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After the fifth game, they rested

Kobe Bryant shoots over Ronnie Brewer  It's a measure of the high expectations for the Lakers that after beating the Utah Jazz in five games in their best-of-seven Western Conference Quarterfinals series, the death blow coming in Monday night's 107-96 victory, that the focus just doesn't go away from what the Lakers aren't doing.  This despite winning all four games by 10-plus points, and very nearly sweeping the disappointing-but-still-pretty-damn-good Utah squad. 

They don't really have anyone to blame but themselves, which is why Lamar Odom's 26 point, 15 rebound,four assist, three block night- his third straight double-double and fifth quality outing of the series- wasn't the big story.  Nor was it Kobe's 31 on 10-21 from the floor or Trevor Ariza's Swiss Army night (12/7/4 with a steal and two blocks)


What really caught people's attention (at least the people writing about the game), was another stretch run in which the Lakers had an opponent flatlining but rather than pulling the plug and calling the coroner instead juiced up the paddles and shocked them back to life. 

Monday, it meant a 21 point fourth quarter lead whittled down to six before order was restored.  There's good consistency and bad, and the propensity LA showed over the first round (and many of the 82 games that came before) for this sort of thing is enough to encourage fingernail chewing, or at the very least question whether or not what's under the hood really does match the slick body styling and excellent paint job.

Or maybe it's just not that big a deal.

Either way, the Lakers know they'll have to play better as the playoffs go along.  And who knows, maybe the tangible proof that things aren't all moonpies and pennywhistles could do them some good.  Remember, last year the Lakers lost three games en route to the Finals.  A lot of good it did them, too.

Things that are unquestionably big deals:

The Lakers will take Tuesday off before returning to the court for practice on Wednesday.


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Tue. April 28, 2009 - Lakers 4 Utah 1
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Via TMZ..

Derek Fisher Has filed for a restraining order against
a stalker he has had since 2001..

Geez Fish is in the middle of the Playoff run and has to deal with this?!?!?!

Downtime --AK/BK (video progress report)

Take 5, let's talk sizzle, not the Snoop kind.

As the playoffs heat up, so do the ratings. Eyes and ears on YOU, career enhancement in the offing.

Think I suggested a Smother's Brothers take on sports to y'all one of these years? Well, methinks it's crept in, slowly, ever so slowly, to the Kambros vid presentation, makin me, for one, excited about the prospect of our own Kambros prime time prospects. (my rational side is fairly certain you never read the post, couldn't care less about the Smothers Bros ((I'm not old enough to remember them clearly myself)), and it just "happens" as we know all good show biz things do.)

Tonight's presentation is case in point. The autograph "thunder stick" thread, was brotherly combatant and likable, if not borderline adorable to our Laker mom's demographic but not too much so that it might turn off the Bud chuggers. Coupled by the fact that we could actually see you in the frame, made for a break through demo sure to catch an execs eye. Think of what you could do with a real editor cutting in your obscure 80's film references to each highlight package?

We'll miss ya, but the ESPN machine needs fresh blood, Brotherly blood, if you will. Should you answer the higher calling, if it is that, it will be a proud blog moment.

I am concerned about the anarchy that would reign round here upon your departure. The power struggle that would ensue, would, well, come to think of it, might be interesting. Raising new blog hosts is always a challenge.

Our collective fates rise and fall with the LAKE SHOW.

The team needs Bynum's defensive presence more than his offensive presence, if he can commit to that, everything else will fall into place for him and the Lakers. If he continues to worry about his touches, we're in for more of the same going forward from Andrew.

Get your head into the game young man and remember the team absolutely needs your defensive presence to win a title. Your impact on the defensive end could be devastating if you would only think and commit to being our defensive stopper in the paint.

I think that's Phil's message to Bynum. I want you to sit and watch how we can score bunches without you so we don't need you to score. We need you to rebound and defend.

Let's go Andrew!
Let's go Lakers!

Whatta game!

I think we need to allow this team the ability not to play at video game-like levels.

They will play well, then slow down, as they say in the biz, "This is a game of runs" and as long as they have the right run at the right time, I don't care what the final score is.

Should they be able to just throw dirt in the Jazz's face? I'm not sure, the Jazz are a better team than they showed over the last month or so. The loss of their owner may have affected their mojo and I think Bozzer checked out after the All-Star break. That dude is a MERC. I'll never forget how he bailed on Cleveland (which I wonder if he regrets as he dives into piles of money Scrooge Mac Duck-style).

As was mentioned in the Breakdown yesterday, Sasha and Andrew are the big question marks for me. Sasha's offence is a necessary element of our bench. It looked like he was getting back into a groove before last night. He even took the right type of shots, they just aren't falling. I feel that as long as he keeps playing the right way, the staff'll give him some leash. But if he continues to misfire as we roll along, I wonder how long that leash runs.

Andrew is a different story. We've proven that (this year) we don't need his offence to move through the Playoffs (the Finals are another matter), but his defence will be key, especially against either Portland or Houston. I think he'll flat out play against Houston, barring foul trouble of course. When Yao's in, he'll be in. We might even get an Mbenga sighting against Yao. 'Drew needs to watch video of his scant Utah minutes. His first foray into Playoff basketball was less than spectacular, but I think there are nuggets of wisdom that can be gleaned from the experience.

He needs to let guys get to the hoop early on rather than pick up silly fouls. He needs to stay down and grounded like a wall. Watch Kwame (I never thought I'd say that, but he was effective) in the Phoenix series in 2005. He doesn't jump and he hardly picked up any fouls. He didn't block a record number of shots, but that can be a misleading stat, like steals. It doesn't necessarily mean you played lock down D if you have 2+ blocks in the box score. It just means you stopped two whole shots over the course of an entire game. It doesn't even show wether or not you maintained possession. We need Andrew on the floor for defence and rebounding. If he blocks shots as a weak side helper, great, but he doesn't need to block every shot coming down the lane. Better to make your presence felt on the court than on the pine.

Overall, I think we could use the 5 days+ to:
A: Get Bynmu some more practices
B: Get Sasha some more hours of shooting
C: Get everyone some R 'n' R
D: Get Farmar and Walton on the healthier side of hurt
E: Get me to Mo-Mo-Mo-Morongo! Ooops, JK.

