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Purple and Gold Academy Awards

In the spirit of tonight's Oscars ceremony, the Los Angeles Examiner's Colin Ward-Henninger doled out Oscars basketball-related golden men among the purple and gold, tabbing various players as the equivalent of "Best Actor" (Kobe Bryant, natch), Best Supporting Actor (Luke Walton), Best Director (Phil Jackson), Best Foreign Picture (Pau Gasol), etc.  Fun stuff, and as most readers know, I love me some movies (although I can take or leave the absurdly long Academy Awards show itself), so I decided to hand out a few more trophies.  Without further adieu, some more Oscar glory...

Best Visual Effects: He's barely been a Laker for two weeks, but Shannon Brown's block on Mario West made him the champ among those making plays that seemed impossible with the use of a green screen, computer and stunt man.

Best Makeup: Not in the "cosmetics" sense, but rather the makeup of a person.  Their essence, if you will.  And along those lines, Derek Fisher is holding the statue.  Every championship team needs a source of leadership, accountability and conscious to take cues from, on and off the court.  Fish more than fits the bill.

Best Documentary: Luke Walton for his gut wrenching, soul searching reflection throughout the harrowing series, "Life with Luke." 


Technically speaking, D.J. Mbenga is being awarded for last season's work.  But this segment about his life before making the NBA is truly a must see.  If you ever need a little perspective when the chips feel down, give this clip a gander.  You'll likely decide your life ain't all that bad. 

Best Score: I can't declare a winner with absolute certainty, having never taken a formal listen to his iPod myself. But judging by the amount of time spent donning head phones and the attention paid to his playlists, Josh Powell appears the winning "composer" of sorts.

Best Original Song:
Another dude being rewarded for 2008.  And he's not even donning a Laker uni anymore. But who among us wasn't left jawdropped by the lyrical genius that was Ronny Turiaf's musical tribute to Sasha Vujacic?

Best Costume Design:
Ward-Henninger already tabbed the Laker girls and I'd be lying if I claimed to have much beef with their... er...wardrobe. But I'm gonna disagree with his runner up (Sasha Vujacic for his headbands).  Honorable mention must go Lamar Odom's way.  To say the least, the man has a fashion flair all of his own.  As just about every other Laker has conceded, he's the only guy in that locker room who'd dare attempt a purple and gold suit/hoodie combo, much less pull it off (more or less).

Original Screenplay: Assuming it shakes out the way I'm hoping (and honestly think it can), the 2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers season.  However, for the sake of avoiding a jinx, I declare the statue unclaimed until mid-June.

Of course, feel free to disagree or add any more winners.


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Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I miss Ronny so much!!


Let's see: We have Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Derek Fisher, and Trevor Ariza all of whom play a supporting role to Kobe's star.........and this clown names Luke Walton best supporting actor.......

The only thing less surprising about this member of the media to name Walton is your decision to place it prominently on the blog.

Luke Walton deserves a Razzi Award (which were won last night) as the worst impersonation of an athlete and or basketball player.........not to mention the recipient of the worst contract in Los Angelos History......only 3 more years to go AFTER this year


>>> I really dont understand why you insist on banging through the Lamar Odom
>>> at SF theme.

My argument is really Lamar Odom as a starter versus coming off the bench. Lamar will still play a good portion of the game backing up Pau at power forward but I think Lamar’s play this year and last year clearly show that he needs to start in order to play his best.

>>> It's not happening. Sorry.

You think it won’t but I think it will. If we are lucky enough to get Drew back in time so that he gets acclimated and is ready to start again, we’ll find out who was right.

>>> Lamar Odom is a rebounding machine.

And so are Drew and Pau. When all three play, each player’s boards will decrease.

>>> Small forwards play away from the basket primarily, and what is Lamar's 3pt%?

