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Lakers Photoshop contest: Solid as a rock

April 1, 2009 |  3:09 pm

At Lakers Blog, we can't return the Lakers bench to productivity or fix Kobe Bryant's ailing jumper/body.  We can't make Cleveland lose or speed Andrew Bynum's healing process.  But thanks to Bynum's weekend visit to the Playboy Mansion and your creativity, we can make you smile (well, most of you at least).  Yes, the entries for the first Lakers Blog Photoshop Contest have been strong.  Very strong. 

To recap, given all the misplaced medical furor over Bynum placing a 110 lb. Playmate onto his shoulders, we challenged readers to Photoshop things onto him that might actually be dangerous or truly irresponsible. (And yes, I realize the entire context of the frivolity has changed now that Bynum was also shown that day to have tried his hand at the hula hoop, but we'll press on anyway...) The results:

From Daniel.  (I love this):


(many more below the jump...)

Blog regular Ajax went cleverly stacktastic:

Ajax Bynum Photoshop

Given the circumstances surrounding Bynum's injury history, this effort from Kelly seems particularly appropriate:


Two from Julia (who was a rock star in the Blue Notes version of this lil' game).  First... creepy:

Bynum and Octomom

Note the belly. 

Octomom on the shoulders would certainly qualify as both dangerous and irresponsible.  Next, while a quick ride for a Bunny doesn't put Bynum's knee at risk, a quick ride for this guy certainly would: 

Barkley on Bynum's shoulders

Well played, Julia.

Faith dips into a bit of cross-sport commentary...

Bynum and Bonds
And finally, from Space Roach, who apparently made exactly the same observation I did when I first saw the picture... "Is that Bynum, or Tracy Morgan?"


Keep 'em coming, and we'll continue to post particularly strong entries.