Well done, team, it was a fun series.


>>> Mainly, the thing is you don't want anyone on your team to be hurt.
>>> It's like hoping the President fails.

I think you just Mike T’ed a whole bunch of people. LOL!


That's a good one, but true. I know we're supposed to keep politics off the ol' Blog, but sometimes it's slightly relevant, eh?

Besides, who really wants anyone on their team to be hurt? It flys in the face of reason, in my opinion.

The fact that BK is asking Lakers to sign his thunder sticks is a very good sign. He's finally caught the fever... CHAMPIONSHIP FEVER THAT IS!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jamie Sweet/Laker Tom,

I think it goes without saying that a true fan would never celebrate the injury of any player/Laker, no matter what his/her antipathy for the player may be.

A Laker is a Laker is a Laker is a Laker... and the team we root for is the Lakers.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Any chance Farmar will see any PT against Houston with their smaller quicker Point Guard Books. Did he not play against Utah because of the Williams match up or has he really been pushed completely out of the rotation. I am sure is he is capable of going 1 for 5 with 2 assists and a turnover in 19 minutes of burn. With that said, I do believe Shannon has been playing better, but it was mentioned that Phil is adjusting to matchups.

How about that Kobe guy for MVP of the series?

Lamar maybe for Game 3, but if we are using rationale criteria, Lamar is going to have to become Michael Jordan to win any MVP on this squad.

But for the "ready to step up" award, and the setting the example for killer instinct ( I loved that last layup against the Jazz), hands down to Lamar. He plays like this the rest of the playoffs, Cleveland better start cloning Lebron right now, because that's the only way they are going to win.

Overall, I think we could use the 5 days+ to:
A: Get Bynmu some more practices
B: Get Sasha some more hours of shooting
C: Get everyone some R 'n' R
D: Get Farmar and Walton on the healthier side of hurt
E: Get me to Mo-Mo-Mo-Morongo! Ooops, JK.
Well done, team, it was a fun series.
Posted by: Jamie Sweet | April 28, 2009 at 10:08 AM

Jamie Sweet Outstanding Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Not sure if starting Bynum is a good idea. Can he defend Yao? I like the matchup of Odom taking on Scola. Odom has an advantage in length and quickness. Furthermore, Bynum will have a very, very small second unit that he can dominate. Any thoughts?

{Lakers Secret Agent Jon K. Reporting From DEEP Behind Enemy Lines In The Soggy Gray Purgatorial Wastes Of Northeast Ohio}

Here's the thing...

Anyone remember blowing our 24 point lead against the Celtics? If we didn't blow that lead, the seires would have gone to seven games. According to Bio-Chrono readings, the date of the seventh game would have far more greatly favored the Lakers than the date of game six (which was challenging to say the least).


I don't want to be over-confident, but I believe if we play to somewhere short of our capability that we will reach the Finals and the team we are most likely to meet in the Finals will be the Cavs.

Listen, we are a better team than the Cavs and, perhaps, more importantly, we match up very well against the Cavs--something which is clearly to our advantage.

However, we have one key factor that we have to keep in mind: I've watched the Cavs throughout this long season and one thing I can say about them is that they don't give up when they are far behind. I'm not sure that this will be as true playing against a team as intimidating as the Lakers, but I have seen them many, many times playing 10, 12, 18, 22 points down in the second half and come back to win... sometimes rather significantly so.

My point? Resting on our talent and/or cruising because of the score is a sin in the playoffs. It is an insult to our team and Laker Nation.

If we relax when we are 18 points up against the Cavs (or any playoff team), then it is a recipe for disaster.

The only thing keeping us from those rings is ourselves. As Derek Fisher has recognized, enough is enough. Nothing is acceptable but building on a lead. That's it.

No more Mister Nice Guy.

When you have your boot on an opponent's throat, you don't let up. You stomp down.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


think that's Phil's message to Bynum. I want you to sit and watch how we can score bunches without you so we don't need you to score. We need you to rebound and defend.Let's go Andrew! Let's go Lakers!
Posted by: Fan of the Mamba | April 28, 2009 at 10:08 AM


I am concerned about the anarchy that would reign round here upon your departure. The power struggle that would ensue, would, well, come to think of it, might be interesting. Raising new blog hosts is always a challenge. Our collective fates rise and fall with the LAKE SHOW. Posted by: Vman | April 28, 2009 at 10:06 AM

Vman you always on time Good stuff!!

True, we came close to another meltdown, but in the end it was only a letdown, and not a meltdown.

LO was HUGE last night and ensured that Jazz does not get to play more music. Whenever the guy makes both FTs in a foul in ANY game, them we are bound to win :)

Utah's play in the 4th quarter was desperation to start with, but once Millsap got going, desperation turned into hope, and they started running with more fervor. That is what shows that its a Sloan coached team, and not a Pop-coached team. Pop would have thrown the towel and shown the white flag in the 4th qtr!!

Kinda felt bad to see Sloan T'ed. It could possibly be his last game in Staples (who knows).

Also, finally we got a few friendly calls from refs last night!! Our guys need to work further on improving D and get ready to abort the launch of Rockets!!

yes, only 12 more wins to go. i am glad they will finally be able to get a rest. pau looks really tired.

anyways i know this is off topic but have you guys heard about ariza changing is sports citizenship so he could play for the dominican republic? i didn't know he was interested.

Rest = Rust

Houston, finish this thing.

While I really want to get revenge on Portland, that can wait till next year. I really don't want to have any late game heroics to win game 1 after giving up a bunch of points in the 1st due to guys forgetting everything they just learned. We arn't the Spurs. Kobe will be 100% by Friday, Fish Saturday, and the rest of the squad is so young they should be ready when they get over their hangover.

Enjoy every minutes of your victory in the weak Western Conference. When our Great Celtics meets you again in the Finals you will experience the most painful lost in your franchise history. A 3 points swiss by Paul Pierce as time expired to win the game 92-91 in the 7th game of the N.B.A. finals. How about watching us celebrating our back-to-back championship in your homecourt? Devastating huh?

Good Morning Charles and Larry....Good Morning Everyone...

great to see the close out....some people seem really concerned about blowing big least we get big leads to potentially blow...

