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Lakers 113, Utah 100: Game 1, (generally) fun

Upon further review, I believe the word I was searching for was "quarterfinals."  Breakdown below.


Three Good

  • Kobe Bryant: It didn't start well (three turnovers in the first three and a half minutes), nor was it the gaudiest of statistical performances (when you're Kobe Bryant, 24/4/8 doesn't make a dent inKobe Bryant gets intense in the Lakers Game 1 win Sunday over Utah the Great Numbers Almanac), but I thought Kobe played a very smart, controlled game Sunday afternoon.  A great example: With 55 ticks remaining in the third and LA's 22 point halftime lead now down to 11 and Pau Gasol down on the bench after picking up his fourth foul (fellow big Andrew Bynum was already parked there with four of his own), Kobe found himself on the floor with Shannon Brown, Sasha Vujacic, Lamar Odom, and Josh Powell.  A time, perhaps for 24 to take over?  Maybe force a shot?  Hardly.  Kobe calmly probed along the right wing, moving off a little traffic, and waited for Utah's defense to arrive.  They did, and Bryant whipped a pass to Josh Powell along the left baseline for a wide open jumper.  Bucket, and a major boost to the confidence of his teammates.
Six-plus into the fourth, after Utah again pressed the Lakers' lead to nine, Kobe hit consecutive jumpers to push the margin to 13, and he put the final nail in the visitor's collective coffin with a driving dunk-and-one with 1:26 to play. All season long, we've talked about the need for the Lakers to have balance, and how much better they are when they do.  Like just about everything else that happens with the purple and gold, that starts with Bryant.  Today, when the Jazz overplayed him early, he found open teammates (five first half dimes).  When they played him straight up, he hit some important buckets.  Fun stuff.
  • Shannon Brown: Nine points on 3-4 from the floor (all triples), but more importantly, Brown was everywhere on the floor.  Three assists, a steal, and some great hustle plays that (if I might get my coachspeak on) help teams win ballgames.  Entering early for Derek Fisher, who sat at the 9:25 mark with two quick fouls, Brown quickly provided a burst of energy (a triple, a dime to Pau for a fast break dunk, a steal leading to another Brown-to-Gasol bucket at the other end).  All great work, for sure, but if you want an idea of why he's stolen so much playing time, though, look to a play at the 1:15 mark of the second quarter.  With the Lakers up 17, they forced a turnover and it looked like Ariza was headed for an easy layup at the other end.  Instead, he missed (perhaps due to a little AK47 body work).  Brown, though, didn't give up on the play, and beat two Jazz players for the offensive board.  One quick dish later, Ariza had his two points.  Most guys let that play go, especially given the circumstances (big lead, late in the half, what looks like a bunny coming at the other end).  Not Brown. 
  • Trevor Ariza: Gasol, Bynum, Fisher, and Lamar Odom all struggled with foul trouble at one point (or all points) of the game.  Yet the Lakers didn't lose much, because Ariza stepped up with a massive game.  8-10 from the floor, including 3-4 beyond the arc en route to 21 points.  Toss in four boards and two dimes, and you've got yourself a very complete game.  After it was over, Kobe also pointed out the value Ariza brought not just with points, but by limiting Kyle Korver on the Trevor Ariza celebrates a three pointer in LA's 113-100 win over Utah other end, chasing him around and helping limit Utah's only viable outside threat to six shots overall, and four from downtown.  Ariza was integral to LA's attack at both ends.  I was asked before the game during a radio interview to explain how he makes a difference to the Lakers this year, after being hobbled during last year's playoff run.  I think Game 1 provided a better answer than I probably did on the air.


Three Bad

  • Utah's offensive rebounding:  There is a potential downside to limiting to an opponent to 39% shooting.  By definition, that means misses by the bushel, and hence opportunities to make up for said miss with a timely rebound. 

    The Jazz managed to make a semi-game of things almost entirely through prowess at retrieving their own bricks.  Beyond simply beating the Lakers by an overall 46-38 rebounding margin, Utah absolutely crushed cleaning its personal glass.  Twenty in all, with Paul Millsap alone tracking down seven (which just happens to equal the total accrued by the entire Laker squad).  Utah typically takes back about 28% of their errant shots.  This afternoon, 38%.  That's pretty striking.  In particular, I remember one sequence where Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol each blocked respective shots from Millsap and Andrei Kirilenko, but the Lakers' failure to actually secure the ball led to Millsap eventually scoring off... you guessed it... another offensive board.

    But such a sequence was hardly a standalone event.  Outside of reflecting both an attention to detail (making sure a body is leaned against that Mlllsap dude, for example) and overall energy categorized as "substandard," what truly made this those offensive rebounds problematic was the degree to which the Jazz were able to capitalize on them.  Two dozen points were of a second chance variety.  Cut that number in half and this game remains the unbridled blood letting fans expected after the first half would have been realized. 
  • Turnovers: A trio of gaffes from Kobe in the first quarter set a tone for what became a team-wide issue.  The Lakers gave the ball back to Utah on seventeen occasions (four above their average), and similar to how Utah made hay with second chance points, they took advantage of another opportunity afforded through Laker carelessness.  Chalk up another 20 Utahian points specifically off turnovers.  Again, limit those turnovers to around a dozen, and everyone's living it up in Blow Out City.  And that's a fun spot to reside, by the way. Always a party going on. 