Lamar is at least as good a 3-point shooter as Luke. Neither is going to loft up as many 3-point shots as Vlade did, so Lamar playing small forward is not going to hurt us there. The key is for Lamar to just play his game, which is driving layups and post ups near the rim, cutting and moving without the ball, penetrating and passing when he has the ball.

>>> Not only that, Lamar is getting points off of drives against the opposing 4s in the
>>> league. They arent quick enough for Lamar. If he's going up against 3s (since HE IS
>>> playing SF) then he has no quickness advantage. And when he drives to the lane,
>>> then he has Bynum and Gasol's man in the way!

I disagree. Lamar drives to the hoop either on coast-to-coast rebounds, which will probably be limited to when he is not on the court with Drew and Pau, and when he gets a handoff pass from the left high post who then provides a screen for Lamar to drive to the rim for a left handed layup. In this case, one big would be on the left high post and the other on the opposite or weak low post.

>>> You say post up Lamar against a 3. Well what are Bynum and Pau going to do?
>>> You want Bynum or Pau on the 3pt line while Lamar posts? The spacing doesnt
>>> even make sense on offense. Bynum isnt leaving the paint area and Pau isnt going
>>> out further than 20 feet.

They do the same thing they do when Kobe posts up, which is for the center to clear to the weak side low post and the power forward to the weak side high post, clearing the lane for Kobe. The same happens for Luke and will work just as well for Lamar. It depends on the matchups and Lamar at the 3 will always have a height and length advantage.

>>> If LO, plays SF and continues to pound toward the glass then you are asking
>>> Bynum or Pau to get back on D consistently. AGain, that means Bynum or Pau
>>> has to run back on D anytime Lamar drives to the lane. That's unrealistic and
>>> you know it. You have 3 guys in the paint going for a rebound. If you dont get it,
>>> then that's 3 on 2, 4 on 2 the other way all day.

Whether or not Lamar has to drop back on defense depends on the play. If Kobe or Fish penetrate or take a shot from the corner, then sure Lamar cannot crash the boards and has to retreat so that our transition defense is there. When Drew, Pau, or Lamar shoot the ball, there is no reason for all three not to crash the boards because that is where we will have a huge advantage.

>>> Lamar has a history of playing on the perimeter with the Lakers and it aint good.

I agree here but the key is Lamar to keep playing the way he has. It sounds so simple but it is true. Lamar’s game – the way he has been playing as a starter since Drew went down – can be played as either small or power forward. Just do the things that work. Get to the rim. Grab the boards. It is a case of prioritization and focus.

>>> Lamar has shown that when you ask him to do too many things he can't handle it.
>>> If you want Odom to be this Odom, tell him to rebound, play D, and that's it. You
>>> start telling Odom to rebound, play D, and matchup on the perimeter and YES that's
>>> too much. He'll start taking 3s cuz they look open.

You’re twisting the argument. As a starter, Lamar has no pressure to perform as the #1 or #2 option on the team, which is one reason why his game has picked up so much since he began starting. Coming off the bench, he is expected to lead the second unit and while he did do a good job at times, often he just disappeared, most likely due to attitude. While he may say he will come off the bench, his heart was just not in it. He needs to start.

>>> I'm guessing Tom, you'll continue to preach LO and the Triple Towers and how it's
>>> so great with little reason to back up the notion except "rebounding" and "lamar
>>> posting up". The Lakers are already the #1 rebound team in the league. How much
>>> can you improve that?

Ridicule my position and comments all you want, Korey. Bottom line, Lamar Odom needs to start. Once Andrew is ready to return to the starting lineup, I predict that Lamar will remain a starter. Let’s just agree to disagree without the smack attitude. I respect your opinion and expect the same from you as a long time blog friend.

>>> The bottom line is Lamar or Bynum off the bench has weigh more pros than
>>> playing them all simultanteously to start a game.

I have no problem with Drew coming off the bench until he is ready to start but once he reaches that point, there is NO way any coach worth his salt would NOT start him. Without Drew in the starting lineup, the Lakers interior defense is simply porous as we have seen. Pau cannot patrol the lane and defend the rim as center. Only Drew brings that.

