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Lakers practice: Let's talk about rebounding, fouls, Shannon Brown, Trevor Ariza, and Mario Lopez

The Lakers finished off a brisk practice today in El Segundo Monday afternoon in the wake of Sunday's Game 1 win over Utah.  Big themes: Better defense and rebounding, less fouling, continuing to improve.  These, by the way, will likely be the same refrains heard for the rest of the playoffs. There was obvious disappointment in how the team came out in the third quarter, but at the same time, and appropriately, nobody was sounding the Doomsday Whistle. 

"It was fouling.  You give a team free throws, and all of a sudden it stops momentum, and the game becomes choppy.  They sneak back into the game.  That's what happens," Kobe Bryant said.  "They continued to chop at it by the amount of free throws that they shot, and then from that point on it's an uphill battle to try and regain the momentum.  But I think the positive thing is that they kept getting to nine or ten, but never were able to break through."

Positive, indeed. 

More from Kobe, in moving picture form:

Pau Gasol addressed the need to keep the Jazz off the offensive glass.  Like pulling a large covered wagon, it takes a team effort.  "A lot of (the offensive boards) were from their misses, and put backs, and us allowing middle penetration, and guys attacking and pounding the boards.  They're good at that, but we need to make sure we're aware of it.  We've got to cut down on the middle penetration so we don't get off the bodies of bigs and we can box out," he said.  "I think our wings have to do a better job of putting bodies on people, and don't let (Ronnie) Brewer, (CJ) Miles, and (Matt) Harpring get in the lane, not let (Andrei) Kirilenko get in the lane, and keep those balls alive. Everybody's got to put a body (on someone), not just the two bigs that are out there.  It's got to be a team rebounding effort."

Other moments of note:

  • After practice, Josh Powell, Shannon Brown, and Adam Morrison squared off against Luke Walton, Sasha Vujacic, and Jordan Farmar in a spirited game of three-on-three.  While they were clearly having fun, it was competitive, but the important thing about the post-practice work was that Farmar seemed to be moving well.  That he was even out there to play indicates that the tendinitis in his right foot is feeling good after yesterday's game.
  • Michelle Kwan was there, filming (I believe) something for some reality show she's working on. 
  • More stars!  Mario Lopez (that's A.C. Slater to you, me and AK's Complete Saved By the Bell Box Set) was in the building, shooting with Kobe for a spot with Extra.  Slater did okay with layups, but struggled from beyond the arc.  He's a little guy, so launching from the NBA three point line was a problem.  It took about 10 or so hoists, but finally he found a little net.  
  • I heard from someone who was there that Mehmet Okur didn't practice today when the Jazz had their run, which obviously calls into question his availability for Tuesday's Game 2.  Incidentally, Utah is practicing at the Clippers' team facility.  That ought to create an atmosphere of winning.
  • Kobe was asked if he watches a ton of hoops in his down time, just as LeBron does: "He and I are different.  He watches all the games, and he watches our games.  I really don't (watch much).  If we're playing an opponent, then I'll buckle down and I'll watch them.  But I won't watch just to watch if I'm at home. (Ed. Note: So he might, for example, have missed the last big Bucks vs. T-Wolves game?).  Know what I watched (last night)?  All jokes aside?  I watched Electric Boogaloo.  I swear to God.  My kids wanted to watch Electric Boogaloo, so I sat down and watched Electric Boogaloo and watched my kids pop and breakdance on the bed.  That's what I did.
  • More Kobe, on avoiding the fouls they piled up as a team Sunday night: "You have to anticipate cutters.  That's really the big thing, is fouls off the ball.  Utah, they cut extremely hard, they set great picks, and a lot of times you'll see those fouls and they're coming off screen and roll situations where a guard might get hit with a pick and all of a sudden he's late and it creates contact with the offensive player.  So we have to anticipate those cuts and anticipate screens a little better, and try to get bodies on bodies."

Kobe was then asked about Deron Williams, and whether he sees any parallels between what Williams is going through right now in terms of being an elite player without enough talent around him to win a title, and what Kobe had to deal with a couple years back.  Obviously, it's all relative, but is there a kernel of similarity?

