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Can't buy me love, can buy me good news for Andrew Bynum

If I seem distracted, it's because the TV in the media room at the practice facility happens to be turned to a station showing Can't Buy Me Love. Can't Buy Me Love Classic film, with important lessons about how we treat our fellow man.  "Cools, nerds, your side, my side. Man, it's all (b.s.).  It's just tough enough just to be yourself."

Think about it.

Something else to think about?  The return of Andrew Bynum.  He practiced today, including some five-on-five scrimmaging. I didn't get a chance to talk with him myself courtesy of a late departure from Lakers Blog HQ and construction on La Cienega, but thanks to some LATeamwork heard the audio of his time with the media (high five to Broderick Turner).  Fair to say that Bynum was in a great mood, and reported no complications from increased activity.  "I just played.  It was great to be with the guys and out there.  I just went hard.  That's what they pay you to do, that's what they want you to do," he said.  Bynum was excited to test the knee and take a little contact. 

You need to be pushed, jump in the air, land on one leg, and all that.  Everything's positive so far.  I just hope it keeps going the way it is."

If it was up to him, Bynum said he'd love to play tomorrow against the ever listing Clipper ship.  It isn't, and he won't.  But he does look good for a return over the next ten days or so, in time to get a little burn before the playoffs.   In the meantime, he'll need to get his wind back and continue to build confidence in the knee (Derek Fisher has some interesting comments about the process of coming back from injury in the video below).  As far as minutes go, Bynum seemed unconcerned. 

"I don't care when (the minutes) come," he said. "I'm just going to go out there and try to be effective.  My job is very easy.  Run to the front of the rim, post up, get the ball in the basket, block shots, and rebound."

Needless to say, Bynum's five on five work was the highlight of a practice that saw a lot of resting from the team's headliners.  No Kobe, no Pau, no D-Fish.  As I mentioned, though, it's worth listening to Fish's post practice comments.

Pau Gasol, on last night's game, Bynum, and fatigue:

Derek Fisher, on Bynum and the process of recovering from injury.  He also has some interesting thoughts about the Lakers and the toughness issue.  How they've learned to adapt against opponents that look first to beat them off their game and into submission.  Fish notes that the Lakers are a team that has a philosophy of execution, movement, and passing, and won't change just to throw elbows, but playing "their way" and being tough aren't mutually exclusive:


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Believe it or not, my cousin is in that movie - she plays a cheerleader. It was filmed in Tucson and she was a cheerleader for Tucson High, which got her the gig.

Well, the main question for the lakers at this point is, who will they be playing in Round One? Right now, the SUNS are 3 games back of DAL, so tomorrow's game between the two will likely decide the matter - although UT is tanking and could also be #8.

But - which matchup would be most exciting, and competitive? The SUNS vs lakers, of course. SHACK vs. kobey. Phil Jackson facing his worst fears, etc.

Isn't that what laker fans want?

From the Ask Dr. MBenga section:

“DR. MBenga, How is Andrew Bynum’s rehab coming? Do you see any problems with his knee?”

Dr. MBenga: “The first practices can be dangerous because you don’t know if you’re ready or not,” Mbenga said. “It’s normal after an injury like that not to have your confidence. I think he needs a couple of hard practices for him to catch up and be in shape. The rest is by himself, his mind and his confidence.”

Bynum practicing again in case people missed it on the last thread.

In the footage of Bynum practicing he looks much bigger than he did when he went out. Is that my imagination, the type of lens used or angle, or has he been hitting the weights?


Fish handles these interviews similar to the way Jeter does. He's articulate, makes himself available and answers all questions. He may not give you a whole lot of information, but always handles it like a seasoned veteran.

5 on 5 is music to my ears. I imagine Drew won't play against either the Clips or Sacramento but he may be "available" against either Denver or Portland. Seems like we can be confident about an official return for the games against Memphis and Utah.

There was an afternoon sportsradio guy this last week who was sitting in on either 570 or 710 that made the point that Lakers fans are giving Drew an almost Obama-like power to just make everything better. Count me as one of those fans. I believe he'll get Pau's minutes back down to the low to mid 30s. I believe he'll put Powell and Mbenga back on the pine and be much more reliable on both ends then either. I believe he'll completely change the way teams defend the Lakers and how they match-up, making life a lot easier for Kobe especially b/c double-teaming just won't be an option unless you want to pay for it. I believe he'll solidify the front court rotation and, as an extension, the play of Walton, Farmar and Sasha who can comfortably go back to playing within their roles instead of trying to do too much.

Great Bynum news!

It will be great to seem him back on the court. It will be a balancing act between coming back too early and getting into playoff shape...

Welcome The Beast!

ABC is offering up two games I'm very interested in tomorrow morning.

First, Crabs v Spurs. I'm hoping the Spurs do Cleveland 2007 style and put the Lakers back in drivers seat for home court.

Second, Dallas v PHX. Dallas' loss to Memphis has given PHX playoff hope. If the Suns can win tomorrow, that would only put them 2 behind in the loss column. Both Dallas and PHX have a tough gauntlet of games down the stretch. PHX has to win on the road and Dallas hosts some tough teams.

