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Lakers bottom out in Portland

"It was the Lakers," Blazers center Joel Przybilla said. "And we beat the (snot) out of them. And Kobe_bryant_and_brandon_roy_in_mond you can print that. In bold. And big letters."

I can do the bold, but haven't actually figured out how to change the type size.  So Joel, this is the best I give you.  But while it probably wasn't a great idea to celebrate by providing the Lakers with A+ bulletin board material, it's hard to argue with Przybilla's basic point.  Monday night at the Rose Garden in Portland, the Blazers did indeed beat the (snot) out of the Lakers. Final score, 111-94, and that doesn't reflect the dominance displayed by the home team who led by as much as 30 late in the third.  All night, the Lakers were outed. Out- defended, out-rebounded, out-hustled, out-executed.  Out-everythinged, as the box score indicates. Kobe Bryant left the game without talking to reporters, something he almost never does.  Really, can you blame him?  It's hard to put lipstick on this proverbial pig.

In more serious matters, Portland's pasting of the Lakers was overshadowed by a very hard foul delivered by Trevor Ariza to Rudy Fernandez at the end of the third quarter that sent Ariza to the showers with a Flagrant 2 and the Blazers guard to the hospital for precautionary reasons.  Fortunately, x-rays and scans of Fernandez and he was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries to the chest. 

Ariza, who apologized to Fernandez after the game and made it clear he wasn't trying to hurt him, will not be suspended, as AK reported earlier this morning.  The league is, however, still reviewing the ensuing dust up.  It looked relatively harmless, though Lamar Odom could face disciplinary action for leaving the bench, a clear no-no, and looking at the tape Odom clearly wandered too far.  (The best angle comes at the 1:38 mark or so of this clip.  When you're done, click here and compare the calls for the two broadcast teams.  It's interesting, for sure.)

Reaction to the foul is everywhere, but I think the league made the right decision. The result of the play was unfortunate, but nothing about it seemed particularly excessive or outside the norm.  Ariza wasn't headhunting, but looking to make a play, and didn't do the pull down/follow through thing on the head and neck area that seems to get so many guys in trouble.  Whether it gets reduced to a Flagrant 1, I don't know (nor really, do I care).  If the league thinks it should stay a F2, that's fine. But additional punishment for the foul would be unwarranted, and I say that as a guy who tends to come down on the side of caution and safety on these types of plays.

I think suspensions should, for the most part, be held for plays that land further outside the norms of game play.

One thing is certain at this point: The Lakers/Blazers rivalry is back.

Good postgame wrap from Blazers Edge, plus video of Brandon Roy and his teammates talking about the game and the foul on Fernandez.

More postgame reaction from Henry Abbott at TrueHoop.


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that was a butt ugly game for the purple and gold.

Who Is Joel Przybilla? I mean, besides the dumbest human being on the planet.


When did the Lakers and Portland have a rivalry? I agree with Shaq and Magic Johnson when I say, A rivalry exists only when both teams beat each other in the playoffs. I don't think Portand has ever beaten us in the playoffs! It's too one-sided to be a "rivalry"

Portland is just a little too cocky right now..Based on their comments..

Roy expects to be in first place by April? What is he drinking?

Roy is such a good "actor"..He knew fernandez was ok..Give me a break. He just wanted to pump up his team and show be can "back up his teammates"..Everyone knew it was not intentional and he was trying to create something that wasn't there. If he didn't know he should have looked at the stupid monitors. See you in the playoffs.

meanwhile... KWAME BROWN is the hero for Detroit last night... bulking up against Dwight Howard... but! alas... we didn't need his bulk because we had Mbenga who can give Pau Gasol a whopping 3 minutes rest per half...

Clearly, we need Bynum for these kinds of games...

Hey... did Odom play last night? Oh... just checking... talk about Reverting to the Mean...


AGREED!!! I've been hearing it from these fools, up here in Portland all day!!! The difference between the Lakers and the Blazers is that we play for championships. They just play to beat the Lakers. Everyone here is under the impression that there's this heated rivalry between the Lakers and Portland and they've been talking about this game for weeks. THERE IS NO RIVALRY...we've got bigger fish to fry. And is it really necessary to make Beat LA t-shirts for one regular season game?! They must think they've actually accomplished something...


"It was a great win," Portland coach Nate McMillan said. "We beat the best team in the league. And at this time of the season, with so many teams jockeying for the playoffs, beating the Lakers makes it even a bigger win."

Geeze.. This is their superbowl game of the year. Congrats..It's too bad we are thinking about bigger and better things.

I was disgusted listening to the game with Portland announcers..It was disgusting how biased they were..We are actually lucky to have Stu, Joel, Mike, and Spero.

Here are some of the comments I heard last night:

"That's an automatic suspension for LO..He deserves to be suspended."

"This is when Kobe tends to be a ballhog"

"They should suspend Kobe too for going over there"

It was just sickening to listen to. No comments about their own players going over there..Just sick.

This is the one game on the schedule that Nate uses to keep his job..If he crushes the Lakers once a year, his job is safe! LOL

You know at least Stu would call it both ways and keep it real.. Those announcers were so one-sided it was really pathetic.

Yes Rick F & Jon K, The sky is not falling, but help!!! Houston we got a problem. You've got to lose a game against the Lakers or else heads will fall. Despite the clamor of the heart in uttering: "Go Lakers Only", our brain follow the dictate of our eyes that says that we are not playing smart basketball. Even in dancing you have to be precised with your steps or else you'll be out of tempo or possible stepping on the foot of your partner. If you play another sport like golf, it has to be precised and course management, once you accumulate bogeys, no chance of making it to the top. Same with basketball, the guards, forwards and Center should be acting in unison from the onset and in every ball possession. What I saw yesterday are standing around, no attempt of blocking shots in the post, no rebound mentality, poor decision making, just waiting for the ball to come to them and lastly, gamble passes are just rampant that leads to T/O.

When we were behind by 7 pts. in the 1st Q there has to be a leader out initiate an impregnable wall or else there will be a tsunami that may be developing that cannot be restrained. In Tennis, they call it breakpoints, In battlefied, they refer to it as chokepoints, In Finance, it is called the breakeven points. It is a point where the leader asked his associates or unit to regroup, devise new tactics and retaliate with renewed energy fight back, fight back, fight back and save the project or flagship.