    For the benefit of those who didn't pick up the hint by now, I'll just spell it out.  While the Jazz deserve props for never throwing in the towel, the lionshare of dap for a 22-point lead dwindling down to nine actually goes to the Lakers.  Whether that makes one feel comforted or angry depends on the individual, I suppose.  
  • Andrew Bynum: I don't know if it was the result of jitters that accompany a young player's first playoff start... whistles preventing a rhythm to be discovered... the noon tip... a knee that's still regaining strength... no "good luck" text from Nicole Narain.  All of the above.  None of the above.  Or maybe it was your garden variety case of "didn't play so hot."  But whatever the reason, Drew was barely a blip on this game's radar.  Limited to just twenty minutes due to foul trouble- five in all- Bynum's 7/3/0 blocks/2 turnovers output was not the celebration hoped for after missing last year's party.  

And finally, a suggestion to whomever will be reffing Game 2. What say we let these fellas play a little?  57 fouls?  67 trips to the line?  I wouldn't label the officiating "poor" nor "slanted," but rather "over."  I'm all for maintaining order and discouraging physicality typically found in "the yard," but the refs were way too involved for my taste.  I guess I should have expected this from a trio including Joey Crawford.



Kobe, on Shannon Brown: "He works extremely hard as all our players do.  He's in the gym early, he's working on his shot.  When I see that it makes it even easier for me to trust him in a game situation."

Bynum, on what he'll take into Game 2: "My mindset going in is that I'm going to be a lot more aggressive.  I'm going to play a lot more out there.  Even though I did get into foul trouble this game, I'm going to look back at the tape, see what happened out there, and try to adjust."

Gasol, on the game: I'm really happy with it.  I'm really happy with the win.  It wasn't our best game and our most complete game but still, it's a pretty good win against a really good team, and that's the way you want to start.  So, you know, we'll make the adjustments, try to get better for Game 2, and try to get another one.  And if it's ugly and not pretty and really not great, we'll take it, too.  All we care about is winning, it's about moving on, beating teams.  That's all.  Obviously you can always play better or worse, either way."

Phil Jackson, on LA's second half performance: "I just don't think they (were) ready for the onslaught.  You know, that energy that Utah brings.  They play with a lot of determination and they want to bring the ball as deep to you as you let them bring it in, and they are in the lane almost at the basket.  That's their game, and you have to try to eliminate some of that.  Pau had four blocked shots, and we know that size affects them on the interior part of the game.  But many of those were fouls on Drew and fouls on Pau.  They couldn't get blocks couldn't stop those shots."

Jerry Sloan, on LA's length: "We were obviously short out there to start with (given Mehmet Okur's injury), and we get shorter when we have to substitute.  And they are a big, long team anyway, and we can't seem to make our guys any taller.  If I could do that, maybe we'd be a little better off."

Always worth noting when Sloan delivers a solid postgame joke. 

Video:  Grab some popcorn, because there's a lot. 

Bryant, on his teammates, the flow of the game, and a great comment on Jerry Sloan's makeup as a coach and player:

Phil Jackson, on his team's showing. "It wasn't a coach's delight, but we were able to outscore them."

Brown, on defending Deron Williams, his thoughts on getting playoff experience:

Derek Fisher, on Game 1:

Lamar Odom, on the second half, and how LA performed. "It didn't come down to the buzzer or the last shot, so we played enough to keep our distance, but we're going to have to play a lot better than that on Tuesday."

Sloan, on the game:

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Not so fast. Disagree with your Bynum assessment. Though he did not make a huge statistical impact he clogged the lane and anchored the first half defense that started the party. Bynum's timing and fluidity are obviously off. He will get better the more games he plays. Even in this game, Lakers were much more effective with Bynum than they would have been without.

I'm not into the +/- stats too much but which Lakers by far had the highest plus? Therefore being a game 'difference' maker.

Hint: He was guarding Deron most of the time he was in the game.

You guessed it. Shannon Brown. +20

What a story this kid has become. And I felt he would be off today with the first game playoff jitters.

I do not feel the Lakers traded for him to make a difference in THIS years playoffs. But two things came up. First Jordie's decline in play and Shannon impressing in practice lead to him getting some minutes.

And then when he got the minutes, man has he not disapointed.

That 2nd quarter hustle play the K's mentioned was mucho big in my mind.

Shannon 3 pt as a Lakers 9-12 75% (way above his career numbers but who cares?)

Anna in Bondi - No, no, we need everyone watching the games. You must do your part. Trust me, we and the Lakers feel it when we are all cheering them on. I don't how or why it works that way, but it does.

Great job by Trevor today. If Trevor and Fish can step up in the playoffs, this could be a 2001-type playoff run. This team is that loaded, and our competition is that much weaker.

i 'hate' to say it(not really) but shannon played better than even derek, when he was in the game the team when up, not doubt about it.

deron williams didn't want to give him any credit, but it's true, shannon played great defense on him.

I like the video, Kamenetsky Brothers.

AK, your brother looks better in bad lighting. All the more reason to use Ben as your gaffer, methinks.

A good game. Once again the lucky barstool supported victory. 36-1 now.

I feel good about this.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I was proud that our crowd was into the game and cheering.

We need to keep that energy up.

It matters.

It really does.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"Booze, Boozy McBooze Booze"....ha ha ha....loves it...