I think this team (including coaches) see what needs to be done as far as putting teams away, hopefully they focus on that as the play offs continue...

plus the Jazz (and their coach) are never ones to quit...

the positives (besides the big lead in the first place etc.) is that the Lakers repeatedly (not counting game 3 or so) withstood the runs...

I do hope we can keep Shannon Brown, Lamar (I have flip floped on this one over the years) and Ariza as well as Mbenga...

the aquisittion of Brown is simply sublime indeed Mr. Kupcheck....

I would officially rather play Houston than Portland...we seem to match up a lot better...

with every series Bynum should get better...

" when the sun shines they slip into the shade, and drink their lemonaid"

" made with only the finest lark's vomit"




Your enthusiasm is matched only by your volume. You are an exemplary blog citizen and your roll calls are the heart and soul of this blog.

You are appreciated.

I agree, we root for the Lakers, all of 'em, and we reserve the right to offer contstructive(?) criticism, but I never want a guy not playing because of injury. Of course it happens, but I never wish for it.

It's like hoping that your Governor rejects bailout money.

I just read Plaschke's article and I'm upset.

I thought journalists were supposed to be objective and yet flexible enough to be aware of their readership's sensibilities.

{Jon K. shakes head.}

In reading The Three Stooges (Plaschke, Heisler, and Simers), I'm increasingly convinced these bozos have been seduced by the lures of gonzo journalism.

Unfortunately, unlike Hunter S. Thompson, they lack the ascerbic intelligence and personality to make such a journalistic approach interesting.

All we are left with are articles which are more about the boring, unspectacular, egotistical blowards who wrote the articles than the advertised subject matter that the readership actually cares about.

People need newspapers. Society needs newspapers. But I'm beginning to suspect that the decline in newspaper readership has less to do with the changing of the times than it does the inability of newspapers to consistently provide intelligent, objective, inspired, creative content.

Life is exciting, but somehow newspapers have become boring.

As our society has become more self-obsessed and narcissistic, the last thing we need are journalists who are self-obsessed and narcissistic. Why? Because not only is it not helpful, but it is boring.

It completely eschews journalism's sacred duty to society: To keep themselves, their subject matter and society honest.

When that is forgotten journalism becomes much ado about nothing and I think we've all had more than enough of that in our lives. We need no more of it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"Kinda felt bad to see Sloan T'ed. It could possibly be his last game in Staples (who knows). "

If it was, I'm sure that's exactly how he would have wanted to go down. He was supporting Millsap who was the only guy left he had any respect for, so if your going to go down, that's the way to go. I admired it.

Let's Go C's,

Say what you will.

We'll let our play do the talking.

Personally, I'd welcome playing the Celtics in the Finals. Let's hope that happens.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Teams have a tendency to take on the "basketball personality" of their stars.

On a more important note.


Its come to our attention that a certain one amongst us, in a moment of weakness is considering buying Denver's Birdman shirt.

Mamba, this can't happen. If, JESTERGURU, gets the shirt, it could lead to a disturbance in the Force (see Tim-4-Shows comment). Making a rift where possible and allowing Evil Sith like beings to influence the welfare of the Blog.

As we all know, its the Jedi Knight commenters here that are protecting the Lakers Universe. A weakness here, could lead to the end of the Lakers. If you can't read my mind, because you are still clouded with hate from last nights 4th quarter play, I will spell it out for you.

We must prevent JESTERGURU from getting that shirt.

Please Master Mamba. Start a Bandwagon to bring young JESTERGURU Skywalker to his senses.

Master Justanotherfanofthemamba and Master Fatty are aboard.

Mamba24, May the Force be with you!

leprocons? Sorry we will miss you, you'll have to be content enjoying the two game thrashing for this year.

Maybe when Lebron goes to NY you'll have a chance for us to slap you around.

Keeping Lamar Odom?

Kobe in his radio interview with Money was asked the question, "What about Lamar, can we afford to sign him?"

Kobe said, "Absolutely, Lamar will be here next year and many more to come."

Kobe knows.

"So it shall be written, so it shall be done.....etc....etc..."

Kevin Ding to the LA Times?

Ding wears two hats with the OC Register.

As a beat reporter, he offers insightful analysis of the game. He notices and observes whats going on inside the game, not merely reporting the facts.

He also doubles as a columnist from time to time.

Its his unique blend of both that sets him apart from all the Socal journalists.

When Dr. Buss wanted to confide with the possible Kobe trade two years ago, he was one of the chosen reporters he talked with. He likes the Lakers, no doubt, but is very objective and honest in his judgement.

The NBA also chose him as one of there 125 chosen media to vote in year end awards. By the way, he voted for James and not Kobe.

At this point, he's too good for the Times. Besides, they may just poison him anyway.

Good job, Lake Show!! The Jazz weren't the typical 8 seed. Lakers handled their business and got through. Time to heal our wounded and injured. Despite the low esteem that some who visit this site hold Luke Walton, I hope he gets well soon. The Lakers need all the weapons in their arsenal to hoist the O'Brien.

Baby B. should benefit from the time off. His lateral movement is not where he wants it to be. And he has developed a bad habit of bringing the ball down into traffic. He was well scouted by the Jazz and they took advantage of this flaw. He has got to use his height to protect the ball. The kid will pay big dividends before this playoff run is over. Utah was a tough matchup for him, especially coming back from injury.

I expect big changes in the Jazz. I wouldn't be surprised if Jerry Sloan resigned. Losing his long time employer and friend, Larry Miller, may cause him to reasses his situation. The man looked tired. He's taken a lot of hits in his personal life in recent years. It'll also be interesting to see what happens with the Boozer situation.

It's a bit disconcerting that the Lakers continue to blow big leads. But in the NBA, it happens a lot. A couple of turnovers in a row, a couple of blown calls by the refs and a couple of 3's and a 20 point lead is down to single digits in a heartbeat. They've got to do a better job as players AND coaching staff at protecting leads.

Loves me some Shannon Brown and Trevor Ariza! Those guys have seized opportunity and become solid contributors!

Finally, props to LO. He's playing some great ball! When he brings up the ball as the primary facilitator, he takes a lot of pressure off Kobe. His versatility reminds me of the role that Scottie Pippen played with MJ and the Bulls.


Jon K: "I thought journalists were supposed to be objective and yet flexible enough to be aware of their readership's sensibilities."