On the contrary, if the players are immature and lackadaisical like what I saw last night, they leave everything to chances, for miraculous Kobe for mercy and foreign softies, St. Pau Gasol to do all the work in overcoming the lead. Once that formula fails, the whole chemistry evaporates. If the players on the court have only the same fortitude and dedication like their loyal fans in the blog who hate trolls and negativity, then we have no problem. Unfortunately our paid mercenaries earning multi millions during recessionary times prefer a roller coaster ride, someone specializes passing, another learning his free throw, or dribble, dribble until he lacked the space to dribble. They have not been indoctrinated to the Laker standard of perfection and quality handed down by legends from Mikan, Baylor, West, Chamberlain, Goodrich, Jabbar, Johnson, Worthy, Shaq and eventually Kobe. Unless and until they put their minds into every game, there will always be restiveness and frustrations aired in this blog.

"See you (Portland) in the playoffs."

They have to get past Utah first... or another veteran team. Good luck to them! lol

ON ESPN about Duane Wade:

On March 18, 1968, Wilt Chamberlain had 53 points and 14 rebounds while making 24 of 29 shots (82.8 percent). Wilt also had 32 rebounds in that game.

Um..Is that a typo! lol..He had 14 rebounds, but then he had 32!

I must admit, as much as fans tend to find EVERY away commentary crew to be "obnoxious homers," those guys in Portland really were obnoxious homers.


"The Lakers/Blazers rivalry is back"

Now that's hype. Win one and its a rivalry? That's got to be the proverbial molehill made into a mountain.


You are forgetting one thing..Roy says they will be in first place by April! Thats home court against the 8 seed!

Blazers do indeed own the lakers in Oregon. That's what emotion will do for a team.

Fernandez was the wrong man for ariza to take a cheap shot at. Rudy is extremely popular and is known as a classy, spectacular playa. Ariza must understand the ramifications of his actions going forward.

My SUNS must beat the Mark Cubans tonight to keep the dream alive of a lakers-SUNS Round One matchup. Feel free to root for the SUNS tonight.

I take it you have heard those Portland announcers? They were crazy bad! It was hard to listen to! Say something bad about your own players once in a while..At least our crew does that!


Yup, Mike and Mike are BY FAR the worst announcers in the league. They are beyond homers. They are just Blazers FANS who somehow got a job calling their games. Completely unprofessional and NO knowledge of the game. I can't believe anyone would put those two on TV.

FYI - No foul called on above pic of Bryant shooting on Roy. Hmmm.


He's referring to his division, not the conference.



>>> If the players on the court have only the same fortitude and dedication like their loyal fans in the blog who hate trolls and negativity, then we have no problem.

There's never a lack of intensity here on the blog, to be sure. The lack of intensity by the players and coaches of a would-be Championship team is indeed troubling. But we've seen meltdowns like this by our Lakers before.

Perhaps Faith's RALLY CAPS might have saved the day, but the Blazers put this game in their refrigerator at the opening tip. Tomorrow night, I expect the Lakers to be back in the game. Then they need to keep their heads in the game all the way through June. Go Lakers!

I saw nothing flagrant about Trevor's foul on Fernandez. He simply made a play on the ball with obviously no intention of hurting the guy. It should have never been a flagrant foul in the first place. Unfortunately, the crowd's reaction and how Rudy landed made the refs rush to judgment.

And I don't understand why Fernandez needed to be carried out on a stretcher. The guy landed on his hip. I've seen far worse spills where the guy dusts it off and pops right back up. I hope he did not pull a Paul Pierce-wheelchair antic on us or draw from his European soccer roots.

Mark Whicker writes about how Kobe occasionally works out at UC Irvine:

This part pretty much sums up perceptions about Kobe:

"Ryan Badrtalei, the UCI basketball operations director, meets Bryant at Crawford Hall some mornings at 5:30 a.m. Douglass has seen Bryant lifting weights at the university’s recreation center, even on game days.

“He’s great with little kids, too,” Douglass said. “I was playing golf one day with a guy I didn’t know, and Kobe’s name came up and I was talking about what a good guy he is, and for the next two holes this guy was going on and on about how he didn’t like him. Sometimes golf can be like work. It was that day.” "

The Hornets talked this same level of okeydoke when they won their first (and ONLY) game against us...after blowing the first 2. Portland's no different. They NEEDED this win more than us.

I don't think Kobe's gonna take their next visit to the Rose Garden lightly. I expect the Lakers to blow them to pieces leaving their fans slack-jawed in their chairs just like Boston & Cleveland.


ok good..Thats a little better. LOL

Are defense sceam sucks. I think we should just play zone or the same type as the celtics. How can kobe or fisher at the top let some one drive past them thinking paul or odom will be there to help them all the time. That is why are d sucks cause it is the most stupid idea. Not all 5 players can be n sync all the time on defense for this type of defense to work. And that is why we give up alot of threes and rebounds because of the d type and also because kobe and fishers leg are dying on them. Besides kobe and paul there is really know body that can creat a shoot on ther on.

Let beat rockets down with or without LO

As much as they hate us, I don't hate them. Its not a rivalry. They've never beat the Lakers, be it when the had Scottie or when they had Clyde.

I readily admit that they are a good team. I also admit that they did beat the snot out of the Lakers. I also look at the bigger picture: we have the season series currently, we comfortably have home court throughout the WC playoffs, and our center's knee injury isn't anywhere near as chronic as their center's.

But no, its no rivalry. Only to them. I didn't consider the Suns a rivalry, I didn't consider the kings a rivalry.

Hate us all you want, the feeling isn't mutual nor as deep seeded. Winning championships tends to cure all ills and give perspective. This is a small battle, a regular season game. On to the next one.


I would call the Suns a rivalry more then Portland..The suns did beat us twice in the playoffs.

Oh yea and when L.O "Clearly left the bench", the announcers were all over that like white on rice! LOL

They didn't even hesitate..I think it came out of their mouth as soon as he stood up.

zen: "Geeze.. This is their superbowl game of the year. Congrats..."

EVERYBODY who's beaten us this year has treated the win like it was their SuperBowl game of the year. What else is new?

Like many of us have said, THEY play for wins. WE play for CHAMPIONSHIPS!


"I was disgusted listening to the game with Portland announcers..It was disgusting how biased they were..We are actually lucky to have Stu, Joel, Mike, and Spero."

I know exactly what you mean.

I literally had to close my eyes and take a few deep breaths while listening to the game. It was infuriating.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Like many of us have said, THEY play for wins. WE play for CHAMPIONSHIPS!"


