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Radmanovic for Brown and Morrison- Quick thoughts

Vlad_radmanovic Hey y'all.  Just got home to see the news that the Lakers have pulled off another Gasol-esque blockbuster!  Okay, maybe not, but today's trade that sent Vladimir Radmanovic to Charlotte for Adam Morrison (still lovingly referred to by my wife as "Wah-Wah Baby") and Shannon Brown could be one of those stealth moves that benefit the Lakers down the road. 

A few thoughts:

  • This trade has very little to do with personnel, and virtually everything to do with the re-allocation of financial resources.  Vlad Rad is making about $6 mil this season, $6.5 in the next next, and has a player option- fair bet he'll exercise it- for nearly $7 million in 2010-2011.  Brown is an expiring contract at a hair under $800K, and Morrison makes $4.15 million this year, 5.25 next season. So there's a couple mil in savings this year and next, but the big prize is that the Lakers can now spend the money slotted for Radmanovic's option year on a player they'd actually like to have.  Trevor Ariza, for example.  Remember, because the Lakers are and will remain over the luxury tax threshold, every dollar they spend above it becomes two, magnifying the importance of giving it to the right players.  In real dollars, we're talking, what, about $13 or $14 million that can be spent somewhere else?  Not bad.
  • Morrison also becomes a potentially useful expiring deal the Lakers can flip next season, should the opportunity arise.
  • Vlad's time as an important, contributing member of the rotation was clearly over.  He wasn't going to get much playing time for Phil Jackson, and that being the case it was better to find him a new home. To his credit, Radmanovic didn't make a stink in the media about his PT, but it's clear he wasn't happy with a situation that seemed unlikely to change much. Psychologically, it's a good move for all involved. 
  • On the court, barring injury don't expect either of the new guys to make much of an impact. Of the two, I think Brown is more likely to play spot minutes down the road, if only because he's far stronger, more athletic and is a better defender.  (For those who think Luke Walton can't defend, wait until you get a look at Morrison!)  On the other hand, he's not a true point guard, and doesn't shoot the ball particularly well as a two.  There's a chance a system like the triangle could benefit Morrison down the road, taking advantage of those things he (theoretically) does well while masking some of his athletic deficiencies.  Maybe. 
  • That said, in practical terms, when it comes to this year's rotation, the trade's greatest impact will be seen in garbage time.

For what it's worth, the guy with the best NBA pedigree is headed for Charlotte, but before complaining that Mitch didn't get "equal value," remember a) pedigree is relative, and b) Vlad's contract was a major poison pill. To get out from the mistake without having to take on equally bad long-term salary makes the deal a net positive, especially since the practical, on court impact is small.  Could there be moments where Vlad's long-range shooting would come in handy?  Sure... but the Lakers showed they were just fine with Radmanovic tethered to the bench as well. 

Fans looking for Impact! are going to be disappointed, until the off-season comes and the Lakers have more flexibility to negotiate with Ariza and Lamar Odom, or anyone else that strikes their fancy.  In the salary cap/luxury tax era, solid planning can pay huge dividends down the road.

Here's PJ's reaction on the deal, from


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BK is working on a formal post at the moment, but a few thoughts of my own (some of which mirror his)...

1) From a business standpoint (which I think the deal was largely about), this could make it easier to resign Trevor Ariza, which I know is a very high priority for the Lakers. Shannon Brown's 800 K deal expires and Morrison makes about a mil less than Vlad per season (and for one less year, unless the Lakers make a qualifying offer). Thus, they're committed two mil less on the payroll next year, which is really four mil, when you think about the luxury tax implications. That 4 mil saved immediately (not to mention the six mil due to Vlad in 2010) could make committing to Ariza less financially painful. And I'm pretty sure I speak for about 97% of you when I saw, I really want them to bring back Trevor.

