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Time wasting trivia challenge of the day

It's been a while since we brought one of these bad boys out, and I think I found a fun one...

For each number currently worn by a Laker, name the player who had previously owned it.
  For example, before Sun Yue pulled on his #9 sweater this season, it was sported by Laron Profit back in '06.  Kobe's old #8 belonged to Randolph Keys in '95.  (Like you needed me to tell you what number Randolph Keys wore in '95.  My bad.)

There are currently 14 players on the roster.  Bonus points for adding Vlad and Mihm.  First to name the most correct answers wins, and if you have to look it up make it clear.  There's no shame in that.  However, there's a special wing in the afterlife for those who cheat in blog trivia contests, and it's not pleasant. 

Have at it!


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Gotta run but I have a few for you:

3 - Trevor Ariza - Shammond Williams
12 - Shannon Brown - Janner Pargo/Vlade Divac
17 - Andrew Bynum - Rick Fox
5 - Jordan Farmar - Robert Horry/Tierre Brown
2 - Derek Fisher - Aaron McKie
6 - Adam Morrison - Eddie Jones/Jelani McCoy
7 - Lamar Odom - Brian Cook/Sam Jacobson
21 - Josh Powell - Kareem Rush/Ronni Turiaf
4 - Luke Walton - Byron Scott/Ron Harper
9 - Sun Yue - Bryon Russell/Chucky Atkins/Nick Van Exel

That's all I could remember really...mymemory doesn't go back that far. ;-)

2 McKie
3 Blog Favorite Von Wafer
4 Harper
5 Big Shot Rob… or was it T. Brown?
6 McCoy
7 Rider
9 Profit
12 Divac
16 Spider Man
17 Fox
18 Rambis
21 Turiaf (my wife would kill me if I got this one wrong)
24 Jimmy Jackson
28 I don't know… guessing MBenga is an oringal

Okay, now give me my special wings


Lakers in the HOF...Bob McAdoo?

McAdoo should NOT count as a Laker. He was deep in the twilight of his career when he joined the Lakers. He`s in the HOF strictly because of what he did in Buffalo & NY.

Why not include Connie Hawkins and Dantley while you`re at it?

If McAdoo counts as a Laker, then he should also count as a Celtic. He was a Celtic before coming to LA.

Furthermore, Boston should then be able to include others to their list...Bill Walton, Pete Maravich, Dave Bing, Dominique Wilkens, etc.

10 - Lindsey Hunter
31 - Jamal Sampson

"special wing in the afterlife for those who..."

Would that a reference to "Firefly"? Or just a coincidence?

Oh yes...NO BLOODY CLUE to who owned what number before the players who own them now...

I could sense that the game tonight against the Thunder will be another struggle game wherein you will never know if the Lakers will win or not until the the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter. The Vegas spreads were all wrong the past two weeks. When can I see the dominating Lakers again? It's so stressful watching this team nowadays. Knowing that they should be leading by 15 to 20 points, and yet down by 6 to 8 points most of the time to a lowly team is so frustrating. Most of the time I just watch 20 to 30% of a Laker game and just rely on the score in another sports channel because I can't bear watching their pathetic defense and uninspired play against weaker teams. Why can't they be like the Celtics (the teams I hate the most) who plays hard no matter who they're playing against and where they are playing, whether at home or on the road. Why Lakers? Why?

The way your team is playing lately my team world champs Celtics will embarrased them (the way we humiliated Phoenix and Nuggets in their home floor) in the Finals if they go that far (which I doubt). There is still time to change're most welcome to our GREEN shirted team.

I know some of these - 17 was Foxie, 4 was Harp, 21 was our Favorite Son (Ronny) but c'mon - really - what have they done for me lately?? So why should I remember??? LOL!!! Just more useless trivia in my head floating around where more useful things should be - like how am I going to pay my mortgage this month, or how does a person get by with gas on the way back up to costing an arm, a leg and your firstborn? But seriously, props and kudos to all who can keep this kind of stuff within easy reach up in the old gray matter.

Looking forward to the game tonight, though. Hope the Lake Show brought the pair of shorts that has their D in them.


Oh - and by the way - I normally like Kevin Ding's articles, but the one today about how the MVP this year is Lebron's to lose really pissed me off.

Crabbron is no Kobe. Why don't people know this???