"Deron's not even close to that situation.  He's got a little bit of a better cast than I did.  It's not dire straits for him.  If you're asking me if I feel bad for him?  Absolutely not.  No way.  He's fine.  If he just continues to play, they have some talented players over there, they have a great coach.  They'll be fine."

Okay, so it's not exactly identical...

"It's not even close.  They don't even have Smush Parker on (that) team.  It's not even close."

Touche!  Take that, Boobie's Bench


Phil Jackson, on Game 1, and what they're expecting Tuesday:

PJ, on Trevor Ariza and Shannon Brown:

Andrew Bynum, on his performance last night, and what they're planning on doing tomorrow.  Hint, it starts with keeping bodies on guys defensively when shots go up, and accounting for people when Williams gets into the lane.

Pau Gasol:

Brown, on his Game 1, getting his chance to play, and guarding Deron Williams:


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Somehow, I just KNEW that AK had a box set of Saved by the Bell. I even heard he was spotted at a "That's So Raven" taping earlier this spring.

Deron's situation isn't even close.

Carlos Boozer >> Kwame Brown
Kyle Korver >> Smush Parker
Harpring >> Brian Cook
AK47 - LO
Milsap >> Luke Walton

Seriously, there's no comparison. Kobe took a bunch of (at best) bench players to the brink of the 2nd round. He had a right to complain, and either through luck or pressure or both, the Lakers have another shot at a title

In the heat of the championship run we get Smush jokes! We are all reminded of how lucky we are. Life is good.

Smush Parker, wherever you are stay there.

You gotta love that Smush Parker reference. Kobe's absolutely right. There's no comparison b/w the Smush-Kwame era and the team that D-Will has around him now.

Although Utah's bigs lack height, they do make up for it somewhat with their bulk and strength. Boozer, Okur, and Millsap are very wide guys. They can body and outmuscle our bigs, but our size advantage will ultimately win out.

The bars bother me. Can't you guys go back to the HD embed?

w=425h=26 fyi.

264 my bad.

height is 264.

Rumor has it LO called Pierce before tonight's game to give him some tips on making better free throws.

Hollinger is channeling his inner Simmons with this barb:

"All this time, no other Jazz player entered the picture. In fact, none of them crossed half court. Deron Williams, Ronnie Brewer and Carlos Boozer all stayed in the backcourt and watched as Korver and Andrei Kirilenko tried unsuccessfully to get a stop. If you look closely at the replay you can see that Williams was holding a sand wedge, Brewer had a fishing rod and Boozer was on the phone with his agent."

Why does Jim Hill insist on making statements at who he's interviewing, rather than asking them regular questions?

Bynum has yet to come out and explode so I think we are not playing are best at all. We havent played d like we can like during the cavs game and spurs game. So if we are getting wins they way we are playing that means we are still scary good. I think fisher is done for next year. But the thruth is this team is soft and over confident.

Only DWade's current Heat team compares to the Kwame/Smush Laker team that Kobe led into the playoffs twice. Seriously, right now the 7th seeded Bulls are giving the Celtics all they can handle and the Celtics still have self-proclaimed best player in the world, Paul Pierce and another All-Star in Ray Allen. Although they don't have KG, this Celtics team is still better than the one Kobe had with Kwame/Smush.

I keep hearing analysts and others say that Deron and CP3 don't have the supporting cast, but their supporting cast is much better than what Kobe had with Kwame/Smush. I'm also sick of hearing all these guys on different sports network talk up the Celtics heart of a champion, they're still the champs until knocked off and blah, blah, blah but won't give the Bulls any credit.

That's because Jim Hill does his best work at the Olympic Gardens.

Kobe SLAMMING Smush. haha. I almost feel bad for the guy. I miss the smushcalade. hahaha


Mamba's lines will tell you the story. Under 25 shots, 7 plus assists, we win. Period.