2) In terms of how this effects the Lakers on the court this season, my guess is, save injuries forcing extra PT for Morrison or Brown, my guess is, very little. I don't actually expect either guy to get a ton of run, unless they just come on like gangbusters. But Vlad wasn't playing much anyway, so along those lines, if they don't play, nothing really changes. Really, the only guy whose minutes I see picking up a little more would be Ariza's (since PJ had been giving Vlad an odd, rather obligatory five or so minutes late in the second quarter that typically belonged to TA) and maybe Luke Walton, although I doubt it. But otherwise, I think everything will remain more or less as is.

3) As a person, I really liked Vladdy a lot and will be sorry to see him go. But he had grown very unhappy with his situation, and while I credit him for handling it better than, say, Smush Parker, this issue likely would have festered. If not this season, certainly down the road. Vlad and PJ clearly didn't see eye to eye and that wasn't about to change. The Lakers needed to move him (and I think have wanted to for a while), but I was skeptical they'd find any takers, between the length of his deal and the erratic inconsistency/flightiness he's demonstrated throughout his career. This worked out pretty well, in my mind.

I'm wondering if Vlad should have never lost the orange shades. He seemed to be at his best while wearing them.

4) It's a pity they could have made this deal last year, so at least Ronny Turiaf and his close ex-Zag buddy could have enjoyed the fun of playing together at the pro level.

5) I wish Vlad all the best. Good dude. Wish it could have worked here better for him.

Anyway, I'll throw out a little more later, but those are the first things that hit my mind.


At some point they are going to miss Vlad's Length and quickness, but really all this does is hurt our "bench strength"

Its good you found some good out of it, in terms of next year's trade chip, because these guys are both in the "project" stage.

I am tired of hearing that Morrison was the 3rd guy picked in a draft, at the time it made no sense to pick him that high. But MJ wanted him, so not only was he slow, and awkward, he got the kiss of death from MJ.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that VladRad was in the doghouse. His contribution vs his salary was as big an issue as his inconsistency.

Morrison was a monster in college and he will benefit from a new home. Brown is an enigma.

I like this deal. Since I didn't see it coming, I'm wondering if another shoe will drop before the deadline.

I thought we could only get a couple of basketballs and a few bottle of Gatorades for Vlad. Good trade by Mitch.

A few people seem disappointed that the trade is "just" for cap space/money. Don't be. In today's NBA, cap space/luxury tax issues are a huge part of roster building. Dead weight hurts bad for teams like the Lakers who are almost always at or above the threshold.


"For those who think Luke Walton can't defend, wait until you get a look at Morrison!"


I can already see the vitriolic posts gushing from Laker Nation.

Adam has the potential to become another Smush Parker if this thing isn't managed right.

Let's hope for the best.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Rick Friedman,

"I like this deal. Since I didn't see it coming, I'm wondering if another shoe will drop before the deadline."

Never say never, but I doubt it. I think the front office likes this team (as well they should) and I doubt they want to tinker too much with it (as well they shouldn't).

Could another trade like this happen? Maybe. But considering how little it affects the on-court issues, I don't know if this really counted as a "shoe." Maybe a sandal. Or a flip flop. haha


"BK is working on a formal post "

This is supposed to be a FORMAL post, and you start it off with "Hey, y'all" instead of a "Ladies and gentlemen", "Dear Sir or Madam", or "To whom it may concern"? What's up with that?

It's too bad Vlad didn't live up to his potential as a Laker. He was a really solid player with the Sonics and Clippers. He was probably a victim of the Glen Rice syndrome - shooters who excel in open offenses but falter in the Triangle.

Overall, a good move by Mitch to free up cap space to bring Trevor back. Now if only Mitch can get Phoenix to give up Amare for LO and change...

Steelmohawk, not for nothing but Vladi has the shortest arms for any 6'10 player I have ever seen so I dont know about him and length being in the same sentence...Besides, he missed way too many chippies, has no post up game -- he is what he is a spot up some timey shooter..He will do well in Larry's system, 10-15 mins a game..

Actually my only disappointment in the trade was that now we won't be able to do the LO and Vlad for Shaq deal I was hoping for......

Can you confirm that Morrison's 2009/10 year is a team option?

If it is, great for us. If not, his expiring contract can be a much more valuable trading chip for the Lakers in the great dump of players for teams who want to make a run at the 2010 free agents.


