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Playing in Utah? Sounds like fun! and other Wednesday practice nuggets

Lamar odom dunks against utah The Lakers put in a healthy day's work ahead of their flight to Salt Lake City this afternoon for tomorrow's Game 3.  From our standpoint, there wasn't much to see since instead of being let in for the tail end of practice, players were brought to us in the media room before PJ and Kobe were later made available on the floor.  No surprise, most of the chatter centered around what guarantees to be a hostile reception for the purple and gold tomorrow.  Not that Lamar Odom is too concerned.  Personally, he digs this sort of thing. 

"I expect it to be fun.  For us.  Playing in a hostile environment is going to remind me of home.  I'm from Queens, so I'd play tournaments in Brooklyn and all over, and there's gonna be talking and in your face.  But that's what we live for," he said. 

Yeah, but that's a different kind of fun than going to Six Flags or sitting down to watch 30 Rock.

"It's competitive.  It's a little different than a good game of Monopoly, or something like that.  It's a different kind of competition, you know?  Somebody telling you that they hate your guts, and then you can make a spin move and make them go "Ahhhhhh!" in the same breath?  You know?  That's the rush that you get from playing on the road."

Odom then brought it back, as he often does, to his upbringing back in NYC.  "I was probably like nine years old when I played in my first basketball tournament, playing 15 and under.  Getting beat, getting beat up.  Now to be playing at the professional level, a lot of people that I've played against, played with, that want to see me get this done at this level, as far as the playoffs, and trying to play for a championship.  It's a great position to be in, and I do it with a lot of pride."

Good stuff.  Reminds me of my hoops upbringing, playing 7th and 8th grade basketball in suburban St. Louis.  Basically the same thing, I figure. 

Kobe, at this point famous for his love of playing in hostile environments, echoed LO's sentiments.  "It's a challenge, being in a tough atmosphere where everybody is pulling against you.  It's relaxing.  It's fun," he said.  "The more they boo me, the more they heckle me, the more they relax me and the more I play better."

"You would think they'd know that by now."

Don't look for Jazz fans to get the memo before tomorrow's tip, though it would be a really interesting tactic to see if they could throw Kobe off his game by being really supportive and polite.  The weirdness might just do the trick, because I can tell you from talking to guys around the league that Jazz fans have a well earned reputation for being incredibly abusive. Add in that all 20 thousand or so in the house seem to sit about four inches from the court, and the burly factor rises. 

One guy who would know?  Derek Fisher.  Returning to Utah last year, he was greeted with some most tasteless, cruel heckling from certain fans at EnergySolutions.  I'm talking about fans covering one eye and reportedly chanting "Cancer" in reference to Fish's then-infant daughter, whose illness prompted Fisher to exit his contract with the Jazz and facilitate a move to a city where she could get better care. 

Time has passed, but those incidents are still a topic of conversation.  Fish, though, believes the ugliness of last year is in the past.  The Q and A on that topic:

"I think it's transitioned from more of a "personal" boo to a "you're on the Lakers" boo.  I think people have had time to deal with my not being on the team, and my family transition away from Utah.  I think all that's behind everybody for the most part.  Everybody knows the story, and knows the deal.  Now it's Jazz-Lakers, so there's always been that basketball hatred from one team to another, and it'll definitely be there tomorrow."

Did some of those "personal" boos that you talked about stick with you for a little bit?  Because obviously some of the things you heard were pretty cruel.

"The first time (we were there), yeah.  It was shocking and caught me off guard, and was disappointing, but between the first time we went back (last season) to the second time, there was a huge difference just in the way I saw it, the way I felt it. I think I had come to grips myself with the fact that there wasn't anything else that I was going to be able to say or do, and even better, I don't have to feel obligated to try and convince somebody of the reasons why we made the decision we made.  So I think once I got to a place where I was okay with it, it didn't really matter how other people responded."

How long did that take?

"I think that game was good for me personally, just to have that experience and understand that our world is not created in a way where you can please everybody, you can do things that are going to be what everybody likes for you to say or do.  So I think it was good for me to have that experience.  And it probably took a couple weeks after that to really gain some understanding in terms of me looking at myself and what I was feeling, and then from there, it's been really smooth in terms of feeling comfortable with what has happened and why it happened and that life really has moved on in a major way."

The best news, of course, is that Fish reports that his baby girl is "doing great," making all of her medical checkpoints, and they're optimistic as a family that Tatum will, knock on wood, continue to stay healthy.

On Andrew Bynum, Phil Jackson chalked up his struggles after a strong first quarter to fatigue, and noted the coaching staff is trying to get him to expend a little less energy in his pregame routine.  Regarding reports that Bynum is still feeling pain, it's something that the team knows about, and is obviously watching carefully.  Nothing, though, seems to be wrong in a capital W sense. 

"Some of it is the brace.  Wearing the brace, the inhibiting of the brace in the motion.  I think it's all capable of working (itself) out, but he did not work very much on the court today at all."

Asked if he thinks his issues are related more to the aforementioned fatigue more than pain or the brace, though, Jackson was quick to reply.  "Yes."


Phil Jackson, talking about playing in Utah, continuing to build, and the need to get Pau Gasol more touches inside.  All this comes up about 2/3 of the way through, when I asked him about LA taking advantage of the mismatches he creates on the offensive side of the ball, whether being guarded by Carlos Boozer or Paul Millsap.

Kobe Bryant, on playing in Utah, Trevor Ariza's improvement as a shooter (something he helped him with):

Pau Gasol, on Game 2 and what needs to happen in Game 3:


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This is not meant to belabor the thread discussion. I was just curious about the blog demographic you mentioned.

Do I understand you correctly to say there are research numbers that suggest a substantial number of visitors come to read your reports without clicking through to peruse the always entertaining posters du jour? Or is it that they just don't post after clicking through?

I have no agenda in asking. Just wondering if that distinction is charted. The fact that this is posted on a new thread is totally coincidental.

It is important to get Pau touches in the inside when he has had advantages over Boozer and Millsap. Don't always make him post up every time, best way for domination is for passing to get him very close to the basket.

Pau so far in the series is averaging 21ppg with an impressive 72.7% from the field with only 11 shot attempts in both Game 1 and 2. Have to get the ball to him.

That being said, BALL MOVEMENT and getting open looks for even remains the key.


It looks so tacky.

It does not even look like a professional sport.

It look like Harlem Globe Trottters doing their thang.

It is sooooo dang cheesy.

It has become a circus show and in poor taste.

I thought LeBron was classy but now I beg to differ.

This makes LeBron the King of Clowns and not King James the NBA playa.

Didn't the East team during NBA all star introduction dance their way into the court and lost to the West..

Well then more power to Cleveland and I hope they dance their way to the finals only to LOSE to the Lakers!!

