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New 710 ESPN Podkast, and English Baby!

March 27, 2009 |  1:12 pm

It's fresh 710 Lakers Podkast time.  This week, we talk to Lakers radio play by play voice Spero Dedes about the process of stepping into Chick Hearn's monumentally legendary wake, the challenges of broadcasting basketball, and his thoughts on the Lakers and home court.  Dedes is pretty critical in Spero_dedes_2 discussing some bad losses over the course of the year that he thinks will cost LA home court advantage in the Finals.   

It's refreshing to hear a home town broadcaster speak openly about the team, even if it's not all roses and perfume.  In the spirit of Hearn, Dedes isn't a homer.  Whether you like his overall delivery or not, it's an approach that benefits listeners.  (If you want to hear an excerpt from the interview and skip the rest, click here.)

We also cover the "rivalry" between Sasha Vujacic and Jordan Farmar, and wonder exactly how Jerry West reacted when he saw "D. Sterling" on his caller ID.

In other news, we've written about it, and turned it into a catchphrase.  It only seems fair to present the interview itself, at 

It's a pretty cool website, actually.  Scrolling around the comments, it's interesting to see the Interweb create a community of people all over the planet trying to learn a common language. 

And remember, "Everyone is a machine in their own way."  Good answer to an awkward question.