#3 - Trevor Ariza, Devean George
#12 - Shannon Brown, Vlade Divac, Jerome Kersey
#24 - Kobe Bryant, George Lynch, Kermit Washington
#17 - Andrew Bynum, Rick Fox
#5 - Jordan Farmar, Robert Horry
#2 - Derek Fisher, Aaron McKie, Anthony “Pig” Miller
#16 - Pau Gasol, John Salley
#28 -D.J. Mbenga,
#6 - Adam Morrison, Eddie Jones, Mo Evans
#7 - Lamar Odom, J.R. Rider, J.R. Ried
#21 - Josh Powell, Ronny Turiaf, Michael Cooper
#18 - Sasha Vujacic, Kurt Rambis
#4 - Luke Walton, Byron Scott, Ron Harper
#9 - Sun Yue , Byron Russell, Nick VanExcel
#10 - Vlad Rad, Lindsay Hunter, Tyronn Lue
#31 – Chris Mihm, Kurt Rambis, Sam Bowie

This list is pretty much what I remember, and beleive me this list was wrenched out of me over the last 45 minutes as i was working.

U guys r all freaks

For all you Celtics dudes who don't man up and try to keep taunting even when you have lost TWICE this year, here's another stat for you fools:

98-83 lost to Cleveland!

Guess who is the ONLY team to win at Cleveland this year:

Los Angeles Lakers.

THE KING will serve you fools up and send the Green men crying into Bean town in wheel chairs.

Don't worry there are some Celtics fans who decide to man up and stop talking smack and gave the Lake show respect. Until you fools stop talking smack I'll say it again:


5-Horry, Farm
17-Fox, Bynum

That's all I know. Shame!!!

Oh you don't know the joy it brings me to see the Celtics digging in the equivalent of the 99 cent bin to find Mikki Moore.

You shoulda signed Keith Closs, at least he's used to beat downs!!! LOL!!!


2 Aaron McKie
3 Shammond Williams
4 Ron Harper
5 Tierre Brown
6 Maurice Evans
7 Brian Cook
9 Laron Profit
12 Vlade Divac
16 John Salley
17 Rick Fox
18 Kurt Rambis
21 Ronny Turiaf
24 Jimmy Jackson
28 Dj is the only Laker to wear #28

If the foul was called on Ray Allen it could have been 1-1 not 2-0 in your favor. Let's not talk about the past games, let's talk about the recent ones. How can you explain the one sided wins by the Celts over the elite teams in the Western Conference in their home floor, without one of our best player Garnett? What about your lucky wins over the bad teams like Golden State and Minnesota? Your narrow win over New Orleans (withour Chandler) in your own homecourt? Your loss over Utah (withour Boozer and Kirilenko) How can you explain those games my friend?

2 -Fisher
3- Deavan Geroge, Trevor Ariza
4 - Luke Walton
5 - Robert Horry, Jordan Farmar
6- Mo Evans
7- Lamar Odom
8- KB8
9- Nick Van Exel, Sun Yun
10- Lindsay Hunter
12- Vlade Divac
13- Chamberlain
14- Slava
16- Gasol
17 -Bynum
18 - The Machine
21- Turiaf, Powell
22 - Elgin Baylor
24- KB24
31- Mihm
32- Magic
33 - Kareem
34- Shaq
42- Big Game James
44- West
52 (I believe)- Samaki Walker
That's all I got right now.

John Hollinger is an @-hole.

By the way Celtic troll... We all know who you are. Morbidly obese man, in his 40s living at home with mom. Never had a gf. No friends. No job, no life.

Yeah, we've all seen it before. Sorry dude. Sorry that your life sucks. And to top it all of your a Celtics fan!

Yikes! Have great day and thanks for the laugh!


John Hollinger is an @-hole.

By the way Celtic troll... We all know who you are. Morbidly obese man, in his 40s living at home with mom. Never had a gf. No friends. No job, no life.

Yeah, we've all seen it before. Sorry dude. Sorry that your life sucks. And to top it all of your a Celtics fan!

Yikes! Have great day and thanks for the laugh!


People don't have love for Doctor Dre, Snoop Dogg and the Lakers?! Well, let it be known!

Let's Go C's

>>>The way your team is playing lately my team world
>>>champs Celtics will embarrased [sic] them ...

Hey, the troll is back! By "the way your team is playing", do
you mean going 10-1 without their starting center, including
beating your beloved Celtics on their home court?

As opposed to how your Celtics are playing lately, 7-3 in their
last 10, including losses to San Antonio and Utah, a 1 point
victory over the lowly Sixers, and an 8 point victory over mighty Minnesota.

Yeah, that really smacks of us getting embarassed.

I'm really looking forward to the Clippers giving the Celtics
a smackdown this Sunday. It never fails to amuse me to see
the look of dejection on Paul Pierce's face when he doesn't
have what it takes to lead his team to victory in the fourth (watch
replays of the end of the Utah game if you want to enjoy it).

>>> If the foul was called on Ray Allen it could have been
>>>1-1 not 2-0 in your favor.

Ah yes. Complaining about the foul. Ironically, Fish managed
to foul him from 2 feet away without actually touching him.

Ray was soft to miss the shot.

