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Portland 111, Lakers 94: The northwest passing

Congratulations, Lakers vs. Detroit, you're no longer the Worst Game of the Season!  Nicholas_batum_dunks_over_pau_gas_3

The purple and gold entered Monday night's game in Portland having lost six straight at the Rose Garden and 12 of 14 on the Blazers' home floor, with an opportunity to send a message.  They did, but likely not the one they intended, losing 111-94 in a game that (seriously) wasn't actually that close.  Portland closed the first quarter on a 16-6 run to take a nine point lead.  From there, it was mostly a matter of how many whistles would blow before the game would finally- thankfully, mercifully- end. 

Kudos to anyone who can find good work from someone in purple and gold tonight.  Samples (and I emphasize sample as the full list would be nearly infinite) of the carnage include:

  • Portland lit up the Lakers for 61 points in the first half, while the Lakers were limited to 38.  Trevor_ariza_flagrant_on_rudy_ferna
  • Lamar Odom continued his run of subpar games with a four foul, four turnover night, finishing with seven points on 2-5 from the floor.
  • Kobe Bryant finished 11-29 and only visited the line twice, Luke Walton had two points and nary a rebound in nearly 25 minutes of burn.  Derek Fisher had one field goal and a single dime in 24 minutes of his own, while Trevor Ariza made only one shot before getting tossed at the end of the third for a Flagrant 2 on Portland's Rudy Fernandez.  That would be the photo at right.
  • Until posting a meaningless, garbage time 38 points in the fourth, LA's high water mark in points for a quarter was 22. 
  • The Blazers killed the Lakers on the boards, outrebounding them on both ends.  Portland did particular damage on the offensive glass, earning an unsightly number of second (and third, and fourth...) chances. 

I could go on, but really, why bother?  You get the point.  I had mentioned on the radio that I thought of the three games on the road trip, this was the most important, given LA's wretched recent history in Portland and some of the matchup issues the Blazers present.  After all, a first or second round matchup against these guys is certainly a possibility.  Fair to say the Lakers did nothing to put a dent in Portland's confidence.  More to come tomorrow.


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he got a new one making him one of the most VERSATILE players in the NBA: he got off the bench during a court fight. i hope he gets a suspension.

if he gets one, i propose to officially re-name him oDUMB.

April 10 won't be a day of will be a day of punishment.

is it possible for the next game at rose garden on Friday, April 10th, to send 5 players from the D-fenders?. same with sacramento on Tuesday, april 7th?

Well ... all else aside at least Pau can still be counted on for high-percentage shooting (7/12), perfect from the line and 13 rebounds ... no fouls ... obviously not enough tonight but as the rest of the team continues its slide over the past few weeks I wish they'd take a page from Pau's book of consistency. Mbenga might be the only one listening.

If any of you have NBA league pass and had to listen to the bone-head announcers, wouldn't you agree that it was really painful to listen to those morons? I think in the 1st period, they called in reasonably well, but the 2-3 were completely ridiculous. Calling every play on the Lakers a foul and not saying a word when Lakers players get hacked. I can understand some homer announcers, but these guys are worse than the Celtics announcers. Not as bad as Denver's announcers, but much less knowledge. A good criteria to determine if the announcer has done his homework is if he really knows the scouting reports of lesser known players. When Powell took an open 15 face up shot and missed, they said Portland should give him that all day long, but these morons don't know that's Powell's shot. Total morons.

As for the Ariza play, he got the ball!!! If Fernandez was any other player and not a Eurowuss like his floppy buddy Gasol(who got whupped by Prysbylla - We really need Bynum back), he would have gotten right up. Having said that, I hope Fernandez is fine.

Roy and Aldredge should have been tossed for going after Ariza. Aldredge shoved Ariza. Totally ridiculous.

Sasha should have been traded, not Vlade. Sasha is a joke. Can't really play defense. That hand check foul and foul behind the 3 point line. Drives me nuts! I hate it when Sasha is in. So much so that I want to turn the TV off. All hand motion. All wasted.

Bynum, please come back soon.

Better hope that Portland doesn't make the playoffs and that the Lakers don't meet the Jazz in the playoffs. Spurs for that matter too with Gooden.

Just a one from the Lakers bench was actually out ON the court. They were just in the out of bounds area, where all the cameras and everything are. Does that still warrant a suspension?


Can't keep up with all the new threads...

One bad loss and the trolls are out.

We lost the game fair and square. Blazers always get all pumped up to play us and we came out super flat. No offense and no defense for 3 quarters will do it for you. We seem to be lacking that swagger we had in the beginning of the season, especially with the bench mob. Thankfully the season has its ups and its downs. Not too long ago we went 6-0 on a tough road trip, we'll pick it up again before too long.

As for the foul, that was just a bad fall. Ariza wasn't just going to let him dunk and he made a definite play on the ball. League shouldn't penalize Ariza any further as the ejection was out of line to begin with.

As for the Blazers. I view them as our Hawks. We just can't beat them on the road. They are a good up and coming team but I think their advantage is more mental then skill. Hopefully we don't have to meet them in the playoffs as they could pose some serious problems. Bynum will man handle Prizbila any given night though.

Kinda weird piece about Bynum on KCAL 9. Saying he's this great kid but then showing his money rain and his watch and telling us he has 10 cars. I think its cool he's got all that stuff, I just seemed unnecessary for the interview. Like Drew said, hopefully he's back closer to 4 months instead of 8.

Lamar = Finals MVP


Pryzbilla got 7 freaking offensive rebounds. 7!

Was understandable as Blake and Roy got into the paint quiet often. That was just poor defense by the perimeter players and forcing Pau and Mbenga to rotate over forced them out of position to rebound.

Oh the big guys did decent all right on the boards. 13 rebounds for Pau and 8 for LO despite the limited minutes. The rest of the Lakers couldn't snag a rebound. Probably the 2 day layoff just made the Lakers more complacent yet again. They really need to get back to those every other day games soon enough.

Starters played bad only Pau did good at all. Bench the supposed "minute men" failed in their tasks. Ariza's flagrant foul might get him a suspension though might not also since Bynum didn't get suspended. Sasha's overrated defense and now I hate to say it Trevor's poor defense also. Trevor playing too much the passing lanes and rotating over when there was either a big man to rotate over to contest the perimeter gave wide open looks......and seemingly Trevor is less confident without the ball. No longer like a ghost and will only do any kind of production when he has the ball which he is less effective whether it is a slashing or shooting.

Jordan's shot overrated and most of his points were garbage minutes.

Still I'm no reason to panic this isn't the end of the world anyways.

