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Flagrant foul information regarding Trevor Ariza

In talking yesterday with NBA Vice President of Communications Tim Frank about how Trevor Ariza's situation with Rudy Fernandez (and others similar)Ariza might be evaluated, I learned of a common misconception among fans, players, coaches, and media (yours truly included).  Whether someone makes a play on the ball isn't the determining factor in assessing a flagrant foul.  Or even "a" determining factor, really.  Instead, it's a matter of whether the contact itself was necessary and/or excessive. 

In a case like Trevor's, that can obviously get very dicey.  On one hand, the league rightfully wants to protect its players, and Fernandez is essentially a sitting (or flying) duck while airborne.  You don't want to see him get hurt.  On the other hand, where do you draw the line between contact acceptable vs. excessive?  Ariza obviously made contact with Fernandez's head, but he also came reasonably close to getting a block.  Another few inches one way or the other and he might have missed the ball, but also avoided Fernandez's head.  Either way, if he was able to come that close, it's understandable to me why he didn't feel compelled to just concede the basket.  Throw in the fact that Ariza really did appear more interested in Spalding hunting than hunting heads and it becomes an even tougher call. 

Frank didn't deny how difficult the process often is- I personally don't think there is a tougher sport to officiate than basketball, for what it's worth- and shares my happiness that such sequences get reviewed at the time (and also with time having passed, allowing emotions to simmer down).  It may not always lead to the "correct" call or one that makes fans happy, but it's an earnest attempt at justice. 

At any rate, for those wondering how a flagrant can get called after a player seems to be going after the ball, there you have it.


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I believe two additional things factored into the call when it was made (not the actual ruling as it stood after league review).

First, it was a blowout. The refs become hyper-sensitive to the fact that these types of games can get very emotional because the losing team feels demoralized and often takes issue if it appears the opposition is "pouring it on". The flagrant foul call, IMO, was an attempt to nip that in the bud so the emotions wouldn't escalate.

Second, the home player got hurt. This feeds into the influence of the fans felt by the refs. Imagine if Trevor had been hit with a regular foul and Rudy had to be carted off on that stretcher? As amped up as the crowd was, the situation could've gotten way uglier than it did. The flagrant 2 and ejection could've been perceived as an appeasement.

First. Glad to see Rudy will be OK. Nobody sane wanted to see him get hurt.

Second, about the upcoming games, let's be realistic. Beating Houston without Drew & LO would take a miracle even if the Lakers were playing good ball. And they've been playing like crap since the loss to Denver.

The same goes for the Spurs game. So, even if the next two are blowouts, I just want to see some good effort especially on defense and being smart on offense. (Like how 'bout just run the frealin' offense some?)

Anyway, GO LAKERS!!!

I have a hard time understanding how you can't factor in whether or not the player was making a play on the ball when determining if the contact was necessary and/or excessive. The fact that the ball was up near Rudy's head when Trevor swiped at it, obviously makes it hard to fault him for making contact with Rudy's head because the head was near the ball which Trevor aimed for. If the ball had been by Rudy's waist and Trevor swiped at the head, then obviously he's not making a play on the ball, and the contact is unnecessary and excessive. To me, making a play on the ball is a determining factor in whether or not the contact was "necessary and/or excessive."


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"Do You See What I See"

why should we even watch if you already know the results to upcoming games?

i love it how you guys come up with these posts as if it's based on facts.

DNFTT people. It's bad for your health. Causes tooth decay not to mention gastrointestinal upset.

Lakers still have a chance to win tonight. Any team in the NBA, on any given night, can beat any other team in the NBA. You can never completely accurately predict what might happen. I know Houston is hot and we're thin, but it's possible.



I suppose you think they will go 19-0


As I read your report per Mr. Franks comments, I find myself curious as to how this recently disbarred qualification even emerged and immensely puzzled to see the NBA let this false belief harbor in the minds of constituency for so long.

Looking forward to the game. Even if DYSWIS is a master prognosticator, 59-23 still gets us in the play-offs, and that's all that matters. Once you're in, that's when it gets real. The coaching gets better, the players get more intense, and there are no back to backs to worry about. The Lakers, even though they have not played like it recently, are one of the best and deepest teams in the league and will prove that in the play-offs. Each one of these games while we're down is a chance to turn things around and get better.