Of course there's also the Staples Series (I refuse to call it the hallway series). Here's a question - Are the Clips considered a big market team?

This year has to be a dream for Stern. Once again, there isn't a whole lot of garbage time at the tail end of the regular season. Playoff teams are going to have something to play for all the way until the final game.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Check out Magic rooting on the Spartans!

Young Patrick Dempsey.



>>> There was an afternoon sports radio guy this last week who was sitting in
>>> on either 570 or 710 that made the point that Lakers fans are giving Drew
>>> an almost Obama-like power to just make everything better. Count me as
>>> one of those fans. I believe…

Well said as usual, sth. Drew changes everything. The workout video and 5-on-5 news were very encouraging. Someone posted that Drew actually looked bigger on the video and I had the same thought, although I remember reading that he was already back down to his playing weight. It is amazing how he has filled out over the last year. He has become a Beast physically. Even if he is not at the same level he was playing before his injury, his presence alone will have a huge positive domino effect on the team, not to mention his effect on the team’s confidence and morale.


This is good news. I'm hoping that when he comes back, he can play some minutes with Sasha and Farmar... I think it would really bolster their play.

In the footage of Bynum practicing he looks much bigger than he did when he went out. Is that my imagination, the type of lens used or angle, or has he been hitting the weights?


Posted by: JohnnyP | April 04, 2009 at 03:54 PM

Good point Johnny. I thought the same thing. Upon further review everyone looks shorter and stockier. B Shaw and Jim Cleamons both look "smooshed" to me. I think it is the camera lens.....

Bynum looks much bigger. He is huge.


Look again at the video. That's not Brian Shaw guarding Bynum, it's Shaq!

Bynum's huge!


Jon K,

Ah Hudson..Probably wont be there! Don't even know where it is! I did manage to see a pre-season game with Cleveland and Spurs back in October. Maybe, just maybe I will go to Cavs game just to boooo them!

Bynum is bigger due to him being a little out of shape..He'll get back

That practice vid was a very, very good sight to see. I thought if he came back and only averaged 10 and 7 in the playoffs that would be good enough to be the favorites, but seeing his decent explosion and movement at this point leaves no doubt in my mind he will average that and probably more. Man, I can't wait for the playoffs.

Amanda Peterson FTW!

oh and Go Lakers!

Andrew's calves make Kwame's look like chicken wings not ham hocks.

Off topic again....I think Gregg "Pops" Popovich owes Marc Gasol, the Grizzlies and the Lakers an apology for his dumbace remark about the need for a trade committee (the only word in the english language with three sets of double letter, & yes, I'm an idiot). Marc, still a rookie, put up 19/10 tonight....Yes Pau is great for us, imagine if we would have been able to keep Marc, and slide them that other guy, Joe Crawford....or Mihm, or VansRad, we would have the yin to the yang, Pau...the deer, and Marc...the bull...he probably shoots better than 10 of the current Lakers too....could you imagine the chemistry that could have been....too bad he's contracted for 3 years, 2 more after this that time Pau will be all beat up and a twig from having to play center (hopenot). Popovich, go to Target and buy your wine in a box, cuz you made a bad call, and you owe Marc an apology....his stats (11.7/7.4/30mins) will creep up till they are closer to Pau's (18.9/9.5/37.11mins) once The Holmby Hills Shuttle service returns....

Back to topic: AB looked damn good in that video, I would have him start to suit up, warm up, an put him in the game for 2 to 3 2 minute stretches with strick instructions to run up and down the floor, and stay away from people. I'd start it with the Clippers or Orange County of Los Angeles (please move to the Honda Center, please....)

JohnnyP wrote:


I don't think so, as it appears the video image is stretched horizontally for whatever reason. Where everyone looks shorter and fatter than in reality. The "Oliver Hardy" effect by any other name.

Great to see Bynum just about ready to return though. And I sincerely pray this time other Lakers teammates will STAY AWAY FROM HIS KNEES THIS TIME!. Just kidding of course, but I do hope they can anyhow :)

"Andrew's calves make Kwame's look like chicken wings not ham hocks."

Posted by: richard | April 04, 2009 at 08:36 PM

You're lucky Mike T loves chicken wings and ham hocks, or you'd be fighting him right now.



Today's the day I gracefully submit myself to abuse without retribution.

Let's have at it.

Go Clippers!



The 'OC Clippers' does have a nice ring to it.

Pop is very smart. That is his way of complementing the Lakers for such a great move. He could never say publicly what he really thought.

"Those lucky SOB's. That's not fair. How we going to beat them now!"

To understand what coaches REALLY mean, you have to listen carefully to what they say, and when its mentioned.

We also must comprehend this point fully. Coaches are the most competitive people in the world and are extremely jealous of other coaches who are successful.

The worst EVER had to be Red . (May his soul not rest in peace) In his mind PJ is not a great coach. He was just lucky to have some great players that a rookie high school JV coach could have won the Title with.