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


In my view, Portland is the same as Sacramento of yesteryear - they're obsessed with LA. Beating the Lakers means everything to them. Let them have their joy once or twice a year against the Lakers b/c I don't think a championship is on their horizon. Neither Aldridge nor Oden are franchise bigs, and while Roy is good, he's not good enough to carry a team to a championship. Roy might not be as good if the refs called a "carrying the ball" on him once in a while.

I've said for a long time that we need another guard or SF who can create their own shot and take some of the load off of Kobe. Having purely spot-up shooters is not good when no one else on the court can draw double teams. Hopefully we can add a superstar guard or SF in the coming years, even if it means losing Pau or Drew.

If that incident didn't happen with Ariza though, I think I Lakers still had a chance to win the game. That one play automatically gave the win to the Blazers.. If that one play didn't happen, I think the Lakers would have made a better run..If that makes sense..

Banner Holder,

Why is that Kobe always decides whether or not the Lakers are gonna win. Its always up to Kobe ... nothing to do with the other team. If Kobe want to win the other team has no chance.

He took last nites game lightly? Really? Why? Lakers have gotten spanked there what 3-4 yrs ina row? He didnt he want to win? Why? Lakers didnt need to win? Why? Didnt he get paid to play hard? Is he gonna give back his paycheck for that game ... since according to you he took the game lightly?

Jon K,

I feel bad for you! You have to listen to those biased announcers almost every game huh?

as a three-year NBA League subscriber, who gets all laker road games through the opponents' feed, i can unequivocally say...

Laker fans, appreciate Joel and Stu.

stu may get negative and i still don't know why y'all hate joel so much (...oh yeah, he's not chick. i forgot)... but we have a pretty darn good broadcast team. and that's just the honest truth.

even utah's team isn't as bad as portland's. even sactown's team has their obnoxious moments but they're not stone cold goofy like portland's. i think Houston and New Orleans have awful announcers too but NONE ranks worst than Portland's.

oh and lest we forget, a couple of seasons ago joel pyzbilla and steve blake's unnecessary contact (intent w/o going for the ball) against kobe? THAT was dirty play. ...for henry abbott or any other portland yahoo to say ariza's was dirty just shows their incurable idoicy

I can agree that the Suns are a more of a "rival" than Portland. However, I don't consider them a true rival.

Since we play for championships, I'd consider the Spurs a rival at this point in the decade. In fact, I very much respect their organization and the way its run. However, for as much respect Suns fans think the Suns deserve, they didn't even get to the Finals, nor did they have the organizational competence to build on their success to extend their run at contention past the 2 or 3 years they had.

In other words, we can't beat em before they beat themselves.

Good Morning Charels...Good Morning Everyone...

maybe the Lakers can save some money (and a lot of us some screaming) and just go ahead and forfet any game that is played up in Portalnad and forgo the trip altogether...

would also save us from having to listen to some of the worst announcers in the league---they really make me sick and feeling soiled listening to their distorted views on their team, our team and in basketball in general...

fortunately, if we get in a series with them we will have home court advantage---propably the only home court advantage in a series we will actually need, as it were, seemingly...

Is Ariza done playing any resemblence to competent, smart basketball this year?

Will the pre trade deadline Lamar ever show up again?

will Mr Walton ever be able to shoot the ball into the basket again?

will the Lakers be able to stop (and ergo not participate in) the opposing team's lay up drill?

the answer to these and other thought provoking questions to be answered tomorow, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel...

maybe Shannon Brown needs to play more...

Mbenga (besides Kobe and Pau, the only other bright spot last night) does need to play more seemingly...

hope this funk goes away...I don't really dig it mun..

well anyway...



I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm rooting for Dallas tonight. I love it when any team--ANY team--beats the Suns. It's just so fun to watch. I might even put money on the game.

Go Lake Show!


The foul on Fernadez' intention was not of a harmful nature. The end result was not good, but basing on player intent is fair game.

I can understand Hugo's frustration and allegiance to his Country man's well being, but to be disgraced of Laker Fandom based on objectively looking at Ariza's play? C'mon man. Those post's don't that were quoted do not represent all fans.

I fully expected pseudo fans of other teams, trolls, and Laker Fan trolls to come out of the woodwork.

Oh well, comes with the territory of being the most relevant team even during the dark years.


btw, could Lamar Odom be anymore of a fool with his shallow "i didn't do it" postgame statements?

grow up, Lamar.

Winning one game is no rivalry, perhaps there are goblins and sorcerers that prevent the lakers from winning in the lone Northwest stadium. Let me remind the Blazer fans the past scores these season between our two teams:

Oct 28th - 96 & 76 Lakers won at Staples

Jan 4th - 100 & 86 Lakers won at Staples

Mar 9th - 111 & 94 Blazers won at Rose Garden

Conference records: Blazers behind by 10 games. Blazers are fighting it out for the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th position in the West. Those are your rivalries.

Therefore, there is nothing to brag except one victory. Indeed, "Beat lakers chants" are contagious because that's the only game in town.

Thoughts/stories from my crazy night at the Rose Garden

1. I am so glad Rudy's OK. It's one of those plays that looks so much worse than it is because of the result. Kudos to the NBA for not assessing a suspension. Ariza clearly played the ball. Talking to you, Mikes.

2. Speaking of The Mikes, as I have said many times, they are the worst announcing team, bar none, that I have ever heard. They take homerism to a new level and that call is no exception. Glad I was in the arena just so I didn't have to listen to that crap live.

3. I could have sworn Travis Outlaw threw a punch in the melee that followed. Happy I am wrong in looking at the video. Because I couldn't understand wht he was still doing in the game. I kinda wish I could take back what I was yelling at the time, though, namely, "Haven't you ever heard of Kermit Washington?!"

4. More on Portland sports media. After the foul, people were screaming bloody murder. The guy next to us (more on him later) is yelling at me, saying Outlaw should have thrown a punch and the resulting damage would have been worth it. Really? Dude, read "Breaks of the Game" or "The Punch." Seriously. But that aside, the real irony is one of the hot topics of the day on the sports radio station here was how the Blazers should "take a hard foul on Kobe." MacMillan was even quoted on the topic! Ah, the irony.

5. Speaking of that, they Blazers did their best to play physical. Every shot was contested and we blew an inordinate amount of layups. But you can't tell me Kobe wasn't fouled on at least two of those forays to the hoop. Four freethrows? That's a joke. I love how they finally decided to call the game tight AFTER the fracas. Good on ya, Dick Bavetta and crew.

