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Game Thread - Lakers at Blazers

The Lakers ain't won in Portland since 2005.  You know what came out ten years earlier?  Braveheart.  So give this speech a listen, get inspired, and cheer on your squad to battle the odds. 

It's a shame Mel Gibson's goony bird insane, because he's one hell of a film maker.

The jabber box is below.


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Here is the part of the game where the weakness of Luke is not recorded by stats., Portland leading by 7 1stQ. Lakers are playing 4 1/2 players.

So far not so good
where is the bench
why do we foul so much

With no outside shooters no one is taking us seriously anymore. We have no one to spread the floor. I absolutely cringe evertime Luke Shoots the ball. He has to be the worst shooter in the NBA. Mitch is going to kick himself for trading our best outside shooter. I pray to god that I'm, wrong, but we don't seem very potent right now.


Braveheart 2005???? ummm NO!

dam we are getting murderd
Im trying to believe at halftime but
it is looking ugly

I hate to be the voice of gloom, but when was the last time Boston or Cle got blown out like this (I'm counting games in which Garnett plays of course). The answer might be...never.

Same problem as last year, this is team is not tough or hungry enough.


You are correct. I was thinking of the "5" at the end of 1995. Mostly, I wanted an excuse to throw up the Braveheart clip and only had about thirty seconds. Clearly, I wasn't thinking hard enough.

It's since been adjusted, in "seamless" fashion. haha


Halftime, Lakers behind by 23 pts. b/c Blazers are playing for the 6, 7, 8 or fall on 9th seed. Lakers are INDOLENT, not moving and letting Kobe and Pau do all the shooting. I'm not negative on my first love team but you can't see anything positive that is not there. Before you become a Championship team, you have to clean up the bad habits. If you want Laker fans to shut up and quit whining then, show me D-O-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N.

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Blazers 62, Lakers 38 at the Half...Other than the Denver game, the WORST effort I've seen from the Lakers on both ends...You can tell who wants this game BADLY! Tha paint is virtually open....UNREAL! Just a bad matchup for the Lakers.

Other than Kobe and Gasol, NOBODY has shown up...Lamar has got to keep Aldridge/Outlaw in FRONT of him...

The bench is being outscored 29-7 thus far, which is pretty much the DEFICIT....Boy, did they look terrible as a unit as well...Portland is just not a "winning" place for the Lakers the last 4 years.

I really thought that Phil REALLY took too long in getting the starters back in in the 2nd....Actually, with the way the starters were playing to begin with, I don't blame him...He has certainly LAYED out the MESSAGE to his club. I think Phil is going to CRACK his WHIP from now on!

In a way, I sure hope our Lakers get WAXED by 40+...Maybe this will wake them up from their average play of late. Based on what happened last year in the Finals, the Lakers have a lot of work to do...

Maybe Phil was right about his club of late...They are too COMFORTABLE at the moment and going through the motions...Well, they might as well slept in at a Portland hotel...

With Houston and San Antonio on the horizon, the Lakers better start thinking about their overall play after this debacle...

Hey, despite this pacific northwest setback, the Lakers will no doubt right the ship. With or without Bynum, it's time to start getting things DONE the Lakers WAY!

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

People say we have the best bench. I don't think so, the best bench (mob) play well home or away I haven't seen such a thing. I'm a Lakers fan but the truth is the light. I love the Lakers but the truth of the matter is that we have weak interior and exterior player. That's one reason why people say Kobe should get more assist it would be great if he could and I think he would if we had someone other than him to finish plays off. You get an assist when someone pass you the ball and you make the shot. if someone pass you the ball and you miss does that mean you are not passing the ball? I too think if we don't get Drew back we will have trouble, no disrespect toward the other player because again the Lakers is my team way back when Wilt, so I know all about the good and bad times. I think this team is reading the papers or at the very least the blog.........I really woul love to see the Lakers and Kobe win a few Championships, but we need something. In my opinion Kobe, Pau need just a little defense staying in front of their man. I still think Kobe is a 2 guard he's not a point, check the other 2 guards in the the league, the ones with all the assist and defensive stops. (who are they) Kobe can't be everything to this team. I like the way people like to point out his error and miscue, look people he is human too. Love Pau, but he's not going to give you very much from the defensive end, and who will take the slack?