Harder game against Houston now. They are red hot and have two perimeter defenders in Battier and Artest. Battier's ability to guard Kobe might take pressure off Artest and he might go off on the offensive end.

IF Trevor is suspended then Kobe will no doubt see more time playing Small Forward and more minutes for Sasha for the minutes he's been crying about!

You get amazed at the number of Laker fans who say "Mbenga for life" at on one night then see a "trade player x" when there is a loss. GET OVER IT. There will be losses. Act so spoiled about so many wins you act like babies who don't get enough toys to play with when there are others who would like to even have one toy. There will be losses and unless it's in the playoffs when it matters quit crying. The way Laker fans react when it is a loss (though more understandable since this is just a bad game) is just as FUNNY and LAUGHABLE as they were when they were crying about losses in the damn PRE-SEASON!

That being said don't overrate players and be like someone who just loves to overrate players and see them get exposed when they don't have the sanctity of the Staples Center to protect them.

-KB Blitz

Just wanna point out that even if portland loses all their challenging remaining games (atlanta,cleveland,utah,houston,san antonio,LA of course, and denver) we would still have 52 wins, should be enough to lead the non-elite teams in the west

I'm glad Kobe left without speaking to reporters. I'm sure he is frustrated and wrote "April 10" on his when-to-punish-that-ass calendar.

I just deleted a long rant about the Lakers. Normally, I would post my anger and frustration with Laker individuals but I'm not going to take that course today.

I know the Lakers are a better team than the one shown today.

I believe in you guys and I know there will always be tough times.

We will never give up! We will never surrender!

I guarantee eveyone that is reading this blog that the Lakers will beat Portland on April 10. I GUARANTEE. I know we're going to be on a long winning streak now. I GUARANTEE!

Laker fan to the end..

Just because Pau accumulated some points and rebounds, doesn't mean he played well. He's the one that let Przybilla out of the box and allowed him to have such dominant rebound numbers. Pau set the tone for this loss by not boxing out and allowing so many offensive rebounds in the first Q. Pau was TERRIBLE in this game....I don't care what the numbers for him were!!!! Oh, and the picture of him at the top of this thread getting dunked on by Batum is typical of his night. That was an opportunity to send a message and deliver a good, hard foul. But Pau didn't have one foul all night. I appreciate what Pau brings to the table for The Show on most nights. But last night he was TERRIBLE...just like the rest of the team.

it was just the typical horrible portland game. if the season hinges on this game, the Lakers never stood a chance this year anyway. it stunk. it was foul and rotten. the team played terribly. on to the next game.

"After the game, Bryant left without speaking to reporters."

you can bet kobe's mad, no way we're losing in houston. not if kobe has anything to say about it. i hope he rips up a new one to all the guys cause our effort tonight wasn't there.

I am a season ticket-holder for the Blazers, and there is no doubt the Laker game is the most anticipated match-up of the season. Our rivalry is legendary and perhaps we come out on the short end of the stick in the playoffs vs. LA,, but I don't make excuses for all the Laker banners, most of the time you have the better team. BUT NOT TONIGHT.

Having said all that, Laker fans can make all the excuses in the world but that was one of the worst plays on the ball I have ever seen in my entire life. I have played the game, and coincidentally the same exact play happened to me once while in college, and thankfully I didn't get hurt, but I got up and shoved the perpetrator, which Rudy would have had the right to do. If you have played the game you know what I am talking about.

That was criminal and borderline negligence! IT WAS OBVIOUS DESPERATION IN A GAME ALREADY DECIDED! The Blazers were up 28!!!

I was there, and saw it with my own eyes in real speed,.Rudy was so far ahead of Ariza, he was late and tried to block a shot from behind. Not good.

I could infer from Pau's reaction that he was embarrassed to be a Laker tonight.

Good luck with the rest of your season, we'll see you in April and hopefully we'll dance in the playoffs.

My worst fears realized. (re-post)

This is last year all over again. This team can't win it all without Bynum. I would add that with Bynum, it's still going to be a struggle to just get to the championship, depends on how close he can get back to the way he was playing before going down.

I hate our starting lineup right now. Besides Kobe and Gasol (Whose playing out of position at the 5), we have no other dependable scoring options. I mean in tough games on the road, we really stand to get run over. Walton is just not working at the 3, to limited in what he can do, especially against athletic teams like Portland. He can't guard good 3's and he can't really score the basketball consistency. Couple that with Lamar and his inconsistent offense and Fish who needs to get his offense off of good ball movement and we're in trouble folks. We're really not that potent offensively unless the ball is really moving, but depending on Luke and Lamar to hit shots is not giving me a good feeling. The offense is just not balanced, when things get tough it becomes the Kobe chuck and duck show, and that's just not gonna win us a championship.

The bench is quickly becoming a liability. The formerly known bench mob is more like the dazed and confused kiddie squad. Nothing solid is coming from the pine nor can be expected in my opinion. Unless we get Bynum back, so Lamar can come off the bench to give us that 2nd unit spark, we're gonna continue to lack and Farmar, Sasha and Trevor will continue to struggle.

Defensively we're absolutely atrocious right now and Portland exposed it for all to see. We can't stay in front of players, so athletic teams get into the paint at will leaving shooters wide open or we just give it up at the rim. Same as last year, Lamar is going to continue to get in foul trouble and big physical teams will continue to have their way with us. Obviously Bynum could help with this problem, but his healthy return is such a big question mark right now.

I hate to think our post season success depends on Bynum, but it does. We've seen this movie without him. Get healthy Andrew, the team needs you.

Blazer season ticket holder,

I totally disagree with you on the Ariza play. It wasn't even close to one of the worst plays on the ball ever. Actually, it wasn't a flagrant in my opinion. If you have watched the replay you'll understand. He was making a play on the ball, just caught Rudy's arms as he was in the air knocking him off balance. Unfortunate play, but not flagrant, not malicious, just a case of a guy getting hit in the air. I hope Fernandez is ok, cause it was a horrible spill. Looked like ribs to me, hopefully nothing serious.

Mbenga threw down some nasty dunks. It's just one game guys. Get over it.

First game I've missed in a while. Probably best for my mental and overall health.

Sounds like it was some kind of horrible bloodbath.

play was off the charts. Rudy was flying, and the Blazers momentum and speed was incredible.

Nobody in the arena could have foreseen Ariza trying to make a late-play on Rudy. There was intent on Ariza's part to make a LATE PLAY.

Were the shoe on the other foot and say Rudy did this to Kobe or Oden, your contingent would be up in arms and crying wolf. Rudy may be out for a short period of time or lengthy period of time but you better bet this will only add to the rivalry.