I can't even imagine Kobe and the gang clownig around, just does not fit the character.

Can you imagine Laker team doing the same? nevaha!!

Yep, the more time Cleveland spends with their warm-up routine, the less they're practicing shooting, free throws, one one one moves, timing, etc.

Keep up the great work.

Will someone post up a video of Ariza's Kobe-move three in the first half of Game 2?

I'm sure the K Bros have way more accurate metrics but here's what I was able to find using alexa.

Total # of global internet users: 1,596,270,108

.25% of those users visited the latimes website yesterday: 3990675

.3% of latimes visitors visit the lakersblog: 11972

So, just shy of 12,000 users visited the blog yesterday. Very fuzzy numbers but that seems to be the ballpark.

I'm not exactly sure who this quote was derived from recently, but it was meant for the late Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas and I believe the same can be applied to Derek Fisher.

The quote was "If you didn't like Harry, you didn't like anybody." Insert "Derek" instead of Harry, and I don't think anyone of us would object.

And on a side note, that light from one of the cameras during Kobes' interview made his Adam's Apple really stand out. I couldn't focus on anything he was saying cause the lighting made it look like he bad a huge rock or something in his throat.

I agree whole heartily with John Holingers analysis and will predict in a hard fought series the Cavs will take the finals over the L.A. in a fully entertaining 7 game series.Possibly breaking up this Laker team..Kobe will be angry if purple/gold lose.The demise of the Lake-show,we will see.

VMan: "Do I understand you correctly to say there are research numbers that suggest a substantial number of visitors come to read your reports without clicking through to peruse the always entertaining posters du jour? Or is it that they just don't post after clicking through?"

Why visitors click on a blog post (vs staying the main page) is impossible to determine without a survey. For visitors who don't post, the assumption is that they want to read the rest of the article (that appears after the jump). Are you suggesting that there's a large percentage of visitors who don't comment but come here JUST to read the comments? Wow. Is there a mutiny brewing here? Listen, I've seen the ugly side of internet celebrity. Be afraid.


I went to a Cavs game (against the Clippers) at The Q this year.

It was a bit bizarre. It's almost like a circus more than a basketball game, but, hey, it's Cleveland, people really don't know how to do stuff with class and dignity out here.

However! There is a point that I want to make. You know Cleveland's huge home court advantage? I'm become convinced it is at least partially due to one factor: The Jumbotron.

Cleveland fans are relatively enthusiastic, but they're not like Boston, Portland, or Utah fans. However, they've got one thing I've never seen anywhere else: A completely insane jumbotron manager.

I've spoken to several people about this and all concur: The jumbotron at The Q seems like it is run by a couple college kids on hallucinagenic mushrooms.

It is completely chaotic and makes no sense.

I mean, someone will hit a jump shot and they'll show a big frog on the screen. A block shot will be followed by a "Three Stooges" clip and then explosions and then a shot of the court and then a fan and then a person on a bicycle and then cheerleaders and then an image of Bugs Bunny and then an image of a hot dog... and so forth.

It is almost completely random and relatively disturbing to the uninitiated.

I think the Cavs are just used to it and visiting teams look up and become completely disorientated.

So, the key to beating the Cavs in Cleveland is simple: Don't look at the jumbotron.

Just don't look up at the jumbotron.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



While I can't say for sure where people navigate once once the site (like whether they read the comments) I can tell you with certainty that the vast- and I mean overwhelming- number of people who click on the blog do not leave comments. I'm sure many click on the posts, read them and read the comments (I know I often do on other sites, though I very rarely leave them myself, something I think is pretty common among blog/web readers), but there's really no way of knowing based on our data.

Hope that helps clarify.


Watching the games on FSN sure adds a lot to the games.

As much up-and-down we play, I can't see any team taking us in 7 games, we just have too much depth. Shortening the rotation will stabilize our performance.


I only read the posts and sometimes post myself - I almost never read the Kam Bros offerings. So let's start the survey.

This may be a little uncalled for but what are the parades like? During the 3-peat I was living in San Diego and wasn't old enough to drive so the thought of going to the parade never really seemed to cross my mind.

This year I can't wait. I need the parade, we need to win. Is it usually on a weekend or a weekday? Is it just a bunch of people standing on Figueroa? Where do they set the stage up?

Sorry for the rookie questions but I'm pretty pumped to go. Hopefully I don't have work or something.

Lamar = Finals MVP



>>> I only read the posts and sometimes post myself -
>>> I almost never read the Kam Bros offerings.
>>> So let's start the survey.

LMAO, Otis. You couldn’t resist, could you? It’s funny but I actually do skip some of the KamBros articles because I have already read all the links the night before. Just like NBA players, LA Times Bloggers were much hungrier when they were rookies. Now that they are rock stars of the blogging world with their own intern, the post-game threads don’t get uploaded as quickly. But, man, those ten new threads every day fly in like rockets.


Laker Tom,

"Just like NBA players, LA Times Bloggers were much hungrier when they were rookies. Now that they are rock stars of the blogging world with their own intern, the post-game threads don’t get uploaded as quickly. But, man, those ten new threads every day fly in like rockets."

You figured it out. The reason the postgame reports take longer to write now than during our first season has nothing to do with the audio and video components we've added, which take longer to download and process. It's because we're "less hungry."


Otis: "I only read the posts and sometimes post myself - I almost never read the Kam Bros offerings. So let's start the survey."

Wrong people to survey. If there are 12000 people who visit this blog daily, then they'd have to survey the 11900 or so who DON'T comment. Which would also mean that the commenting community represents about 1% of the traffic the blog gets. Again, my metrics could be wrong.

Why don't we take the survey a step further and find out whose comments visitors come here to read specifically?

It's the tacos you get for the press meal.

K Bros,
While the comments aren't handled in exactly the way I would prefer, I like your posts; both the analysis and the off-the-wall references/lead-ins. I say the more the better, and overall you do a great job.

Bynum has started blocking shots.

This is the first good sign for me. The next big hurdle Bynum has to get past is 4th quarter conditioning.

This team is genetically programmed to have Bynum in the middle, at center, controlling his position in crunch time. Until this happens we'll not be at our best. I love the Gasol - Odom combination, but we need Bynum in the middle; Bynum to be the fear inspiring monstrosity that he’s meant to be if we plan on bringing the rings back to Laker fingers.

Play Bynum even if he’s playing poorly, I say. He’s got less than a month.


I admit that I was an avid reader of the Laker blog for about two years before I finally commented. The main reason I was reluctant to comment was because I didn't want it to appear like I was jumping on the Bandwagon. I have been a Laker fan for years, and I can now express my point of viewon the blog.

Laker Vs. Cavs?

I sincerely clearly, hereby dearly, entirely fearlessly, boldly, coldly, totally wholly soberly and under controllably, believe that the Lakers will take the Cavs when meet in the finals.

