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6 pm live chat!

Let's talk Western Conference Finals!

Chat box below.


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The Lakers were out-hustled and out-rebounded by Denver on the boards the last 3 games. Denver managed to crowd the paint to make it difficult for the Laker to attack the basket and to get rebounds. I believe the Lakers players and the coaching staff need to find better ways to keep the Nuggets off the boards on both ends of the floor. At the same time, the Lakers need to have better spacing and attack the basket quickly, the same way they did in game 3. That's the only way to take away their aggressiveness on both ends of the floor by getting them in foul trouble.

I was thinking since Fisher is playing so poorly and the Lakers were pounded on the glass in game 4 maybe Phil should play LO at the Point Forward position during stretches in game 5.....Perhaps he could try the lineup of

LO - at PG or PTF
Kobe- SG
Drew- C
On the defensive end put Kobe on Mr. Big Shot, LO on Melo, Trevor on Jones/J.R. Smith, Pau on Kenyon and Drew on Nene......With LO initiating the offensive he would be most certainly more involved and would probably end up w/ 10/9/6 which is much better than what Fisher is giving the Lakers.......

The new bench rotation would be Fisher/Jordan as backup PG's , Shannon/Sasha SG's, Luke at SF, Powell at PF, and DJ at Center......This lineup IMO gives the Lakers their best defensive lineup and they would most certainly dominate the glass and create mismatches all over the floor......LO seems to be in his element when he is handling the ball why not let him run the offense ......
If Phil is willing to make a few simple adjustments the Lake Show could take advantage of their size and depth and really put Denver on their heels......ONLY THING IS PHILLIP ZEN DOESN'T BELIEVE IN ADJUSTMENTS and like he said he doesn't have to explain himself to anyone...

Lakers 2009 NBA


Jon K,

I totally agree. It would blow my mind if the League reviewed that and allowed it to stand, but seems to take no hard stance on the stuff J.R. Smith basically admits is showboating (and undeniable taunting). The lack of consistency really makes you shake your head. Unless Howard said something really awful, this is really silly.

Thankfully, Williams missed the FT, because if the league does rescind it (and I'd like to think they will), think of hell if Cleveland won by a point.


BUMMER - totally forgot about the live chat tonight....arrggghh. I would have LOVED to do a little venting & constructive criticizing LOL!

Oh well - tommorow night. At least it's not a win or go home situation, but they should play like it is. Back against the wall. Do or die. Take no prisoners. Show no mercy. Kick ass and take names. You know - play like you fricken MEAN IT.


Don't you love, by the way, how the league recinds Bynum's flagrant foul, upgrade DJ's to a flagrant-one and then fines PJ $25,000 for complaining about inconsistent officiating... The NBA, where BS like this happens. Thank you Mr. Stern.


If it's true that misery loves company, does that make me a bad person for feeling a little better that Orlando is getting hosed by the refs too?

I am sick over the NBA's officiating - especially during these playoffs. This needs to be addressed URGENTLY.

I'm wondering if someone's got some blackmail stuff on Stern? How else can you explain this? Maybe it's the same stuff that someone has on PJ which makes him play Luke at the most inopportune times. Hmmmm - maybe it's Bill Walton?? He loves Lukie boy but hates the Lakers. THIS MAKES SENSE!!!! Someone please look into this and see if I've got something here.

I've always laughed at fools who threw out those conspiracy theories, but if these games go to seven each, one would have to be a little suspicious.
The Magic were killing Cleveland and the refs started putting the Cavs on the line one night after the refs personally handed the Nuggets a win?

I posted a comment regarding Game 5 of 1984 NBA Final on a recent thread when a question of oxygen use was raised and BK responded it by "In basketball, I've never actually seen oxygen used." I think my comment was ignored because it isn't relevant for today's game, and yes, please check the current rule with an NBA rep tomorrow. However, I still believe that some Laker fans may be interested in its history, and here is the video proof of oxygen use by the Lakers, back in 1984:

Go to 4:00 mark of the video and see Bob McAdoo putting on an oxygen mask on the bench. Even though I haven't checked the whole game and whether the announcer had commented on the use, but I am sure other players were using it, too. It is interesting that the Laker officials could have only seen the modest temperature rise in the area before the game, yet prepared the oxygen tanks because they knew so well about the dump called Boston Garden - turned out that it was only 81F outside, but 94F inside (plus intense humidity) as the teams were forced to play inside the building WITHOUT AIR-CONDITIONING. Yes, it was like that back then, and I am feeling so old now....