>>> I really dont understand why people crack on Luke so much. When the Lakers find a
>>> 3 that can shoot the 3 consistently and play D then replace Luke, but until then he's
>>> not making or breaking games for us!

It’s not about Luke. He is a fine role player but he is not a starter. You may clamor on about how you are so right and I am so wrong but the truth of the matter is that this is the major personnel decision that Phil will have to make if we are lucky enough to get Drew back in time for him to be fully healthy and in game shape by the time the playoffs start. And whether you believe it or not, it is far from a slam dunk decision either way.

If Drew does not get back in time, this may end up being a moot decision this season but the same issue will arise next year because Lamar is going to be re-signed and I believe is going to end up being the starting small forward next year if not this year.




Thanks for your comments. I think I responded on your points in my long reply to Korey. The question of what to do with Lamar when Drew is ready to start again is the Lakers single biggest issue right now and it will be interesting to see what Phil ends up doing if we are lucky enough to get Drew back in time for him to get in game shape and start.

Everybody has a ax to grind and some good points to make on a certain issue related to Lamar starting. Mine simply is that Lamar plays great as a starter and so-so off the bench. He is the fourth best and highest paid player on the team. In my opinion, he should start. You disagree, no problem. We will hopefully soon see who was right or wrong.



>>> Odom does not have enough of an outside game to be an effective combination
>>> with Pau and Bynum, and he has never played this well when playing with Bynum.
>>> Their games just don't mesh yet, and the last two weeks of the regular season is
>>> NOT the time to be trying something brand new.

Odom’s outside game is as good as Luke’s. As for his not playing well with Bynum, we have not seen Lamar start along side of Bynum since early last year when Bynum was just getting off his training wheels. I understand and respect what you are saying and if Drew does not get back in time and is not fully in game shape, he will surely come off the bench.

The two issues that dominate this discussion for me are (1) the Lakers’ need for better interior defense and shot blocking and (2) the Lakers’ need for Lamar Odom to continue to play as well as he has. The answer to the first issue is for Drew to start as soon as ready. The answer to the second issue is for Lamar Odom to start rather than come off the bench.




You may be right that Phil will manipulate things so that Drew does not start until next year. And Drew coming off the bench might be enough for us to win this year. It will all really depend upon what Drew we have when we head into the playoffs. If we get a Drew who is hesitant and struggling to get back in game shape, then he will have to work off the bench. If we get the Drew we had right before he got injured again, then your argument is foolish because no coach is going to keep a beast like that on the bench.

As for Lamar starting, it seems that we are in agreement that he needs to be a starter. If that is the case, then we have to address this issue next year even if we are unfortunate enough to avoid it this season. Drew is our starting center and Pau our starting power forward, which means that Lamar must play small forward if he is to start. If we re-sign him to another contract, it will be on the assumption that Lamar is going to start at the 3, which is what I expect to see at some point either this season or next. And Korey is not right.



Good Afternoon Charles....Good Afternoon Everyone....

game day at last---HUZAH !

my thoughts on the apparently highly volitile and controversial discussion of Lamar's status when Bynum returns:

I think Lamar is a better 4 than 3 and his contribution as a 6th man (probably the best 6th man in the league) is an awesome weapon...of course he finishes a lot of games as that 6th man, so starting isn't that big of an issue...

the bigger issue (and debated question ) is whether he should start at the 3 with Pau and Bynum...

and I don't think he should for the above reasons---I do think that any combination of two of those three players should be on the floor at ALL times (well maybe not in complete and utter garbage time)..

in any pair coupling ( Pau / Bynum, Lamar / Pau, Bynum / Lamar) we hold distinct advantages over any team and are a match up nightmare...

it also keeps continuity and helps players with better managed minutes and helps any combination of second or third unit players...

as for our starting 3, Mr. Walton (for better or for worse) is currently our best option until we aquire a better the meantime we can all just hope and root for him to get and stay better and bear the frustration of his shortcomings in the mean time..

with our other starting 4 players Mr. Walton's contribution just needs to be solid, not great, with a minimum of errors...

if we ever do get another player that plays at a higher level and can mesh as well with the other 4, total invincibility would probably be the result and a multitude of league wide protests would be unleashed...

