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Lakers 116, Nuggets 102: Return of the Drew

16 points, seven boards, one dime, 21:05 of PT.  Welcome back, Andrew Bynum.

Breakdown below.  

Three Good

  • The Bigs: Plural. As the saying goes, two seven footers are better than one. All the media attention centered around Andrew Bynum's return, and perhaps the Nuggets focused too heavilyPau Gasol pulls on the net vs. Denver on him as well. It was the Lakers other big man, Pau Gasol, who finished with 27 points and killed Denver on the backboard, tallying career highs in total rebounds (19) and offensive boards (11).

    Bynum had an immediate impact as well, adding 16 points and seven boards in 21 stellar minutes. As advertised, he looked healthy, and his presence contributed to Gasol's career rebounding marks.

    “I was able to take advantage of the fact that he was a little off still on his rhythm on his shots,” Gasol said. “He got really good deep position offensively, and I was able to go after the ball because he attracted two defenders.”

  • The Bench: Yes, they shot poorly from the field (7-25), but against one of the most productive benches in the league, the Lakers second unit held its own, racking up 32 points and 13 assists. Shannon Brown came off the pine early and provided a spark (five points, three assists and one perfect three-pointer), Lamar Odom (seven points, nine rebounds, four assists) played well early before tailing off in the second half and Luke Walton (six points, four rebounds and three assists) added highly productive minutes.

  • Foul Shooting: For a team that has struggled at times this year from the charity stripe, the Lakers won the game there tonight. While shooting only 42.5% from the floor, the purple and gold marched to the line a jaw-dropping 46 times, converting 37 (80.4%). Not surprisingly, Gasol and Kobe Bryant shot the most freebies – Pau was 9-11, Kobe 9-10. Bryant was able to penetrate at will against the futile defensive efforts of JR Smith, or pretty much anyone else wearing a Nuggets uniform. It also helped that the game was called tighter than a hangman's noose; In total, 57 fouls were whistled by Steve Javie's crew leading to 75 total free throw attempts.

Ben Taylor

Three Bad:

  • Jordan Farmar: When Derek Fisher picked up two quick fouls in the first quarter, Phil Jackson went to Shannon Brown.  After the game, PJ said it was in part a matchup thing- he wanted the stronger Brown in there to body up against Denver's Chauncey Billups.  In the second half, Brown was again the first guard off the bench.  Both Farmar and Brown ended up with about 14 minutes each and Jackson made a point to say after the game that this isn't necessarily a permanent rotation change, but given how well (and how much) Brown played in Sacramento and again tonight, it's easy to assume, if I might slightly bastardize Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, that change may be afoot at the proverbial Circle K. Farmar wasn't awful Thursday, but there's no question that he's struggling, and his margin for error is now extremely small.  So tonight, when he was 0-2 from the floor, had three fouls, and continued his tendency to over-dribble like disciple of Stevie Franchise, it certainly didn't help Farmar's cause.
  • Trevor Ariza: 1-8 from the floor, only one rebound in 19+ minutes of burn.  Plus, he had a little trouble sticking a very aggressive Carmelo Anthony, who made a statement early with some aggressive play and eight first quarter points.  When he's determined to take it to the rack, Melo can be a tough guard for Ariza, who is longer than he is quick. In fairness, Denver did a nice job getting him the ball in position to attack, and (oh yeah) 'Melo is pretty freakin' good at basketball.  While the Lakers have a strong record of bottling him up, you can't expect it to happen every time out.  
  • Derek Fisher: Foul trouble hampered him all night, and he finished with four points on 2-5 shooting, with both buckets coming in the last four minutes after the Lakers had pushed the lead back over ten.  All in all, not a great evening for Fish, but on the plus side, he only played 21:14.  Combine that with the good minutes for Shannon Brown, and it's actually a pretty good silver lining.  A little more rest on the bench, even if it comes via foul trouble, may not be such a bad thing for Fisher.  

One Big Thing: Andrew Bynum reaches for a ball against the Nuggets

  • Deja Vu: Anyone else get a very comforting sense of it?  While the Lakers have been very good without Bynum, it was fun to see (again) the potential of what they can be with him.  Ben mentioned the rebounding above, and a lot of that has to do with LA's ability to once again roll out three outstanding glass eaters, in Bynum, Gasol, and Lamar Odom.  When the two seven footers are out on the floor together, it's very difficult to keep both off the glass.  Many of Gasol's 11 offensive boards came on weakside clean ups. Even when Bynum is on the bench, most teams don't have the depth to counter the guys LA will keep on the floor.  Phil Jackson now has the luxury of keeping two of those three out on the court throughout most of the game.  That's incredibly difficult to counter.
The impact trickles down to the reserves.  No disrespect intended to Josh Powell and DJ Mbenga, but 20 minutes of Andrew Bynum makes them a far better team than having either of those guys on the floor.  More versatile, more dynamic offensively, more skilled generally.  Odom only had seven points on 2-7 shooting, but he swallowed up nine boards, dished out four assists, was active defensively, and was a +13 on the night.  Just as it was earlier in the season, good things happened when he was on the floor.  No surprise, too, that the bench had a good night.

There were the 32 personals Denver racked up, in part because of LA's interior pressure.  And, of course, the free and easy 33 piled up by Kobe Bryant.  The better the guys around him, the tougher it is to overplay 24, or, conversely, the more the opposition pays for trying.  Kobe was effective all over the floor, from mid-range and beyond, and most importantly, found lanes to the bucket.  11 freebies were a welcome sight.  We've talked about not making Bynum out to be a savior, putting the pressure of a title on his shoulders.  That's not fair to him.  But tonight, it was clear what the team was missing in his absence, and what they have a chance to regain over the next three games before the playoffs begin (likely) a week from Sunday. 

