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710 ESPN Podkast

Looking for some entertainment and excitement this morning?  Here's what I would do.  Drape your ears with a set of headphones, click on this here link-a-mah-bob, and drink in the sweet sounds of the latest Kamenetzky Brothers 710 ESPN podkast. 

Why would the poddy do your body good?  Well, for starters, it features a visit from old friend Ronny Turiaf!  The 07feature_turiaf04 popular ex-Laker and current Golden State Warrior talked turkey with his favorite pair of Lakers blogging sibs- I'd like to think it's not going out on too big a limb awarding ourselves this crown- and we touched upon a range of topics including...

All that, plus a look at the ginormous advantages squandered during the Utah series and reader emails get answered!!!  A listen is mandatory, even if your boss threatens a pink slip if you don't get back to work.  It's just that awesome!


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Vinny Del Negro has already won more games vs. Boston than LA could muster in 8 games last season!

And to think the SUNS sent Vinny away so that Kerr could hire Terry Porter....argh..

Butler: what is your malfunction? Honestly, why do you need our approval?


{Lakers Secret Agent Reporting From DEEP Behind Enemy Lines In The Crumbling Gray Zombified Wastes Of Northeast Ohio. Today's Mission--Unleash The Bio-Chrono Weapon}

[TARGET: Ron Artest]

(Might as well go for the low-hanging fruit first, right?)

Ah, Ron Ron Bill d'Artest, the myriad ways in which we know you.

Physical: Bill Artest is mentally orientated. This means the crux of his physical life is based on the tension between confidence and fear.

Emotion: Bill Artest is emotionally orientated. This means the crux of his emotional life is based on the tension between appreciation and resentment/anger.

Mental: Bill Artest is mentally orientated. This means the crux of Bill's mental/social life is based on the tension between respect and disrespect.

Creative/Spiritual: Bill Artest is mentally orientated (are we seeing a trend here?) This means Bill's creative/spiritual life is based on the tension between faith/hope and a lack of faith/doubt.

The mind is a curious thing. It can be used as a tool of remarkable discernment. However, if not properly focused it becomes something like a chimpanzee in a small cage in 110 degree weather being attacked by a swarm of bees: Frenzied.

To utilize the Bio-Chrono Weapon, external forces (Lakers, Lakers fans) need to communicate in ways that bring out processes/emotions that undermine Ron Ron Bill d'Artest's ability to remain focused and to express himself effectively. If this is done, Bill Artest will become frenzied and begin to make mistakes and then will begin to engage in self-sabotoging decisions.

Physical: Bill's type is competitive and beating their opponent is more important than winning. A subtle difference, but an important one. It's why Bill excels on defense. He wants to beat his opponent. Anyhow, Bill's strength is based on his level of confidence. Undermine his confidence and he literally will not be able to neurologically process physical decisions in an effecient manner. This is done by making Bill feel insecure, even fearful.

This can be done simply by talking about intimidating things.

When Bill gets the ball, get behind him and shout in a rapid, hurried fashion, "HE'S PANICKING! HE'S PANICKING! HE'S PANICKING!" And he will cease up a bit and it will break his rhythm.

Other things would be to make threats and then carry them out ala Larry Bird: "I'm going to shoot the ball RIGHT HERE and there's nothing you can do about it!' And then a few seconds later carry out that threat. Do that a few times and Bill's confidence will begin to evaporate and he'll begin making risky, self-sabotoging decisions... and this will further evaporate his confidence.

The goal is to make Bill feel insecure and to undermine his confidence.

Emotional: Bill is HIGHLY emotional with a hair-trigger temper. (Who knew?) He functions best when he feels appreciated by other people. He functions worst when he feels unappreciated by other people. When he feels unappreciated by other people, he becomes resentful, angry, and even possibly enraged. (Yes. I know you find this difficult to believe, but it's true.)

Bill's type gets angry quickly and they actually may show improved response AT FIRST when they're angry. However, it is very painful for them internally to experience sustained anger. It burns them out. They also don't like to be around people who are perpetually angry. It's a caustic feeling for them and they kind of shut down.