It is very encouraging to see Brown and Ariza playing so well. I think it may take Andrew the Jazz series to get back on track 100% but he will get there. I really can not see the Jazz being able to win one with or without Okur. Get out the brooms and get some rest while Portland and Houston battle it out to a game 7..


I have to respectfully disagree that DWade's supporting cast compares to the Kwame/Smush team. A better comparison would be the Thunder without Durant, or any other bottom feeder in today's game. That team was historically bad. Every starter on that team (except LO) is out of the league or riding the pine.

-A healthy JO is better than LO, or at least comparable.
-Chalmers is better than Smush.
-James Jones is better than Cook.
-Beasley is better than Luke.
-Haslem is better than Kwame.

Even Miami bench players like Jamario Moon, Chris Quinn,and D Cook could've started for Kobe's team.

That year was the most competetive and dominant Western conference in years, and I don't know think that even MJ could've taken that team to the playoffs.

hey AK/BK
how come you never interview ariza?

Has anybody been watching the Bulls game? It's a friggin' barnburner.

Watching the Chicago-Boston series and thinking how nice it would be to have Ben Gordon backing up Kobe...


anyone watching bulls celts? wow what a great game its been. ben gordon has been huge!

go bulls!

Regarding the Bulls/Celtics game:
Vinny del Negro needs to go.
How can you have no time outs in the end of a game.
That's two times in a row. This coach sucks!!!

Dang, Bastard Child of Red. Da Bulls giving you all they they got, dude. Good luck!



I loved your rant TO SO-CALLED LAKER FANS and LAKER OATH 2.1. THAT’S what being a LAKERS FAN is all about. It’s not the same as being a fan of any other team. That is what the nitpicker-critics and anti-optimists have never understood. They’re thinking like Sacramento Kings or Phoenix Suns fans. WE ARE THE FREAKING LA LAKERS!

We may not have all seen Wilt and Jerry win their championship or Magic and Kareem or have the good fortune to be season ticket holders or live in LA but we are the beating heart and soul of Lakers fandom and we understand that it is OK to TALK THE TALK because, God damn it, we have WALKED THE WALK. So hear me now loud and clearly:

*I have watched every LA Lakers championship and KNOW this is going to be our next.
*I have watched every great LA Laker center develop and KNOW Drew will be the next.
*Before it is said and done, the basketball world will acknowledge Kobe as the greatest.
*Before the next decade is over, the Lakers will win another 6 or 7 championships.

In the shadow of history and the bright light of our future, are you man or mouse, Laker fan or Clipper fan, talker or walker, human or dancer, doubter or believer? You may or may not be what you wear or what you drive or what you do, but here on this Lakers Blog, you do have an obligation to wear your heart on your sleeve in respect of our great legacy.

At least, that’s JMNSHBO!


Garnett is such a typical gangster/thug/low class individual. His true colors show thru when the camera is on him on the bench. Can a human being have any more hate, rage and anger inside than Garnett? No.

Was Sasha guarding Ray Ray?

Ben Gordon is awesome.

Ray Allen cancells out horrendous Game 1 performance.

Vinny del Negro is an idiot.

Glen Davis did something.

Rondo has learned a thing or two from Paul Pierce.

Celtics ass is grass.


How do you know what KG has inside him? If it was Kobe it would be "the fire that burns inside of him" ... "he will not let his team lose" ... "he is on a mission" .... "he has the will to win" ... "he is the altimate warrior" ... "kidskills" ... "the passion" ... "the competitor" and whatever other stupid garage Laker fan comes up with! Thats why KG isnt Serta Campbell!

Was Sasha guarding Ray Ray?

Posted by: 131-92 | April 20, 2009 at 07:11 PM

LOL. Dude, you are seriously pathetic. Three points away from being down 2-0 to a ridiculously young Bulls team. You have got wayyyyyyyy more problems to worry about than coming on our blog to reminisce when you guys were actually a threat.

We would absolutely crush Boston if we played them in the Finals this year. It's too bad we won't b/c if they're fortunate enough to get past Chicago, Cleveland will crush them. Boston's only chance this year is to have KG take a ride in Paula's magical wheelchair.

o my god ben gorden is crazy. i hope they win in game 3.

