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Saturday morning cartoons

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Good morning from Europe
There is one thing that should bother Phil J; KB & Gasol are playing too much. Gasol made 90 min. in the last 2 games and remember both players started the season in July on the Pre olympics tournaments. If the lakers get to the finals they will play more than 120 games.( 6 Pre olympics+ 8 Olympics+ 8 pre nba season+ 82 regular season+20 or more playoffs ) in 11 months. I dont think they will be in good shape in June if Phil make them play more than 35 mins in regular season

There was an interesting discussion on AM570 yesterday on why no foul call was made on Derek’s physical defense on Allen’s last-second shot. Different referees would make close calls differently in different games and it is up to the players to adjust to those kind of close calls.

Derek would ‘push the envelope’ from the start of game on how physical his defense could be without committing a foul. Whenever a foul is called on him, he would discuss this with the official to determine exactly how he overstepped the limits. And with every call, Derek continues to ‘fine-tune’ his defense to a point that he can put that physical defense on Allen without committing a foul in the eyes of those officials.

I don't think Shaq coming back to L.A. would be such a great idea either. Besides, our team is gelling well together right now however, if there is a player I wouldn't mind coming back to the Lakers, it would be Washington Wizard's Caron Butler. But in order for that to happen, I'm sure the Lakers would need to get a third team involved since Washington wants attractive offers for Caron Butler and Kobe, Bynum and Gasol are off limits.

Since Phoenix is so eager to let Amare go, maybe a trade scenerio sending Amare to Washington along with maybe Grant Hill would be appealing. The Lakers of course would have to give up Lamar Odom in this scenerio but would Phoenix be willing to take him. Besides, Odom's 14+ Mil a year contract expires at the end of this year, which clears cap space for Phoenix for 2009-10. Only question comes to my mind now is, who could Washington give up to make this trade work. Etan Thomas???

If that's the case then nice strategy by Derek.

Like Chick Hearn have said:

"(There are) lots of referees in the building, only three getting paid:"

Them 3 are the ones who control the game so might as well get as much advice on how much physical you can be.

Smart strategy by Derek.


AK/BK, no podkast this week?

I love the trade machine, but I hate that even though I can trade VladRad, Mihm and Walton for AMare, it would never happen because of the length of VladRad's and Walton's contracts. I hope Kupchik doesn't trade LO.


Your link to the Broderick Turner article is the previous link duplicated.....

if Mihm gets torched on Sunday, we need to bring someone in to give Gasol some rest, that someone could be...

Let there be sound, and there was sound
Let there be light, and there was light
Let there be drums, there was drums
Let there be guitar, there was guitar
Let there be... KWAME BROWN!
Major minutes: With injured center Andrew Bynum sidelined for the next eight to 12 weeks, Jackson said he hopes to monitor Pau Gasol's minutes more carefully. Chris Mihm might be asked to play more minutes Sunday against the Cavaliers.

"I was talking to my staff about how to manage our bench a little bit better, so we can get Pau some rest," Jackson said. "Chris has some experience against Zydrunas Ilgauskas (they are former teammates with the Cavaliers). We'll see how that works out in the course of the game."

Another Great Chick Hearn Memory. Thanx Kobeblitz. Besides. from the look of things, Fish didn't foul while Allen took the shot, but did get a little physical on the dribble, something most referees wont call in the final seconds of a game. It did appear that Allen's shot was tipped by Pau Gasol which explains why his shot was very short.

Going back to trades, I'll take my stand back if this trade scenario happens. Portland is putting Outlaw SF in the market. He earns 3.8M and will get 4.0M soon. I'm sure you know what I'm driving up:

Luke Walton for Travis Outlaw plus 2nd rd draft pick

It is a win-win for Laker management to get out of the long term contract on Walton till 2012. it also opens up the floor and more marksmen added in the Lakers lineup that has a better field goal percentage. Blazers get an assist man to set up Fernandez, Roy and Aldrich.

If anything Allen pushed off.

They want blatant the Spurs game. Now those are blatant.

