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Time wasting trivia challenge of the day

February 24, 2009 |  1:18 pm

It's been a while since we brought one of these bad boys out, and I think I found a fun one...

For each number currently worn by a Laker, name the player who had previously owned it.
  For example, before Sun Yue pulled on his #9 sweater this season, it was sported by Laron Profit back in '06.  Kobe's old #8 belonged to Randolph Keys in '95.  (Like you needed me to tell you what number Randolph Keys wore in '95.  My bad.)

There are currently 14 players on the roster.  Bonus points for adding Vlad and Mihm.  First to name the most correct answers wins, and if you have to look it up make it clear.  There's no shame in that.  However, there's a special wing in the afterlife for those who cheat in blog trivia contests, and it's not pleasant. 

Have at it!