The NBA office will decide and I'll be okay with whatever the outcome because Rudy has the heart of a Lion, see his dunk on Dwight Howard in the Olympics. The bottom line is Portland's young team, 2nd youngest in the NBA, is not the least bit intimidated by flagrant fouls and they are ready for the next round, be it April 10 or the playoffs.

Too bad your fans and the NBA had you guys penciled in for the Finals, you better pray we don't get the 8th seed.


Laker fans the thruth should set u free

1. Kobe plays much older than 30 (not like MJ) No more getting to the basket for him. (but he still is the best shooter vs lbJ, wade)

2. Bench Mob is SO OVERRATED (what bench)

3. LO will leave la next year 100% sure

4. I think we are the team everybody wants to BEAT MORE than CELTICS (becuase everybody loves to hate are rich glory dynasty and are flash and glammer that goes with are team)


6. IN THE PLAYOFFS portland has a better shot at beating us at home than we do beating them at ROSE GARDEN.

7. NO reason for us to loose today we knew what was on the line and we failed.

8. THE NBA SEASON IS TO LONG making lakers brain go to sleep and have no passion.


I dont think there is anything we can do now. LO is just stupid. Sasha is just STUPID. Forget them. THEY ARE HOPELESS. Josh powell, Mebenga, are great they really put in the effort and are great. Specialy on the road Josh comes through for us. So i think they should play alot more minutes. Kobe should play more minutes too. Paul should rest. I think Farmer should be used to break defense and creat shoats for others (not shoot all the time) And are Defense sceam sucks who came up with this kind of idea man. We would BE better off playing the defense during the ALL-STAR game that phil jackson used than the one we have. AND LAST WE NEED BYNUM TO BE AT HIS BEST.


Knowing Ariza play defense, he's going for the ball but body momentum and speed of Rudy on the way up for the layup contributed to an awkward fall. Easily, you can blame Ariza's foul. It is not intentional to hurt him as you have portrayed in your post and we also knew Ariza here who loves to block shots whether at the back, side or front. As I said in the other thread, if you do high fly act, you have to be prepared for rough landing. Since you play basketball I'm sure you are aware of those dangers at point of impact, I can say that there is both recklessness in speed that cannot be controlled whether offense and defense. I recommend all basketball players to learn martial arts like judo/jujitsu and learn also the art of falling. You will notice Mbenga, a 2nd dan black belter on judo/aikido, he moves slow but his stand is stable always on a straddle horse position. When he jumped for the follow up shots, he anticipates his landing.

terrible game. can't go to portland and lock down? sure officiating sucked. down 30?. still the ariza foul was flagrant. odom off the bench? why? there are refs - who officiate. duh. get your head in the game. clearly it hasn't been lately.
i am a long time hardcore Lakeshow franchise fan. but this game was horrible, what's going on? kobe should be p[ssed. what is he gonna say after?

long beach, ca

It's time to prepare for the playoffs, so can PHIL end the experiments!!!

Bring Lamar Odom off the bench again and sit Luke Walton down.

Lamar has reverted back to getting in early foul trouble and looking lost on offense.
Luke Walton is a CBA player. Luke's probably a nice guy, a good teammate; but lets face it, Luke Walton sucks as an NBA player. Luke is a liability when he's on the court. a starter for what?????? HE AINT LIKE HIS DADDY!!! His Daddy was a baller. Luke cant guard, scared to shoot, makes dumb turnovers; but the excuse to play him is that he passes the ball. 25-30 min a game, Luke gets 3 assist and about 4-6 pts; averages about 1 airball per game. AND THIS IS A STARTER??? Face it, PHIL is starting Luke for some reason other than basketball ability. Sentiments to his father, or, a promise to Tex Winters(since tex loves luke so much).

i'll take this loss as just a bad game. team just played badly, etc.... but my concerns are for what has happened in the last few games... LAMAR'S foul troubles... AND LUKE is just not good, PERIOD! It's just the truth. No excuses; if you watch the games, you can see, Luke does not belong in competitive games. Look at Portlands roster, every player on their roster is better than Luke.

and sasha!!!! plain and simple; HE IS JUST DUMB!!! what do the Lakers teach this guy. You can't handcheck on the perimeter. Slapping on the arm is a foul too... IT'S THE RULES SASHA!!!

so when IS bynum supposed to come back? whats the latest on that?

Celtcs have the Atlanta Hawks

Cavaliers have Washington Wizards

Lakers have the Portland Trail Blazers and the Charlotte Bobcats

I wonder where do these guys like "Blazers for Life" come from.

Do they wait for the one time in the season their team beat the Lakers, and say 'now I'm gonna find myself a Lakers blog and go post something provocative" ...

Does anyone from here do that ? Go around teasing people from other blogs ? I really don't get it.


i got home at the end of the first quarter. seeing the score, down by nine, immediately i checked the box score to see what's happenin'.

well, your "only good player", Gasol, was 1-5 at that time, and kobe was 4-9 (i mentioned that because on the live chat many were complaining about kobe shot too much).

because u r so good at math, and u love statistics, please tell me how 1-5 compares to 4-9.

and, looks like the game was LOST already in the first Q. after all the hoopla, stopping the losing streak in Rose garden and a new approach to the game. so, besides LO who makes his life easy, (and he is resting), just by committing 2 fouls so he can retire to the bench, who really played subbbbbbbbbb par in the first Q?!

just to help you, because +/- r important (sarcasm), Pau Gasol was -24 the highest, or lowest of all the team, even if he has STELLAR MVP stats of 7-12 and 13 reb. and i will add that Gasol is my second favorite player on this team after Kobe, and one of the few.

blazers for life,
"Rudy was so far ahead of Ariza, he was late and tried to block a shot from behind. Not good. "

You contradict yourself with this post. If he was trying to block the shot, then it WASN'T "criminal". By definition. It arguably warrants a suspension, but you point out that Ariza was trying to block the shot.

We'll see what happens. With the Odom of the last four games, the Lakers will not make it to the Finals, unless they get significant contributions from Bynum.

Im not mad the Lakers lost, just the way they did. Something has to be pointed about Kobe.

Kobe was yelling at Pau to get a rebound. But Kobe tonight was playing ole defense. Roy, Blake, Outlaw and Batum all flew right by Kobe tonight and with no extra big men the Lakers have an obvious flaw. Pau cant be everybody down there.

Fasten your seat belts Laker fans. It is going to be a tough week. The Lakers had a great February after Drew got hurt but the last week and a half have been rough - starting with the losses in Denver & Phx.