Denver came into the game hoping to make a statement, showing they could beat LA on the road and that their February win over the Lakers in the Mile High City was no fluke.  They certainly left having said something... but it definitely wasn't what they intended. 



Lamar Odom:

Phil Jackson:

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I'm way over here in the Far East and it's nice to know that Bynum's back when I return to watching Lakers basketball!


I dont even care if we get homecourt against the cavs. We beat them by 17 with drew in the lineup and by 10 without him in THEIR building. I'm ready to go to figueroa and watch the parade already. Bring on cavs/celts/magic! Welcome back beast.

Laker fans couldn't have scripted a better comeback for young Drew.

Welcome back big fella.


I guarantee you the Lakers will win tonight in Portland. I can feel it.

I was at the game tonight for my 22nd Birthday and first of all, I want to say, being at a game is SO MUCH better than watching it on TV.

I don't care if the fans aren't as rowdy as others, just seeing Kobe play in person, for the first time in my life, I can die happy now.

DREW!!! His first quarter wasn't great, but in the 2nd half, he was a beast. WELCOME BACK!!!

PAU!!!!! Always the consistent one, Pau had a great game, got tired at the end of the 3rd quarter, let Nene beat him on a couple of drives, but otherwise, it was beautiful watching El Spaniard gobble up those boards.

KOBE!!!!!!!!!! I can not believe some of the ridiculous shots he made in this game. It was crazy. Unfreakin' unbelievable. Like I said, I can die happy now.

Shannon Brown, I believe he's a new Laker fan favorite, he got a lot of positive cheers from the crowd. He did very well in Fish's absence.

D-Fish didn't play well tonight :( It was really obvious, five fouls, 2 points, 1-2 free throws? Not good, there were soooo many open threes that he missed. We were really excited every time he launched one -- but then he'd miss.

The referees called this one really close and then other times they'd just let it go. I didn't think they called it well for the Lakers or the Nuggets (but in the end, the Lakers got more foul shots so, why am I complaining?)

Overall, sucked that there was no tacos tonight (darn you JR SMITH!) but a win is a WIN. And I still am on this incredible Laker high.

This game was fun as hell. Bynum definitely makes a big difference. If this entire team is healthy during the playoffs. Then I just don't see anyone beating them. CHAMPIONSHIP TO LA!

Welcome back Bynum. In my not so humble, exuberant opinion with Bynum even as well as he played today, we are a championship team. Great stuff. Bynum's length and timing was enough to cause serious trouble.

I can't wait til he remembers how to use them and gets his timing back on D. It's gonna be pretty sick.

Great game. Calm, patient Lakers kicked some serious ass.

I wonder how things would have turned out had it not been Javie, but a saner less ticky-tack foul crew officiating...

the wrath is coming. WE ARE THE MIGHTY LAKERS!

Welcome back Drew!

And props to Pau for taking advantage of the attention Denver gave Drew. I did notice Nene seemed to stick pretty close to Drew.

Alright, let's go get that pathetic little team up north that thinks they're some great rivals pf ours.

(Hard to really hate the Blazer players but their fans sure have a smug attitude for a team that's done nothing for a decade or two.)

Go Lakers!!!

Nice game from the Lakers. The return of Baby Bunny Bynum was just great! LOL! Deep down, Denver knows it can't beat the Lakers. The Lakers have too much size and too much Kobe.

One caveat..Denver was on the second game of a back to back having played on Weds. in OKC. It showed in the second half as The Show pulled away. Not that I think it would have made much of a difference if they were fresh, but it's worth noting.

I thought PJ played the Shannon Brown card brilliantly. When Fish picked up his 2nd foul, PJ went with Brownie to check Billups because of his size and strength. He also allowed Shannon to be on the floor with Kobe, who could facilitate the offense. I like Kobe and Shannon on the floor together. This also enabled Sasha and Jordan, who are used to "working" together, to remain intact when Kobe got his usual rest. PJ was able to get more mileage out of the Farmar/Brown dynamic that way.

Granted, I agree with a lot of observers here that Farmar may be on his way out in the long run. But, going into the postseason, we need all our assets to be successful. I hope Farmar buys into the big picture and plays well.


OK, the invisible man was there, 19 rebounds and 27 points, but, as always, this is not significant... Pau is not your Baby, is not your player, is not so hard... without him, i'm sure, actual Lakers never win the ring.

Lakers before Gasol and after Gasol is the difference.

Welcome back AB !!!!

Fatty, LOL!

Fatty- inventor of the basketball actuarian table.

Tis portland game is a biggie for confidence against a rabid home crowd. I don't believe portland will be there in the end, but I want that ass tonight!!

Love how when we're pushed a little bit we get that much more intense and productive. It's looking mighty good ladies and gentlemen! If they can keep their perspective and sights set on that trophy we have an awesome chance to bring the Larry O'Brien home! WHOOHOO!!!!

Portland tonight.

Let's kick the crap out of them!

The one word which came to my mind watching the game today was..CONTROL.. with Bynum back.. we just seemed to be in control the entire game..everybody played with control and forced shots , no dumb turnovers.. Having a big , skilled seven footer control the paint just makes the game that much easier for the other guys.. So i am hoping to see more of this against Portland..and lol @ Baby Bunny Bynum ..