6. I should have seen it all coming. There was an edge in the building from moment one.

Some of you may recall I nearly got in a rumble with a dude who was threatening to come over the railing from his luxury box last time I was in the Garden for a Lakers-Blazers matchup. Why? Because I was standing and cheering for my team. What an idiot. Well, this time another Blazer fan decided to do him one better. Here's what happened.

We arrived just as the Anthem was about to be sung. My buddy, John, already had a good buzz going and he failed to remove his hat. Who can guess what happens next?

The Anthem ends and here goes psycho midlife crisis guy sitting next to us ripping into John for not removing his hat. And not in a friendly way either. In a holier-than-thou, obnoxious, self-righteous and aggressive way. He's undressing my friend in public but I can't quite hear what he's saying because it's loud in there.

I ask John what the deal is. He tells me what the guy said and says, "It's cool. I apologized. I told him I forgot."

OK. No big deal. I'm gonna let it go.

But then aging Blazermaniac is staring daggers. I mean, this guy is not letting it go. He's on his high horse, smirking and staring, and damn if he'll let us relax.

OK. Fine. It's on then.

So I turn to John.

"You know what I love about AMERICA?" I ask. "The fact that it's a FREE country, which allows for FREEDOM of expression, in whatever way an individual sees fit."

That does it. Now homeboy is on his feet, encroching on our space, yelling at me. "Shut up! Shut up!"

I'm not really sure about the next interchange but it involved me looking at his respectable-looking wife person like, you better reign your psycho man in before it gets ugly with him on the verge of threatening me with physical violence.

After I employ some phychology to lighten the mood a touch, he's gotta get in another word.

"It's about RESPECT!" he yells.

"That's a two-way street, a two-way street," I say. "I don't see you showing much respect to my friend."

"Shut up!"

"Are you serious?" I say. "I'm at a basketball game and I am going to occassionally make some noise."

Now he's seething again. "Fine, let's watch the game and you can shut the ---- up," he says. "Your friend needs to show some respect."

"You seem to be a real good judge of that," I say. "Who asked you anyway?"

And so the evening began....

Basketball is trivial. Freedom is not. All other things aside, I just have one question. I wonder about this red state , heartland mentality, these people all too eager to stand up on their high horses and rudely call down a person for not removing his hat during the anthem. Even if it was forgetfulness rather than a statement, whatever. Do you even know what it is our boys and girls are fighting for? I mean, aside from the cheap gas? That's right. It's about our right to disagree. It's about the fact that AMERICA is one country on our God-forsaken planet that allows dissenting voices, that celebrates diversity of opinion, that values FREEDOM of expression.

I could even be a...gasp...communist! And that would be ALLOWED.

Ultimately, he was right about one thing. Without respect, we have nothing. Was John respectful not to remove his hat? Maybe not. Was this man respectful in his handling of that issue? Certainly not.

Would he have been so rude and heavyhanded if John had been wearing a Blazer jersey? I doubt it.

I swear I'm just a freaking hippie. I don't get in fights and I rarely raise my voice. It would be so nice one of these nights to go to the Rose Garden and not feel threatened, to peacefully enjoy a ballgame. Also, it would be nice if we could ever win one.

ah..Someone is posting as me now.

more thoughts or so,

the Lakers have a rivalry with one team and one team only...

that's the way it was, has been and always will be..

all these other teams want to have a rivalry with us because it makes them feel relevant...

it's a joke really, a pathetic joke...and what's really pathetic is the fans really buy into it, beating LA gives them something to root for, because really that's all their franchises have, the chance to beat LA and be somebody...



To tell you the truth, I don't know where those wondering minds are? Do you know, for example, where Lamar's mind is now? It sure looks like he played like an legit ALL Star before and during tradeline but revert to “good old LO", that we, fans, so unfortunate to witness since Lakers acquired him in Shaq’s trade. He was unhappy because of lack minutes when he was playing with 2nd unit, guess what? Now he simply just can not stay on the floor. And this messed up all the rotations, because everyone has a role in triangle and he is responsible for ball handling and distribution, obviously something Josh Powell can not do. His jump shot, is always suspect, when he shoots from mid range to 3pt, I bet majority of fans looking at it, thinking “No way it’s going in..” and I’m not even going to talk about his FT, enough said by others. But biggest problem is, I think, he does not have something that clearly separate winner and looser. We can criticize all we want how soft Pau is but if somebody would like to see a winner, simply replay Olympic finals between US and Spain. Pau and Spain were fighting to the end. Lamar? I have my doubts, watching him through all those years in Lakers uniform. But Lamar was just an example.
And if we move to Luke, besides many I’ll have one simple question to ask “Did he even practice, I mean like ever jump shot?” A lot of time he left open just to produce miss. His shooting % is down, and this was a trend since he signed a contract extension.

Our bench became totally disorganized since Bynum’s injury and I don’t know where I should start to describe how frustrated I am and, pretty sure hundreds of fans, watching our bench lately. Sasha morphed from 1st man from the bench to 1st man back to the bench. Yes, I know he signed a contract during the summer time, but it looks like now Lakers made a huge mistake by resigning him. He is shooting abysmal %, no matter how wide open he is, and in addition to this he is picking up fouls with the rate which makes me doubt his future on this team, unless he, somehow learn, rather quickly the difference between tough defense and dumb one. Jordan has 2 big problems, the first, no matter how good/bad our opponent is, it’ll be 1-2-3 minutes stretches when he was playing out control, often resulted in ill-advised jumpers, or layup attempts, passes that got intercepted, producing not just TO, but fast break opportunities for opponent and etc. He also can not defend almost any PG in NBA, and if we take into consideration the most nights he is playing opposing bench PG it makes me wonder “If this the one who is going to eventually replace Fish as our starting PG?” Not to mention, can you name quality guard in NBA shooting 60% or less FT? All his stats are down from previous season and I’m wondering if Lakers need to think long and hard before offering him extension. I’m not going to mention Ariza, just would like to see more in terms if he hit some kind of wall lately. Only bright spot on otherwise disheartening play of Lakers bench it’s a recent play of DJ, but I would like to save my praises until I see little more games where he played more than 8-10 minutes. This is also true for Josh Powell…

My only hope they will get they act together through 2 tough games in Texas

We all know the "Beat LA" chant is Boston's just as "I Love LA" is the Lakers theme song and the "MVP" chant originated in LA, first for Shaq, then for Kobe.