So, if you're going to make Bill angry, keep him angry and he will eventually lose total control. (Watch out Lakers fans!) You'll make him angry by denying that he is anything special. He's just like everyone else except that he is exceptionally unexceptional in that he is damaged goods. Rub that in and he will become really resentful.

Also, play him angry and succeed. If you play him angry, only do that if you personally play well when angry. It is important that the player is able to sustain their success while angry because Bill cannot. Eventually he will shut down and feel intimidated.

Remember, anger both internally and externally is Bill's enemy. He does not function well in the SUSTAINED presence on anger.

Mental: (This one is important.) Respect-orientated people (like Kobe) care a lot about whether or not other people respect them and they generally look at things in life as either RIGHT or WRONG. They're kind of black and white in that sense.

For Bill, self-respect is most important. So, for him you not only want to be continuously disrespectful to him, but you want to get him to question his correctness in EVER having respect for himself. Bring up stupid decisions he's made in the past. Bring up past humiliations. Ask questions in the form of "How could someone who did something SO STUPID EVER think he was anything more than an IDIOT!?!?!"

I know this is cruel, but basketball is warfare and psychological warfare is part of the game. Get inside Bill's head (a scary place to be) and it will undermine him on multiple levels. It will also probably honestly hurt his feelings because if you get enough inside his head, he'll actually begin to agree with you and he will lose respect for himself. When he does, his energy will shut down. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if he just walked off the court, if you got deep enough in there.

So, to mentally break Bill down, be disrespectful, but most important get him to question the righteousness of him having any sense of self-respect.

Creative/Spiritual: This level is important because it is out of this level than most problem-solving takes place. Bill, again, is mentally orientated. Faith-orientated people really need something to believe in and thrive off of sustained, progressive momentum.

There are a couple ways to undermine Bill in this way: Sow seeds of doubt in his mind and specifically play him in a way in which he does not develop momentum.

For example, let's say the Lakers get up 2-0 over the Rockets, push the fact that this is almost an insurmountable lead in the playoffs. Quote statistics. Point out players that the Rockets have not and WILL NOT had an answer to. At first Bill will just shrug these comments off, but if you just keep pushing these points over and over and over again, it will sow seeds of doubt in Bill's mind and he will become hesitant and slow to act. Eventually he will begin to dread even playing against the Lakers because his belief will turn away from victory and towards defeat. He will begin to believe in his own defeat and then will subconsciously begin making decisons that support his own defeat because whatever he believes in (positively or negatively) he will reinforce through his decision-making process.

In addition, sustained positive momentum reinforces Bill's belief system. So, if Bill gets hot, go out of your way as a team to shut him down. DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO DEVELOP MOMENTUM. That is when he is most dangerous. If you break up his game and go out of your way to make sure that each success he experiences is immediately followed by a failure, then it will also sow doubt in his mind and in his emotions, and it will take him out of his game.

So, in summary, to break down Bill Artest, make him feel insecure, keep him angry, get him to questions the righteousness of him respecting himself, sow seeds of doubt in himself and his team's ability to succeed, and do not allow him to develop momentum in his game. If these are done together, it will thoroughly disable Bill Artest as a player and he will actually begin making mistakes that support the Lakers' quest for victory.

{Lakers Secret Agent Jon K. Signing Out.}

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Ronny Turiaf will always be a Laker in my mind.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Since Jon K. is an awesome enough fan to say pretty much everything that was on my mind, I can revert to posting stupid Laker thoughts that go through my head every day. Today's catch phrase, you ask? My new nicknames for #7 & #24 - Lamarsky and Klutch. You know you digi it....

We could use Rony in the next series, that is fer sure.

>>>>Vinny Del Negro has already won more games vs. Boston than LA could muster in 8 games last season!

And the Suns have won as many playoff games this year as the Clippers.


Amidst a sea of "this is the nba. teams are going to make runs" rhetoric, we get a shining port of honesty from Pau that validates what we've all been talking about all year:

"It's mostly a mental thing. It's a mind-set to play the right way and do the right things for 48 minutes. You don't start doing your own thing, don't start relaxing and being overconfident because you have a 20- or 15-point lead in the first quarter. You don't do that. You've got to keep competing. It starts from all of us, starters and the guys on the bench, we all have got to do a better job.