I am sooooo happy to see that Drew made a big splash upon his return. I can imagine the gloom in the rest of the league. If we chomp up Portland, the gloom will turn to despair. IF, I mean WHEN!!!


Inside the box score....

Denver left our shooters wide open so as to clog the middle, let the Birdman roam. and part of their scheme worked.

Ariza 1-8
Luke 1-6
Sasha 2-7
Odom 2-7

Combined 6-28 or 21%

2nd chance points decided the outcome as Lakers had 18 off. Rebs

If we make our open shots, this would have been a very easy game.

Last time in Denver the Birdman had a career game, this time, a career low. Birdman 0 blocks and 1 pt

Lakers were patient on the offensive side. Only 11 TO's.and Denver was only able to capitalize with 6 fast break points while the Lakers had 16.

Barkley is right. Denver is an outside shooting team.
And they missed. Billips and Smith 10-25 40%

Final score, Lakers 116 pts with a somewhat weak shooting game, which will happen in the playoffs sometimes. PJ teams can make up for that with good offensive board work. I think it was no accident the Lakers did good on the boards. Look for more improvement on that in the playoffs.

I liked a lot of different things about this game:

1) I went on Game Chat for the first time and man do those messages scrolling pop ups come at you fast! AK/BK/BT I don't know how y'all manage but I had fun.

2) Andrew 'The Beast' Bynum was all that and a pack a gum. He makes the game so much easier for whomever is out there with him. Banging bodies, attracting a double-team. I was wondering if George Karl had any regrets about his statements regarding Andrew earlier in the season. I wouldn't say that Bynum had a stand out night statistically but in consideration of what he's been through to get back here in time to effect our playoff was good to have him back.

3) Kobe freaking Bryant and Pau freaking Gasol. I want these two to ride off into the sunset together when their careers are done and I'd like to see both of their jerseys hung in Staples (providing we win a few championships in the interim). These guys flat out know the game of basketball. Gasol is a matador, swooping, dipping and diving all over the court. Kobe is a butt-kicking ballet dancer, leaping, tip-toeing, playing on point (it'd be funny if he laced up some ballet shoes and played like that one day). Bynum is a force of raw power, but these two are some of the most enjoyable people towatch play this game.

4) Shannon Brown is making it hard not to play him. He looks like he's belonged ever since his first points were on that thunderous dunk he threw down a couple of months ago. His ball handling hasn't been bad (no worse than Ariza) and he's good on defence. I won't give up on Farmar until the team does, but he's gotta be looking over his shoulder these days, even though PJ said it was just a match-up type-thing.

5) Kurt Rambis coaching! Well, for tonight, and I guess I can't be happy about that until...TONIGHT!!! I love Kurt, I got to meet him at the Chuck E. Cheese on Harbor Blvd as a kid. He was helping hand out our Boy's CLub jerseys and signing pictures of himself pulling down a rebound. He was really nice. So Kurt is cool.

Basically, a really satisfying game, the only bummer being some lackadaisical Lamar Odom 2nd half b-ball. The half time break and ensuing sit down might be the biggest adjustment Lamar has to make. That's a solid half hour + of sitting before coming back in, big adjustment. Hopefully he can make it before the playoffs.

Good game blog-o-maniacs, it was fun chatting with all y'all and watching crazy conversations flitting back and forth, but I think in the future I'll just watch the game and offer up opinions post haste.

Also, a shout out to PK_in_the_Mesa...just because he's in my hometown Costa Mesa, land o malls.



I do NOT like the Chris Paul to the Mavs rumors for this offseason. I just read that Cuban said he'd be willing to take on Paul and two of the Hornets worst contracts for ... it didn't say for whom, definitely not Nowitzki. I guess I'll have to check the trade machine!

Holy crap, did never just predict a win? On the road? Against Portland? Who are you and what have you done with the glass half empty guy? lol

In case it turns out to be Orlando or Boston instead of Cleveland - Bynum's return bodes well. Yao showed Dwight Howards achilles, so the tandem of Pau and AB should have the same effect - and eliminate the Garnett/Davis tandem. If they can keep from having 7 game series' early in the playoffs, this should be a fun run to the championship.


Ever ever...


Underestimate the power of Prayer!

I cannot tell you the sense of accomplishment I feel after last night's game. We prayed Drew back, y'all. They laughed at us. They teased us. They called us foolish for bringing God into this. But did He or did He NOT hear our prayers?!

Yes, Drew worked hard. Yes, Drew rehabbed like he should. Yes, Drew kept his wits about him and didn't let the injury go to his head. Yes, Drew did what he had to do to get back on the court. Even the Bible cosigns on that in the passage "Faith without works is dead."

But I don't doubt for a split second that our faith and trust in God for Drew's recovery played just the tiniest role in last night's outcome and beyond. It wasn't just the fact that Drew was HOW he played!

The battle ain't over. We must keep praying for Drew and all of our guys...remember, Kobe's functioning on 9 fingers. But we know what God is able to do through our guys if we Believe...


34-1, baby.


The return of Bynum? HA! The barstool won this game!

Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay...

We all know the power of the barstool, but far more importantly, it was absolutely fricken awesome to see Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol back on the court together. Just awesome.

Rabid Cavs fans were literally quaking in their boots seeing Bynum back on the court.

To quote on LeBroniac who had previously threatened to destroy the lucky barstool, "I don't know how we can beat them. All we're going to be able to do is huck up three-pointers and hope for the best."