Like I said in the last thread, the 3 stooges you mentioned are columnists which are different from beat reporters. Bresnahan, Turner, Ding - those guys are supposed to give the objective view. Plaschke, Simers, Heisler? Their jobs are to give you their opinions - to not be objective. I'm not agreeing with what they're saying, I'm just pointing out that they're doing their jobs. You want objective, read Bresnahan's "reports". You want the subjective view, read Simers' "columns".

To Let's go C's;
Yep - a three to turn the championship tables would be exactly what most sports fans would pray for. I would, no matter which way the wind blows. As for you and your attitude, "get off your knees, dude - you're blowing it."Otis Faker Posted by: Otis | April 28, 2009 at 11:11 AM

I don't believe it! Otis did you stop drinking? Why you ask.


Please put me on the "For The Love Of God, Man! Jesterguru, Don't Get That Shirt! Bandwagon."

There's just too much at stake.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Great Post BronxLakerfan

At this point, he's too good for the Times. Besides, they may just poison him anyway. Posted by: Fatty | April 28, 2009 at 11:22 AM

TA DA and the Fat guy strikes again!


I have only one question 'bout last night's game. Where was DWill? I don't care what the stats say, if it wasn't for Millsap and AK-47 it wouldn't have even been a game.

Isn't DWill supposed to be their best player?

Just a random thought.


LS: "Not sure if starting Bynum is a good idea. Can he defend Yao? I like the matchup of Odom taking on Scola. Odom has an advantage in length and quickness. Furthermore, Bynum will have a very, very small second unit that he can dominate. Any thoughts?"

The only way to effectively defend Yao is to front him. Regardless of who is there. With Drew's length, tossing an entry pass over him is going to be extremely difficult. I believe that, regardless of if he starts or not, LO will spend plenty of time dominating Scola. In games 1 and 2, he's entered the 1st quarter at about the 4-5 min mark and played about 30 min for the game. The only thing that would affect that rotation is foul trouble.

I know people would look at Chuck Hayes and Carl Landry saying that Drew should dominate them but PJ is seeing it the opposite way. Because Drew's lateral movement is still his weakness right now due to the knee, he's not quick enough to keep up with those hustle guys - which is why Milsap was able to beat him off the dribble and to loose balls.

We fear no one!!! Bring them on!!! As in years past when the Lakers would destroy the dreams of would be challengers, these Lakers will do the same for years to come.

Bring on the winner of the Rockets/Blazers because we'll be ready.

A lot of people are hopping on the Nuggets bandwagon, but I think that people are overlooking the Mavs who could give the Nuggets a run because it's obvious that the Hornets have flat out quit like the Pistons did. I've said all along that I wanted the Lakers to play the Jazz(because some people thought we were afraid of them for some reason), the Blazers(because others have said that they're the biggest threat) and the Nuggets(so the Lakers can put them in their place).

It's all about the purple and gold. It's winning time!!!

Paula Pierce is gonna throw up some swiss, huh? That's awesome. If you're gonna taunt, you might consider doing it in a way that's legible. But, hey, you can't help it. You're from Baaaaahstan. It's not your fault that you're an idiot. I hope that the great red-headed wonder is ready to carry Rondo off the court tonight. "My poor wittle feetsies were just hurting so bad." Brace yourself for another twenty years of total and complete professional basketball obscurity.

Go Lake Show!

Good point Fatty,

Maybe it's better that Ding stay with the Register. He won't be sullied by the Plaschke's and Heislers of the world.

It seems like the problem is that those "big time" writers are on TV all of the time now with shows like Around the Horn and they think they're the celebrities. Even columnists, whose job it is to voice a measure of opinion, are still reporting a story. A good column is equal parts interjection and narration. With those guys, even when the Lakers are doing well, it's always about them and not the story. The opinion has become the story, and writers believe they're the stars. We certainly should be talking about the Lakers' shortcomings and their difficulty holding leads, but what the Three Stooges think about that has to go beyond their simple minded opinions and into the actual reporting part of the story where they gain insight and show us the reasons and effects and so on. They pretty much just stink. All of the best and most intelligent writing is done on blogs now because there's less filtration, even with this blog.

Jon K.

Hunter Thompson was a revolutionary. He'd make these guys all look silly were he alive and writing. And he'd do it hopped up on LSD and Mescaline. That's embarrassing for the sober writers.

Thanks, MAMBA24...

And thanks for the great job that you do with the Roll Call and with all your posts! I gotta admit...each time I see my tag on the Roll Call, it's like seeing a smiling just makes me feel good!!

Mamba 24,

Thanks soooo much for adding me to the roll call. I'm almost as excited by that as I am by last night's win!

Jon K,

I agree with your take on the "Three Stooges." In fact, there are people on this very blog who write/report better than those three.

Let's go C's
that's funny man, what are you trying to be all brave before the game tonight or something? You should be worrying more about the bulls at this point..Even if your team makes it past the bulls they are hurting bad. I'm thinking you should probably stop drinking that paint thinner before you post such baseless hyperbole...

that being said I'd love the celtics to make it to the finals, hell I'm even hoping for that just so I can see the tears rolling down paul pierce's whiney crybaby face as he realizes even a wheelchair cant save him from the destruction that the Lakers have brought to his team.. Kevin Garnett will probably burst out of his skin having to sit there in a suit and watch his team go down in flames!!! Ha ha ha it's going to be fantastic!!!

Last Minute News on tonights game I'm sorry to say Ben gordon will be useless for tonights game. So sad to say the Celts. will win this one easily

Jack Nicholson uses his jedi mind trick on Deron Williams forcing him to tumble head over heels right in front of Mr. Nicholson.

Oh sorry, we're not playing that game with this picture? Darn it!


In order to keep Lamar, this is what should happen first

1. Championship
2. Kobe opts out and restructure contract similar to Shaq i.e. 5 years $ 100 M

The savings on Kobe's salary amount 3.0 in '10 and 4.8 in '11. Sign the following players:

1. LO - $ 34M 3yrs
2. Ariza - $ 23 M 3 yrs.
3. Shannon - $ 14M 3yrs.
4. Mbenga - 1.2M 1 yr.
5. Powell - 2.5M 2 yrs

Salaries will be escalating but loaded on the last year to maintain luxury caps to minimum.

