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Spike Lee on Kobe and the Kobe documentary


Many of you know about the documentary Spike Lee is working on centering around Kobe Bryant.  (It airs, I believe, in May.)  If you're interested in getting a little early information, check out this interview with Lee on WQXI in Atlanta.  It opens with talk about shooting around Kobe and the Lakers, but Lee continues to talk about all sorts of stuff, from 24 to MJ to Kobe's 61 at MSG to Lee's long involvement with basketball and basketball films.

Interesting stuff.  Listen to the audio here.  (Thanks to Ball Don't Lie for the tip.)


Spike Lee stands on court side before the start of the NBA All-Star game at the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 15 February 2009. This is the 58th NBA All-Star Game and is being played at the US Airways Center, home of the NBAs Phoenix Suns. JOHN G. MABANGLO / EPA


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Did anyone else hear what Shaq said about Van Gundy tonight? Wow.

Yeah, Shaq is...well Shaq is Shaq. He bashes someone to no end, insults them childishly and then calls it a media ploy.

Can't wait for the Spike Lee Doc though! Sounds like its going to be pretty interesting.

Any real news on Bynum, AK/BK, anyone?


It's been a few months at least since he tossed someone under the bus. We were due.

No love for Patrick Ewing, either.


On a side note, those crispy burritos from Carl's Jr. interest me more than they probably should. I have a feeling that's a trip through the drive through I'd regret (after the initial enjoyment, of course).


You know those legends that flew to the top and then came down hard? And ungracefully?

That's Shaq. I mean not that I'm really surprised, he was and is like this...but it's like a slap in the face now.

The weird thing is I kind of agree with him. In the sense that the Van Gundy's don't really know that much (I mean in comparison to like Pop or PJ in the winning sense, this case Shaq). I remember when one of the Van Gundy's was an announcer, it made me want to use a knife to poke out my eye so I can cover my ears with it.

I think Shaq's IQ is about 60.

Shaq barrels into Gasol on every single basket and gets called for 1 foul and HE'S complaining about Howard?

Howard may have not won any rings, but Shaq would have zero rings without Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, DWade, and Kobe.

The only reason the Heat beat the Dallas was DWade going wild for 4 games and Mourning coming up big off the bench.

On the plus side, Shaq's behavior will likely end soon simply by virtue of him running out of people to insult. I think the only people left Roger Mason, whoever coaches the Kings these days, and Sun.


Shaq did give the Lakers 3 rings but his attitude is one of the reasons why I still choose Duncan over him.

If it was just one vs one basketball, Shaq tops Duncan. But Duncan is by far the better teammate to be with.

Duncan is not as egoistic as Shaq is, he did not blame others for defeats, and most importantly he was more than willing to allow his little buddies to flourish without him dominating the ball (Tony Parker 2007 Finals MVP). Sure Kobe had his faults in the feud but Shaq was not innocent either.

Shaq was the most dominant big man of his time. But the era belonged more to Duncan than it did to the Diesel and Shaq's attitude is one of the reasons why Duncan has the edge over him.

Still can't believe how the Clippers just choked again to the Memphis Grizzlies and lost by 23 hehe. They are the joke of LA.

-KB Blitz

Hey K Bros,

What happened to your Blue Notes? Did you guys give up that gig?

so, any of u still want this guy back?! even for free? in very few days he will destroy any chemistry the team has.

shaq will be always about shaq. the only reason he is playing hard is to pad his stats as a scorer. and i believe he started to do that as soon as kobe got in the top 20. he said in an interview that he wants to be in the top 1-5 on the list.

another loss for the suns (less Butler for a few days) and phoenix's chance to make the playoffs r diminishing. dallas beat SA tonight. 3 games behind and the toughest schedule till the end.

like in any business, and especially sports, players have to know how/when to retire. especially the great ones. MJ failed, with his wizz comeback. looks like shaq is burning all the bridges.

i hope the Funs to lose a few more games, and i'm expecting Snak to have an imaginary injury so he will not be responsible for the team not making the playoffs. the old trick

funny, after reading that interview in which he is blaming the van gundy's for quitting, isn't he also one of those who quits?! pot=kettle=black.

morning all

for your morning coffee, i will entertain you with BUTLER's avatar from the Funs blog. please read a few of his comments after the lakers loss

enjoy; never a dull moment; now, that's my wiping boy



"it made me want to use a knife to poke out my eye so I can cover my ears with it".

~~That's an extreme measure (just switch the button to American Idol haha!), we need d-fence on the blog, not a blind and a deaf Faith.

By having a connection with Spike Lee, Kobe is now venturing in the Hollywood productions, this is a new route in his career which is another feather in his cap. Does he still need a MVP status if he has elevated his status to another playing field? I'm not saying he should be out of contention but in case Lebron or Dwayne gets it, nothing is lost. Got rings, olympic, movies soon and the status of a future hall of famer while he's currently setting NBA records for people who lived by statistics.


