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Lakers 107, Mavs 100: Highway to the Danger ZONE

Gasol The phrase may have been coined by Kenny Loggins to describe the jet flying antics that simultaneously fascinated Maverick and eventually took the life of Goose , but for the Lakers, the dangerous "zone" in question was the defensive scheme employed by the Dallas Mavericks, one that almost managed to screw up a 107-100 win.  As noted in yesterday's K Brothers recap, the first half was mostly a cruise for the Lakers, offering up proof positive that this could end up a VERY one-sided first round playoff series

Pau Gasol connected on his first ten field goal attempts, including a J shot literally over the seven foot Dirk Nowitzki, ineffective as any option to check El Spaniard.  (The reverse?  Not so much.)  Trevor Ariza has hitting inside and outside shots- entering a career-high 26 into the box score- and proving his defensive worth by shadowing Dallas PG Jason Kidd and allowing the future Hall of Famer little room to operate.  And if there were any doubt in the matter, Kobe Bryant was hitting from anywhere they wanted.  Again, all appears ducky, a twelve point lead is taken into the locker room at halftime and basically maintained when the bench mob checked in down the stretch of the third quarter. 

And that's when the proceedings turned as uncomfortable to watch as the Top Gun volleyball scene.

It was around this point that the Mavs decided to swtich things up and employ the zone and the bench mob, a unit dealing with recent struggles in most cases, didn't react particularly well.  They took the zone's intended bait and began jacking outside shots, forgetting about the antidote parked in the paint ready to make Dallas pay, as Gasol wasn't shy about reminding them.   Between that lack of discipline and Jason Terry's en fuego shooting from downtown, the Mavs got themselves right back into the game.  It took some serious D from the starters, clutch shots from Kobe, and steely heroics from Ariza to make sure what was started got properly finished. 

And with that potential disaster averted, we can focus on the positive, like the health update on Andrew Bynum.  According to the seven footer himself, a return this season is definitely in the cards.   He'd love to make it back over the next 2-3 weeks, but noted that the team brass may override such speediness.  Running has been easy enough on a treadmill, but lateral movement is still a pain in the arse.  Well, knee, really. 

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Itsa longshot, but the lakers helped make a SUNS-lakers matchup possible yesterday.

Wouldn't it be proper to see kobey try to achieve redemption by taking on the thorn in his side -Shack - in a series? The criticism is that kobey cant win w/o Shack, so it's only proper that they battle it out. The mavs can't beat the lakers anyway..

BUTLER looking for a halfway decent point of conversation today?

Quick, someone check if miss piggy has wings.

I was looking at the playoff brackets and I really like how they are arranged right now. Let's end the season TODAY!!

The "other" bracket consists of Utah, Portland, San Antonio and Houston. This means we will face ONLY one of these teams in the WCF. I like that scenario.

"our" bracket consists of Denver, New Orleans, and Dallas with us. This means we play two of these three teams with Dallas guaranteed (again, if the season ended today).

A pretty easy road to the finals comparatively speaking. I mean it beats playing Portland in round 1, Utah in Round 2 and San Anonio in WCF, which could just as easily happen depending on what happens this last month of the season.

I hope this seeding holds up.

And before someone responds and says "who the hell cares who we play, we're the best" Why not do this the easiest way possible? However, for the championship I change my tone. I WANT BOSTON AND NOONE ELSE and I don't care if it may be more difficult. The perfect way to end the season.

Wow, two threads in a row with the same picture...K bros, are you trying to confuse me???

I hate to admit it, but Van Gundy said one thing right about our team, our bench is not playing as good as it use to play last year. Last year they use to blow things open, when situation like with Mavs yesterday arise, 15 points should be turning into 20-25 blowout, instead it turned into 6 points deficit before starters got call in order to turn the tide. Everyone from “Bench Mob” played like they just got off the plane after 3 back to back. I can not even single out anyone in particular it was basically from bad to worth. No, Ok I’m wrong, Luke was a worst on the floor, it was looking definitely like he left his brains at home. What is going on? He can not play defense, he is too slow, he can’t make open jumpers, but 4 turnovers in his limited minutes? It got me thinking “Maybe he was not that bad while playing with the starters because, after all, our starters so good?” When he moved to the bench all his weakness got multiplied and exposed. Jordan playing like he never played PG before, going into teeth of the defense instead of passing to open man. Sasha can not find any rhythm/groove/The Thing you call it like you want in order to make a jumper, I mean open jumper not a contested one. I’m wondering, AK and BK, can you ask around Lakers does he still “11 o’clock player” or even this disappear? What ever it is, our Machine in serious malfunction. We need our bench in order to move in playoff without exhausting too much especially at the beginning, it’s not about talent, it also about, who is going to outlast who and with our bench not playing, PJ will not have a choice but to play starters long minutes. Don’t forget, Kobe and Pau already playing 2nd year almost without interruption and if fatigue not a factor now, it can definitely become the factor down the stretch.

