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Troubleshooting The Machine

Before we get started, I present the obligatory Andrew Bynum Medical Update:

For several days, he's been riding the stationary bike and using the elliptical machine.

No word on whether or not it was set to "Hill" or "Fat Burner," but it's good to know AB is getting active again.  Oh, and Kobe's ankle?  Not an issue.  As you were. 

As for the day's work in El Segundo, it was a relatively light effort. No surprise given LA's upcoming schedule.  Two dates with the run-and-gun (again) Suns with a visit to Denver in between.  Let's hope everyone has done his cardio.  While there was plenty of talk of Stephon Marbury and his soon-to-be addition to the Celtics roster, I was very curious to hear a little talk about Sasha Vujacic. The season as a whole has not been kind to him, and lately things have been even tougher.  Most of his numbers, from minutes to shooting percentage, are down in February.  Since going 4-6 from the floor in the Feb. 10 win over OKC, Sasha is 4-21 from the floor, and his minutes have gone down since peaking in January. 

I asked PJ if there is any concern for the state of The Machine.

"We're always concerned about Sasha," he smiled.  Touche.  The kid is a little high strung, after all.

Regarding his recent play, I clarified.

Said Jackson, "I told him the other night, he had three really good passes and they led to assists and he filled the role he's supposed to fill with the team, and that's great.  If he has extended minutes and he's playing in a situation where he's going to make shots and have shot opportunities, yeah we're concerned about (his shooting). But he doesn't have to force shots or have to score for us to be successful.  So as long as he flushes out that role and plays his 12 to 16 minutes and gives Kobe the rest he needs, that's great.  If he has extended minutes- now he's playing 24 minutes and he's not in rhythm with his shot and we need those shots, then we are concerned.  But I don't worry about Sasha. He's over here shooting two hours a day almost every day.  He's very concerned.  He's neurotic almost about his shooting."

Exactly.  I've long written about my belief that when his minutes are short, Sasha tends to try and cram as much as he can into limited PT, come hell or high water.

"Forcing shots is something we've asked him not to do," Jackson said. "That gets us in trouble, and that shortens his minutes if that's going to happen.  But he's got to take the shots when they're there, and if they don't go in (that's okay).  He's a good shooter, and that's what we want (him to do.)"

Clearly PJ was interested in building Sasha up, the right instinct given Vujacic's unique psychology.

I had a chance later to talk to Sasha as well.  He's clearly frustrated, both with his PT and his shooting- not an inference but something he admitted flat out- but at the same time (and to his credit) was very careful to make sure he was saying the right things.

"Nothing's off.  Obviously I'm playing a different role right now than I was last year.  My involvement in the offense is not that important, or I'm not involved as much as I was last year.  The last 10 or 15 games I'm averaging two shots a game or whatever.  You're going to make it or miss it, it doesn't matter.  I'm not worried about that.  We're winning, and that's the most important thing.  I think we have a very deep team, and nights like I'm having lately are going to come, where I'm going to play spot minutes or whatever.  We're all professionals here, we know how to deal with it.  No complaints.  It's at times frustrating, but we're winning, and that's the most important thing.  I love to win, and our goal is not individual stats but winning a championship.  So I'm prepared for that."

The Lakers want him moving the ball and running the offense, then focusing on the other end. Still, it's hard for a shooter not to shoot.

"It is.  Very hard.  Everybody knows what I do the best, and what I do the best is to get open shots in rhythm and score," he said.  "But the team is asking me to do something different right now.  Even when I'm playing a shooting guard, I'm playing the point, because I'm finding open guys.  I don't want to force shots.  I don't want to go and be selfish, but stay within the offense.  Once we realize how important it is moving that basketball, we're going to have no problem."


"I have to adjust.  Coming from the pick and roll, usually I would have an open shot or take an open shot or create for myself, but now I might have two guys on me and I'll find the open man.  Josh, or whoever. I'm not going to lie to you, it is frustrating a little bit, but I'll adjust to it because in order to win, everyone has to sacrifice something.  The nights will come where I'll have ten shots all of a sudden, so I have to be ready, and mentally I have to stay in the right place.  As long as we are winning, everything is good."

Clearly things haven't gone the way Vujacic expected when camp opened.  "At the beginning of the season I said I was going to double my stats (as a goal).  That's what I really intended to do, but it's not about me, it's about the team.  Everybody wants to play.  I love to play basketball, I'd play 40 minutes if I could, but my role in the last 10 or 15 games has been different.  I just have to stay ready and do what our coach is asking me to do.  That's play defense for now," he said.   

Sasha is a high-burn kind of dude who has never really done well in keeping an even keel.  The same intensity that makes him loved by fans as a defensive pest or hustle player is also what can mess up his decision making process, whether in shot selection or avoiding fouls 57 feet from the bucket.  Hopefully he can ramp up his play and get the confidence back, because the guy who finished fourth quarters last season would be awfully handy down the stretch. 