So there.


"I agree whole heartily with John Holingers analysis and will predict in a hard fought series the Cavs will take the finals over the L.A. in a fully entertaining 7 game series.Possibly breaking up this Laker team..Kobe will be angry if purple/gold lose.The demise of the Lake-show,we will see.

Posted by: Skip Bayless"

LOL...I'm glad 'Skip Bayless' cares enough to comment on the Lakers Blog. Though I would think that as a nationally syndicated sports writer his grammar would be better.



I know. I was just teasing you. I think you and Brian have done a great job strategizing how to position the blog and it is only going to become more and more successful. I wish you all the success in the world, even if it means more trolls from other teams’ blogs.

As I’ve told you guys before when we disagreed about the no Lakers colors, excessive links that slow page loads, poor pagination schemes, and now multiple threads, none of that is why we all come here to get our Lakers fix instead of going to

For those of us who post regularly and, I suspect, for many of the those who read regularly, we come here because of the dynamic interactive Lakers community and experience you guys have created. In many ways, it is a work of creative art.

It’s the synergism of your writing skills, sense of humor, and knowledge of your audience. And the power of the LA Times. And like any good reality show, it definitely includes the “Whack Jobs” who actually think up, write, and post those crazy insane comments.

The LA Times Lakers Blog. No place else on the web like it. Leading the parade.



BK. Laker sth

Thanks for the input.

STH, as I said, I have no agenda (or delusion for that matter) in asking this. Just interested in the overall, online wild west show.

Since a click is required to get to comments, I thought it might show up that way in research. Obviously, The Lakers, The Times, AK/BK are the main attractions under this Big Top.

Sooooooooo many people are concerned about how the Lakers won their first two games at home, but when you watch all the other series, it could be worse. Other than Cleveland, every other higher seeded team has lost a game on their homecourt with the Heat winning in Atlanta tonight, Magic evening their series with Sixers after the Sixers stole game 1 and possibly the Hornets winning game 2 in Denver in the late game tonight. Boston almost went down 2-0 to the Bulls and Dallas/SA are even.

Regardless of how the Lakers won, they took care of business on their home floor and no one in the universe outside of Utah(slim chance)believes that the Jazz are going to win the next 4 out of 5. Just about all the analysts on different sports networks today commented that they're more impressed with the Cavs pounding an over the hill, backed into the playoffs, have no business being the postseason Detroit Pistons. While the Lakers are pounding the rugged Utah Jazz who as Kobe put it "is not a true 8 seed." Comparing what the Lakers are doing with what the Cavs are doing is ridiculous and a complete joke. It seems that all these so called experts and sportswriters have amnesia or are part of the whole "We Are Witnesses" promotion for LeBron and his merry men. Seriously, the Pistons bigs Wallace and McDyess are strictly jump shooters and give very little to no post presence and I'd say that their most exciting and perhaps their best player comes off their bench in Will Bynum. Rip seems to have gotten old overnight, Prince is timid and inconsistent and Stuckey doesn't have a jump shot. The Jazz, though shorthanded has the mercurial Deron Williams as their floor leader and a cast of players that play tough and hard for their hardened and seasoned Coach, Jerry Sloan.

I expect the Lakers to put all this talk to rest. I'm sure there'll be a lot of flip floppin' with all these sports pundits when the Lakers get the job done. I'm aware that a lot of sports people are taking the Lakers over the Cavs in the finals, but I don't believe that most of them want the Lakers to win it all.


Roughly 10% of all people who read the internet actually take the time to respond in areas where responses are facilitated.

That makes people like us fairly rare.

Got to admit, I go on this site and read the comments and ak/bk's post pretty much everyday but do not post. Don't want to get flame for some comment or grammar. That's how it is in hahaha.


The oldtimers are planting the seed of revolution huh!

How about an experiment in the 2nd round where we can have a blog without posters? I'm sure that will attract more hits because it will just be AK/BK giving the news and threads. This is like Hugo Chavez doing all the talking, I'm sure the foreign posters in Oaxaca, Mexico will be interested in basketball.

I was just wondering why CNN media are now interested with interaction with the public because that is what sizzles nowadays - the opinions from the public sells and make it more realistic than just one monogamous writer. A fan's opinion whether grammatically twisted or correct comes from the heart of passionate fans educated by the late Chick. It bleeds purple and gold and as Mamba24 said, if they only have one lung they will use it in cheering for the Lakers.

I wonder what happened to our foreign bloggers like tsphere, chris of norway, miguelinho, jaworski, kiwi and many more. They seldom post, are they just reading this blog? No, they get tired of posting without any reason or direction. Maybe, They are tired of being used and their opinions being abused in multiple threads.

Just my 2 cents OK.


Bynum's shot blocking ability was back in the 1st game against Utah (the last regular season game) where he blocked 3 shots. Only reason he didn't block any in Game 1 was for his foul trouble.

What Bynum needs to do is to become more aware like he was when Bron was in town. He came out for help defense and LBJ couldn't get into the rack as much and forced jumpers in Kobe's face. That's why I was critical of him last game when he wasn't aware as much and Deron Wiliams drove to the hoop or was fouled by Fish/Shannon since Bynum stayed closely to his man (Boozer/Collins) rather than helping out those two guards.

Other than that Bynum is fine. He should have scored more points than 10 in one quarter though. He's not a choker like Sasha/Jordan is and is showing signs of being a playmaker.

Why is everyone comparing the Lakers & Cavs in the first round?
Last year Lakers swept a 50-win team while a sub-.500 team took the Cs to 7. That started the talk the Lakers were better than the Cs. (which admittedly I began to buy myself)
I think every Championship year for the Spurs started with a loss on their home court in the first round.
First round predicts nothing.
I'm fine with Farmar, Luke, Sasha playing minutes. Now's the time to play them, see if they can somehow get it in gear. Lakers may need them later.
Play Bynum until he fouls out, or learns not to. Get his conditioning back again.
Jazz aren't winning this series. Now's the time to play with the rotations, something you can't afford to do later on.
And I agree with whoever said earlier to bring back Mbenga in case the refs continue to go whistle-crazy on our bigs.

Is it narcissistic to think that people come here to read comments? Perhaps. But I know how often I have read, "come here to read, first time poster" or in some cases, "I agree with most of your posts Faith, first time poster" etc. (Actually I don't mean that to be me-centric, but it has occurred before.)

Look I'm not saying that the K Bros isn't a large reason why this is what it is, but in my personal experience and opinion, I come here for Lakertom, Edwin Gueco, mamba24, justanothermambafan, P Ang, Zen, etc...all the vets of the blog and its fairly new posters. They make this place entertaining for me. Their thoughts and their opinions both informative and entertaining. That's why I'm here.