Who knows what the league will hand down in terms of suspensions, so the next couple of games will be rough. (Not to mention on the road, back-to-back against tough teams, blah, blah.)

I hope we can right the ship once we get back to Staples on Sunday vs. Dallas.

In the mean time brace yourself for a lot of unpleasant trolling.

And to Blazer fans: Look, I understand you're upset but nobody wanted to see Fernandez get hurt and we all hope he's OK.

And WTF's with the "rivalry" talk? The last game we played of any consequence was back in 2000. You do realize it is 2009, right? Get over it already.

On a more cheerful note just remember it could be worse we could live in Phoenix and have to root for that mess called the Suns.


Blazers for Life,

Point taken...On the contrary, be careful what you wish for (Geez, from the Suns fans to you in reference to WANTING to play the Lakers) Blazers fan...

...The playoffs are a DIFFERENT animal altogether. Kobe will make sure of that as well as his cast, regardless of an opponents success against his Lakers team in just a "single" regular season game or two...4/10 will bring something extra for Mr. Bryant...

Like most young teams, your Portland team is going to find out soon enough (if they make the playoffs) about the power of SCOUTING by their opponent when it comes to playoff basketball...Not fun at all.

Regardless of who your Blazers play in the playoffs (if eligible), here is the scouting take IF they play the Lakers from my vantage point...

Mr. Roy is going to be LOCKED DOWN with both individual and team defense from the key up to keep him from initiating early offense (I see a dose of Kobe, Ariza and Shannon Brown at times)...

6th man Mr. Outlaw will be enticed to shoot outside "all" game long as he is streaky, but not steady.

Mr. Blake is going to see a physical and rejuvenated veteran Fisher, speedy Vujacic or lengthy Ariza on him as well, as he is their offensive table SETTER..

Aldridge is DEFINITELY going to see Odom again...This time, against a more focused version. Well, the list goes on and on...

As for Pryzbilla, he better not hope to meet Bynum in the paint...You know how THAT is going to turn out....

You see, in a 7 game playoff series, very good teams like the Lakers will be FOCUSED and READY to play the opponent they are FAMILIAR with...Very different than a regular season feel.

Understand that your Blazers will be dealing with a team coached by "9 rings" Phil (if so)...Whatever confidence the Blazers have, the playoffs will be yet another unpleasant SURPRISE for your team in the game of SCOUTING...

Remember, teams like the Lakers are used to handling ADVERSITY quite well...Your team is just starting to understand it's journey...without a key piece like Greg Oden...

YOUTH and ATHLETICISM are usually "checked" in playoff competition...Veteran teams normally bring TRUTH to this light.

BTW, best of luck with your team the rest of the way and continued prayers for Mr. Fernandez...

Have a nice Lakers day!

Like I always say, Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Blazers 4 life,

You're new around here. I haven't recognized your name in this blog. You somehow happen to appear on the biggest win of the Blazers' season. Don't throw any warnings about the Lakers facing the Blazers in the playoffs. I don't remember the last itme the Blazers eliminated the Lakers in the post season.

blazer for life:

I know u're just being a fan, but Can you count to 5? Cause thats the max number of playoff games it will take before the Blazers go fishing if they are 8th seed. My advice to your blazers is to aim for a higher seed; 8th seed will get your blazers out the playoffs quickly. You won the game today, good for the blazers... I know u're drunk and celebrating; but don't let the alcohol delete your common sense.


The Blazers are as much as a rival to the Lakers as Portland State University is to the University of Oregon.

I think the SUNS-lakers Round One playoff series could become a reality, but either way, the lakers will not have it easy if they face Portland in the postseason.

The Blazers are simply a better team than LA right now.

The Outlaw sez:


Hey, Butler, that was the sound of the Suns' broken down ol' playoff window slamming shut. Bye bye.

Game day, folks! Time to snap another streak."

How's that streak snap for you now, Outlaw?

Like I've said before, the SUNS will welcome a Round One series with the lakers. Portland exposed LA, just like PHX did, as a team of lackadaisical defenders.


blazers fan,you should not expect so much from your know that your team is just a joke and they are very inexperienced.we true lakers fans hope that you get the number 8 seed so that we can sweep that you think that we are afraid or threatened against your team?come on. maybe you should wake up.the reality is that the lakers are just struggling right now.

when i say the lakers, i mean all of them including kobe and gasol. but if we really want to be a championship team, we have to make it up for loses like we had and im sure that the lakers will be awakend by the last game..for the portland fans, goodluck the rest of the way..the lakers will TRY to beat them on april ten.

the blazers did play well tonight and thats not the case for the lakers,relax la fans dont panic we beat the blazers twice already this season and on april ten will beat them again.maybe the lakers are bored right now because they know that they already swept the teams like celtics and the cavs.. but thats not the right attitude, they must play the way they played when they played against the cs and the cavs.if they do,vs PORTLAND?come on,you know the answer for that.Best of luck for the rest of the season LAKERS.(:

oucccchhhhhh sez:

"if he gets one, i propose to officially re-name him oDUMB."

Hey, don't take credit for BUTLER'S cognomen for lamar!

But I'm glad you see the reasoning behind Odumb..

Tonight - I was embarrassed to be a laker fan. What the hell was that? Ok - you lose games but you shouldn't get blown was game 6 of the finals all over. They should be so embarrassed. People are guaranteeing that the Lakers will come back strong....when have they done that? They squeak out games they should be blowing away opponents.

this is a game they should have been prepared for to make a statement but they played like the sissy girls that they are. Still SOFT!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't blame them....that is who they are. Just as LO will ALWAYS come and go...he never turned the corner....same ol' story and will be the same ol' ending.

Freaking get some tough guys already!!!!

Nice to see Odom is still a frontrunner, leaving the bench and trash talking in the middle of a play he wasn't involved in. Also, very classy move by Kobe, not facing the music after only their 13th loss. Such sore losers this team is.

And please, Laker fans, stop it with Bynum. He is not Wilt. He is not Shaq. I figured you sun drenched california raisins would be able to distinguish that, but I guess not.

Thank you for the well reasoned responses. We will see you on April 10th. Please don't be afraid of our team, as we are the 2nd youngest team in the NBA.

To the ridiculous post by THI. Laker fans inundate Blazer blogs in Portland and throughout Oregon, inundate our arena, as LA has hundreds of thousands of transplants in our rainy NW, so get off your high horse.
You support the Lakers, the biggest fan-base in the NBA, so get over it We have only 1 ring, so quit acting like a little scissy, we know you have lots of banners. Should we just roll over and lay a red carpet in the Rose Garden and shine Kobe's shoes, and wax Phil's throne.