"getting Amare for Vlad/Walton!! "

wow. thats just dumb. PHX is not going to help out the Lakers. Especially when the Lakers are doing better than PHX. Only if both teams were sucking bad would they trade with each other. I know everyone is on the table in PHX except Nash, but PHX does not want to help out the Lakers in any way. "Amare for Vlad/Walton"??? come on!

"So we traded Rad Vlad right before the Cavs game, a player who can score 25 points on a hot night for two players who are going to sit on the bench."

wow. thats retarded too. Vlad getting 25??? come on, people. thats just embarrassing to me that Laker fans think that.

" I just hope Vlad doesn't consider that a revenge game and rain 3-point bombs on us..."

wow. Yeah,... right. He may hit two 3's. 3 max. No more than that. We will have someone on him. We know how he works. He used to hurt the Lakers when he was in Seattle, but I don't see that happening again. This Laker team is far better than that team was. And how often does Vlad really "make it rain"?

Now the Lakers can finally be free of Vlad's expensive and long contract! More doe to negotiate on Ariza and Lamar. Morrison is a project with some potential. Under a great coaching staff with the Lakers, if Morrison can develop, he will. If not, then after 2010 he is traded with his expiring contract. Brown just may be dumped after this year to save doe. However Brown does great against the Lakers, so he may show something, maybe not.

Jay Jay, I cannot see Shaq McWhack comin back. Burned that bridge and then if they did I would have to like him again and I dont know if I want to do that!! LOL

This move seems to be all about signing Ariza and possibly Odom in the summer. Speaking of Ariza, what happened to him against the Celtics??? He played 10 mins and sat at the end of the bench moping while the rest of the team was standing up and cheering. This left Luke and Derek guarding Allen and Pierce. Noone is covering this story but something happened there for sure.

Laker Larry,

I'll work on more confirmation, but from what I've read (Hoopshype, ESPN), Morrison has one guaranteed season beyond this one, then the Lakers would need to make a qualifying offer to keep him for the 2011 season. It'll be up to them whether or not to do it.


Brilliant trade, I thought about the financial implications the second I heard it. Ariza is a HUGE part of our team and someone we NEED to keep for the rest of his career. This almost assures that we re-sign Ariza.

Random question, when does Farmar's contract run up? For some reason I thought rookies had three year contracts but from the look of Morrison's contract (same draft class as Farmar), he has a four year deal. Does Jordan have a four year contract too? Thanks...


Lakers were already overstocked at the SF position. Ariza, Walton, Kobe, Sasha, LO can all play SF.
It was nice to see Vlad raining 3s at times but also frustrating when he missed simple plays on defense by pure lack of focus.
The theory of Vlad opening up the court for the Big 2 inside seems to have been thrown aside for the moment in favor of Luke's ability to make good entry passes to the Big 2. Perhaps, the Laker coaching staff is now satisfied that Bynum and Gasol have found a way to get inside spacing for both.
The Farmar injury proved we were too shallow in the PG position.
We might get a player, Brown, who might see some minutes at guard and play defense. PJ likes those 6'4" and up guards for defense.
Morrison might not ever see any PT this year, but as a 3rd draft pick shooter, could be a project over the summer, or trade bait next year.
As someone noted, this just means more minutes for Ariza, and more money for Ariza and maybe LO at the end of the year.
Or how about LO, Morrison and Brown to Phoenix for Shaq? That would shake up the basketball world.
As long as Kobe says OK to that deal, it could happen.

video of Phil's thoughts.

"At some point they are going to miss Vlad's Length and quickness"

now that's funny.

oops, sorry. the phil video originally wasnt there.

Well, this should improve Trevor Ariza and, possibly, Lamar Odom's play.

Both know that the Lakers are willing to make big moves to try and keep them.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Okay, if Morrison's contract is only guaranteed through next year, then his contract becomes much more valuable at next year's trading deadline to all those teams trying to clear cap space for a run at free agents. I think there might be a lot of good players available at a discount from teams that feel like they can make a run at some of the big name free agents.