That's not to say I don't find the K Bros writing entertaining and informative. It is and they are. But this blog is more than that.

I've only posted a comment once but i do visit this blog regularly to read the comments. i can still remember the time there was a 'start farmar' bandwagon. i wonder what happened to that. anyone's still on it? australia loves the lakers oi oi oi!

Ah, good survery. Ok, I only come on here to read my own comments. On the rare occassion that I post them. And then I just read them over and over and over again. I'll be back tomorrow to read this one again. I'm pretty sure it will have aged like fine wine.

p.s., Can I change survery to survey? It'll read better.

I seldom post but a daily reader of the blog. Ive been reading this blog since it started but won't leave any comments.

Go Canucks Go Lakers

I've been reading the blog religiously now since i believe the "Smush Parker era" (to think he was our STARTING point guard! and we wonder why kobe seems to have aged...) This is my first post, and i want to say, that i believe anonymous readers like myself, not only come to the Lakers blog for the great info from the k BROS but for also the comments from the blogging vets (laker tom, Faith, mamba24, and yes even jon k.) This site is a great community of Laker fans and a place we can ALL support and share our opinions about our beloved LAKERS!

re reading vs comments- most of the blogs i read (truehoop, freedarko, blazersedge) the original and interesting commentary is in the blog, not the comments.

I think that this blog is fairly unique in that we have constructed a community of people who can post on the blog and expect to take part in a dialogue instead of merely being scrolled past, if the reader gets that far.

i can understand that people weaned on other blogs don't expect and therefore do not avail themselves of the general blog discussion, they read the k bros quality insights and move along.

Frankly, i was once one of them, and really just started reading the rest of the posts when i was looking for links to watch the games online- then i started noticing that a lot of the commentary that was being written was frankly better than what i could expect from 'professional' analysts like bresnahan and plashke. nothing against them, but this blog has a dialogue that really gets to the whole shebang.



i am also a first time poster. read the blog everyday. not to undermine the great kam bros writing skills, but i do often just read the comments. let's go lakers!
from the Philippines with love.

Hey Lakers,

Don't sweat it over the Jazz, the Blazers will be there waiting to end your title hopes in the next round.............

I typically read some comments and probably wouldn't check out the place as much were it not for them.

The bloggers are savvy followers with inside information much like traditional media types whereas blog comments come from more typical "guys on the street." I like to know what they think too.

I just read comments for a few months before my first post a few years ago.

And when I'm not posting regularly I'm usually still reading the blog a bit.

It's the best way to keep up with everything Lakers. I could search espn, latimes, la daily news,, etc. for lakers stories.

Or I can just come here.

I do miss Extra! Extra! with all the Lakers related news of the day.

I miss longer comment threads too. They generated more interesting discussion, particularly after it wasn't Mike T and his 30 posts versus 7 other people and their 150 posts. That was pretty unreadable.

A blog without comments is pretty much masturbation.

Ranulfo...What part of OZ are you in?..Im in SA......

As for our team.....I think that brace is playing some games with the brain of Bynum....I hope not but it has to be some sort of distraction...I know his fitness will get better game by game,but it would be like being the king of pop and having to dance while only wearing 1 glove...You know what i mean?.

A solid game would help that....Stay away from never-land...

You cant stop Deron but we can defend the rest...lets get it done...

i have been here since the smushcalade era.. i have commented at least a dozen times. i have witness mike teniente's unfathomable belief in the hands of kwame "i can throw a cake but i can't catch a pass" brown, tom's game breakdown, mamba's roll call (which i used to see my name i hope to see again), jon k's love for the clippers and the undying faith of faith.

i am happy that i am here; i read the post daily.

I think all this is proof that Lebron, great as he is as a player, is very consciously trying to imitate Shaq by bluffing people with his outrageous personality. He doesn't have the verbal facility and wit of Shaq, so he's trying another tack. It indicates what we already know because Lebron himself has told us: his ambition isn't to be the best basketball player on earth, it's to be the first sports billionaire. What he does in his pre-game rituals is an integral part of his long-term marketing plan. And he knows that players like Kobe and Wade will be admired but not adulated for their "personality" the way Shaq has been over the years.

Kobe's accomplishment is incredible because it's 90% talent and skill and 10% marketing savvy (which he doesn't lack, of course, but it isn't his main driving force). And Kobe is adulated, but as an athlete rather than an entertainer.

Some of this may have to do with size as well. Shaq and Lebron have such a considerable size advantage in their respective positions that they can relax a little bit on the skill and commitment side. By doing so they can be clowns without its seeming entirely inconsistent.

Of course in a year like this that also creates the kind of drama we traditionally associate with wrestling. Which is why everyone wants to see a Lakers-Cavs finals. The extravagant personality vs. the guy who is focused on his strength alone.

On another note, it's also worth noting that this is the first time in NBA history that a team winning 65 games hasn't been top seed. When you think that Cleveland reached 67 in the east, with a wild majority of sub .500 teams, I think the odds have to go to the Lakers as to which is the better team. The only problem is the nasty issue of home court advantage (obtained by having a majority of weak opponents)... and of course the jumbotron edge!

I used to post more here.. but prefer to read now a days.... I leave the posting/commenting to LakerTom, Edwin, mamba24, Faith, justanother.. and the vets... :)

But surely, there is not a day that I don't come to visit this blog and read...


Yeah, and MikeT was defending Kwame "the Great" Brown...

By the way, where is NEVER?

I feel like I should make a post today. I guess I might represent some of the aforementioned internet people that read the blog every day AND I read the comments.
I like the comments because we have some very knowledgeable posters on this site that put out information about the game that is very in-depth at times. I appreciate the stuff that people post like KobeBlitz, Mamba24, Lakers_sth, EdwinGueco.
I rarely post because I come here to read up on my Lakers. Joining the fray and posting isn't part of what drives me. Though I will jump in at times.

Just a summary here, I read this blog every single day and most times more than once a day. I visit this blog more than any other place on the internet except for the MSN front page.

Thanks for all the work you put into it Kam Bros. Brian, Best of luck on your 3rd year of marriage too!


You mean you didn't come here for Mike T? LOL


Sorry K Bros.

You do a great job..I get busy at work sometimes and when I do jump back to the blog, it gets tiring going back and forth seeing if a new thread was started just so you can have a conversation..And then people never see your comments because they moved to the new thread and then your comments need to be reposted or they are lost forever.

But I guess this is just me!

The Lake Show will win a highly contesting game tonight in Salt Lake.....The victory will be by 5 pts or less....Kobe will take on more of the scoring load, Pau will be Pau, and Andrew will have his best game of playoffs....I still think the Laker will win it in 5 .......

LAKERS 2009 NBA CHAMPS!! Believe IT!!