LG - it's another in the category of "things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.........."

Where's Arsenio Hall when you need him?

hendrix - who's the fool now?? LOL!

I'll tell ya - I'm in the "fool boat" now too, because I'm starting to believe in it also.

Pass me an oar....

The NBA sure has done alot of (upgrades) in these playoffs, and at the same time getting worse. Hmm, does that make sense?

Magia32 - of course it makes sense.

If you live in Bizzaro World.

Which, by the way, we apparently do.

Thanks Bizzaro Commish.

Sorry to miss the chat this evening. Well Laker fans, we seem to mostly agree that this team is out of sinc for the most part. Bad offense, bad defense, bad coaching which may result in a unfavorable ending.

But lets not allow the officials off the hook either. Sure, they're human and make mistakes, but last night's game was clearly a poorly officiated game. It felt very one-sided to me. Sure, the Lakers didn't execute well last night, and they haven't throughout the playoffs as a team, but there is nothing that frustuates me more than watching a game with multiple botched calls.

Now thats out the way, I can't understand how a team with so much talent, a team that has been labeled as having one of the deepest benches in the league is having this much difficutly with the Denver Nuggets and previously, the Houston Rockets. Recently, Pau Gasol vented his frustration regarding the lack of touches he is getting in the game. Now in most cases, I would just say "Shut up" and play the game. But I have to agree with Pau on this one.

The big question of the day is this. Why are we not using our size against this Denver team? It's possilbe that the Lakers are intimidated by Denver. Otherwise, why are we settling for jumpers. Where is our attack offense? Why are we NOT giving our frontcourt ie: Pau/Bynum more touches? Where is our energy? These are questions this Lakers team needs to answer.

Sure we can blame the officials for its poor officiating, but the Lakers need to also blame themselves for not playing up to their potential.

Raz - I get what you're saying regarding Pau. He needs more touches (along with Socks), and more guys than Kobe need to be driving to the hole rather than putting up jumpers. I agree with you 100%.

However - I wonder how much it plays on their minds KNOWING that they won't get the call when they drive in. They're going to get hacked, beaten on and otherwise molested and NO CALL will be made. Why would you want to keep doing that if you're not scoring and/or drawing fouls on the opponent?

That all said - I still believe they need to be persistent in taking it to the rim and forcing the refs to do something. If we don't get more aggressive, we can say buh-bye to Larry O.

I'm just really, really, really, really, really, really happy tomorrow night is at Staples. The kids need to get some of their mojo back.

LeBron just elbowed his defender square in the face.

Will he be suspended?


Wes - I saw that and wondered the same thing.

Let's see if ANY of the rules apply to the golden calf - ummm - I mean golden crab.


{Lakers Secret Agent Jon K. Crouched In His Bunker In The Swampy Rotting Wastes Of Northeast Ohio Surrounded On All Sides By LeBroniacs Foraging For Food In The Form Of Deep Fried Potatoes Slathered In Cheez-Whiz}

[Mission: Unleash The Bio-Chrono Weapon]

[TARGET: Chris "Birdbrain" Andersen]

Okay... here's how "The Birdman" is orientated:

Physically: He is creatively orientated. This means that the tension between attraction and repulsion is critical to his physical success.

Emotionally: He is mentally orientated. This means that the tension between trust and distrust is critical to his emotional stability.

Mentally: He is physicially orientated. This means that the tension between knowing and ignorance is critical to his mental focus and intent.

Creative: He is emotionally orientated. This means that the tension between inner peace and inner conflict is critical to his creative potential.

{I know the Kamenetsky Brothers don't like the fact that I do this, but let's not be pollyanas about this. It is a mental game as much as it is a physical game. Play it right and play to win.}

Here's how I'd play the Birdman based upon his reading:

Physical: The Birdman needs attention, as his type usually does (being attraction based). Why do you think the guy is bathed in tattoos and plays to the crowd as he does, impersonating a bird when he is successful on the court? He NEEDS to draw attention to himself and that NEED is derived from the fact that he is acting from a perceived position of deficit/unfulfillment.

So, call him on it. Note that his garrish tattoos and his showboating make him ridiculous because he IS ridiculous. He's a little child who needs attention and he'll wilt without it. So point that out with scorn and disgust, because he'll know it's true... and he'll want to hide... and he'll make mistakes.