You act like the Blazers are not a historical playoff team, 30 straight playoff season, 30 straight sell-outs in a season during that time. Yes, lots of choke jobs but this is not some fly by night franchise. By the way that's 55 straight sellouts 20, 5769.

We are ready for the playoffs. Come back to the Rose City soon, we'll make it 8 straight.


Okay, your right. Obviously you are the judge, jury and executioner and obviously you were there in the front row.

I apologize.

What I am most proud as a Blazer fan is they didn't resort to Phil Jackson school of coaching and retaliate on one of the Laker players because first and foremost this is just a game. To the Laker fans in the Rose Garden cheering and instigating others, as Rudy lay motionless, with the Blazers up 30, I wish you all the best in life.


I must say I have always admired the Laker fans bravado and enthusiasm for wearing the worst colors in the entire color spectrum.

All that chest puffing by your fans in Portland and in the Rose Garden while wearing purple and yellow and either looking like Grimace from old skool McDonalds or a big yellow banana.

Real men wear Black and Red. Don't be jealous of the best colors in the world. Rip City.

LOL..hey blazer fan..its a good thing that your so proud of your ONE the confidence with your team.whats your home record again?27-5,something like that,how about your road record?18 loses?hahaha.please the only reAson why your on the 7th or 5th whatever seed in the western conference is because of your that by the way those fans hoping for sell out..thats because the other blazers fans know that they must watch their home team during the regular season.because they all know that when the playoffs come,they will be watching from their television cheering for other teams after their hometeam gets eliminated in the first round..please dont dream of beating the lakers blazer fan,the blazers cant even beat other teams.face the reality the blazers will soon be fishing.
the good thingdor the blazers is that obviously,they beat LA,the bad thing is the loss of rudy fernandez..for the lakers,the if the suspenson is necessary its just for short term..

Blazers for life.......Ummmmm.....Did you put any thought into your last post?....The suns have the worst uni in the history of sports...The bobcats are a very close second and the team that won it all last year is wearing green....Think about it.....

As for your team and its banner...Thats right .....Its banner....
Maybe you and your fans should get together and do a chest puffing dance around your banner.....

Blazers for life...."what i am most proud as a blazer fan".......Once again not much thought....Are you forgetting the last ten years of mess that was the jailblazers?.....Your team had more peanuts than a snickers bar.....Dude ....Did you knock your head or go overseas while that mess was going on....

Mr Donnati......Yeah thats right your number 1 pick is also not living up to the hype...Did you forget?.....

As for the foul...I dont want to see anyone have to leave the court the way Rudy did...You dont want to see anyone get hurt....The foul did not look good...

I miss "no defense, blow right pass me" radmanovich. At least he could space up the floor and hit the open shot. Whereas luke can't even hit a friggin j in the ocean and plays the same d as the radman. What a dumb trade even if he was a space cadet. We could have used an extra shooter to open up the lane for Kobe tonight. Jc garcia

Anyone who says that we don't need Andrew Bynum is not seeing Pau getting manhandled in the paint. But keep the faith Laker Nation we will be standing tall at the end.

DT, seriously -- I watch games on League Pass and those are the most homer announcers EVER!

besides Boston's crew -- they are really bad too

anyways, we got owned today plain and simple

looks like we don't got that toughness we thought we had

we ain't winning the ring if we don't DRASTICALLY improve...

it's just one game and so I hope it was a fluke but seriously, I was disgusted during and after the game

i smoked like 20 cigarettes in a span of 3 hours.

oh wells.. there's always the next game


The blazers are not a better team, they are just a team more focused. If we do play the blazers in the playoffs we will have home court, so they won't beat us. They will definetly give it to us though.

We will have Bynum back by the playoffs, which will in turn create match up problems for the blazers. Phil is so stupid with his match up against teams that he makes me so mad. Last night was a night he should have start Ariza over Luke. I do not understand Phil's lovefest with Luke, it is super nasty.

Trevor Ariza GOT LOTS OF BALL!! What??? Flagrant Two????


This game was lost when Pau couldn't get going in the first quarter. He was like 1 of 5, and allowed Portland to focus on our secondary players. You noticed that Fisher couldn't get anything going. When was the last game you could remember that Fisher didn't even have chance to attempt his famous/infamous PUJITs.

The other problem when Pau couldn't get going is that it severely limits our bench play, for Pau is usually the one who plays with the 2nd unit at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

Other than that, Sasha keeps playing stupid, TA keeps playing hesitant, Farmar keeps playing no defense, LO and Walton keep playing non-existent. This is what happens when you plan 1.5 (1 being Kobe and 0.5 being Pau) against 5.

I don't see a simple solution now. We haven't beaten a playoff team on the road for the last 4 tries. Phil needs to fix this

Was there any word on Rudy Fernandez? Is he okay?


Good morning,

The sky has not fallen. The world is still here. Every one of the elite teams has taken a beat down or two, this season. Monday night, the Lakers experienced one of theirs.

Truth be told, the game was decided in the first five minutes. The Blazers came out knowing what they had to do and did it. The Lakers came out tentative and let the Blazers decide how the game would be played. Too much early offense by Kobe converted his team mates into bystanders.

No one -- absolutely no one -- made the necessary effort on Defense. Slow to switch, slow to rebound, reluctant to make the necessary leap, no decisions on what the Blazers could have and what they couldn't. Blazer shooters found their groove early and never looked back.

If there was any coaching, it was invisible. On the road, time-outs need to be taken aggressively. PJ was MIA in the first half, allowing incredible Blazer runs. At the end, PJ left Kobe on the floor when the game had been long decided, allowing the star to expend energy that will be needed later on the road trip.

Why do these things happen? Who knows.

Part of it is, the regular season has already been decided. Mentally, the Lakers just want to get to the post-season, where it really matters.

This stretch drive will be a challenge, from here on in. It just will. That said, the Figueroa parade is not in jeopardy. We just have to get to the Playoffs with no more injuries and enough wins to have home court advantage. Being a Lakers fan has its share of frustrations, to be sure, games like Monday night included. But it beats being a fan of almost every other team. Let's keep things in perspective. Go Lakers!

I personally don't care too much if Odom gets suspended, the way Odom is playing right now the Lakers aren't going to miss a beat. I don't get too high after wins or too low after losses anymore. Lakers didn't win a championship the other night when they beat down Minny and they didn't lose one last night either.

Whoa, what the hell happened last night??? I went to bed when we were down by 30 but I see things got a little rowdy. After watching Ariza's foul, I would agree it was a flagrant simply because he caught his head but definitely not a was just the way he fell that made it seem worse. Let's hope we don't get any serious suspensions after this one.

