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There's a reason he ain't nicknamed "T-MacArthur"

Over the last 24 hours or so, the NBA world has been all a-twitter over Tracy McGrady's prediction that the Lakers will come out on top in the race for the NBA title.  The focus, however, is mostly been T-Mac's endorsement itself of the Laker (and opinion that the Cavs may not be ready).  How it's yet another example of how everyone seems to consider it the Lake Show's O'Brien to lose.  How the average NBA player can't help but marvel at the Lakers' talent.  And considering his prediction is simpatico with mine, I can't help but find it reasonable.

Except for one thing...

The Houston Rockets team T-Mac technically plays for is still in the freakin' playoffs!!!

Seriously, what kind of professional athlete doesn't pick his own team to win it all while in the postseason's thick?  Injured or not, dude's still on Houston's roster (and cashing their checks).  McGrady must be mentally detached on a comically grand scale to name anyone but the Rockets.  I don't care if he doesn't actually believe it in his heart of hearts.  He shouldn't.  They won't win it all.  But dude, are you kidding me

Put it this way.  Ron Artest, who's certainly earned his rep as a cat who'll float a statement charitably defined as "odd," seemed more than a little surprised when informed of these comments from his "teammate."  Ron Ron did his best to cover, claiming that that must have been an imposter talking.  "He has total confidence in us." 


For those wondering how the Rockets have managed to find a season's worth of solid success without their franchise player available, this might lend some insight.  The man may be perhaps lacking something as a leader. 

For those interested, here are the podcasts for T-Mac and Artest.  The latter is very entertaining.  FYI.  Ron Ron's pick as Houston's "ace in the hole": One Von Wafer.  Who says the man is nuts?


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Do you guys get more money the more threads you create! LOL

Good ole' Ron Ron:

“I was taking the little gummy bear, Flintstone ones… I went to Whole Foods and they had a bunch of them, the cartoon character ones… (Host: Do you actually look to see which Flintstone you’re eating?) Well, I try not to eat the lady… I try not to eat the man! Just give me the car. I try to find the car. Worst case scenario, I eat the lady.”

haha, just listened to the podcast. Ron sounded flabbergasted, and somewhat hurt. He seriously didn't believe TMac had said that.

Although just listened to the rest of the podcast, and heard the host freaking out after listening to the audio of Tmac, after Ron Ron had gone. Really annoying, a bit too self righteous for my take. Lol, he's freaking out. Yeah, he should have said Houston. Oh well, it's not a HUGE deal.

And this is why, 95% of the time, it is silly to pay attention to what athletes or coaches say "on the record." When they give an honest opinion that falls outside what is considered acceptable, they get blasted.

Of course, I don't think this is any worse than what Sloan said.

JOB SECURITY.............. that all it is folks, AK/BK brothers need something to do so creating new threads is something that keeps these two busy.. GET A LIFE!!


TMac has never gotten out of the frist round. I still remember that year when his team was up 3-1 against Detroit (I think), and he stated that it was nice to finally get out of the first round, only to lose 4-3.


I agree with your that athletes/coaches are often put in a hypocritical situation when it comes to what they say. The media complains when they're bland, then sometimes blast them when they're "too" honest. And that sucks. Nonetheless, I still think it's pretty crappy for T-Mac to say that when his teammates are out there battling on his behalf. Unless, of course, he no longer considers himself part of the team. But that would say a lot about him, too.

I mean, you have to be pretty detached not to realize why it's the wrong thing to say, regardless of how he actually feels.



I don't get your sense of humor. Mean, edgy humor is great WHEN IT'S FUNNY! When it's not funny, well, it's a little like watching a bully being a bully simply because otherwise he'll run out of things to say. It's awkward.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


1. Tracy McGrady is brain dead.

2. Ron "Call Me Bill" Artest is crazy, but entertaining.

3. Thank God both of them are playing for Houston, not us.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Curious George,


Your namesake is my grandson’s favorite character. Andrew is really struggling right now trying to get his game and conditioning together. The brace on his knee is causing him some pain and probably limits the extent of movement he can make with his knee, which is partly why he appears very clumsy at times, especially when his conditioning. We may not see the real Beast again until next year but all you have to do is watch the easy layups and dunks opponents immediately get whenever Drew is out of the game to understand why he is such a critical piece to the Lakers’ hopes for a championship this year and in the future. Short term, he is the key to this year’s Lakers championship. Long term, he will be the Next Great Lakers Center.


Hey, you gotta give T-Mac a lot of credit for being brutally honest and realistic, even at his own team's expense. His assessment of Cleveland is spot on too. The Cavs are in for a rude awakening in the Finals.