"AK, As I read your report per Mr. Franks comments, I find myself curious as to how this recently disbarred qualification even emerged and immensely puzzled to see the NBA let this false belief harbor in the minds of constituency for so long."

To clarify, I never said the "going for the ball" criteria was recently excluded. I said that "I" recently learned it didn't matter. Please be sure to note the distinction. I also don't think it's a matter of the NBA allowing the false belief to fester as it is people just set in their ways and misinformation (or at least, not spelling out their knowledge in a more clear way). Kinda like how Doug Collins has managed to convince the world that Sasha came up with the "Machine" nickname. haha



this just in

PJ looks for the 10th title


For all the Fair-weather Fans who are ready to abandon ship and believe that the Lakers, like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, have no heart, tonight is heart-check time in Houston as the Lakers face their fourth Western Conference playoff team in their last six games. With losses to Denver, Phoenix, and Portland revitalizing the hopes and aspirations of Western Conference foes and Cleveland pushing them for best record and home court advantage, the Lakers will surely need to come with their A-Game tonight.

One thing that’s made very me proud of this team over the last two years is how they have pulled together during critical times when they could have crumbled under pressure and came out and played great. We saw this all of last year and through the playoffs with the one exception being the NBA Finals. And we saw the same this year, when the team went on the road and defeated Boston and Cleveland without Andrew. Tonight we will hopefully see the team bear down and deliver a well-needed victory and quick kick to the gonads of the Rockets and the rest of the Western Conference pretenders.

And pretenders are all that the Lakers really have to contend with in the Western Conference. Portland now thinks they are invincible. Houston thinks they are ready to take over the Lakers. Pop has San Antonio played as well as they have played all year. Of course, none of these teams have confronted the fact that their victories over the Lakers came at home with the Lakers finally and sorely missing their 21-year old budding superstar center Andrew Bynum. Once Andrew returns, all of these so-called contenders will be disrobed as pretenders as the Lakers sweep through the Western Conference playoffs undefeated to take their rightful place in the NBA Finals versus the Celtics.

As of the flagrant fouls, I don’t really care to see overly physical games and I blame the poor officiating for most of the flagrant fouls you see around the league. When games are blatantly and poorly officiated, you inevitably end up with a lot of frustrated players who are prone to taking out their frustrations on opposing players with hard fouls. It’s no different than on the playground. Tit for tat leads to fights. Watching the zebras in the Blazers game, you would think that Mike and Mike had paid them off before hand.

The Lakers need to shore up their perimeter and interior defenses and hang onto their great win-loss record for the rest of this month until Andrew is ready to return. I believe we will see an effort reminiscent of the great road wins at Boston and Cleveland tonight. I believe we will see the Lakers wear their hearts on their sleeves tonight in a dominant victory over the Rockets. The key will great execution at both ends of the court and an inspiring show of heart by every player on the roster – and by every fan on the blog.

DNFTT! Do Not Feed The Trolls


Do You See What I See,

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Are you getting a recession rebate at Aviara?

Goin' down next week.

Back to Lakers:

DVR, sports fans. Saves on the psyche.

I tried to get this thought in on a previous thread, but it apparently didn't make the cut off. So here goes again.

I think there is a way to motivate LO to show up with effort every night. It's called an incentive laden contract. The Lakers should offer him the veterans minimum contract that they can sign him at, and then load up on goals that we all know he is capable of:

1) Make the all-star team...add $1 million
2) Lead the team in assists...add another
3) NBA 6th man of the year...add another
4) Average 15 points a game...add another
5) Average 10 rebounds a game..add another

I'm sure Dr. Buss can come up with a few more to allow LO to not take a pay cut if he performs like he's capable of performing. I'm not sure if this is allowed by the collective bargaining agreement or not, but wouldn't it save a lot of headaches? If he plays like a below average player, he gets paid like one. If he plays like an all-star, he gets paid like one.

Just a thought...


"I never said the "going for the ball" criteria was recently excluded. I said that I recently learned it didn't matter. Please be sure to note the distinction."

You're right. It was never a criteria in the first place, although it surely seemed like one.

"...... Kinda like how Doug Collins has managed to convince the world that Sasha came up with the "Machine" nickname. haha"

I am also puzzled about this too. In my mind, I visualize some guy being able to tap Mr. Collins on the shoulder and just tell him, "Hey, dude, Sasha didn't dub himself 'The Machine.' "

The actual occurrences of mistakes don't puzzle me because mistakes do happen. Instead, they just makes me curious as to where these things start.

