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Phil Jackson/role players 1, Vlad Radmanovic 0

Vlad Radmanovic joined his new Bobcat team on Sunday, but wasn't able to suit up for the day's game in Miami, as Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown have yet to take their physicals.  But that didn't prevent the ex-Laker from creating a minor stir.  While taking questions from the media, Vlad shared the following about his time in L.A.

         "Here I'll do what I do best. Being a Laker was a great experience, but it was also frustrating not knowing when and how I'd play,'' Radmanovic told the Observer.  "Phil's system, great as it is, doesn't give a role player much opportunity. For Kobe Bryant, it's great. For Paul Gasol, it's great. But role players don't do much.''

Well, give the guy credit.  If there was ever any debate whether the "space cadet" nickname was merited, he managed to settle it.  That, as they say, is a rather goofy statement.

Look, I understand that unhappy feelings often accompany being traded, especially when the situation is still raw and barely digested.  And to a certain degree, I understand why Vlad was frustrated by his experience with Phil Jackson.  Aside from the sarcastic zings (a PJ staple some players handle better than others), this season in particular Vlad was hitting from behind the arc at a very good clip and that's his calling card.  On a very specifically and narrowly defined level, it could be argued that Radmanovic was "doing his job."  But even cutting him that slack and sympathy... Dude, are you kidding me?

Phil Jackson doesn't provide opportunities for role players?

The coach that has always gone out of his way to champion the importance of the non-star guys, often to the point where fans wish he'd let the big names (MJ, Kobe, Shaq) simply cut loose?

The coach who's built his career on a system Michael Jordan derisively labeled the "equal opportunity offense" due to its propensity for spreading the wealth?

Sorry, but that's a sell Alec Baldwin's "Glengarry Glen Ross" character couldn't close.

Let's take a look at just a partial list of the lunch pail cats now in possession of a jewelry collection they earned (emphasis on "earned") while working under Phil.

B.J. Armstrong.
Bill Cartwright
Horace Grant
Steve Kerr
Luc Longley
John Paxson
Ron Harper (a former All-star caliber player who learned to tailor his game)
Rick Fox
Derek Fisher
Robert Horry (considered one of the best role players ever in part because of time under Phil)
Brian Shaw

As for quality fellas that have yet to land bling, but have thus far seen their best seasons under Phil compared to other coaches

Ronny Turiaf
Trevor Ariza

Hell, there are even a few role players that were never really all that, but undoubtedly saw their best drawn out under Phil's watch.  No coach has ever made Kwame Brown, Smush Parker or Brian Cook come off more like useful role players than Phil.  You can debate how successful they were or curse them even being on the floor (the latter issue as much the "fault" of Mitch Kupchak's roster assemblage as Phil's rotational decisions), but the fact remains that those three enjoyed the best- and truth be told, reasonably productive- seasons of their careers taking cues from Jackson.

And that's to say nothing of Jordan Farmar, Luke Walton and Sasha Vujacic, who technically fit the bill, but lack of time spent outside the triangle doesn't allow much of a comparison.  Who knows.  They may have been just as or more successful anywhere else.  For argument's sake, I won't count them, despite doing fine as role players under Phil.   But even without these guys added to my list, it's pretty apparent Vlad's claims don't hold much water.  Instead, they sound like a parting shot from a player who didn't really like his old coach. 

Again, I get it.  Phil isn't perfect and you'll never hear me play the "Who are you to criticize a guy with nine rings?" card. There's undoubtedly an arrogance to him and those tweaks through the media may not have been the most effective way for Phil to relay his goals for Vlad.  Thus, on some level, The Zen Master bears some blame in not being able to get what he wanted from a player.  That's only fair, as communication (along with responsibility) is a two-way street.  But at the same time, was this a code so complicated it required the basketball version of a windtalker to crack?  I think I figured out the criteria for steady burn rather easily. 