I also give T-Mac props for recognizing Kobe. I thought T-Mac was Kobe's most serious rival until LBJ came along. T-Mac was a monster in his's a shame that injuries have derailed his career.

I should also mention that I'm a bit weary of other teams/players endorsing the Lakers. I remember the last two years in which we've beaten the Spurs in the playoffs and went to the Finals, they predicted we would win it all.

{Lakers Secret Agent Jon K. Reporting DEEP Behind Enemy Lines From The Soggy Gray Wastes Of Northeast Ohio}

So last night I overheard a conversation among Cavs fans. The concensus agreement is that if the Cavs do not win this year (which they won't) that the Cavs are done and LeBron James is most likely to go to New York.

The rationale was that they don't see LeBron James re-signing before next season if the Cavs don't win the Finals. As such, next season will be filled with so much speculation as to whether or not LeBron will stay, that it will become a MAJOR distraction throughout the year. Such a distraction that the team will falter. Due to this, LeBron will be even more attracted to New York (which will be even more heavily petitioning for him to go there) and will most likely push him to move to New York. They say that the mansion that LeBron has recently built in Bath, Ohio (relatively close to where I live) was actually being built for his mother when he leaves for New York. It was also implied that LeBron may want to move to get some distance between him and his mother--who is known for histrionics, bizarre and controlling social behavior.

So, in short, destroy the Cavs this year and we have no threat in the Eastern Conference next year... or the year after that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I see no problem with lots of new threads, particularly during the playoffs. It creates a greater sense of movement to the blog and, after all, a lot of stuff is going on right now.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


HGi Laker Fam!

OK, here's my issue with the Kobester. I love him to death and I think he is the best player in the game, but does he not realize the firepower he's got on this team?

If all Kobe really wanted was to win another championship, he would realize that averaging 24 points and 8-9 assists would do it. Just imaging Kobe never deciding to play KobeBall. Imagine him just another cog on the triangle. What a weapon! You see how many Lakers get open looks when the ball is moved properly. How often does Kobe miss when his shots come within the offense? Rarely from what I've witnessed. This seems so obvious to me and just when I think Kobe seems to have found the right balance, he blows me away with his need to fly solo and go 1 on 4 completely disregarding the 1 or 2 other wide-open players.

He always mentions that he now has the suppoerting cast he's been lacking the past 3-4 years, yet he still insists on ignoring them. I'd almost rather have Kobe get stuck in "facilitator" mode. Can anyone honestly think that the Lakers still couldn't cruise to a championship with....let's say Deron Williams running the show instead of Kobe. Think for a second how potent this team would be if you substituted Kobe with DW. Sick, huh?

Good column on Dwight Howard's offensive limitations.

You guys are confused and mistaken with this comment:
"For those wondering how the Rockets have managed to find a couple season's worth of solid success without their franchise player available.."
McGrady played last was YAO who was injured and it was T-Mac that led the team to the 22 game winning streak and into the playoffs. Get your facts straight.

Jon K,

Nice "Bill" Artest reference.

I laughed.

Bill. That's very funny.


>>> Do you guys get more money the more threads you create! LOL

The reason you should be laughing is because AK did say that the multiple threads DO generate more HITS on the website, which ultimately translates into MORE DOLLARS for the KamBros, not saying that they do not deserve that.

What bothers me a little is the philosophy that all of us who so religiously post are actually the second-class minority on the blog compared to the huge readership that never posts. That is why there is no remorse by AK or BK over the multiple threads, pages, and changes that have undermined the blogs within the blog features we have grown to love and enjoy.

Same with trolls. Generating hits from other NBA team’s blogs are more important than keeping trolls from ruining the day for the regular posters on the blog, although AK & BK do try to keep the domination from totally drowning the blog. Just like the LA Times and the LA Lakers, the blog is a business and the goal is to make a ongoing profit.



Joe Mama,

Yeah, T-Mac was there for the long streak. That was actually just a typo/bad edit on my part. But T-Mac's leadership has been questioned in the past, and certainly this season. This, to me, raises those questions again.

Either way, I appreciate the pick up. Thanks.


Can someone just lobby the LATimes to host a Lakers-centric forum/message board so that we don't have to be subject to the same complaints over and over? Seriously, it's like going to a rock concert and asking the band to keep it down so the fans can talk to each other.

Like the baby in the eTrade commercial says "This isn't the venue"

HUGE Kobe fan hear - BUT-
It bothers me when Kobe spends soooo much time complaining and whining after almost every play he thinks he got fouled. ESPECIALLY- after he makes the shot. Move on!!

Did Jordan whine this much?

Weird. Ron Artest is breathing kind of heavy in the podcast. What's he doing?