Paul Pierce was a soft 5-13 shooting

Let's Go C's is soft to claim that's why his team lost.

Lakers beat them with their Bynum tied behind their back.
It's too bad the C's won't be making the finals, as it would be
a joy to smack them down and see that Paul Pierce whiny face
four more times.

The best thing about Celtics fans is their incredibly short collective memory. Well, their short, selective, collective memory.

Your team has been irrelevant for 18+ years. Paula Pierce did NOTHING without Ray Ray and KG. Wanna talk embarrassing losses? How about your epic stretch earlier in the season--after the Lakers beat you on Christmas Day in front of a national audience--where you couldn't buy a win? And now you're digging in the dirt for Mikki Moore and expecting teams to be rattled? That's AWESOME. It's just another guy for Bynum to dunk on. Shoot, for PAU to dunk on. Hell, for ARIZA to dunk on. And after you sign Marburied, you can pretty much write off your season to a swift-moving cancer.

But let's just say you make it past Cleveland, which I find highly unlikely. You'll play your first two games in Los Angeles, and you'll lose both of them by large margins, and KG will scream at Bigger Baby, and he'll weep, and the big red-headed guy will hold Paula Pierce while he shudders and wishes with all of his wishes for a wheelchair to carry him away... And then you'll give up your beloved (and long-awaited) trophy on your home court, and that will be a thing of beauty, and I will celebrate by quaffing countless beverages until I can no longer remember what Paula even looks like, and justice will be served.

Go Lake Show!

>>>How can you explain the one sided wins by the Celts
>>>over the elite teams in the Western Conference in their
>>>home floor,

It's ironic that you think the 9th place team in the west who
you played without their starting PF is "elite".

Denver's a pretty good team. Congrats on laying the wood to

But if you want to refer to the elite teams in the West, that would
be the Lakers, Spurs, Trailblazers, Rockets, and Jazz. So what
did your team actually do against the real elite teams of the
West the last time they faced each of them?

That would go like this: lost, lost, lost, lost, lost.

Even if you want to throw in your wins over Denver & New Orleans,
the C's are 2-5 recently against the very best teams in the West.
Good thing you're making the panic moves. Maybe Starbury
and Moore could do something to help the team.

But don't get your hopes up, lil' softie.

It's never been cooler to be an irrelavent nba player.

Shelden Williams lands Candace Parker. Now Marko Jaric made it official and married Adriana Lima - in Jackson Hole?!?!?

On cross-generational comparions, apologies in advance if I'm posting two topics delayed, but I just came to work...

Thanks to The D for the props and the KBros for bringing up that topic.

Now, to beat the dead horse once again... In my mind, there is a difference between "best" and "greatest". The list that I gave out was my "greatest", but not "best". "Best" is a bit easier to spot (i.e. I think that Kobe is as good as Michael was), BUT greatness transcends "best", so Michael is much greater than Kobe at this point. Same thing with how Hakeem may have been a better player than Mikan, but Mikan, in my mind, is greater mainly due to his overall contribution to the game. And he was the anchor of the first Laker dynasty, put the NBA on the map, got threepeat. The guy was a winner.

One more thing on Magic: I didn't get to watch him in his prime (since cable was for the rich and NBA broadcasts were sparse at the time)... only got to see him during his comeback, when the Bulls were going 72-10. But I read in a book by Elliot Kalb (fun read, but take with a grain of salt), that, had Magic not prematurely retired due to AIDS or if MJ didn't go back to basketball after his first retirement, you could make a case for Magic above Michael.

5 titles in 9 appearances over 12+ seasons. 3-time MVP. Master of Showtime. Magic all the way!

Wasn't Sedale (the Thief!) Threatt number 3 as well?

paul pierce looks like that black dwarf on Howard Stern named Beetlejuice. damn he is one ugly thug.


How can you explain the lousy win you just had against the lowly Thunder? They came back from 18 points down to just one in the fourth quarter. Compare it with how the Celtics dismantled the elite team Denver. Your team cannot hold a candle against my beloved team. Watch out we got two good players in Moore and Marbury compare to your Morrison and Brown.
By the way LG I am not obese. I weight 142 pounds 5"8 medium built, I have a beautiful wife with two kids and have a modest home in Valencia. I work for the State of California with earnings more than yours for sure because I am a District Manager of the Glendale office. Do I need to say more huh?

Well since there's 14 players on the roster it's only right to mention Slava's #14 but I don't think anybody's worn that number since... I'm pretty sure they retired it forever in his honor. A nation's lonely eyes and all that.

Oh, and Chad had the comment of the day.

Let's go C's - " How can you explain the lousy win you just had against the lowly Thunder? "

Don't have to explain a VICTORY. Best road record in the league and all...



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