One final note:  I think I saw today what officially qualifies as the most interesting interview setup I've ever seen.  Pau Gasol, in a chair, being interviewed by a very small man in a Telemundo jumpsuit who was pretending to shine Pau's shoes while asking questions.  Or at least I think that's what was going on.  I didn't want to intrude. 



Derek Fisher, comparing this year's team to the threepeat squads he played on during his first stint in LA:

Fish, on the Celtics addition of Marbury:


Lamar Odom, on Tuesday's win in Oklahoma City, upcoming games:

On Marbury and Boston:

Pau Gasol on Thursday's game against the Suns, matching up against Shaq:


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How come no one ever tells Jordan to not be selfish and pass the ball? He's the PG afterall.

For once I'd actually like to see Sasha play with Kobe in the fourth quarter with Sasha...instead of Jordan and see what happens with his shot.

What is tacit in Sasha talking about how things are different this year is that he's now on the scouting report. So, coming off of screens, he's going to demand attention. The same thing was brought up with Drew last year. He had announced himself to the league with his play but how was he going to respond to teams paying attention to him defensively? I think the directives he's getting from the coaches are meant to force him to evolve so he's not a component of the bench mob that's predictable and therefore, easy to defend.

"One final note: I think I saw today what officially qualifies as the most interesting interview setup I've ever seen. Pau Gasol, in a chair, being interviewed by a very small man in a Telemundo jumpsuit who was pretending to shine Pau's shoes while asking questions. Or at least I think that's what was going on. I didn't want to intrude."

That was just the weirdest thing I've heard all day.

So awesome watching Derek Fisher be the politician about Starbury.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Video of PJ from today to complement the K Bros practice report:

Machine practice shooting in the background while coach talk about Machine.

Has LO always been rockin the stache or did he just start growing it out recently? Does anyone else think he's a lot more focused when talking to reporters lately?

Great News on Bynum!

TU 4 the update.


Wait a second:
"Even when I'm playing a shooting guard, I'm playing the point, because I'm finding open guys. I don't want to force shots. I don't want to go and be selfish, but stay within the offense."

Since when does Sasha find OPEN guys? ahahahaha...

Nice try Mr. Vujawack. I'll believe it when I see it!

Curious why nobody seems to mention that unlike last year, when he got a lot of minutes alongside Kobe, Sasha is rarely in the game with Kobe this year and as a result he is not getting the same quality shots. The guy cannot create his own shot and relies on others getting him the ball when he is wide open. Alongside Kobe, those shots are plentiful. Without Kobe, Sasha's shots are better defended and he shoots off balance almost every time....

No worry - Machine be OK.

Jon K - hope your Clips pound the be-jesus out of the hated green weeners tonight. I would pay to see that.

Poor Sacha has been pressing ever since he had ankle trouble in the preseason. Hope he can work his way through it.

Glad to see him work to contribute in other ways (passing, defense, etc.) while he waits for his shot to return.


Hate to dump on Jordan since he's been taking lumps on the blog lately but I am disappointed that he hasn't made much progress on D.

I miss Javaras (Critter). You could tell Jordan really worked on his game over the summer that the Lakers drafted Critter. Maybe the dude we got for Vlad Rad (S Brown?) can add some extra motivation for Jordan to work on his D.

i'm glad to find that i was thinking the same thing about Sasha as PJ and the staff. he HAS been playing well lately, with the exception of his shooting being awful. he's made the right passes, and, although there have been lapses in judgement, he has defended reasonably well, and has played his role on offense.

for those wondering about AB:

The primary reason Vlad's shooting and his game play suffered was PJ would put Vlad in with Farmar and Odom and if you play Vlad with Kobe then the Lakers benefit as would Sasha who is a good shooter but needs to play off Kobe to help us best! Luke is a YMCA shooter at best but Phil sees himself in Luke and to me it's one of the sickest man crushes in the history of the league!

One more time b4 I show the vid (my vid)

I'll clear up one thing though:

"@Kobeblitz - The video you showed me was all zone-type defenses while MJ had the ball. You were allowed to shade off your player then, just as you are allowed to do that now. BUT you weren't allowed to play that way when MJ didn't have the ball. Show me the video where MJ doesn't have the ball, and they're playing zone (hard to find, since it was ILLEGAL), and I'll show you the Celtics tilting their defense toward Kobe when he doesn't even have the ball!"

Illegal Defense is basically you have to stay within your man and outlaws zone defense. HOWEVER it wasn't as enforced as Defensive 3 seconds. Why? I can't say why my guess is that the refs couldn't keep up with all the illegal defense. Basically you can have a big man waiting in the paint and if you were skilled enough can get away with it. Did 80's and 90's get away with zone? For sure but it was mainly man to man defense.

Defensive 3 seconds=Illegal Defense just in the paint. Still hard to enforce but much easier to enforce than Illegal Defense.

Since you fail to believe from Clyde Drexler, Tex Winter, and even Rod Thorn how *EASIER* it is today to play as a perimeter player I'll quote Stu Jackson:

"Our rules are designed to allow players to penetrate for high percentage shots. this has allowed for more high quality perimeter shots as well, because of how weasier it is to penetrate today."

