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Debunking myths (?)

March 17, 2009 |  9:36 am

With the 76ers of Philadelphia in town for a visit, the Lakers have the chance to prove incorrect some Nessie_2 recent accusations.  First, the one from Phil Jackson that his squad is lacking an instinct that would be properly labeled as "killer."  The players ain't buying it, but here's a chance to put their money where their denial is.  Yes, the Sixers are a solid team, but they're also pretty unimpressive on the road, which would qualify them as a team the Lakers should theoretically be able to put away handily. 

Philly also plays some zone D, a scheme the Lakers spent yesterday's practice working on countering.  The players say they get it, so time to offer up the pudding's proof.  One suggestion: The man in the middle can offer some help (even if he's not one to mouth off about it).

And speaking of other tall tales, Adam Morrison would remind folks that while it's technically his third season, for all intents and purposes, it's still his sophomore campaign. The Point? Talk of him already reaching "bust" status is WAY the hell premature.  (The piece from the Times' Broderick Turner touches on some points from the recent interview with AK.)

D-Fenders coach Dan Panaggio praised Sun Yue's effort while playing with the small club and thinks the rook could have benefited with more time on their roster.