The Lakers played like total crap last night from Kobe to the last guy on the bench. We better get back on track and win in Houston and SA or I'm gonna be totally pissed. We are a championship caliber team and we need to start acting like one. We can't keep losing to teams like the Blazers.

Guys I blame the fight on the referees. I mean the fouls Portland was getting away with were ridiculous. When you let the game get that physical somebody is gonna get hurt. Even on the play that Ariza fouled Rudy Kobe was just fouled on the other end with no call. How about the "hand check" on Sasha. This was like playing in Utah with all the "HOME Court Advantage" calls. I tell you one thing I've noticed anytime a home team gets Dick Bevatta as a referee look out. What does Charles Barkley always say, Sometimes you gotta knock your opponent on their but. I don't like to see anybody get hurt but and I hope Rudy recovers. I kind of lost some respect for Brandon Roy also.

BlzazerFAns,Gueco, ALL ppl in this blog,
Let me handle this blazerfans fandom.

Rip City? For real? When was that 1975? Were you born then or is that a cult you follow?

Check this out, BLazerFan, when you guys win ANYTHING significant OTHER than a lottery pick then talk to Laker fans.

O yea, 4th quarter, up 15, Game 7. Does that jog your memory?

Of course you dont, your 10 years old.

If you want to talk hoops, then talk hoops, but as soon as you talk history PAST or RECENT the Laker fans pigeon *#$!$#!$ (poop) all over you.

Sad, but it's the truth. And it's the reason you guys get so excited to play the Lakers. I bet BlazerFans think "if we played like this every night we'd be champs!".

BigGameJames, passionate Lakers fan,

APB Lamar Odom?

Isn't that your boy?

Havent we all TOLD you that depending on Lamar Odom will cause *This* to happen to us...

It's not surprising.

I'm sure LO will come back and play well for a few games. But it's these types of unpredictable slumps that get you beat in the playoffs.

Our 3rd best players has taken 3 straight nites off.


Ariza barely even jumped - he had no shot to get the ball. Fernandez had just hit a three on them to make it a 30-point game and he wanted payback. Everyone knows what he was doing.

And he had the BS audacity to talk trash after the foul too.

If Fernandez misses any games at all, Ariza should miss just as many games. All of you homers know that's exactly what you'd be saying if it was the other way around. Seriously, just think for a second how you'd be reacting if the Lakers had been up 30 and a Blazer had knocked down one of their players on a dangerous play like this.

And this from the LA Times story:

"Trevor Ariza was ejected after laying out Portland guard Rudy Fernandez on a fastbreak layup attempt. Lamar Odom could face a suspension because he stepped away from the bench and toward the ensuing melee, which happened a few feet from the Lakers' bench. Sasha Vujacic, also on the bench at the time, took a step or two toward the fracas but didn't go as far as Odom.

Ariza was assessed a Type 2 flagrant foul, which carries an automatic ejection, and could face further disciplinary action from the NBA. It looked as if he tried to throw a punch into the scrum -- possibly at Portland guard Brandon Roy, with whom he had words -- but didn't connect."

So your own paper admits that Ariza threw a punch too, and that Odom took several steps away from the bench.


I guess that's what a good ol' fashioned butt whuppin' feels like.

I've always said since last season in this very blog that I thought Portland was better than they are. Are they going to make some noise in the playoffs this season?


"fernades is a little acter man"

"Hopefully, there is no spinal injury on Rudy. That's part of basketball especially when you fly, you should be prepared for the rough landing."

"First of all, Rudy wanted to dunk the ball on the break and somewhat SHOWBOAT (as I could tell)...Ariza would have nothing of it! "

"Being up 28, Fernandez SHOULD have penetrated for a layup or pulled up and wait for a last second shot with more than 5 seconds remaining in the 3rd quarter...Ariza will get at least 5 games for this...At least now he will have time to figure out his recent slump and his disappearance on the D end."

"At least Trevor tried to show who's tough."

"But a flagrant 2? I don't think so. Trev barely touched Fernandez, and it was unfortunate that he took such a hard fall. But it really was not Ariza's fault."

"If being thugs will win us the ring - then let's get a team of thugs. "


Luke Walton is exactly what we thought! Phil Jackson's dream son and a horrible basketball player!

Dear Laker Peeps

Someone please explain to me what's up with all the Boston fans commenting on this blog? Makes no sense. You'd think they've got their own team to worry about instead of talking smack. And yes, the Ariza foul was not smart, but didn't "Big Baby" or "Big Fatty" or whatever his name is do the same thing the other night against Cleveland? Also, at least our guys don't need to get carried off the floor, put in a wheelchair, only to return 3 minutes later and skip out of the floor.

Anywho, with that said, Go Lakers, get your swagger back and let's do this thing!

So everyone complains about our softness then we come out with a little toughness a la Benga facials and a clean hard foul by Ariza and the sky is still falling.

No matter what, there will be unhappy Laker fans. I like the loss purely because it gets our heads straight for the rest of the roadie. I think we will play with a little urgency as our lead over Cleveland is now nothing.

The Blazers are still a good team but when the Lakers are rolling have no answers. I was opening night when we man handled the Blazers. I don't see these extremes in the playoffs but I think we can definitely beat the Blazers in a 7 game series.


Remember that Kobe to Shaq oop in the WCF, that has to be great memory for you that you will NEVER forget. Blazers will always be inferior to the Lakers, ALWAYS.

Lamar = Finals MVP



some people on here are ridiculous. Blazers have no chance against the Lakers in a 7 game series. LA only has to win all the home games, then move onto round 2.

Portland has not proven that they can win in LA. plus, Bynum will (hopefully) be back. to the guy that said that Bynum's no Wilt or Shaq, don't be a jack-ass. of course he's no Wilt or Shaq, but as LA's third or fourth option, and for his defensive presence in the paint, he will be a godsend. players will no longer penetrate all the way to the basket with impunity. even if Bynum doesn't get the block, he still alters shots for missed layup attempts. then there's the extra rebounds that he gives us. no more 2nd and 3rd or 4th chances on the boards for punk teams.

and please (lakers fans) stop hating on Lamar and Luke. so, they had a bad game, let's move on. are you Lakers fans are aren't you? GOD, if you dislike Lakers players so much, please be a fan of another team! cheer for the Clippers. i'm sure there's more for you to be negative about (as a Clippers fan).

"fernades is a little acter man"

"Hopefully, there is no spinal injury on Rudy. That's part of basketball especially when you fly, you should be prepared for the rough landing."