"and now for something completely different..."

I hate Herman Munster and can't stand looking at him...

please MAKE FREE THROWS today and win easily...

"We all want to change your head"

"Are you the brain specialist?"



The problem with the blog in general is the overall sense of self-righteousness. I admit it, I feel tickled having someone agree with my many rants...

But I don't think I'm right all the time, nor do I go out of my way to sarcastically and often belittle what other people's opinions are.

First we were just arguing about Luke...then it goes on to the rally caps?

Who says a fan has to be a certain kind of fan? A sane one you might add. Isn't it built in the code that a fan is thereby a fanatic? Without reason, or logic?

I mean I think there should be a certain amount of reason and for that matter constructive thoughts...but all this, I'm better than you crap (although figuratively through words) just irritating.

What makes us whack jobs is what makes us great. A community in which thought and opinions are not belittled nor ignored. But hey...I'm just one woman.

I will say one thing though...

We can all agree Luke fits best in an environment where his inefficiencies an ineptitudes don't show up as much.

The problem is we can't agree where that is...some of us, (Me for instance) think that means in the bench of another team...or at the back of the bench with Sun Yue (though not as possible with Vlad gone)...others think it's best to start him.

But this argument that he's only playing 20 minutes it's no big deal...keep telling yourselves that. Coz that 20 has been stretched to 30 of much can we cover up his problems then? Oh yeah, wait, we're still winning.

Did it ever occur to anyone that has nothing to do with Luke solely? But perhaps Kobe, Pau? No more than Luke hurting us solely....oh wait, clanks, missed defensive that doesn't affect the full picture. No more than Jordan or Sasha missing an assignment here and there...oh and losing the lead.


only LakerTom Tom is "entitled". him, and "a few" he will "touch" with his "sacred" scepter. sounds patronizing and condescending.


RE: the famous "fair-weather" fans SPEECH

Arghhh! there is conflict on telecast i.e watching Lakers in an arctic city or those parade of borrowed gowns and jewelries. Once they announce the best supporting actor, I go back to the Lakers game I see Luke dissing inside and making half-jumps that cringed the late Heath Ledger in his grave having performed a superlative acting role as a joker. It fits Luke as the best supporting role with the Lakers, without really acting, he is the real joker per se. lol! j/k only... luuuke fanatics.

I say, Slumdog is for Kobe, always in the limelight

Kate Winslet looks like naked Sasha, can't read but member of terror SS

Penelope Cruz is Pau Gasol tender but decisive as best supporting actress will do anything ladrones just to win

Merryl Streep fits the character of Luke, an intellectual dude always in Doubt of himself

Phil Jackson is the best actor, Frank Langella perfect role for Tricky Dick in his confrontation with Frost

LO is for best actress Angelina Jolie Changeling, he kept on changing his role, even fans are lost in words in their description whether to believe him or send him elsewhere

Farmar is Milk, Sean Penn, a passionate leader for gay righs that toppled the Smush PG mentality

Ariza is Mickey Rourke on the Wrestler soars like an eagle and lands like a crow gathering accorns or left over french fries at the garbage bins

Last but not least Fisher as our Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Brad Pitt as he grows older Fisher becomes younger trying to chase young legs. (not women but young men)

Does anyone have a link to offensive/defensive team officiency stats?

I heard that ESPN's aren't correct, and I know that has those stats.

The only problem is that I have no idea how to navigate that site, and can never get to those stats.

So anyone have any links? Or instructions?