The rest will take care of itself because we're just a talented team, we have so much quality and so many great players. But we just can't rely on it all the time. Other teams know how to play, too. They have quality players, too. They want to win, too. They don't want to lose and go home. You've got understand that fact.

You play 100 percent. It's playoff time and every possession is vital. You've got to value every possession and get those extra loose balls, those extra rebounds and extra shots. In a two- to five-point ballgame, it's gong to make such a big difference.

Hopefully, at some point, without having to pay the price again, we will realize this is something we need to control and make a mental effort every single game, every single minute we are out there to say, `Let's do what we need to do, let's do the right things, execute on offense, let's play hard defensively, let's box out, let's not turn the ball over. All those little things make you a consistent team.

That (Game 4 loss to the Celtics) should have been enough for us to realize this is not allowable, we can't afford this to happen. Who knows what would have happened if we had won that ballgame? We do know it was a crucial game that we lost and we would have had a much better chance if we would have won that game."


First, he admits (kind of) that the team relaxes and gets overconfident when they get a big lead. Second, he makes the fantastic point that they should learn this lesson WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY THE PRICE AGAIN. That's for all of you get caught up with how great the team has been playing and lose sight of the fact that they were playing just as great at this time last year as well. Standards are high. This is Win or Go Home. You have to address the potential mistakes before they occur b/c when they occur, it's already too late.

After this outpouring of emotion over Bulls v Celtics (or Overtime: The Series as I like to call it) I'm thoroughly convinced that game 7 will be a total letdown. The game will never be in question and Boston (probably) will win it going away. That is because it'll be the only game on that day, will have a huge buildup and everyone will be expecting both teams to deliver another "classic".

Which also reminds me of why I both love and hate this time of year. It's like March Madness. You get 2-4 playoff games per day for a couple weeks. Then it dwindles to 1-2 games per night. Then 1 every or every other night. Then 1 every couple of days. Then it's over.

btw - Lakers v Houston schedule got released and they play every other night starting Monday with the only 2 day break happening after game 6 (if necessary)

I agree with John Ireland. This will be again a 5 game series with us clinching in our home court in Game 5. Sure we did sweep the Rockets in the regular season but they will have energy in Toyota center and could win one there. Even with our sweep in the regular season most games except for the first game in November weren't exactly blowouts (though you can give the fair argument that until the last game of the regular season Utah weren't blowouts neither). Took a game winner by Kobe in the 2nd game and well dunno once in a blue-moon performance by Powell in the 3rd game.

Expect this to be a good series with us winning in FIVE GAMES!! A sweep would be even better!

LO will be back on the bench and for those STANS Luke will also be so will be almost full strength for the Lakers. The bench at full strength is the best bench in the NBA! (Don't confuse it with deepest since that is the most overrused word about it).

Keys to remember for Laker fans about this series (and how to deal with the STANS):

1) This should be a tougher series than Utah (there is a reason why the Rockets are in the 2nd Round!). If it is an easier series then so be it and all the better! Just saying don't expect blowouts! Heck this is the playoffs for crying out loud and not every game will be a 58 point win!

2) If we do go up 2-0 and the Rockets win Game 3 in Toyota Center: IGNORE THE LAKER STANS HERE WHO IMMEDIATELY ACT LIKE WE LOST THE SERIES AND BLAME IT ON KOBE/PAU/ODOM/BYNUM/JACKSON! There is a reason why there is a difference between a FAN and a STAN. This is a 7 game series after all, not the NCAA tournament.

3) Keep your head up in this series. Bynum has a better match up with Yao so this should be a rebounding series for him (after all Ray Allen had a bad series against Cleveland last year but went off against Detroit and LA). And no Bynum fans don't smoke that "make them adjust to us" cigar because last series showed how Bynum's defensive weakness at the screen and roll for quick line ups were exposed and another factor reason why he wasn't in Game 4 and 5 (plus that brace of his.....). " He will need to stay out of foul trouble and he can best limit Yao's touches by a combination of being active defensively AND fronting Yao and forcing Yao to keep trying to re-establish position. If Yao gets position in the mid-range area so be it. He can it those shots still but contest it a bit and he won't make it as much. Key is to limit Yao's touches and force Artest to shoot while he isn't a bad shooter still only a scorer and not much of a playmaker. Keep up with Aaron Brooks (if Shannon could at least force Deron to shoot a jumper and be quick enough so D-Will's dribble didn't kill him like it did for Jordan Farmar then SB should keep up). And last but not least don't let the legendary Von Wafer go off. Sasha will have his hands full and while Kobe could help out Wafer is still the back up 2 so that falls on Sasha.