Why does no one step up when things are going bad besides kobe. We play ok d we make them use shot clock but no rebounds. And our offense sucks.

Ouch. Late season slump. Hope we get over this.

It sure looks like we need home court advantage in the playoffs. Maybe our young guys will get their second wind or maybe getting Bynum back will rally the troops.
Trying to stay positive during the "dog days" of the regular season


Not to be negative but this game is a good example of what i mean. Odom foul trouble and he sucks, and The bench Mob sucks, Fisher Sucks. Kobe N Paul are good. If we cant beat portland on the road how does anybody not believe that we can loose in the playoffs. THIS IS A GOOD EXAMPLE. But its all good as longs as we get homecourt advantage and not loose at home. Guess what odom will be suspended coming off the bench so housten game we might loose to. Man this is bad week for us. we can survive tho everybody keep your heads up.

fernades is a little acter man


Hopefully, there is no spinal injury on Rudy. That's part of basketball especially when you fly, you should be prepared for the rough landing. Just pray that he's OK, once he gets a spinal injury that's end of his career.

That play by Ariza was dirty and the Blazers need to come back and injure Kobe to even things up. What a joke that play was. It looks like that's the only way the Lakers can win nowadays.

I really thought tho we would win this game but after 5 minutes into the game we lost.

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Considering the beatdown of our LAKERS, still hotly contested...Unfortunately, this type of play had led to an incident on the prayers got out to Rudy Fernandez...

First of all, Rudy wanted to dunk the ball on the break and somewhat SHOWBOAT (as I could tell)...Ariza would have nothing of it! As a result, hard foul on the ball, while getting a part of his head by Ariza. What a NASTY fall!

Being up 28, Fernandez SHOULD have penetrated for a layup or pulled up and wait for a last second shot with more than 5 seconds remaining in the 3rd quarter...Ariza will get at least 5 games for this...At least now he will have time to figure out his recent slump and his disappearance on the D end.

All in all, just an AWFUL game by the Lakers..Kobe even looks out of sorts...Fish...Walton...Certainly Odom...The ENTIRE bench.

Except Gasol, EVERYONE looks that way. The YOUNG and ENERGETIC Blazers are simple taking a veteran Lakers club to the WOODSHED...Talk about a WAKE UP CALL!

This three game road trip is turning out to be what Phil had feared...An UNFOCUSED team with a loss of an EDGE...Well, Houston and San Antonio are certainly not going to feel sorry for the 50+ win Lakers. NOT AT ALL!

Time to PLAY fellas...Every player on DECK! Minus Bynum and now Ariza, our Lakers have their work cut out...NO DOUBT! Just TAKE CARE of BUSINESS!

Laker pride through and ANY ADVERSITY!

The Lakers need to show more toughness.

Toughness means more defense.

At least Trevor tried to show who's tough.

Every Laker needs to show up and be a man.

They have been a step slow for the past several weeks.

Andrew: better get ready. The playoffs are coming quickly. And you'll need to be tough too.

These Lakers can be patsies often.

Come on, guys. Come to play. I want to see some hard nosed play. The defense sucks big time.

No one is going to hand you the championship. It's dog-eat-dog, dammit.

roosevelt - I hear yo man. Boston would not let this happen to them. They play tough D and don't give up....they come back when down. This Laker team is the same as last year.

The Celtics have been thugs through their history. Its in their blood. Just look at what Dave Cowens does to opponents of the Celtics. Elbows and all.

But thugghish play wins championships.

131-92..what a great screenname. Yeah, Ariza's been a punk since his Knicks days...Punkalicious, Punk-o-rama, that's why the FakeShow will not win it (again) this year-they have a decent bench talentwise, but they are not mentally tough enough. If they think that win they stole in Boston in Feb. proved they were "tough", they are mistaken. Sorry to bust your bubble guys. Maybe it's that Broadway stage lighting at the Staples center they use so noone can see how lame the fans are...who knows....