I think a lot of teams will be dumping pretty decent players in hopes they can compete in that free agent market. This could be a great time for the Lakers to solidify some of their weaknesses in the backup positions, i.e. at guards.


I will concur with you on one issue.

Michael Jordan is an AWFUL General Manager.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


LO, Morrison and Brown for Shaq. I think the salaries match and Phoenix gets 2 (or 3?) expiring contracts.
(with Bynum out) First unit: Kobe, Fish, Shaq, Luke, Gasol. Instant championship material. All triangle and Phil Jackson experts. All veterans. All can play physical versus Celtics and clobber LaBronz to the floor.
2nd unit: Jordan, Sasha, Mihm, Ariza, Powell. Still a darn good 2nd unit. Garbage time: Sun Yue.
When Bynum comes back, Shaq goes to 2nd unit and does not play in 2nd game of back2backs.
Can you imagine how good Bynum is going to be trying to show up Shaq? Remember their memorable first game versus each other.

I like this move a lot nothing to loose so much to gain if it pans out, sort of like the Cook-Ariza trade mind you.

This is all in preparation of Bynum dominating the inside for years to come. Don't forget this guy AMMO is the 3rd pick in the draft in 06 was out in 07 is it possible that he just have not found the right basketball system for him in the NBA. He averaged 28 pts in college. More importantly he is young and coachable.

Shannon Brown mix:

Adam Morrison mix (college):


Thanks for the video.

Phil doesn't seem to be boiling over with enthusiasm in talking about the trade. He seems to be restraining an appearance of regret.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


If Jordan or Fish get hurt, we will see a lot more of Shannon Brown and be happy for it. Sun is not ready, Sasha should not handle the ball too much.

Nice insurance move Mitch.


Ariza got banged up in the previous game. I think Phil was protecting him.

Phil doesn't get excited about anything, especially young players. But you gotta know he's psyched to be rid of Vlad. Not Phil's kind of guy.

WHO in the world thinks we are going to trade for Shaq? LOL! Yeah, I can see Shaq running out on a fast break... and oh yeah, that little thing about his ENORMOUS salary... puleeese.... and Amare? WHERE would he play? That doesn't make any sense either...

Call me crazy but I think the Stashe could become our starting SF next year. Again, Ariza doesn't want to start, Walton is a LOCK to have injury problems and in certain lineups, especially the starting unit with Bynum in there, the SF slot needs to be a good 3 point shooter and Walton has been iffy on that this year.

If we re-build the Stashe's confidence, he would be another guy willing to take shots with the game on the line, we definitely need another guy like that.

When was the last time a championship team made a deal mid-season? I don't mean an impact Gasol for example, but something in the line of fillers.

I'm tempted to say this is a way to shore up the guard than anything. Morrison might be the big name, but considering where he's at right now, and considering where Vlad could have brought us? I think it's a shore up guard spot.

Unfortunately having not played in the triangle, the chances of either playing are slim to none. For some of us that means more Luke and Sun (shudders lol).

Seriously though, I don't think we'll know how good or bad this deal is, not in the short run certainly...perhaps not in a year either. But when (haha) we win the championship this year, it'll all be moot.

There's some sort of irony in the mix in this...

Vlad was the first "big" free agent signing we made in this "era." Now he's off the team.

In hindsight maybe they should have just voided his contract back in his slalom days. I mean the end result is pretty much the same.

Am I missing something? Why aren't more people talking about the fact that Shaq's 22 million dollar contract comes off the book in 2010? Wouldn't a contract of that magnitude coming off the books free up some room for some major signings in the most talked about free agent class ever? Can someone enlighten me on how this couldn't help a team looking to make a splash with a player such as Lebron or Dwade?

Jay Jay,

you saying Mr. Walton is the best passer on the team brought me to my knees with laughter and tears to my eyes (tears for several reasons actually)...