While Red himself, took a bunch of NBA scrubs like Russell etc...and HE made them into a Juggernaut.

Now, Jackson breaks all the rules as to 'what did he mean by that?' (Ask the K's) I've always felt, its more the 'Acid' talking from his Timothty Leary days, but that's another post which I hope to do someday. Where I plan to experiment with LSD, to expand my mind in my efforts to understand Phil better.

But back to Pop. He did say much later, he was only kidding. Applying all these rules of what a coach REALLY means, what do you think he meant by that?

Dr. Fatty - Practicing Psychoanalysis without a license, which is only legal on the LA Times Lakers blog.


"Maybe, just maybe I will go to Cavs game just to boooo them!"

Well, make sure you wear a football helmet and bring a baseball bat. There is a section of the local population, which I refer to as LeBroniacs, that has become increasingly radicalized as the season progresses.

People are beginning to expect their first championship in this city in 60 years and it is causing Clevelanders to respond with their typical brutally clunky graceless fear-reaction disease.

I've already received multiple physical threats regarding my use of the lucky barstool. People out here drink a lot, but they don't know how to (or don't care to) hold their liquor. When they drink, THEY DRINK and they'll act in ways that is often aggressive and/or violent.

It's really weird. "I was drunk!" is a viable excuse out here for acting like a fool/idiot/jerk.

You should see a Browns game. It's crazy.

So, I think you'd be better served taking the short drive out to Hudson and helping me secure it against the angry hordes of LeBroniacs rather than going to a Cavs game BY YOURSELF and getting kicked to death for wearing a Lakers shirt after we beat them in the playoffs.

Food for thought.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


This is great news! Welcome back Andrew and a championship here we come! GO LA!!

pslakerfan thanks for the Bynum footage. He does look huge, but then he is being guarded by B. Shaw, so....

But he looks good. He seemed to tire easily and looked winded. But his moves were smooth and in rhythm. and he did everything quick. Compare the one shot of DJ Mbenga taking the ten footer, and see how much quicker and smoother and more decisive Drew looks on the same move.

Seemed comfortable turning and pivoting. Shot looked smoother.

Just seems to be a matter of conditioning and getting into game rhythm, acting not thinking.

Seems to me the sooner the better in real action at this point, even just an 8 minute stint against second units could help.


Bynum looks pretty good in that video, but look how badly he is panting. He is NOT in game shape. We need to start putting him in 2-3 minutes a game to get him in shape.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Thanks for the quote Fatty;

The only problem is that "DR. MBenga" doesn't really appear to clearly answer the question which was an assessment of Bynum's progress so far after practicing with him. But beyond the mention of "a couple of hard practices needed," seems more of a canned response of what kind of expectations to have for someone returning from rehab., which most people here know already.

So was Bynum's progression "positive," "negative," "about as expected," or what? MBenga doesn't specifically say way or the other.

Is Jon K a glutten for punishment, or is it, he just doesn't know any better?

Who else would hit his favorite Pub, sit in his favorite chair for everyone to see, root for the Spurs against the local favorite, and then cheer on the Lakers, the enemy, in game two of ABC's double header?

Not many Lakers fans can claim that type of bravery, and to talk about it.

Have fun today Jon K.

We expect a full report with pictures, after the games.

And don't use the excuse, you can't post from the local jail tonight after being arrested for fighting. I've yet to hear of a jail that can hold Jon K for more than 4-5 hrs.

Fatty - Do the Lakers know what type of sacrifices Fans make for them? And is there some sort of medal for bravery you get for doing stuff like this?

Fatty also wants to know. How do you afford that bar tab? It has to be as huge as Kwame's calves.


Just because I live in Cleveland, it doesn't mean I drink like a Clevelander.

And to my knowledge, the lucky barstool only works FOR the Lakers. I can't use it for any other team.

By the way, great to see you posting.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



When I saw that quote, I couldn't help but think how articulate MBenga really is. And this is someone who uses English as a 2nd language.

He was given a simple question, and if it was me, I would say something like, "oh, he's coming along great."

But MBenga gave a thorough, articulate answer, which lead me to honor him with the title of 'Dr. MBenga'.

thanks for the thoughts of NBA coach's psyche...I understand that as well, and I'm glad that the trade rocked his boat, it showed how big of a deal it was. By making that statement he did indirectly praise Pau, but then he also put down what went the other way...I'm just glad that Marc is holding his own...thanks,
BTW, avoid the LSD, I did it when I was a child, I think I was very very young....I would avoid it...Find your escape some other way....I believe as others do... about the kick back that you get years down the road....long term damage/changes....Don't know what else to say, other get some really good MaryJane....

The suggestion I made about having Bynum get going now, meant, I would be willing to have him just jog up and down the court staying out of action....just to get him into the rhythm of suiting up, warming up, running up and down the court a few times...I said AVOID contact, stay away from interior, just jog the court, that means Lakers play 4 on 5 for a minute or so....I'm not an expert into the plan they have for him, but I'm sure they are experts and I am not. If he has a major itch to get back on the court, that would take care of that.



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