Long Live Chick,

I didn't realize how truly goofy the visual was back to back. Thanks for the note. It's been changed.


Walton should be a team player who has the team's best interest at heart and request to be benched and not be part of the rotation. He posts up but can't finish around the rim. He tries to pass but has too many turnovers. He tries to shoot but misses most of his jumpers.

And speaking of Michael Cooper:

Yesterday he said Trevor should come off the bench. Obviously, coach Coop feels at home with a lanky defense playin', 3 shootin' swing man coming off the bench to change the game.

The block buster part of his rationale was he thought AM, Adam dam Morrison, should start?

If the bench keeps underachieving, why not?

Linking to the Top Gun volleyball sequence? Really?


Completely agree with you. Some people think it's the other way around. Some like to gloat as well not realizing how poorly Ariza played with the bench mob (and they themselves played poorly).


Trevor Ariza's updated 3 point%: 32.9%
Sasha "Choke-a-cic" Vujacic's updated 3 point%: 34.4%.

Trevor on his way on surpassing Choke-a-cic's 3pt%.

Very interesting. A primary slasher who soon will out shoot a primary shooter. Trade away Sasha if Trevor's shooting % is better than Sasha's. Got better defense from Trevor than Sasha's show off defense plus can shoot around the same. Sasha owned by Trevor.

Choke-a-cic helped shoot the Lakers out of the game in Game 4 of the 08 finals. He choked last year when Kobe got 52 points with 3-12 shooting. And again yesterday when he just accepted the invitation from the Mavericks of their zone defense to shoot over it and FAIL.

-KB Blitz

Butler...Neither can the Suns.


I just wanted to make sure everyone understood just how badly the Lakers were playing at that time. Sometimes, you have to spare nobody in making a point. haha

Seriously, though, Anthony Edwards was the only cast member who realized that most beach volleyball isn't played in jeans and/or while coated in about three layers of baby oil?


Oi. Smush, Smush, Smush....

Sounds like somebody needs a hug. All those hurt feelings against one person can't be healthy.

Weird How Mavrick checks the time. I say weird because I also flex all the time when checking the time, hmm.

Phew, thanks AK

There is something inherently disturbing about that "Danger Zone" video.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Hold on! Hold on! MICHAEL COOPER wants Adam Morrison to start? What? Huh?

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


AK, it's OK. I knew better than to click through.

As you know, it's not about realism when it come to these things. It's part of the pure commercial genius of Tony Scott to get the straight guys with the flying sequences, the girls with the love story and the West Hollywood crowd with the beach volleyball. A little something for everyone!

KB blitz,

2 things:

1. Kobe needs to be more assertive in his teammates as in raising his voice instead of acting always nice. Yell at them Kobe!

When Kobe did this before, he was deemed a horrible
teammate. He has to be nice, unlike MJ. How the times
have changed.

2. A primary slasher who soon will out shoot a primary shooter.

Earlier didn't you say that this couldn't happen?
[ note: This in no way touches on whether Sasha is
shooting as well as I expected him to, so stay on point
in your response. In case it's not clear, the point is about
a slasher out shooting a shooter not the shooting % of
Sasha. ]


>>>Walton should be a team player who has the team's best
>>> interest at heart and request to be benched and not be
>>>part of the rotation. He posts up but can't finish around
>>>the rim. He tries to pass but has too many turnovers. He
>>>tries to shoot but misses most of his jumpers.

If you base your entire opinion of Luke on yesterday's game,
then yes that is the case.

But Luke really doesn't turn the ball over much. The only
two Lakers with a better assist to turnover ratio than Luke
are Fish and Sasha.

