, later rescinded by league)

5) Artest's foul on Gasol (assessed as flagrant 2, later downgraded to flagrant 1, should have been no flagrant call)

6) Dwight Howard's elbow to Dalembert's head (called a technical foul, upgraded to flagrant 2, which, if called correctly, would have meant automatic ejection)

7) Kendrick Perkins elbow to Pietrus' neck (assessed as flagrant 1, but not upgraded despite ruling that elbows above shoulders = suspension)

8) Wright trying to intentionally foul Carmelo (missed altogether, league admitted refs missed call, cost Mavs game and, less likely, the series – series went 3-0 instead of 2-1)

9) Anthony Johnson's elbow to Mo Williams (called flagrant 1, rescinded by league)

10) Andrew Bynum's foul on Birdman (called flagrant 1, later rescinded by league)

11) Mo Williams throws ball at Dwight Howard (missed altogether, no review by league)

12) Dahntay Jones trips Kobe (missed altogether, later assessed as flagrant 1)

13) Kenyon Martin shoves Dirk Nowitzki (called foul, later upgraded to flagrant 1 PLUS fined $25,000)

14) Dahntay Jones shoves Kobe in back (called foul, later assessed as flagrant 1)

So there it is, kids, your 2009 NBA Playoffs.

The lakers had better get game 5 or they are done. Also a big game if orlando can fight through it. It will tough because lebron will still not be called for any fouls because the league wants lebron in the finals, good luck orlando because you will be playing 5 on 8 again and for the rest of the series, 5 magic against 5 cavs + 3 refs.....

The problem I see from the team is EFFORT...These other teams realize they don't have the same talent level and tend to work harder which is why they get away with so much. Why do Pau and Andrew ( 7 footers) along with lamar allow themselves to be dunked on over and over again? They don't even get in the path of the player on the way to the rim. All they do is put their arms up. If the whistle blows, why allow them to try for the and one? Don't be flagrant, but give the hard foul and send the message that way. It's a foul either way. That is something Kareem can never teach Drew. He needs to be taught defense by a defensive and rebounding coach!


I'm going to echo your sentiments and comments regarding Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol and the Lakers failure to utilize them properly. I'm so sick and tired of all these analysts and so called experts talking smack about our Laker bigs when it's obvious that our perimeter players other than Kobe refuse to pass it into the post, especially to Bynum. I'm sick of people asking what's wrong with Andrew and why isn't he playing better?!!! Give the beasts the freakin' ball and let them go to work!!!! It's foolish to ask a skilled offensive big man who has an advantage down low to play only one end of the freakin' court!!! Neither Nene or Martin can stop Bynum, but PJ has with his stupid substitution patterns. PJ is letting the Nuggets off the hook by not utilizing the BIG advantage we have inside with Andrew and Pau. I don't want to hear people on here say that Andrew hasn't done enough to stay on the floor because no one can really have an impact on a game when the substitution pattern is so irregular and sporadic. Again, PJ needs to stop jerking Andrew in and out and demand that his mates look for him in the post. I just don't see how a championship caliber coach like Phil Jackson could so grossly underutilize a big man with such a great skill set. People need to stop putting all the blame on Andrew for not producing better than he has because I believe that PJ and his mates deserve some of the blame as well.

All the analysts on ESPN and TNT are talking up the Nuggets and are very one sided in their analysis. Especially Tim Legler with his comments that the Nuggets are the more deeper, talented team and should win. Lakers will prove him and all the other wrong and make them eat their words.

The league's decision is absurd. Jones should have been suspended for at least one game for tripping Kobe.

During the post-game show, Lakers coach Phil Jackson was expressing his disdain for the play that Nuggets guard Dante Jones made on Kobe Bryant when he tripped him up in the second half of the game.

Jackson actually called it a dirty play and said he thought it should be actionable by the league.

First of all, it was a trip. A trip people. Savvy veterans have been getting away with plays like that for years in the league.

But more importantly is the double standard.

Andrew Bynum elbowing a guy and collapsing his lung in a game is okay, Sasha bloodying Battier's eyebrow is okay, Fisher leveling Scola is okay, but let Kobe lose his balance over a guys foot and all of a sudden here comes the league office with suspensions and fines.

I think this plays both to the arrogance of the Laker franchise and their fans, who have also called for Jones' head on a stick, they can accept any type of dirty play their team dishes out because it shows their "toughness" but let an opposing team do it and they go home crying.