Whether or not Van Gundy is a good coach isn't really relevant (I actually do think he is a good coach, btw). What happened is that Shaq DID flop and after years of calling out guys like Vlade Divac about blatantly flopping he does the same thing.

And calling out a former coach about your experience with him (for what seems like the 100th time) and saying his career is a flop is just plain unclassy. I'm not saying Shaq shouldn't have made a comment back but most of what Shaq said was unnecessary.

Blind Faith???? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Good morning CRUE!
Another day before game day......ick.
I'm glad the guys had a day off, though.
Lots of strength & focus for tomorrow.

Spike Lee is a tool.

Shaquille O'Neal is an egotistical baby.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"[Larry Bird’s] a great ball player. I’ve always just disliked every team from Boston anyway."

--Spike Lee

That's gotta be the funniest quote of the day! Spike Lee gets it. He's a true NBA fan. That's why I love him.


Ode To The Clippers:

Clippers don't play hard
Donald Sterling is a tool
Ruin. Woe is me.

Go Clippers!


Play for Germany?
Chris Kaman gone all season
What was he thinking?

Go Clippers!


Just read the Shaq article ... AK/BK, do u guys still wonder why kobe fans will give an arm and a leg to defend him ... we had to watch a talented young man intent on being the best in the world being belittled for his ethic by Shaq's own agenda ...

None of this stuff is new for Shaq ... he's done it his entire career and he's always gotten a pass for it ... yet knuckle heads out there wonder aloud why kobe wanted to jump ship (**it was so bad he considered signing with the clippers) and claim he could have done more to keep Shaq ... F that ... But umm yea Kobe's the dude that snitched in colorado (as opposed to he was dumb enuff to trust the cops), he's the guy that tried to get Shaq to share a cell with him, dude deserved everything he got ...

Urgh ... mamba I can't wait to see you shine ... Can't wait for champion$hip numero uno this year, can't wait till u get us a 4peat (lol, hey we dream big around here) ... and can't wait till we can all tell the haters what's been right there in front of their face ... u can't deny his love for the game

24+16+1[7] = The Purple Tinted Golden Era

You know, Shaq's rant is pro'lly pent-up from all his praise for Kobe and PJ. He's just not built to be nice for that long. Van Gundy was just a convenient pressure release valve. I hope for Van Gundy's sake, there isn't a scenario where they would meet in the playoffs. Shaq seems like someone with something to prove this season.



They didn't like Butler either...

* BUTLER0007
* Mar-01 @ 7:31 PM




There is 1 reply to this comment.
* DieHardPhoenixFan
* Mar-01 @ 7:57 PM
You sure post a lot when the Suns win. I'd like to see more from you after a losing streak.

Poor little Gremlin, that's why he came here to get some love...

Haiku from Jon K.! I love it!



"think Shaq's IQ is about 60. "

Exactly the opposite. Shaq is very intelligent; he just has a great need to be the center of attention (no pun intended) both on the court and in the media.

Hey Blitz;

Remember awhile back during either the 01 or 02 championship run when we played San Antonio?
Remember what Shaq and Kobe did to Duncan and
Robinson? A local host called Duncan and Robinson
"the two vaginas." Duncan couldn't win anything during
that run. Duncan a better teammate than Shaq?

Uh. . . . . nope.

I feel bad for Shaq. He sounds like he believes he's manning up and not backing down from a fight, when in reality the comments make him look small. I still like Shaq and what he brought to the Lakers, but it's fun to see him still play with power and energy. But the rants do nothing for his legacy.

One question: What does The Big Expletive mean by "frontrunner"? I understand it to mean someone ahead of the pack, but Shaq seems to be using it differently.

ouchhhhhhhhh / mrnano - So, are you the guys we have to thank for Butler trolling on this blog? He said that he comes in in retaliation for Lakers trolls on the azcentral blog. Are you guys those trolls?


Duncan never feuded with his little buddies (Kobe, Nick Van Exel, Penny Hardaway), he never said he wouldn't defend if he didn't have the ball, he never said pay me in fact it didn't take a trade to make him accept less money , he didn't say "I got hurt on company time so I'll heal on company time", and Duncan especially rip up anybody else in the media.

Is he the perfect teammate? Can't say since I think he's too humble at times. But he is still the better person to be around than the egotistic Shaq.

-KB Blitz

when he isn't messing with kobe I think it's very funny.

Taliq - outstanding! Excellent post - preach it from the mountains brother.

Jon K - sorry about your Clips, man. But you knew you were in for the "woe is me" from the git-go, right?!


Marty - A "frontrunner" is a term that has been thrown around a lot this year esp in regards to the Celtics (specifically via Bill Simmons). It basically means someone who talks a lot of smack only when they're winning.



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