-Stu Jackson


"Three years ago, before the ’04-05 season, we also began to really interpret and enforce the forearm and body check, where by we had defenders either placing a hand or a forearm on an offensive player’s shoulder or hip in an effort to slow them down and give them a defensive advantage in terms of sliding in front of the offensive player. When we disallowed that – the use of the hand, the use of the forearm to the shoulder, the hip, the body – that in conjunction with the hand check interpretation started to give offensive players on the perimeter more offensive freedom."

Stu Jackson. That is all to it. I don't know what kind of thing you believe Amazing but add that now to the lists of people who say that it is MUCH EASIER for perimeter players today than it was back in Showtime era. Again please show me how on earth they are wrong!!

And one last video before I show how Kobe struggled against the Celtics:

The Jordan rules

-KB Blitz

@Andrew Bernard - Great point. Way to dig deep in the analysis!

Good to hear an update on Drew.. Mob Boss will return a favor one day to AK/BK when you need protection from goons!!

I heard Bynum didn't even go fast enough so that the "heart rate" monitor turned off ...

It is because Sasha played with the second unit.

If Sasha played more minutes with kobe on court, he would get more open shot and his percentage will up a lot.

Seems like you're projecting your personal feelings onto Phil. It's actually you that has a man-crush on Walton, isn't it, but something from your past won't let you admit it!

I would appreciate it you did more token Bynum injury updates as an everyday thing for us Laker junkies. That way we can see one way or another the progress of his injury instead searching the internet high and low for his latest status. Probably could start a website called and it would get 10000 hits a day at least!

Last year Kobe used to play small forward and Sasha would get more playing time. This year with Ariza healthy Sasha's minutes have been cut and as stated earlier, he doesn't share the court with Kobe.

What that video doesn't show are all the iso's teams used to run, (particularly the Bulls) where 3 offensive players stood out at the half court line in one corner or the other and their defenders were required to stand out there and guard them while the other two players on each team played 2 on 2 basketball below the free throw line.

Sasha needs a haircut in order to avoid fixing his hair or his ribbon which he calls a head band.

Sasha and Farmar get too excited when they get the ball, they want to run, accomplish everything in one fleeting moment and imagine that they are hero-players that will uplift the Lakers - the bench mob. It gets into their nerves to be called as members of the Lakers Bench Mob so they want to prove to fans that in so short a time, they will capture the lead, beat the starters...problem is that they commit lots of errors in execution on what the bench mob wish to accomplish. Luke & LO join the party in passing, fast breaking sometimes great, sometimes bad. Haste makes waste. It is the exuberance and wanderlust of the youth that leads them to maturity and stability in the future. Must they commit mistakes first before becoming matured?

can you enlighten me to what you arguing about?

Is it who had easier rules Jordan or Kobe?

If it is that, no doubt Jordan had tougher interpretation of the handcheck, but could mostly dominate man coverage. With help coming after he put the ball down.

However, teams can do more to stop a star player now than ever before. Kobe gets the ball at the 3 pt line and then you can literally have a big cross the lane and sit in zone. That pretty much takes away the penetration. Fouls are called a lot more on hand-checks today so thats what evens it out...

Jordan had MAN-UP D with handchecks.
Kobe has ZONE D with no handchecks.

I dont see how we can definitely say who had a rougher time since they both kind of even out.

I hope our players like AB realize the cost of these training and medical rehab. Lakers spent a lot on Ronnie Turiaf and Chris Mihm and I'm sure they spend thousands a day for Bynum. My point here is that players take for granted these freebies given to them. They are not aware of the costs involved. Being high salaried,aside If they spend for their own rehab, perhaps they will be well in a week's time. We all read how China trained their olympic athletes which is also the extrem, almost inhuman and underpaid. While in America, they get spoiled by royal treatment of having personal trainers, nutritionist etc.That is OK, as long as Drew knows his value when he goes back to the court, he reciprocates it with excellence and due diligence of being a strong willed and durable Andrew.

You're right Laker Larry because this Pistons did not want to play isolation basketball with Michael Jordan. They didn't care if they left 3 or even 4 Bulls wide open. As long as the ball was outside of Michael Jordan's hands they loved those odds.

Same thing with the Knicks too.

The Triangle Offense took the ball away from Michael's hands and made everybody really a playmaker and the Pistons couldn't keep doubling Michael as much.

The Boston Celtics of today use the same exact defense except you cannot hand check, will be less physical, and and the big men of the Celtics can't be in the paint as much as Laimbeer or Ewing was. Kobe has struggled against this type of defense in the Finals *TWICE* (Detroit 2004 and Boston 2008) and he had Phil Jackson both times.

Point is to show how hard it was for Michael to go against those type of defenses yet Kobe has struggled:

Kobe vs Pistons 2004:
38% from the field.

Kobe vs Celtics 2008
40.5% from the field.

I rest my case.

