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Want to go to London? (and Live Blog news)

If you were born after '83 and are at least nominally British, the Queen mum wants you for the UK's national basketball squad!  Free Pimm's for life to all who make the team.

Also, because of a scheduling conflict, Andy and I won't be able to host a live chat tonight.  (It's Ben's day off. Let's give the kid a shot to graduate, you know?)  We'll keep this thread open for in-game comments and will update as much as possible. 

Chat box to return Tuesday. 


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Ummm... the Queen mum died in 2002...
Bummed about no live blog! Guess this is punishment for missing ladies night... Perhaps I'll get some work done today tho!

Anybody have a link for tonight's game?



Jessie: or


any links 2 the game???

Thanks a lot, Anna.....!

Found one:

If you all find a better one, let me know.

Thanks LakerGirl


rick. i agree. the jabber box is fun

That Kobe to Pau lob lay in totally reminded me of Bynum's finishing style. Caught it in the air and made the basket by the time both feet landed on the ground.

(1st quarter with 6 + minutes left)

Get well soon Bynum.

Hi Jabberbox fans! Let's try to enjoy the game without our normal fix of jabberbox time.....IF that's even possible anymore!

In this game's Battle of the Headbands, I think Sasha's winning. Miller's looking a little tooooo girly-man.

Just my unbiased opinion, but you're welcome Faith!


it's only first half and i already have withdrawals issues. we should start a Jabber Anonymous group.

ouchhhhh - I know! I'm jonesin' over here.

Jabberbox Annonymous Bandwagon

ouchhhhh - OWNER
jamf - DRIVER

For some reason, the Lakers perimeter players are a step slow in reacting to the first step of the ball-handler, which leads to a lot of dribble penetration. I don't see the same problem with a lot of other teams. Is it because the Lakers defenders play too close to their man? Is it because they're so used to funneling the ball-handler that they just let them go? Terry Porter got laughed at for putting PHX through slide drills. Seems like the Lakers could use some of that.

famer sux, all he knows is driving..

Mbenga sighting! There was a fighter at the UFC event who was 6'10" and 250 nicknamed the Skyscraper. Made me wonder what Mbenga would look like in the octagon.

Gomes looks a little bit like C-Webb in the face.

we need to start getting some offensive rebounds. we have 0 offens. rebounds thus far.

It's just not the same.

I don't understand how Ben the Intern has time during the school day for podcasts - what the heck is he doing on a Sunday? He should be working for free.

Oh and btw - we are giving these wolves a reason to win tonight.


Dara - I will take Jordan driving to the hoop - the blog team has been screaming for hime to do that because he has been missing his 3's. We can't have it both ways......


lakers sth thats because everyone is moving at Luke speed!

Stu: "His elevator doesn't go up that high"

Is that a Chick-ism or a Stu-ism?

KB24 to get his 14th right out of the shoot after half......
PJ will make sure of that.

This is team Lakers are letting hang around too long - I want some serious D in the 3rd.


wolves offence board killing Lakers.


I've been saying over and over again that Farmar is not the answer for us at PG when Fish retires. He struggles against topnotch PG's and he's inconsistent and erratic. He also seems to have an issue with Sasha as he seems to play keep away from Sasha whenever they're on the court together. This is his 4th year in the league and he hasn't improved all that much too me and he certainly hasn't given challenged the ancient yet clutch Fisher for the starting PG role. I think the Lakers should've traded him for another proven veteran PG(even Rafer Alston would've been an improvement)or for a draft choice.

oh my d... no liveblog?
Anyways, go Lakers!!!!!

Jordan's channeling his inner Trevor, Kobe's 2 away from tying with Elgin Baylor as 3rd on all-time scoring list for the Lakers (20th for the whole lig), DJ saw some playing time (!), Luke hasn't been TOTALLY useless, our defense sucks, and Gomes makes me sad.

shot selection by the Lakers seems a lot off tonight.....


I think Magic is channeling his inner Tracy Morgan in that San Manuel Casino commercial.

Yes, farmer is a qualified in any NBA team, he knows nothing except driving no matter what.

I siad it many times,

trade luke
trade farmer
maybe trade sasha too.

no matter what we get.

This whole game is moving at the speed of Luke so far!

These zebras are terrible. I don't think there's been a single call so far that wasn't a late whistle or at least deserving of a challenge. Yikes - just terrible.