"First of all, Rudy wanted to dunk the ball on the break and somewhat SHOWBOAT (as I could tell)...Ariza would have nothing of it! "

"Being up 28, Fernandez SHOULD have penetrated for a layup or pulled up and wait for a last second shot with more than 5 seconds remaining in the 3rd quarter...Ariza will get at least 5 games for this...At least now he will have time to figure out his recent slump and his disappearance on the D end."

"At least Trevor tried to show who's tough."

"But a flagrant 2? I don't think so. Trev barely touched Fernandez, and it was unfortunate that he took such a hard fall. But it really was not Ariza's fault."

"If being thugs will win us the ring - then let's get a team of thugs. "

This comments made me feel nothing but shame. The foul was unnecesary and off-time. I´ve seen the replay from all angles and in none of them I see fairplay. From behind, hitting the head, slashing on arm and pulling the other one to make Rudy lose balance. Man that was dirty. And I don´t want to think what would have happened if this had been the other way around, for example Batum or L.A against Kobe. I´m very upset today. Ariza will have to do a lot of hardwork to fix that crime.

No joy today for me on being a Laker fan. Hopefully we made this up with some good and fair wins.

And it is FERNANDEZ, not fernandes... he is not latin american, we speak Castillian. We are Europeans remember?? More important did you ever know?

Go Lakers!

God I HATE the Portland Trailblazers! I haven't felt this angry since the self appointed Kobe stopper hit a game winning shot back in the 2001 season and hearing the announcers scream the Lakers worst nightmare are back! (The good thing was that we swept them in the playoffs that year - which i'm hoping we do this year as well)

These past 8 years during which they slipped quietly and deserving into mediocrity made me lose some of my HATRED for them. But I think i've one again built up a healthy disregard for this current bunch.

I so badly want to sweep them I cant wait for April 10.

Blazers for Life seems civilized, though I can't imagine what possesses someone to go on another team's blog.

If the man played the game, safe to say he didn't play it at Trevor's level. When you can do miraculous things, you attempt miraculous things.

I don't know Trevor personally, but I know he thought he could block the shot because he'd done it countless times in his career.

This was a terribly uncharacteristic game by the Lakers and that is with out mentioning the officiating. I hope we never get to see another performance like that again. One of the things that I thought was bad was the ejection of Trevor Ariza from the game, it may have been a flagrant 1 but it was definitely not a 2. Realistically having Trevor wouldn't have helped the Lakers much any way, but it still didn't justify the ejection. Hopefully Rudy Fernandez is not injured to badly and can return to playing soon. I just hope the Lakers can put this lack luster performance behind them and get back to their game against Huston and San Antonio.

Ok, let's get one thing straight all you Blazers fans. The Blazers won last night's game because they played much harder than we did. I'll give you that, but to think that Port;and could do anything against L.A. in the playoffs shows just how dumb you really are. Before you can consider your team worthy of a championship caliber label, you have to learn how to win on the road. Winning at home is easy against any team, especially if that team if off offensively and has no true center.

Get away from the pipe and back to reality Blazers fans.

By the way, Trevor's foul was nothing more than a hard foul on Fernandez. The issue is that Fernandez liked to add a little acting when he gets fouled and in this case, he fell harder than he expected. The guy had a "soft tissue injury to his chest area"...wanna know what that means??? He hit his chest and has a bruise..big deal, man up and play.

Regarding Kobe playing OLDER than 30..I don't think its that..I do however, think he is trying to PLAY smart and not go to the hole as much as he used to because he is trying to risk further injury by putting himself in those type of predicaments as say someone of a DWade, LeBron, type caliber player who continuously drive to the hole...He is simply listening to his body more and because his game is so much more evolved in all other aspects of shooting -- perhaps he maybe settles more for the jumper than we like to see and or are accustomed to seeing from him..

Bottom line, we havent been playing well lately and its catching up to us...ISH happens...

Good morning Mamba24 & morning CRUE!

Discord on the blog - who knew that would happen?

Seriously guys - it's 1 of 82. Yah we should have come out with more energy. Yah PJ should have called more timeouts (or coached more overtly). Yah yah yah - ad nauseum. Big woo - we lost. Move on.

To Portland - last night was their SuperBowl. They came to play - they came to win - and they did that. That said, it ain't gonna go down like that in a 7 game series. Whoever thinks that is smoking something.

Trevor is an athletic dude who ALWAYS thinks he can make that block. He didn't attempt to hurt Rudy, just block the shot. Watch him play before you mouth off about how that was dirty. It wasn't. Still - we all hope Rudy is ok of course. If the league decides to suspend anyone over this brew-ha-ha, so be it. We have no control. It won't be fair if they do, but hey - call someone who cares. We Laker fans know that on stuff like this we normally come out on the short end of the proverbial stick. So what? Does it piss us off? Hell yes! But - we come out to play the next game & kick some ass & take some names. We'll do our bragging in June when riding down Figueroa on a parade bus.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Hugo I think you can say you're a little biased on that one. I know it's hard to see a fellow Spaniard down but Ariza was going for the ball and got mostly ball except for clipping the top of Fernandez's head. Anytime a player goes up recklessly off of one foot like Fernandez did, you're bound to fall after your shot anyway (ala D-Wade).

If you feel shame being a Laker fan any day, you're not a real fan. These things happen, it's part of the game. Fernandez will be fine, Ariza will be suspended for a game and all will be back to normal next week.

Again, if you truly feel ashamed to be a fan, you never were one.

is none of this Phil Jackson fault?

I hope the Blazer's player is not hurt seriously, but he really needs to take some of the blame for the incident. When you're up by 28, you don't show-boat. Bad things happen. It's called karma. If Blazer 4 Life ever really played the game, he'd know this. Ariza did not (and should not) ever stop competing. Whether he was going for the ball or contact with the player, that's for the NBA to decide. At least someone on the team did not like what was going on at the time.

Good Morning, Laker Nation!

It's time for...

Jon K.'s Early Thoughts He Has Not Put Too Much Thought Into Yet:

1. Awful. Just awful.

2. I watched the game online and had to listen to Trailblazers announcers. Torture. Pure torture. I literally had to FORCE myself to watch the game. I was pulling my hair out by the end.

3. We didn't lose the game because of the refs, but... the refs were awful last night.

4. Trevor Ariza went for the ball. He just landed awkwardly. It shouldn't even have been a flagrant two. Listening to the Trailblazers announcers review the foul was sickening.