Shannon just looks so poised out there. For a guy making $800 grand a year, he's definitely worth every penny.

Pre-game, in-game, and even during the post-game interview he seemed relax and ready to do what was needed out there.

Screw Farmar.

Jon K -

I'm curious to know what the Cleveland fans had to say about this game. Any comments you could share?

The Orlando-Philly game was pretty entertaining. That game-winning shot by Igoudala reminded me of his buzzer beater against us. Dwight Howard is a beast. Drew has quite a ways to go to be put in the same category as Howard and Yao.

The ATL-Miami game was surprisingly a laugher. D-Wade has more support than Kobe had in the Smush-Kwame years. There's no excuse for D-Wade to let his team get beat down like that. Atlanta is one of my favorite teams to watch. I think they'll give Cleveland a good run in the 2nd round.

Wouldn't Joe Johnson look good in the Triangle?

1 DOWN, 15 TO GO!!

I have only one thing to say. Kobe's line, 9-17 FG's, 8 ASSISTS. That line every game will win us the championship. Not saying he has to limit his shots, but given the double and triple teams he's gonna see, that will do just fine. He takes what the defense gives him, we win.

Never gonna be pretty games against the Jazz. Let's just get this over with as quickly as possible.

Nice scoring boast from Trevor and Shannon today. Who will it be Tuesday? This team can beat you so many ways it's scary.

Lets keep it movin. Gotta catch NO v Denver, should be interesting. CP vs Big Shot

Jon K

Kobe wanted us all to become like the Raiders Fans and get down and rowdy. We did our part watching the game.

This is a picture of me and my new Kobe/Raiders jersey with a few friends cheering the Lakers on.

Go Lakers! Growl !!

Great start. Not convincing enough to get complacent about the series but convincing enough to Utah.

Shannon's story is growing into an epic. Love how he's not trying to do too much. Can't count on Trevor to shoot lights out for the series but Kobe and Fish are about due for a breakout shooting game. This is over but one game at a time.

fo, fo, fo, fo
got 14 rings
time to get one mo


You should ask Shannon Brown if he gets a lot of Chris Brown look-a-like comments. I never realized he and Chris might have a similarity until Van Gundy mentioned it.

Well, one down and fifteen to go. Not perfect, but not too shabby.

* Fatty, that photo is freakin' awesome. I'd love to see Staples Center filled with that kind of enthusiasm. I've yet to go to a Lakers game and see the arena super-charged like fans in the Rose Garden, and the bygone days at ARCO.

* AK, Haha! Even you were forced to make a snide remark about Crawford for his over-officiating. If NFL refs officiated like the clowns in the NBA, they'd all be ground into the Astroturf.

* The more I see Shannon Brown, the more I'm impressed. I'm starting to wonder of PJ isn't instructing Fish to pick-up fouls as fast as possible so he can insert UPS for guaranteed delivery.

* This was a tune-up game. Next time, if the Lakers want to take their foot off the gas, at least slam it down on the opponent's throat.

* Starting to see Lakers flags sprouting from car windows. This is the best time of year in LA. Go Lakers!

I like the way you think Boozie McBooze. LOL!

The STH Report - Game 1 Round 1

So, I was deep in Utah territory. My seat was in the second row behind Utah's bench. Okur's wife and 2 year old were in front of me and Hornacek was behind me. During the intros I could see right up the gut of the Utah player tunnel. There was some media guy sitting next to me. I don't know who he was but guys like Jon Black, Jim Gray, Vic the Brick, Adande and a whole host of others kept coming up to him and talking shop. He was working Memo's wife and Hornacek, trying to get the scoop on his injury.

Sitting that close, I lost focus on the game as a whole, instead getting caught up in all the things I normally miss watching on tv or in my normal seat. Early on, it was clear Crawford had an agenda to control the game (not let it get out of hand) with the foul calling. There was one point where he turned to Sloan and said "You better stop the complaining. I'm serious. I don't want to hear anymore complaining." The foul calling was really weird early on. What I saw were late whistles, where the refs missed the actual foul and then called the next possible thing that could be construed as a foul to make up for it. Up close, the floor looks tiny, the players look huge and it looks like there's barely any room for them to move around out there. The action is so fast that it's no wonder the refs miss so much and then make "assumption" calls. The players complaining on calls looks a lot more understandable from down there. There was a moment where the skinny young official literally stopped the Lakers coming up the court but there was no call. PJ jumped up livid and yelled at the skinny young official "Well, since you stopped the game I'm calling a timeout" but that official got all flustered and didn't know what to do until Crawford stepped in.

The reason why Utah killed the Lakers on the offensive boards was because Pau and Drew got tentative trying to box out when they were in foul trouble. Boozer and Milsap took advantage. btw, Boozer is a little nuts (like a light version of KG). He has all these weird things he does compulsively out there. Pau looks a lot meaner and fiery that close. Way more so than anyone else on the floor.

The guy next to me showed up late and asked if Shannon had started. I told him Fish got in foul trouble (just like last year in this series) but the difference this year is the Lakers have Shannon and there's very little drop-off (whereas last year Deron abused Jordan at will). This game was indicative of the difference between him and Jordan. Shannon is reliable. He doesn't make the same mistakes that Jordan does. It's not about the spectacular plays. It's about not putting the team at risk.