Qualifying offer or package trade

1. Farmar
2. Morrison

Note: There are two teams that will overhaul their lineup namely: Hornets and Pistons.

Lamar was freaking outstanding last night and the whole series. Honestly, if he plays like that, the Lakers can win the whole thing without major contributions from Andrew. I love his fire. Ever since he layed it all on the floor in that Phoenix series in '06, I knew this guy was a warrior and should be a Laker for Life.

Viva Lamar!!!

Go lakers!!!

(01) FATTY – OWNER - . If, JESTERGURU, gets the shirt, it could lead to a disturbance in the Force (see Tim-4-Shows comment). Making a rift where possible and allowing Evil Sith like beings to influence the welfare of the Blog. As we all know, its the Jedi Knight commenters here that are protecting the Lakers Universe. A weakness here, could lead to the end of the Lakers. If you can't read my mind, because you are still clouded with hate from last nights 4th quarter play, I will spell it out for you. We must prevent JESTERGURU from getting that shirt.
(02) JON K. – DRIVER - Please put me on the "For The Love Of God, Man! Jesterguru, Don't Get That Shirt! Bandwagon." There's just too much at stake.
(04) MAMBA24 - JESTERGURU you know right from wrong and this is not right

What's it going to take to get Plaschke off the sports page? This guy writes like he should be writing promos for action movie trailers. There's never a sentence of sports analysis in his columns, just a bunch of emotional fluff. Lame. Heisler is at least witty and knows the game. And he's defended Bynum. Plaschke rips Bynum in today's column but just as soon as Bynum has a good game he'll start writing about him as if he were the second coming of Jesus. The guy is a total a flake, has no opinions and needs to be thrown in the entertainment section or something.

Question of the day ... what's the best way to kill time while your team is waiting for it's next playoff opponent?

( I loved that last layup against the Jazz), hands down to Lamar.
Posted by: Laker Justice | April 28, 2009 at 10:31 AM

That was not a Layup...That was a statement to the Jazz and the rest of the League.

As for Andrew, he was draggin his leg during his first games back from injury. Now hes putting more and more pressure on his knee. Anyone who has had a knee or ankle injury knows that the pain is a constant reminder of how weak the knee is.

Lets give him the minutes he needs to get in rythem, rather than to be a difference maker.


Awesome roll call as always Mamba.

I can't comment on any of the games this past week but AB is gonna have to establish his dominance in the next series against Yao and the Rockets and he's going to have to do it early on. This is a challenge he's going to have to meet so that we can quiet the Plaschke's of the world.


I agree. If Bynum doesn't become a contributor at all in the post season, he should be traded for a hi energy big man that plays defense and rebounds. Maybe Camby or Tyson Chandler and even Noah.

How about Sasha and Bynum to chicago for Noah and Hinrich?

Posted by: thundaskratch


Wow, the dumb leading the dumb. I thought all the Fair Weather Fans had gone fishing. Guess I was wrong. These two idiots just forfeited their seats on the Lakers bandwagon.


Good news - Bad news...

The good news:

If Lamar Odom keeps playing like this, the Lakers will win the
Championship this year going away.

The bad news:

If Lamar Odom keeps playing like this, Detroit will offer him a contract
starting at 10 million per this summer and Buss won't match it.

Why, thank you Mamba24 - I've been touched by the blog.

good afternoon from cleveland
ya'll talking real big. like you havethe title already.
can they play the game or should David Stern just "give" the title to LA.
make it to the finals first; were you all talking like this last year? naw.. I thought not.. boston tapped that !
now it is our turn to get a piece of LA's funkey stuff.
gush ..gush..gush.. tap that tap that... we will be all up in yo guts in just a few weeks. If you get past the great wall of China.
have a nice day.

>>>The only way to effectively defend Yao is to front him.

Not so.

The best way to beat Yao is to tire him out.

Big heavy guy[s] to wrestle with him in the lane, then sprint
to the offensive end. If Yao doesn't run back on D, then it's a
quick dunk for Bynum or Gasol or MBenga. If Yao does run,
then he tends to tire out pretty quickly.

Once you tire Yao out, his shooting percentage and even his
free throw percentage falls rapidly.

And the thing to bear in mind is that other than Yao, Houston
has a very short front court (now that Dikembe is done). With
Yao tired out or on the bench, Bynum, Gasol, and Odom should
have their way on offense and have a size advantage over
guys like Scola and Landry on defense.

Lamar was great in the Utah series but we need the heathy Drew in the next series whether Rockets or Portland. If I may also add, we need perimeter shooters on top of Sasha who has low percentage of shooting lately, we need the Adam Morrison that go-to-guy from Gonzaga not the Adam that got injured from Bobcats. Lastly, what's wrong of having 3 PG's Fish, Shannon & Jordan, if two are off, one has to be on.

The cure for blowing leads is that Lakers need the whole depth and breadth of role players disregarding the past games. After 82 games in the season plus 5 games w/ Jazz, there are already minor aches and pains PJ must have complete arsenal of choices to support the big guns. The choice of 12 is better than relying on 8. Winning big is great but the most important is just W that is long lasting not in roller coaster mode like Heat or the Celtics. This is a team game, when one is off, the other should pick up the slack and turn it on. If you rely only on the best players, fatigue and nagging injuries may affect talents. Laker players has to be fresh and inspired as they phase themselves all the way to the big dance in June.

This is a column, by Kevin Ding.

Column • a section of a newspaper or magazine regularly devoted to a particular subject or written by a particular person.

Nowhere in that definition does it state that unwarranted opinion is to be included in a column. Heck, any opinion at all. Just because you get a column, doesn't mean you add editorial content to the story. That's where they should be putting the Three Stooges' material. In the editorial section. Where no one will have to burn their eyes reading it.

Okay, I'm done now. Slow news day for the Lakers, and not a lot else to talk about.

Has anyone else seen State of Play?