Ouch -

We can't possibly allow a comment like that, as common sense would have made perfectly obvious. Remember, there are standards in place, as you should know by now. Please think before writing. Similar comments like that in the future will lead to problems.



I agree that it makes perfect sense to move Odom to the 3 once Bynum returns, in fact the only reason that made sense for Odom to go to the bench initially was because of Radmanovich's ability to spread the floor for Bynum and Gasol.

That's why it never made sense to start Walton over Odom........What was the advantage? Odom shoots the ball as well, he is as good a passer, a much better rebounder and scorer.

But believe it or not Tom the real dilemma for Phil is not starting Odom when Bynum returns, Phil's thinking is what will happen to Walton once that happens?

Should Walton come off the bench ahead of Ariza at the 3? or Powell at the 4? Should he play at the 2 ahead of Sasha for an outside shooiting threat? What becomes of Walton in the Odom starting scenario?

If Phil can no longer use Walton starting as an excuse to play him then Phil can no longer justify Walton playing at all. Walton would be buried deep in the bench (where he belongs)

That is the scenario that Phil wants to avoid at all cost.......this is Phil's number one prority.......Make Luke Walton relevant!

It's going to be interesting when Bynum returns


>>> only LakerTom Tom is "entitled". him, and "a few" he will "touch" with his
>>> "sacred" scepter. sounds patronizing and condescending.

LOL! That’s pretty funny coming from the blog’s self-appointed minister of gotcha-ism and stinging irony, the know-it-all who never posts any content or comment of value. You act may diddle your ego but your contribution to the blog is consistently infantile and childish.

And that is probably not just MY not so humble and biased opinion.


The two MVP awards that Nash won was a hoax. The fact that he can ONLY run ONE type of system tells me that he's more a product of a certain system than a great player. This season is the perfect example of what I'm talking about. When Porter was the Coach all Nash did was whine and complain about how the new system handicapped him and that the Suns as constructed were built solely for a run and gun system. As soon as Porter is fired, Nash all of the sudden comes to life and says things such as he and his mates are having fun again and they're back to being comfortable. Pure garbage!!! The truth is Nash and his mates refuse to and can't play a lick of defense if their lives depended on it.

Any great player should be able to adjust their game accordingly and be effective regardless of the system. This isn't to say that some players thrive or play better in certain systems, but to lay down and play like a scrub and then blame it on your new Coach and his system is cowardly and lame to me. It seems pretty evident that Steve Nash can't play in any system that isn't up-tempo or run and gun. That 's what I believe separates Deron Williams and Chris Paul from Nash in that both are capable of playing different styles(I think that both Williams and Paul would flourish also in the triangle offense as well, more so than Nash). The two years that Nash won his MVP award should've only been for his team and not the league because other worthy candidates would be valuable on just about any other team and not just their own whereas Nash can only play in one system as evident in his stints in both Dallas and Phoenix. The first half of this season has borne this out to be true when D'Antoni was fired and Porter was hired. Now that Porter was fired because Nash and his wimpy mates can't play defense or a more methodical, traditional offense, Gentry a holdover from the D'Antoni regime has declared to go back to the style that got them nowhere but makes Nash look good. You put Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Melo or any other great player in just about any system including uptempo/run and gun and they would all still thrive because they're truly more valuable to the league and not just to their team or a system built on gimmicks and tricks that haven't in this league at all. The Suns were nothing more than the glorified, overhyped version of the run and gun Loyola Marymount Lions with Paul Westhead, Bo Kimble and Hank Gathers running the show only to falter when facing a team with intestinal fortitude and discipline. "In 7 seconds or less" doesn't seem so fascinating now.


Farmar can be nominated only for the Best Grip Boy (he can't hold the fort but he can make the lights shine on any point guard in the league)

Ouch -

If you have any questions, email at [email protected] But I appreciate the note. No worries and we can consider the matter closed, if you want.