Jeffrey Osborne sang the National Anthem. There was a point where Jack sat down right in front of me on his way back from concessions. Lisa Salters has a lot of junk in her trunk. Boozer shoots the same way Fish does (deep elbow bend and a high arc) except with the opposite hand. The crowd in the lower bowl was generally dead. It felt like a regular season game. The Texas Dog is still incredible and I paid only $12 for parking in the Convention Center lot right next to Staples.

shannon brown had been called chris or devin. the commentators were not even joking. oh my.. HE IS SHANNON.

He'll be a laker next year.

I don't know why I ever go anywhere else for Laker news, this is my favorite spot, nice work K Bros.

EJK- Did you have to bring up Smush and Kwame. Seriously, I watched the Detroit game yesterday and the announcers were talking about his "hands o' rock". I felt bad because I could tell his teammates didn't want to pass to him even when he was open. When they finally did he bobbled the ball like only he can. Classic stuff.

As a Bruins, it pains me to say this but i think the Farmar experiment is over. He is definitely only a backup pg in this league and with Shannon's development, we may need to look to trade him this summer for a bigger guard or penetrating pg in the draft for the future. I would love to see the Lakers draft Collison or Holiday if they are lucky to enough to draft him. Fish is done next year and we need another PG in the system for years to come. I thought Mo. Williams a couple of years ago was the perfect fit when he became a free agent but the Lakers never made that move.

Explain this one to me:

Lakers-Utah only have 2 days off after game 5 (if necessary)

Cavs-Detroit have 2 days off after games 1, 2 and 4

Chicago-Boston have 2 days off after games 2 and 3

Orlando-Philly have 2 games off after game 1

Miami-Atl have 2 games off after games 1 and 2

NO-Denver have 2 games off after games 1 and 2

Dallas-Spurs have 2 games off after games 2, 4 and 5

Houston-Portland have 2 games off after games 1 and 2

I thought Shannon played better than Fish today too, but the one shot he missed was out of the offense a bit. He dribbled about ten times and then jacked it up. I think Phil took him out right after that. Other than that he played some good D.

We are so deep now that even when someone is struggling, we have others who can step up. I expect a big game out of Andrew in game 2 along with Sasha. The fact that we still won big with our bigs in foul trouble(Andrew 5 fouls, Pau fouling out)and the Jazz getting most of the calls, I think that the calls will get more balanced out as the series goes along.

There's no question that the Jazz are definitely better than the East #8 seed the Detroit Pistons. One can argue that the Jazz are better than the Pistons, Bulls, Sixers, Heat and Hawks.

Lakers bigs just need to stay out of foul trouble and the numbers will look different in the rebounding(offensive)and FT department. Lakers have a bad habit of taking bad shots, committing turnovers, unecessary fouls and poor ball movement whenever they have a big lead. I still would like to see them get Pau and Drew touches early in quarters to keep them involved.

I think the Lakers may trade both Farmar and Morrison(expiring contract) next year. They'll look to re-sign Trevor and LO and maybe pickup another FA(PG or another athletic wing or big). Shannon has been a real find and another steal by Kupchak. Again we should trade Jordan and unload Morrison's expiring contract next season. That's not to say that Farmar still can't contribute for us in these playoffs, but I really don't think that he'll challenge for a starting spot next season.

David West really sucked tonight against the Nuggets. He was awful and didn't do anything against Nene, Martin and Birdflu. He seems to always light up the Lakers, but he couldn't hit nothing tonight. For some reason the Nuggets still don't scare me if we were to match up with them down the road. Ditto with Houston, Portland or anyone else. The only team that scares me are the Lakers themselves if they become complacent and don't stay focused and hungry.

I love that picture of Trevor you guys used. LOVE IT!

I agree with Fatty that Shannon was not traded for with thoughts of this year, I think he was traded for because he was in the Lakers scope for quite a while, and with an aging Fisher and an inconsistent (although injured Farmar this year, depite courageously coming back fast), Shannon was traded for because he's got some potential to be the 1, if not a 1-2. I wonder what the plans for AMMO are....he's gotta contract for 5.3 million next year.....

fvbruin: "we may need to look to trade him this summer for a bigger guard or penetrating pg in the draft for the future"

...remember we still have Sun Yue and you never know, he may be able to fill your stated needs and he already has a year of triangle knowledge.



According to Charley Rosen, the Lakers are not yet Championship caliber because they could not focus to winning for 48 minutes.

Is that a Laker disease or just a ploy for the playoffs?

I look at it as a long strategy of PJ for all teams and scouts out there. Playoffs are games of adjustments, if you show all your cards, in the next game there is answer to it. Hawks, Houston and Cavaliers gave all they've got by burying their opponents in the first game. Frankly, the only time you can sense the finish in any playoff series is a team reaches the 3rd victory, the next game should be over. Therefore, don't give too much credence on the first blood, somebody has to lose and too bad if it is the home team.

On the contrary, when Celtics lost their first game against the Bulls at their home court and partisan crowd, they are supposed to be a team of destiny. how sweet it is that Lakers win and Celtics lose on their first game? It must be a new destiny for the O'brien trophy. LOL!

Lakers proceed with the attack, make it convincing next time for the sake of fans with feign hearts who believe in murder w/ 3rd degree. lol!