Emotional: This isn't as easy as these people are people who are best broken gradually instead of immediately, they also thrive competitively under anger.

However, they struggle terribly when confused.

So, I'd play with his head.

I'd say, "I'm going to your right" and then go to his left.

The next time I'd say, "I'm going to your left" and then go to his left.

Don't just lie to him because it you lie to him, he will have clarity and won't trust you and will be galvanized in his opposition to you. Get him to not know if you are being honest or dishonest with him. Simply the process of not being able to gain perspective will freeze him up and he'll become impotent.

Mental: This type is simple to mess with because of their intellectual insecurity.

They need to feel knowledgeable to feel socially competent. It's part of who they are. It's not a bad thing, but it can be exploited.

With "The Birdman", I'd rub it in that he went to some two-year college in backwood Texas and probably has the knowledge base of a refridgerator. I would also talk about the complexity of The Triangle (I'd inflate the complexity, actually) and talk about how it is above him. It will make him feel insecure and undermine his aggressiveness. He'll become passive.

Creative: The Birdman's type is prone to narcissism (actually a lot of NBA players are this type.)

So, when this type plays "the tough man" it means they are over-compensating for something. In contrast, deep inside they feel sad and vulnerable inside.

Something as simple as (right before the beginning of a play) "All those tattoos... you must feel really sad inside."


"So those drugs you were taking before your suspension, it was because you felt really bad about yourself, wasn't it?"

It will take at least a half-second off his reaction speed and then throw him off his rhythm and, perhaps, take him off his game for an extended period.

This type tends to inflate personal value, so remind him that he's really not that important. It's not all about him... as he secretly believes it is.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


first to 100-orlando

4 seconds left, Cavs down by 2....LeBron?


wow - refs just gave the golden boy-crab a seriously bad call to let him tie the game

LeCrab hits 2 FT's with .5 left.

Good job.



the lakers nuggets series is enough for my nerves

now im stressing out about orlando cleveland?!

Anyone who thinks there's a pro-Cav conspiracy should explain why Varejao isn't shooting 2 free throws for the win. Any other time than there, that's a clear over-the-back and take-down by Dwight Howard.

And now Varejao just fouled out while watching the play!!!!!!!

Le Crab 1 TO in OT
Le Brick 2 TO in OT
Le Bronze 3 TO in OT

I don't watch the games live anymore...just DVR them. My wife called me in to watch the final couple of minutes of the Cleveland-Orlando game tonight. I told her every time LeBron went to the line before it happened. Orlando has been hosed the entire playoffs because the league knows they can beat Cleveland. I feel bad for them. If they win tonight, and especially the series, it will be a testament to their mental toughness.

I have decided to rename the league the NBE...National Basketball Entertainment. It is no longer a true sport to me. The officiating league wide and playoff wide has become the joke of the sports world. David Stern should be fired by the owners, and a new commissioner brought in. Maybe Magic, I don't know...but someone to re-establish the integrity of the game.

Until then, I will continue to DVR games...including the Finals, if we get there. I hope that the advertisers feel the pinch, and that others beside me do the same.

It's time for the league to be brought back to the players...and more importantly, the fans.

Two no-calls on Lebron shots in the last 10 conspiracy theorists aren't doing well right now.


That is a concern when it comes to whether or not the Lakers will get calls when they drive to the basket. But your right, they (the Lakers) need to drive to the basket more often regardless if they get a call or not. It doesn't make a lot of sense that a team of this length and size doesn't use it their advantage.

Also, it may cause match up problems for Denver if they insert Odom into the starting line up. You can place Ariza on the bench which will add speed to the second team in place, adding length and strength to the starting line up.

It will be nice to have game 5 in Los Angeles tomorrow night. Laker fans will be backing them to the fullest.

Somewhere... out there... in the dark...

Nike executives are stabbing puppies while screaming at David Stern over speaker phone.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Tomorrow is a big day.

Let's win this.

That's what we do.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Denver first.

The universe later.

But Andrew Bynum better fricken realize how iimportant he is to tomorrow and this Championship.

I'm not fricking around here.

Kareem, time to take Andrew into the desert, and stare into his eyes and tell him what a Champion means.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



The Cavs are losing __________ the officiating???

a. because of
b. in spite of

Hint: It's not A.

"Anyone who thinks there's a pro-Cav conspiracy should explain why Varejao isn't shooting 2 free throws for the win. Any other time than there, that's a clear over-the-back and take-down by Dwight Howard."

OK. I'll try.