And remember: CALM DOWN!


I must say I enjoyed seeing Portland stumble on their way to Western Conference domination. I guess Kobe and the guys can come out of the locker room for the 2nd round without trembling (no disrespect rockets).

And no doubt that the Blazers are probably the favorites to win the west next year and all. But I can't stop myself from hoping that they become what the Hornets are this year - the "what happened to them" team.

In fact, I hope this is the start of a long string of Blazer 1st round exits. (And btw if your team nickname was "rip city" wouldn't you buy some Glade air freshener or something?)

OK. On to the Rockets! I better see some focus and energy in game 1. Hope it doesn't take too long to get rid of the effects of the time off.

Go Lakers!!!

**REPOST** - and there is still no mention of Scola?

Morning all -

My heart says Lakers sweep but my mind says Lakers in 5. I think we will have another single bad offensive night.

Jon K. - were you up all night with that one? Prolific.

AK - totally agree with you and your Ron-Ron thought. Very sly fox. I do think Kobe will go off - game 3 will be my prediction - in HOU to just throw it in Artest's face and it will be fun to watch

My wild card for HOU is SCOLA. He had a great series and nobody is mentioning him here??? If Von Wafer (plays his career high on us again) and Scola continues his shooting - that's some offensive problems for us. Then throw in Artest who obviously was given the green light toscore and they have spread the floor.

All I want from Bynum is DEFENSE against Yao. Yao is prone to silly fouls and right now Bynum is too. If AB can hold his own and goad Yao into giving the Lakers a couple ticky tack fouls - he will be sitting more than standing and his head hanging low. I love watching Yao when he gets down - he wears his emotions on his sleeve.

I expect Pau to be HUGE in this series! We had big LO against UT, now Pow Pow. Weapon #2 is locked and loaded!

LGL! 12 mo, 12 mo, 12 mo!


Were you guys stoned at the beginning of the podcast?

"Large Alligator Times?"


Anyhow, I'll give you and BK one clear answer as to why members of Laker Nation were unsatisfied with the Utah series and the blown leads:

Our blown 24-point lead at home against the Celtics in the Finals.

THAT game more than game six is what lost the Finals for us. If we would not have given up that game, the series would have gone to seven games in the worst case scenario and anything could have happened.

Instead, we lost the series.

Everyone wants to know that it is different this season and that we will NEVER allow something like a 24 point lead in the Finals to EVER happen again.

So, when we see 20+ leads shrink to 6 points, even when we win, it makes Lakers fans nervous.

Redemption through Championship. That is our only goal this season.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Here's a photo of KG showing his classy side! Low class, that is!

Great job on the podkast, KBros! Ronny was awesome!

I agree wholeheartedly with what you guys said about Lamar and his value to the team. What Lamar brings to the Lakers would be very hard to replace. And, he seems to be getting better and more consistent.

He can't handle his success. Ghetto Fab New Money...

Pig Miller,

Just wanted to agree with your comment about Boston's mid-season pickups. Moore might want to retire today -- if the coach picks Scalabrine over you, career's over. Especially after Perkins and Davis fouled out. I'm glad the Lakers did not sign that guy.


Great picture of KG ... your right CLASSLESS!! Both KG and the Celtics. Speaking of classy individuals ... I cant wait for Kobe to go to Denver and play the Nuggets!

Question here.

Would you Rather see a 20 point lead slip away to 6 points,and still pull out the WIN?


Would you rather play 3 OT periods and have your heart ripped OUT?


What's interesting to me about the Bulls-Celtics series is how the young Bulls (Rose, Noah, Thomas and Gordon) have kind of pulled the veterans (Miller and Salmons) along as the series has gone along. Early on, it was the youngsters doing work, now Miller and Salmons have joined the party.

