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Lakers Photoshop contest: Solid as a rock

At Lakers Blog, we can't return the Lakers bench to productivity or fix Kobe Bryant's ailing jumper/body.  We can't make Cleveland lose or speed Andrew Bynum's healing process.  But thanks to Bynum's weekend visit to the Playboy Mansion and your creativity, we can make you smile (well, most of you at least).  Yes, the entries for the first Lakers Blog Photoshop Contest have been strong.  Very strong. 

To recap, given all the misplaced medical furor over Bynum placing a 110 lb. Playmate onto his shoulders, we challenged readers to Photoshop things onto him that might actually be dangerous or truly irresponsible. (And yes, I realize the entire context of the frivolity has changed now that Bynum was also shown that day to have tried his hand at the hula hoop, but we'll press on anyway...) The results:

From Daniel.  (I love this):


(many more below the jump...)

Blog regular Ajax went cleverly stacktastic:

Ajax Bynum Photoshop

Given the circumstances surrounding Bynum's injury history, this effort from Kelly seems particularly appropriate:


Two from Julia (who was a rock star in the Blue Notes version of this lil' game).  First... creepy:

Bynum and Octomom

Note the belly. 

Octomom on the shoulders would certainly qualify as both dangerous and irresponsible.  Next, while a quick ride for a Bunny doesn't put Bynum's knee at risk, a quick ride for this guy certainly would: 

Barkley on Bynum's shoulders

Well played, Julia.

Faith dips into a bit of cross-sport commentary...

Bynum and Bonds
And finally, from Space Roach, who apparently made exactly the same observation I did when I first saw the picture... "Is that Bynum, or Tracy Morgan?"


Keep 'em coming, and we'll continue to post particularly strong entries.


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>>> I rest my case. I'll readily admit that I don't have what it takes to engage
>>> in an epic blitz/hobbitimage style battle.

I’m with you there, EKG. Those guys must be so rich that they don’t have to work. LOL!

I used to think there was no way that LBJ would NOT end up playing for New York as I thought the move to bring Dantoni in by Walsh was genius as LeBron would average 5 ppg more in Dantoni’s open court run-and-gun system. And if the Cavaliers do not win a championship in the next two years, that is still what I think will happen. If the Cavs can win one, then I think LeBron will stay in Cleveland. Anyway, that’s just my take.

As an unrestricted free agent, the Cavaliers will not be able to force LeBron to sign a contract. As for a sign-and-trade, there is one advantage in that they would be able to offer LeBron a longer and bigger max contract than any other team, just as the Lakers were able to do when they re-signed Kobe. But LeBron would still have to OK the deal and I doubt he would want to share alpha position with Kobe or that Kobe would be willing to allow LeBron to be the #1 option. And so far, LeBron seems to be leaning in the direction of shorter contracts so that he can maximize his income.

Anyway, no doubt LeBron is a unique talent. The only question at this point is his relatively poor outside and free throw shooting. If he learns to shoot it too, it would almost be unfair. I do admit that I do not like the guy and that is part of why I would not want him on my team. So I am obviously biased when you want to trade my 2nd favorite Laker for a guy you think will replace my favorite Laker. Thankfully, the chances of it happening are extremely remote and unlikely. Thank God for that.




No problem, Edwin. We all are disappointed at the bench play, especially Jordan, Sasha, and now Josh. The truth is these last few games are not really that important. One thing we have learned is that this team knows how to step it up when a big game is on the line. So far this year, we have risen to the top every time we have been challenged by a premier team with no exception. I expect that trend to continue right through our winning the Finals against either the Celtics or the Cavaliers. Losses to lousy teams late in a grueling season when we already have the West wrapped up without Drew are not a reason for everybody to panic. Anyway, that’s just my take, as usual.


Nice K Bros. You got a little link-love from TrueHoop on this one.

Getting some twitter love from Kurt over @ FB&G too...


"I’m with you there, EKG."

I haven't had an EKG done in a while, so thanks for the reminder :)

I think our fundamental disagreement is whether Drew will be good enough to carry the franchise and a declining Kobe in a few years. You wholeheartedly believe so; I don't have that kind of faith in him. Hopefully I'm wrong.

And I agree with you that the odds of LBJ coming here aren't very high. But if he does in fact want to leave Cleveland, we have a solid chance of getting him, particularly if Kobe reaches out to him and actively recruits him.

The look on Pau's face as Drew and Rad are hittin the slopes. VERY FUNNY! Its gonna be tough to chose.

The Cavs have lost 14 games on the road. They basically stink outside of their home floor. They're basically last year's (or even this year's) Utah Jazz.

I think the Celts can beat them. I think Orlando can beat them. They look like world beaters because they're playing against crappy teams.


*12 games on the road.

Game day. Is it too much too ask for a 30-point blowout (in the Lakers' favor!)? Please give me a reason to stay up way too late and drink way too many adult beverages.

Go Lake Show!

Andrew Bernard,

>>> It is not alarmist to say that this team does not have the mentality to win
>>> a championship. Last year, Boston was on a mission, from training camp
>>> through the finals. It showed up every night.

>>> This year, Cleveland is on a mission. What they are doing is incredible.
>>> One home loss all season? Unreal.

You made an excellent point about the similarity between the Celtics’ commitment to playing championship basketball last year and the Cavaliers’ great home record this year. However, you may have forgotten that we beat both of these teams twice this year – the second time at their home arenas late in the season without Bynum. Every time this team has been challenged – at home or on the road – this season by another elite team, they have responded like the champions they will be in June.

>>> With all due respect to Tom, Andrew Bynum's return will NOT increase
>>> the passion, and without that, they will fall short of a title again.

With all due respect, Andrew, I disagree. Assuming he is healthy and playing at least at 70% of how he was playing during January, Andrew will totally change the dynamic of this team. With Pau at center, we are a finesse team on offense and a layup drill on defense. Drew’s physically powerful and dominating post game on offense will force us to play more inside-out basketball. He will demand the ball where Pau cannot. He will force the double teams where Pau cannot. And on defense, he will stop the DUNK, LAYUP, DUNK, LAYUP, DUNK drill that Pau cannot.

Anyway, appreciate your comments. We will just have to agree to disagree. Thanks.



with barkley on his shoulders it would be likely for bynum to swerve all over the place due to charles' driving



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