-KB Blitz


I agree 100% in regards to Jordan Farmar and Sasha playing together. They haven't and still don't mesh well with eachother and while others may not notice or pay too much attention to it, it's pretty clear to me and you that Farmar doesn't like to pass the ball to Sasha unless he absolutely has to or has no choice but to pass to Sasha. I've watched every game this season and I paid close attention to when Farmar and Sasha are on the floor together and there's no question that Farmar plays keep away or hoists shots up despite Sasha being open. What probably made the situation worse is when Ariza publicly chastised Sasha during a game for taking bad shots. That outburst from Ariza may have also caused Sasha to become a little gunshy, hesitant and unsure when or whether to shoot or not. Farmar too me is a little selfish at times and I still don't believe that he's the answer at PG now or in the future. Hopefully these guys can put their issues aside for the sake of winning and chemistry.


There are 3 ways to beat zone defenses:

1) Ball movement
2) Dribble penetration (This forces the zone to collapse)
3) Shoot over it (The least effective)

Zone works best against dominant one on one players. In the Cleveland game (the one at Cleveland) Jackson used a zone defense to slow down Lebron and Lebron struggled because his game is more kick and penetrate. If you have a great passing team (which the Triangle is supposed to be along with Princeton offense) you can bust up any zone type defenses.

That's why few teams run zone since 1) They are weaker against great passing teams 2) Require more quick players to operate, hence why few guys like Nellie who uses small ball uses zone defense and 3) Run the risk of leaving 3 point shooters open. Zone is better if you have weak defenders and/or want to stay out of foul trouble.

Man Defense is still the better defense. Add the fact that Michael had to endure more physical defenses, hand checking, and big man in the lane (since refs rarely blew their whistle for illegal defense less than what they do now for Defensive 3 seconds) and my argument is that Michael had it tougher than Kobe. Besides you can still run zone even back then since refs rarely blew the whistle for Illegal Defense as long as you can make it seem you are guarding man.

-KB Blitz

@kobeblitz - Dr. David Hovda, the director of the UCLA Brain Injury Research Center, noted what is at least a temporary increase [in concussions] and said, "As pro athletes become quicker, faster and stronger, I am not surprised. I am not surprised that there have been a number of concussions in the National Basketball Association."

Also, Steve Kerr, BJ Armstrong, Mark Jackson - even Charles Barkley on the Dan Patrick Show (too bad Chuck isn't as credible as MJ's former teammates) are on record that Kobe is every bit as good as MJ offensively. So is Tex Winters wrong? No, not necessarily. Maybe someone should phrase the question to him: "Do you think Kobe would be any less effective as a scorer in the 1980s than he is today? Would he score fewer points? How many fewer?" Judging from what Tex has said on the record about Kobe vs MJ, I'd bet you'd be surprised at his answer.

Sideways related note about how stats are misleading: MJ had 27 career triple doubles. Kobe has 15 career triple doubles. MJ even had 15 triple doubles in ONE season before Phil Jackson and the triangle offense took over. But the next year, he had ONE triple double! In 8 seasons under Phil, MJ had 8 triple doubles, or one per season. Contrast that with Kobe who has 9 triple doubles in 9 seasons with PJ, or one per season. Stats can mislead.


Excellent posts on zone defenses. I do not disagree in general with your position that no hand checking makes a big difference in how easy it is for perimeter offensive players to score today versus back in the Bulls days when hand checking was allowed.

There is one huge factor, however, that I think undermines your argument that Michael had it tougher – the refs. It’s how the rules are enforced not how they read that counts and I have to say that I never saw a player – with the exception of Dwayne Wade in Miami’s Finals win over the Mavs – who got more calls and break from the zebras that Jordan did. For sure, Kobe gets nowhere near the love. In fact, had Kobe pushed off against the Jazz the way that Michael did, he would have been called for a foul for sure.

Anyway, like you, MJ is the best until somebody proves otherwise and you just cannot compare Kobe to MJ until Kobe’s career is over. Kobe has a chance to pass MJ just as LeBron has a chance to pass by Kobe. And someday a bunch of bloggers who never saw Kobe Bryant or LeBron play will proclaim that some new budding superstar is the greatest. That’s just the way it works. Of course, that new budding superstar will be a Laker.



So what does everyone think about Marbury going to the C's? Is that going to help them? Do we need one last piece to help us? Even with the best record, I am unsure about these guys. Almost always playing down to the opponent, squeaking out wins to sub par teams, horrible D, lack of focus....yet winning the big ones like against the Cs and Cavs. (but the Magic swept us)

Do we need Horry? A veteran PG who can defend? Fill me in as I am uneasy about our latest wins.


I agree with your post completely. I think the Lakers should make a run at Joe Smith if he get a buyout from OKC. Smith would be a good addition for the Lakers and could only improve our team and bench. The fact that other contenders(Boston and Cleveland)are also looking to add Smith says a lot about his value and what he brings to a team. As you pointed out, our bench seems to be a little thin right now and aren't as effective since LO was pushed into a starting role because of Andrew's injury. The Lakers are banking on a healthy Bynum returning is somewhat risky and don't think the Lakers should just stand pat especially with Boston and Cleveland trying to bolster their benches for the stretch run. Adding another quality player could only help in my opinion. I just don't want to see Boston or Cleveland win a title because they added a player(like a Smith)that made a difference and had an impact when we had a chance to pick up that player.