And as for shooting, Luke's 3 for 6 vs San Antonio, 3 for 7
vs Houston, 4 for 6 vs Memphis, 3 for 6 vs Phoenix, 5 for 7
vs Oklahoma City, 5 for 7 vs New Orleans, 4 for 8 vs Atlanta,
3 for 6 vs Cleveland, and 2 for 5 vs Boston helped in those

You seem to be deluded to think that Luke shoots bad all the
time. He has good nights and off nights.

You know who else has off nights? Trevor Ariza.

How about Trevor's 1 for 4 vs Portland (loss), 0 for 6 vs Memphis,
0 for 6 and 3 turnovers vs Denver (loss), 3 for 9 vs Phoenix,
2 for 6 vs Minnesota, 1 for 5 vs Boston.

Luke doesn't score 0 every night and Trevor doesn't score 26
every night. Get that through your skull.

Sasha, Farmar know this...

You are playing for your Laker lives...

Radmanovic got traded...Cook got traded...Smush got cut...

Only so long will your disappointing play be tolerated. You've got to know that you too will be vanquished to NBA irrelevance if you keep sucking at this high rate.

KBlitz mentioned that Ariza is approaching a higher 3pt% than Sasha. That's despicable. I maintain we prolly traded the wrong guy (Radmanovic instead of Sasha).

3pt specialists can be replaced. I'm sure Mitch will sign someone new this summer since Sasha refuses to get his act together.

Farmar, dont be surprised if a another young PG barks up your alley next year.

Sorry fellas, cold world.

And I thought the Oprah Incident and the Scientology Propaganda spreading were the lowest Tom Cruise could go.

Smush Parker is a tool. Yup, Kobe is such a terrible teammate and the Lakers are so overrated, that Lamar Odom is willing to take less money next year just to stay with the team. Totally makes sense!

No Hobbitmage it's called tough love. The Lakers in Game 2 didn't make a come back with Kobe showing love. He yelled his butt off at their pathetic play. Who cares about the media thinks? If the team aren't doing the job he has to give them a yelling like what Phil Jackson did to your boy Sasha.

And number 2 yes you a slasher will almost never outshoot a primary shooter on one condition: the shooter is shooting badly. If Sasha was Sasha last year then this thing wouldn't have happened. Then again Sasha choked last year too with his shooting in the Finals.

Basically a slasher will never outshoot a shooter unless that shooter is a bad shooter. Kobe while having a good jump shot never reached Mitch Richmond, Glen Rice, or Reggie Miller in shooting. Certainly Trevor will NEVER be on those guys level.

A primary slasher (Trevor) nearly shooting identical % to a primary shooter (Choke-a-cic). That means one thing: The Shooter is a bad shooter.

Don't try to throw off the subject Hobbitmage and try to defend Sir Choke a lot. I told you his defense was overrated. Now it seems his shooting is also.

FYI, Trevor is shooting 32.9% from 3 point land while Sasha is 34.4% and both are averaging almost the same amount of threes. For a spot up shooter whose FG% is like Sasha Choke-a-cic is pathetic. Trevor is not a primary shooter yet is shooting almost as equal as Sir Choke a lot (Sasha). That merely means Sasha is terrible not that Trevor is a great shooter.


Trevor is shooting similar % to Sasha from 3pt land but not quite yet above Sir-Choke-a-lot Sasha. If the trend continues though Sasha will go down lower in 3pt% than Trevor and that is just embarrassing. Even for an overrated choke-a-lot shooter that is embarrassing to be a primary shooter and be shooting almost as equal to a primary slasher.

-KB Blitz

Korey....'Farmar,dont be surprised if another young pg barks up your alley next year'..............

Late first round....PATRICK MILLS.......Dont sleep on this guy......At least he is not in love with himself......

a little short but faster than Parker....He broke his hand about a month ago and is about to return soon for St Mary's.......

Korey....the young point guard could be the new "human highlight film".....and we already have him... Shannon Brown....

I almost choked on air when Cooper suggested Adam Morrison as a starter...I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed that he runs worst than Kupchak 2.0....he needs at least a year to see what's gonna happen as he tries to get his mobility back....I hope he would be a shame on par with Bowie, or that Chicago PG who destroyed his knee on his new motorcycle....or on par with Kupchak himself......

Pau is going to hit the wall pretty soon....kudos to him for giving the effort, although he's always a steo or 2 late in getting back to the rim to protect.....that's why we have to have Bynum back in rhythm asap.