Is there anything the Blazers fans won't steal?

(They normally call Lamarcus LA up here and play, no joke, "I Love LA" when he scores. For some reason they changed it to LTrain last night. Hmmmm.)

zen ur an idiot im sure if mcmillan went 4-78 by only beating the laker he's job would be safe WTF? u know nothing about basketball

I think the foul by Shaq on Stuckey was worse than that...
Like i said before and im shore everyone agrees that no one wants to see a player hurt....Also the speed of the play made it seem like a nascar crash..........

I cant wait for this team to be healthy again...The first game of the season was a huge blowout against portland and the second win must have hurt as well at staples...If a team needs to treat a regular season game like a playoff game to win thats fine...As we all saw last year.....The playoffs are a very different game all together....And i say this.....Brandon Roy is a very good player but still has a lot of box's to tick before he starts acting and talking like he's the best at his position...


Isn't the rule you cant go past a certain bench area? Obviously you can stand up off the bench..


"AK/BK, Isn't the rule you cant go past a certain bench area? Obviously you can stand up off the bench.."

Yes, that would be correct.


The Outlaw sez:

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm rooting for Dallas tonight. I love it when any team--ANY team--beats the Suns. It's just so fun to watch. I might even put money on the game."

As a betting man, you can do as you wish...but your fear of the SUNS speaks volumes on behalf of the laker fan base. No one in laker land wants to see SHACK and kobey's nemesis, NASH, in Round One.

Are there significant cracks forming in that laker armor lately, or is it just me?

ya boi,

You obviously haven't been following the NBA long..
I can think of a dozen instances where a coach's job has been safe when they beat the best teams in the league once in a while.. It's all about publicity, and making money a lot of the times..They made "BEAT L.A" t-shirts for yesterday's game...You don't think they doubled the sales after a win? It's about marketing..

Sure, his job will be gone eventually..But it certainly doesn't hurt when you beat the best team..Especially the Lakers.

I'm getting REALLY sick of all this D Wade for MVP stuff. I don't think anyone is taking Kobe's 05-06 season into consideration. 35-5-5 and made it to the playoffs with the scrubs he had and yet Wade is getting more love than Kobe ever got that season. I just don't get it.

DWADE will not get MVP this year.. So dont worry.


Alright, we are sure in a slump and just about everyone is shooting poorly. You can't always control shooting results so to me we need to get back to basics on the other things.

The rule should be "Play right or sit down." And that includes everybody (you too Kobe). Kobe should tell Phil to hold everybody accountable, including himself.

We may lose by 30 in Houston & San Antone but at least we have a chance to work out of the slump someday.

Here's what I mean by "back to basics":

Defensive Basics:
1. Play with energy
2. Limit penetration
3. Crisp rotations
4. Box out on the boards
5. One and done
6. Close out on shooters

Offense Basics:
7. Run the freakin offense
8. Establish Pau down in the post
(or Kobe if need be)
9. Stop jacking up Js
Especially the bench dudes
jacking up 3s.


you may as well hand the trophy to Lebron right now.


Thankfully, I get to listen to Joel and Stu for most games I follow on the Internet.

MIke and Mike in Portland make ABC/ESPN's commentators sound like geniuses... if that is even possible.

I literally willed myself to continue through the fourth quarter. I was thinking to myself, "I need to remember this" so my antipathy for the Blazers can remain strong and bitter.

Last night...

Crowd: Horrible

Announcers: Horrible

Refs: Horrible

All that much stated... we got BEAT last night. We didn't lose. We got beat.


Hopefully this game is a wake-up call because we have not been playing as a team recently.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Yeah, don't get the Portland rivalry with LA. Boston, rivals for sure. Spurs and Suns - rivals from yesteryear. But Portland? Not so much. I don't really give the Portland fans or their announcers a second thought as it's a huge waste of time.

Another huge waste of time - trolls. DNFTT people. It's bad for your health.

The game was ugly in every sense of the word. We couldn't get the o going. Rebounding was measly. They out hustled us on every play practically. We really needed Drew to combat their bigs. Roy and Aldridge were hitting. It was a solid butt whooping. Not sure we didn't need it the way we've been playing. Hopefully this will light the proverbial fire underneath them.

I think this will stick in their heads for a little bit, but hopefully with all the veteran leadership they'll be able to help the younger players, especially TA, through it. And hopefully we won't lose LO to suspension.

One thing, and I hate to comment on it, but it needs to be said. I did see multiple fouls committed by the other team. It did not cause us to lose the game - let me just clarify that - but it did cause momentum to swing heavily one way. I think that will happen in an NBA game, but we lacked the ability to play through it. Last night showed how tired we are, and that our concentration is slipping. They had learned to battle through those things earlier this year against Boston but last night our composure was in the toilet. It was a huge factor as to why they didn't play well.

C'mon guys - time to regroup and think ahead to Houston. All of us are on your side and rooting for you.



"Do you even know what it is our boys and girls are fighting for? I mean, aside from the cheap gas? That's right. It's about our right to disagree. It's about the fact that AMERICA is one country on our God-forsaken planet that allows dissenting voices, that celebrates diversity of opinion, that values FREEDOM of expression."

~~Absolutely true and good you controlled your emotions out there.

Two nights ago, there was a debate in this blog about Communism and rights of freemen. Most of us here in the West are not aware of our precious gifts the right of choice and the freedom to dissent or have not been exposed in a climate ruled by dictators or other isms. In other countries, if you violate those two principles it could mean premature death or silencing your loved ones. In the same token, we can't expect our guest players who have lived in that kind of corruption of the mind to act boldly in their new life in NBA. Like Mbenga, Sun Yue and others their moves are meticulously calculated, thinking of the fate of their loved ones in their homeland if they openly rebel. I hope others will always exert extra tolerance and understanding when dissensions exist. It is not the loss of faith but an exercise of freedom.

How many wake up calls does this team need? really.

Starting Mbenga and benching Odom doesn't sound too bad right about now.

The Lakers are right on schedule if you look at their past...The Lakers, under Phil, tend to turn it on the last 10 games of the season..So that they peak at the right time..Im not worried about the Lakers at all.

As a former Laker fan born and raised in LA - now in Portland for 19 years - I think I can honestly say I have a much more balanced view of the game last night and, especially, the foul and tv commentary.