Phil, Kobe and Co understand that Andrew will play a major role as the playoffs progress.....It would be foolish for anyone to write the young stud off just yet......He didn't get enough minutes in this series IMO.....and it totally effected him mentally.......However this is a confident young man and once things begin to go well for him in the Houston series he's going to get a bit of his swagger back .....I've always said as great as Kobe will be for the rest of the playoffs .....the Lakers have to have Andrews toughness on the defensive end (defensive rebounding, block shots, and good hard fouls) to bring it home this year.....Pau is as skillful as any PF/C in the league but sometimes he doesn't respond well to physical play.......LO will continue to play a major role but ANDREW IS THE X FACTOR FOR THIS YEARS CHAMPIONSHIP.........We don't need him to get 20/10 but I think he does have the ability to show up to the tune of 15/8/2......In the Utah series he was just rushing things b/c he knew his minutes would be scarce......Now that Utah is out of the way Andrew has to be given more of an opportunity to get into rhythm......If he gets 30+ minutes and 12+ shots (3 of which he can get from offensive rebounds) we will see a more decisive /aggressive Andrew Bynum......Right now he is not sure about when the team will need him but the answer is RIGHT NOW......Houston will be another really good test for the Lakers.......I expect them to win the series in 5 games (with 3 of them being really close)......Hopefully Phil will look to finish these games with Kobe Pau, LO, Bynum, and Fish on the floor............

Now to my second round expectations

Kobe will relish the challenge of shooting down Battier & Artest averaging approx 33/5/4 on 47% shooting or better......Pau will come through with his usual 17/8/2 ....LO 15/10/3......Bynum with more minutes/ more shots will break through with 15/8/2 .....Trevor 10/5/4 ......Fish 9/2/2......The rest of the Lakers will contribute 16pts ....the team will avg 115pts in the series and move on to the WCF to face Denver......





My fear is we have a 'Sophies Choice' situation. Other teams will make a play for Lamar and Ariza driving up the price. Mitch may have to choose between Ariza or Odom.

When I look at the financials, Dr Buss is really looking at some serious lux tax issues. How much can he afford to pay? We don't know.

Kobe when interviewed by Reilly was asked if he would opt out and take less. Kobe gave him a firm no. Perhaps a Championship, coupled with two Disney Candied Apples will get Kobe in the right frame of mind to opt out and sign for less.

This Lakers team has all the pieces to contend for several years. Now, if we can just afford to sign them all.........

Its my opinion, this team as it sits, can go for 70 wins next year if they want to make that type of committment. They will be that good.

be forewarned laker fan
nuggets are coming over to play soon
rest assured it will be a violent war
you might not get to see LBJ at all
KB is a ballerina
beautiful until he gets hit in the mouth

Had to laugh at the inane spew coming out of Let's Go C's mouth. Seriously? What the heck are you doing? Your series is TIED. And remember, we not only beat you this year but we swept the season series. Even in your house we were the better team. Then you come here and try and start something?

C'mon man. Have a shred of dignity.

If the C's progress it's doubtful they'll get out of the second round. You can't get past Orlando or Cleveland without a team at full strength. And that's exactly what you don't have. But I wish you all the luck in the world, because you will for sure need it.

YO, if Sasha has to play at PG any more this postseason we're done....

Hate to be sour... But that was the worst collection of playmaking I might've seen in my life!

I'd rather see Jordan Farmar eff up, then allow that atrocity to happen again. shoot.. you pass... you dont dribble.


TMNT Mask - I agree with you about Plaschke. At this point I don't read his stuff anymore.

Also, I want to give a shout out to the bloggers for being the only media members grounded in reality. I am so tired of hearing from the rest of the media how (A) Lamar Odom Is A Superstar!!! and (B) Wow The Lakers Really Exposed a Weakness In Blowing Leads.

Because (A) YES, LO deserves major props for his outstanding play this series (as LakersBlog has rightfully granted him). Yes, LO is a player who can truly change a game, or a series, and without his outstanding work in this series we'd probably have at least 1 more game to go. Watching him play aggressively, taking it to the rim and grabbing rebounds is really a joy. But the rest of the sports world seems to go into hyperventilate fanboy mode when he has a great game, projecting him as the future of the team (to loosely quote Avery Johnson from the other day, "Lamar Odom is a superstar"). I think after so many years of LO, we've all learned that as fantastic as he can be you can't project the next 50 games from what he does in 5, because for reasons unknown to anyone else sometimes (occasionally, a lot of the time) he just doesn't bring it. Yes, I absolutely hope LO keeps up his level of play because he's a difference-maker but I"m not going to chisel his contributions in stone for the rest of the playoffs ... he's a pencil-only guy.

As for part (B) - the Lakers blow big leads. Most of the actual Laker Nation knows this, because it has been consistently demonstrated for several YEARS with this particular lineup. I think it's a manifestation of the "playing to the level of your opponent" problem the team has. Yes, obviously blowing big leads is a problem even in a game of runs (as Joel and Stu say) and yes I wish like mad for the team to develop a killer instinct like the Thuggets ... but the rest of the media right now is acting like this is something NEW! NO! This is what this team does. It may very well be a problem in the future, as it has been in the past (*Finals Game 5*) but it's not a NEW problem so it's really not worth the massive amounts of ink (or pixels) spent on behalf of the issue in the past 18 hours. (AK/BK have a very good balance on this topic)

My real question/concern from this series is Pau. When did he stop knowing how to shoot free throws? And what happened? I feel like in 4 games he regressed an entire 82 games back to the finals, and it's frustrating because I felt he was the most consistent player over the course of the regular season. I know his stat line is okay for this series, but I still feel like I'm not watching the same Pau .... am I just being hypercritical?

I was just browsing the Jazz blog and it's unbelievable what they're saying over there. I know I shouldn't be surprised or shock, but still it baffles me that fans of WC teams would root against the WC representative in the finals. To read, hear and see fans actually root for every team that plays the Lakers including the Celtics, Cavs or any EC team is just outright ridiculous and over the top.

I understand that we're the most hated team in the league, but I would never root for the Celtics or Cavs or any other EC team against any team that represents the West, no matter how much I dislike the team. As a West Coast guy, I've never rooted against any WC team that goes to the finals because I believe that it shows which is the dominant conference and I just don't like EC teams. Even here in Seattle where I live, I was shocked how many people went with Boston last year just because they can't stand the Lakers.

How do others on here feel about this? Thanks for your response. Go Lakers!!!

Long Time Laker Fan

That is exactly how you beat Houston!

Yao dissappears in the second half is he is tired. and without Mutumbo, this series [if it's Houston]will be like the Jazz series. 5 games and its DONE!