The length of time that this misinformation is the air, quite frankly, leaves me flat out stumped. The league may have been waiting for an appropriate time or avenue to release the information. But, when I throw out all the technical mumbo jumbo and look at it from standpoint of a "reasonable NBA fan" (and I would assume more so if I was more closely connected with the league), I find it plainly strange, puzzling, and unsettling-- especially since the league is sensitive to what's happening in its circle, that it has been in the air for so long.

On a slightly different note, was Mr. Frank's statement an official league statement or a league official's statement?

Do You See What I See,

Thanks for the heads up. I'm headed to Vegas, baby!


I don't even know if it's so much "misinformation" being allowed to permeate as simply it being hard to wrap one's head around the specific distinction.

For example, if you hit someone in the head, but you made an obvious play on the ball and came within finger's reach of a block, one could argue that whatever contact that came as a result wasn't "excessive." In other words, unless I'm just gonna concede basket outright or make a half hearted attempt at a block, what is the defender supposed to do? The flip side of the argument could be to either better evaluate your odds of pulling off the play or put the onus on yourself to maintain a safer physicality. And so on and so on.

But in any event, it's a pretty naturally confusing relationship from the start. Like I said, it's dicey and imperfect by nature.



Laker Tom

The Tin Man had no heart. The Lion needed courage! Just sayin.

As for the refs, i think they should wait on further review of the video before they determin if it is a flagrant 1 or a flagrant 2. Its much easier to reverse a flagrant 1 to a flagrant 2, than it is to reverse a flagrant 2 to a flagrant 1. Without losing control of the game and the crowed. And they would get the call correctly.


Lakers finish 18-3, starting with a win tonight.

Pessimists will be flogged during the championship parade.

the referees made the whole situation possible. if they called obvious fouls and violations like travelling and palming CONSISTENTLY, games like that wouldn't be so likely to get out of hand.

anyway, while i REALLY felt bad for Rudy and while i wouldn't like to see that happen to anyone on my team, i still don't believe in easy layups. i guess i'm old school in that way. in the past, play like the league has fostered just wouldn't be allowed. NO LAYUPS was the rule, and players who played above the rim knew the risk. as a result, SKILL was required to score, not just athletic ability. the league in it's infinite wisdom has opted against good basketball in favor of enter-taint-ment.

once again, i feel bad for the injured player, i hope he makes an immediate and full recovery, but there was NOTRHING dirty about the foul. it's just one of those things that happens in a dangerous game.

as far as i'm concerned, flagrant fouls are only for OBVIOUS intent to injure(like the Bell or Mchale clotheslines), and even still, the rule's not even necessary. the league lasted for years without it. it's just like the idea of "hate crimes". there are already laws against mayhem, murder and assualt. adding "hate" to the mix only confuses things. players could ALWAYS be suspended or expelled for excessive violence(yes, the game is ritualized warfare. it IS violent, it's EXCESSIVE violence that's not needed).

for portland fans, i understand the outrage, but you know that it's part of the game, too. your players were the one's making a point to be PHYSICAL, instead of just playing basketball(although, your team put on a clinic of fine 3 point shooting!). mess with the bull, get the horns is what i say. the refs are supposed to STOP teams from trying to win by just being PHYSICAL, that's what fouls are for. that way, tempers don't get out of hand. i'm old and from that old school, if the other player just was pushing me around and trying to punk ME, elbows would fly regardless of the consequence, that's part of the game. if the other team wants to play rough, and the refs won't stop it, roughness is the only way to even the playing feild.

it wasn't that long ago, that people looked down upon the Lakers for being "soft", for playing basketball instead of wrestling. now they're complaining that the Lakers were too mean and rough. it's laughable two faced and hypocritical. the whole league is full of dirt. and Stern is the piece of dirt number one.

the thing was, there was NO intent to hurt Fernandes, NONE. it's just unfortunate.

btw- i'm tired of seeing my team's best player get mugged on almost EVERY drive and not hearing a whistle in his favor. sooner or later, other teams need to start paying for the abuse with flesh, if the league won't protect him with the rules that apply to everyone else. stars used to get the benefit of the doubt on every call for the protection of the one's who make this league worth watching. with Kobe, it's exactly the opposite. THAT's the crime, unfair officiating which equals biased and tainted results. i'm reminded of Rollerball...

For everyone who is ready to jump off the wagon.... relax.