To quote another LeBroniac, "They're (the Lakers) the best team in basketball. Wow."


Yesterday, the Nuggets!

Today, the Trailblazers!


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


My wife, who only watches the big games, and only when American Idol or Dancing with the Stars is not on, had these observations about last nights game.

On Denver:

“Denver’s team is a bunch of punks. Dahntey Jones only job is to cause the Lakers problems, by picking fights. The NBA should do something about him”

On Shannon Brown:

“He can play defense. I like his hustle and energy. He makes the Lakers a better team”

On PJ:

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Phil call so many time outs. He must want to win this one really bad.”

On Kobe:

“Of course, I can see why the fans feel he’s the MVP. Too bad the media is not watching the same games we are”

On Odom:

“Does he always miss at least one lay up every game?”

On Farmar:

:”He’s not very confident when he shoots”

On Sasha: (Should I worry about this one?)

“Sasha looks good even when he misses”

On Luke:

“He shoots kind of silly like. But he plays smart”

On Pau Gasol:

” He should get some MVP votes”

On Bynum:

“Denver can’t stop him”

On Fatty:

“Honey, please calm down, you are scaring the dogs”

What does she know?

By the way, I cheered when I saw Shannon Brown in during the first quarter.

I sure like that kid.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Tomorrow's gonna feel a whole lot different. Blazers 105, Lakers 97. Uh huh.

Good morning friends!
Random early morning ....

1. Bynum looked strong. He has obviously been working the weights. That picture alone should get posted in the East locker rooms and help dispel the soft label.

2. We are seeing the rise of another Mitch Kupchak gem of a trade. AMo might not be here (which is a bummer) but maybe he was trading for Shannon through the thinly veiled cover of Adam Morrison??? GENIUS! Trevor, Pau and now Shannon

3. Getting on a roll. Tonight's game is big. We win this and I have to believe we can finish out with the biggest win streak of the season heading into the playoffs - that's a statement! And just how PJ likes it - it's a marathon and we need to be peaking at just the right moment. He is GENIUS (and 9 rings) too!

4. I am getting too giddy. Can we just start the playoffs now????


Hey Banner Holder...very appropriate for the occasion this weekend. Prayer works! Now we pray that we can break this losing streak in Portland tonight and that Drew sits out the game against the Grizzlies on Sunday. Not that superstitions and prayer go together but I'm just saying.

I loved the game last night. Drew looks great With a few more games under his belt, he'll be back to form in no time.

GO LAKERS!!!! Happy Easter everyone!

Was not able to see the game but just rely on Fatty's words on Shannon: "The guy is a player and has worked his way into Coach's and Fatty's heart."

It would be a great change if Lakers had inserted new lineup with bynum and brown coming in to rescue the old legs, I would be more excited if they insert Fatty as the Coach instead of Rambis. Let us try the blogger approach of the game and let their fighting words into action.

Based on the box score, I see Josh Powell and DJ Mbenga as the casulties for Drew's return. The shadow of Shannon is lurking in the horizon and it could be a career change for Farmar or just a temporary recession on his minutes. We, the fans love this competition it brings the best of Farmar like in the situation when J-Critt was watching on the bench. Sliding LO in the second unit gives the bench a better court management than when a small PG Farmar was handling the ball. It also bring a renewed vigor on the offense when all starters of both teams go to the bench. As I said before, this is our distinct advantage against other teams, our strong bench.

The inferiority complex of the Portland Trailblazers is beyond annoying.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



You're wife is rad.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



i know u r computer savvy, but i will mention my habits with OS X (i also have a very powerful one with the best graphic card for video editing and 2TB of internal HD)

when watching the games and blogging i use both safari and firefox: safari for the live chat and firefox for the NBA home page with the scores, one window for the lakers box score and maybe one to 3 windows for 1-3 games. some games and other sites that have games work only with firefox or internet explorer (there is no IE for OS X) because r PC servers.

but lately, most of the games/sites also work on safari. make sure u have all the plug ins that translate PC format videos in quicktime. they will tell u if u need some plug in.

i have only the medium connection from AT&T but i guess what i lose on connection speed i gain with my computer power. obviously hours/traffic, servers and location are part of this un-controllable equation. hope it helps. a year ago i was not able to watch any game. until i found all the formats and plugins. but really, separating the Live Chat and the game in 2 different browsers will do it for OS X. the PC people don't have this problems.

we don't want to miss your comments, especially that i mostly agree with u. if this post is too early, and u don't catch it, i will re-post it later in the day before the portland game.



obviously, your wife gets it

now is time to train the dogs.


This was a good win, establishing something approaching dominance (except for the last 4 minutes of the first half) over a team that starting to feel like it could take the Western Conference. A few comments:

1) Drew got comfortable on offense. First half was shaky, a five foot airball, fumbling away a Kobe pass, a travelling violation. In the second half he was more instinctive and aggressive, getting good position and making strong moves. He even grabbed a rebound and tossed in one from the foul line and looked so natural Marv Albert called it a putback. A great second half.

2) Drew never got comfortable on defense. Defense is all about reaction and it takes longer to come back. 5 fouls. Poor decisions on help defense. Out of position for rebounds. This will come with time, but this was not "the Beast" at all, a very weak defensive game.

3) Pau found his place with Drew back pretty quickly, no? I hate it when people use the word "soft" about Pau. He is thin, but he is tough. What he can't do is all about size, not softness. His effort and his length more than make up for his build. Can't say enough about his game.