That said, I'd LOVE to see some defense somewhere along the way....

father farmar is showing up his greatest quality: defense

Lakers defense is seriously ragged. Farmar can't stay in front of anyone. Farmar gets burned again by Telfair. Farmar isn't as good as he or some people thought he was. I'll give Farmar the rest of this year to prove me wrong, but I doubt that he will.

The refs aren't doing themselves any favors by waiting until the shot doesn't go in to blow their whistle. If I were a Minny fan, I'd be upset too. It gives the appearance that the refs are waiting to see if the shot goes in before deciding to call the foul.

Crappy would be generous in terms of explaining the lakers' play in this game.


Horibble point guard.

Farmar is a cocky, whining little boy who slumps his shoulders whenever anything goes wrong. He is not that much better than Smush Parker and Smush Parker was horrible.

kobe has 7 turnovers.
playing so sloppy along with no D

This game is brewing a lot of rage in my body.

farmar penetrates. farmar in the air. farmar "finally" tries to pass. turnover.

farmar on the fast break. very low pass. turnover. (JP was free on the left side

during farmar plays: wolves on a 10-2 run

but farmar is quick. or a quick turnover. choose your poison.

farmar: 100% liability. PRICELESS

Wait a second - According to the K Bros guide to the second half of the season, the Lakers are supposed to win tonight's game.

K Bros - You guys should add your prediction from that post to each corresponding game thread.

this might become the crappiest performance of the year.

Powell is trying to do too much. Play your role. You SUCK if you don't

It's games like these that cause analysts to scratch their collective heads when it comes to the Lakers because the Lakers seem to go through the motions at times or think that just by showing up they're going to win. This is where defensive intensity is needed by this team. I will be very surprised if Farmar passes the ball to Sasha even when Sasha is open. Farmar ignores an open Sasha and misses a jumper.

Two straight games the Lakers have struggles from the bench.

How long is PJ going to say with Lamar Odom and a bunch of scrubs in?

Seriously...Phil isnt trying to win...

Powell = STUPID former clipper who thinks he is better than he is. play your ROLE!

Wow. This game is horrifying.

Farmar & Sasha are suck as usual.

its as if we insist on playing at the level of our competition

i like your suggestion. we need the Kamenetzkydamus prediction as a banner

We need RALLY CAPS!!!


PJ is doing it again by keeping the second unit in way too long. Aside from Fisher, the Lakers need to take a good hard look at their PG position because Farmar isn't going to cut it.

ariza practicing his postgame moves

So you wait until 7:00 in the 4th, to put the starters in PJ?

let's see u gets first to 100. will win the game

OK, I'm done with the messing around now. Lets put this W in the bag.

I was praying for a backup PG before the tading dateline. We miss our chance on Alston who went to Orlando for practically nothing...

About time Farmar does something positive and then gives up another easy basket on the other end. Kobe seems at least in this game to be depending a little too much on his jumper and hasn't attacked the basket much at all tonight. How many FT's does he have tonight. He should be attacking the hoop especially with the Wolves in the penalty. Craig Smith is doing his best Al Jefferson impression tonight.

Nemaia - That's b/c teams aren't really in a straight vertical pecking order in terms of "how good they are". There are certain teams and certain types of offenses that will be challenging match-ups for the Lakers regardless of that team's record. With the injury to Jefferson, Minny has basically become a pick-n-roll, drive-n-kick team. It exposes the Lakers tendency to allow dribble penetration.

About time Kobe goes to the rim!!! Keep attacking!!!

It's about time Kobe drives the basket instead of the turnaround jumper..

We could loose tonight..Sloppy game..

When Drew was healthy, the only time there weren't 2 starters (if you include LO as starter-level) on the floor was garbage time. That makes a big difference in the stability of the 2nd unit.


luke got it. luke gave it


Good points no doubt, but the Lakers still didn't take full advantage of certain mismatches they have as well. Lakers simply can't continue to play that bad on when defending the three point line. LO is the one saving us tonight with his continued stellar play.

wow luke downing the triple, fisher downing the triple, kobe makes a jumper, kobe misses a layup, then kobe misses a 3 and odom with the putback. nice team effort

Nothing like a game that goes down to the wire.

Seriously - do we need this????