Morrison +10, Brown +8, Mbenga +5
We would have killed the Blazers if those 3 played more LOL

phil should run the crap out of them the way pat riley used to punish the lakers with magic, kareem, and worthy and all them. they used to get run to the floor in practice. these guys need to ge trun right now after the game in the gym for putting up such a poor performance.


this comment is an intentional to get an emotional reaction..These are the ones you say are not "obvious"..This one is an obvious troll to me:


Only idiots would think a team can win championships with Gasoft and Odumb among the top 3 guys. If Bynum doesn't get back to how he was playing before his injury no way this team beats the celtics or even the Spurs, maybe Jazz could also beat them

Our bench has a problem and Phil needs to do something on this....

Being the coach, I think Phil needs to iron things out by himself and not relying on his players to resolve the issue..

The lakers needs to have a team meeting....PERIOD...

if they don't want to have another masacre....

James Katt,

Look at what Kermit Washington did! Unless your blind!

Oh ... I forgot when the Celtics do it they are THUGS .... when the Lakers do it they are TOUGH!

Im at a loss for words! And that doesnt happen often!

oh please you celtic fans are the dirtiest of them all...dont hate on ariza it was an accident all of you are morons who get worked up for no reaseon

All I can say is that I hope Rudy is going to be ok. He was obviously in a world of pain.

But a flagrant 2? I don't think so. Trev barely touched Fernandez, and it was unfortunate that he took such a hard fall. But it really was not Ariza's fault.

Also, Roy really made me mad tonight. What does he think he's doing trying to fight with Trevor. All of Portland just made me reaaallllllllllllly angry tonight.


WOW! We haven't played well at all for the past month. The only game that looked good was against the T-wolves, but they didn't even have Al Jeff. Seriously boys and girls, who on this team besides KB and Pau are even close to reliable? Fish and Ariza are slightly better than average and the rest just stink! We may have peaked way to early. Is PJ really a good coach, really? Drew baby, we need you now! Does anyone know how he's coming along and when he might play? I hope it's before the playoffs start. Now it's looking like we need to avoid Utah and San Antonio in the first round for sure.


What do you suggest we do about it?

bynum update coming up in 3 mins: passord LAKERS

Somebody wake up the corpse of Lamar Odom. Somebody. Anybody.


Please tell me what I said that was not fact! Please dont call me a troll ... your gonna hurt my feelings!

I realize I am looking way into the future (3 months), but am just wondering who Kobe will be playing for next year? I am thinking in this order: Cavs (avec Lebron), Celts (tell me it ain't so), Spurs (wow) or Big D (no I mean big Dwight)? I used to think Kobe would be a Laker for life, but seriously, this deal where Kobe has to do it all as usual or thinks he has to is sad, but I really believe true. Where's the solid help, really solid besides Pau?

Lakers have the worst bench in the entire NBA. My kids could out-play them any day of the week! Kupchak fell asleep at trade deadline.

Odom is weak and lost his mojo/confidence. He`s joined Van Exel for Cancun vacation for rest of year.

I know a lot of laker fans don't want to be thugs...but I'm a laker fan and want us to recruit so that we are!!!! Tried of being the pansies with finesse. Get rid of the girls and get some tough players who will stay in front of the opponent and play team defense. We don't have to hurt others - just let them know they can't waltz through the freaking paint and dunk it!!!

If being thugs will win us the ring - then let's get a team of thugs. I want players who come out and aren't afraid to run the score up on inferior teams. Do we want to win the ring or just have a good season record and then get wiped off the floor?

Derek Fisher, it`s time to retire.

poor ariza everyone's going to bag on him now, i hope rudy feels better, but wow portland has probably the most annoying crowd ever, even worse than boston, they acted like it was a playoff game or something, and roy get your face out of your ass you're up by 30 and you're trying to start a fight...dirty

Omega - I'm with you! Can't do anything this year since Mitch couldn't pull off anything good to shore up our bench as other contenders did. But get rid of Farmar (too busy blogging for Playboy) and all the others like LO (stoner) , Luke (girl), Sasha (girl), and get some guys who can freaking ball. Mental and physical toughness required!!!


Colorado loves the Lakers!

