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Live from Staples- Lakers vs. Mavericks

Who wants to make Mark Cuban cry?

Game chat below.


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Rover Rover let Kobe take over!

Someone ask Luke in interviews.
so you tried to be a team player by requesting to go to the bench. why don't you request to not play anymore? it seems you are hurting the team

see what luke says.

KOBE is MVP. period.

Great game from Trevor and PAu.

oh man, fluke walton and zazachich put us in that crazy situation at the end of the game...glad the starters, especially kobe, ariza, came back and cleaned up...

woow, that was a good game tho...

the bench played poor tonight.
bounce back.. bounce back.
i miss rad.


Fire Farmer

Trade Luke and Sasha.

Thoughts regarding the 2nd unit:
Do not give Jordan Farmar a new contract.
Trade Luke.
Keep Sasha (he's being too hard on himself).
Play Shannon Brown for defensive purpose.
Play Adam Morrison for ouside shooting.
Thoughts regarding the 1st unit:
Keep Trevor in the starting line-up for defensive purposes.
Trevor is a better scorer when playing more minutes.

I'm usually the one defending Luke Walton, but damn! He really
stunk it up tonight. 4 turnovers, 0 for 3 shooting, 0 for 3 free
throws... OUCH!

was anyone really worried?

Dallas as first round opponent works for me....

before anyone post a 'Omg we blew a lead' post...let me say that actually this game was never in any chance of being lost. We expended very little energy and though the bench allowed the Mavs back into the game...Trevor Ariza was absolutely dominate today inside and out. Also Gasol abused Dampier and anyone else who decided to guard him. Dallas zone defense kinda took us by surprise but once we adjusted we prved that even while allowing Dallas back into a game that shuda been put away in the third quater...they still cudnt finish us off.

Puke Walton and Smush Farmar need to step up their game.

I'm sure we can get Caron Butler for Luke Walton.

Another wrong prediction for Do You See What i See.

trevors defensive presence was great and his scoring was a bonus, he really helped us pull out a win. along with the mambaa of course, that DEEEEP 3. not gonna lie i was skepitcal when he shot that 3/

Good Afternoon Charles....Good Afternoon Everyone...

today we experimented with the attributes of playing 4 verses 6 for a rather unatural (and painful)) length of time...

finally we figured out that it is a distinct disadvantage playing that way and took Mr. Walton out of the game, enabling us to catch up and win the game...

this time of year mental lapses and lack of concentration should be at a minimum---smart play is paramount, the little things win (and lose) games a lot of the times...

just because Lamar passes you the bong doesn't mean you have to take a hit off of it...

but overall it turned out to be an entertaining game----and the concessions at Staples sold a lot of stuff due to the fact that nobody left the arena prematurally---maybe that was in the game plan all along....

add Dallas to the list of teams i don't thik we can lose to in a 7 game series...

my daughter said that Mark Cuban is a part of the male anatomy (probably the naughty bit)...

"carve your number on my wall.."

"It's an entirely new strain of sheep, a killer sheep that can not only hold a rifle but is also a first class shot"



Good guys today: Kobe, Pau, Trevor

Solid if unspectacular: LO, Derek.

Bad: Bench.

The Lakers may have one of the best benches in the NBA but today was pathetic effort moving against the Zone. Zone defense are weak against the passing of the Lakers yet Farmar led group's pathetic ball movement is concerning. The zone is meant to help deny the ball into the post (hence why they couldn't pass it to Pau) but they didn't move the ball enough. Too much staring around instead of moving without the ball. Very poor effort.

As I said before shooting over the zone (when the zone is not busted by dribble penetration) is the LEAST effective way to beat it. Sasha's pathetic shooting only made it worst.

If teams will now simply use zone against the Lakers then it gives a merit of concern. 1st Unit could beat the zone easily. 2nd Unit: FAIL.

-KB Blitz

Watching the Cavs play the Knicks in Cleveland. Knicks only down 1 in the first Q with less than a minute remaining...I got a feeling about this one. Cleveland can't win all the time at home.

On another note...the Cavs made a big deal out of clinching the Central division. They even had a banner raising ceremony before the game today. And they all wore their "Central Division Championship" tee shirts and caps on the plane ride home from their west coast trip. How cute!

Dude. Kobe is so good. I mean, that's totally stating the obvious, but DUDE. HE'S SO GOOD!!!

