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New 710 ESPN Podkast, and English Baby!

It's fresh 710 Lakers Podkast time.  This week, we talk to Lakers radio play by play voice Spero Dedes about the process of stepping into Chick Hearn's monumentally legendary wake, the challenges of broadcasting basketball, and his thoughts on the Lakers and home court.  Dedes is pretty critical in Spero_dedes_2 discussing some bad losses over the course of the year that he thinks will cost LA home court advantage in the Finals.   

It's refreshing to hear a home town broadcaster speak openly about the team, even if it's not all roses and perfume.  In the spirit of Hearn, Dedes isn't a homer.  Whether you like his overall delivery or not, it's an approach that benefits listeners.  (If you want to hear an excerpt from the interview and skip the rest, click here.)

We also cover the "rivalry" between Sasha Vujacic and Jordan Farmar, and wonder exactly how Jerry West reacted when he saw "D. Sterling" on his caller ID.

In other news, we've written about it, and turned it into a catchphrase.  It only seems fair to present the interview itself, at 

It's a pretty cool website, actually.  Scrolling around the comments, it's interesting to see the Interweb create a community of people all over the planet trying to learn a common language. 

And remember, "Everyone is a machine in their own way."  Good answer to an awkward question.


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everybody is a machine in their own way! so true. so true.

I don't know why, but the vibe I get from Spero is that of a hired gun. Perhaps it's b/c of his previous time with the Nets. To me, I'm not feeling that he's 100% Laker.

I get a similar vibe from Trudell who does all the lakers website content. Again, probably b/c of his time before with Minny.

Maybe after a decade or so I'll warm up to them.

Fire Stu! Hire Spero lol.

Okay, seriously, Jeannie needs to do more of these:

It's video of her and PJ on the way to the game against Philly where PJ is able to drive and answer Jeannie's questions fairly eloquently. He gets spiritual and, once again, brings up the Positive Coaching Alliance.

The second half of the video is a post-mortem BEDSIDE that feels almost awkwardly intimate.

Again, I hated that she had to do this on the day of such a heart-breaking loss but this is something we never would've seen even 5 years ago. It gives a little bit of insight into a side of PJ different from the one he shows to the media.

Podcast thoughts...

- Spero looks like he's 20. Is he really that young? WOW!
- AK and BK thinks too hard at their words when they're on a podcast...hence the pauses between words. In a society where any given thing could be considered un-PC...just do your thing lol
- Not a single Faith question asked? Porque? lol. At the very least I'd have been interested if he had a favorite player. Kinda like the K's with Vonnator. Though if he says Kevin Garnett, I'm done with him! haha.
- Lots of Sasha chatter (woo hoo), not enough Farmar. FINALLY an admittance that they pick on Sasha. Everyone else? Under the rug. haha.
- Laker bloggers examine the game closer than anyone else in the league. We're the REAL eyes and ears of the game lol.
- Sasha and Kobe BFFs.

Kobe Blitz,

You can't compare the 88 championship to the 89. Thomas rolled his ankle in game 6 and almost single handedly beat us in that game after he rolled it. He was able to play. Magic was done in Game 2 of 89 and that was it. Not having Magic for a series isn't the same as having a hobbled Thomas for a game and a half. We were screwed out of a great series in 89 due to the freak injuries.

Anybody else question the PJ move of brining the starters back in last night with 5 minutes to go and a 16 point lead? Still don't understand why you would put extra mileage on dudes who could use the rest.

Tonight should be fun. I hear Harris might play. This will be a tough one, let's suck it up and show some championship form.

Damn, Spero is a youngin. Good for him. Even if he's an import (previously held the Nets job), LA and the Lakers can make quick fans out of anyone.

In fact, I can't think of a more allegiance-turning gig.

Winning - check
Young and in LA - check
Not New Jersey - check
Great organization - check


I really like young Spero. It took me a minute, but how could anyone not be repelled by any voice other than Chick's after so many years. But, now I'm down with him completely. He knows the game, has a smooth delivery and is definitely a Laker fan. The kid has an unbelievable future. I'd let him do simulcasts with Stu and call it a day.