4) Kobe played it perfectly, taking advantage of the Lakers' depth to play a remarkably efficient game, and turning it up at the end to close the game out. That bank shot from the wing was nasty.

5) Folks will complain about Lamar, but he played a good game defensively, hit the boards and did a lot of the little things that hold the second unit together. this is what the need from Lamar.

6) Good things from Shannon Brown. And Luke. And Sasha. Not a bad game for Farmar. Good D, bad offense from Ariza.

All in all very good, encouraging heading into the playoffs as the Lakers continue to beat the better teams in the league. This has been overlooked this year, I think, the way they rise up to the challenge. They have another gear for the playoffs, and an lot of these other teams do not.

The poor outside shooting was really poor shot selection and weak ball rotation/passes. Guys shoot 3s well when they get a pass in rhythm delivered to the right spot. All other threes - off the dribble, defended, slightly off balance, stepping back, etc., are poor percentage shot. Too often last night guys were reachingfor passes, or not having their feet set. They were not getting clean opportunites. So they missed.

Oh, and any three by Lamar or Luke is low percentage.

Time to kick ass in Portland, this is getting very frustrating. Time to play like it matters, raise to playoff level, and take away that cockiness in Portland. This ain't no rivalry.

I wondered if Phil was sending a message to Farmar in Sacramento. Looks like the answer is yes. I definitely hope it continues, as I personally am not sure Farmar is the long-term answer at PG. Not sure Brown is either, but I think he runs the point better right now. I guess we'll see.

I think it would be fun to see a lineup of Brown, Kobe, Odom, Gasol, and Bynum, at least just for a few minutes. Would the other team get a rebound?

Dear Trolls From Portland.

Be quiet and play the game. Talking smack is not healthy for you. At all. Ask Melo. Ask Ron-Ron.


Laker Nation

Jon K., please tell me you'll be on your barstool tonight. I beg you please super glue your behind to that thing until June. :-)

"“Sasha looks good even when he misses”"

Sounds like you need to work on your "Fatty-face" expression.


What is the world coming to when Luke Walton can play 23 minutes and go 1-6 from the field and 0-2 from the 3pt line while having four pbbs (point blank bricks), get burned on defense and STILL be placed in the good category???

Expect a much different rotation tonight with Kurt Rambis at the helm against Portland. Remember it was after the last game against Portland that Luke asked to come out of the starting lineup,,,,,, mainly because he was so exposed by the Trailblazers' long athletes.

The best thing that could have happened going into the game tonight against Portland is that Phil Jackson will not be there......I expect a much tighter and better rotation...... quick timeouts during Blazer runs and....... much less of Luke Walton

You heard it here first.


If Fatty was coaching the Lakers?

I would set some kind of record for being thrown out of the game. Probably during the warm ups, they would give me the boot.

First, for trying to trip opposing players as they did lay ups.

Second, for arguing with officials over the last game they called against us, and calling them all Satan's love children.

And third, the Lakers would send me packing for taking my picture with every cheerleader, before, during, and after the game.

There are somethings, you just don't want to do. And making Fatty a coach of the Lakers is one of them.

Now, if you want to make me honorary owner for the day, with an 'unlimited' expense account with the league to pay fines, now your talking.


Enjoy the rarity that is a man enjoying the intricacies of the game of basketball with his wife. I love my wife, but here's the kind of things she talks to me about during the game...

"Why does that Morrison guy look so anemic? He needs some sunlight. It's not like he has an excuse - he's in LA! And he needs to shave that dead rat above his lip. I bet he's not married is he? No? See, I knew it. But Sasha... he's cute. Is he married? No? Must be because he's playing the field. Pau should try to be more manicured. I mean, do something with that beard and hair. I think he could pull off a goatee and a Euro fauxhawk. I bet he's not getting the ladies like Sasha. Pau reminds me of an ostrich. Who is that guy on the other team with all the tattoos? JR Smith? I don't like him. Why is he acting like that? That shot was totally lucky! Who's that new guy on the Lakers again? Shannon? He has pretty eyes. Same with Kobe. I don't know why he married that crazy lady. Did you hear what she did to their maid?..."

And since I'm totally in to the game, most of the talking sounds like the trombone noise in Charlie Brown. I try to respond but it usually comes out as completely unintelligible.

By the second quarter she's usually talked herself into a coma and is sleeping peacefully on the couch.

God blessed me with a wife who's amazing in so many ways, but watching basketball with me isn't one of them! LOL. So enjoy what you have!

Edwin Gueco,

You are correct, SIR!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I second EastCoastJessie's request for a game day prayer.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Before celebrating Easter, we have to go first with the Passion of Christ which is today, Good Friday. Of course, this is just a celebration from the actual account that happened 2,000 years ago. Good Friday reminds of our human frailties, pride in believing that we know everything until we realize that we know nothing.

The same with Lakers, before celebrating Championship and victories against Blazers, Lakers should go first with their usual preparation, practice and hardwork. Review the past games against Blazers and their pitfalls why they kept losing against a mediocre team and unless the Lakers fully analyze their agonizing passion, they will not attain their Easterly sights of victory tonight. Defense is the key by sealing the paint on those easy layups or those undefended three point shooters. Like last night, Lakers dominated a powerhouse team in the West, here is another ambitious cowboy in the North that they own the Lakers. Posterize those Blazers to submission.

Let us put Brandon Roy under Ariza, Shannon and then finally Kobe. He is the head of the Blazer attack and when you cut the head, the vision falters or no vision at all.