I knew D would be the only way to win this game. We pulled it out, and we still have the best record in the league!

Yeah baby. Yeah.

Press release:

Mr. Walton has just announced that he will buy everyone tacos in a lame attempt at appeasing the taco deprived.

crowd tells him to stuff his ribs up his lower orifice with vigour.



i smell one for the knicks too


the most sincere post u ever wrote. courageous

bronxlakerfan-it is sad how provincial some teams are:cavs, blazers, utah, denver and the rest: "Central Division Championship" tee shirts and caps


LOL Bronx.

To me games like today cements Kobe's greatness. Sure he's got the team to compete with now, but that doesn't mean he's less of a legend.

A legend is living among us today, let's all take note and appreciate.

Meanwhile, something needs to be done with the bench. I think they need to relax and know their roles. But keep the faith in there anyways.

GO Lakers!

P.S. AK you were on TV! lol. Right after Trevor was being interviewed, you came in to interview him and we caught you in tv. Fun!

i was laying on the couch, enjoying the lakers' dominance and got sleepy dozy. next think i knew, dallas had gone on a 20-2 run. i had to wake up and concentrate on defense again. luckily, the rest of lakers nation also joined in. whew.

never says: I"m sure we can get Caron Butler for Luke Walton". Really? Must be nice to have that confidence.

I'm sure we can get Caron Butler for Luke Walton.
Posted by: never | March 15, 2009 at 03:19 PM

Are you being paid to make this utterly stupid comment. I mean seriously...u make this comment as if Washington will willingly give us an All Star for two scrubs...not to mention Waltons salary and that he and Farmar cud offer them nothing offensively maybe other than saving them alil money next year but not enough to calm the citys disdain for making such a rediculous trade. Yes i know we got Gasol but they benefitted just as well as we did. Gezzz Never...take a break from saying something extremely stupid once in a while.

Somehow we have to get rid of Luke and Farmar and Sasah. Go to the Hornets blog - they are all sick of their team. We somehow get CP3 and it's all over!!!! Of course that is pretty unrealistic but somehow if Mitch could pull another huge Gasol trade we'd have our dynasty.

57-54 Cavs with 7:00 mins left in the 3rd. Knicks have got a chance.

Faith...good kicking it with you on the live blog. I don't get much chance to do the live thingy with work and all.

Keep the Faith for Sasha! I believe his shot will come around. I don't have a good feeling about Jordan, however. He should be playing better at this stage of his career. I won't be mad at Phil if he decides to give Shannon Brown some of Jordan's minutes. I think Sun Yue or Shannon will make Jordan expendable next year.

Sasha Chokacic as been choking big time for a while.

-KB Blitz

You probably would have said the same thing if I said we can get Pau for Kwame and a rookie.

Seriously, we can get Caron Butler for peanuts. I don't think D.C. would have any more disdain considering their current record. Caron is injury prone. Every team is saving up for the free agency period. I see us realistically picking up Caron for a cheap price.

Look up the blog chat, once Luke was put back into the floor I said the lead would be gone.

p.s. I also said that Andrew Bynum was going to suffer another serious injury after pulling off very good games. Look it up.


while i would NEVER lessen Coop's importance to the Lakers, those of us who watched the Lakers in the early '70's know how important Goodrich was to the Lakers and their win streak and first title in LA. he's not in the HOF for nothing.

while i understand why Cooper's number isn't retired, i wouldn't have a fit if they DID retire it.


“John Hollinger thinks the Cavs will beat the Lakers in the Finals?
That is such a joke.” –LG.

Absolutely. Stats are great for analyzing players and teams and Hollinger’s PER ratings are a useful tool but it’s foolish to use them as the sole basis to predict who’s going to win. You can’t expect Hollinger to say the Lakers are the best because that would undermine the credibility of his entire schtick so he is stuck with trying to sell the Cavs.


“"Why is Kobe not the front runner for M.V.P?” –Tristan

Because the NBA marketing machine and the east coast sports media are intent on ramming LeBron James down every fans throat because they don’t like Kobe Bryant or the Lakers or anything that is not on the right coast.


“I’m sure Jon K, Laker Tom (well then again he did attend USC as well), and Long Time Laker Fan, are quite shocked as how this happened...” –blitz about USC’s win.