I know I've been reading the blog for about 3 years and I've posted about 20 times. The funiest time on here though was when that Mike T guy was in love with Kwame Brown.

the threads conversation is old to me.As a hardcore sports fan, you gotta realize that the stuff that makes money is tailored to the casual sports fan. That's the majority.

Obviously, the answer here is economic.

Why the next page links? Cuz, pages downloaded slower, discouraging some users... Faster page loads, more viewers, more advertisers, economics...

If on average 5% of viewers actually post and 95% read, then economically if you make more posts than that's more for the people who just read the blog to look at it. They look at more pages, that's more visitors to the site. That's more money for LA Times and AK/BK *hopefully* get the pats on the back for a job well done.

I've come to grips with that.

As a hardcore sports fan, you gotta realize that the stuff that makes money is tailored to the casual sports fan. That's the majority.

That's why Inside the NBA has turned into NBA comedy hour. People wanna see Charles Barkley say dumb stuff and random highlights.

To some degree, thats why people love John madden. Say it simple, make a fun/catchy noise (boom!), and move on... Economics folks.

As a point of clarification (I'm not exactly sure how the debate seemed to turn in this direction), we're not making people choose between our work and comments. We definitely value the contributions of commenters, and encourage people to leave them. Not an either/or situation. As I mentioned yesterday, when I visit other blogs, I read comments too, even if I don't leave one. They're very important!

Thanks, Johnny V, too for the anniversary tidings!


Good morning and Happy Game Day!

I can't believe I'm commenting on this, but here I am. I am completely neutral on the number of threads. When I have time to stop by the blog, I'll read everything I can that I have time for. I'm interested in what everyone has to say.

If I have something to say and have time to post, I do, usually before or after the work day. My only pet peeve is posting something only to find that by the time I've done writing and posting, there's a new thread and my comments are relegated to the bottom of the old one.

Since most of the comments are thread-neutral, I'd be just as happy to have a new post on the new thread, so it could be shared with more readers.

That's it for now. See you tonight on the game chat.

I think it's economically wiser for the Lakers to drop one game in Utah so they can sell tickets at staples. More money collected now means they can pay to sign LO, TA, and SB.

Today is game day, another trial for the Lakers in the playoffs of '09.

After sleeping on the issue of multiple threads vs. the need for continuous thread for Laker passionate fans, I thought of an idea that will bridge the interest of both parties. It will achieve more hits for KBros blogs and will continue the discussion among the die hard freaks.

1. There should be two "main" threads per day composed of morning thread that starts at 9 AM PST to 2PM and the afternoon thread from 2PM PST to 12 midnight, however posts between 12 - 8 AM will appear next day;

2. In the new suggested plan, the main thread will be composed of sub threads. Therefore, during the period of morning thread, the KBros could introduce their own sub threads without disrupting the discussion on the main thread. It will appear as though it is a long post on the part of KBros.

3. What will bridge the main thread and sub thread, every post will be numbered in every main thread. The numbers will appear at the time it was posted, example, Korey 12:01 PM (50) April 22, 2009. Perhaps, Korey's response was referring to (2) post but it is still within the main thread and there has been three sub threads that followed since 9AM. Another example is Faith 1:30PM (65) April 22, 2009, this time Faith is commenting on the latest sub thread. As you can see the flow is resumed but it introduced new subject matters within that period.

4. Psychologically, posters or in my book I call them, bloggers too, because every poster is unique and has his/her own personality, he or she is entitled with respect. They always want to be current which is the call of the times. Noticed that newspapers are now becoming ancient because they discuss yesterday's news. The same with bloggers, they don't want to continue discussion in previous threads, they want to be current. In the heading where the name of thread appears or in the table of contents where main heading are mentioned, only two main threads will appear that is morning thread and then the afternoon thread based on time alloted. In my suggested plan, there is uniformity, there is repetition and readers are aware of the format and (without necessarily prodding my suggestion) creativity, in the sense that the sub threads can interrupt any discussion without necessarily destroying the train of thoughts among the active participants, yet it reinforces new subject matters that creates multiplicity of issues and information within the time period.

The attraction of the blog becomes more popular because visitors will be able to digest the news on the two periods, get interested on the comments, and may visit again for the new information in the sub thread as well as the comments. It solve the problem of connection on two valleys of thoughts by putting a bridge over the deep ravine, where capitalism resides.

Well, that is my contribution to the Lakers Blog, I hope you like the idea.


what does pl stand for? out of curiousityy

Why do I come here, let me count the ways……….Seriously all brown nosing aside I come here first and foremost because there is no where else where I can find such a comprehensive Collection of all the articles, quotes, quips behind the scene scoops and just plain Laker scoops than What is put out by the Blog Gods, Brian & Andrew Kamenetsky. I don’t need to read any other sports Pages to find pertinent laker stuff it’s all right here. Two I come here because of Faith. Three I come here because of Faith. Four I come here because of Faith. (God’s Truth) Fiver I come here to read what my Mentor Edwin Gueco who I met on the Blog & educated me to the Laker philosophy has to say. Six I Come here because it is cheaper than a shrink and soon as I see sir Charles name a smile burst out on my Face & things are suddenly cool. I come because of the one person I know with more manic Laker passion than myself, Jon freaking why do play Rings! K. I come here because of Exhelodrvr a man that can educate you more with one sentence than all the Freaking Jackson Journals in the world. I come here to
Laugh my @ss off at the razzings of my man Mike T. I come here so my partner
Outlaw can keep me inform on Baby Outlaws progress. SBpimp can apprise me of
The latest with the SBPimp twins. I come here because I don’t attend church that
Often although I am a very religious man and utzworld THE BANNER HOLDER has
Some of thew finest sermons I’ve ever heard. I come here to be told the truth by Tha Show, Tim-4-show and the rest of the Shows. I come here for the best sports
Writing outside of the Blog Gods in Laker tom, Mitchel,Taliq, generic_one. Rick Friedman. I come here to laugh my @ss off at the insightful observations of Fatty
WesJoeNixon. I come to read the scholarly posts of The Original JJ, The Original ken. I come here casue I hope Stargazin, LOLO Afro Joe Jorema will return.
I come to say hi to Ma Kamenetazky. Finally I come because of Dice8Up, David Whang, RDlee, Twoody, Laker justice, Laker Truth and if you want to know the
Rest of the names I come because of every D@mn name on Roll Call. Finally



Hi All:

It's Game Day! My favorite day of the week!

Couple things - hello and props to all the first time posters yesterday. I think its great you joined the fray and made yourselves known. Even if you don't post again - welcome! I know for me - it was hard to post the first time because this crew is intimidating sometimes but now I really like it.

Next - not too much commenting about AB17 and "running out of gas". Kobeblitz mentioned something that I think needs a little more vetting....