I'd love to have Ron Ron on are team. When you need someone to give a flagrant, you can always count on Ron Ron! Great player. Fantastic defender. Strong offensive option.

I think he might have curtailed the crazy enough to be a decent team member too.

And think of all the fun he could give AK/BK with threads!


No doubt, the Lakers fan in me is more than a little nervous at the idea of adding Ron Ron. He's just a little too unpredictable- on and off the court- for my taste. The Lakers blogger in me, however, wants him under contract for the next 8 years. haha


That's not really the point.

Basically what this we want to have our cake and eat it too. We want the climate that the K bros brings, the humor, community. But we want it in a way conducive to interaction. A message board with so many new messages coz everyone will be able to create a new thread each time isn't a solution. There are many of those in cyberspace yet we continue to come here. In fact it's exactly what we're complaining about (well close to it anyways).

But AK is correct. We might not like it, but such is life. This is their blog and they are not answerable to us. We're just bloggers after all. We don't make the community apparently, at least not one gives us a say. That's fine. We're free to come and go whenever we want...if we don't like it. Most of us do.

Their way or the highway lol.

i think if Bill doesn't re-sign with the Rockets, he might be a Laker next year.

I'll bet he takes the vet min to win a title with the Lakers. It'll be like having Rodman again for PJ.

Haha, I totally forgot about the whole Bill thing.

That's seriously one of the craziest things I've ever heard from Artest. And that's really saying something.


If you wanted to do an "almost a Laker" watch for Ron Artest, I'm sure many of us wouldn't mind. He's far too entertaining to just ignore.

Indiana did offer to trade him with Jeff Foster for Lamar Odom. And Sacto offered to gut our team and give us Artest plus a giant contract for a cripple in exchange for Bynum and Odom or something stupid like that.

Jordan didn't have to whine as much, he got all the calls.

When Gasol was in Memphis, his supporting cast included Shane Batier, a healthy Bonzi Wells, Mike Miller, a young Rudy Gay, along with an excellent coaching staff, YET he was unable to win a single playoff game.

Even when Kobe is in the "faciltator mode", the mere threat of Kobe's scoring forces defenses to focus on Kobe. He is able to get his teamates open shots, like last night, because he draws so much attention when he makes a move. If Kobe was stuck in fascilitator mode, as you suggested, defenses would pick up on this, and start paying more attention to his teamates, thereby taking away their open looks. There has to be a balance to keep defenses guessing. Are you seriously asking one of the best scorers (and closers) in the history of the game to stop shooting?


Don't be greedy. It's not as if the Lakers fail to provide storylines as is. Would anything halt the triangle faster than Artest lovingly pounding the rock into the hardwood agin and again and again and again...and then hoisting the off-balance three?

Those posters who ever thought it was a good idea to trade Odom for this guy should submit themselves for a public flogging after the parade on Fig.

>>>Did Jordan whine this much?

Did Jordan ever NOT get a call in his favor?


They're the bloggers. We're just commenting.

We're just squirrels in their world, as it were. Or even better, just Rons in a world of Bills. I don't know what that means, but I can't stop chuckling at Bill Artest.


That's not really the point, either.

Our readership ABSOLUTELY helps create our community, and you definitely have a say and voice. If you didn't, BK and I wouldn't bother to provide explanations when various issues and concerns surface. We'd just ignore them altogether.

We've also made (or tried to make) changes based on suggestions. And, of course, certain matters aren't in our control, either. Lest anyone forget, we have bosses, too. In any event, however, I don't think it's accurate to claim we haven't provided our readership a say of any kind.

But there's a difference between "having a say" and "getting everything you want, no questions asked." It would be both impossible and impractical to run the blog like that, and I think it's pretty obvious why. Plus, we do have several factions to please. Those reader who are actively vocal. Those who aren't vocal, but read regularly. And our bosses at the Times. Frankly, we get stuck doing things on occasion we'd prefer not to as well. But compromise is inevitable and not the end of the world.

We'll never make everyone happy all the time, but if our overall track record for general happiness is good, I think we're maintaining a positive approach.


Pig Miller, you are correct lol. I bow to you.

We're the ants that walk in their picnic as it were. We're only borrowing the food for awhile lol.

i think that the NBA is enter-taint-ment.

i don't think that replacing Kobe with DWill would be just as good a team.

i think that AK/BK generally are doing an excellent job. i don't mind the new threads. in fact, i look forward to them.


Of course he knows the firepower on this team but how much really is this team consistently powered?

Only real constant scorer is no doubt Pau Gasol.

Bynum is rusty.

Odom is usually 10+ppg but not a go-to-guy.