The Lakers are in a lull, but we all had to know there would be one this year. I'll be really happy if they can halt the funk this week, but I also want them to get it completely out of the way before the playoffs roll around. I want to see them ascending come April 1st.

Get on a new roll now and maybe they can start peaking in the playoffs.

Lakers finish 18-1, starting with a win tonight.

No, I don't see what you see. But I do see one thing: You are an idiot.


>>> The Tin Man had no heart. The Lion needed courage! Just sayin.

Thanks for the correction. Looks like another senior moment without checking on google. LOL. It will interesting to see if the Lakers Heart-Check comes up positive tonight. After all, Houston was the home of the first heart transplant (too lazy to check and see if that is correct, lol). And I agree with you on the refs waiting before reacting too quickly.


Do you See What I see?,
As much as I hate your prediction the rest of the schedule, but the way the Lakers are playing lately I guess more or less your prediction will come true or maybe even worst than that. What a disaster to end the regular season...IMPLODING!!! Yikes!!!

May the FORCE OF OPTIMISM be with US Lakers fans. But sorry to say, if the game of Kobe and Co. will not improve or maybe even a reflection of what their record shows, they may not even go as far as Western Conference Finals. How can they beat the Spurs, Jazz, Rockets, Trailblazers, Hornets or even the Nuggets if they continue playing the way their playing now?.

You don't follow through on someone's head without trying to bring them down. You don't talk smack to a player's teammates when you've clearly just injured.

Kobe gets beat up a lil, but so does everyone else. Saying officials aren't sometimes biased towards LA means you have to give back at least one championship.

Hollinger has a "Is CP3 better than Magic" article.


All Hollinger ever does is poop himself with subjectively derived numbers, and then invite the rest of us to change his diaper.

Oooh numbers! Sounds science-y! Wait, how did he weight these numbers? Oh, it's a subjective judgment call... But, he swears the numbers are not outcome derived! Then how did he evaluate their worth to start with?


This guy's act is getting old.

Like Andy mentioned, I don't think it's not a question of whether or not making a play matters- it likely does for the reasons people have discussed. Contact made while playing the ball is by nature different than, say, elbowing someone in the stomach. That can impact whether or not the contact is deemed unnecessary or excessive. But the important thing to know (and it was news to me, too) is that playing the ball isn't itself a criteria for deciding on a flagrant. It's not a specific and defined part of the checklist, so to speak.



"As I asked before and you didn't answer, what "history" does Paul Pierce have of faking injuries or playing them up for dramatic effect? Or Ray Allen, since you now threw him into it? If it's so well established, give me some examples.

I am one of those guys that can't remember every incident..But it's pretty common knowledge that certain players fake it..Other fans on this blog have noticed it..I don't have the motivation to go out and break out past tape, but if I see them do it again (in the finals hopefully), I will let you know.

Again, Im not saying that Pierce dreamed up this "hero" event..Im saying that players and teams take advantage of opportunities that come their way to try and get an advantage.

"You still haven't explained what a guy would gain being on the ground AFTER a foul had already been called."

Yes, the foul is called..But the Technical 1 and 2 is still being reviewed..Plus, it gives time for the crowd to get pissed and animated..Which also influences the referees.

My point is that it's to get more free throws, maybe a ejection or get the crowd animated..All kinds of stuff can happen if they just sit on the court a little longer for "dramatic" effect.


I think you're right that players will embellish the impact of a foul in an effort to get a whistle, or maybe draw a T, for the same reasons they flop. But those are generally very quick incidents and don't linger. When a guy is on the ground and stays there for a while, or is writhing in pain as Gerald Wallace was, it's fair to say that something hurts. Generally speaking, I think people can tell the difference.

I just don't like it when fans of any team seem to relish in a player on another squad getting hurt, or show a basic lack of human compassion when a dude takes a really hard fall or seems to be in a bad way. It's not classy.

I also think people (not necessarily you) tend to forget that a well trained, professional medical staff often won't let a player get up and walk or move after certain types of high impact plays, for obvious safety reasons. So sometimes when a player is staying down for a while or leaves on a stretcher, it's because he's being made to, not necessarily because he wants to.




Is there a roll call today?

As for the game itself, really simple. We come in there with focus, intensity and hustle, and we're talking about ending this little bonehead slump.