I'd rather see the lakers take it slow and win than go full speed, like they did last year, and lose in the finals. IF they make it.

all these negative articles about how the lakers didn't play well, how they didn't play like the cavs, how they are not a championship team, it is so annoying, they won, they dominated when needed, move on. geez.

besides that, if I'm not mistaken, the Celtics struggled throughout the playoffs last year, and what was the end result. they just need to start at 1st gear and take it from there, as each series moves along.

I'm glad AK/BK are not panicking like the rest of the sports world. thanks!

a very nice win..
we gave away half of the first half lead and still managed to win. we won by 13 despite the fact that the bigs are in foul trouble.
woke up at 3 am just to watch the game and file a half day leave because i need to sleep
1 down, 15 more to go!
Go Lakers!!!

I think after playoffs when we win championship the 3 to go at least sb Walton, Amo, and possibly JF. Lets see how this year lays out then those decisions should be made.

Hello Lakers family..
just wanted to come in and say 15 left baby!



Last year I was fortunate enough to be sitting right behind Lawrence Tantor during a game. We were so close to where the players check in and out before games it was scary. Anyhow, I know what you mean about the court looking so dang small and the players looking like they don't have enough room on it. They also looked a lot leaner and longer in person. LO in particular. He's still muscular but not like he looks on TV. The action I saw was more on the Laker bench and down where Kareem sits. SO much to look at! Glad to hear about the mean looking Pau. For our game it was Fish. The intensity and fire in his eyes was awesome.

Thanks for the observations. And yeah, the lower bowl always does seem to be way more subdued, but on TV the crowd was screamin', man. It was great!


Here are some sample Clevelander thoughts:


"This is our year!"

"Wow. The Lakers sure are good."

"It's the Lakers and the Cavs in the Finals. Definitely."

"I hate the Lakers." [My response: "That's just envy talking."]

"This city is cursed."

In summary: I think deep in the well of their hearts, most Cavs fans know that they cannot beat the Lakers at full strength. They know this, but they cannot admit it to themselves. So, they desperately cling to this idea that the Cavs and LeBron James is the greatest thing ever. It's coarse and distasteful because it feels forced to an outsider like myself. You've got to understand that this is a culture where people were aggressively boasting that the Browns were going to go undefeated at the beginning of last season. That's how people think out here. It's an over-compensation produced as a result of desperation and inferiority complex.

So, overall, anti-Laker sentiment is swelling right now, but it's born out of fear, not true hatred.

Cleveland. Where Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" is an every day experience.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I loved the photo.

I have drafted you and Mamba24 into my official Lakers special forces unit. Our mission, should you choose to accept it (actually you don't have a choice), it to remind Laker Nation of the importance of psychic enthusiasm at Staples.

The crowd matters. It matters a lot.

If our crowd were a bunch of rabid lunatics in last year's Finals, we would have had a different result.

This year there is no sitting on your hands waiting for the Lakers to "perform." This year the crowd is the sixth player. This year EVERY person who enters Staples Center has a sacred duty to release their most insane fanatical irrational inner lunatic in support of their team.

This is not about dignity.

It is not about class.

It is about shouting your lungs out until you can only communicate in a whisper the next day at work.

Laryngitis is your badge of honor.

This is our mission. To remind Laker Nation that we matter.

Support your team.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Edwin Guerco,

I think I'm going to walk up to Charley Rosen and kick him in the shins.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Jon K,

Do you let us know in advance you are doing the lucky barstool on game day? :)

We want to know they are going to win before the outcome. Can you do that for now on?

Sorry to be such as a pessimist(but i guess that's how real Lakers fans are) i noticed Kobe may have lost a step and his vertical leap isn't what it used to be. I just thought the whole regular season, Kobe was on cruise control and was just waiting for the playoffs to put his foot on the gas pedal and be the Kobe we are so accustomed to seeing. But this game that n1 over Millsap, wasn't quite Kobe spectatular and I noticed he was having a hard time blowing by Kirlenko and Ashton Korver. Maybe I'm just to spoiled by Kobe and expect nothing but spectacular plays from him and expect him to be superhuman. As much as I hate to admit it, I miss the old 05-06' Kobe. Were every Laker game was a must see TV. But were all about championships now not scoring titles.

15 W's and counting.
09 champs. Lakers fro Life

JC Garcia


i know we dont correspond much (and by that imean very little to none) but during yalls intro it ok to say something more than just 'HEY'

Im rooting for you Mr McBooze Booze ha ha JK

great game a glass half full guy myself and giving up 9pts in 24mins to the Jazz isnt that big of a deal to me

**** REVISED LAKER OATH 2.0 ****
We’re the Freaking LA Lakers , we’ve won 14 Rings
10 of the 50 Greatest players played under our wings
We’ve had 3 Laker Dynasties, but who’s keeping score
That’s 2 more than any team and we’re working on #4
The best Winning Percentage in History, yeah that’s true
You want Hall of Fame Coaches, we’ve had not one but two.
We got the current and future MVP in Kobe Bryant
If you want a list of Laker greats lstart with George Mikan
We Claim Shaq, Magic, Kareem & James Worthy
Wilt, Elgin, Gail Goodrich & Big shot Horry
We Claim a Glove, A Mailman, A Logo, and a Beast
We’re coached by a 9 time Title Winner who learned Zen in the East
Chick Hearns the Legend, Broadcasted our Laker Games
Now he’s Broadcasting from Heaven & is in the Hall of Fame
We got Sports Winningest and Best Owner in Dr. Jerry Buss
And The only one that can beat the Freakin La Lakers is us
That’s just a summary of our Resume, we don’t talk we Do.