First let me say the obvious. The Lakers have a long and proud history. The Lakers have had more superstars of the game come through their stables than any other team in the history of the NBA - execept Boston (oops, sorry - I know that hurt). The Blazers aren't just an upstart team, they are an upstart franchise with only one championship in their comparitively brief history. There's no comparison when looking at the totality of both organizations.

But the Blazers won last night, and won decisively. And they made it 7 in a row at home. When you realize how much more talented the Lakers may be, that is quite a statement! The Blazers are a young team with LOTS of potential - and they are only getting better.

As for the foul and the commentary. It was a flangrant foul and Ariza deserved to be tossed. When you look at the slow motion of the replay you see that the injury would have been MUCH worse had Fernandez not ducked his head. When you look at it without emotion or bias you can not conclude that he was simply going after the ball. Unless your saying it's ok to go after the ball even though the other player's head is in the way. In other words every foul is legal... as long as you're going after the ball.

And the Lakers announcers? They were just as biased as the home announcers. They were blaming Fernandez for the injury!!! It was HIS fault for taking a one leg lay up. One of the announcers actually said, "That's why alot of guys in the league have gone to a two legged layup to avoid taking such hard spills." EXCUSE ME, Fernandez woudn't have fallen in the first place if it weren't for the (as the Lakers announcer called it) hard foul.

I don't think it was a malicious foul. I don't think he wanted to send the guy to the hospital. But there is no question he wanted to send a message. There's no question that he was frustrated and let his emotion take control of his physical action. There's no question he deserved to be ejected.

And there's no question the Blazers kicked LA's ass... again.


Absolutely true. In Portland, we're the only game that they have while in our case, this is the only team that we can cheer. We like it or not, we just have to abide with what Mitch and PJ have assembled. We have been watching the Lakers for a long time, and this time they have all the chances of winning it all but in some games somehow, their minds wondered somewhere without any guilty feelings or remorse that their lackadaisical ineptness failed their fans wishing for perfection.

"And there's no question the Blazers kicked LA's ass... again."

It'll be a distant memory when we're holding up that championship trophy, but I'm glad the Blazers will have this Lakers win to help them sleep at night after their first-round exit.

As a Laker fan living in the Portland metro area, let me just say that I thought that foul was not dirty, did not merit a suspension and did merit a flagrant 2, just to keep the peace in the city. I like Rudy. That play sucked to watch. I sincerely hope he is OK.

I like the Blazers. I don't know if this calls my loyalty into question, but for several years now, I've had a second favorite team, second always to the Lakers. For awhile, when I lived in Northern California, it was the Kings. Now, it's the Blazers. For me, the team I cheer for has everything to do with place--where I'm from, where I am, and the former always trumps the latter. To mangle a cliche, you can take the fan out of LA, but you can't take LA out of the fan. (So, how about we win a pennant, guys in blue.)

In both cases, we got this pseudo-rivalry, with a lot of hate directed at the Lakers and not a lot of hate coming from the Lakers. I always felt it was one-sided in Sacramento, and it's definitely one-sided now. I read Blazer's Edge pretty regularly, and they refuse to spell out Lakers, using an asterisk instead of an a--which is just a cheap dig. Their hatred for the Lakers runs deep, and a lot of it goes back to the 2000 series where we tore them apart in the fourth quarter of game seven. If things had gone differently that year, maybe it would be a rivalry, but as of now, it's just one team's fans hating the team that beat them.

Last, the Blazer's TV crew does suck. I only get to see them 20 times a year when they broadcast on KGW, because the Blazers have a stupid TV deal, but that is a large enough sample to know they are totally biased. And when I have to listen to them, I am usually pulling for the red white and black, except of course when they play the purple and gold. But they are definitely not the worst announcers in the league. That honor must be bestowed upon the Oklahoma City TV crew, who are by far the worst informed in the league. Also, Portland's announcers are actually slightly less biased than Boston's. That's just my opinion.

Hope Rudy's OK, and I hope Odom doesn't get suspended. Now let's get that ring.

Strange night last night...and sad day today...

First...glad Rudy is OK. Hard foul by TA, but not malicious. First person over to Rudy was Farmar...not Blazers.

Paul...been up here almost 18 years myself...still a Laker fan...and anyone who knows anything about sports knows that the Blazer Announcers are the worst in the NBA...maybe in sports. When Stern calls you out, you're really bad. I've been to many games up here...won't take my family anymore...the fans are too rude and vulgar...even to women and children...nothing to be proud about on Portland's behalf.

My in-laws moved up here a year before we did. Nice neighborhood. Had their car trashed numerous times the first month:broken headlights, tail lights, scratches, flat tires...all because they still had a Cali plate. We got new plates the second day we were here.

Almost got jumped at a playoff game up here with my wife a number of years ago. Eight to ten guys...pretty tough...till they saw my quiet quick. I'm too old to play mad dog games. So, we don't go anymore. Fans make racial comments all the time...make fun of players disabilities...sad, really.

You want to know about Portland? My best friend up here, my boi, is riding the Max to work. Dressed nice. Suit and handsome overcoat. Guy driving the Max walks past everybody(white) to ask my boi for his ticket. He asks the only black man on the train for his ticket. Tells him it's for the wrong zones. Has him taken off at the next stop. By the cops. Next time my boi is on the train, same guy walks past all the white passengers to him...and smiles when he asks for his ticket again. Thinks it's funny. My buddy has to take it...or go to jail. That simple. Try that crap in LA, and...well, you wouldn't...not for long. You'd get punked...or worse.

That's a nutshell. I can't wait to move out. Can't stand it here anymore. All pretense and facades. Little poodles behind the fence...yip, yip, yip...then they find out that the gate's open...and the big dogs want to play...and they whine.

Sorry for rambling...and the bad mood. Wife and son have been sick. One of the dogs, the one we rescued two years ago from an abusive home, took a bad turn last night. Stayed up with him. He passed this morning.

I've loved the Lakers for almost 49 years. Still a fan. Always will be. But...

Times have changed. Getting all worked up over things I can't control seems pointless anymore. Phil has nine rings...gonna do what he wants. You can set your watch by his patterns. Players make more money than ever...but most don't have tthe basic grasp of fundamentals that we were taught by high school. They bring it when they want, and don't bring it when they don't...and I'm not talking about the Lakers, but league wide. Stern runs his fifedom with little to no regard for the common fan...and his leadership, or lack thereof, permeates the sport.

Like I said, sorry for rambling...long night...bad day...I guess I'm just tired.

thanks dave,

Yea it's the first I time Ive ever heard the Portland announcers and man was that painful!