I have faith in the Lakers. Go Lakers!

blah blah,

there was no "follow through", just an attempt to block a layup, which is almost always the right thing to do.

also, Kobe gets beat up more than a "lil". no other star recieves such shabby treatment, which isn't an excuse for bad calls for other teams. calls should be CONSISTENT or we just have WWE and not NBA. Kobe hides and plays through his injuries, so it's not as clear just how rough they play him compared to others...

and no, we're not giving up any titles...

and no, i'm not happy to see Rudy hurt...

as to the smack talking, there was none. a few Portland players wanted to escalate(understandable) and the Laker players needed to stand their ground, which they did. in times past, a team trying to push the envelope of physicality like Portland was allowed to do in that game would have received a similar no layup beatdown with no attempt on the ball, and no apology, and everyone would have chalked it up to heat of battle. i'd like to see what James Edwards or Mark Eaton or Oakley or Barkley or Jerome Kersey or Moses Malone or Bob Lanier would have done to a similar overly aggressive layup line. the thing is Trevor isn't mean like those guys were, he felt bad about the foul. those guys would foul HARD and then STEP on you. the league has been emasculated, just like the rest of the men in this society.

sports is ritualized war. it should stop being violent at the point of actual serious injury, and that's what refs are for. when the game gets out of hand, it's almost always the fault of the officials.

>>> The Tin Man had no heart. The Lion needed courage!

And Odom has no brain!

The harder the guy falls the more likely it will be a technical. Or in the case of Pierce the faker, the more likely it would stay in the refs minds and in the crowd's mind that it was an "unnecessary foul" and should be called better next time, when really it was a tap.

Pierce is a baby.

a foul is a foul.

unecessary roughness is unecessary roughness.

the flagrant foul rule is horse manure. it is political. nearly 100 years of basketball never needed it, because it's a stupid rule. the worst thing about it is the subjective nature of the rule itself. players could already be suspended or banned for play that was overly dangerous or disrespectful to the game. too many rules is just as bad as too few. how's about just calling traveling, palming and regular fouls more fairly and consistently? that's the best way to clean up the game, new rules are not required. while we're at it(eliminating stupid, uneeded rules), let's get that stupid hand check rule, that's only called to stop one or the other team's defensive momentum?

why is it so hard to believe that the refs are corrupt? i don't think they're ALL corrupt, but they ALL work for a corrupt system, and one's already been prosecuted. where there's smoke, there's fire...

"My point is that it's to get more free throws, maybe a ejection or get the crowd animated..All kinds of stuff can happen if they just sit on the court a little longer for "dramatic" effect."

If so then the same thing could be said for Kobe when he got that dislocated finger against Cleveland just for dramatic effect. Or how his back injury in Game 4 in the Utah series could have been an excuse for his poor play in that game that was gone after Game 5 and/or 6. Then again that pinky thing which while I still say was legit has been over used so many times I mean he shot 45% before his pinky was injured and shot 46% when he did have it injured.

Do other players do that too and blow up the extent of their injuries out of proportions? Yup and the same thing is said about floppers as well. It shouldn't be even complained about.

When you miss games, then I'll say an injury is legit and wasn't blown out of proportions sky high. I just hate those act/excuses about this guy having an injury yet plays perfectly fine the next game.

It's simple: you miss games then heck the injury or whatever was legit and no showboating. Otherwise it ain't even worth to say "damn that guy is a warrior".

Rudy Fernandez's injury looks so far to be legit. Anyone who says it isn't has either no idea of how it feels like or just wants to deny it. If Rudy does play the next game maybe then it was blown out of proportions.

-KB Blitz

BK - I've watched enough Ocean Force on TV to know that they'll throw anyone in one of those neck braces and put them on a stretcher as a precaution for just about anything.


Thanks for the link to that article on PJ. Good read!



"I just don't like it when fans of any team seem to relish in a player on another squad getting hurt, or show a basic lack of human compassion when a dude takes a really hard fall or seems to be in a bad way. It's not classy."

I guess some fans do this.. I have a 1 to 2 minute rule..If he is on the floor for over a minute, he is probably not faking anything..I know it sounds bad, but these veteran players are sneaky! LOL

The whole point is to wait just long enough for the referees to make their flagrant foul determination and get the crowd pissed and animated. Even if they are not hurt at all..It seems to be more of a veteran move..Rookies seldom do it.