I may have attended USC but my heart has always been Bruin Blue since I was a kid and I always hated the Trojans. The only reason I went to USC was because of a scholarship. The only reason I will root for the Trojans is to uphold the honor of the PAC 10.


“No, no, and ... no.” –ex answering SBPimp’s claims that Michael Cooper should have his number retired because he had a bigger impact on the Lakers than Gail Goodrich, made contributions as a WNBA coach, and bled purple and gold.

SBPimp may too young to have seen Goodrich at his prime at UCLA and with the Lakers but ex is absolutely correct. As great as Coop was, he was never even a starter whereas Gail Goodrich was a big time player and one of the best lefty guards to ever play the game. He and the Logo were a marvelous backcourt, every bit the equal of Magic and Byron, mainly because Goodrich was a far superior player to Scott.


“Someone ask Luke in interviews.
so you tried to be a team player by requesting to go to the bench. why don't you request to not play anymore? it seems you are hurting the team” –Tom

Time to get off Luke’s back. The great chemistry that this team has is undoubtedly in a good part due to selfless players like Luke. Bet that is what his teammates would say.


“Fire Farmer

Trade Luke and Sasha.” –dara

Unless you were joking, you have been officially anointed as a Fair Weather Fan. You were joking, weren’t you. :)


“Do not give Jordan Farmar a new contract.
Trade Luke.” –passionate Lakers fan

Wow, you and dara should get together. The Lakers Blog as a matchmaker. LOL!



I fall asleep at half time with verbal sparring of Van Gundy, Breem and Jackson and when I woke up, it was the start of 4th Q, Holy Mackerel, what happened to the 15 pts and Dallas even led by 5. It is a rude awakening, perhaps Luke & Farmar is setting up Kobe to do his thing and give some reasons why he should get a back2back MVP. How will the Lakers go to the playoffs with these extra baggage that self destruct? Walton and Farmar were already thinking of their dates at the playboy lounge so they want to rap it up and expect Terry & Kidd to roll over and bow to the bench mob or bench moth. In the end, Lakers won again, so they are forgiven. Even Van Gundy observed that only Powell was strong enough w/ unit, we suspected on Ariza which prompted our great hero Walton to help and make it work. It gotten worst with the new quack doctor who may have contaminated more plague with his presence. .Ahhh, I like to believe that they just wanted to make the game interesting for Kobe.

"Never...take a break from saying something extremely stupid once in a while."

Lakerholic, take a pill, relax and take a break from not understanding sarcasm for a while.

So, we are now 8-1 against the TX triangle and 4-0 against BOS/CLE. Pretty darn good record...


Always a pleasure as well lol. Yeah I agree with that. I'm not saying it because I'm a Sasha shipper...but to me his troubles aren't fundament so much as confidence.

The same thing cannot be said for Jordan though. Jordan has really regressed. Don't get me wrong I still have faith in the dude. But lately it seems as if he's got a helplessness to him right now. While Sasha's more frustration, he still goes on and tries, Jordan on the other hand seems lost and helpless. There are games when his offense seems to be picking up, but his defense is consistently poor. I just can't figure it out. His body language is kind of off-putting as well. That said like I said, I have faith in the dude---that he'll figure it out. I think we need a Farmar coach, just like we have KAJ with Bynum.

LeBrawn and the Cavs outlasted the Knicks 98-93.



Laker Tom:
Shannon Brown will take Jordan's spot.
Adam Morrison will take Luke's spot.
the above former has skills the above latter lack.
Shannon is strong/athletic/plays defense.
Adam can score (28+ in college).
Shannon's a team player; Jordan is me first.
Adam plays best in a motion offense.
PS: i do not need you to couple me with anyone :)

p.s. I also said that Andrew Bynum was going to suffer another serious injury after pulling off very good games. Look it up.
Posted by: never |

I guess thats sarcasm to huh pslakerfan.

Yippie...i predicted the sun wud rise in the morning...if u dont believe me look it.

Farmar is not going to make it as a point guard. He lacks the desire or skill to make his team mates better. He looks to score first and pass the ball last. A good point guard has the ability to get the ball to his team mates at the right place and the right time for them to score. I think its time for some one else to be trained for the role.

If my memory is correct, Lakers did a good job busting zones last year. With the best passing starting five in the game, especially the inside passing between big men, zones should not be a problem.