I'm having a heart attack here!!


why is it that we can't blow teams out like boston, orlando, cleveland does? its disheartening..

I guess Ear Jordan has become the new Laker Poster Boy for Abuse by the blog???

Joel and Stu are expressing a lot of frustration about Lakers players "leaving the shooter". I've heard both Hamblen and Cleamons say their defensive philosophy is "I've got my man and half of yours". Against good passing teams, that "half of yours" constantly puts the Lakers having to run at shooters in recovery b/c they're taught to shade over and help on the ball-handler.

Im glad that we win.. Gosh! too close!

great game again ODOM!!!!

COngrats Lakers!!!!

Even if people disagree on here, I would take Stephon Marbury over Farmar if the Knicks were to buy Marbury out and make him available. It's official, the Lakers are the worst at defending the 3 pt line in the league. We are lucky for the second straight game to win. We're in trouble if the bench doesn't discover their mojo and gain some confidence.

Phew!!! I just caught the last 11.6 seconds. Another tightrope walk, eh?? Did Kobe Pass Elgin??


Wow. Lamar Odom has become the player I prayed he would be.

Thank God.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Mighty happy to come through that and hold onto the win- BK's Kamenetzkydamus status remains intact.

I need a Rolaid


Don't look now but Luke Walton's minutes are ever inching back up to about 30 and Ariza's is slipping back to between 15 and 20

Phil Jackson's obsession with Luke Walton is very disturbing

allansy8 ,

and why cleveland and boston can't win against us?

orlando lose 14 times this season?

people keep complaining with the lakers having the best NBA record and playing with the highest level.

we won! what else do want? they played 56 games this season and just lose 10 games.

whew! no team is perfect...

GO LAKERS! win a championship this year so this so-called fans stop complaining like they really know how hard you play every game!!!!!

well, the was a team team win. if the lost it would've been a team loss...

the useless guy hit a key 3 pointer. lol...

We sucked!!! See, this is what happens when there's no liveblog.

But we won!!!!!!!! *Confetti*

who do we got? who do they got? i guess if you say if we play at the highest level.. we'd be dominating the sub par teams.. but we're not...

i accept the win though it is still a win but im not proud of it..

What smart columnist said that Powell is a replacement for Lo ? That guy needs to report on the exciting world of ping-pong or something cause he is a crappy basketball reporter!!

One thing is for sure, with Andrew in the middle a lot of those Wolves layups and shots in the paint get blocked or altered. This is the area that we miss Drew the most. Pau with all his length isn't a shot blocker and doesn't scare anyone from penetrating the lane. I wish Drew well and hope that he comes back healthy and quickly. Go Lakers!!!


That would be Kevin Ding of the OC Register and I already hammered into his head about the Powell is a good replacment for LO next year.


Derek was in foul trouble with 4 fouls in the 3rd quarter. Jackson had no choice but to send Farmar in longer. Shannon Brown didn't exactly impressed with his offense when he played.

Though I do agree that too much Farmar went for steals a little too happy (he did get 6 which is impressive) and got burned more often.

I'll upload the video later on because we are little "whew we won" kinda thing and I'll let people relax more before uploading.

-KB Blitz

THIS JUST IN: The entire Lakers team has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, or A.D.D.

Just because I am not a doctor, would I not be qualified to make such a diagnosis? Apparently 48 minutes of actual mandated playing time exceeds the scope of the players' attention span.

At the moment, I don't necessarily care. The Lakers seem to win even when their minds wander. Go Lakers!


>>> But believe it or not Tom the real dilemma for Phil is not starting Odom when
>>> Bynum returns, Phil's thinking is what will happen to Walton once that happens?

While I have to say that I don’t completely buy your Luke Conspiracy theory with Phil, as you aptly said “It's going to be interesting when Bynum returns.”

I like Luke and think he is a very smart but limited basketball player. While I would never throw him into the same barrel as a couple of losers like Kwame and Smush, there is no doubt that Phil has a thing about Luke. But that is just part of it. The real problem is that Phil has an idea of the roles that he would like every player on the team to play. That role originally said the Vlade started and Luke was out of the rotation. Then the switch. Luke started and Vlade was out of the rotation. Yeah, I know, looks funny. Why not Lamar? Phil had decided that he needed Lamar on the second unit, really that he wanted to really have two of the three towers in the game at all times, which meant not starting Lamar.