Tonight's the night to get a monkey off our back. Hey, Rudy, come on into the paint, buddy.

Go Lake Show!

dallas might win the champion this yr

EC Jessie

Between the Banner Holders prayers and Jon K's 'lucky bar stool' I feel we can't lose. We got ALL the bases covered.



What do we play for? RINGS!!!! (And Fatty attempting to trip Trailblazers during warm-ups)

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Shannon Brown. We finally have someone who can defend against point guards. He kinda reminds me of Lindsey Hunter on defense in that he has long arms to bother people and a strong enough body to absorb the contact.

His offense will come, but as long as he knows how to pass the ball to the next logical spot, there will always be at least 2 scorers on the court with him.

Make no mistake, Chauncey is likely the strongest "body" guard we'll see in the playoffs. Shannon is a good player to have on the bench in this regard.

Seems like a good young man too, just happy to be here.

On the flip side......

Is anyone else bothered by Adam Morrison's lack of emotion? I am. I have a feeling he's quite jaded.

Game Day Prayer is coming...especially considering that the demons that have inhabited the citizens of Portland, Oregon have PAYBACK on their minds.

Silly...every friggin replay angle showed that Trevor was going after the ball, not Rudy's head.

Ariza 1-8
Luke 1-6
Sasha 2-7
Odom 2-7

Combined 6-28 or 21%

finally i got it how the interview for the intern happened.

after showing all the intricacies and BB knowledge, one question decided the Internship.

what do u think about kobe?

while all the candidates had good, v. good and extra positives opinions about his game, one candidate said that he hates everything about kobe bryant. and that's how Ben Taylor got the job.

so 21% is a good one, but kobe's line, especially the 6 consecutive points that decided the game where in-existent.

go figure.

on a spanish note: i'm not taking away from Pau's performance, but half of his offensive rebounds were put backs of his own misses. and in one case he missed twice, so that was 2 extra reb. for one shot made. indeed he was a beast. but, numbers and statistics r not a mirror of the reality/game. hope he can do the same tonite.

Good Morning Charles....Good Morning Everyone...

oh hell yeah!!!!

I always love to beat the Fuggets and Carmarshmelo Manthony...

Bynum looked a lot better than I thought he would---a lot better...

is it too obvious and too much of an understatement to say how good it was to have him back in the line up?

Shannon Brown continues to impress (and perhaps to impress Farmar for better play from him as well etc. ?)...if Brown can develop a mid range jumper we might have something there...

Powell's minutes seemed to be the victIm of Bynum's return..hope that can be a little rectified somehow...

If I was Jackson I would have put Morrison in street cloths and kept Mbanega active...that would serve us better I think, especially when Morrison has not been a factor in any game or line up where as Mbenga has...

Pau and Kobe had great games seemingly...we have a lot of weapons and versitility...seems like that's what we were all saying at the begining of the year...

I'd rather play Dallas in the first round than Utah...

" well you should see her in drag, dressed in a polythene bag..."

"" and there's nowhere to sleep and the kids are vomiting and throwing up on the plastic flowers and they keep telling you it will only be another hour although your plane is still in Iceland waiting to take some Swedes to Yugoslovia before it can pick you up on the tarmac at 3 A.M. in the bloody morning...."



SHANNON BROWN has ARIZA watching his back, not JORDAN FARMAR
Shannon Brown is great but can we stop the he's the FUTURE PG madness (ahem Kobeblitz!)

Shannon Brown is NOT a point guard. I'll repeat that 1000x.

He's more a SG/SF than a PG. Does that matter for the triangle offense? Maybe not...

But if you've seen Shannon at MSU or watch him you know that his PG skills (ballhandling, creating for others) arent his best skill set.

He looks to be a great athlete, a BIGGER BUILD Ariza but PG ..ooh no!

And that now makes a BIGGER offseason issue. Who do you keep, Shannon Brown at a reasonable price or Ariza at a marked up price given that Ariza can defend bigger players while Ariza typically can't...


Only problem I have is our three point shooting!

Ariza cannot shoot them and teams are clogging the already clogged middle with Pau and Drew and letting him chuck away. Sasha had a ton of open looks when playing with the first unit and was missing them, so was Fish, These were not contested shots but wide open threes Kobe could of had 5,6,7 more assists if someone could knock a damn three down.

I would discount the fouls -- the refs were utterly bad last night all over. I mean, Kobe shot a ball, and a couple ticks later, birdman touch his elbow -- *BWEEEEET*

Yes, Lakers know how to take advantage of the refs, but honestly, don't you REALLY want to know how they are in a tough bang up game with only the serious fouls being whistled?

Man, that would be a good game to see. Bring on UTAH!


That is one of the best written and funniest peices I've seen on the blog in a long time. You got to love the wives for trying to act like they are interested in our passion, the Lakers.

And Ex...

If I hear one more Sasha comment from the wife. I'm growing my hair long, ordering not only a Sasha jersey, but his new shoes as well. And wearing them for every Lakers game.

Does that mean I have to fall down whenever she touches me, flop around on the floor like I'm hurt, trying to gain her pity?

The reason why the Lakers will win tonight is becaus I will be present at the game. My spirt and energy shall be with them.

(Spelling errors on the previous post)

Anyway, the Lakers will win. I shall be fighting with all my heart, all my soul, everything I got. No pain.


"Is anyone else bothered by Adam Morrison's lack of emotion? I am. I have a feeling he's quite jaded."