Pau, for one is a much better and consistent passer than Mr. Walton.... I would probably rate Mr. Walton in the middle (maybe a little better than middle) of the pack or so of passers on our team...

turnover ratios are misleading because not every turn over is pass related---ie some of Mr. Walton's turnovers, for example, are from getting stuffed by smaller players, as well as bigger ones naturally, and some ( though thankfully not all) of his shots are turnovers in my mind...maybe that makes his passing turn over ratio better?---it seems to me he makes 1 brilliant pass, 1 pretty good pass, some mediocre passes, and 2 to 3 really crapy passes per game...

then again next to Rad, Lamar, and Ariza, Mr. Walton looks like Magic Johnson in the passing department...

this isn't meant to be a Walton dish, so please Walton lovers don't waste your fingers frantically typing---I am ultimately stating that I don't think he is best passer on the team...


ugh. don't even think about getting Amare for anyone. I wouldn't even exchange dj mbenga for Amare.

Stoudemire is a great talent but his problem is in the head.

His bad for the locker room and he is a chemistry spoiler.

I also think he is kind of dumb. and low iq.

just read the comments he has been making in the media.

no sir. Lakers don't need him.

The moment Amare becomes a Laker will be the start to the path of decadence.


>>> Vlad is a professional...

You and I rarely disagree, but this is one of those times. Vlad lost his status as a professional when he lied about the snowboarding. I believe in 2nd chances, but lieing says a great deal about a person. He never delivered with the consistency required on either offense or defense. He was always at the bottom of the list in my fantasy basketball league at draft time.

* * * * * * *


>>> I don't know if this really counted as a "shoe." Maybe a sandal. Or a flip flop. haha

I'm just wondering if both Morrison and Brown plus another player might be flipped right away for something more as real insurance for the playoff run. That would be cleaner than an always complicated 3-way trade.
Just a thought, but you're right. Management does like this team. This is just an odd way to use that 15th slot.

Morrison needs to put on...oh.....25 pounds of muscle. No, maybe 15 is more reasonable. haha

Shaq and his paid, old man days off sitting in his rocking chair can stay in Phoenix, thank you very much.

Seriously, shouldn't the guy have to give a game check every time he sits out because he's too old and broken down...?

Epic Fail! Do Not Want!

Jon K
Trade Sun Yue for who? He makes too little money $442,114. Plus a team option for next year. He might be gone next year. At least I hope he is...

Well per our conversation, the Lakers did eventually trade for Vlad. It wasn't a move for an impact player this season (Nocioni for Vlad Mihm was my proposed trade) which is in line to my thoughts of let vlad free and concentrate for next year.

Jon K and laker_sth
I know you guys are worried about them picking up the offense. Trevor did and he played one year of college ball and was at orlando and new york for short term. He found his role. Luke during his first year at least in play running was decent. (I still think Luke shouldn't in bounding the ball at a critical in game moments, especially when we have timeouts to use) Vlad never did and he has been in the league for years. We tried. He did not even play in the Boston Game.

I understand some people during the live chat may have thought I was crazy; (during the Toronto game) speculating about a trade. But I felt Vlad was next to go. (Sticking my tongue out in that Napoleon Dynamite kind off way. Do eagles have sharp talons?)

Overall, I like the salary move. I agree with the K Brothers. Keep Ariza.

This is the clean up mess from the Proto-Renaissance years of the Bobbit-Tierre/Kwame Brown, Radmanovich, Cook, Parker, Divac, Brian Grant, McKey, Jones, Jim Jackson got the Mitch Ritchmond Bryon Russell Tracy Murray treatment, Laron Profit/Mo Evans who I thought played decent, Shamond Wailliams Atkins diet.

I didn't list George and Slava because we won with them. But they both should have gone to B-ball purgatory. Actually they did. Mavericks and European league for pro wrestlers.

I feel people are going to be shocked at how good Adam will be offensively and how horrible he is defensively. (Especially for next year.) Morrison reminds me of the small forward version of White Chocolate. If anything, it's a sexy trade but might be a cog for a big impact player this year or next.

Mitchy boi! Keep it coming. You make me believe that Wade will be out PG/SG along side Kobe during his early to mid 30's. And Le Bron will wish he we will be traded like Laron to the Lakers.