I love the trade machine, but I hate that even though I can trade VladRad, Mihm and Walton for AMare, it would never happen because of the length of VladRad's and Walton's contracts. I hope Kupchik doesn't trade LO.

Posted by: SteelMohawk

Not only that, but the Suns wouldn't get equal talent on the deal as well. I've been on the trade machine today as well, trying to put together some deals. The most difficult thing to do is to find players with expiring contracts because that is what Phoenix is looking to do. They intend on making cap space for the 2009-10 season.

As I stated earlier, the only player Phoenix may be willing to grab from the Lakers is Lamar Odom. Talent wise, Amare may have the edge on Odom, but Odom brings them an expiring contract, so it isn't such a bad deal. Seeing that Steve Kerr and Phil Jackson have a coach/Player relationship from the past, it could happen.

But even if that were to happen, where would Amare fit in this Lakers line up. When Bynum comes back from injury, will that clog up the middle or could Amare play a big three. Trade deadline is only less than two weeks away, so only time will tell.

This one's for you, Butler.

" Now out with an unrelated knee injury, Bynum was charged with a flagrant foul that was later upgraded by the NBA to the more serious flagrant-2 category.

“I don't think it was an intentional foul. I consider it a hard foul,” Wallace said of Bynum's elbow as Wallace drove the lane at Staples Center Jan.27. “To say he intended to hurt me, I don't think so.”

Wallace hasn't spoken directly with Bynum since the incident, but received a voice mail from Bynum, apologizing for the injury"

So much for your theory on Drew purposefully making a dirty play and this all being Karma. Even the player didn't think Drew was trying to hurt him, and Drew called to apologize.

Heard your team is trying to trade Shaq. What's that about, if he's all that? Just wondering.

Thanks and have a nice day -


Vlady Got Traded to Bobcats
for Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown

lakers just traded vlad rad for adam morrison and shannon brown according to hoopsworld. i kinda like it. vlad's contract is gone for a shooter in morrison and hopefully a defender in brown.

I've been a Lakers fan all my life and I think I've seen every game this year but if they trade for Shaq (or any other of those loser Suns) I'd be so upset I don't think I could watch another game for awhile.

Much to my pleasure, Shaq (and Kerr) have destroyed the Suns franchise. That Shaq trade will be as painful for them as giving birth to a porcupine - backwards. He's going to do more damage on his way out.

Drew or Pau may never be as dominant as Shaq in his prime but at least they show up in shape and you don't have to cringe when they're at the line late in a close game.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP)—The Charlotte Bobcats sent struggling forward Adam Morrison and reserve Shannon Brown to the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday for forward Vladimir Radmanovic.

The move is the third trade the Bobcats have made this season in a roster shakeup under first-year coach Larry Brown.

Morrison was the third overall pick of the 2006 draft and managing partner Michael Jordan’s first major move since buying into the Bobcats. But Morrison had failed to crack the starting lineup and his minutes had declined under Brown.

Morrison will give the Lakers an outside shooting threat, while the 6-foot-10 Radmanovic gives the Bobcats more depth up front.

Does this trade make any sense?

Just heard...VladRad to Bobcats for Adam Morrison & Shannon Brown??? Any comments?

I just saw Vlad for Adam Morrison of the Bobcats -- confirmed? If so, does this make sense?

I recieved a text from ESPN around 12:15 that Vlad Rad was traded for Adam MOrrison and Shannon Brown, I haven't found confirmation anywhere else.


Radmonovich for Morrison/brown.

Lakers traded Vlad for Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown.

I don't get it. For either team. Can someone explain the financial detail?

How many years on Brown's & Morrison's contract? Thats the only thing that would make sense

I may be wrong...but both Morrisson & Brown have expiring contracts this year, so definitely financially motivated.

Brown played well in that last game where we lost to the Bobcats. Scored 14 pts in 22 min off the bench. 6-11 shooting, 2-5 from 3 points. I will have to go back to my DVR to see how he plays defense (thank goodness I added a terabyte hard drive to my DVR).



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