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Audio leftovers: Phil Jackson

Here's a little more audio that didn't make it into the postgame report after Friday night's 93-81 win over Houston at Staples.  Both from PJ, both interesting. 

In the first, I asked if the team handles physical play better now than they did a year or 18 months ago.  Given the whole "Lakers are soft!" narrative, it's certainly something people will be talking about when the playoffs open up.  I wasn't a big believer in that through line last year- teams don't win a brutal Western Conference then beat Utah and San Antonio to get to the Finals by being soft- but think four wins over Houston plus two each over Boston and Cleveland this season undercut the idea even more. PJ thinks things are better on that front, but not perfect:

"We're better.  We still want to look back at the referees, and I don't want us to do that.  To have guys complaining.  If it's going to be that kind of a game and the referees are going to call it that way, then you have to get into the trenches and play that type of game and not look back."

In the second clip, Jackson talks about the performance of the bench, and why he left them in the game after the Rockets had closed the gap to one in the fourth quarter, and the battle between Shane Battier and Kobe Bryant.


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Isn't there a 60 win bandwagon somewhere in the annals?

Think a minor cyber celebration is in order.

But we play for rings, as it is written.


Carrying momentum into the playoffs.


lakers all the way...temper.
No need to rush drew back at all

I think there was a 72 win bandwagon but it wasn't really a blog sensation lol.

Anyways, it's that time again! Bandwagoneers prepare to root for our people!

1. Faith
2. Isang
3. Anna in Bondi
4. Chad
5. Christopher Blake
6. ChicNstu
7. Mr. Edwin Gueco
8. Kiwi
9. dave m
10. bijou
11. Bruzer
12. Juan
13. Hyacinth
14. titejt
15. Benjamin
16. Jon K
17. Ann
18. Justanothermambafan
19. Thi
20. Xodus
21. Fan of the Mamba
22. ZZ
23. Thirty2
24. Lakertom
25. laker guru from india
26. Jamie Sweet
27. Taliq
28. Jesterguru
29. JohnnyP
30. Vman, house speaker!
31. Nemaia Faletogo (oracle! lol)

Bench Mob Breakout Bandwagon

1. Faith (Driver, left or right side it depends)
2. Rick F (shotgun!)
3. Edwin Gueco (bodyguard)
4. justanothermambafan
5. Xodus
6. Fan of the Mamba
7. ZZ
8. Lakertom
9. laker guru from india
10. Jamie Sweet
11. Jesterguru
12. titejt
13. Vman, (Mr. Pelosi!)
14. Nemaia Faletogo

We need these guys come playoffs so let's root root root for them to "get it." Or in some cases, "get it back!"

Go Lakers!

Creeping up towards my summer prediction of 65-17 !

Anyone seen this video yet from AB looks pretty solid to me.


Man, it’s great to have you back with us again. I almost wanted to send you the $49.95. LOL. Despite a great season, it has been far “too” serious around here. We’ve been missing you. Fatty’s back. Andrew is next. The Dynasty Begins.



PLEeeaze throw me on the second bandwagon. Despite my frustration I SOOO want the bench mob to shove my own words in my mouth.

Bynum does look good, but I'd like to see him run up and down the court.

To be positive I'll not mention how much quicker Kobe would have returned from the same injury : )


Yeah LakerTom, its nice to be back wih good friends, in sharing what I believe, will be one, historically great run to the NBA Title.

"But enough of this sissy mushy stuff. We got a blog to run and a Title to win."***

Fatty - Who can't wait to declare the Suns TOD

*** Actually, its the K's Blog, but it sounded good. Fatty knows we are just humble Lakers Fans priviledged to post modest comments at the LA Times Lakers site. lol


thanks for being the ambassador/translator between the Mbenga group and DJ. it was refreshing to see him interviewed and how he transformed his glory moment to the greater one of his foundation.

i guess some of his teammates should mbeng with Mbenga.

it is good to know that the couching staff is aware of the negative reaction of the players to how the game is called. ignore the zebras. don't make them the stars of the game.

it is interesting how the NBA page does not make any comments regarding Cavs blowout from yesterday. never put a bad spot on them. that will be their karma.

solid game. great orchestration by kobe. i liked what mark jackson said when kobe replaced luke: "it's time to put the kids to bed".






Prediction: Lakers will not make to the finals. There are teams with more hunger and motivation (I shall not name them, it is intuitively obvious who they are) and they will come out with more "Hutsva" and give the Lakers a spanking.

I would say the same for the Cavaliers, except, based on what they just did to the Spurs, James has that fire in far greater amounts than Kobe and Odom combined. Alas my faves the Celtics will not make it either. I predict the Cavs in the finals, will win in 5 games.



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