Rondo is turning out to be as much of a turd as KG. He's just a little shorter. Players like Rondo, who are so light in the azz and love to drive the lane, don't last long. Sooner or later, he's going to fall down on one of those wild layups and have a little trouble getting back up. Or, he will run into a career changing elbow going into big man territory. It's only a matter of time. He'll get his.

How in the world did San Antonio let Scola get away, and get away to a division rival? I'm sure the Spurs' brain trust are kicking themselves over that one.

Scola, Landry, and Hayes are all very solid power forwards who complement Yao well. They'll be a good test for our Big 3. Pau, in particular, has to show that he can deal with the physical play and establish himself as the best PF in the game.


Would you please give us an example of guards that are light in azz and like to drive the lane that didnt last long? Because they got injured from hitting the ground or catching an elbow ... Just to backup ur statement!


We can only hope that justice will be served by dirty Rondo getting laid out and having a few teeth knocked out in the process. It's about time he gets new gold teeth anyways. If I were Vinny, I'd send in Aaron Gray to do the honors.

As for KG, he needs to be euthanized in order to improve the image of the league. The NBA needs less low-class thugs like KG, and more players who can put a complete sentence together without uttering a curse word. That would be a good start.

One thing that the NBA really needs to address is the abuse of the coaching box by coaches like Doc Rivers. That man is out by midcourt most of the time, clearly past the hashmark which is supposed to be the boundary of the coaching box. He's often ON THE COURT as well. His bench players are often over the sideline and ON THE COURT! This has to be distracting to players and in addition, Doc is closer to the officials to deliver his fine WHINE. Remember how upset Rivers was when PJ called his sideline roaming to the ref's attention on Xmas day? The officials should enforce that rule.

Rumors have surfaced that the swine flu originated not from Mexico, but from deep within the swamps of the Celtics' locker room. This comes after reports that the whine flu has its origins in Doc Rivers' mouth.

Sorry, Boston fan with the numbers...I don't feed trolls.

Oh, and Kobe's heard MVP chants in Denver in recent years. Just like he heard them in Boston!

I don't personally have any favorite NBA player, but there are players I have deep respect for or ones that I just enjoy them as a person.

Fisher, I respect and love to hear his reasonings.

Ronny was a joy to watch as his love of life and people shined all the time.

Yao Ming, I respect. The NBA has not ruined his deep seated values. His parents must be very proud of him.

When it comes to rivalries, we have none with Houston. Maybe after a few games of Ron Ron trying to pick fights with hard fouls, that may change.

To those Houston fans visiting our site, Welcome!

I'm sorry if I'm not ready for a Texas Size Brawl on the Blog. Not much to fight about yet. Come back after 1-2 games and maybe we do some fighting then.

In the mean time, enjoy the show. I look for the Rockets to play hard, but without McGrady, you don't have enough to take 4 wins from the Lakers.

OK. The celts won last year and that 13-2troll has been pretty well tolerated on the blog this year.

But I hope the bulls win game 7 so we can call him '1st round exit' which i guess is still better than 'didn't make the playoffs' like the celtics were for the 20 years after bird.

I don't really hate Rondo but after slapping Miller in the face he comes back to pull Heinrich(?) into the scorers table. Pure celtic class.

EJK....cut it out!! LOL!!

If Boston is ousted in the 1st Round, does this qualify as a let down for Laker fans?

Weigh in y'all, would the Finals be a big bummer if we squared off against Chicago or Cleveland? What about Orlando? Are we looking or revenge or redemption?

I say redemption. If we play against the EC Champs (whomever they may be) that means we beat the best the East has to offer. As it wasn't neccesarily the best Laker team that got ousted a year ago (no Bynum, limited Ariza) the same goes for Boston this year (no KG) so if we beat Boston, there'd always be Paul Peirce whining to Bill Simmons, "People are going to say we lost, but, man, if we had KG, this whole would've been different, ya know?" Than Bill gets to crying and blubbers, "I love you Paul, even though you faked a knee injury and are crazy for thinking you come from the same basketball world as Kobe or Le BRon...I still love you, waaaaah"

Who thinks Ron Artest will be a Celtic next year? This fellah.