I hate to say it..cause I like the Lakers..but no team relying on the outside shooting of Luke Walton and head case Sasha is going to win a championship when the big bodies start banging. No way.

Ariza and Odom will probably draw suspensions for their actions tonight and that will not exactly help them get out of this funk they are in.

They need to build a serious head of steam and start playing the kind of D that wins championships, but I don't believe the lesson of the embarrasing beat down by the Celtics in last years finals has truly sunk in to some of their pointy little heads.

Don't rely on Bynum coming back at anywhere near the level he was at before the injury. He's not likely to. He'll help just with his presence in the paint of course. But re-integrating into the team will take time. And they will have very little of that commodity by the time he's ready to play. IF he's ever ready to play that is. There are no guarantees in sports.

This was a hell of wakeup call. I hope they heed it or it will be a very disappointing non title year again.

Did anyone see the replays? Another blogger wrote that Gasol looked like he was going to punch Ariza after the foul? I didn't get to see it so couldn't make my own decision. Just wanted to hear what others saw and thought.

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

From what I understand, LO left the bench during the Ariza-Fernandez incident...NOT GOOD!

Minus Bynum, Ariza AND ODOM...I can just see the smirks on Houston and San Antonio's faces.

For some strange, odd reason, I've come to sense that the Lakers are NO LONGER having fun out there...Just a KEEN observation...It's been happening for about close to a month.

If I'm Kobe, Fish and Gasol, it's time to seriously TALK about things with the team...ANYTHING! How are things in your family? Any good jokes lately? Want to play some cards?

lt's apparent based on their play as a whole that they seem OUT OF IT...Usually, a very good team doesn't go through a funk like this, not THIS LATE in the season. Given that their D stopper in Bynum is out, they have done a pretty good job of staying on TOP!

With more road games coming up, EVERY team is going to give the Lakers their BEST shot...Mentally, I feel that the Lakers are just SPENT at the moment...It's starting to affect them a bit PHYSICALLY.

In the case of the Portland game, no doubt that's become true in a STRANGE sort of way.

Phil, as I've stated on an earlier post, has already feared the worst for his team and their MINSET prior to the Portland game...The Lakers can't expect their coach to ALWAYS save them from THEMSELVES...Didn't last year's debacle in the Finals teach them a lesson anything? Well, we shall see how the growth process pans out...

The Lakers KNOW EXACTLY how to remedy the issue...It's called COMPLETE AND UNADULTERATED FOCUS on the court of play!

IT starts with EVERYONE...Phil, being the sly psychological fox he is, is no question going to lay out the WHIP! His team has already given him permission to do so, based on their Portland debacle...

Wow! Let the ADVERSITY begin...I'm sure that Kobe, Fisher and Gasol are going to be REFOCUSED and REAMPED for the 19 game stretch...Hopefully, Odom will do so as well...As for the benchmob, can someone PLEASE show them the Game 6 tape of the Finals...Maybe that might strike a CHORD!

For the record, I do like Powell, Mbenga's and Brown's energy off the bench...

More importantly, our Lakers have to start playing like the WORLD is against them...SERIOUSLY!

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Blazers are a really good team, especially against the Lakers at their homecourt. It's just too bad that they only play this way against the Lakers. I told you guys the Blazers marked their calendars for this date and they're marking it for April 10.

I'm really afraid that the Lakers are falling apart right now. Utah, Denver, Phoenix and now Portland. These teams are probably going to face the Lakers in the playoffs. Our bench is weak. Lamar Odom has reverted to Lamar Odumbest and Pau has been Gasoft.

I hope Rudy is ok, but stupid F**** Mike Race and Barret were saying that Trevor was cocking back trying to swing at the Blazers. You piece of feces sorry pathetic announcers. We all know playing Los Angeles gets you up off your seat. Mike Rice, I can only wish that the Blazers had Snapper Jones back. DAAAAAAAMN!!!!

Come On Lakers!!! People are gunning for you guys. I was embarrassed today! Damn it!

Rob - good points! We really don't know if/when Bynum will be back and it will take him a while to integrate back into the flow of the team. there is no way he comes back exactly where he left off and if we're in the playoffs already - not much time to peak. That was a true wake up call but I fear that this is nearly the same team as last year. To let games get away like this one to an inferior team - there is no excuse. You don't have to win them all but you can't let teams run it up on you.