Play a modicum of defense.  Don't turn the ball over at a very high rate for essentially a catch and shoot player.  Don't make strange decisions while on the court.  Avoid being the league's most "tangible" player if you're not hitting shots.  And above all, be reliable and consistent, traits, by Vlad's own admission, that have eluded him during his career.  (It's also ironic how, in that same interview, Vlad praises the triangle because the system lends itself to finding consistency.  I guess Tex Winter must have tweaked its foundation a lot between between June 2008 and now.)  Ain't much mystery involved, particularly for an eight-year veteran like Vlad. I said last June that his minutes could turn scarce without addressing this stuff.  If he can't at least figure the basics out, the problem is in more ways his, not Phil's.   

It's also worth noting that Phil isn't the first coach Vlad has clashed with, nor is it the first time PT has created tension between him and a team.  He turned down an offer from the Sonics bigger than the one he eventually signed in L.A., opting instead for a one-year tender with the idea being that he'd play his way into the money he wanted.  Only one problem, he wasn't getting the minutes he needed to make that happen (which made the business decision something of a head scratcher), which remained a point of contention until he eventually got dealt to the Clips.  It's also worth nothing that Vlad resisted the coaching staff's request to see a sports psychologist, a tactic that's grown more common in many sports.  There comes a point where the onus is on the player, not those around him, especially with a repeat pattern in the works.

As I've said on many occasions in the past, I really like Vladdy quite a bit as a person.  Good dude.  Good sense of humor.   Charitably minded.  I genuinely want to see the guy succeed.  But I also think he needs to take more stock in the issues that have dogged him during his NBA life.  Particularly upon playing for Larry Brown, who's been known for both his impatience and propensity for putting fellas in the dog house rather quickly.  Often players a lot like Vlad.  If Vlad wants to flourish in the land of tobacco and Tarheels, he'll need to really sharpen his focus and make a point of playing at the top of his game at ALL times.  Otherwise, I have a feeling the future will be a case of "same story, new uni."  And I don't think any of us want to see that, save those two times a season the Lakers and Bobcats meet. For whatever reason, they don't need Vlad's help to chalk up a "W" as it is.


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I was telling a few Celtic fans here in New England that I expected L.A. would somehow be dissed even after their recent humbling of the ...ahem....'mighty' Celtics.

Check out the newest power rankings as posted by that tool Hollinger:
This list includes all games through Sunday night.
His top five in order are:
Los Angeles
San Antonio

While I can understand ranking Orlando above L.A. because of their 2-0 record against the Lakers, Boston still at the top after 2 consectutive home losses??? Hollinger must have scoured long and hard to find one or two stats he could skew in his list to keep Boston at the top.

This list should be blackboard material to keep that chip on the Laker's shoulders. Keep them focused on the two games this week by playing up the "no respect by the media" card.

Nice writeup, as always, but I think you're being a bit harsh on Radman. Sure, he had his bad habits, but through his eyes he was always kept on a short leash.

Now I'm sure Laker fans will never forget the shoulder or last year's Finals performance (the blame is on several players there), but I'm just trying to see it from his view. I didn't hear him say that on person, so I'm not sure how Vlad meant that, but chastising him down to his letter doesn't seem quite fair. It seemed, to me, like a comment made in passing.

Oh and Hollinger's stats are always slow and quirky. I think the BCS proved the point that you can't take math-based rankings too seriously.

Good analysis of Vlad's poor argument of "It's not good for role players"AK (though you should have added Toni Kukoc as well). It's understandable since he wants to make a good image of himself so he blames the system. Sure the Triangle won't make guys average eye popping numbers but if the guys work together to their role, the role players will do fantastic. All of those guys whether it was the Bulls or Lakers players who were on the list did well when they didn't complain about "it's not good for role players" and instead did what the role was all about.

BJ Armstrong did a similar thing like Vlad Rad. He wanted to be so much like Isaiah Thomas and emulated his game after Isaiah but he did not have Isaiah's speed or athleticism. When the Raptors selected him in the expansion draft he tried to show off his skills but found out the hard way.