I think LA just had not seen a zone for awhile and were a bit surprised. Or maybe Dallas just executes it better than most teams since they do have quick feet, and Carlisle is known to be a good D coach.

The bench does have a tendency to be jump shot happy bec. Farmar and Sasha tend to settle for the perimeter shot when they s/d be working the pick and roll w/Gasol and Powell. Powell does excellent w/the P&R when Kobe does it with him.

Given Farmar's speed with the ball, he s/d be doing more dribble penetration. I remember when we thought he was going to be the next Tony Parker.

I'm not really sure what to do with Sasha bec. he did his best job last year when Lakers played small ball - 3 guard lineup and he got open mainly because Kobe was being doubled. That doesn't happen when second unit is on the floor with Gasol and 4 bench players.
Also, now with Ariza starting the second unit is creating less turnovers.
Farmar's game is better in trainsition offense bec. he somehow has not really learned to work the triangle or any of the other set offenses the Lakers have.
Sasha and Powell play better when KB is on the floor.
I predict that Sasha's game will improve when Bynum comes back bec. he will get more open catch and shoot opportunities. Farmar's game will also improve.
Bynum's last line of defense usually covers up for defensive lapses by the perimeter defenders.
Kobe and Trevor can also go for more steals w/Drew back there.
I think we're underestimating what we're missing not having Andrew as last line of defense. We are so much better with him back, not for the offense, but for the defense.
Lakers will sweep Mavs 4-0 in the first round.

passionate Lakers fan,

>>> Laker Tom:
>>> Shannon is strong/athletic/plays defense.
>>> Shannon's a team player; Jordan is me first.
>>> Shannon Brown will take Jordan's spot.

Not unless he suddenly learns how to shoot. I do love Shannon’s hops though and hope = he will help us in spot situations preventing opposing point guards from penetrating. Jordan is going through a disappointing stretch as is Sasha but I have confidence that they will get back to their previous excellent play. Starting seems to have really helped Ariza get his game going again. It is much harder to be a consistent performer coming off the bench than starting. Just ask Lamar.

>>> Adam Morrison will take Luke's spot.
>>> the above former has skills the above latter lack.
>>> Adam can score (28+ in college).
>>> Adam plays best in a motion offense.

I actually have high hopes for Morrison. I watched him play a lot at Gonzaga and strangely he has a lot in common with Luke – slow, white, can’t jump, but basketball smart – but what tantalizes is that he also has a big-time scorer’s mentality which Luke totally lacks. He could be a diamond in the rough for the Lakers. He may not be the #3 most talented player in that draft but the guy can shoot the ball. I am hoping that he grows back the hair and stash and comes into camp confident and pumped up.

>>> Peace.
>>> PS: i do not need you to couple me with anyone :)

Actually, I apologize for that. We’ve been blog friends for a long time and I shouldn’t have equated your comments with those of dara, whose posts don’t ever seem to have much thought behind them. I am still hoping that Jordan will break out of his slump. Sasha, too. Maybe Faith should bake him some good luck brownies and send them to him. LOL.

As for Luke, what a stinker of a game today but I give him credit for being a real team player. He may be the only guy in the league to volunteer to come off the bench, even if he might have seen it as inevitable. As I said above, Luke is a pretty smart guy and I am sure that his teammates would happily vote him a full share when we win the title.



LakerTom says: “'Why is Kobe not the front runner for M.V.P?' –Tristan

Because the NBA marketing machine and the east coast sports media are intent on ramming LeBron James down every fans throat because they don’t like Kobe Bryant or the Lakers or anything that is not on the right coast."

Sorry, but you appear to be geographically challenged. Not only is Cleveland nowhere near the East Coast, but the last SEVEN MVP's (Kobe, Dirk, Nash twice, Garnett, and Duncan twice) were from the Western Conference, not to mention 9 of the last 10 and 13 of the last 16. So yeah, you just came up with the most senseless theory ever.


stop attacking me.

Farmer deserves to be fired. I can say it 100 times.

His defence rank bottom No.1 in the league since day1.
His passing skill rank bottom No.1
His jumping shoot is so so
His driving maybe is above average, but from PG point of view, it is soso.

