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Trevor Ariza, no suspension for flagrant foul. Incident after the foul still under review.

March 10, 2009 |  9:22 am

I was on the phone with someone from the league to get some insight on the process of reviewing flagrant fouls and any ensuing fracases in terms of suspension-worthiness (more tidbits on that later), and was told that there will be no suspension for Trevor Ariza over the flagrant foul itself on Rudy Fernandez during last night's game against the Trailblazers.  I wasn't given an explanation as to parameters determining that decision, but for most of you, I doubt the details aren't as important as the suspension not coming.  The incident after the foul, however, is still being reviewed, in terms of punches thrown or players leaving the bench, the latter a particular concern for Lamar Odom, who, by all accounts, did wander away from the bench.   

We'll see what happens, but for now, good news.