I just hope Drew comes back soon enough to play at the level he was playing for the two weeks before he got injured. Then Phil will have no way NOT to start Drew and he will have to decide what to do with Lamar. It’s a tough situation because it probably means that Luke is odd man out again and not because he was not playing well. While I agree with Phil’s thinking that it is a big advantage for the Lakers to always have two of their three big men in the game for all 48 minutes, I think Lamar needs to start to play his best. And if that means that Powell gets a few minutes and sometimes we don’t have two of the triple towers in the game at the same time, it will be worth it to keep Lamar playing like he is right now. And it would be good to know that he can play at this level with Drew and Pau on the floor, especially if you are going to sign him to a new contract.

Anyway, JMNSHBO!


Everyone needs to chill out.

We won.

We won on the road.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


looks like we r also outsourcing the oscars too

Some post season thoughts...

I felt like (now I do at least)...we ran out of fumes last finals. The trade for Pau propelled us to a great stretch, but I don't think we were any where near ready for the championship. I liken it to a runner that has taken an energy bar...that's enough to give a boost, but unless you're trained fully in marathon running, that can only go so far.

Had we been a veteran team, maybe we'd have been ready regardless but we weren't. Even Pau was no Playoff vet. Not to mention LO...2 of the 3 we relied so heavily on.

This year is a different story. We're not using up energy so much as fulfilling a promise...

That said we have to find a way to conserve Pau. He's logged 40+ minutes far too long, and I'm worried what that will do to his jumper come playoffs. Keep in mind he needs that jumper most of all with Bynum in the middle.

My point in all this (haha), is that I don't think we need home court so much as we need to conserve energy when we can. Sure we should go for history, but time management becomes more important than ever. Many will pick up on PJ not inserting the starting lineup until past the 7 minute mark in the 4th quarter 2 games in a row...even with us getting killed, and perhaps blown off the court, that needs to be the way it is. They need to rest.

Another nice game from Lamar. Very impressed with him. Kinda bummed no one decided to step up outside of Kobe, Pau, and Lamar. Seems like the second unit has lost some of their swagger. Don't get me wrong, they aren't playing awful ball, they just don't seem to necessarily have that spark every game. Although, Farmar gave us a nice pick me up the other game. I'm waiting for someone on the second unit to have a big game and go off for 30. has anyone on the bench hit the 25 mark this season?

Hopefully we blow out the Thunder although Durant has been going off lately.

Lamar = Finals MVP



i felt the same about the previous season. this looks different and i'm sure that's why many fans r critical and have only the ultimate expectation: NBA Champ.


Well, it was a special day for the Lakers. Their focus on the game is 50%, the other half is on who are the winners at the Oscar? As usual, nothing new with the lackadaisical team, they don't have any statement to make, they don't have any pattern, all they do is play hard on big games and coast along on sub 500 and turn it on at the last 3 minutes. So a win is enough to put them over the hump, asking for expectations - who cares about expectations in February? ask that question during the playoffs. Laker games is similar to a switch On & Off, they are bored being in the 1st place so they compete against themselves.

A win is a win is a win ... but our defensive "coach" Kurt Rambis needs to be FIRE-DUH!!!

I agree with allansy8 that it is disappointing "that we can't blow teams out like boston, orlando, cleveland does"

Would love a blow-out so we can give Pau an easy night.

Frankly the team seems tired since the all-star break. Kobe, Sacha, Jordan, etc. don't seem to be shooting well.

Given that and the fact that we're playing some sub-.500 teams I am glad we found a way to win these last few games. I think we could easily drop one of the upcoming OKC, Phx. or Denver games.

scheduling conflict? an oscar party?!

Faith - I agree about Pau's minutes. Even Pau himself has talked about it, which is a bit unusual for him.

This is one of the things that bothered me about the Mihm trade. While I didn't expect the guy to be major force again in the lineup, I felt it not unreasonable that he could function in a basic, low-minutes backup role.

I'm hoping Phil will start giving those few minutes to Mbenga on a consistent basis... or that management will bring in somebody else who can plug the hole. At this point, it's not a question of bringing in a substantial talent, it's just about preserving Pau.

5 minutes a game, NOT in garbage time... a couple points, a couple rebounds, basic lane-clogging defense, low turnovers for what, 26 more games in the regular season? Where's John Salley when you need him?

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