Um.............because they already saved your butt with a bad call at one end and they knew if they blew another call they might lose credibility with the fans........FOREVER.

Just a guess.


So am I. At least we arent down 3-1 in the series.

Wheres the Sasha Make a Basket Bandwagon? We need Faith to activate the Bandwagon ASAP!


Mo williams is so cocky when he really never has done anything but been a sidekick, the whole world will now see that stomping around saying you are the best team in basketball is not smart and if you do you had better back it up. Good Riddance to the CRAB PEOPLE! Magic WIN!

did you notice something how media, charles and other commentators are so biased towards LeBron because of probably his goodwill. When Cleveland loses even after LeBron takes 30 shots and shoot less than 50%, its because he didn't get any help. But when Kobe does the same, he is shooting too much :-) and not because other players don't shoot

I forgot who said it, but if we take care of business, its going to be Disneyland vs. Disney World in the Finals. Don't they own ABC and ESPN?

The refs did everything they could to allow Cleveland to win. The jump ball was a great call all ball by Dwight.

Hats off to the Magic for winning inspite of having to play 5 on 8 for large portions of the game.

Mo Williams is wrong. Cleveland is not the best team in basketball. The Orlando Magic has proven that at least 3 times. Cleveland had the best record, but they are not the best team.

It just goes to show you, no matter how good the player, no one can win a championship without at least one more perennial allstar talent.

I gotta tip my hat to Orlando...I believe they are the toughest team mentally left in the playoffs. They have overcome a great deal to get to 3-1 over Cleveland.

They better close it out in the next game, though. If Cleveland is winning that game toward the end, look for D-Howard to pick up his seventh T and not be available for game six in Orlando.

I'm a Laker fan. I love my team.

I no longer believe in the integrity of the league.

pslakerfan - who do you think has shot more free throws in this series, Orlando or Cleveland? And other than Howard, Orlando is solely a jump-shooting team. Yet they get 51 free throws in a game?!?

And in this game, lets look at what kind of star treatment they get:

Dwight Howard got his fifth foul with 1 minute left in regulation.

On Rashard Lewis's three to put Orlando up 2 with 4 seconds left, Lewis got open by Howard putting a moving screen on Ben Wallace, with an elbow for good measure. Was it called?

With 0.5 seconds left, Dwight Howard came over the back on Varejao to try to get the ball, then pulled him down to the ground when he couldn't reach it. Was it called?

With 2:30 left in regulation, Varejao gets called for a foul while he's watching Lebron tie up Howard. Varejao fouled out in 26 minutes, one foul when Howard hit him in the chest with an elbow.

With 16 seconds left, Howard got Lebron's arm and the ball at the same time. A jump-ball is called.

With 8 seconds left, Howard bites on Lebron's fake and makes contact on the way down when Lebron jumps into him to shoot the three. Players get that call all the time...but the refs go with a no-call.

Any one of those calls goes the other way, and Howard is out of the game. The first two could have ended the game in the Cavs favor. But EVERY one of them went to Orlando.

The Cavs got ONE borderline call on James's drive. Watch the replay - Pietrus's arm is wrapped around James, and when James came down they had to call it because hand-checking a player like that on a drive has been called for the last four years. That one call doesn't mean it was a conspiracy favoring the Cavs, when there were so many other calls going the other way.

I sure hope the Lakers were watching the Cavs-Magic game. The Lakers better get their act together fast, because whichever team comes out of the East is going to be hell on wheels. Those teams are fantastic. Believe it or not, the Cavs might be the easier team to handle. Go Lakers!

Lebron is a great player but he's so used to getting calls that he complains after every play. The play in regulation where pietrus was called for tripping was bs. lebron's legs never got tangled and he was falling down before he even made contact with pietrus. It should have been a turnover/no-call.

Orlando looks like the next world champion from what I can see.


Good call. They were also saying how every time Lebron has scored 40 plus the Cavs lost, yet they never put two and two together that maybe that's WHY they're losing. But they have beat the "when Kobe shoots more than 20 times..." thing TO DEATH!!


Umm, lakerspdx? Are you delusional? Lebron just put together a 44-12-7 on 45% shooting. When was the last time Kobe put up 44-12-7 in the playoffs? When has Kobe EVER been criticized while putting up those numbers? Please, just one example from any playoff game, ever, would be just fine.

Lebron is averaging 42-7-7 for the series on 51% shooting - when has Kobe EVER done that?