Even Faith here said Pierce is a faker and I'm sure it's not because she is a biased Laker fan! LOL :)

I watched the play over again, and this is not commenting on any Lakers at all,.....but damn, for a guy that jumps so high, Rudy does not know how to fall.

I remember in HS, the best drill my coach taught us was getting hit on a layup. I was put on my back a couple of times by how hard they'd hit us with some pads that were usually used for football. But what I did learn was how to fall.

He took the strangest fall I think I've ever seen.

The Blazers expectation of a confrontation seemed to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.


I never said Fernandez faked anything..The topic came up because I guess some fans thought he was initially faking it. I was trying to explain why I feel some fans have this perception. Because veteran players do fake it sometimes in my opinion.

Do you want to know how you can tell? When players do it all the time.. Sasha is the one player on the Lakers that tries this veteran move all the time..Watch him! Sometimes he actually gets away with it.

Sasha is not the perfect example though..But my point is, I see repeated behavior by players that leads me to believe in some way the act was intentional.

Wade,Pierce do it all the time. Ginobli once in a while.

Kobe is a unique breed believe it or not..Kobe never fakes anything. He hides his pain. Also the "finger effect" idea is not in Kobe's nature..You learn this by watching him his whole career.

I don't know..Maybe I just analyze the game way to darn much! LOL..

I am in no way saying everyone is faking their injuries come on! It's a contact sport sometimes..I look for repeated behaviors that form a pattern..and thats what I see.


Do You See What I See:

Are you Hollinger's alter-ego? If so, you need a wet nap!

After watching the apparent mugging Rudy F. got by Ariza monday night, it made me stop to ponder that if Rudy had a wallet in his pocket, McMillan would be asking for it back. The game of pro bball has gotten so far out of hand with fights, suspensions, rules for rules and yet people still pay dearly to go to the games and support this activity. I think that Ariza, being a representative of the Laker organization when he dons their outfit and excepts their paycheck should not be slapped with a flagrant and ejected, they should eject the coaches who taught him this terrible strategy and throw their asses in jail as well. You guys thought the jailblazers were bad a few years back, well LA Lakers are driving down the same road. What a joke of a team. There's no "we" in Kobe is there?


Laker-hater. There is a troll for you.

Posted by: Laker-hater | March 11, 2009 at 04:18 PM

well, don't you sound like a barrel of monkeys.

That was sooo last game.

This is a funny article about clips

The url wasn't that big to begin with, but oh well!

Regardless of whether or not Trevor was going for the ball or not, I think he made a poor decision on that play. Here's why. The Lakers were behind by 28 at that point. That play was one that had the aspect of a "high risk, low reward". The chances of Ariza blocking that shot from so far behind were negligible. What actually occured was the far more likely outcome. Rudy getting taken out of the air hard and the resultant brouhaha.

I'm not advocating quitting when a team gets a big lead. Nor do I believe that it was Trevor's intent to injure Rudy. I ,do however, believe that the score of the game led to an emotional reaction on Trevor's part, and that it wound up hurting the Lakers in losing him for the rest of that game and Lamar for tonight's game. To me, Trevor's action were false bravado and unnecessary.

The time to send the Blazers a message was in the 1st quarter, not when they are beating the piss out of you in the 3rd. Batum drove the baseline on Pau (who had no fouls in the entire game) in the first quarter, dunked like it was All Star weekend and then celebrated all the way down the court. Compare that to the Cleveland game at Staples when LeBrawn drove the baseline like a runaway train but was met by a determined Andrew Bynum who commited a foul that said, "Not in my house"! Baby then proceeded to stare the "King" down. Lakers won that game. That was real hustle at the right time with the right purpose.

What Trevor did, while understandable considering his emotional nature, only made a bad situation worse.