Rudy wanted to showboat, trying to rub it in our face so he gets fouled hard. He's gotta expect that when you're running up the score. I surely don't want players to get hurt but they do those things at their own risk. He should have pulled the ball out.


Was the crowd too loud for the Lakers? Next time the Blazers will tell them to be quiet when the Lakers have the ball ... Just like Golf. Poor, Poor Lakers the crowd is just too laud! Its not fair! Have you ever heard a Laker postgame show when all the thugs errrrrrrrrrr fans chant "Boston Sucks" ... lead by no game Fox!

Let me get this straight ... Roy goes to help his teammate and you call him dirty ... Ariza knocks Rudy to the floor and its poor Ariza! Rudy just shouldnt be jumping so high ... he should stop and let "poor Ariza" block his shot!

Incredible ... This is beond comical!

For all that have any faith in PJ, doesn't just continue that same old tired rotation? The triangle is also a worn out set as well. Why isn't Ariza starting instead of Walton (what a joke, sorry Bill)? I am not sure why guys aren't subbed in as needed when the starters get tired. The Bench Mob is a joke that isn't funny anymore! I'm thinking we might as well give Brown and Morrison a shot

Edwin Gueco,

>>>Here is the part of the game where the weakness of
>>>Luke is not recorded by stats., Portland leading by 7
>>>1stQ. Lakers are playing 4 1/2 players.

The weakness of Luke?

So it was Luke who missed 6 open shots in that stretch, and
not Kobe missing 3 and Pau missing 3. That makes perfect

Pretty much everyone played like poo in this game.

Reasons Lakers lost:

1. DFish didn't wear his headband.
2. Sasha wore his.
3. Mitch should have traded LO for yyy.
4. Mitch should have traded KB for xxx.
5. We need more ex-Clipper players.
6. PJ didn't call time-out.
7. Its the clean unleaded mountain air.

One bad loss and the trolls are out.

We lost the game fair and square. Blazers always get all pumped up to play us and we came out super flat. No offense and no defense for 3 quarters will do it for you. We seem to be lacking that swagger we had in the beginning of the season, especially with the bench mob. Thankfully the season has its ups and its downs. Not too long ago we went 6-0 on a tough road trip, we'll pick it up again before too long.

As for the foul, that was just a bad fall. Ariza wasn't just going to let him dunk and he made a definite play on the ball. League shouldn't penalize Ariza any further as the ejection was out of line to begin with.

As for the Blazers. I view them as our Hawks. We just can't beat them on the road. They are a good up and coming team but I think their advantage is more mental then skill. Hopefully we don't have to meet them in the playoffs as they could pose some serious problems. Bynum will man handle Prizbila any given night though.

Kinda weird piece about Bynum on KCAL 9. Saying he's this great kid but then showing his money rain and his watch and telling us he has 10 cars. I think its cool he's got all that stuff, I just seemed unnecessary for the interview. Like Drew said, hopefully he's back closer to 4 months instead of 8.

Lamar = Finals MVP


My worst fears realized.

This is last year all over again. This team can't win it all without Bynum. I would add that with Bynum, it's still going to be a struggle to just get to the championship, depends on how close he can get back to the way he was playing before going down.

I hate our starting lineup right now. Besides Kobe and Gasol (Whose playing out of position at the 5), we have no other dependable scoring options. I mean in tough games on the road, we really stand to get run over. Walton is just not working at the 3, to limited in what he can do, especially against athletic teams like Portland. He can't guard good 3's and he can't really score the basketball consistency. Couple that with Lamar and his inconsistent offense and Fish who needs to get his offense off of good ball movement and we're in trouble folks. We're really not that potent offensively unless the ball is really moving, but depending on Luke and Lamar to hit shots is not giving me a good feeling. The offense is just not balanced, when things get tough it becomes the Kobe chuck and duck show, and that's just not gonna win us a championship.