While you're on the subject of balanced view, please get a more balanced view by looking at your team road record, it'll cool you and others I think a little bit. Comes playoff time, it'll be all different bbal, something Portland have not experienced for ... how many years? It'll also be rather fast exit, 1st round for young and talented Portland team.

Please never link to Canzano again. He's the worst excuse for a major city newspaper sports columnist I can think of. His typical article makes TJ Simers look not just clever, but brilliant.

Guys..I know you love your team..So do Blazers.Yes they beat you soundly and yes it was flagrant foul(read rules)..
LO stepped out of where he was into brawl and it means he might be suspended.
Now about rivalry..It may not feels to you like that but Blazers always pumped when they play you in Portland..
They never beat you in playoffs that's true..maybe it makes them to think this is rivalry.
Mike and Mike doing their job and your announcers are not any better homers then in Portland
I hope we meet in playoffs again and let best to prevail
Die hard Blazers fan..

First of all for those who think Rudy was faking - SERIOUSLY?! He is still in the hospital!

Kobe was taking shots at Batum all night and Batum just took it. He never got any calls and Kobe was elbowing him in the gut over and over. Kobe is a bully but he has "earned" it per the league. I grew up a Jordan fan and even I think the Jordan rules are ridiculous.

As for the rivalry - give Portland a break - for 3-5 years we have had a crappy team with nothing to look forward to. Now we have a good young team who can look forward to beating LA every time they visit. 7 in a row for you doubters. Kobe has already said Portland is one team he DOESN'T want to play in the playoffs.

Rivalry - maybe not yet, but over the next few years - definitely!

And - for all of you who think because you have the best record in the west (but no longer overall) you are invinceable - maybe you should read the article about Tex Winter. Even he thinks you aren't that good!

I'm sorry I couldn't be with you all last night in the doozy of a game. I had the worst headache.

No worries. We got beat, simple as that. We now have to figure out to do better and move on. It's the NBA. As far as I'm concerned this couldn't have come at a better time as a reawakening. We've been lackadaisical in our games, and we've been unfocused. Let's see how the burrito is stuffed from now on.

As always, keep the faith! :-)

Last nite is wut we call an 'anomaly.'
Rest assured it won't happen again
as the great Sidney Deane profoundly stated..
"The sun even shines on a dog's @$$ somedays."

Enjoy this moment Blazers' fans & then check yo' selves cos we comin' back to town soon for redemption.

>>>I saw nothing flagrant about Trevor's foul on Fernandez.
>>> He simply made a play on the ball with obviously no
>>>intention of hurting the guy. It should have never been
>>>a flagrant foul in the first place.

Actually, it did appear that his arm made contact with Rudy's
head while his hand was up blocking the ball. Contact to the
head is always a flagrant. But I don't feel it was a flagrant 2.

>>>Are defense sceam sucks.

I think it's speld sux.

you're welcumb.

Blazer vs. Lakers Tickets: $200, Cotton Candy aka Kobe Candy: $5, watching Blazers season ticket holder get ejected from the game for pushing me as I represented all of the Lakers fans in attendance...PRICELESS. As I said to the drunk Gayzer Fan before he decided to push me like a girl..."See you in the Playoffs" when the games really count. On another note...the Lakers were not hustling and Portland hit 3 after 3 with no hands in their faces...Kobe and Co. need to pick it up if we are going to return to the Finals.

The Kobe's came up and got worked....just like always. Nice to see Adam Morrison bust out the farmers tan, meth addict moustache and then pop in a pappy size chaw of tobacco after the game....nice trade.

Maybe Lakers can get Chris Cro-Magnon Kaman next year at the deadline to complete the evolution.

How Jackson didn't suspend Ariza is beyond me. I've watched that foul several times on replay, and no matter what he says, it's clear Ariza hauled back his arm to make sure he got a good hit on Fernandez. It was pretty obvious he was trying to go through Rudy's head to get to the ball.

"In more serious matters, Portland's pasting of the Lakers was overshadowed by a very hard foul delivered by Trevor Ariza to Rudy Fernandez"

BK, usually I agree with your take on things, but I completely disagree with this. The foul was NOT a very hard foul, it was a foul across the arms (and the very top of the head) of a shooter. The result was a hard fall but that is often the result when the shooter is in the air.
If Ariza commits the same foul on a player that doesn't go down (then act like he's going to die), it isn't called flagrant at all, and that is the part of all of this that irks me.
A foul is supposed to be called based on the contact and intent (if it's obvious), not on the result of said foul.

Christopher Blake...Sorry to hear about the dog man.... something in the next 40 years and then come and toss rocks buddy....Or go dance around your banner and maybe look back at the mess your club has been for the last ten years....

It’s as obvious as California is broke that the Blazers announcers would favor their team.

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Whew! The price a team pays for being "very good"....A whole lot of opinions coming from non-Laker fans...It's quite understandable given our history and tradition of flat out WINNING (just as the rival Boston Celtics).

As for the Portland fellas regarding their win last night, you want guys like Joel Przybilla and Brandon Roy to TALK, TALK, TALK...Hey, winning does that to players...Until they can prove that they can get past the first round playing ANYBODY, let them continue on with their "verbal diarrhea" assault...

What they fail to realize is that come 4/10, PROVEN guys like Kobe, Fish (3 NBA rings) and Gasol (in Spain) usually REACT with a special EDGE to bulletin board material...Just imagine if the Lakers have Bynum by that game...As a Lakers fan, thank you for giving my team MORE REASON to win. It's not wise to AWAKE a sleeping GIANT like the Lakers...with SNOT in mind...

As for Blazers coach Nate McMillan, of course it's always an honor to beat a fellow coach who is legendary without question...He sure as heck COULDN'T do it as a player...But hey! It is what it is...

!!!!NEWS FLASH!!!!! LO will be suspended for one game...This is not surprising at all given his actions on the sideline...Well, at least he has the opportunity to REFLECT on his recent play for an extra day...I actually look at this as a good thing for him mentally.

Since it's the Houston game, I look for big minutes from Mbenga, Powell and Brown...they are probably the most physical of all the players we have (they can take the pounding and give it, have energy, are athletic, and can shot block). The Lakers are definitely going to need them against the likes of Yao Ming, Ron Artest, and Luis Scola...The more they get minutes, the better it will be for the team come playoff time...