Rick F,

The guy was berated, ostracized and stuff (lol) by PJ night in and night out. The guy made a mistake sure, but considering the good that he does, how he tries, he was just left off the starting spot without any explanation...oh and by the way we were winning then. For Luke! Sure Luke can pass, but lost in all this is we made it all the way to the finals with Vlad in the starting spot. Granted he played like 13 minutes (not sure), and Sasha /Kobe really played the bulk of the minutes...but still.

He also never talked out of hand in the media about how he was being treated. He could have complained about playing time, he could have talked about "being a leader" per Smush haha, but he didn't. That makes him a professional in my book.

Frankly some part of me isn't surprised. Because like I said, if I'm him, I'd have asked for a trade...but since we're in championship contention mode and I want to win a ring, I'd even take PJ crap (if I were him) and let things go.

Paul Lee! Good to hear from you. Long time no read. I'm good, I'm feeling a 6-0 roadie. And a shocker tomorrow. It'll be sweet to shut the pundits :-) Kinda worried about the defense Bynum to make up for our mistakes so it makes it that much more tougher overall for our Morrison. You?

Ahhhh... It all make sense.Now we know why Bynum wasted Wallace!

And larry Brown? Well he was nice about it becasue he immediately saw a chance to get rid of Morrison who he couldnt stand knowing they'd need to trade for a starting small forward.

Sometimes stuff just falls into place.

It is worth remembering Vlad played big minutes on our Bynumless finals roster...but in reality this shouldnt matter with Ariza.My goodness Adam Morrison is bad but hopefully he'll progress.My guess is he wont see much time.

Now if only the Lakers would trade Luke Walton.

He makes several bonehead plays a game, but I guess PJ has a soft spot for him over Vlad.

quoting the famous words of Billy Preston

"Nothing from nothing leaves nothing"


"and Amare? WHERE would he play?"

How about power forward? Even if Drew comes back later this season, he likely won't be nearly as effective as he was right before the injury. Drew would come off the bench with Pau and Amare starting.

Amare's athleticism and power would be a great complement to Pau's finesse game. Can you imagine a lineup featuring Kobe, Pau and Amare? That is a guaranteed championship lineup, even without Drew.

I can see how this is a low risk, high reward trade. But we traded a statistically average NBA for two guys who should never come off the bench. Even if Vlad rotted on the bench he was still more valuable sitting there, as far as this season goes, if there were to be any injuries. Now if they lock up Ariza AND Odom, this will be a great trade for the franchise. IF they just lock up Ariza, it will be an OK-to-good trade for the franchise, as far as this year goes, unless their games change over night, they should be behind Yue on the bench, because neither has shown they can play night in night out in the NBA.

WIll I miss Vlad? Maybe, he has made key plays for some wins this year, Will I enjoy seeing Ariza play 3-10 minutes more? yes! Do I hope Powell will get more time too? Heck yeah I do! But if the Lakers are leading by 15 points or less, I will freak out if either of these guys is on the floor.

Before everyone dismisses Morrison so quickly, remember he averaged almost 12 points his rookie season before an ACL injury in an exhibition against the Lakers ended his 2008 season. Now back with Larry Brown, he doesn't fit that system and hardly plays. Maybe a change of venue and being on a winning team will bring back the Old Morrison. If not we gid rid of Vlad? What's the risk, the Lakers would have given away that awful contract for nothing anyways, now we get a guy who if he gets his confidence back, could be a great role player down the line.

"He seems to be restraining an appearance of regret."

Jon K

I think you're reading too much in to this whole thing. Vlad Rad hasn't played significant minutes in quite some time so I'm still not certain why you're so upset about all of this.

Not an earth shaker, but I think this is a good move. For nothing else, the Lakers moved a unhappy player with no future on this team, who had two more years on his contract. Also, the lakers traded one outside shooter, looking for a more consistent outside shooter. Neither are known for their defense. Early in his Michigan State career, Brown (A former McDonald's All-American) was mostly known for his intense on the ball defense. Considered to have outstanding athleticism with a throw in contract. . Bottom line, saves lakers money in long run and a new coach, new system for morrison and brown might redirect their careers.