Since we are hitting baskets at such a high clip, we don't need AB to score right now. And as each game gets more important and each round gets more defensive minded - I would much rather AB focus on his defense. Plain and simple we just need to close up the middle.

Also, somebody mentioned yesterday that AB missed 4 "alley-oop" type passes in G2. I just dont think he is ready to do those in transition yet. Lakers are probably better served throwing those to Pau for the time being while AB is still getting his wind back.

It will be interesting to see how AB does in the altitude. If he was winded in LA with all that running - I think he might have some shortened minutes in UT.

Lastly, I expect DFish to have a breakout game in UT. He is on the edge!




Just a quick point of clarification. We still do "Extra, Extra" almost every day (unless there isn't really any news). We just started giving the posts different titles each day, just for variety's sake. But conceptually, it remains the same.


Mamba, you said it all their buddy (although I don't deserve all those props for my "sermons"). We are truly a family.

Now let's see if we can get The Family together at ESPN Zone @ LA Live so we can put names to faces and watch The Coming of the 4th Dynasty together!

"Skip Bayless"

>>>I agree whole heartily with John Holingers analysis and
>>>will predict in a hard fought series the Cavs will take the
>>>finals over the L.A.

Ah, so now the Suns fans are starting to slow down, so we're
going to start seeing a rash of Cadavaliers fans overrunning
the Lakers blog like zombies.

Hey Skippie,

That's all fine and a perfectly valid thing for you to hope for...
but bear in mind that last season about this time, John Hollinger
predicted that the Lakers would beat the Celtics in 6 games.

So enjoy your little Hollinger moment, but bear in mind that
his statistics don't account for things like the Lakers owning
the Cavs this season with or without Andrew Bynum.

I always read Laker STH posts. I find his style objective, insightful with a personal experience touch (being in actual games at Staples).

That is even if he has declared he already has a girlfriend and balding.

I like everybody in this blog though. STH is just my favorite.

So enjoy your little Hollinger moment, but bear in mind that
his statistics don't account for things like the Lakers owning the Cavs this season with or without Andrew Bynum. Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | April 23, 2009 at 08:16 AM

Way to go LongTime. The only problem is he can only
enjoy those "Little Holinger moments" when he is lucid
and this is quote seldom. Lol!

Still Reading, Not Postin

I've been following the blog all along, I just stopped posting after the Finals Loss. I even stopped in once a week or so in the off-season.

It looks like the Lakers will be coming through Houston on their way to the finals this year, and I will get to see a game in person hopefully. I'm hoping we can thank Houston for disposing of Portland for us. Why can't we beat that team in Portland? We win both of those games and we have home court in the finals.

The injury for the second year in a row to Bynum was very disappointing this year. All the hype on the blog last year about how great Bynum would be this year and what strides he had made didn't really pan out. Luckily Ariza came up big (why didnt Phil play him more last year) and Shannon Brown came out of nowhere and has redeemed the bench somewhat this year. But Sasha and Farmar have been awful. It's disheartening to see the first team get off to a good start take a lead and then see the second team in the 2nd lose the lead almost every time. It's better now with Shannon Brown coming off 2nd. But earlier in the year our bench was getting outplayed by every other bench.

If Bynum hadn't gotten injured? It would have made a difference for sure. What what if Garnett hadn't gotten injured? Injuries are part of it, and I like Bynum, but I'm worried that he may be injury prone.

As to a potential finals matchup (there is no way the Lakers don't get out of the West, the West has definitely taken a step backwards this year) with Cleveland, and it's hard to see anyone beating Cleveland in the East, just like last year, I feel like being the road team in a 2-3-2 format, you have to win one of the first two on the road. If you do, you have a good chance to win the series. If you don't, it's very difficult.

Barring injury, the Lakers are deeper than anyone this year, and their starting 5 is better than any other team. It puts them in a tough position to say it, but it really is title or bust this year. Kobe has everything now. He has the good center is Bynum, the all star power forward in Pau, the defensive power on the wing with him in Ariza, the gutsy point in Fisher, and the best 6 in the league with Odom. There can be no excuses this year. Kobe has all the pieces around him. More than Jordan ever had I would say.

Of course luck plays a part, as does peaking at the right time. So they have to go ahead and play out the games don't they?


Good morning Mamba24 & Laker morning CRUE!!


Mamba24 - I can't believe I didn't get a personal mention in your post about why you come on here. I'm hurt. After all the good times we've shared talking about your thong & whatnot.....? Nothing like being dissed on game day by the blog's engine. *tear*

AK/BK - you guys are GREAT. You've created an unbelievably fun place for crazy Laker fans to get together and rant & rave about our passions. I lurked for a long time before I started posting, but glad I decided to jump in and join the fray. THANK YOU!!!! I get on here as often as I can & try to read it all (of course I don't always succeed) but the variety of comments, personalities, insight, etc on here keeps me coming back for more. You have created a community - a Laker fan family if you will. There's nothing like it and nowhere is there anything better. Keep up the good - no, GREAT - work!!!


Every poster here rocks! This is absolutely the best place to come for Laker news and insight.

MAMBA24: Bravo my good man! You are such a positvie force on this blog and I applaud you for it. You rock!

Jon K.: I absolutely love your passion. You got nasty thoughts and I love it.

LakerTom: Thank god there is someone as optimistic towards the lakers as you. I think you make us all feel a little less weird when when dealing with our not-as Lakercentric friends and family. You are a also a spectacular writer too. Thanks so much for your posts!

MrBarneyDangles: I've always been there with you brotha regarding Lamar. Laker for life and finals MVP!

pfunk - I wanted to post this a few threads ago but didn't get the time - hope you see this.

This is for you, buddy......

1) pfunk - owner, driver, riding shotgun, director, mechanic, sheriff, judge, jury, executioner, deputy, broadcaster, security


bloody limey,

>>>Don't sweat it over the Jazz, the Blazers will be there
>>>waiting to end your title hopes in the next round.............

oooh, so now it's not just Cadavaliers fans that are going to
overrun the Laker blog, but the Trail-stainer fains as well.

That's good bloody limey. Just keep looking past your first round
opponent who now has homecourt advantage on you. Keep
visualizing how you're going to beat the Lakers in the next
round... until the Rockets leave you in a heap like road kill.


I know I'm coming out of nowhere and I don't mean to be a jerk, (well, maybe I do) but could you perhaps limit your use of "seemingly" and "as it were". Quite annoying. Other than that, l usually love your posts and what you have to say. LOL

Go Lakers!

I think it's economically wiser for the Lakers to drop one game in Utah so they can sell tickets at staples. More money collected now means they can pay to sign LO, TA, and SB.

Posted by: bangdangvn | April 23, 2009 at 07:50 AM

I get it ... if they lose its part of a larger plan. Laker fan as always preparing a positive spin in case of a loss!