GAME 7 bulls celtics !!! I will take the Bulls, they have 7 players playing well, Rose, Gordon, Salmons, Kirk, Miller, Noah and Thomas they are 7 deep. Boston only has their first five, if this goes down to 4OT, they will run out of players.

Rose and Noah will quiet the Boston Garden what Kobe and Gasol were not able to do last year.

The difference with Gasol and Noah. Gasol with all his talent and skills is soft, Noah with his heart and toughness wins championships.

The key is for Derrick Rose to be aggressive like he did in game 1.

MEL! MEL! MEL! Blue Cheese burger..Bring him back!

Speaking of class. Here's a nice quote from D-Wade:

"I'll go back to something my high school coach always told me: Act like you've done something before," Wade said. "He used to hate when I used to dunk and pound my chest all the time. He told me act like I've been there, act like I've done it, be classy. Win, lose or draw, you're supposed to be classy."

Now, he's talking to the kids in Atlanta but someone should take that quote and put it up in the Celtics locker room. There hasn't been an NBA champion in recent memory that has had less class and acted more like idiots than these guys. From Jackie Moon's press conference to Pierce self-proclaiming himself as the best player in the world to KG going doggie-style to Rondo going WWE and Rivers praising it. Boston has singlehandedly put a nice fat stain on what it means to be a champion. I didn't think anyone could act worse than Detroit did with Chauncey Billups introducing each member of his starting 5 as the best player in the world at that position the following year but Boston has topped that with their travelling circus. Look at Detroit now and that's what Boston has to look forward to. Enjoy.

And Kobe heard booos at Staples last yr!

As the playoffs progress, I have been impressed with the analytical work of Chris Webber on NBA TV and TNT. Ditto for Jalen Rose on ESPN. Both of these former players have brought a fresh perspective to their reports. Their love of the game shines through and as former players they have an appreciation for the skills and level of effort being put forth on a nightly basis.


That's good stuff 'whine flu'.

But speaking of swine or pigs........

Can you imagine actually having to go into the Celtics lockeroom? With all that filth and desease imbeded in the floors and furniture. That's not green paint on the walls, they wipe their snot everywhere.

I heard Rondo doesn't even use the bathroom, he just goes on the floors.

And the post game meal..... is served in a trough. The caterers shovel the food slop from a bucket, while the Celtics players and girlfriends whine, fight, and squeal for positon on all fours, along the front of the trough.

The only thing clean is the shower room because they never use it.

Someone told me Paul Pierce's locker is lined with mirrors adorned with lip stick kisses that were applied by Paul.

Everytime KG passes by Glenn Davis, Big Baby cowers to the ground begging KG not to hurt him.

And to get the players attention, Doc has to yell, "Sue yeee!"

Yeah, these guys are filthy pigs alright.


In 19,999?"

LOL! Nice one Ex. Even Laker Tom wouldn't go that far since he's seen how dominant Chamberlain was and the closest dude in his youth to be near the Big Dipper was Kareem.

Just shows how delusional STANS can be.

anyone notice the very international flavor of this matchup? The US's best player, China's best player, Spain's best player, and Argentina's best (ther than Manu)?

Alright, I'll throw Sasha in there as Slovenia's best as well.

Seriously though, this is pretty good from an international market point of view.

"And Kobe heard booos at Staples last yr!"

That was the beginning of the 2007-2008 year. But Kobe got this treatment from Boston.

Jon K.= psychobabble


Your description of the Celtics locker-room was not only hilarious, but accurate.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Kobe's game will do all the talking against Ron Artest and the Rockets. Like Artest said, Kobe is no Brandon Roy which at this time is true because unlike Roy, Kobe no longer has to score 40 pts for the Lakers to win. Kobe doesn't have to be like Roy or DWade in trying to shoulder the entire load in order for his team to have a chance to win. Kobe's been there, done that. It hasn't worked for Kobe in the past on the level that he wanted it to, which is why he's now surrounded with a cast that he trusts and will help him reach the ultimate goal.