Look, if ou're a Laker fans that's fine. I happen to dispise the entire franchise and hope they face Orlando in the finals so that Howard can kill their laughable interior defense. But if you're going to call out an opposing team for dirty play at least be willing to do the same for your team.


kobe gets SHOVED AND TRIPPED and we get a flagrant foul assessed after review... imagine if that happened to crabbron the nbas golden boy. AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION!

Len bright

You are obviously not so bright. Um, the Andrew bynum play? Ya if I remember he got a flagrant for that and actually apologized for the play to the coach, so I dont see why you care about what Andrew Bynum did to someone else. Fisher, ya he got a flagrant and got suspended too. Don't be coming in here and acting like your so wise when you probably never even watch Laker games. What did Dahntay Jones get, nothing. Just a flagrant 1 AFTER the game, cause you know, that's so relevant.

Get your facts right before you come into a Lakers blog.

The thing that really sucks about the whole thing is that this is
basically 2 possessions and 2 free throws that the league is
admitting they cost the Lakers when the game was still not yet
decided. (Denver got a possession they shouldn't have on
the Bynum flagrant, Lakers missed out on a possession they
should have gotten on the Jones flagrant).

Let's say Kobe makes the two free throws (likely) and that
between the two extra possessions, the Lakers make up 2 points.

So now, at the end of the game when the Lakers were struggling
at 10 points down with 3 minutes left and Kobe was jacking
wild 3's, they'd only be down 6 points, so Kobe would take it
to the hole instead.

Seriously, those two missed calls by the refs made a serious
swing in points well before the game was decided, and influenced
how the two teams were playing late in the game, as it gave
Denver a LARGE lead instead of a small lead.

When the league does changes like this during the playoffs,
they should award the team that got screwed extra possessions
in the next game (if there is one). The Lakers should basically
get to start game 5 with 2 free throws for Kobe and then 2 free
possessions to try to score, and then they would tip off and
start the clock running.

The Lakers must go to the basket at all cost, keep kobe in the post to punish the Nuggets. Gasol need to go to the basket and stop all the softy stuff. Lamar is out, he has to go whether he finally shows up in the series or not, the lakers can't waste anymore time waiting on him. He has had what, 5 or 7 years and nothing has changed? He is heartless. Klieza is out scoring him every game. The 5, 7 and 9 points just don't cut it. lamar has a 6 to 7 inch height advantage and mismatch in every game but where does he set up? on the perimeter with anthony carter guarding him. pathetic... If the lakers don't come out and play the whole game with urgency, the season will be over and they will be on the couch watching along with us....Denver is not afraid and feel they are the better team, and they look like it from here so far....

mike this is for you. What you said about Kobe is disrespect.
Sometimes I feel sad for Kobe. No matter what he do, some people are still saying bad things about. For me Kobe is the face of the NBA. He is God's gift to basketball after MJ. He sustain good people's appreciation for the sport. That is if you believe in Go'd gift. Loo,.TV ratings are sky high. His jersey is number one. I believe this is their year. Remember
lessons are learned in losses not in wins.

Len Bright,

Change your name to Len Dim or Len Dark, that would suit you.

I did not see the Sasha-Shane Battier thing, but you were abjectly wrong in other two...

Bynum's foul on Wallace was a flagrant, and e was suspended. He also publicly apologized for that and he did not mean it.

Fisher's knockout of Scola was also given a one-game suspension...

From your comments all I know is you have zero knowledge of the ball game, and you're nothing but just a Lakers' hater...

Cooper, Worthy, Scott, Jabbar, and Magic... Riley leading them. That was a team. Those names resonated In far corners of the world.

Maybe I have have short memory and I can't remember Riley complaining about Ref's, fouls, fatigue, injuries, or PMS (which I think Phillup is on all the time).

longtimelakerlover .. thats a hell of a Take .. "vaporize my belief in Kobe" ..

By the way, don't get me wrong I love LA and love LA's way of life but Kobe and Phillup (especially Phillup acts as if he is bigger than Lakers.. bigger than LA.. bigger than NBA).

Then comes a nobody Billups who looks like he should be packing groceries like Kurt Warner and packs 2 wins over Phillup. Thats a Hollywood Story! I want that guy like that in Laker Jersey. Winning is not important. It is how you win! You go down with your team fighting like Arizona Cardinals did! Like the 99 Tennessee Titans! Epic Battle.

