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Purple and Gold Academy Awards

February 22, 2009 | 12:31 pm

In the spirit of tonight's Oscars ceremony, the Los Angeles Examiner's Colin Ward-Henninger doled out Oscars basketball-related golden men among the purple and gold, tabbing various players as the equivalent of "Best Actor" (Kobe Bryant, natch), Best Supporting Actor (Luke Walton), Best Director (Phil Jackson), Best Foreign Picture (Pau Gasol), etc.  Fun stuff, and as most readers know, I love me some movies (although I can take or leave the absurdly long Academy Awards show itself), so I decided to hand out a few more trophies.  Without further adieu, some more Oscar glory...

Best Visual Effects: He's barely been a Laker for two weeks, but Shannon Brown's block on Mario West made him the champ among those making plays that seemed impossible with the use of a green screen, computer and stunt man.

Best Makeup: Not in the "cosmetics" sense, but rather the makeup of a person.  Their essence, if you will.  And along those lines, Derek Fisher is holding the statue.  Every championship team needs a source of leadership, accountability and conscious to take cues from, on and off the court.  Fish more than fits the bill.

Best Documentary: Luke Walton for his gut wrenching, soul searching reflection throughout the harrowing series, "Life with Luke." 


Technically speaking, D.J. Mbenga is being awarded for last season's work.  But this segment about his life before making the NBA is truly a must see.  If you ever need a little perspective when the chips feel down, give this clip a gander.  You'll likely decide your life ain't all that bad. 

Best Score: I can't declare a winner with absolute certainty, having never taken a formal listen to his iPod myself. But judging by the amount of time spent donning head phones and the attention paid to his playlists, Josh Powell appears the winning "composer" of sorts.

Best Original Song:
Another dude being rewarded for 2008.  And he's not even donning a Laker uni anymore. But who among us wasn't left jawdropped by the lyrical genius that was Ronny Turiaf's musical tribute to Sasha Vujacic?

Best Costume Design:
Ward-Henninger already tabbed the Laker girls and I'd be lying if I claimed to have much beef with their... er...wardrobe. But I'm gonna disagree with his runner up (Sasha Vujacic for his headbands).  Honorable mention must go Lamar Odom's way.  To say the least, the man has a fashion flair all of his own.  As just about every other Laker has conceded, he's the only guy in that locker room who'd dare attempt a purple and gold suit/hoodie combo, much less pull it off (more or less).

Original Screenplay: Assuming it shakes out the way I'm hoping (and honestly think it can), the 2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers season.  However, for the sake of avoiding a jinx, I declare the statue unclaimed until mid-June.

Of course, feel free to disagree or add any more winners.