The coach is stupid. How do u not put in tomhas who was blocking like crazy and then u let miller in who turned the ball over like crazy. AND ONE MORE THING YOU RAN OUT OF TIMEOUTS. see guys young coachs do that a lot they use to much timeouts.


I agree with the points you made in regards to comparison to DWade's current Heat team and the Kwame/Smush team Kobe had. But I'm comparing them based upon the present. Jermaine O'Neal is a shell of his former self, Chalmers and Beasley are too young and inexperienced, James Jones is only better than Luke Walton in outside shooting and nothing else and Haslem hasn't been the same since Shaq left.

You're absolutely right in saying that not even MJ could've taken that team with Kwame/Smush to the playoffs which makes what Kobe did that much more amazing. Place any other superstar on that team(LeBron, Wade, etc.)and I don't think they take that Lakers team as far as Kobe did.

Ok... Andrew Bynum is dating Rihanna... Wonder how much of that big contract is going to end up in her hands?

did you watch the game tonite? every single time the camera showed thug garnett, his foul gangster mouth was spewing "mother f*&^er". there is absolutely no call nor reason for that kind of hate behavior from an adult. i'll be the first to admit, he is a good basketball player - but he is a low class individual. but i could care less, i'm simply stating what i see.

The Celtics look over matched against the Bulls. The Bulls aren't afraid and both of those games went down to the last second. I think Chicago can hole their home court down.

Why are the Times writers incapable of anything positive? Heisler: Negative. Turner:Negative. Simers:Negative.

Basically, if the Lakers don't win every single game by 40+ pts, they're going to find a way to bring the Lakers down. It's too bad the media has gotten to this level.


You mentioned that Mario Lopez did pretty well with layups. Just curious, how well does he know the triangle?


Saying the f word doesnt make you a thug or have hate inside you.

I can think of a 1000 pro athletes that have done alot worse! So if the worst thing you can say about KG is that he uses the f word too much than so be it!

Just dont read his lips when the put the camera on him ... just look away!

"Please stop and think before you write. The whole world can read how stupid you are!


Posted by: 131-92 | April 20, 2009 at 07:48 PM

Which is why on this post below you spell ultimate as ALTIMATE, use a space before and after an ellipsis while using quotations and spell garbage as GARAGE.

Oh the irony.

How do you know what KG has inside him? If it was Kobe it would be "the fire that burns inside of him" ... "he will not let his team lose" ... "he is on a mission" .... "he has the will to win" ... "he is the altimate warrior" ... "kidskills" ... "the passion" ... "the competitor" and whatever other stupid garage Laker fan comes up with! Thats why KG isnt Serta Campbell!

Posted by: 131-92 | April 20, 2009 at 07:34 PM

That was some fight Chi town put up. Man, if not for that last second three Boston would have been in some really deep doodoo. As it is they still have a long road ahead. I think Chi town has a fair chance of taking the series from them, and I hope they do!

Mario Lopez on the blog. That's just wrong.

Kobe dissin' Smush. HAHAHAHAHA! Loved it.

Can't wait for game two tomorrow. Gonna watch POR/HOU game too. Can't wait to see who shows up and kills the other one!


Good job ... you got me! How bout talkn basketball. You are captain of the grammar or grammer or grammor police squad ... how bout a baketball related fact!


Why bother respond to a garage poster? Celtics got the scare of their life, almost 0-2 in their home court and this is just the first round of the series. The doctors of Danny Ainge advised him not to watch the game. Celtics game is not good for his health. So it is 1-1 going to Chicago. Is KG playing? I know he is not. If he can attend games, he should play. It feels good to keep on asking if he could help the Celtics, there goes the 21 million sitting on the bench cursing, wishing and dreaming. ho! ho! ho!

Wow, really? Drew & Rihanna....not bad, not bad at all


did the recession also hit the blog? not to be mean, but i've noticed you guys don't get as many people to comment on your threads...or is it just me?

or is it because there's no real drama?