Can you remember Magic Tanking a game? I did not watch Jerry West play but I hear about it. But deep in my brain somewhere if I see Laker Jersey then it is Magic who is Wearing it. When you say Laker I say Magic. Hell even Cedric Ceballos with his limited skills gave all he had.

I cringe when I see Kobe and Phillup (especially Phillup who came to Lakers just for rings) in Laker Uniform. Jerry Buss sold his soul to the devil to win but thats business. Its okay but don't try to tell me that they have any kind of soul. To me these are just mercenaries. Because of FAT Contract Kobe is not winning. He will not take the ball to the hole. He is afraid that he might get hurt and his $150 million dollar italian wanna be hood body will get hurt. He is not like Wade who sacrificed his body to a title. Now da man got no shoulder and no knees. And guess for who he did it? Yes our beloved Pat Riley. Motivated a junk Miami team with washed up Walker, Payton, Hobbling Alonzo, and Laker castaway SHAQ. Point is that Wade takes it to the hole every time he can. Hence the amount of free throws he made in Finals. That strategy works and it worked for MJ. Got 6 titles that PJ (PHILLUP napped through). It will work for Kobe but he got to be a man to take the beating.

You guys are tripping over tripping.. LOL

And if you want to know who is LA.. I will tell you. Its Paul Pierce reprezentin INGLEWOOD.. Its Reggie Miller.


John of Manila you wrote
>>mike this is for you. What you said about Kobe is disrespect.
Sometimes I feel sad for Kobe. No matter what he do, some people are still saying bad things about. For me Kobe is the face of the NBA. He is God's gift to basketball after MJ. He sustain good people's appreciation for the sport. That is if you believe in Go'd gift. Loo,.TV ratings are sky high. His jersey is number one. I believe this is their year. Remember
lessons are learned in losses not in wins.

Tell me if I am wrong. Kobe tanks games and tries to tell the rest of the team how important he is. Lets see.. if Kobe was sooooo great then why the hell did Lakers loose to Detroit Piston in 2004? If you want to compare him to MJ then tell me why could he not take it to the basket and lay it on Detroit. Who was Detroit? Tayshaun, Wallace, Ben Wallace, Chauncy, and Hamilton. Bunch of nobody's with heart thats who they were. Lakers had Shaq and Kobe (God's Gift to Basketball after MJ). Your man Kobe was complaining that Detroit put a 1-2-1 defense on him. Which is Tayshaun in front, billups and hamilton behind him for help, and Ben waiting at the end. Why was Kobe not able to break it down? Well maybe he did not feel like passing to fatso Shaq. Maybe Kobe felt like he wanted Shaq out of LA. Kobe for his selfish freaking reasons wanted LA to loose. Or maybe Kobe just did not have the guts to lay it on Ben Wallace. Or maybe Kobe was just a wanna be MJ Punk who really cannot take it to the hole. Maybe he is just not capable of it. Only can shoot from outside because his hands are not as big as MJ's.

Whatever the reason Kobe cannot do it alone as you guys all say.

Hell, I even saw Kobe against the rockets shanking a ball off Battier's legs when trying to pass to Gasol. That is when your team is down by deuce and if you are da man (da mamba) you take it to the hole and make dem lowly rockets without any center PAY! You just got back after a 20 point deficit and you shank a pass off Battier? You even thought about passing when you are on the baseline.

Last year in final blowout game. Lakers were down 5 or 7 points.. a strinking distance.. and Kobe starts jacking up 3's. Those long shots turned into long rebounds and within 40 seconds or so House and Posey turn it into like double digit lead. If his 3's are going and outside shot great but if it is not then its a long night for LA. Blame O'dumb, Blame softie gasol, Blame Bygome.. but never your Mamba. Maybe he is truly a Mamba but he is biting LA.. A snake .. how appropriate.. A snake is a snake.. eats its own eggs..

One more thing about Kobe.. Whats with those facial expressions... Anyone know what you call this wierd facial expression condition???

Is he trying to hard? Hollywood is not far and maybe some one can help him on how to sit at the podium and what expressions to make. Maybe getting college education does help. You do take Speech Class.

we should all forget about refs bad calls, unless the NBA can do something to correct the situation players are without words on the court. they can either get two things out of complaining, one; a technical foul and two a more educating about their actions on the court.



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