Long Time Laker Fan, you are right on about Yao. You must have been a Laker fan a long time.

Yao is susceptible to fatigue. If you make him move a lot, he can be a non-factor in the fourth quarter. And, given his size, the best way to go at him if he is guarding you is to move a lot without the ball and try to have some space when you catch the ball.

Whomever Yao is guarding should be making him move on D. Works in the short term and wears him down.

Laker Tom,
Who are you to say were dumb and idiot. I guess you're even dumber than a bumb who never saw a structure of a school.. People who used those kind of words are the kind of people who can be comparable to classless, uneducated individuals. No wonder you're using those words because it best describe your personality. I guess you got no life and Lakers is your only life. Let's leave it that way. I don't want to deal with fanatic uneducated fans like you. Lakers is only part of our entertaimnet in our busy life. Unlike yourself who live, breathe LAKERS. Get a life and make yourself useful in this society.

Live chat with Mike Trudell going on right now at (2PM PDT).

Nemaia Faletogo,

I would root for any Western Conference team over the Celtics.

I would root for any Western Conference team (except the Trailblazers or Suns) over the Cavs.

Utah fans are classless. We all know that. I would root for them in the Finals over the Cavs or Celtics because: a) I hate the Celtics with my entire being b) I have some begrudging respect for the Utah FRANCHISE (not the fans, the franchise). They've managed to put together a consistently competitive franchise for decades despite being in a location no one wants to play in. So, I'll give them that. I don't respect them like the Spurs, but I do have a modicum of respect for what they've been able to accomplish.

That's why I could root for them in the Finals over the Cavs or Celtics.

Thank God I'm not going to have to make that hard decision.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


How Ariza spends his day off:

My gf just texted me that THE GHOST, Trevor Ariza is having lunch at Toast (on 3rd Street) with his girl right now.

btw - I highly recommend the coffee cake crusted french toast.


Laker Tom is an absolutely stand-up Lakers fan and a man of intelligence and insight.

Just because he used a few inflammatory words it doesn't mean you should condemn his entire being. That's much worse than what Laker Tom said.

People have an equal responsibility to have a thick skin as we do to be respectful in life. Over-sensitivity is just what it sounds like: A dysfunction.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Rudy -

That was totally unnecessary. And barely coherent.


"be forewarned laker fan
nuggets are coming over to play soon
rest assured it will be a violent war
you might not get to see LBJ at all
KB is a ballerina
beautiful until he gets hit in the mouth"

Ugh, I loathe responding to trolls, but I couldn't let this one go by, simply because it makes absolutely no sense!

Seriously, that's your best jab at our superstar? Since when has anyone said a ballerina is beautiful until she gets hit in the mouth? I would love to see the Wiki as to when that phrase was originated. And I don't want to see "denveriscomingforyou" as the source for Wiki.

Come on, man. You have got to do better than that if you're going to troll on a superior teams' blog. Besides the fact that that's one of the worst attempts of trolling I've ever seen on this blog, you'll also have to get past Dallas in the 2nd round. No small feat there, at least for you guys.

Just wait for a few more threads to pop up and read some comments from "butler" or "131-92." They at least take some time to try and be a little creative when they troll.


do you know if the players are getting together for dinner and to watch their potential opponents like last playoffs?

i was hoping it would become a tradition- keep that good chemistry going on and off the court.


>>> I don't want to deal with fanatic uneducated fans like you. Lakers is
>>> only part of our entertaimnet in our busy life. Unlike yourself who live,
>>> breathe LAKERS. Get a life and make yourself useful in this society.

If you paid attention in school, you would know the correct verb tense and spelling should have read “Lakers ARE only part of our ENTERTAINMENT in our busy life.” And if you had spent more time updating your basketball knowledge you would have known that trading Andrew Bynum for Marcus Camby or Tyson Chandler or Joakim Noah was a dumb idea.

At any rate, I do apologize for calling you dumb. That was not fair. What I meant was that the ideas you presented in your post were in my opinion dumb. I will admit I have lost my patience with Fair Weather Fans that want to trade everybody on the team based on the last game’s performance. Andrew Bynum is going to be the Next Great Lakers Center. If you do not believe me, then just ask somebody who knows, like Kobe Bryant.


LTLF: "Not so. The best way to beat Yao is to tire him out."

It's not an either or situation. You can do both. Fronting him is a proven strategy against Yao. Something that Boston did against him very effectively and Portland just started doing it last game. The philosophy being that, he shoots a high percentage when he gets the ball in good position so make it harder for him to get the ball. Trying to force him out into bad position is what puts opposing bigs in foul trouble.

I agree that Yao is prone to getting tired but something PJ noted about the playoffs is that timeouts and breaks are much longer and, therefore, your players get more time to recover. Yao was able to play 43 minutes last game. That being said, the Lakers-Utah series averaged 10 more possessions per game than the Houston-Portland series. Yao might have a hard time keeping up no matter who is on the floor and that may have been a factor as to why the Lakers were able to sweep Houston this year.

Here's what I'm wondering...

Is there a Denver troll posting on an NO blog under the handle "121-63"?

Nemaia Faletogo,

Talofa. Hey fam how are you? Your post on
April 28, 2009 at 01:44 PM was not surprising to read.

There might a prerequisite in becoming a Jazz fan:
Homophobia, Racism, and Rabidness.

JNA - I know he's a season ticket holder. All I can tell you from my one time hearing him talk is the dude is as weird as he looks. He asked a question at a Town Hall Meeting that nobody understood. After that, they had people submit their questions in advance. I actually thought he was Mike T.

Laker Tom,

"Andrew Bynum is going to be the Next Great Lakers Center."

I agree. I just want it to happen sooner than later.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Tom,
First of all I am not an English major so pardon my verb tense. At least I'm using what I acquired from my college education by not using those kind of words that only uneducated bum used everyday. Act and speak like one, so you will not be accused as street people. As for that dumb idea(per your blog) of trading Bynum for Tyson Chandler, Noah, or Camby is not mine, that's thundaskratch. Bynum is way too good to be traded to those players. What I said is trade Bynum to Danny Granger. Nobody really knows if Bynum will really be that good in the future plus the fact that he's got an ATTITUDE PROBLEM. Why not trade him to a tested, young, hardworking, All Star caliber Granger now.