That would be me, unfortunately.

I've watched him play when he doesn't have the ball. He seems like almost doesn't want to be there.

I'm wondering if his experience in Charlotte was so negative that he has given up wanting to be a NBA player.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Teams obviously choose to make our 3, not Kobe, the designated scorer.

Not Luke and Trevor's strength.

Maybe it's time to give Lamar a run at it. Maybe tonight, when Phil's not there?

"Shannon Brown is NOT a point guard. I'll repeat that 1000x.

He's more a SG/SF than a PG. Does that matter for the triangle offense? Maybe not..."

Of course not. Almost everyone (note I said almost) knows that the triangle offense doesn't need a pure point guard. Shannon isn't a pure point guard. But then again neither were Ron Harper (He was a SG b4 coming to Chicago and LA) or Brian Shaw (basically a less talented clone of Harper) and they were PG's in previous Jackson teams. And not to take away John Paxson's or Derek Fisher's skill but they aren't exactly great PG neither (Fish tried to run the team in Golden State but failed as he was replaced by Baron Davis and had to start at SG in Utah and Paxson was the same thing).

Shannon has a decent (I dunno about creating his shot completely) jumper not to mention a BETTER defender than either Farmar or even overall the Fish. He looks to be the point guard needed for the Lakers more than Jordan Farmar!

"But if you've seen Shannon at MSU or watch him you know that his PG skills (ballhandling, creating for others) arent his best skill set."

Same with the previous (successful) point guards of Jackson teams but they did well in their own roles!

"He looks to be a great athlete, a BIGGER BUILD Ariza but PG ..ooh no!

And that now makes a BIGGER offseason issue. Who do you keep, Shannon Brown at a reasonable price or Ariza at a marked up price given that Ariza can defend bigger players while Ariza typically can't..."

I agree Ariza cannot guard BIG SF/SG even. Lebron had his way against Trevor and so did Paul Pierce and Carmelo Anthony also did and even Dwyane Wade. But Shannon a 6'4 dude against 6'9 LBJ?? I wouldn't trust that consistently! Put Brian Shaw (in his Laker days) against Paul Pierce do you trust that completely??

Shannon Brown at the PG gives the best defense of the PG not to mention being well in a spot up shooter and if needed is athletic enough to take it to the rim better than Derek and possibly Jordan even. Why need him to run the team when Kobe is doing that in the starting lineup and Odom for the bench?

Defense wins championships! (As long as the offense doesn't sputter with bad shot selections and turnovers).

I find it HIGHLY ironic that your position is different with Ariza than it was a few months ago Korey. (as in saying how good Ariza could defend and now he can't against big SF).


Brandon Roy and the Blazers have some big chat for a recent team that has never sniffed winning a playoff series....He needs to chill out..a few victories against us in Portland does NOT a RIVALRY make!

Vengeance shall be ours...We need to CRUSH that ass tonite!

Shannon Brown can do what a triangle PG needs to be good at.

Make open shots

Ball penetration in the Triangle does not come in the form of dribble penetration, but passing to the interior. Only Kobe and MJ have been given the free reign to do that on a consistent basis within that offense, simply because both can get to the rim against any defender or at least draw a foul in the process.

Shannon showed all of the skills he needs to have as a PG in the Lakers' system last night. Make an open 3. Check. Pass to a big after drawing the defense. Check. Initiate the offense by making the correct first pass. Check. Play tough defense on the opposing PG and don't allow easy dribble penetration. Check.

Sign that guy to a multi-year deal.

if you are out there and you are reading... I have a PC...thank you very much...

Just so you know PC means "Personal Computer"...haha

Go Lakers!

Great team win!


Why would the competition be between Shannon Brown and Ariza? Those two can co-exist...... the problem is what do you do with Luke Walton and the 4 count 'em 4 years a 30 year old Luke has left on his contract?

Both Ariza and Brown are under 25 with tremedous upside...... but Walton?

Think about it

Why does Adam Morrison always look so confused? There was one play that Farmar bumped him on the bench after a big laker play (forgot exactly when it happened) and Morrison had this look on his face like "what happened? why are you pushing me? I'm not done with my joint yet you cant have it"


Adam Morrison was a little pensive but not because of Jordan's tap, He is concerned they will find the buried bodies

Helter Skelter

Adam Morrison is a diabetic, so he has to deal with energy drain and insulin shots (self administered on the bench at times). I don't know if he'll ever truly be able to handle the rigors of the NBA. It looks to me like Mitch pulled the trigger on the deal to get Brown.

It's nice having another Brown on the team, albeit the new one can actually catch a pass, because it revives the 'What Can Brown Do For You' hilarity. Also, if any of y'all are Ween fans, there's nothing like gettin' down with the brown.

GAME DAY!!!!!!

define future for me. Is it 2 years? How long does PJ coach? That's how long that the triangle offense stays with the Lakers. So how are you going to say Shannon Brown is the PG of the future, when he doesnt have the PG skill set and PJ's offense will be gone in the "near future".... Yea, chew on that Scooby Doo.

Also, Fisher played PG all his life...always had good ball-handling skills....

And finally,
"I find it HIGHLY ironic that your position is different with Ariza than it was a few months ago Korey. (as in saying how good Ariza could defend and now he can't against big SF)."
Yea, please go ahead and show me that quote. Ariza, fast, he's quick. he can bother players...duuuuh... I like how you misrepresent people, but as I remember correctly I said that ARiza's great primarily cuz he can hassle a Tony Parker or quick PG (and you argued about it like you always do). But his versatility allows him to typically guard a SF as well and hassle them...