No skeleton's in my closet you cross dressing hippie!

thanks for the lesson on zone defense...hahhaa....I really needed that explanation (sarcasm obviously... but just poking at you)

But anyway, did you just say:
"Zone works best against dominant one on one players."
"Man Defense is still the better defense"

Are you watching what you are writing? I wont start to disect your words too much, but remember those are your main points that you made and they seem contradictory ...

I will say I love MJ as much as the next. but let's not get caught up in MJ Nostalgia. Everything MJ didnt WASNT the GREATEST and everything MJ went up against WASNT the HARDEST ever... Sorry...

Just like wen I watch Magic play, I realized the man messed up a whoooollle lot...That doesnt make him not great, it just makes him human... and makes me appreciate him more.

With that said, I see no end to this argument, esp. with you! So, I'll just say I think they are even. MJ did his thing, but so is Kobe. The defenses they both faced were both dramatic and overimposing for a player and a dominant 1-on-1 force...And for me, I'll just leave it at between the fence..

Andrew I've been saying that for weeks no avail.

And totally agree Nemaia, it seems as if keep away is the name of the guy. Sometimes I see him playing keep away from even Pau...and Pau needs the ball in the block.

That said, I'm still reserving judgement on the PG of the future thing. I read in OC Register today that he may start as early as next year. Having seen his defense and his shoot first offense, I have to at this point be puzzled about what such a thing would do to the team.

Dan, i understand your feeling, i want Lakers to win this June too. Marbury and Miki Moore will help Boston. If either Rondo,Allen,Paul Pierce have a bad game, Marbury gives them another option, Miki Moore 7 footer can run the floor, quick, leap high. For those who said Marbury a cancer, they don't know one thing Doc Rivers can communicate with young players.
I think Lakers should find a PG, a guy can hit big shots in the playoffs, or a PG can play defense with quickness.
I don't blame on Sasha and Farmar too much. Ariza plays more times, of course some other players will play less, about Farmar, is he really bad or trial angle offense confused him ? Mitch Kupchak when he drafts and signs players should know all of this situation. One thing i know for sure, if you can't play in trial angle offense, it doesn't mean you are bad player !

maybe we do think alike...sometimes:
". And someday a bunch of bloggers who never saw Kobe Bryant or LeBron play will proclaim that some new budding superstar is the greatest. That’s just the way it works."


Some 90 year old is probably saying HOW DARE YOU SAY KOBE is better than ELGIN BAYLOR OR JERRY WEST?!


The overexaggeration of today is just that:
-LeBron is the best player ever
-CP3 is the best PG ever
-The Blazers have the best young group of players ever assembled...
and just for you Tom
- Bynum is the next great big man....ever!

What the h is this? I think there are more Celtics fans than Clippers fans in the building.

I understand its the Clippers, but THIS IS LOS ANGELES. NO one wearing green should EVER be cheered hear.

In fact they should be booed so hard that they can do nothing but go home and cry.

Oh wow the hate for the Celtics in me... I mean I really HATE this team.

The only thing worse than a Celtics fan is a Celtics fan in LA!

I'm cheering for the Clips and praying for some sort of miracle, but the Clippers never fail to disappoint me.

Let's go LA!

buck foston!


The best comment about Marbury I read anywhere was on a blog:

"Cancer at a discount is still cancer"

And another thing...How in the world can ANY CLIPPER FAN stand these announcers.

Worst announcers I have ever heard in my entire life.
No ONE WANTS TO HEAR a 3 HOUR interview with sam the alien cassel!

In between celtics interviews and CONSTANT RAVE AND PRAISE FOR THE CELTICS they can barely call the game.

Talking about the Lakers can't beat the Celts in a 7 game series.... WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM!?

Ugh, the Celtics. It can never be a good day when those leprechauns are in los angeles.


Ok...rant over...sort of.


This season is starting to get long. Remember when it was a big deal when we played the Suns? Not anymore! Just like the Queens, we will win plenty while they never even get to the Finals.

Lamar = Finals MVP


Tom & Korey,

"And someday a bunch of bloggers who never saw Kobe Bryant or LeBron play will proclaim that some new budding superstar is the greatest. That’s just the way it works."

As you very well know, the past generation is always trashed by the new one, they always claim to have the better version and the best life ever been. I guess in some department, I may agree with the the new technologies but it resulted to poor service, inter-personal relationship and life complications. I prefer the sixties with Ali, Kareem and chasing the Beatles. Today, just to call the customer service will put your head in spin talking around the world with lots of hustle talking to taped messages. It is a cheap, cheap world for the masses and living in luxuries for people on the top.

It's not any surprise that Mike Smith is being more of a Celtic homer than Heinsohn tonight. Mike's only identity as a former player was his time with Boston.