Just One Man's Opinion

I would be very surprised to see the Lakers fall just under .500 with a 9/10 the rest of the season. The Lakers will have Odom back after a one game suspension. Regardless of how effective he may be, his presence needs to be defended. How and where he goes past this season remains to be seen. Personally, I believe his days of playing for the Lakers will be history. Not that L.O. is a terrible player, his longevity in the league has some value, of which the Lakers feel is more hinderance to their salary cap and would opt to release him for financial reasoning. Back to the Lakers only going 9-10 the remainder of the season. Many factors enter such as possible injuries incurred by opposing teams and number one plus will be the fact that Bynum will be returning, hopefully by April 1st, (No joke). Even if Andrew comes off the bench, his presence will be a force to be reckoned with and it won't be easy. Having key players return to duty will have impacts much like Boozer coming back for the Jazz. The Jazz are on a 12 game winning streak. I hope the Lakers can finish with top record over the Celtics / Cavs and Magic. Nowadays, reaching or matching Phil Jackson's 72-10 season record might not be accomplished ever again. Teams are able to get back in game after garnering top lottery picks. The perennial losers only have cellar standings a few years and not decades. I predict the Lakers will go 13-6 to close out the season. Once last item in favor of the Lakers winning home court over the Cavaliers and Boston is the fact that an actual tie with those two teams gives the Lakers the nod since they beat both teams twice. Pitted against the Magic the odds are in their favor. Enough of my blogging, it's my birthday and plan to cheer my Lakers on over Houston this afternoon... that will be my wish when blowing out the candles. Game time is nearing so it's time to have a great day, EVERYDAY.

I like the post about salary cut for L.O. for next season laden with incentive clauses during the year. BUT, L.O. HAS TO CHANGE and be consistent.

~ After watching the apparent mugging Rudy F. got by Ariza monday night.

Posted by: Laker-hater | March 11, 2009 at 04:18 PM

Mugging? Mugging? Dont talk about Mugging!
This is the NBA! And that was hardly a Mugging!
Trevor is a thief of basketballs only!!!!!


I don't know if it is allowed to frame a contract like that or not but it is a great idea and not just for LO but for all players in all sports.
Let's stop treating them like bailed out CEO's
No risk/ All reward does not work in the real world why should it in sports.

as for Rafanico's post why don't you give back your brains since you are not using it as displayed by your idiotic post.

as for tonight

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Like I always say, ADVERSITY breeds CHARACTER!

Without question, we as fans are going to find out ALOT about the Lakers the next few weeks...

Considering everything that has happened to our team, from strange injuries to key people and inconsistent defense during stretches, they are still tops in the NBA after 63 games..Just imagine when they start to click on D down the stretch (which I expect them to do knowing that the money season is close)...

LakerTom was right...sometimes as fans, we get caught up in the MOMENT (which is just human nature) when their play angainst opponents is HORRENDOUS and PUZZLING...No team is perfect (just ask our rival Celtics) through 82 games.

I often have to remind myself as a passionate fan that the Lakers are made up of guys who are just as human as we are...Let's face it, guys get dogged out at times during a LONG season...players play through knick-knack injuries and deal with other issues on and off the court...Every team goes through it...

We all know that they are HIGHLY paid professional athletes that don't deserve our mercy when they play awful ball (especially when it's our team). AFTER ALL, THIS IS THEIR JOB RIGHT? TO BE THE BEST ALL THE TIME...RIGHT?

Welll, when one is a fan, heartbreak is part of the equation...In a sense, we feel robbed as fans for our team's QUESTIONABLE and UNINSPIRING efforts in losses...But at the end of the day, that team we cheer for and criticize is a part of who WE are as loyal fans...

I'm proud to say that through thick and thin and good and bad times, the LOS ANGELES LAKERS is MY TEAM BABY!

Like Derek and Kobe have always reminded us from time to time...CHAMPIONSHIPS are not won in the regular season...they are won in June! The regular season is just a pre-cursor towards bigger and better things, called CHAMPIONSHIPS! I trust in Phil, Kobe, Fish, and Gasol to see it through...

Folks, it's hard enough to even reach the Finals without any ADVERSITY! Who said life is supposed to be easy!

With this in mind, I expect the Lakers to play hard at Houston and San Antonio...I expect bench players like Mbenga, Powell and Brown to be UP for these games...Actually, I would like to see them play extended minutes just to throw off their scouting reports...Why not?

Believe me, Houston and SA are not going to take the Lakers LIGHTLY...THEY KNOW BETTER! A THIN team is sometimes the WORST team to play against...The league is too good to take for granted as a whole...Our Lakers too have been victimized by the "taking teams for granted" syndrome...

However, once the Lakers get back to playing LAKER BALL (with or without Bynum) in the near future, I have no doubt that June will be waiting...

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!


We wanted tuff. Now we got tuff. Do we want soft back?

I've seen TA get smoked at least three times on similar plays this year and fall way harder than Rudy only to spring back up to the foul line ready and able.

This is a man's league. Boys need not apply.

what a horrible play the nba guys schould learn to protect there own and the opponents' bodies.



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