Back to Top Gun.... Tom Cruise did pretty well, and still looksin decent shape, Anthony Edwards did well, as one of the main characters of "E.R.", alongside Clooney (Batman), and Val Kilmer (also played Batman) looks absolutely horrible....oh well...I'm sure their bank accounts are fine....

I don't like to bash any of our Laker players. But, I've got to say that Jordan Farmar is a bit disappointing with his lack of progress over his Laker tenure. The man just does not seem commited to running the Triangle. It may be that much like Gary Payton, he is a good player trapped in the wrong system. But, whatever, I wouldn't mind seeing Phil give Shannon Brown some of Jordan's minutes.


The Smush interview was awful and the interviewer was the living embodiment of a tool.

Smush is cancer. True and true.

Smush was a worse cancer than Kwame.

As Laker Tom recently noted in a post, team chemistry is key to a winning program. Smush is a chemistry killer.


Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


nice suggestion but one caveat: Shannon Brown can barely dribble.


No way he can play PG.

new thread up.


I'm wondering when did Sasha started his connection to the internet. Maybe some kind of informatic virus entered his system. In that case, the solution is simple:
Local disk C: [MACHINE]
Format c:
Run Sasha_Second_Edition.exe
Install to c:
Play SashaSE and Enjoy!

Maybe is some hardware problem. Then, replace The Machine for a new one.



Smush Parker - Without question, the worst NBA player I have ever seen. I don't count the guys at the end of the bench, because they don't play. Parker actually started two full seasons and was bad when he started and worked his way down.

I started to lose faith in Jackson for starting this guy for two years. How could any coach worth a damn watch this guy on tape day after day and keep him on the team, let alone in the starting lineup? How could any coach not want to smash the TV with a baseball bat watching Parker play "defense"? Parker's last big moment with the Lakers was Jackson letting him "D up" on Barbosa in Game 1 of the 2007 Playoffs, leading to 19 straight points!

This YouTube clip is priceless. The worst player (not in) the NBA trashing the best. Have fun in the Rucker League, Smush!

Some wrong information, the Nets will not be in Brookly 2010/2011 season but rather 2011/2012.

As far as the brackets in the West go, I would be very happy to see Dallas (not enough talent), Denver (No-guts) and Portland (no experience) in our bracket. I would be happy to see all the big-time Point Guards on the other side (Parker, Paul, Williams) with Houston, who can match up with SA.

In the end, our dream board is: Dallas (well, Phoenix, but miracles don't happen), Denver then Houston.

Interesting thoughts.
First I disagree with Coop and let TA start. Second let AM come off the bench and let Luke sit and use only against thick SFs like Harpring.

On the trend and including yesterdays game I see a trend developing.

The lack of energy is primarily 2 players. Luke Walton and Jordon Farmar. Both make occasional good play but mostly are inconsistant especially yesterday.

JF made extremely weak passes and a few got picked. Even some he made passes successfully they were weak. He did have a nice 3 when needed and a steal but most of the time no hustle.

With Luke he has been making more errant passes lately and very poor decisions for a supposed high basketball IQ guy.

With him I see lack of confidence and maybe lingering injury problem as he can't hit the ocean with a beach ball lately and makes poor defensive decisions. Like the pushing foul on drive to let 3 pt play happen. Basic BB is wrap arms around guy to prevent 3 pt play on layup.

Then to hear players say they don't know how to play against zone? Many teams play the zone and every time they do Stu says the best way to beat zone is attack the middle and not shoot perimeter jump shots.

He is right and if Lakers have not learned this fundamental what does that say about prep and coaching? None of these guys are rookies except Sun so all players should know about zone defense. Pau said he did.

Lakers will definitely see a lot more zones after this.

I also want to mention I too would like to see more Shannon Brown to competively pressure Farmar and rest Fish.

I think he has the speed and size to defend quick pgs that eat Fish and Farmar up. Fish contributes with his vets experience and fundamentally sound play. But he is a bit slower and will get out quicked by younger guards. So let him rest and use him full bore for less minutes and at crunch time.

Farmar can use the competition to get his head straight.

I think SB can dribble just fine but worst case you have Kobe, Tevor and LO who can bring the ball up. I don't think it is necessary, but definetly there if needed.



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