Clips are hanging tough through 3 quarters. B-Diddy needs to channel his inner underdog spoiler quality he adopted with GSW.

Early in the 4th and the Clips only down by 3 to the Celts... ohhhh man, if the Clips win?? That would be the best thing thing ever. The Starbury virus has taken hold and he's not even with the team yet.

Yea -these dang clipper announcers absolutely suck! Why are they praising the Cs? What a bunch of losers! Talking about rondo - - someone hit that little POS when he goes into the paint already!!

I wonder if a lot of you PJ haters would like Dunleavy as a coach. The scouting report on him is that, if a play is successful, he goes right back to it the next time down the floor. He's not married to any particular line-up so he'll go with the 5 players who are playing the best down the stretch. He likes to ride the hot hand until the opposition forces them to change.

Clips are still hanging tough w/ 2 min left.

I think Paul Pierce just asked Mardy Collins to stop posting up on him. LOL.

YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! THE CLIPPERS FREAKIN' WON!!! THEY WON, SON! THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We better win over the Suns tomorrow. THAT IS ALL.

*Goes out to get drunk*

P.S. I love you, Zach Randolph.

Clips over the C's - I love Staples Center!!!!
Awesome game!


Clippers just beat the Celtics.


clippers WIN!!! sucks boston sucks!

love it!


suns tomorrow...48 and 10 FO SHO!

YES CLIPPEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new 2nd favorite team. Yeah Jon K. is the happiest of all on this blog tonight!

WOW. Boston cannot win in Los Angeles. LOL.

Ask you shall receive. Clips win 93-91.

lol.. clips won!! :) Jon.k is smiling somewhere!! :)

lmao - celtics lost again. to the joke Clippers. pathetic ... but i love it.

wow, the Clips just made my week.

(although I really enjoyed the Sasha interview too)

The Clips pull out the big win against the Celts. Could life get much better for a Lakers fan??

Jon K, you must have been on that lucky barstool tonight. Or is that reserved for Lakeshow games only? Regardless, I am crediting you with this win. Nice.

Paul Pierce is such a LOSER!

This should keep the trolls out for a good while!!!

That was awesome. I love you B-diddy.

Any day the Celtics lose (especially in LA) is a good day. The looks on the faces of all those stupid celts fans in the stadium. Priceless.

OMG. Celtics got spanked by the Clippers. Get Marbury quick.


I don't think any boxers today are better than Ali, or even Tyson. So much for the generational theory.

Oh HELL yeah!!!!!

Wasn't one of the trolls just talking today about "how your team
is playing"? I don't recall whether it was Red's Love Child or
131-92, but look in the mirror, buddy.

YOUR team just gave up a 9 point fourth quarter lead to lose...


Oh sure, you'll blame it on the refs or on KG being out or something,
but Mardy Collins absolutely schooled Paul Pierce in the fourth.

And Mikki Moore was like a mannequin on defense.

I mean, seriously... you expect to get past Cleveland and Orlando
but you can't even beat the Clippers? You better hope Starbury
has been taking steroids and that KG comes back better than
ever. If the C's play the playoffs like they played tonight, they're
in for a first round exit to the Bucks or the Bulls or whoever
is the 8 seed.

Here's something funny...

Today the Celts were ranked number 1 on Hollinger's rankings.

The Clips were ranked 30!

The very best against the very worst according to hollinger.


Sorry, guys. The KINGS are the worst team in the league.

>>>How come no one ever tells Jordan to not be selfish
>>> and pass the ball? He's the PG afterall.

He does pass the ball. Jordan gets more assists per minute
he plays than any Laker other than Kobe or Luke. He gets more
assists than Fisher or Vujacic, they other two guys playing
the "PG" for the Lakers.

The main thing keeping Farmar's assist total down is the triangle.
The essence of the triangle is a lot of people moving the ball around
to find the open shot, so it lends to a lot of assists, but by a lot
of people. For example, Fisher never averaged more than 4.3
assists per game in the triangle, and that was in 35.5 minutes
of play. If Jordan were getting 35.5 minutes right now, he'd
be averaging about 4.5 assists for the season, and 6 assists
per game for February.


I just watched the first entire non Laker, Clipper game of my life. How they just won that game, I have no clue. Ugly is about all I can say. Dunleavy is a horrible coach. I've never seen a more stillborn offense than the Clippers down the stretch....and they still won!!!

I predicted last night that the Clippers would somehow win this game, so I guess I wanted to watch my prediction come true. Boston sans Garnett, but with a newly acquired Mikki Moore did everything possible to keep the Clippers in it. Already playing without Al Thorton and with best new Clipper Eric Gordon going out with a shoulder in the first quarter, the Clippers were led in crunch time by the always dangerous Marty Collins and Fred Jones. Together, they put a nice fat L on the Celts. I love it.

I also loved watching Rondo and Big Baby gag numerous free throws down the stretch. Throw in Paul Pierce crying over a hurt thumb, Ray Allen making no field goals in the second half and Perkins getting called for numerous illegal picks and you have a very enjoyable evening.

