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Talking with: Shannon Brown

For the third consecutive game (last night's 92-75 win over the Griz), Shannon Brown was the first guardBrown off the Laker bench, displacing Jordan Farmar in a trend I don't expect to reverse unless the newbie Laker comes up short.  Brown played seventeen minutes on Sunday against Farmar's thirteen, but I imagine the gap would have been larger were this contest remotely competitive.  Lamar Odom's presence in the second unit adds one more ball handler to the mix, and between LO, Luke Walton and (to a lesser degree) Sasha Vujacic, there are enough dudes capable of running the show that Brown can play "off rock" while concentrating mostly on defense. 

That's one reason (among others) that I figured LO would return to his sixth man role with Andrew Bynum available. 

Brown and I didn't talk long after the game, but he said a few things I found interesting.  For starters, his take on the triangle's famed difficulty.  Brown agreed that the system comes as advertised, but it's a hurdle conquerable by a strong willingness (and in the Lakers' case, a need for change). 

Brown clearly can't give Tex Winter a run as the triangle go-to instructor, but has studied hard enough that he can operate without getting lost, which is enough to keep him on the court.  

I also quickly noted Brown's line about "catching hints" from the coaching staff.  Phil Jackson has sometimes been criticized for a cryptic and indirect approach with his players, and whether or not you agree with that criticism, I liked how Brown put an onus on himself to actively listen.  I realize his response elaborated on a specific scenario, much less the difference between an entire season's worth of perceived vagueness and being a new guy in no position except to pay attention.  But that mindset of accountability permeates through a lot of Brown's answers.  From the limited amount of time I've spent around Shannon, he seems to have a very good attitude. 

As BK mentioned while we talked about Brown, he appeared quite happy upon arrival, even though the odds favored him getting little run.  Yes, PT wouldn't even be available were Farmar not mired in a pretty big slump.  But if the coach doesn't see enough evidence to trust the devil unknown, it's a moot point.  Brown deserves props for earning that trust pretty quickly.   

Andrew Kamenetzky: Your minutes have been steadily increasing over the last 4-5 games.  Where's your comfort level at right now, in terms of what you're doing on the floor?

Shannon Brown: Every game I think I get more and more comfortable.  Seeing how I can attack on defense, seeing how I can attack on offense.  Just going out there and trying to execute the game plan.

  The triangle has a reputation for being difficult to learn, particularly for somebody who arrived almost three-quarters of the way through the season.  How difficult has it actually been?

SB: At first, when you see it, it's tough, because there's a looooot of stuff you gotta learn.  But my teammates and my coaches do a great job of helping me out.   They give me little pointers about what to do.  If you do this, do that, that and that.  You know what I mean?  It's one of those things where you gotta study it.  You gotta want to learn it. 

AK: You've been put in a position where if you want to get on the court, you have to study it even harder.  Has that almost been a blessing in disguise? 

SB: Definitely.  If you want to get on the court, you know what you gotta do.  Don't nobody have to tell you what to do.  If you want something bad enough, you've gotta work for it.  It's a blessing, man.  I don't even know what to say. 

AK: Given how late you joined the team, were minutes something you expected?  Did you even think that was realistic?

SB: I didn't expect nothing.  These guys had the best record in the league when I came here.  So minutes, I knew I was gonna have to come out and fight and claw and scratch and bite.  It's one of the best teams in the league.  So when I came here, I didn't expect anything.  I just tried to come out here and work hard.  

Shannon Brown, Walton AK: Today provided one more Youtube moment for you.

SB (laughs):  Hopefully, man.  That was a great pass by Luke (Walton).  He saw me streaking and threw it behind his back. 

AK: You gotta be ready.

SB: You gotta be alert, because he can throw it behind his back, between his legs, over his head.  He'll find you.

AK: Have the coaches talked with you at all about how they'd specifically use you?

AK: They throw hints.  You just gotta catch them.  You just gotta always be prepared.   You never know when your number is gonna get called.  When your number is called, you gotta go out there and produce.