The bench is quickly becoming a liability. The formerly known bench mob is more like the dazed and confused kiddie squad. Nothing solid is coming from the pine nor can be expected in my opinion. Unless we get Bynum back, so Lamar can come off the bench to give us that 2nd unit spark, we're gonna continue to lack and Farmar, Sasha and Trevor will continue to struggle.

Defensively we're absolutely atrocious right now and Portland exposed it for all to see. We can't stay in front of players, so athletic teams get into the paint at will leaving shooters wide open or we just give it up at the rim. Same as last year, Lamar is going to continue to get in foul trouble and big physical teams will continue to have their way with us. Obviously Bynum could help with this problem, but his healthy return is such a big question mark right now.

I hate to think our post season success depends on Bynum, but it does. We've seen this movie without him. Get healthy Andrew, the team needs you.

roosevelt in NYC

>>>I hate to be the voice of gloom, but when was the last
>>>time Boston or Cle got blown out like this (I'm counting
>>>games in which Garnett plays of course). The answer
>>>might be...never.

Boston lost to Atlanta (a sub 500 team) by 16 points with
everyone healthy.

Their second worst loss was to the Knicks by 12.

Cleveland has lost by 12 to New Orleans, 11 to Orlando,
19 to Houston...

and 17 to the Lakers.

So yes, those teams have been blown out as well. Cheer up.

As for Ariza's foul,

To be honest, I don't think it was flagrant. He was trying to swipe the ball as Fernandez was going up. He actually hit his arm while dude was in the air causing him to lose balance and fall violently. Very scary looking, but not a dirty play. Sure he didn't need to go so violently for the block, but it was really a case of hitting a guy in the air causing him to lose his balance. Unfortunate but not dirty in my opinion. He shouldn't be suspended, but who knows.

This is the problem of playing a light week at home vs. Memphis
and Minnesota. Sure you get rested up, but you have games
where the deep bench mob are showing off for the last quarter
against some of the worst scrubs in the league, and then everybody
starts thinking the rest of the season will be a cake walk.

Lakers will get their heads on straight and win BOTH games
of the Texas two-step. Hopefully after they do that, all the
whiners will go back into their holes.

Thank you Portland for helping us win the next two games against the Lakers. Have fun on your suspensions, Lamar and Trevor.

From Houston and San Antonio.


You can narrate all your convoluted bias statistics what I saw in the opening quarter, I could pinpoint the weakest link at the point of my post. He could not defend and Gasol absorb what Luke left opened. Don't use me as your platform to prove your point because the Lakers tonight are indefensible. It is best to leave it as that and accept defeat.


"Sure he didn't need to go so violently for the block" ... isnt that the definition of a dirty play?

OH ... Sorry I almost forgot ... the crowd was making too much noise!

Ive never heard of such an excuse!

Maybe it's the loss of Baby Bynum finally catching up with them. Drew's injury has forced everyone to play different roles and more minutes. The bench players sure aren't striking any fear in hearts around the league lately.


It's been a while....Let's look BEYOND tonight's Lakers debacle in Portland and Boston's recent 86-79 loss to Orlando.

Given the late season slumps by both your Celtics and our Lakers (strange and unusual), it is clear that the absence of KG and Bynum respectively is AFFECTING the STEADY flow of their team's overall game DEFENSIVELY and OFFENSIVELY.

There is no way that either team wins it all without these two "paint" stoppers and "point" producers. They CHANGE the floor in these unique ways...

KG gives the Celitcs an ATTITUDE and AURA on D and a viable otion for post scoring while Bynum gives the Lakers an extra triangle option on offense POWERWISE in front of the rim while providing a TOUGHNESS in the painted area D-wise...With KG's current injury, I doubt that he will be moving fluidly like he did prior for the rest of the season (sprained knees are just a B_ _ _ _ to deal with). At least he will be coming back soon. On the other hand, everyone pretty much knows Bynum's current situation...up in the air...

I'm sure that both teams can't wait until the NEXT season starts...I know that's TRUE!

There is no question that both teams are going to see everyone's BEST SHOT from here on out...

Despite it all, I expect the Celtics and Lakers to meet for the Golden Globe Prize...I really do like our Lakers chances this year (with or without Bynum).

For now, our teams have ISSUES to deal with...which are MANAGEABLE and FIXABLE...