For the survey, I check out the blog daily for the most part. I
also read hoopshype, hoopsworld, espn, cnn,,
82games, and half a dozen other sites (obsessed much?)

Sometimes the KamBros have a link to something I missed that's
worth checking out, and their opinions are usually pretty reasonable.
If KL or Gunner was running the blog, I doubt I'd read it.

I find the live blog nearly impossible to use. Not that it's
hard to use or anything, but when I'm watching the game,
I want to WATCH the game. If I'm spending half of my attention
congratulating Bynum on a good play or defending Luke from
the endless drone of pfunk, then I miss things that are actually

But for the survey's sake, I do read both the Kambros posts
and the comments... and post interminably long posts filled
with lots of stats. :-)

But JAFan of Mamba I always give you a good morning
in Roll Call. Lol But I was remissed on so. Folks I have sinned. the Number 6,7, 8, 9, 10 .... reason I read the blog is because of the Head of the Mamba Clan AND ONE OF THE FINEST FOLKS I KOW.JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN.

Thur Apr. 23, 2009 Utah(47-36) @ Lakers(66-17) 7 pm Lakers 2 Utah 0.
The Force has a broom in hand & the Laker Nation is getting cocky.
Good Morning: Sir Charles(The Soul of Laker Nation)
Good Morning: Mom Kamenetzky(Mother of Laker Nation)
Good Morning: Morning Crew( The Heart & Soul of Laker Nation)
Good Morning SBPimp and the SBPimp Twins., The Outlaw & Baby Outlaw,
Good Morning utzworld THE BANNER HOLDER & soon to join us Mini BANNER HOLDER
Good Morning Laker Nation (Rulers of the NBA! The 4th Dynasty has Started!!!!!)
Welcome: All blog newcomers, you are soon to behold the birth of Dynasty # 4.
Kudos to :The Double Trophy Award Winning KamBrothers(gods of the Blog World)
Seriously People, We Got This!! @ JustAnotherMambaFan
What do we play for, Rings!!! @ Jon K.
Two games up so don’t be down
The Laker Express is chugging towards a 15th crown.
Positive Energy is the fuel, that this train needs.
Come on Laker Blog, help us get up to speed
It’s getting fun now, like we knew it would
People are finally starting to see, this team is pretty good.
When you focus on our Left, we hit you with our right
It’s like Ali’s Rope-A-Dope, Dag that man could fight.
Some complain about the Triangle, they say it’s boring and slow
In reality it’s the Basketball equivalent, of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do
It looks so simple, but trying to learn it leads your wits fried
But once learned, you can defend & attack from each & every side
Defense becomes Offense & Offense becomes Defense too
Now you see why Basketball, is much the same as good Kung Fu
Well now this series is at the midpoint, that is a fact
But apply a lil pressure & watch the Jazz start to crack
It's hard to hate the Jazz, they are basically a decent team
Let’s make this painless, get it over, & go on & grab our Dream
Real foes await our wrath, Yeah Cleveland Cav’s, that means you
Bring all your fans & let Them “Witness”, what we are about to do
We’re not mean or dirty bullies, winning “Rings is why we play
Watch out “Chosen One”, get your lame butt out the way
I hear they call you King, I have someone for you to meet
I’d like to introduce Kobe Bryant with you he has a “beef”
He gave you at the Olympics a few tips to improve your game
So what did you do, behind his back you snickered at his name
Well my friend now you have a problem, a deadly one is true
For now I’ll tell exactly what the word “Mamba” means to you
A Mamba my friend is the deadliest of any animal in the land
And the deadliest mamba of all carries the name KOBE Bryant
No one who’s tangled with a Mamba has ever been quite the same
And after this final is over you won’t even know your name
So the moral is be careful, what you are chosen to do
We’re the Freakin La Lakers, who the hell are you?
X, X, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ->Hit it Laker Tom Parade Time!!
And Now Your Los Angeles Lakers Starting Lineup
At Forward, Number 3 – Trevor Arriza
At Guard Number 2 Derek Fisher
At Forward Number 16 Pau Gasol
At Center…..Andrewwwww The Beast Bynummmm!!!!!!
And At Guard The Reinging MVP.. Kobeeee Bryyyannt!
The Laker Coach 9 Time Title Winner Phil(9Rings) Jackson!
Tossing the ceremonial jump ball number 21…..Michael Coooperrr!!
FAITH, LakerTom, Keifo, Charles, Edwin Gueco, Fatty, TP, Jon K., BD, #4, Taliq, Pig Miller
WesJoeNixon, Xodus, SBPimp_&Twins, EastCoastJessie, Dice8Up, RDLee, VMan,BD, JJ
utzworld_THEBANNERHOLDER, AmazingHappens, SixOneZero, THE_D. FEARLess, EJK
The-OUTLAW, Baby-OUTLAW, Christopher-Blake, EXHELODRVR, JustAnotherMambaFan
phred, Korey, Never, Troy, LakerMan420, ZEN, TOAD, BOZZ, KEN, OTIS, Leonard_BAST
ThaSHOW, Tim-4SHow, TheLakeShow, LakerBANDIT, KobeBLITZ, JESTER_Guru, MUD
JamieSweet, ZAKEE, Floyd, ELLE, JOHNNYP, P-ang, MagicMan, Happy_Gilmore, ISANG
AngryLAKER, LakerJUSTICE, LakerTRUTH, PFUNK36, LakersRydeOrDie, DAVE-M, WOLF
SFLAKERGirl, PsychedLAKERrGirl, SimiLAKERGirl, BocaLakerGirl, MrBARNEY_Dangles
LAKERGirl1980, Houston_LAKERGirl, LAKERLass, VA-Laker_Girl, GRAIL, CARLOSDeeP
Baywood MAGIA32, Adrian-Palomar, Puddle, COMPLEX-BROTHA, NAJA aka BONUS
HELLRAISER(certifiedmambafan), Complex_BROTha, COACH-D, SHE_KOBE, ISSANG
RICO_of_ NY_ Loves_ LALakers, BLUE-SKY, DXTER, MIKE&Mike, New_Sc2, BRUZER
Sleepless-In-Vegas, HOBBITMAGE, ANNA-in-BONDI,.JANDRO, WILL in Seattle, RK
Brown_Mamba24, White_Mamba24, Black_Mamba24, FanOfMamba, MIKE, OMEGA
WOLF-DOGG, ROLLO, DION, WARREN with(those) Butter Knives, 15th-Comming
STAPLES24, DAN_THE _MAN, The 5% Nation(canibus hog) , OUCHHHHH, BROID
JAX_ONUS, MACE08, KEEN_Observer, OMEGA, DARA, ZLAKEShow, Steel_Mohawk
Vi_Laker_Fan, 1978, LAKER_North, , LAKER_FAN24, Jason-GRAVES, DEBBIE_M.
BYNUM_Believer, , FRANCESCO, BIG_Fence_Defense, Bronx_Laker_Fan, CHAD
Lakers_4_REALZ, 130, EHOMP, Greek_Dude, LAKER_LARRY, Trojan, Boink
ON_PAROLE, ROB, KOBE Fan in Cupertino, ANA Gil, BoBo, SaltLaker, SAVE-It
Dan in ChiTown, MinBS, Bopper, JC GARCIA, SCION KAI, 70’s LAKER_FAN
Loi_Reyes_LANDICHO, LAKERS_World, Marky_The_ARKY, LAKERS#1, KT
StrangerInTheNight, BYNUMITE, USC_LAKER, GO_LAKE_SHOW, Purple_Heart
CriticalBeatDown, RealityBites, AALOOS, RICO_TICO, MIKE-FLOSS, MOBSTA
The Don Miguel, Pipoy, Vegas Troy, Dallas Raines’ Hair, Andrew AndreKopoulos
Stockton_SHOWTIME, Reality_CHECK, Mob_Wagoneer, A-TRAIN, BOPPER
Houston_Laker_Fan, BrazillianLaker, Texas-LAKER, Laker_FAN_CANADA
Trojan, Boink
The Don Miguel, Brian Aufderheide, Saul, LARON The PROPHET of DOOM
(YOU_EVER_NOTICE.…>Holding The Line Against CHAOS) MAMBA24
We’re the Freaking LA Lakers , we’ve won 14 Rings
10 of the 50 Greatest players played under our wings
We’ve had 3 Laker Dynasties, but who’s keeping score
That’s 2 better than any team & we’re working on #4
The best Winning Percentage in History, yeah that’s true
You want Hall of Fame Coaches, Check it, we’ve got two.