5. DJ Mbenga is nicely developing his offensive game. We kept the right player.

6. I was pleasantly surprised to see Adam Morrison get his shot back in the closing minutes of the game. Good!

7. Overall, though, just a terrible, brutal game. Time for the Lakers to wake up.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So... ummm... is Andrew Bynum back yet?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


This Laker group is still not a championship team. They still lack a true championship mentality, and think that by acting tough (out of frustration when they are losing) they are showing toughness.

No, toughness is showing up to play every night. Toughness is blowing out lesser teams, and putting an end to multi-year losing streaks in places like Portland. Toughness means not giving up 20 points in the paint to a Blazers team in the first quarter.

Championship basketball is about consistency, and aside from Kobe and Pau, there is simply no consistency on this team (save Luke Walton, who is consistently the worst player on the court when in the game).

Sasha, Ariza, Farmar and the rest of the "bench mob"? These guys cannot play on the road.

I am passionate about the Laker teams from the 80's, and I hate the Celtics (then and now) more than any pro sports franchise. That said: take a look at how Boston shows up on the defensive side of the ball night after night, injury after injury. THAT is what a championship team looks like.

The Lakers have championship talent, but they greatly lack championship attitude.

Jon K - get your butt back to LA. We need you here in order to win it all this year. Bynum Schmynum - we need Jon K !!!! I blame last night on you.

(keep it up and you won't be a Laker next year)

LAMAR balling as the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz

dodo dodo dodo


dodo dodo dodo


dodo dodo dodo



That’s Pau on defense. Yeah, the Lakers are better with him at center. Yeah, he is more valuable than Kobe. Yeah, he made the Lakers a championship team. Yikes, this could have been written by Mike T. LOL!

Get off it, people. Pau is a power forward and not a center. There is only one answer to win the NBA championship this year and that is Andrew Bynum, the second most valuable player on the Lakers. He is the answer to TOUGH.

Otherwise, DUNK, LAYUP, DUNK, LAYUP, DUNK! We need Drew back ASAP. This team has been playing over the head and it is now catching up with them. So much for the Fools Gold of Pau as a defender at center.


DNFTT! (Get with it, fools. They’re like the chipmunks. Feed them and they hang around. Starve them and they leave)


Jon K., what's a good site to watch lakers games on?

a few people are wondering about Bynum. Phil Jackson said that he's done answering questions regarding Bynum until April. LA Times (Broderick Turner) is suggesting that that means AB won't be back until April, but i think that's mere speculation. Phil is not a doctor, and i'll wait to hear what team physicians or trainers say. Bynum is expected to start running sometime this week, and we'll see if there's swelling or any other complications. the next step after that, i assume, is basketball related activities (drills, practice).

i think the best possible scenario is Bynum returning at the end of the month. but Phil will probably want to see Bynum practice a couple of times before playing him.


Hugo I think you can say you're a little biased on that one. I know it's hard to see a fellow Spaniard down but Ariza was going for the ball and got mostly ball except for clipping the top of Fernandez's head. Anytime a player goes up recklessly off of one foot like Fernandez did, you're bound to fall after your shot anyway (ala D-Wade).

If you feel shame being a Laker fan any day, you're not a real fan. These things happen, it's part of the game. Fernandez will be fine, Ariza will be suspended for a game and all will be back to normal next week.

Again, if you truly feel ashamed to be a fan, you never were one.

Oh man don´t get me wrong I´m fully biased in this one, you can bet your head. And I´m a fan of the Lakers since Kobe-Shaq era (althoug I didn´t have the chance to see so many games as I´m able to see now, thanks to the internet, just 4 or 5 a year and then the finals, on pay per view channels here in Spain), but what I am not is a fanatic. I know Trevor didn´t want to hurt Rudy but he should have known that foul was gonna be dirt and dangerous. He was hotheaded and Rudy paid for it. And I can tell what I see and the truth is that Ariza threw his arm hard from behind nearly not touching the ball, but hardly touchin Rudy´s arms and head. And is hard to maintain balnce when you lose the horizon line with your head. Period.

If you want to say I´m not a laker fan you are on your rigth, but I´ll be in my rigth to say you are biased there too. And you can tell for sure none here was ashamed when we lost by blowout the last game in the last year playoff final? Sorry I can´t buy it. Before fans we are humans, those who puts the pride of his team before his humanity are called fanatics.

Go Lakers.

The sky isn't falling, okay?

Just one bad loss.

By the way, someone needs to ask Sun Yue to pick up some quality Dit Da Jow for Andrew Bynum.

We need Andrew Bynum back.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Just to prove that even Blazers fans know they got the benefit of the referees tonight, here it is, directly from a Blazers blog.

"I thought we got a lot of calls tonight. A lot of no-calls when playing defense too."

For proof that the foul was dirty, look no further than the picture at the top of this blog. If Ariza were going for the ball, why would he be focused on Rudy's head? People swinging for the ball look at the ball.

>>>Luke Walton sucks as an NBA player. Luke is a liability
>>>when he's on the court. a starter for what??????

How about for this:

Of all small forwards in the NBA, Luke is the most likely to get
an assist on any particular possession. Luke gets a higher
percentage of assists per possession than LeBron. And Luke
at least tries to stay with his man and challenge shots.

>>>For proof that the foul was dirty, look no further than
>>>the picture at the top of this blog. If Ariza were going
>>>for the ball, why would he be focused on Rudy's
>>>head? People swinging for the ball look at the ball.

Ridiculous. He got the ball. He blocked the shot. He also happened
to hit the arm and then the head, but he made a play on the ball.

A dirty play would have been to grab him by his shoulders
or clothesline him. Ariza did nothing like that.

Stop being so threatrical

Please stop trying to convince us that Luke has value on this team. Pfunk 36 said it best yesterday, Luke's game would speak for it's self!

Luke has spoken loud and clear! I am a no playing son of a Hall of Famer!


"Luke gets a higher
percentage of assists per possession than LeBron. And Luke
at least tries to stay with his man and challenge shots.... ????????? WHAT!!!

Does anybody believe this trash??? Was this a joke and i fell for it???

To put Luke Walton in the same sentence with Lebron should be a felony.

Luke is a CBA player. Stop looking at espn classic, thats his daddy u're looking at.

Blazers announcers Mike and Mike indeed poor. Play by play Mike will casually say "(player) travels with the ball, etc. and scores" several times a game. Color guy Mike Rice is old and likely drunk at games. He says "player) will have to pull a knife to get his fifth foul" regularly. He said it about Kobe and Odom last night lol. Mike Rice says the most outrageous things those guys are hilarious. His best: "Travis outlaw will murder James Posey". and "Mo Pete is afraid of Roy. HE always has been". They are entertaining




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