I'm glad Spero is not a homer. It's very professional and respectable. I always believed that the announcers are the voices of the organization and their actions and attitudes tend to reflect on the team. Our broadcasters are good ambassadors not only for the Lakers but the city of Los Angeles. When I hear other commentators like Mike Rice (Portland) and Tommy Nuheison (Boston), I get the feeling that their attitudes are atypical of the team and the city they represent.


I disagree. Sure Thomas nearly beaten us in Game 6 but in Game 7 he was limping and was largely ineffective in the 2nd half Game 7 where the Pistons nearly made a comeback despite Thomas's injury.

I could also point out the debatable foul on Laimbeer in the waning seconds that gave Kareem 2 free throws. Had that foul not been called the Pistons might as well have had their 3 peat in the 80's just as much had Isiah not been hobbled in Game 7.

I'm just saying if the Pistons deserved to have an asterisk on their 1989 championship on the basis of injuries to Magic and Byron, then the same could applied to the Lakers in 1988. After all, they facing the same Pistons who held Larry Bird to just 10.0 points per game on 35.1% shooting and defeated the Celtics 4-2 that year.

-KB Blitz

Fire Stu, Faith?

I must say I am out of the loop with Laker announcers because I live in Indiana. In fact, I don't know if I'v ever even heard Spiro announce. But I like Stu.

Miss Chick though.


I hate to be a hater (ironic, no?). But I have had enough of Stu Lance. I'm so tired of Stu'isms.

Had enough of the "and that will get it done" or "when you say professional you say Derek Fisher". Joel Meyers, Spero & Micheal Thompson are all fine. Stu just needs to retire please.

There I said it and I feel better.


BK, I'm sorry, but can you please stop saying "English Baby?" It's "English, baby."

It's not a baby that is are telling your baby "English!"

I know I sound totally anal retentive, but these kind of mistakes bug me when they come from writers. It's're supposed to know that aren't you?

Stu is awesome.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Stu Lance and his basketball teachings make me turn the sound off every time...

I don't need a homer announcer. Just don't need it. I would much rather have someone like Chick who famously called a dog a dog, or someone like Vin who has a great endless narrative that he can seemingly throw down at will.

That's what I want from my announcers--bring something to the language of the game. I guess we're all spoiled in this way, because both Chick and Vin changed the language of the game like very few before them.

Whether it's bringing a completely new vocabulary to their sport (Chick) or laying a foundation for a style of oration (Vin) that's pretty commonplace today, both LA icons are such for a reason.

That's my gold standard right there.


Stu is as fair as they come. I like him.



A few observations about that video...


2. Wow. I sure miss California sunlight.

3. I recognize which road they're driving on. It's Vista Del Mar just south of Playa del Rey. I've driven it a million times.

4. Phil is right about the Lakers' special place in Los Angeles' community. As an extremely diverse (economically and ethnically) community with a VERY high transient population there are two things that unite Los Angelenans: The Lakers and the the Dodgers. The Lakers are literally important to the success of Los Angeles as a community.

5. Phil needs to put a ring on Jeannie's finger.

6. It's nice to see the intimacy between the two and also their disappointment at the loss to Philadelphia. They feel like I feel when we lose.

7. Just an all-around, all-over positive and enjoyable video.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



When Chick was around, Stu was pretty good I must admit. But now that's he got the flagship (is that right? haha) of the broadcasting gig...he has turned into a negative, and super critical announcer. Who roots for us to lose. That I will not accept.

There's a fine line between being critical but maintaining one's perspective and fandom---Chick was the best ever to do that. He never not once in all the years I've watched basketball...when he was around...did I ever hear him root against us, or for that matter, predict arbitrarily that we were going to do something negative/bad and predict a loss long before it's even over. Chick could call a spade a spade, he could say that the team is not up to par, but never have I ever gotten the vibe that I get from Stu, from him. The more I listen to Stu the more I'm convinced there's a guy who does not like his job.

Stu said we would lose? Maybe I've gotten so used to him that I simply tune him out! LOL! I don't remember ever hearing him rooting for us to lose?

I've heard Stu say "If we can cut it under 10 by the 4th, we got a shot to win this game..The Lakers need to have this mindset."

That doesn't sound negative to me. He's being realistic.. and describing how the Lakers need to set smaller goals (10 points) to accomplish the bigger goal of winning the game. One step at a time will get it done! LOL

I don't recall Stu being as negative as you say..Joel Meyers is the negative one!!



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