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(03) LAILA - shannon brown was awesome
(04) DOC4daLakeShow - Glad to see Shannon get the run.
(05) JON K - Brown has shown us glimses of potential for us to get excited about.
(06) THE OUTLAW - Shannon Brown is a keeper, no doubt about it. I like that guy's energy and hustle. Nice three-ball from the corner, too. I didn't expect that
(07) BABY OUTLAW – Waaaaaa Shannon Brown.
(08) PIG “MILLER” – Resign Shannon Brown
(10) FATTY –
(11) LAKERSRYDEORDIE – Always has been always will be.
(12) Sir CHARLES –
(13) NEMAIA FALETOGO - Shannon is more athletic, stronger and a better defender than Farmar
(14) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - I would like to roll with the Shannon Brown's a Keeper bandwagon s'il vous plait. That was a GREAT amount of burn for the kid. I was watching him off-ball last night and he was very active, focused and looked ready to explode from his energy & enthusiasm. I like it a lot! Hopefully this is the kick Jordy needs to get his act together and his ass in gear - just like when the Critter was pushing him for minutes - let's hope
(15) utzworld THE BANNER HOLDER - put me on the Shannon Brown bandwagon, por favor. He's most def gunnin for Jordan's (and Fish's) spot. P

I followed Shannon Brown when he was at Michigan State and used to play against Deron Williams at the University of Ilinois. They had some great battles and at
one time Shannon Brown was considered a better pro prospect than Deron Williams. So I assume 9Rings is aware of this and is getting Shannon ready for Utah. The
Lakers got a steal when they got Shannon Brown & Mamba24 predicts right now that he is our point guard of the future

Impressive kid. In this day and age of immediate positive feedback being a requirement for most young people, he is willing to just work hard and earn his time. How refreshing! I'm a new fan of his.

Good stuff. I await to fair passage of enough time to judge, but this guy really looks like a keeper, most notably for his D at the point, a major weakness for us.

If Brandon Roy is the Kobe Bryant of the Northwest. Shannon Brown is the Russell Westbrook of the Pacific.


I agree that Shannon is working hard for his new contract but as well as Farmar. I do support farmar but lately his game is an eyesore especially on D.
He gambles too much on defense trying to get those steals.

and to the Blogger who says JKidd for MLE.... that guy is old.
He is still capable of running a team but we are talking about Triangle. Fisher is still a good fit in this system.

I would like to know what Kobe thinks about Shannon.

Thanks for the interview, AK. I have been so glad to see Brown emerge as a viable alternative to Farmar.

That wa a great interview from Phil especially at the end. When he said it is about understanding our needs when asked about Jordan and Shannon.

Jordan was not doing anything wrong he is the player that he is, just that Shannon Brown brings a muscular body to face the likes of Deron Williams. It is about understanfing our needs.

What it meant was.....

Jordan is a better fit somewhere else's and Shannon is a perfect fit for the Lakers Point Guard position. Picture is pretty clear now and in the future.

Jon K,

Actually Im staying in Independence, OH. About 10 minutes from DT Cleveland

Shannon has tremendous ability to be humble about his achievements.

If the Spurs sign this guy, I am going to be super pissed.

This team just keeps getting better and better... Shannon Brown is my favorite new kid on the block. I welcome Morrison to the team and I recognize his effort on the court but I just LOOOOVE Shannon's attitude, energy and commitment to the team when he's on the court.

Shannon is the NEW X FACTOR for our team (Defensively and Offensively). He's athletic and smart. One can tell he truly loves the game and he wants to excel. He gives our bench a different dimension and makes up for the slump that Farmar and Sasha are going through. He even makes Walton look good at times, and that in itself is a major achievement!!!

A diamond in the raw that is beginning to sparkle.


Walton is jumping as high as Shannon Brown in that pic? I guess white guys can jump

The Lakers stole Pau from Memphis.
The Lakers stole Trevor from Orlando.
What do the above have in common?
They are part of our starting five.
Look for Shannon to be a Laker starter in 2 years.

AK: nice update here. And I really do like the kid. Even more so after this post because he seems genuinely grateful for having this opportunity. That and his work ethic for learning the system.

If the trend is toward the bigger, stronger guards, then we might have found one.

And don't forget the other MSU Spartan who has probably taken a huge liking to him as well.....Magic! Perhaps we will see some additional Summer coaching from another Laker superstar.

Bring on Showtime baby!!! We are just getting started!


Luke-Shannon Brown pass-dunk-combo was pure Showtime.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Luke Walton's dunks are too flashy.

I prefer a solid Travis Knight throwdown.

If Jordan had Shannon's attitude and work ethic:
The Lakers would keep both Shannon and Jordan.
Fisher would retire in two years.
Jordan would be Shannon's back-up.
With Jordan's current attitude and work ethic:
He will always be a back-up.
He will play for several teams ("attitude" problems).