Trevor is more of a defensive player and won't always be giving out 9 dimes and 10+ppg and shoot at a high level from 3 point land.

Fish is a shooter and a great role player but won't always be scoring.

Walton is more of a playmaker than scorer

Shannon Brown is similar to Derek Fisher.

Powell is more just a band-aid in case of foul trouble

Mbenga isn't a consistent scorer and at most is person for shot blocking

Morrison....don't even get me started.

Farmar and Vujacic are inconsistent in shooting, taking it to the rim, and just scoring in general.

Kobe is 3rd in the league in scoring. Why on earth should he give it up when he's still in his prime?? That would be like LBJ giving up his scoring to do more playmaking because of Mo Williams and Delonte West and Big Z.

"Think for a second how potent this team would be if you substituted Kobe with DW. Sick, huh?"

Potent maybe but not as potent as having the 2nd greatest SG of all time.

Don't ever compare Kobe to someone who isn't even an All-Star yet!


Seriously dude, whatever. Do you really hate anyone that would support Artest so much you think we should be flogged?

What has he done in the past few years to merit such violent vitriol from you in his mere supporters?

Oh, I know, you were just being colorful and hyperbolic. Your tone isn't lost on me.

Publicly flogged, huh?

Ok, Mr. medieval.

"Did Jordan ever NOT get a call in his favor?"

Well then again Jordan was more athletic and forced more contact to stop him. Plus he had better shot selections than Kobe and didn't abuse the 3 point line as much as Kobe, Bron, and Wade does today. Try to guard him with the rules of today and the all the free throws that D-Wade had in the 06 Finals and Kobe had in last year's playoffs will look small in comparison in how much Michael would be on the free throw line.

Artest would be a great defender and scorer but he would be terrible in the passing needs of this team and no he's not comparable to Dennis Rodman since Dennis didn't want to score as much as Ron does. Plus a 40.1% is not exactly what you want from a 20ppg scorer.

T-Mac could have been a better player had he not been injured so many times like Grant Hill. However bad timing to say the Lakers will win the title when his team is still in the playoffs and in a perfect position to beat the Blazers with the homecourt advantage now (don't get me wrong but when the Rockets took down the Blazers back in April 5th they didn't use Dikembe and yet still won 102-88). Yao looks to accomplish what T-Mac hasn't been able to do yet: Get out of the 1st Round.

new post


I hardly ever post a comment here. I just like to read to the other comment's about what other laker's fan's are thinking,but i've read some comment's that have really made me mad!!! The first one trade kobe for dwill,you do realize one is a point gaurd,and one is a shooting gaurd? Why not pair kobe up with a point gaurd like dwill,and see how many championship's they could win. Kobe has to play both those roles for this,because the laker's don't have a true point gaurd that create's for other's. He's never had the luxury of playing with elite point guard. Second kobe has every right to complain,he get's hacked constantly,but for some reason this season the ref's are turnining a blind eye. Do you think dwade,and lebron would'nt get those call's?


Jordan did not whine, because he did NOT had to whine, he used to get ALL the calls he wanted on a gift platter.

On the other hand, Kobe gets mugged and molested, and NO call whatsoever. Whats more - even that punk Chris Paul and 2nd string players like Jason Terry get more calls!!


you're slightly off tangent there. look at the last game where the lakers scored a gazillion points and kobe only 3. the guy knows and trusts...

and when he does go off and tries an offensive frenzy - honestly, is there any other player you would want on your team to do that? any other player in the world?

He always mentions that he now has the suppoerting cast he's been lacking the past 3-4 years, yet he still insists on ignoring them. I'd almost rather have Kobe get stuck in "facilitator" mode. Can anyone honestly think that the Lakers still couldn't cruise to a championship with....let's say Deron Williams running the show instead of Kobe. Think for a second how potent this team would be if you substituted Kobe with DW. Sick, huh?

Posted by: lakalova | April 22, 2009 at 02:47 PM

YOu are dead wrong bro...

the triangle offense is not suited for players like DWill...

You check how lakers run thier offense and you will know...

In the tringle.. DWill will average 6-8 assist per game... triangle play is predicated on the pass that leads to the pass that leads to the assist... what you are suggesting is we run a princeton offense... like Utah is doing... a PG heavy-backdoor cuts play.... that's why DWill, and CP3 gets a lot of assists...

What you should do is take a look at the number of assist on a per team basis.. YOu will notice that we are one of the top assist team in the league if not the best passing team... with no players averaging more than 6 assist per game.. that says a lot about a team oriented system... on the other hand.. CP3 and Dwill averages double figures in assists and their team almost has identical numbers of assist compared to the Lakers...

Hope this helps...



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