Happy Anniversary, brother!

I hope you and the missus have a great time.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


1st and foremost, i come here to read the news. i usually read all the new Times articles first, then i come to the blog, and read AK/BK's comments. sometimes i click on a link, if some article seems interesting. then i go to the comments. i like reading posts by: Mamba24, kobe_blitz, sth, jon k, just a mamba fan, exho, faith, psyched, utz, edwin, etc.

i usually post only when i have something to say. so, sometimes i just read the posts, and don't bother. or i come on too early, and there are barely any posts (because i live on the east coast). i can come onto the blog at 8 AM EST, and it's like 5 AM there, i think. but i'm training myself to blog later in the day, and hopefully catch the early birds (in LA).

tonight: Go Lakers! i predict a W tonight, and a Lakers sweep of Utah. Utah just doesn't have the size or depth to win a single game against the Lakers. if we face Portland, things will be very interesting! (not that i'm sayin' Houston would be push-overs)

new post


thanks BK!!!

I come here for the MAMBA24 ROLL CALLS!!!!

Okay, I read the posts and the AK/BK lead in articles too.



I'm with you. Most of the posts from the Kam Bros. Post I've already read before. But, some I have not. So, I hover over their links before clicking because I can see the destination on the bottom of the browser. If I've not been there, I click through. I love their digressive link sometimes more than their apropos links.

I read almost every post, though. But, I usually only post when moved. You move me a lot, so I post in response to yours a lot. A couple of others are really thoughtful as well and get get me to respond.

I don't really like the flame wars that tend to break out from time to time. Especially if the war has digressed into name-calling. That's just tiresome.

I've posted more in the past, but that's mostly because I have less time to post, and not really because I'm less inclined to post.

That K Bros rarely respond to my posts, so I've largely stopped posting to them. I think it might just be that whenever I ask a question of them it isn't at a time where they are actively watching, so my posts go unnoticed. Especially now since our long threads get broken up into several shorter pages rather than one long page.

At any rate, can't wait 'till tonight's game. Had to give up DirecTV, so I'll be listening on the radio. (SUX!). But, at least the radio play-by-play guy is first rate. The TV dude, sux rocks, anyway. I miss the days of the simulcast (with Chick), now the delay is too great for that to work anymore. :(



We have to do something about that Jumbotron edge. I never even knew about that.

Seems unfair...

Maybe PJ has a Zen Master/Jedi Mind Trick counter agent he can employ?


Hey fellow laker fans! This is my first time posting but always read the blog... I live in detroit and I HATE the pistons.... just wanted to post on here and hopefully keep on posting... I was actually in LA acouple weeks ago and was at the staples when they played houston sick game staples was frickin amazing and I can't wait to join the parade! Oh and I know u guys have the lucky barstool and all but while I was at the game I bought a laker watch, realy cheesy kind of like the ones u get from a cereal box but every time I wore it the lakers won 4 and 0! You can bet ur life I will have it on tonight

Maybe PJ has a Zen Master/Jedi Mind Trick counter agent he can employ?--Fearless
Posted by: Fearless | April 23, 2009 at 10:44 AM

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Lol!

1) pfunk - owner, driver, riding shotgun, director, mechanic, sheriff, judge, jury, executioner, deputy, broadcaster, security Posted by: justanothermambafan | April 23, 2009 at 08:45 AM

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH STOP IT JAF! This right here is the funniest shizzle I've ever seen. ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone here feel that Denver even though the #2 seed has got a lot easier path to the Western Conf Finals? I also feel they are playing at a pretty high level with Billups leading them. Bynum needs to start being dominant again. Utah is always a thorn in our side. I hope we shut the fans up tonight.


It's great to see all the lurkers come out of the shadows. The unanimous opinion that you read the comments makes me want to make better, more thoughtful, more insightful comments.

Kudos to you guys.

I think it's awesome that the Jazz nearly beat LA without thier starting center. Hopefully, tonights game will be a good one.

As far as the now infamous booing of Fischer in his first game back in Utah, I think it's been widely misunderstood and blown out of proportion. He did recieve a lot of boos, but that should be expected when I guy is given an out from his contract to be closer to his daughters doctors in New York, then decides to go back to the place he loves and has lived for years to have her treated. The man used his daugter's situation to do what he wanted to do, but couldn't because of his contract. He was lucky Larry Miller was such a good man and allowed him to do whatever he thought was best for his family.

Unfortunatley not all Jazz fans were so accomadating. Upon learning that Fisher went to LA, even though his daughter had been being treated in New York, it seemed like a betrayal. By giving Fisher to LA, Utah seeled it's own doom in last years playoffs. The fans knew his talent would be missed. It's no wonder they were upset, when thier small market franchise already has trouble competing with the large market of LA.

Still the fans who did chant cancer are heartless jerks, there is no way around that. I just don't like how everyone makes it sound like every Utah fan, was that perverse on that particular day.

The Jazz found their long lost magic last night, and now magically are Re-Born. I predict the Jazz come back and win this series in 7. and shock the Lakers, and their loyal fans who worship zulu kobe as their god



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