Thanks Clips, maybe next time we'll only blow you out by 15 instead of 25.

LG & anti-Celtics fans

today has an article (did not read) about "Franchise Role Players" and of course the example is Rajon Rondo: the celtics myopic univers.


>>>The primary reason Vlad's shooting and his game play
>>> suffered was PJ would put Vlad in with Farmar

Sorry, but that's just patently false.

The lineup on the floor the most minutes with Vlad this season
was Fisher, Bryant, Rad, Gasol, and Bynum. That lineup played
453 minutes together this season; more than any other 5 player
combination for the Lakers.

The second most frequently used 5-player combination was
Fisher, Bryant, Walton, Odom, and Gasol at 281 minutes of
floor time together. And that unit was 3 times as effective at
outscoring their opponents as the lineup with Rad and Bynum.

The Rad lineup lost to Sacramento. The Walton lineup beat
the Celtics and Cavs on their home floors.

i think we should just enjoy this quietly until we beat the suns next....*hee*hee*

Oh, don't worry celt fans,

At least Hollinger still loves you. He'll probably still have your team at #1 tomorrow! haha.

Joke's on you

LOL, oh good job Celtics.....I can't stop laughing.

LA's JV team beat the Celts....and the Clips didn't even have Chris Kaman!! Down their most important post player on the offensive side, and they couldn't beat the worst team in LA, let alone the NBA.

How can you not worry about the Celtics if they can't beat the worst team in the West? Missing a straight playa like Chris Kaman!! Even with the vaunted savior Mikki Moore?

And if you think a midget that hasn't played an NBA game for the last 400 days is going to help, LOL. can't stop me from laughing at you and your Celchicks. Soft, soft, soft!!

Sam Cassell is a jerk off. I only liked him a bit since he was a Clipper. He plays one stinking season with Boston, wins a ring, and now wants to be a Celtic assistant coach or something like that. He now wants to be a hated green weenie for life!!!


"today has an article (did not read) about "Franchise Role Players" and of course the example is Rajon Rondo: the celtics myopic univers."

That's a joke! Are you kidding me? Wow....

All I can say is LOL

Where's Butler at? Lemme guess, whatever happens tomorrow, you're going to take a win. I love it when you do that!!

Where's my poking stick at....time to rile him up!!


all what is left is waiting till june. till then, let's enjoy all the celtics and LBJ ironies.

So I wonder how any games in a row the Celtics would have
to lose by 2 points before Hollinger's system dropped them out
of first place. 9 games? 10 games?

after that in-detail analysis of how battier can stop Kobe, let's see how good he is in stopping LBJ. tomorrow will have an answer, especially that houston is a good defensive team. after a celtics loss, i expect a cavs one, as an appetizer before creaming the Funs.

will have a few days off of 131, Butler and Red's Wasted L&&d.

Looking ahead just a bit, the Lakers have 3 moderately tough
games coming up - Phoenix, then Denver, then Phoenix again.

Boston has a fairly easy schedule of losing teams coming up next...
but then they just lost to the Clippers.

Cleveland are the team that has a real gauntlet coming up.
Houston & San Antonio back to back the next two nights,
then at Atlanta, at Miami, a break in Milwaukee, then at Boston.
And Cleveland is only 18-10 on the road, so they could do some
serious slippage here or this could be a huge confidence building
trip for them (as the 6-0 Lakers trip was).

I'd look for the Lakers to increase their lead over both teams
in the next week or so.


cavs lost once in atlanta this year. and the bucks r fighting for the 8th spot. amazin' happens. is that the NBA?!


Manny Pacquiao.

You know whats crazy someone on this blog said "call me cray (or something like that) but i have feeling clippers are gonna beat the celtics. And guess what guys they beat the celtics man that was great by 2 points man i kind of had a strange feeling too the same with that 6-0 road win over in boston and cleveland. I just had a funny feeling that they would. I dont know why but i just did that i so crazy. Lets hoop that lakers beat suns.

Battle of the dislocated fingers:

Kobe dislocates finger on Jan. 19th against the Cavs in the 1st quarter but has Gary Beatty pop it back in on the sidelines and then Kobe trots back into the game without missing a beat while Ms. Paula Pierce cries out that she has broken her wee-wee thumb, leaves the Clipper game tonight, goes to the locker room for treatment and x-rays and finally returns to the game 15 minutes later after discovering no broken wee-wee thumb, just dislocated.

All I can say to Paula is: Man Up, Sweet Pea!

i just found a new nick-lame for LeBrick-LeBronze from the espn blog: i hope it won't destry the thread format



Well, it had to happen sooner or later. We like Sasha as much as anyone, but Chinese fans want to see Sun Yue play. With the Lakers' almost unsurmountable lead in the West, how about a look? Maybe he can play the defense that PJ wants (and needs). Yes, I know it takes rookies a year or two, even Kobe had his waiting period, but this is an international issue, and if the US economy wants China to assist in the bailouts (buy more Treasury Bonds), then playing Sun (not the Suns) can only help. Look, we have to do anything and everything we can to get the economy moving again.

