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710 ESPN Podkast

May 1, 2009 | 10:05 am

Looking for some entertainment and excitement this morning?  Here's what I would do.  Drape your ears with a set of headphones, click on this here link-a-mah-bob, and drink in the sweet sounds of the latest Kamenetzky Brothers 710 ESPN podkast. 

Why would the poddy do your body good?  Well, for starters, it features a visit from old friend Ronny Turiaf!  The 07feature_turiaf04 popular ex-Laker and current Golden State Warrior talked turkey with his favorite pair of Lakers blogging sibs- I'd like to think it's not going out on too big a limb awarding ourselves this crown- and we touched upon a range of topics including...

All that, plus a look at the ginormous advantages squandered during the Utah series and reader emails get answered!!!  A listen is mandatory, even if your boss threatens a pink slip if you don't get back to work.  It's just that awesome!