With this in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if Phil inserts Mbenga as center and Powell at PF in the starting unit...Why not? I even envision Ariza at SF for defensive purposes...Walton will most likely start matching up with the defensive Battier. This would be a perfect time to do so against a physical team like the Rockets...Should be interesting! Let's see if the bench besides Farmar and Vujacic can do the job...

Most of all, because of the lineup change, look for more screen action as well as pick-and-roll for this game (OOPS! I hope Tex isn't reading this post)...Again, why not? Houston is assuming the triangle action in their scouting...Let's CHANGE it up! This would force the bigs of Houston to DEFEND.

The key is to make Houston MOVE...The Lakers key is to keep the ball MOVING (something they haven't done lately)...It should be an exciting game.

Go get them fellas! Most people have written you off against Houston...Sometimes it's good to be the UNDERDOG when ADVERSITY strikes...It builds CHARACTER!

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Anyone complaining about homers didn't listen to the laker radiocast. In their version, Ariza didn't touch Fernandez's head.

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

OOPS! Mistake on my previous post...How could I forget Gasol in the starting lineup at PF rather than Powell!...Whoaaaaa!!!!...My apologies Senor...Oh well, that's what "missing" players (LO of course) can do to fans like me...Powell will most likely be the energy guy off the bench as well as Ariza.

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

What a silly comment by erk. He suggests Rudy is faking when he is on the floor after the stupid foul by Ariza. Hope you never have an accident and somebody makes fun of you while on the floor, implying you are diving like guys do in soccer, you... your comments really say something about the kind of person you probably are...shame on you.

I agree with the guys that that think Mbenga should start. Every team the Lakers see are gonna now do what the Trail Blazers did and go right after Pau and right to the basket. You add that with Pau & Kobe both being tired and you will get more dunks and layups. I am worried if we have to play the Jazz or Spurs in the second round . Both are truly a functioning teams and don't hurt themselves. They also exploit other teams weakneses because of great coaching. I do wish all of the Lakers had the attitude of the Spurs & Jazz. Play hard all game. Play defense all game. I know we don't have Bynum but that should make you want to play individual defense harder. I want a championship as a Laker fan, but what I'm seeing from this team they might not make it to the Western Conferance Finals. They really need at least one pure outside shooter not streaky just pure shooter. On the defense point guard penetration is killing us, CP3, Dwill, Roy, Parker are having a field day. The Lakers have to address this situation. I love Fish but he is getting killed, Farmar is in me,me,me land and can't guard anybody. I know we don't have Bynum but that should make you want to play individual defense harder and more constistently. Bynum will help the defense, but maybe if we could keep the guards from penetrating our defense will be much stronger. Basketball is a team sport, Yes you need STARS to win, but you also need other players who just do there job. 5 on defense, 5 on offense.

Hey everyone, long-time Lakers Blog reader, first-time poster here!

The way the Blazers and their fans acted after this win reminded me of the classlessness I unfortunately witnessed when I saw the Lakers-Kings game in Sacramento last December (I'm currently situated in the Bay Area). After that game, I got into an argument with some Kings fans (yes, there are some out there) about despite that win, I said that the Kings won't even make it to the playoffs and that they were gonna get beaten when the two would meet a couple days later. Anyway, these Kings fans said that they don't even care that their team makes it to the playoffs. No lie. That the one team they ridiculously root for could care less if they make it to the playoffs. I guess ONE win over a division rival matters in the beginning of the regular season matters much more than making to the playoffs. Talk about delusional.
Funny how in that same game the whole crowd they chanted "Beat LA!" (as expected--talk about a predictable crowd; can't they come up with something more, um, original? The "Boston Sucks!" of the Purple and Gold crowd totally OWNS the "Beat LA!" thing, and is more modern, might I add.), only for them to get beaten by the Lakers a couple days later, then have their coach get fired days after, and is now the owner of one of the worst records in the league.

Hmmm...looking back at it, maybe a team shouldn't "Beat LA." Look what it recently did for Denver and Phoenix, currently on losing streaks. (Next up for a losing streak: Portland!)

But to be fair, I'm also fond of the Blazers (I gave them mucho kudos when they beat the Celtics back in late December). However after reading these bits about them over their recent win over the Lakers, I'm starting to have second thoughts about them. I also found it funny that the Blazers and their coach didn't sound too cocky when they won over the C's back then...

Until the Blazers can go out there and win against the likes of Boston (which they did not) and Cleveland (which they also did not, and on their home court too!) at their courts while on the road, and until they can make it past the first round in the playoffs, they need to shut it with their barking. It's only gonna get them bit back, and probably hard when the Lakers come back with Bynum (hopefully so) next month and blow them out the Rose Garden. The Blazers and their fans might as well should've made like the Warriors and their fans back in late '07 when they squeaked out a win against the Lakers and after the game their fans made out like as if they won a damn championship.

And this talk about a "rivalry?" Like what some others said here, there's no rivalry--it ain't a rivalry until it gets its own cover story on Sports Illustrated. Hey, even us Laker fans hoped Rudy Fernandez would be all right after his injury. Even after a loss, us Laker fans manage to show some sympathy and class to the team that beat us.

That all being said, yes, this is just another regular-season game for the Lakers, that the physical demands of the regular season is catching up to them, and that despite the losses and all they still are playing for bigger rewards much more fulfilling than snapping a long losing streak in some place in Portland. However, I hope they get it back together and kick some ass in Texas. Hopefully they'll languish their anger out over this loss on Houston and San Antonio, two other teams I actually also have mad respect for. Maybe they can go watch something to motivate them once again, like the '08 Finals or some sports pundit on ESPN saying that the Lakers are "doomed without Bynum" or something.

Bummed-out Laker fans, make like 2Pac and keep ya' head up, y'all. It ain't an easy ride, this regular season, but if we were true fans, we'd always have their back through win and defeat.
And, of course, if they lose again we can wag the finger at them once more.


(Shoot, this comment could be its own blog entry. *kidding*)

Yeah Joel Przybilla is right they pounded the Lakers but to say that when you play the Lakers one more time is just very dumb. Lets see who gets the last laugh, yeah I am angry that the Lakers are losing to teams they should be beating but if they can somehow come back and win tonight then they should be alright.

In case all of you Laker fans are unaware of this, the reason there is a Laker/Blazer rivalry is because until not that long ago we were in the same division and for a very long time our teams have had incredible battles back and forth. We for years have owned you in the Rose Garden and vice versa for you when we visit the Staples Center.



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