You did address some of my questions/points in your
response to Korey. I'd like to ask a few questions/address
a few points for clarification.

you wrote: Lamar’s play this year and last year clearly show that he needs to start in order to play his best.

Would you call Lamar's play this year as a starter better
than 2 years ago? i.e. before Pau came? I ask this
question because I do. When he was the #2 option
for the Lakers I found him to be so-so. His game
*REALLY* picked up when Pau arrived and I blame
that on fear. Specifically if you look at the beginning of
the season/pre-season you do not see the same sort
of intensity that you see now. Which begs the question,

You wrote: Lamar will still play a good portion of the game backing up Pau at power forward

my response: Why do you think that? Powell's play at
PF is partially the reason why Vlad was shown the
door. Ariza's play at SF also contributed to Vlad's
exit. During this time Powell is showing that he's a
credible backup PF. There's no reason to play Lamar
extensive minutes, at the SF & PF, if we're gearing up
for the playoffs.

re: Lamar playing at the 3, you wrote:
It depends on the matchups and Lamar at the 3 will always have a height and length advantage.

my response: Yes, and he'll be slow. is a link to info about SF's. Information of note:

Small forwards are primarily responsible for scoring points and also often as secondary or tertiary rebounders behind the power forwards and centers, although a few who play as point forwards have considerable passing responsibilities. Many small forwards in professional basketball, however, are prolific scorers.

So ... You're taking Lamar's best attribute, rebounding,
and you've moving it to the 3rd best place for it. You're
putting him in a position to be a prolific scorer and that
is not his emotional makeup. Why would you do this?

You wrote: The key is for Lamar to just play his game, which is driving layups and post ups near the rim, cutting and moving without the ball, penetrating and passing when he has the ball.

My response: This works depending on where he
starts from. At the 3, he'll be slower than the elite SF's
and he'll pickup charging fouls. Which he does already.

you wrote: As a starter, Lamar has no pressure to perform as the #1 or #2 option on the team, which is one reason why his game has picked up so much since he began starting.

My response: Actually I disagree with you. Lamar is
facing a ton of pressure right now. A TON! This is his
final chance to secure a contract with the Lakers.
Ariza is cheaper, until recently hustled more, and plays
better defense. Powell is much cheaper, younger &
hungrier. This is a signing year for Kobe & Ariza &
the world is in a recession with the signing cap possibly
decreasing. Jerry Buss has already said, "Signing Kobe
is the first priorty." A paraphrase would be: "I will give
Kobe whatever he asks for in order for him to remain a
Laker." Next year, can the Lakers win with Kobe, Pau,
Bynum, Ariza, Powell, Sasha, Fisher & Farmar? If
Ariza, Powell, Bynum & Farmar continue to get better,
yes! [ Yes, it would be harder without Odom. ]

As a starter, playing with Bynum & Pau, there is no
reason to give the ball to Lamar. Bynum is a better
rebounder/shot-blocker per position. Pau is a better
passer/shooter per skill. Why would you pass Lamar
the ball? A better and more relevant question is: Why
would Lamar be motivated to be aggressive? It has
never been about talent. It has always been about his
lack of focus.

You wrote: Coming off the bench, he is expected to lead the second unit and while he did do a good job at times, often he just disappeared, most likely due to attitude. While he may say he will come off the bench, his heart was just not in it. He needs to start.

my response: Oddly enough, I see Farmar as the leader
of the bench mob. He tends to control the tempo and
who gets the ball. I agree with you that LO's heart was
not into it, in terms of coming off the bench. THAT IS
THE PROBLEM! He was in a perfect position to win
6th man of the year and beat the pants off of all 2nd
string units. He didn't. That lack of competitive spirit is
why he was put on the bench in the first place. If you
compare Powell's play at PF off the bench vs. Lamar's
play at PF off the bench ... which one do you take?
What is Powell's upside vs. Lamar's?

you wrote to ex: The two issues that dominate this discussion for me are (1) the Lakers’ need for better interior defense and shot blocking and (2) the Lakers’ need for Lamar Odom to continue to play as well as he has. The answer to the first issue is for Drew to start as soon as ready. The answer to the second issue is for Lamar Odom to start rather than come off the bench.