"Good job ... you got me!"
Actually not a good job. You are an easy target.

"How bout talkn basketball."
TALKN? You mean talking. You don't even talk yourself. All you do is taunt. You need to learn about etiquette. It's funny that you ask for a basketball chat. I have asked you several times, which Celtics blog do you chat on regularly? I would love to chat on your home court. However, during the 2008 finals; I tried posting one time on a Celtic blog about Phil Jackson threatening Red's record and it was never posted. I really hope you are a Celtic Fan; not a Laker Fan posing as a troll.

"You are captain of the grammar or grammer or grammor police squad ..."
And you are the mascot of all bloggers. Great picture. You call one of the bloggers here stupid, but post stupidly yourself. Now you get called out and can't handle it. Don't accuse someone of being dim, if you are not a bright one.

"how bout a baketball related fact!"
That sport is spelled Basketball. Not BAKETBALL.

Thank you come again.


Too many threads per day, lots of gimmicks, it spoiled the focus of the tradition in the Lakerville. We may be in our last throes as well. We missed the extra, extra with one thread per day and 500 posts just responding to Mike T alone without the next/previous paging.

Manong Edwin,


Why bother respond to a garage poster?"

Coz sometimes you have to clean the oil stains on the driveway.

Mga taong walang modo at cultura, kailangan turuan ng leksyon. Mano po...


"It feels good to keep on asking if he could help the Celtics, there goes the 21 million sitting on the bench cursing, wishing and dreaming. ho! ho! ho!"

Mang Edwin,

I guess that qualifies KG as the NBA's most expensive cheerleader....

I personally have no problems with garnett...however with the multitude of younger fans watching the sport, it may not be best to continue to focus cameras on an INACTIVE PLAYER cursing for 48 minutes. If he's on the court, the refs can deal with it if it's out of hand. In this case, he's not playing, so why continue to ignore the constant profanity? Gamewise, I focus on OUR BUSINESS...other games are reality entertainment in my view. I worry about our game tonight and that winer sloan who wants WWF/UFC on the court to win.

MAMBA....who are we????

^^^ Translation: "People who have no manners or culture need to be taught a lesson." Amen to that! Ok... Andrew Bynum is dating Rihanna... Wonder how much of that big contract is going to end up in her hands? Posted by: Dallas Raines' Hair | April 20, 2009 at 07:57 PM

You obviously are not hip to Rihanna's net worth. The young lady is a conglomerate unto herself. She is presently worth between 50 and 75 million and climbing. She has her on apparel line, her own cologne, several multi, multi ad deals etc. If anything the wonder is how much of her money will end up in Drews hand. but I assume they are just having some innocent fun. Give the young lady a break she just went through a lot of heavy crap and she don't need anymore.

So Kobe,
how do you really feel about Smush Parker?...


Did he secretly hit on your wife or just plain suck at hoops?!!!

Wheee! Up early. Game today. Excited.

Sorry. Kinda got used to writing sentence fragments from Twitter...

So Smush called Kobe out:
"'They don't have Smush Parker on their team. It's not even close,' he said -- a slam at the former Lakers guard now playing in China who called out Bryant in a video last summer.""

AK/BK, are yall slackin on the info?

Or am I slackin on my readings?

Somebody's slacking!

that was your Boobie's Bench link....

be more specific!



We are the Lakers, the Classy Team, the Glamour of the NBA, so no reason to pay attention tho the jealous and heaters.

Let's focus on our journey, it's our priority now and we want every player of our team gives his best at each game.






Good morning tea and coffee Laker crew:

I can't believe our "classy" blog team is stooping to the level of bickering back and forth with lame trolls. Come on guys - let them go, especially green ones.

On AB17/Rihanna - okay I can understand the boy blowing off a little steam at Hef's manse. That's all in good fun. But we certainly don't need first dates and paparazzi while we are on a two month journey to a ring!!!