We might know Kidd's thoughts on the triangle...wasn't he part of the holy trinity (Masburn,Kidd and someone else) in Dallas that turned on Cleamon's when he was given a late season crack at was a bad situation all around for both team and Cleamon's should have ony gotten into it if he knew for a fact he would have more management support.
Wow, if only we could have slid Memphis Radman and some other junk and kept Marc Gasol. We still have a mystery card in Sun Yue and whether he will pan out or flame out....
Shannon doesn't look that tall, but I'm sure he makes up for an inch or so in his hops and strength...I'd like to see him throw Ray Allen down...

last night, shannon had that P&R with bynum in the 3rd or 4th Q. nothing spectacular. but executed "by the book". it was a perfect 2 point play, with a few dribbles and the perfect pass. if i remember correctly, the Griz came back to 6 points only. a very EFFICIENT play at the right moment.

in the past 2 years i can't remember fish or farmar making a similar play, or if they did they did shoot the ball.

the highlight of the game. less is more.

passionate Lakers fan

I don't disagree with your post on April 13, 2009 at 01:45 PM

But for the playoff's, don't you think this 3 PG rotation is awesome? This will help preserve guard play for the whole ride. I am also hoping JF can learn and realize that he can still be an integral part of the team.

If not, it really will be his loss.

Regards man,


good point. if Magic likes shannon, maybe he will give him a few magic hints to catch.


I'm glad that you pointed out Drew's flaws on the screen and roll defense (one of the reasons why Shaq never got a First Team All Defensive team despite altering and blocking many shots as well). While Bynum may be a warrior even he has his kryptonite that some are unwilling to admit.

Shannon Brown is a keeper along with Odom and Ariza.

Shannon will continue to be a godsend to the Lakers and I believe that he will be an even bigger factor in the playoffs. Not only is he a good defender and takes good shots, but his passing skills and team first attitude lead me to believe that he watched and learned something from LeBron when he played in Cleveland. It also doesn't hurt that he played under defensive minded coaches in Mike Brown and Larry Brown which shows when he's in the game and is exactly what the Lakers need. Now Shannon will benefit greatly from playing alongside Kobe.

Right now Shannon just listens to the coaching staff and his mates and does what is asked of him. This seems to be the major difference between Shannon and Farmar at this point and I believe that Shannon will completely overtake Farmar for the backup PG position.


Have you tried...

Don Shula's Steakhouse
6200 Quarry Lane
Independence, OH 44131


It's highly rated locally as a sportsbar.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


SB is just another example of why Mitch K should be considered one of the top G.M.'s in the league.

Sannon Brown can play.

I am a believer.

Lakers should hold onto this talent.

Put me on the Shannon Brown Banwagon PLEASE. Farmar has a attitude problem. Trade him for a third round pick if there is such a thing!! - and some cash consideration Lol.

The only issue with the recent discovery of SB is now we have a third player to resign, in addition to LO and TA.

Supposing we can only keep two of the three, who do you think we keep? Probably LO given his size that is harder to replace. So it may come down to SB and TA. If SB keeps improving, point guard is the harder position to fill, so I'd go with him.

Kobe, Ariza, Bynum, Pau, Shannon. That's a very good defensive five on the floor. Or LO in place of Pau.
With Bynum back and Shannon getting more PT, this is no longer just an offensive team but may well become an excellent defensive team too.
Really, how do you prepare for the Lakers nowadays if you're the opposing team?
Hope they play all games in the Rose Garden LOL?


You can't fault Farmar's work ethic. That has never been a problem with him. With Farmar the issue has been whether or not he can be effective in the role the Lakers need him to play. (Some combination of physical sttributes, willingness to play that role, and confidence problems all seem to contributing factors, but not work ethic.)

I guess farmars work ethic is not the problem. It's his attitude.

So it may come down to SB and TA. If SB keeps improving, point guard is the harder position to fill, so I'd go with him.

Posted by: Purple&Gold | April 13, 2009 at 03:21 PM

P n G.
Howdy man? We have the bird rights to Trevor and Lamar. It comes down to how much for both. I do agree with LO over Trevor.

If it came down to replacing Trevor, I'd like to make a run at Matt Barnes. Assuming we keep Lamar for an amicable price and Shannon Brown for cheap, Matt Barnes maybe a good cheap alternative. He's making a million.

Also, there's Kobe's contract situation.

So, Mitchy has some Magic to do...



"Walton is jumping as high as Shannon Brown in that pic? I guess white guys can jump"

Umm nah ... Brown jumped first and was already coming down when Walton jumped ... Pic actually shows what little hops walton's got

Shannon Brown actually came in 2nd in the state high school dunk contest. First place went to Lebron James. But the best dunk of the night went to Shannon Brown.