Stupid Thought of the Week:

I suspect that next year Adam Morrison is going to be a contributor off the bench for this team.

AM came in as a hyped up #3 pick on a lousy team billed (by morons) as the Next Larry Bird. He got into the NBA and found that his limited physical gifts made it tough for him to do what he did in college. He struggled. He got hurt. He lost his way.

Great role players understand their role. Step one is torealize you are not going to be a star in this league, but you can still have a long productive career. Folks like Rick Fox and Ron Harper (after his injury) had already gone through being the next big thing and were ready to be role players when Phil got them.

Adam has been broken down. His expectations have been lowered, and he is ready to play a contributing role.

So what does he bring to the table? Think Luke Walton with a jump shot. This is the perfect environment for AM. He has good floor skills, and can learn the triangle and be that heady passer in the second unit. Like Luke he will be competetive and not afraid to scrap. Unlike Luke, when he finds his spots in the triangle, he will be a dangerous shooter in the second unit.

I like Luke in spite of his limits and think he is good for the team. He is limited physically, but is a surprisingly good rebounder, a scrappy defender, handles the ball well, and a good and willing passer on a team of scorers. But he is not a good shooter, and he struggles to score around the hoop because of his athletic limits, and as he ages his limits will be more of an issue.

So I look for AM, after watching the Lakers play in the playoffs,and working out in the offseason, and coming in fresh to camp, to start to earn that backup 3 spot.

This may be ridiculously optimistic, but I think it is possible. Remember this was a #3 pick. AM has skills, certainly enough to be a solid role player in the NBA, and he is ready to accept that role.

This from a Bruin who really enjoyed watching him cry.

Lucky Barstool, Lucky Barstool, Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap!
Lucky Barstool, Lucky Barstool, Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap!
Lucky Barstool, Lucky Barstool, Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap!
Lucky Barstool, Lucky Barstool, Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap!

Kobe is starting to slip into the late career Jordan mold. Don't get me wrong, I know Kobe isn't the player that Mike was, but he is the closest thing in terms of style for comparison.

He's beginning to rely more and more on savvy post moves and less and less on dribble drives. He can still get to the hoop but isn't leaping and dunking the same way anymore, with the exception of one or two jams a game on a breakaway or one like yesterday. He is seeing the floor better and finding teammates. Just becoming the fine wine that many years of seasoning will produce.

I'm okay with it most of the time, because he can make the shots, but it's frustrating late in games when he goes on his dribbling forays at the top of the key or outside the three pt line. He should be just going to the post every time down the court and working with Pau on high low action. No one can stop him on the baseline or anywhere near the elbow.

Shannon Brown may have earned himself some money in just that one game. I think he'll bring even more to the table as time goes along. He does exactly what Fish has always done. He doesn't put himself in a bad position on the floor, and minimizes mistakes with the basketball. I think he'll end up being an awesome piece for this team going forward and will replace Jordan as the primary backup next season, then move into the starting role the following year. It's nice to have another guy on the team who is happy to be a Laker and wants nothing more than to fill his role and make smart decisions on the court. I love his game.


Will do. And I will also remind you that the Lakers are presently 36-1 when utilizing the powers of the lucky barstool.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



If I had but one lung in me
I’d use it cheering for a Laker Victory
If on my feet I could no longer stand
I’d give the Lakers an ovation with a hand stand
If I was told I had but one hour on earth
Take me to Staples so I can see a Dynasty take birth
But I’m sound of mind and body
So what the hell is wrong with me
I get a chance to see the greatest player today
And a weak @ss cheer is all I throw his way
They appear to be superhuman compared to me and you
But even The mighty Lakers need cheers and a hug too
So if you can’t cheer keep your fake @ss home
You got to come strong under the Staples dome
I don’t mean to be rude but if I must I must
What good are you if your support we cannot trust
It aint about sitting there cool and showing your bling
It’s about this D@MNIT, we play for the Rings

Tom Daniels, Great post!


From Turner's article this morning:
"Only Deron Williams and Ronnie Brewer can create shots for themselves."
Ronnie Brewer? What Ronnie Brewer has be been watching? Brewer cannot create his own shot. He doesn't even have a shot. He relies on the Jazz's offense and I can't remember the last time he created his own shot.

(01) LAKER TOM - OWNER -Our last bandwagon of the year: LAKERS SWEEP PLAYOFFS
(02) MAMBA24 - DRIVER - I got the broom by my side.
(03) FAITH – Director of DEFENSE
(03) KEIFO – Riding Shotgun
(04) # 4 - Director of win number 4.
(05) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - Director Win #1.
(07) JON K. – Director of all things Bio Chrono
(08) EDWIN – Judge for all flagrant foul calls
(10) OUTLAW – Deputy Sheriff
(11) BABY OUTLAW – Director of Toddler blogger division
(12) SBPIMP – Director of anything he wants.
(13) SBPIMP TWINS – Riding Shotguns over the Toddler divion
(14) PSYCHED LAKER GIRL – Director of Motivation
(15) LAKERMAN420 – Director of Tokes.
(16) SIR CHARLES – Director of Keeping it Real
(17) OUCCCHHHH – Director of Pain Management
(18) FATTY – Director of Morale
(19) EAST COAST JESSIE – Official Latina Princess of The Los Angeles Lakers
(20) FLOYD – Director of Inspiration
(21) CHICnSTU – Director of Broadcastin
(22) DOC4daLakeShow - What you can’t read? Doctor for The Lakers.
(23) BD – Director of Names
(24) LAKER GURU FROM INDIA – Director of Meditation & Zen Liaison to Phil Jackson
(25) EXHELODRVR – Director of Quips

The Laker PG situation is shaping itself out...