This is [a] rare mistake by Kupchak if it wasn't driven by Phil's exasperation with Vlad or, as BK suggested, preemptive cap planning.

Because Morrison -- if he isn't instantly stroking Js off the bench -- is essentially unplayable. At 6-8 with webbed feet and a 2-yr rebounding rate (TRB%) of 6%, Morrison IS the textbook definition of WUSS.

Morrison makes Vlad look like Hakeem, Luke the 2nd coming of Lambeer.

In fact, Morrison is the FREAK OF WEAK.

How freaky? Freaky enough that Morrison stands ALONE among NBA players over the last 10 years who were 6-8 or taller, averaged 20+ minuters per game yet only managed a rebound rate of less than 6.1% [ ].

But what does THAT mean? It means, for example, that Morrison (1.6 rpg) immediately ties Chris Mihm (1.6 rpg) for DEAD LAST in rebounds per game among active Laker players who've logged more than 30 minutes this season.

Yes that means, LESS than Fish. LESS than Sasha. LESS than Farmar.And, probably, less than Mbenga or Sun Yue if they got the minutes Morrison wasted at Charlotte.

But, if [their] RPGs are identical, isn't Mihm just as bad (or "freaky") as Morrison?


Mihm has only appeared in 15 games for a total of 77 minutes and 24 boards to get his average of 1.6. -- vs. Morrison's 44 games, 667 minutes and -- gulp -- 72 *total* boards.

I mean, how is it even PHYSICALLY possible to be 6-8, average 24 minutes per game, but ony 2.5 boards over your brief though gifted-with-minutes career unless you're RUNNING AWAY from the ball, potential contact or opposing players?


Vlad sure did get the PJ shaft and why? Beacuse he played no D? As if Luke is Mr. Handcuffs. I would much rather have Vladdy playing 15 minutes that Luke especially if as PJ says we're just a good offensive team. Once Luke gets hurt again, AMMO will get his shot at starting. He's not as good as Vlad but like everyone is saying, he's cheaper. Now Luke's contract becomes the next albatross in line.

I think this is a much better trade than some people are making it out to be. The salary cap issues alone make it a winner, but both players have a good shot of contributing to the team. Morrison needed a change of scenery, where the Kwame Brown Redux talk isn't brought up every time he made a bad play on defense. Morrison was a great college player, and even though he is nowhere near a true #3 caliber player, he has a great shot. Shannon Brown is a decent combo guard who can play mop up late in games and not look as out of place as Sun does. The trade also will allow Josh Powell to log more minutes, as he moves up the depth chart.

Best case scenario: Morrison learns the triangle and contributes a minor amount down the stretch this year and then plays more significant minutes in 2009-2010.

Worst case scenario: In Game 7 of the finals, Morrison is on the court due to injuries and fouls, and the Celtics come back from a 10 pt. deficit with a minute left to play. Morrison falls to the floor, screaming like a baby.


"Trade Sun Yue for who? He makes too little money $442,114. Plus a team option for next year. He might be gone next year. At least I hope he is..."

If possible, I would trade Sun Yue for a second round draft pick to a team where he actually might get some playing time.

We gave up a lot of draft picks in the Gasol trade and Sun Yue isn't really being given an opportunity to play and, thus, improve.

So, trade him to a bottom rung team and we get a high second round pick as a result.

That's my two cents.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Ugh, Morrison? Seriously? That guy is garbage, and if he wins a ring this year riding the coattails of the Lakers a horrible karmic injustice will have been committed.

I hope they cut him immediately. Seriously. Get him off my f'n team ASAP!!!!

This is so depressing. I can't deal, just destroyed a lot of the good feelings I had about this team this year with one fell swipe of a pen.

Please Mitch, cut Morrison immediately, who cares about the contract, he has NOTHING to contribute to our team and having him on it will only bring bad things, very very bad things.

there is absolutely no way Phil regrets cutting Vlad loose. He would have sent him to the D-League if he could, so far in the doghouse was he.