>>>the most sincere post u ever wrote. courageous

Hey man, I tell it like it is. Luke was actually playing pretty
good from when he came back from his injury until a couple
weeks ago. But yesterday's game was a big gigantic turd for
him. Usually if he does nothing else he'll get 3 or 4 assists and
only 1 turnover. Yesterday it was 4 turnovers!!!! That's very
rare for him.

I'm not saying they should trade him or play Morrison instead
of him or anything, but Luke really needs to get his game
back before the playoffs.

>>>Somehow we have to get rid of Luke and Farmar and
>>>Sasah. Go to the Hornets blog - they are all sick of their
>>>team. We somehow get CP3 and it's all over!!!!

Now that's just foolish talk.

First of all, stop expecting Luke and Farmar and Sasha to play
great every game. If they played great every game, they'd
be all-stars. They are role players. Some nights they're going
to give you a good game and other nights they're going to
stink it up.

And second, New Orleans WILL NOT TRADE CP3. Get that
through your heat. Even if the Lakers offered Bynum (an
injury prone young C) and Kobe (getting toward the end of
his career), the Hornets would not take the deal for the best
point guard in the league who is only 23. It ain't going to happen.

>>>You probably would have said the same thing if I said
>>>we can get Pau for Kwame and a rookie.

Kwame was an immediately expiring contract & Pau was a
contract that went on for 3 more years and 50 million, and
Memphis was looking to cut their salary as much as possible.

>>>Seriously, we can get Caron Butler for peanuts. I don't
>>>think D.C. would have any more disdain considering
>>>their current record.

You're totally missing the concept of how teams reduce

1. They can't make a trade this year. So even if the Lakers
had enough expiring contracts to trade for Caron, they couldn't
do it.

2. Caron's contract expires in 2011, and it only goes up to
10 million, so for what he gives them, he's very reasonably

3. Luke's contract expires TWO YEARS AFTER Caron's
contract, so they'd be taking, and beyond this year the total
money is MORE than the total money left on Caron's contract.

Thus there is absolutely no way that a trade involving Luke
for Caron could be construed as a salary cutting deal for
Washington. It's not possible.


>>>Shannon Brown will take Jordan's spot.
>>>Adam Morrison will take Luke's spot.
>>>the above former has skills the above latter lack.
>>>Shannon is strong/athletic/plays defense.
>>>Adam can score (28+ in college).
>>>Shannon's a team player; Jordan is me first.

Let's take these one pair at a time...

Shannon Brown vs Jordan Farmar

Shannon is 2 inches taller than Jordan, and is a better
defender. I thing the Lakers' defense would definitely
improve if Shannon took Jordan's minutes.

But on the offensive end, it's a different story. Brown is a
career 40% shooter (30% on 3's). Farmar is a career 44%
shooter (36% on 3's). And Farmar gets about twice as many
assists per minute on the floor as Brown. So what you gain
on defense, you'd be giving up on offense.

This summer Brown should work on his shooting and passing
and Farmar should work on his defense, and then may the
best man win.

Adam Morrison vs Luke Walton

At this point in time, Walton is a better defender than Morrison.
And how you talk about Brown being a "team player", but
you discount the biggest team player on the Lakers in Luke.
On any possession he's in the game, Luke is more likely
to get an assist than any other SF in the NBA.

If Morrison had actually shown a propensity for scoring at
his college level in the NBA, then I agree this would be
a no-brainer. If he could average 20 a game, then play
him like a Steve Nash, where he's all offense and a complete
liability on defense. But Morrison is a creer 37% shooter.
If you're expecting him to score efficiently, you've got another
thing coming.

Here's what you need to keep in mind: all the minutes
you've seen Morrison and Brown play for the Lakers has
been in garbage time of games vs the bottom of the other
team's bench. So at times they've actually looked pretty

But you haven't seen Shannon Brown trying to defend
Chris Paul or Steve Nash. You see him defending the
likes of Antonio Daniels and Goran Dragic. Brown can't
lock down CP3 any more than Fisher or Farmar can.

And so far Morrison is shooting 39% for the Lakers vs garbage
time defenders. How do you think he'd fare with any starting
SF in the league defending him? 33%? 30%?

Right now Farmar and Walton are much better options. If
Morrison and Brown could step up their games a bit, then yes,
they could take Farmar and Walton's jobs. But right now Farmar
and Walton are clearly better.



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