I agree with you about (1). I think you have mis-phrased
(2). Perhaps I'm wrong. Let's see if I can clarify this:

(2) can be phrased in two ways:

1. How do we keep Lamar playing like he's been playing?

2. Who is the best candidate to start at the SF?

If you believe that Lamar's rebounds & touches will
decrease at SF, why do you believe that he will continue
to play at this level in a different position? As I posted
earlier to blitz, by position SF does not rebound as much
as PF or C. Rebounds are what is helping Lamar have
monster games per his quotes after Boston and other
games. as I recall. Bynum is a better shot blocker &
Pau is a better mid-range shooter and passer.

What is necessary for the SF in the triangle offense?
Given the players: Kobe, Fisher, Pau & Bynum ...
I would argue that what we most need at the 3 is a
play maker. I *think* Luke is a better play-maker at the
3 than Lamar is. He can shoot a little, pass a little,
defend a little, but he *really* understands the offense.
Do you believe that Lamar *really* understands the
offense? I have never heard Phil talk about Lamar
in the same way that he has spoken about Luke, in terms
of making the offense work.

Thanks for your comments. I look forward to reading
your answers.

LG - nbastuffer has integrated off/def efficiency into their sortable team stats. You can go either to their "simplified dashboard" or their "regular season team stats".

pfunk - If PJ really had an agenda about keeping Walton relavent, Luke wouldn't have had so many DNP/CDs earlier this season. You're way out on a limb by yourself with that statement.


First of all props for the double entendres...I may not agree with what you said but that still required more imagination and play on vocabulary than frankly I'm capable of lol.

That said, I wasn't talking about Lakertom specifically. I've blogged with Lakertom for 3 years now...we've been through ups and downs so I understand where he's coming from.

My point, or rant if you prefer was not pointed at one specific person, but the blog as a whole. All of us is guilty, I am guilty. I ask that all of us think before we respond. I ask that we all don't let our own egos cloud the Lakerville vision of fandom and championship glory.

We may no longer have the trolls of once upon a time...but we have an equally upsetting self-righteousness and entitlement bug that is invading the blogosphere.

Self-appointed minister of GOTCHA-ISMS.
Thats great..ty

trevor ariza should win for best costume design. he's always dressed sharp.

WHEN are the LAKERS going to learn to play DEFENSE? Last night's game was PITIFUL!! Evidently, they don't know HOW to play DEFENSE? They could beat ANY team IF they'd play DEFENSE!! They should have lost the last 3 games the way they played. AWFUL!!
And why not play defense on the 3-point area? There's no one EVER there. Don't you suppose that's WHY they're making those 3 point shots? Come on'll never make it through the first round if you don't start playing DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This season should not win best original screen play because if the lakers finish this thing off it will be a copied story from the 80s Lakers-celtrics story.

That was the feel good story of the decade after battling past demons 25 years old and the previous year having things end the way they always ended up until that point(with the Lakers losing to the celtics for like the 10th straight time). Then facing the mighty celtics the following year again and getting pummeled in game 1, it was the darkest hour and things never looked more bleak. But as the celtics were already preparing to raise another banner, maybe our greatest purple and gold heroes rose up against all odds.

Lead by the Chosen One with an indomitable will( just about every one on Earth would have folded against the overwhelming history but Magic and Kareem stood tall against it) and the old warrior who was an unstoppable force in his prime, he called on those days of old and put the Lakers on his big back one more time. They fought bravely even though tehy were severely outnumbered like the spartans against the persians. 20 men stood against 20,000 and were victorious.

They would conquer the celtics in the heart of the enemy stronghold. The best original story. If its Lakers vs celtics again this year and ends the way we hope then we have a remake of an all time classic.



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