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!


Sensible post about the Lakers recent struggles...

If you read the LATImes piece on Tex Winter's observation on the Lakers play of late, there is no doubt that the TRIANGLE is in TROUBLE!

What makes the Lakers so great OFFENSIVELY most of the year is their BALL MOVEMENT from side to side...That is why they are the #1 scoring offense in the NBA...

Tex has seen that the BALL is getting STUCK between the hedges from player to player...In other words, guys are starting to watch Kobe or Pau do their thing...NOT GOOD! It doesn't help when the bench does the same with each other...

Everything the Lakers do on OFFENSE is predicated on BALL and player MOVEMENT! That is when they are the BEST!

Lately, however, that is not the case. I really suspect that the absence of Bynum is FINALLY taking it's toll on the Lakers ability to play decent DEFENSE, which has been an achilles heel all season long...

Tex believes that if the Lakers rediscover their TRIANGLE ways, that would lead to better defense (which is usually the case).

If the Lakers CONTINUE not to move the ball based on the triangle, I really feel that Phil needs to reinsert the special pick-and roll/pick-and-pop plays they used at times for the most part in November/December. Hey, EVERY TEAM runs it on the Lakers...It's time to REVERSE the trend on our part!

Certainly, they can add more "wrinkles" like this to the traingle...Phil, unfortunately, doesn't believe that this brand of basketball will win championships (as he has proven 9 times).

Given the current state of the team's play, he just might be INCLINED to change his mind...Something Tex will not agree with on all counts...

...of the ball and players...


Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!


Cant really disagree with you but I think Boston is missing more that just KG. Rondo didnt play last game vs Orlando, Tony Allen has been out for 3-4 weeks, Scal has been out the same, Big Baby missed the 2nd half of last game and is out at least the next game. Mikki Moore and Starbury are new and not up to speed with all the offensive plays and defensive rotations!

So I think we are missing much more than just KG. And have remained competitive in all games including the losses.

I dont want to sound like im making excuses but it is what it is. Its the NBA and you just have to deal with it.
But to only say we are missing KG is not close to reality.

But I like the more humble tone in this blog ... not just how great the Lakers are and nobody can beat them. Its about time. Sometimes a piece of humble pie brings you back down to reality.

Like all the love for LO ... Havent Laker fan seen that act before? Lo is Lo ... he isnt gonna change after 10 yrs in the NBA (unless he is playing for a contract). So how does he fool you again?


Point well taken...I still think that KG on the court IS the DIFFERENCE.

Typically, Finals teams, whether on the winning or losing side, always somewhat struggle the following year with "odd" and "bad luck" KEY injuries, especially to starters...

With LA and Boston, they played more than 100 games each last year...That is a WHOLE lot of games with "wear and tear" in mind.

In the case of veteran teams and young ones, injuries are just a part of the equation, as you pointed out.

Regular season losses are just a part of the NBA grind...late season losses are without a doubt a part of it I suppose (with this in mind, every team will be at their VERY BEST when they play Boston or LA from here on out). However, there is a distinct difference between a team losing and the WAY they lose (as in the Lakers loss to Portland)...Lack of effort and focus in a loss tend to irritate me greatly as a fan.

Currently, the Celtics and Lakers are definitely experiencing the two facets in different ways with guys out, especially Boston. Bynum, without question, is an important piece in the Lakers quest for a title (and is actually a key other than Kobe). There is no substitute in the end for SIZE (as your Celtics proved last year).

Hmmm...On that note, I should be grateful that the Lakers injury list is peanuts (only Bynum) compared to the Celtics (knock on wood in this regard).

When the dust settles, I expect the Celtics and Lakers to meet again REGARDLESS of the present setbacks...ADVERSITY ALWAYS BREEDS SUCCESS!

With this in mind, I expect Cleveland and San Antonio to up the ante beforehand...

Any way we slice it, it's going to be a HECK of a ride this year...

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

"I hope Rudy is ok, but stupid F**** Mike Race and Barret were saying that Trevor was cocking back trying to swing at the Blazers. You piece of feces sorry pathetic announcers."

Sorry, but the LA Times article said the same thing.



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