Somebody needs to tell AB17 to apply some of his lower extremity focus to the court. We need way more than 3 rebounds and less ticky tack fouls to to win this thing. Does he really need to be starting a new relationship during the next two months??? Somebody call Rick Fox to give this boy a lesson in what happens when you date women in music....

LGL - we want a 15th championship!!


Garage fans are weak. They think they are the Altimate, but they are far from it.

Go Lakers!

And to back up my previous post.

LGL! #15 is our focus!

Thank you come again.Posted by: Charles | April 20, 2009 at 11:16 PM

Go Sir charles!, Go Sir Charles,! clap, clap, clap clap clap!!!!!

MAMBA....who are we???? Posted by: DOC4daLakeShow | April 21, 2009 at 05:20 AM

(No offense Doc4 I know who the hell you are, but it's the slogan. Lol!

Drew dating Rhiannon during the playoffs scares me. The woman is drama. I don't blame her in the slightest for what Chris Brown did to her, but drama is drama.

Personally, I wish all of our Lakers would be celebate monks during the playoffs.

Anyone remember "Chickenheadgate" when Kwame Brown got accused of sexual assault during the playoffs against Phoenix? After those accusations, Kwame played like a broken man (he had actually been playing well before that came out), and we lost three in a row and the series.

I am POSITIVE Chickenheadgate lost us that series.

So, Drew, I know you're young and virile, but you should put less time into going to the Playboy Mansion and dating celebrities who like drama and more time getting rest and watching tape with The Captain.

Seven points against Utah is not good enough. Get focused.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


zen/Laker Nation,

The powers of the lucky barstool will be utilized tonight.

Let's do this.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Good Morning Sir Charles.
Good Morning Laker Tom, Doc4, JAMambaFan, Jon K and the rest of the Crew!
Gammmmmmmmmmmme Dayyyyyyyyyyy!
I had a ell of a roll call but I freakin deleated the thing so todays Roll Call will be short & to the point. Don't everybody cheer all at once. Lol. Roll Call in one hour. Today we need some manic energy on the Blog for the STH's going to the game. I predict this game you will For once see 3/4 of the playoff package and it will be a horror to behold. OH THE HUMANITY. You also will see the outline of the new defense. They can't show everything got to save something for the finals. This will be a total beatdown. But after todays game I also predict they will put it on cruise for the next 4. just enough to win and no more. Unlike fools like Cleveland that show their whole arsenal right out the box, 9rings is no fool.
You can't show the enemy everything. And just remember that after the games today, what looks like bad games aren't necesarrily that. As in any martial art you have to think many moves ahead of your opponent. Sometimes you have to look bad just to lure your opponent in. This applies even if you are talking about an opponent 3 series later & looking bad in this series. Remember enjoy the ride! This season will soon be over if everything goes as planned and all we will be left with is the afterglow of Dynasty #4. So enjoy the ups and downs and twists and turns. One last thing remember right now you are privileded tyo being witnessing:
The greatest Player on earth, The greatest coach on earth, The greatest Team on earth, the beginnings of the greatest center on earth and the beginning of Dynasty #4

Good morning all. Purple and Gold, all day, everyday!!! What's up Charles, Mamba24, LakerTom and the rest of the Laker fambam. Can't wait for the game tonight.

Good morning Mamba24 & the fabulous Laker morning CRUE!!


Mamba24 - You're supposed to have the tea or coffee first and THEN create the new roll call, etc. That way it won't get deleted because you're too tired from visions of O'Brien's dancing in your head. Come on now - load up on the caffeine, get the thong ready & step on it! Pedal to the metal all the way to win # 16 !!!!!!

sth - you going to the game tonight? BTW - loved your post after Sunday's game. I kinda sorta felt like I had my own "words eye view" of it - thanks!

# 2 on the way folks. I'm excited, anxious & geeked. Is it 7:30 yet???? Only 11 hours to go..... oh the humanity.

A girl here at work was at the game on Sunday and got one of those T-shirts that were handed out. She gave it to me!!!! I've got my new gear for the game tonight - lol!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!! WE GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!