Shannon Brown will be a keeper... But who will be the other guy? Jordan Farmar still has a shot to redeem himself and split full time PG duties with Brown next year.

Fish is starting to look like old Robert Horry. Everything he does is just OFF. I want Fish to do well, I've seen it so many times, but I've lost all confidence. He's resorted to shooting pull up jumpers and TURNING DOWN rotation 3s....

Sadly, Fish might be done...

If so, then it's the Shannon Brown/ Jordan Farmar show for next yaer.

Good morning all. Mamba please put me on the bandwagon as the Director of throat stomping!!! Lakers need to be brutal in game 2 against the Jazz and feed the twin terrors down low to challenge Boozer, Collins, Milsap and Okur(if he plays)and get them in foul trouble.

Kobe may NOT be the high flyer he was was, but his game is soooooooo much more evolved than it was years ago, some may fail to appreciate how skillfully- inclined Kobe is, now that we are subjected to seeing more jumpers and or turnarounds and fallaways versus his high wirer acts from back in the day. As for him not "being able to lose Korver and Kirilenko". That's hogwash, Kobe can cross them over with one hand -- but one must remember he is playing with 8 fingers -- I have to think that has a way or affecting one's ballhandling not to mention that AK 47 is about 7'3 or whatever with that wingspan he has..

Either way, I still appreciate the magician that Kobe is on the court and trust and believe he is still very much the most feared guard in the game...

CORRECTION TO MY POST, said Kobe may not be the player he was WAS, meant, ONCE was.....

Lakers need to feed the twin terrors in the post early and often to challenge the Jazz bigs and get them into foul trouble. Although Drew and Pau were in foul trouble and it played a part in them not getting as many touches, Drew should still get more than 5 shots and Pau more than 11 shots. While Pau can operate and get his points throughout the game even without touching the ball early, Drew is a different story. If Drew gets going early offensively, it sets the tone for him on both ends of the floor. Sure his timing is off, but his mates can help him out by getting him some early looks. I would also like to see a little bit more of interior passing between Pau and Drew which hasn't really happened all that much. Pau and LO seem to have better chemistry passing to eachother right now.

Well I am giving my game balls to Lamar and Shannon, both played great and made a difference. Wow ever since the first time I saw Brown in a defensive stance I knew this kid could play, only? was when Phil would feel comfortable in playing him? Lamar was great yesterday and that was even when KB was on court at same time. One thing that really stood out was his battle with Jazz forward Matt Harprig (who I have been following since GT) he didn’t back down and really took it to Matt, hope he keeps that toughness for the rest of playoffs. Don’t get me wrong KB, Pau, and Trevor played great too and Bynum was well Bynum, block here rebound there and dunk anywhere. All in all a great team effort even if I had to listen to Van Gutless the whole game, that dude really really SUCKS.

my thing with the Cavs and the Lebron LOVE AFFAIR is that teams that play them just let him go bananas or whatever -- get to all his sweet spots, do whatever. I love how we defended him and simplified the game to our advantage -- everyone else is so lovestruck with him that they dare to even try and defend him -- just sit back and let him get st8t ridiculous on their asses...Right now every body and the NBA's mama is psycho over Lebron, I have never seen anything like it...Talk about mancrushes -- that's an understatement if I ever knew one! He's a great player or what have you, but wth has he ever WON as far as the NBA goes??? No titles, yet..Okay, he is a shoe - in for MVP probably like 10 more for years to come cuz everyone is so hell bent on annointing him as successor to the Jerry West's logo...But dayum already -- all i am saying to the Lebroniacs, is BREATHE easy..It's okay

Good morning Mamba24 & the Laker morning CRUE!!!

Mamba24 - outstanding as usual!! Calling out the fake Laker fans - YOU GO, SIR!!!!!!!!!! I say they have forfeited their premium seating if they can't bellow out some cheers for their team! Strip them of those tickets & hand them out to REAL fans!!! LIKE US!!!! I know I could use a couple of tickets - haven't been to a game in years. Still - me & my TV get it on every game day!

Jon K - that barstool is coming with you to LA. I don't care what you have to do - just make it so.

I don't care if we win by 1 or 101 - I'll take the W every time. I don't care if it's a pretty W or an ugly W - I'll take the W every time. WE HAVE NOT SEEN THE BEST THIS TEAM CAN GIVE YET.

Patience grasshopper.....

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!! WE GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!

Difference between this year and last year.

The Obvious:
Bynum. Well, duh.

The We Told You So:
Trevor Ariza
Shannon Brown
Lamar, instant mismatch off the bench

The nuances that the Sportcenter/Yahoos highlight crowd doesn't see:
Pau in the weight room
Shannon's fit to the Triangle- no point guard, no problem
Kobe, not the primary perimeter defender anymore
Pau, not the last line of defense anymore

Tom Daniels,
I agree 100%. AM is a great fit, just needs to strengthen up the injury and get his confidence back.