If anything, that should show you how athletic Shannon Brown is.

I believe Shannon Brown will give the Lakers their future starting point guard. He is big enough, strong enough, and athletic enough to cover the stronger and faster and bigger point guards and two guards. He can also cover some of the small forwards.

Shannon Brown gives the Lakers a big guard in the mold that Phil Jackson loves. He is versatile, strong, defensive oriented, and can score. He allows the Lakers to switch on defense easily given his versatility.

Shannon Brown is a steal - another one in a long-line of steals for Mitch Kupchak.

Shannon Brown - should he continue to be a hard worker with humility and a level head - will be a stronger version of Brian Shaw.

Jordan Farmar can continue to be the back up point guard. He simply is not strong enough, nor athletic enough, to cover the top point guards. Jordan needs to continue to work on his Three-Point shot so that he can be a reliable shooter - like Steve Kerr was.

Why is there a general feeling in the comments that Farmar has an attitude problem. I see that he is discouraged with his own play and expects a lot out of himself. But I also see he has bought into the "what's best for the team" spirit, and cheers on Shannon and Fish when they do well. He is in a slump, but I believe he will be a significant contributor to the Laker's 2009 Championship run. There is no excuse for an NBA point guard to shoot under 60% from the line


Wow say it ain't so ... u're on a shannon brown bandwaggon? ... ain't u the same dude that was touting farmar as the next coming of john stockton?

Add me to the SB bandwaggon ... sign it "not only can he play but every minute he spends on the floor means less of farmar refusing to pass to kobe's bff, i.e. sasha"

24 + 16 + [1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

Slightly OT, but Faith will want to see it.... Courtesy of a link from TrueHoop, here is a new Machine vs. Queens vid up on youtube.

Shannon Brown rocks. Everything after that block in the first game is gravy and I'm glad he's bringing it.

RE: Shannon I'd like to see him throw Ray Allen down...
Posted by Humanomaly

LOL - ME TOO!!!! Ray PUNK Allen AND Chris PUNK Paul AND Deron PUNK Williams AND Brandon PUNK Roy AND - well - you get my drift....

Between Shannon and Socks, I'm pretty much guaranteed a throw-down of some sort during the playoff run. Can't wait!! LOL!!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speakin' of guards, looks like kobey will not be getting an mvp vote this year...ok, maybe a couple votes, but that's about it.

LeBrawn is really the more well-rounded and productive player this season, and he also seems to be the better leader. Hard to argue with the selection.

kobey's single mvp only highlights how difficult it is to get an mvp two years in a row, like Steve Nash and MJ have done. But one mvp is not bad.

Shannon's a doberman. Love his upside.

One thing: trim the facial hair or grow it. One man's opinion but them wonderful folks at Nike would undoubtedly agree.


i agree with you, i also find shannon to be a guy that listens and wants to do a good job and it's not 'mad' if he doesn't get the minutes. he has a very good attitude all together.

the same cannot be said about jordan. i like jordan, i think he has tremendous potential, and he already is a good player, but for some reason his arrogance is affecting the way he plays. he always thinks he is right, he doesn't want to listen. he needs to change, or he'll have a tough time moving forward.

like rick fox has said, you need to play for your minutes and be held accountable when you make mistakes, that's not jordan. sad.

New post up. Practice vid and all that.


jon: "Why is there a general feeling in the comments that Farmar has an attitude problem."

Because he's been rumored to have an attitude problem since his high school days. He was not popular on the team at UCLA. PJ has talked about his attitude in various interviews. PJ says that Jordan wears a confidence that, as he describes it, "hasn't been earned".


>>> Wow say it ain't so ... u're on a shannon brown bandwaggon? ...
>>> ain't u the same dude that was touting farmar as the next
>>> coming of john stockton?

I have always been a strong Jordan Farmar supporter but if I were coach right now, I would sit him at the end of the bench because he has completely lost his confidence, which to a player like Jordan is everything. I still hope and think he may regain it over the summer and come back stronger next year. I don’t think the Lakers have lost faith in Jordan and don’t think they will trade him over the summer. No way he will get a contract extension at this point, however, as he will have to prove himself all over again next year.