Ron Artest is and will always be just a good player, period. Other than a Defensive Player Of The Year Award, Artest has nothing of significance in his NBA career. Until he helps his team reach a finals, he's just another trash talker known more for his ridiculous antics and nothing more. Artest can't even carry Dennis Rodman's jockstrap, the player that he resembles the most in terms of mental instability. Rodman at least backed up his bravado and trash talking because he won rings. Artest has yet to win anything. If he thought the Blazers were tough, wait until he and his Rockets face the Lakers.


And he heard MVP chants 2 years ago at the Garden

131-92: "And Kobe heard booos at Staples last yr!"

And I was there. You know why it happened? Because we hold our players accountable when they act stupid rather than glorifying their bonehead actions like Celtics fans do. No single player is bigger than the team. There is zero tolerance for anyone who acts disrespectful and without class.

texamerican - Probably the most disappointing aspect of this match-up is just how weak the Rockets trolls are. Come on. There's a standard here. You're going up against the Lakers.


"Yeah, these guys are filthy pigs alright."

That's pretty harsh, bro. PETA demands an apology right now.

i found this on the espn blog, after thr trashin of the roy toys:

It aint the cookie
It aint the cracker


You forgot to mention Congo's best player as well. And whichever country/planet Artest is from.


"Probably the most disappointing aspect of this match-up is just how weak the Rockets trolls are."

You gotta cut 'em some slack - most of them probably aren't old enough to remember the last time Houston got out of the first round.

After watching how perfect Rose's block on Rondo was, I was left with this question:

Why haven't players learned that blocking shots is infinitely easier when you wait for the shooter to leave their feet first? When you bite on pump-fakes you either end up in the popcorn machine or committing a bonehead foul. Jumping at the same time is a toss-up. But leaving your feet second means catching the ball on your way up. Your odds of blocking the shot and not committing a foul improve dramatically.

Why does Bill Simmons live in Los Angeles?

">>>>Vinny Del Negro has already won more games vs. Boston than LA could muster in 8 games last season!

And the Suns have won as many playoff games this year as the Clippers.


Posted by: HBMatt | May 01, 2009 at 10:41 AM"

Matt that was freakin' hilarious!

You pretty much kicked the crap outta Butler with this comeback.

Me like. Because here, in Butler's home state, I NEVER see Phx Suns anything. I think people here are embarrassed of their team, as well they should be.



You forgot to mention Congo's best player as well. And whichever country/planet Artest is from.

Posted by: EJK | May 01, 2009 at 02:36 PM

Now how could I ever forget Congo Cash. LOL, good catch.

new post


"anyone notice the very international flavor of this matchup? The US's best player, China's best player, Spain's best player, and Argentina's best (ther than Manu)?

Alright, I'll throw Sasha in there as Slovenia's best as well.

Seriously though, this is pretty good from an international market point of view."

about 300 million people will be watching. But if SunYue plays maybe another 100 million people will watch fom China.

The Lakers are clearly on the path of over confidence...They have read the "Headlines" this is there year?? Hold-up, this is the "NBA" where amazing happens...u dig. Check it out, a breakdown of the flow...Fisher a step 2 or 3 slower, has been making some bad defensive decision,s, and is clearly not the guard of yesteryear, and his offense suspect to this point. The rest of the back court, when are they really going to show up and playball night in and night out, not impressed, Sasha no defense, shooting allover the map, Trevor needs to step up and be star in the playoffs right now, Gasol & Bynum, where is the consistency to win a championship from these 2 guys. Up and down and 2me have been weak in the paint. Odom is playing alot better basketball then i thought he would, i like his game right now. Kobe, tight as always... Bench??? They have been making me Yawn...The bottom line is if the Lakers, don't get it together, and stop thinking there shit don't stink, get on a roll and play more consistent basketball for 4quarters, night in and night out, they will find themselves out of the playoffs, and I mean right now, by the "Houston Rockets"!!! Should they escape with this series and are still playing "sleep walking" playoff basketball, then they will surely getting a rude awakenening from Billups and D-boyz. My thoughts and i dig the Lakers, they need an attitude adjustment, and they better get serious, about winning achampionship, or they are going home. Could the Lakers of the game-1 Rocket game beat the Cavs in -7, that's a joke. Some Lakers should read this post.

G-Las Vegas



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