I really look forward to the next 5 years in Kobe's development. He will become even more substance, but less flash. I hope he challenges himself in other ways. Maybe become the defensive player of the year or lead the league in assists. If he morphs into that kind of player late in his career and wins 3-4 more championships, I think he surpasses Jordan as the greatest player ever.

I also think SB may move into the starting PG position next year, with Fish moving into a back up role in his final year. I also see Fish moving right into the coaching staff the day he retires and helping JF understand the mental aspect of the game better and accept his role as SB's back-up.

(02) MAMBA24 - DRIVER - I got the broom by my side.
(03) FAITH – Director of DEFENSE
(03) KEIFO – Riding Shotgun
(04) # 4 - Director of win number 4.
(05) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - Director Win #1.
(07) JON K. – Director of all things Bio Chrono
(08) EDWIN – Judge for all flagrant foul calls
(10) OUTLAW – Deputy Sheriff
(11) BABY OUTLAW – Director of Toddler blogger division
(12) SBPIMP – Director of anything he wants.
(13) SBPIMP TWINS – Riding Shotguns over the Toddler divion
(14) PSYCHED LAKER GIRL – Director of Motivation
(15) LAKERMAN420 – Director of Tokes.
(16) SIR CHARLES – Director of Keeping it Real
(17) OUCCCHHHH – Director of Pain Management
(18) FATTY – Director of Morale
(19) EAST COAST JESSIE – Official Latina Princess of The Los Angeles Lakers
(20) FLOYD – Director of Inspiration
(21) CHICnSTU – Director of Broadcastin
(22) DOC4daLakeShow - What you can’t read? Doctor for The Lakers.
(23) BD – Director of Names
(24) LAKER GURU FROM INDIA – Director of Meditation & Zen Liaison to Phil Jackson
(25) EXHELODRVR – Director of Quips & strategic tips.
(26) NEMAIA FALETOGO – Director of foot stomping.
(04)#4 - Even if his offense sucked, his defense makes him a better complement to Kobe than Farmar.
(05) DOC4daLakeShow - Glad to see Shannon get the run.
(06) JON K - Brown has shown us glimses of potential for us to get excited about.
(07) THE OUTLAW - Shannon Brown is a keeper, no doubt about it. I like that guy's energy and hustle. Nice three-ball from the corner, too. I didn't expect that
(08) BABY OUTLAW – Waaaaaa Shannon Brown.
(09) PIG “MILLER” – Resign Shannon Brown
(11) FATTY – Shannon Brown, "Lakers Secret Weapon"
(12) LAKERSRYDEORDIE – Always has been always will be.
(13) Sir CHARLES –
(14) NEMAIA FALETOGO - Shannon is more athletic, stronger and a better defender than Farmar
(15) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - I would like to roll with the Shannon Brown's a Keeper bandwagon s'il vous plait. That was a GREAT amount of burn for the kid. I was watching him off-ball last night and he was very active, focused and looked ready to explode from his energy & enthusiasm. I like it a lot! Hopefully this is the kick Jordy needs to get his act together and his ass in
(16) utzworld THE BANNER HOLDER - put me on the Shannon Brown bandwagon, por favor. He's most def gunnin for Jordan's (and Fish's) spot.
(17) TALIQ - not only can he play but every minute he spends on the floor means less of farmar refusing to pass to kobe's bff, i.e. sasha"
(19) JOHNNYP - How crucial is Shannon Brown when we have this bench slump going on?
(19) EDWIN GUECO - To all PG's of the league "They either slow down with Shannon or get mowed down." (20) JAMIE SWEET – GO SHANNON –(It’s always good to keep your options open)
(21)LAILA - shannon brown was awesome
(20)LAILA - shannon brown was awesome
(21) ChicNstu |- UPS ..Thats what Brown can do for you!
(22) EASTCOAST-JESSIE - I also have to say that Shannon Brown is getting lot's of love from me. The kid is ridiculously athletic and his defense is much better than Farmar's.

...But dayum already -- all i am saying to the Lebroniacs, is BREATHE easy..It's okayPosted by: lakersrydeordie | April 20, 2009 at 09:34 AM

I feel your pain brother.

The nuances that the Sportcenter/Yahoos highlight crowd doesn't see:
Pau in the weight room
Shannon's fit to the Triangle- no point guard, no problem
Kobe, not the primary perimeter defender anymore
Pau, not the last line of defense anymore
Posted by: #4 | April 20, 2009 at 09:44 AM


Again, I respect all your criticism on the Lakers on their first playoff whether it is Kobe or the foul prone C's. I still look at it from the veteran perspective that everybody is just feeling around and it is the media hooplah that created all these expectations. Kobe should just continue what he is doing and as if this is your first time to witness the Lakers, they have a tendency to be show off when they are leading big, loves to entertain with those fantasy dunk shots or back dribble. The objective of the game is to win but what sells jerseys, blogs, hits, tweets are the entertainment which sometime is in conflict with the objective. From a lead of 22 pts in the half, it was reduced to 13 in the end. Hey, Utah Jazz has to show something too, they are not Washington Generals. LOL!



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