"I agree. If Bynum doesn't become a contributor at all in the post season, he should be traded for a hi energy big man that plays defense and rebounds. Maybe Camby or Tyson Chandler and even Noah."


"Who are you to say were dumb and idiot. I guess you're even dumber than a bumb who never saw a structure of a school."


"Sometimes it's better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

Abraham Lincoln

Nuff Respect, Mamba!

GIVING UP BIG LEADS has become a habit for this team. You are what you repeatedly do. Phil's refusal to call timeouts is meant to overcome this bad habit and to mentally toughen up the team. This strategy worked wonders for Phil's championship teams of the past. Unfortunately, this group is less experienced, younger, and not as mentally tough (yet) as those teams. As a result, every time Phil refuses to call a timeout, the habit of giving up big leads gradually gets more and more ingrained into the pscyhe of this team, and what you get is the game 4 meltdown in the finals against Boston. I believe Phil continued this strategy this season as an attempt to exorcise those game 4 demons, but thus far, this strategy has completely backfired.

The more you think about NOT doing something, the more you are likely to do it. It's a self-fullfilling prophecy. When you're shooting FT's, if all you're thinking about is "please don't miss", than you will miss. Giving up big leads has now become a national story, which only adds to the problem by making it that much more difficult to break this bad habit.

The Utah series proved that it's time to abort this strategy once and for all. Phil has made more adjustments this year than any season I can remember (i.e. completely changing the defensive schemes in the pre-season, spur of the moment lineup changes, benching his favorite player-Luke, starting off the 4th quarter with the starters, etc.). I have faith that starting from the next series, Phil will make another big adjustment and start calling timeouts when necessary.


There may be some luxury taxes issues but the Buss family have to share their loot and open their coffers if they want continue inflow of more mullah. Like Dubai, once the well dries up the people departs, there will be a fan flight and Lakers become semi-Clippers. Therefore, they have to spend in order to earn more.

Kobe's reaction at this time is no deal but once he sees the big picture and gets a percentage of the loot like Magic J. he may change course, as you know business is business, everybody for the money and if he gets antagonistic, he loses the company that he trusts. Ariza and Odom are not really high profiled superstars similar to the Celtic situation, tho' we are approaching that status in three years time. Kobe and Pau have to limit their salaries in order to cater a good team. Mitch may be revisiting the decisions he made in signing Luke for 5 years and Drew for another 4 years starting next year. It appears that these two are the two permanent players in the years to come till 2013 presumably including Kobe after his salary is determined at the end of this season.

As they say in the bargaining table, somebody has to give way while Luke and Drew are just chuckling, "not us". With the introduction of luxury caps, there has to be an understanding that salary vs. ego has to be handled well or else it could wreck the team itself.

Another method for the Buss family is to sell the team to AEG and run for the money like O'Malley's of the Dodgers.


My apologies. We’re both Lakers fans so let’s start over. Same to thundaskratch. And Danny Granger is a terrific young ball player that the Lakers probably considered taking but fortunately decided to draft Drew. Anyway, let’s agree to disagree without being disagreeable. OK? But there is no way that the Lakers are going to trade Andrew Bynum for anybody at this point in time. GM’s generally do not like to trade big for small. And 7-foot centers who can play with their back to the basket are a very rare commodity.

Peace. :)



Talofa uce, thanks for the response to my post earlier. It just seems crazy that fans of WC teams would root for an EC team in finals just because they don't like a team like the Lakers even though they're actually representing the WC and the entire West Coast. I mean, seriously, where is the Westside love from the fans on the west coast? Take care uso and tofa soifua.


Keep the talk during disagreements mature. There will obviously be differences of opinion, and that's fine, but getting into immature insults like "your boyfriend" is beneath everyone. The comment shouldn't have gone through (our fault) and future stuff along those lines won't. Please don't make this a further issue.



I can't say with 100% certainty, but I believe the team is watching the Rockets-Blazers game together.


First off, I love this blog from the bandwagoners, to the fair weather fans, to the trolls, this truly is my entertainment at work.

I, for one, am so confident in the Lakers right now, because the Lakers have held it down against the other Elite teams in the league. It's easy to lay into the Clippers (which Cleveland and Boston had troubles with, huh?), but to go on the road and embarass teams is the greatest feeling ever.

A Cavs troll said they are ready for us and will squish us, but don't forget that we played hard when the opposing team played hard. The only reason we took our foot off the gas last night was because Williams and Broozer did (Why do you think Sloan sat them down?) What no one knew (not even Sloan) is the guys he has been marginalizing were the guys with the most heart.

Luckily we have a team where players aren't marginalized and often not only are they called on to play their roles, but they have to go above and beyond. With a 65 win season I think we can a agree that most of the time when they are called upon they live up to the challenge.

To all you trolls and fair weather fans out there,
Don't let the quiet, punctuated Laker wins (i.e. last night) or the blow outs (i.e. Game 4) lull you into a sense of self-satisfaction. How did we win againt the Elite teams this season? One reason: We put the pedal to the metal and kept it there for 48 minutes. Everyone wants to harp on playing down to lesser opponents, but the elephant in the room is the Lakers playing better than the other Elite teams. With Odom, Ariza and Brown, peaking at the right time, I would watch out if I were YOU,

Unless the Cavs are into rolling over and playing dead (ha!), I'd watch out cause we're about to turn your home court floor purple and gold!

Answer of the day, watch the other NBA playoff games while drinking plenty of beer.

Why is everyone so convinced we have to lose either Ariza or Odom?

Didn't we just drop luxury taxes 2X losing both Chris Mihm and Rambo? Can't we do the same with Ammo if he doesn't work out? Do you think we're just trying to save money or are we also trying to enhance our flexibility so we can sign all the guys that perform. I think if a guy performs we're always going to find money for him. We're the Lakers, not Utah or Phoenix.

Enjoy every minutes of your victory in the weak Western Conference. ...

Posted by: Let's go C's | April 28, 2009 at 10:53 AM

Huh? What weak Western Conference?? The Hawks, Heat, 76ers, Bulls, and Pistons would not have even qualified for the playoffs had they been playing in WC.

OTOH, the PHX Suns who did not even qualifiyfor the WC playoffs would have been the #5 seed if they were playing in the EC.

da best. Keep it going! Thank you



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