A point that everybody has forgotten is that it was Jordan’s play during the regular season last year and earlier this year that gave the Lakers such a great change of pace with the Bench Mob. I still think Jordie has great value in that role and that it makes sense for the Lakers to have such a change of pace. At his best, Jordan is a valuable weapon and hopefully he can become so again in the future. As for the Lakers point guard of the future, that is not looking too promising right now but there is still a chance since Jordan is still a very young player.

As for Shannon Brown, he definitely plays better defense and can hopefully handle the bigger more physical guards like JWill. Tonight will be a good test. Overall, I like his physical style and defensive orientation as well as his incredible hops. The big questions for Shannon are can he hit the outside shot and can he handle the ball and pass well enough to be more than a spot matchup player for the team. I think he definitely adds something to the position but we still have the same problem as we have at small forward – two or three players who we would be better off if we could merge them into one player who possessed all of the skills we need at the position. Since we don’t have that one player, then we are at least lucky enough to have the needed skills, even if we have to substitute players to meet specific game and match up needs. Now, at least we have a point guard who can defend – even if the jury is out on whether he can ever be a starter, which probably is doubtful considering his history. At any rate, I am rooting for Shannon just as much as I am for Jordie. They both can help this team win it all.



Mamba24, Throw me on the bandy wagon. How crucial is Shannon Brown when we have this bench slump going on? What a G-d (Kupcake) send.


So it may come down to SB and TA. If SB keeps improving, point guard is the harder position to fill, so I'd go with him.

Posted by: Purple&Gold | April 13, 2009 at 03:21 PM

P n G.
Howdy man? We have the bird rights to Trevor and Lamar. It comes down to how much for both. I do agree with LO over Trevor.

If it came down to replacing Trevor, I'd like to make a run at Matt Barnes. Assuming we keep Lamar for an amicable price and Shannon Brown for cheap, Matt Barnes maybe a good cheap alternative. He's making a million.

Also, there's Kobe's contract situation.

So, Mitchy has some Magic to do...


Posted by: Charles | April 13, 2009 at 03:55 PM

I agree much work to be done but I would keep all three of these guys. I would not choose between them.

I say dump Luke for draft picks or expiring contracts and keep TA over Luke. Then go after Battier if available as free agent.

Oops or Matt Barnes.

Shannon is exactly what the Lakers need for these playoffs to keep from getting torched by the quick/big guards that neither Fish nor Farmer have shown they can stay with. He also brings a new toughness to that position that completely changes the entire defensive attitude of the Lakers. With Kobe, Shannon, Trevor, and Andrew, NOBODY is going to humiliate the Lakers like the Celtics did last year, with their heads drooping as the opponent's bench is wolfing them and dancing on the sidelines.

Jordan is a good kid, but he gets deflated too fast and tanks when the going gets tough. He is lazy on defense. Even though he is lightning quick on offense, for some reason he is back on his heels and ultra reactive, giving every opposing guard several steps before he makes a move. Deron Williams and Chris Paul just totally embarrass him to start multiple runs. Unless he can completely change his attitude and his defense, he's gone.

Mamba24, please add me to the Shannon Brown is a keeper bandwagon.

Even if his offense sucked, his defense makes him a better complement to Kobe than Farmar.

You need to stick around more often. I truly get a kick out of your posts.

Arizona loves the Lakers!

Kupchak has made some really good moves over the years (Gasol, Ariza, Brown...refusing to trade Bynum)

This offseason is going to be a true testament to him as a GM. He has to deal with Kobe's option, LO, TA, and SB, and possible trades to eliviate cap space because the cap will not increase very much this year due to the recession.

Arent we glad we signed Drew to the extension earlier this season that if we had waited, we would have had to pay more, which would have left less money for other free agents.

Kupchak for GM of the year. Hands Down.

(and to think...i wanted this dude's head on a plate in 2006)

I guess people and times change.

I am a firm believer that when it's all said and done the Laker's roster next year will include Odom, Ariza and Brown. I think each case is different, but I think all three will be rational when contract talks begin.

Ariza will be offered the mid level. I'm sure of it. He'll get 5-6 offers of other team's mid level, and we'll have to match one of them. Brown will be really cheap, knowing how much he can earn in his next contract if he performs well under the one he signs this summer. The Lakers, LA, the finals, the mansion all will be too much for him to refuse.

Odom will also be reasonable, probably signing a 3 year 25 million deal.

We'll be over the cap sure, but with Bynum, Ariza and Brown we'll have three young players to build on as we make this championship run.

This is amazing, really. To have three great young prospects, 4 if you add Farmar, while we're serious championship contenders, that’s amazing.

Very nice.




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