Lebron is averaging 35-9-7 for the playoffs on 53% shooting - when has Kobe ever done that?

In this playoffs, Kobe has gotten 5 or fewer assists TWELVE times, even though his team is shooting 46%. But he's missed at least 15 shots SIX times.

Lebron has gotten 5 or fewer assists just three times, even though the rest of his team is only shooting 43.5%. He's missed at least 15 shots just twice. Do you see the difference?

Kobe gets criticized for not passing because he DOESN'T PASS. That's why he's never managed 6 assists/game in any season in his career and why his shooting percentage has been below the team average ever year. Since his rookie season, Lebron has never been below 6/assists a game and his shooting average has been better than his team's EVERY year. Do you get the difference?

Okay, last one. In the playoffs, Kobe can pass to Pau (18/game on 56% shooting), Lamar (11/game on 52%), Ariza (11/game on 54%), and Bynum (6.5/game on 52%). Who the heck is Lebron supposed to pass to right now? He doesn't have a single teammate who can hit anything other than a layup right now - and he's STILL averaging 7 assists a game.

Do you have an answer for that? I'm betting your reply doesn't come with a single fact attached.

Let's focus on what matters, beating the Thuggets.

That's all that matters.

Get it done.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker fan,

Dont hurt yourself jumping off the bandwagon. All year youve been talking how Mo Williams was the difference maker ... now he is cocky and has never really done anything but be a sidekick.

I do agree that stomping around saying you are the best team in basketball is not smart and if you do you had better back it up.

NOW I'm worried.

Orlando? the way Bynum is loping through these playoffs?,..

Could be trouble in Angel City.

Game 5 is THE Game. Time to RISE. END this and get on to the BIG dance.

Orlando has held on despite the obvious attempt to ref Cleveland into the finals. Plays are getting more blatant for the world to see in plain view in favor of cleveland. Lebron ran over Petrus again and the announcer Doug Collins, one of the biggest n u t hugger witnesses of Lebron was lost for words and then gathered himself and said thier feet must have gotten tangled up, the 2 replays showed Lebron ran over petrus and nothing more. If you think it was bad these first 4 games, Orlando does not stand a chance thursday no matter what they do. The favoritism toward the cavs will be such that the refs won't care that the world will be watching them throw the game. Something will happen to where Varejo "the scrubb" will be doing things to provoke howard and will get away with it, howard will be suspended for game 6, orlando loses and Cleveland will be reffed to the game 7 win. I can just feel it.....

Realistically, this is the year of Orlando with inside-out game. Experience-wise, they might collapse under pressure of the Finals. Lebron will again be a bridesmaid, they have to win three consecutive times, that's kinda impossible with one Superstar in the team. Supposing Lakers move to the Finals, Orlando will be their biggest challenge in the playoffs, not Cavaliers.

On the inbound pass at the dying seconds, I wonder why Van Gundy would not put a tall guy to block the vision of Mo Williams. Put there Turkoglu or Gortat in front of Mo., james will have a hard time getting the ball. IMO, Lebron is an explosive player but does not have the killer instinct. You can't compare him to the greats like MJ, Magic and Bird.

Lakers, it's your turn tomorrow. Drew woke up in Game 3 but still L. It means the best D wins the game tomorrow. Ariza made only 3 while Odom 5, Walton 0, Sasha 6, Brown 3 now how can the Lakers get off the Nuggets without any defense or offense from these players.

Now the cavs are getting Battle tested. Is it too late?


Kobe's job is to score. The point guard's job is to assist. Kobe gives his teammates great looks and they don't make shots. Give it a rest...Go talk on the Cleveland board, we don't want you here. We laker fans analyze and give honest assessments of how our team performs, other fans live in a fantasy world....I won't entertain anymore of your obvious foolishness....


The difference is 3 RINGS!

Jonathan,'s a single fact. Kobe has 3 championships. When has LeBron EVER done that?



"Do you have an answer for that? I'm betting your reply doesn't come with a single fact attached."

Fact: Your team is one game away from elimination.

And you're comparing Kobe's stats to LeBron's? Ummmm, okay.

Well, just for funsies, here's a link I thought you might like:


As a superstar and MVP year, Lebron is not supposed to choke on the free throw line. If he makes those FT's they should have won Game 3 & 4. Secondly, most of the TO in tonight's game especially in the closing minutes were committed by Lebron. Thirdly, Cavaliers cannot match the firepower of the Magic tonight with 17 3pts shots plus 27 pts dunk from Howard with combination of FT's = 78 pts. If you were Cleveland, how can you overpower that advantage. James got the help but they are not match with Orlando's fire power so far.... From the looks of it, they are the best team among the four remaining contenders. Well, things could change, championship are not necessarily guaranteed by the team with best stats.