We gave up... 2... draft picks in the Gasol trade, and one of them was 2008's first round (the other is 2010's first round, which I doubt will be anything below 25th). And keeping Sun Yue on the roster probably pays for itself with the incremental boost of revenue from Chinese viewers. The one guy I would consider moving is M'Benga, since he actually has some value at 7'1" and hasn't gotten any playing time (literally 1 game for 3 minutes).

This is a smart move and for those wah wah we lost Rad remember;

Radmanovich only is a shooter. From time to time goes to the basket but is uncommon. He steals but steals is NOT a sign of true defense.

Kobe=Plays defense. After stopping gambling early in the season he set his sights on real defense and has done supurb. Trevor is the next best perimeter defender but is very intent on stealing the ball. That hinders the real ability to play "lockdown" defense that Kobe does. That's why Wade and Lebron got through him while they had a hard time against Kobe who did not seek to steal the ball as much.

That's it. He's a poor passer and unless he is given the ball more can't be much as much use (for those who say he wasn't properly used). Radmanovich was good as a 6th man and considering this team has:

Kobe Bryant
Pau Gasol
Andrew Bynum
Lamar Odom
Sasha Vujacic
Jordan Farmar
Trevor Ariza

and people accuse Jackson of not getting him involved WHEN THERE ARE BETTER OPTIONS THAN VLAD?? Crazy thoughts and I didn't include Walton in that list neither.

Also some suggest he plays good defense........

Game 1, 2, 3, and 6 of the Finals Pierce MANHANDLED Vlad and put him in foul trouble in the 1st quarter. That not only forced Kobe to the SF early on (putting Sasha out) but also play more ball handling guard and having the responsibility to guard Pierce instead of Allen/Rondo.

Fouls is NOT a good sign of great defense. Yes that includes hard fouls that are short being called flagrant fouls.

There are those who bag on LO for that game tying shot of Diaw. Understandable but Vlad did it TWICE this season (Pacers game and Heat game).

That's it. Vlad is a nice guy and is a shooter. When he's cold he is more of a liability than Luke on his cold shooting night (at least Luke can pass the damn ball still). Vlad helps out too much at times and did a poor job at defensive rotations.

I really liked Vlad short of that snowboarding incident. He was a terrific guy and I was actually considering going to that charity event that he hosted back in November. I am actually glad that he didn't do a Smush Parker and complain in public about his PT.

Having said that Vlad is not some Toni Kukoc dude that we thought he was. Kukoc was the 3rd option on the Bulls and was a GREAT 6th man. Vlad was a solid 6th man yet he couldn't become a great shooting shooter that Kukoc was.

This deal was a very financial one and at the very least will give us salary to use to resign Trevor, Lamar, or even another free agent (and help re sign Kobe if he opts out). And while Morrison has not yet panned out there is POTENTIAL that he could. He was great in college and on that Gonzaga team he was their leader. If he could figure out the wing then there is a shot he could get some playing time.

Vlad was a great guy and a shooter when he was shooting well. But it's pure nonsense that he could become the next Toni Kukoc.


This is a huge steal. Look...Morrison hasn't even played enough in the league to know what he can be. He clearly is a playmaker, even if he lacks defensive skills and a mid-range shot. He is a no-lose. He either works really hard and become great, or hits the road as a trade next season.

Radmanovic was one of the worst free-agent signings the Lakers have made. He was way overpriced, and not even needed. His offense is far below average for a SF, with his only real plus his height to shooting range ratio. He plays defense like a 6-2 150lbs center. But the Lakers already had 3 SFs and 2 other guys who could plays SF who were all at least as good. So why'd they throw big money at a guy that couldn't even find a place to play on a horrible Seattle team?

Basically, the Lakers dumped a mistake and got a #3 draft pick reclaimation project. No downsides anywhere.

Question: what in basketball are the Bobcats thinking now? They got stuck with a bad contract and a mediocre player in exchange for a good contract and at least a hope of a better future...



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