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Lakers March Madness, round one!

March 20, 2009 | 12:45 pm

Here it is.  The first half of the opening round of the first annual (maybe) Lakers March Madness Tourney.  Try not to get in trouble at the office because you're too deeply invested in the results here.  Remember, just about everything involved in this process is totally arbitrary, therefore the seeding committee doesn't want any guff from the peanut gallery.  Today, the Ced Ceballos Region.

#1 Adam Morrison's Facial Hair vs. #8 Trevor Ariza's tattoos.
Strong matchup, indicating the depth of this side of the draw.  AmMo owns the sort of scraggly, all-too-thin 'stache/beard combo (seemingly connected to each other only as acquaintances) oft seen on dudes you went to high school with.  On the other hand, it's a signature look.  TA has ink all over his body, including the neck... but like most of his game, it's kind of subtle. The ink doesn't leap out, but it's there, and it brings its A game.  Always the A game.

#2 LO's fashion vs. #7 Kobe's fadeaway
A powerhouse matchup.  Much has been made of LO's unique style- we mentioned last night his red/white striped, short sleeved, button down complete with hood and cuff links- which (much like the player himself) is often spectacular and occasionally mind boggling.  At the same time, Kobe's fadeaway is a thing of beauty.  Still, 24's J enters the tourney having slumped in its previous two games.  Did he work too hard to get himself off the bubble? 

#3 DJ Mbenga's martial arts skills vs.#6 Pau Gasol from the elbow

Force vs. finesse.  Strength vs. savvy.  Two very tall men enter, only one very tall man leaves.

#4 Kwame Brown's calves vs. Phil's zen
We know how one member of the Lakers Blog family would vote...

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