Brother Johnathan we get it.....YOU LOVE LEBRON.....he is a terrific player no doubt.....but your argument is hypocritical.....You say Lebron's game is all about team but you, Mike Brown, ESPN, and all the rest of the media disciples talk exclusively about his stats.....His #'s are awesome but they mean absolutely nothing if you guys don't win this series.......You can come on here and do your John Hollinger rant but ORLANDO IS YOUR PROBLEM NOT KOBE.......What sober minded fans realized is the game is about more than big #'s......If it was all about stats and big scoring games than Kobe would be the GOAT........Stats mean nothing w/o RINGS...AND B/F YOU USE THE SHAQ COP OUT ....Check Magic Johnsons 5 Chips and who he played with, Birds 3 and who he played with and KG last year etc. ....The Cavs and the Lakers have the same delimma ...they rely too much on one man......If Lebron gets 50 and Dwight/Rashard get 26 each then they off set Lebrons #'s........Same can be said for Kobe vs Billips/Melo........Criticize Kobe all you want and gather all your stat but they are MEANINGLESS IF YOU LOSE IN THE ECF......The same can be said for Kobe if the Lakers lose in the WCF..........Also brother it is possible to say something positive about Kobe and still support Lebron......Don't be brainwashed by the Hype Machine.....enjoy the game


Hey Jonathan,

In response to ALL of your whiny questions.......Sucks doesn't it?

Deal with it. We have been.

Hey Jonathan,

I suppose this was a good call?


Sorry forgot about the tinyurl.


Close game five, the little things will count big. Lakers win.


Consider the fate of Cleveland Cavaliers hanging on a balance......

Cleveland got a breathing space with one lucky shot in Game 2 by Lebron with one second to go. If Van Gundy has placed a tall player in front of Mo, there is no way Lebron will get that 1 second miracle. Anyway, without that one shot, it could have been 0-4 in this series - the end of Cleveland. Lebron is over rated, over hyped, inexperienced superstar, yes a MVP in the season but does not have the heart of a Champion in the playoffs. Of course, the series is not over, I hope, I am mistaken with that impression.

This Jonathan is the one that is disillusioned. The Cavaliers lost because of Lebron. He is sooooo amazing with his self-belief that resulted in turnovers. No matter who he will be with, the same result will happen. Losses. Cavaliers are easy to beat because of him and Mo Williams.

Magic has a weakness too. But I won't mention until the Lakers are in the Finals


That's what I'm talking 'bout. Kobe has done so much that we forget how much in our effort to look for the next big thing.

The page will not be turned until Kobe Bryant retires. Try as they might, his play on the basketball court will not allow a turning of the page.

Kobe gets smashed by the sports talking heads for many of the exact things Lebron is praised for, why? We always minimize the faults of those we like and exaggerated the faults of those we don't.

Thanks Skeletor for reminding us of how great Kobe has been over his career not just this year.

it is so ironic that the league reversed calls in Game 4 between Lakers & Nuggets, in essence, admitting they made mistakes , sending the Nuggets to the free throw line , making the lead bigger. if they had called it right the first time, the game's momentum COULD have swung to the Lakers, but instead the refs nailed them w/ one stupid call after another... that sequence w/ Luke Walton was a gem - 3 straight fouls and a technical to boot, when clearly it was Carmelo Anthony making contact. To top it all off, the Lakers get fined for these mistakes. As for George Karl being smug about taking the high ground and criticizing Phil for using this injustice as a tactic to motivate his team, saying "he would not go there". What does he have to complain about when his team has gotten the benefit of calls since Game 3?!!!!! I really do not know what the Lakers need to do to win but once upon a time, in the middle of the regular season, they beat the Celtics and the Cavaliers w/o Bynum. That team needs to show up tonight, just to rub J.R.Smith's and the Birdman's faces in the victory.

The three rings thing is silly. Dennis Rodman has more rings than Kobe does - do people ever bring that up and say he's as good as Kareem? Do Scottie Pippen's SIX rings make him twice the player that Kobe is? Do Robert Horry's seven rings make him even better than Pippen? Of course, Sam Jones TEN rings kick both their butts.



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