One game down and 15 more to go
We haven’t even started to put on a show.
Already the voices are cracking and big men are starting to cry
They know The Freakin Lakers are on a mission and that’s no lie
Pick your poison choose your executioner, You can die by a Snake or a Beast
And while getting your butt kick, be read Zen, 9Rings learned in the East.
It’s all right to have your but kicked, we all have, of that I’m sure
But to have your butt kicked while being preached to, is surely torture
So NBA you had your fun last year when we were minus Arriza & the Beast
Yet we made it to the finals, While the Celts won’t make it out the East
So The freaking Jolly green Giant does not seem so jolly anymore
He is what he always was, a foul mouthed lunatic bore.
The "Truth" he can’t handle it, he froze at the free throw line
And for Ray Allen aka Black Jesus, you let a rookie whip your behind
And where was the jolly green giant, the ferocious warrior the fearsome foe
Why hiding his but in the bathroom, upchucking all over the floor.
And Doc oh Doc he’s had it, I think the nice coach has lost his mind
If I did not know better, I’d swear he wanted to kick KG’s behind
But things like this happen, after you go a few rounds with us
If you don’t believe ask Joe Frazier, after Ali put him in the dust
So this is a tale of caution, careful what you ask for or you might find
An enraged Snake & Beast & Zen coach from the East, whipping Your behind

Good morning sir! Have a Mamba and a smile! Go Lakers!

A girl here at work was at the game on Sunday and got one of those T-shirts that were handed out. She gave it to me!!!! I've got my new gear for the game tonight - lol!
Posted by: justanothermambafan | April 21, 2009 at 08:30 AM

You go with your bad self JAMambaFan!!!

AMEN 2 u Charles!!!!! GAMEDAY!!!!

Good morning, Blog Family,

Let's hope the Lakers go out there and take care of business tonight. I think they will. We've got one goal, and one goal only.

And of this fact, I am proud: I've never been to the Greenies blog, and I never will. How pathetic are those guys? Makes me smile to see the feelings of inadequacy.

Right now, all I'm thinking about is Utah. And, of course, 4-0.

Go Lake Show!

This thread is blog gold. I love it.

There's Charles toying with the garage troll, in 2 different languages. Then there's Rihanna dating Bynum- which is of course worrisome. Then Sir Jon K bring "chickenheadgate" back to life.

Garage Troll, Rihanna, Chickenheadgate, Kwame. If this doesn't deserve a Pulizer or a Webby, then I question their criteria.

I might have to stick around today.



"The greatest Player on earth, The greatest coach on earth, The greatest Team on earth, the beginnings of the greatest center on earth and the beginning of Dynasty #4


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Does anyone know where I can watch the Utah game online? I missed it and would love to watch it.

Thanks in advance,


And of this fact, I am proud: I've never been to the Greenies blog, and I never will. How pathetic are those guys? Makes me smile to see the feelings of inadequacy.
Posted by: The Outlaw | April 21, 2009 at 08:57 AM

Now that's a man with his game face on!!!! RIGHT ON!!!!!!
Go OutlLaw, Go OutLaw, Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap!!!

Good Morning Mamba24 and Blog Family.

Game day today.....yea.

Seems like Coach Sloan has given the green light to his players to play "nasty" tonight. I hope we get out of this round safe and uninjured. Let's make it a sweep. Because they've got nothing to lose and we've got everything to lose....

Bring out your brooms cuz we're sweeping the Jazz.......

BTW, what's up with the bad scheduling of the games? The Lakers game is on at the same time of Port/Rockets game.

Go Lakers!!!

New post.



I'm in the east coast where there's no showing of the Lakers on a regular basis. So helped me out alot during the regular season. I have a few other links as well. I'll check it out for you before the game and post it here for you on the last thread if you hadn't found one by then.

Couldn't agree with you more about quit putting the camera on garnett. Way too many young kids out there watching these prime time games all across the world. We definitely do not need more kids growing up emulating a thug who has a hate scowl on his face, yelling "mother f&*^%er" to the other team's bench thru out the entire game. garnett is nothing more than a turd with a heart beat.



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