Now to the point I was making is that Shannon's body build allows him to check a SG/SF better because he's quick, athletic and obviously can not be bumped off as easily. Shannon can play tight coverage, not get bumped and forced a strong SF into a double team more easily than Ariza can.

Given they both probably shoot the same and are equally athletic, then Brown's emergence makes Ariza's resigning questionable.

If a team wants to go crazy and offer Ariza crazy loot, the Lakers will balk and let Shannon play the role since he basically does the same thing.

Best case scenario, we keep both but we are talking about financials.

Please try to not misrepresent what people say in the future even though I know you're sooooo good at it, it's hard to not do what you do!

i'm talking financials here.

And if you need to admit anything you need to admit Luke Walton is our best Carmelo Anthony and Paul Pierce defender. Sad but true. He typically makes Melo do dumb stuff and have bad nights against us. He's the only one typically who Paul Pierce doesnt punk all over the court.

Would I rather have Brown and Ariza? Of course. But, Ariza needs to get resigned, so does Odom, and Brown is real cheap right now....

Think about that homeboi!

how about handle the ball under pressure? NOT CHECK!

I would hate to see Shannon Brown versus ball pressure full court.

then Kobe would have to start bringing the ball up the court.

And how long are we keeping the triangle? I hope PJ never retires but it seems he has one or 2 more years.

Saying Shannon is a "PG" cuz he fits a system isn't true especially since the other guys who fit the system "Brian Shaw Ron Harper" had better ball handling skills than Shannon Brown.

Obviously, people equate open-court dribbling to breaking the press and arent evaluating basketball properly! Watch Brown play! Tell me if he ever takes more than 2 dribbles with his left hand!

I love the kid, but let's not be delusional.

So the cavs lost can come at the hands of our nemesis,the celtics. Cool with me,first time ill ever celebrate a boston win. Point blank,we're too damn deep for the nba,let alone those streaky east coast teams. People believe boston is saving it up for the playoffs,don't think so. They're done,the celtics are one hit wonders now. Built a team full of aging players to win 1 title to bring hope. Now let's get back to the laker parades

"It looks to me like Mitch pulled the trigger on the deal to get Brown"

There are a lot of players like Shannon Brown - most of them never pan out, a few of them do. If his play continues to improve, he will definitely get a chance, and if he ends up being a keeper, great. But I think the trade was simply a salary dump.


The Lakers also have Lamar to bring the ball up court, and should he return to the team, often gets that responsibility with the second unit.

I don't remember seeing Shannon run against full court pressure last night, or maybe yet since he's been a Laker. I won't pass judgment based on what I haven't seen. If anything, the guy is a great option off of the bench when you need his skill set. I'm not claiming he's an NBA starter, but he's clearly playing better than Farmar right now, and seems to have a much better attitude.

If your only claim that he can't play PG is an inability to handle the ball, then you don't seem to fully understand the philosophy of the Lakers' offensive system. Like I said before, at that position in the system a strong dribbler isn't paramount. In fact, it's counter productive to have someone who goes on long dribbling forays, a la Jordan Farmar.


Be brave. Those Trailblazers fans are nut cases.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Yours is, hands down, the funniest post of the day!



To me, Shannon Brown seems more composed at the guard spot than nervous, obnoxious Jordan..He just seems like he fits and he belongs -- Jordan on the other hand,seems like he's the new guy tryna fit in...WTF? My guess is he is rattled cuz he knows he like outta there!


More than a few games we have missed the Radmans zone breaking ability. Even PJ , when in Charlotte, said something similar.

My take on the trade, is that it was purely a financial move. With neither Brown or Morris being able to help the Lakers this year. The Lakers took a step backword in getting rid of Rad.

But Brown has shown, since arriving some good defensive skills that could help us in the playoffs. Like PJ said, when the match ups are right.

What will limit him, I think, his is lack of understanding of the triangle. But like last night, he could be a real help in spot situations. I'm high on the kid, but also realistic in how much, Brown can do for us this year.

If its Utah in the first round, he might see 8-12 minutes per game against Deron. Farmar was very innefective against Deron last year.

If its Dallas, we might not see him at all.

He has some real quickness and hops, plus he plays smart on D. Reminds me of Coop a little.

But we need Jordie to lead the 2nd units transition game, Brown could not do that. But playing with the Regs if Fisher gets in foul trouble, might work nicely.

Effort, hustle, and good d, always has a place in my heart. That's why I like him so much.

Every game they miss a "hot Vlad"; unfortunately, that was maybe 25% of the games. "Mediocre Vlad" and "Cold Vlad" did not provide enough offensively to offset the poor defense, and mediocre passing.

"But we need Jordie to lead the 2nd units transition game"
I think that Lamar coming off the bench decreases the need for Farmar's "running the offense" skills (which he hasn't been doing that well, anyway, including on fast breaks). That will allow the coaching staff to take more advantage of Brown's defensiver superiority (relative to Farmar.)

# 4, couldn't agree with you more about Morrison's lack of emotion. wow. either the dude absolutely does not want to be there, or he is three quarter's baked from hippie lettuce. and either one is not good at all.

Puddle, dude you had me LMAO with your wife stuff during the game. dang that stuff was classic. i'm recently divorced but that's EXACTLY how my wife sounded. and like you, her chatter sounded like charlie brown's trombone. that's probably why i'm divorced now.



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