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It's Podcast-a-mania!!!

Doublemint Today, we double the blogosphere's pleasure. 

First, the newest 710 ESPN podkast, with topics ranging from last night's "against many odds" win over the Houston Rockets and the Trevor Ariza-Luke Walton lineup flip flop.  Plus, a visit from ESPN's John Hollinger, the king of all things stats and numbers.  Our podkast has a PER through the roof!!! 

Plus, we took some time and rapped with 710 ESPN's Dave Dameshek.  We enter at around the 13:50 mark and hit on topics ranging from Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James for MVP, athletes that are annoying and a dissection of the cinematic classic that is "Face/Off." 


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I'm always excited for a game against the Spurs. This is a great rivalry, one that has dominated the playoffs for many years. I'm hoping that this year is no different. And I'd love to see the boys in purple and gold hit the plane tonight with another victory under their belts.

Defense first. Offense will come.

Lakers by 8.

Go Lake Show!

Kobe for MVP? We all know he wont win it this year..

Pretty obvious. Im telling you, it's not worth the argument..Just hand it to Lebron now.

You know what's really unfair though? Lebron pretty much won it the first month of the season.


I don't think I'd concede that MVP to Lebron just yet! Remember, Kobe had big games in NY, Boston, Houston, as well as many others, all with no MVP candidates in the race. You must figure the Cleveland people will vote Lebron, Miami - D-Wade, Orlando - Howard, NO - CP3, and LA - Kobe, but when you go to the other large cities I don't think it's so clear cut.

I think there is now a perception that Kobe is the greatest player in the world and that has to be respected. I also think it's pretty clear that Lebron and D-Wade are both lobbying for the MVP and Kobe isn't. The next couple weeks are going to play large in the MVP race and a couple more games like last night should ice it for Kobe.

Trevor Ariza plays 30 minutes last night and gets 8 points, helping the Lakers win.

Rudy Fernandez was sorely missed last night for the Blazers after being nearly decapitated by the mercenary Ariza while going up for a dunk in a 30 point blowout.

Is there any doubt the NBA continues to favor LA. The NBA has little credibility. Ariza should have been suspended at least 1 game. Thank you NBA err WWE.

Who cares about that MVP thing. Us Laker fans know who the real MVP is.

I want to see LO come back strong from his slump and suspension.

Good job of PJ switching the lineup. I actually like Luke as a player, I just don't think he's a starter. Kudos to Luke for volunteering and to Ariza for stepping up.

The bench does need a facilitator since Farmar is more of a SG than a real PG. Who better than Luke boy as a point forward?

And our other point forward - LO - stays as a starter, where he plays much better anyway. And Gasol, Kobe, Fish are already good passers (all the perimeter players do need to improve on their entry pass, a problem since Shaq days), so Luke's passing is really more needed on the bench than on the starting unit.

Let's see Josh Powell keep it up even if he gets fewer minutes tonight. Teach the new guy - Gooden - a thing or two.

And how about putting Mbenga on Tim, and Shannon on Parker just a few minutes PJ?
I want to see the Flying Shannon show, and the DJ Block party, tonite.

Yay!! Game day!! Except I'm stuck in a bloody workshop all day. Boo.
Outlaw- I'm with you all the way; let "Defence first. Offense will come" be our mantra. Hope Baby Outlaw is doing well.

Go Lakeshow!!

You can't really leave D-Wade out of the MVP discussion with the way he's been playing lately. It seems to be a 3 way race b/w Kobe, LBJ, and D-Wade, with LBJ as the frontrunner. I think Kobe's only chance to win the MVP is if the Lakers get the best record in the league.

Kobe having the strongest supporting cast of the three will leave him at a disadvantage. But you can't really say Kobe is less valuable to his team than LBJ and D-Wade are to theirs. Let's just say the Lakers would be in lottery territory w/o Kobe.


What we saw last night against the Houston Rockets was the perfect adjustment to make when teams put physical defenders like Ron Artest, Shawn Battier, James Posey, or Paul Pierce on Kobe. Instead of Kobe Time devolving into a 1-on-1 contest between Kobe and the defender, Phil opted last night to abandon the Triangle Offense entirely down the stretch in favor of pick and rolls with Kobe and Pau at the top of the key, which freed Kobe up to nail one free throw line jumper after another as he scored 18 points in the last 6 minutes to lead the Lakers to victory.

The beauty of running pick and rolls is that in lieu of the Triangle Offense is that it takes the other team out of its designed scheme to defend Kobe and forces them to defend both Kobe and Pau while giving Kobe a screen to and a roller to the hoop to feed if he is doubled. I especially like running the play at the top of the key rather than on the side because it really opens up the floor for Kobe to drive to the hoop while allowing our 3-point shooters to spot up for easy corner 3’s. Tonight, I expect to see more of the same against the Spurs. After all, the pick and roll is as tough for other teams to defend as it is for the Lakers.

With Lamar back, we should also see more interior passing off the pick and rolls where Kobe hits Pau who hits Lamar cutting to the hoop. That is the key Pau and Lamar connection that was the Lakers bread and butter right after Drew went down. While I thought Josh Powell did a great job starting in lieu of Lamar, there were a half dozen times where he got passes right under the rim but could not finish the play, whereas I think Lamar would have. At any rate, pick and rolls will actually give the other players more opportunities to cut to the rim for passes or boards than they would get in any other version of Kobe Time. So when we need Kobe to take over games, let’s run these top of the key pick and rolls rather than just isolating him on the pinch post or letting him go one-on-one with everybody standing around watching. More KOBE and PAU pick and rolls.




"The NBA has little credibility."

Tell a Celtic Fan that please.

Alright, guys.

I'm off to the lucky bar stool!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Larry,

Both you and I wish that..But it ain't happening..There is no buzz for MVP talk with Kobe and part of winning it is the buzz.

If Kobe creates a buzz like 10 40-point games in a row, then maybe it's his..But I think with the buzz, It's LeCrabs to lose.

Jon K,

Is that on West 6th by any chance? lol

We Want Justice for Rudy Fernandez,

Give me your address, I'll send you a box of hankies. This is the NBA, (No Boys Allowed!). I'm sick of hearing that Ariza was involved in a dirty play. Those words came from Rudy's mouth too. Get over it, you don't know what your talking about. TA is not a dirty player!

By the way, how'd that win against the Lakers work out for you? Looks like all the partying and celebrating left your team a bit short last night against the Mav's.


You are right..DWADE has a chance..Probably a better chance then Kobe because everyone loves DWADE. Depending on the heat record, he has a slim chance.

Hey has anyone here ever partied in Cleveland? AK/BK? LOL, Man it's boring over there!

Rudy Fernandez should learn how to land. This isn't Europe, you aren't gonna get an easy one if you are thinking of padding the score anymore.

Good job to Ariza to not give up on the play or the game.

I sware I went to Cleveland back in October and was in downtown by the stadium at 8pm..Not one freaking car! It was like a ghost town! Unbelievable! It's like going to staples center and finding no one around..It was pretty bizarre to say the least! Maybe they where all inside watching the Browns.


Did he call him LebronBrick 1:25 Into the clip?..LOL




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