I always hated the Lakers until they drafted Sun; if they don't play him, many Chinese fans will go back to hating the Lakers. Call this jingoism do you? Remember the words of Joe Paterno, "I don't play him because he's Italian, I play him because I'm Italian".

good job clips!!!

I hear Bynum is so slow in his rehab, Imhotep is giving him pointers now.

Seriously though.



On unrelated news:

"Detroit was once the NBA team Where Reclamation Projects Happen: Think Billups, Hamilton, Wallace and Wallace. The Pistons tried it to apply the Midas touch to this season's major free-agent signee, Kwame Brown, with disastrous results. Brown has started 19 games for the Pistons, but has played only 27 minutes in the last month and has a PER of 10.6, nearly a career low."

Now, where's Mike T. again?

Clipper 93, Celtics 91

Where's Let's go C's now???

Good Morning Sir Charles
Good Morning JustAnotherMambaFan
Good Morning Morning Crue(Heart & soul of the Laker Nation)
(02) MAMBA24 – DRIVER – Sure they can match it, why not!
(02) MAMBA24 - Proud Driver

(01) MAMBA24 – OWNER – As everyone knows I’m a Kobe fan but please, please
Give it up for Shaq tonight Laker Nation. I’ve never asked for much so I’ll use up all my

How bout them Celtics!!!


Yes Clippers Yes!


the clippers stuns the celtic 93-91! i heard it from the ESPN man. hahaha i don't want to laugh at them really,..

somehow there is glee in my heart.



It's time for...

Jon K.'s Early Morning Thoughts That He Has Not Put Too Much Thought Into Yet:


2. {Typed with a broad ear-to-ear grin} Just to be clear on the matter, THE CLIPPERS BEAT THE HATED BOSTON CELTICS! They beat them without Al Thornton, without Chris Kaveman Kaman, and without (arguably their best player) Eric Gordon in the second half! WOOHOO!!!! Awesome!

3. Did I or did not tell you that the Clippers are the Lakers' little brothers? And as their little brothers their going to take care of business when their big brothers are away!

4. I hate the Celtics. I really do. A lot.

5. BK's writing tone comes across as a little annoyed/condescending when discussing Andrew Bynum's injury and Laker Nation's naturally intense curiousity of the subject matter. I don't get it. I think on some level maybe BK thinks he's above sports fanatics, which I find to be a little sad. He's missing the best part.

6. So, we're playing the Suns twice? Here comes the unavoidable discussion of Shaq and his history with the Lakers.

7. I think Stephon Marbury is going to try to be a good citizen for a couple weeks and then he just won't be able to help himself. The guy's a lunatic with very real psychological problems. I fully expect to hear of Kevin Garnett attempting to strangle Starbury in the first round of the playoffs after they fall behind 2-1.

{Jon K. channelling his deep inner dork} As Thanos the Titan said upon sensing that a great catastrophe was about sweep across the Universe, denuding much of it of all life, "Something wonderful is about to happen."

8. Did I mention that the Clippers beat the Celtics last night? I'm not sure I made that part clear.

9. Lamar Odom was a little down last game. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't concerned that the "old" Lamar might be trying to weasel it's way back into the game. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN, LAMAR!

10. More Shannon Brown is a good thing.

11. I think it is absolutely awesome that the Lakers are the third best drafting team over the last twenty years. What I don't understand is how the Bucks are the best drafting team over the last twenty years. What do they have to show for it.

12. Almost equally a concern, the Clippers are the third WORST team in drafting over the last twenty years. Some people say, "The Clippers suck and they'll always suck!" (Did I mention that they beat the Celtics last night missing three starters? Did I?) But I'm not certain they're right. I mean, of course, Don Sterling is a problem, but it's become clear that Elgin Baylor was equally a problem. He's responsible for the Clippers being the third worst drafting team over the last twenty years (even though they've made primarily good drafts over the last five years thanks to Mike Dunleavy). With Elgin gone, the Clippers are bound to improve in the young talent they draft, which should be reflected long-term in their win-loss percentage. Who knows? They could even become a mediocre team!

13. Jordan Farmar needs to pass the ball more.

14. Pau Gasol is playing the best basketball of his career, if he keeps this up: Dynasty and the jersey of El Spainard hanging from the rafters.

Go Clippers!


Mamba24, that's some super human feat you're asking haha.

Jon K...entertaining thoughts.

Can't wait for roll call. Always makes my day. Since it's still so freakin early! haha.

Clipper 93, Celtics 91 Where's Let's go C's now???
Posted by: gerryb | February 26, 2009 at 04:57 AM

Didn't you hear? He got "Clipped" or as some call it Neutered!

CELEBRATING THE CLIPS. LOL! I'm happy for you Bro.



We don't play or not play Sun Yue because he's Chinese. We don't play him because he's the worst player on our team and we're playing for a Championship. Threatening that the Chinese are going to invade if we don't play Sun Yue will not help the situation. We've got bigger fish to fry this year.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


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