I really thought if Vlad worked really hard and focused he could have had a role similar to Toni Kukoc and career wise Vlad is a more consistent shooter than Sasha. Him blaming the system is more evidence that he was truly a "Space Cadet".

I do too also hope Vlad gets to have a successful career since he was a nice guy and was one of the most charitable Lakers.

I'm also glad you pointed out the fact that Vlad had clashes with OTHER coaches as well since there are those who blame Vlad's poor production solely on Phil Jackson. While Phil did have his problems it was on Vladdy just as much if not more than Phil's own problems. He eats a banana during a timeout and doesn't pay attention to his coach's instructions in the World Championships back in 2002, not to mention his clashes with Sonic coaches about not starting when he was really good as a 6th man, and demands a trade before going to Clipper land and almost nobody will forget his infamous snowboarding incident.

Vlad Rad as a guy was great especially with his charities that he ran. It's sad though that he decides to blame the system when it was more of his own doing that made his minutes with the Lakers go down.


In John Hollinger's defense, his power rankings are updated automatically with a mathematical formula. The teams at the top are producing the best numbers, but might not actually be playing the best. For example, if the Celtics blew out the knicks 100-10, but then lost to the Lakers, they still would likely rank abouve them in Hollinger's power rankings because of the stats.

Let us just look at one thing only,

Why bother about the power ranking? The Lakers are not playing to make the first place of some dude's list, they're playing to win the championship.

To me, I personally don't care if Mr X & Y say the Lakers don't play good defense or if they say the Lakers are not better than the Celtics! because the reality is they really aren't until they win it all.

What's the point of our team be the favority to the entire world and not win it at all? Its great to know that the so called "expert" are counting the lakers out because it gives the players more insentive.

I bet there will be alot of negatives aspects about the lakers this week even though they went 6-0 on the road. They'll try to figure out something to mantain the Boston above water and Lebron on the top of the MVP racing.

Anyway... Boston and Lebron were both swept by the Lakers this season and if people base themselves on numbers to give credits to were its due, then the Lakers are the Best team in NBA and Kobe this season MVP.

Vlad did get kind of shafted, but could never string together enough good games to make anyone REALLY rally behind him. LO obviously is(or should be) more than a role player. Let's hope HE keeps it up, like Vlad should have done in the past.

While its strange to see the Lakers at #3 in any power ranking, Hollinger uses the same stat set in determining his ranking all year long, its supposed to be as objective as possible. The Lakers are behind the Celtics due to how many points they let up on D, their strength of schedule, and their victory margin. Its hard to take, but power rankings are actually designed to try to find the best team and not the best record. While I don't think Boston is the best team right now, they have some good stats. I wouldn't take it as a dis, that they are ranked below, because I doubt Hollinger does anything but push a button that collects all the stats from the games and puts it into his formula to spit out that number.

I wouldn't worry too much about Hollinger's stats.
They're automatically generated, and basically depend entirely on the factors that he's given for each statistic.

What he's basically done is attributed a value to each stat. What this means is that he considers winning margin to be more valuable than winning streak. This is why the Lakers come out worse off than the Celtics. The Celtics last 10 games have been won by a margin of 11 points or more. The lakers' last 10 have been won by around 8.6 or so.

Under Hollinger's system, that puts the Celtics out in front.

Perhaps a more reasonable way of calculating things would be to decline entirely from attributing arbitrary values to things, and simply allow the stats to work themselves out.

I just wasted an hour of my life in Excel putting in the stats for both teams, and the stats for their opponents. When you work out the team stats against the opponent stats, the Lakers come out on top... by a reasonable margin.

I factored in the streak also (as a percentage of total games played), and used exactly the same stats as Hollinger in terms of SOS, etc.

so it all depends on how you WANT to interpret the data. His set is no more reliable nor accurate than anyone else's.

And I guess the ultimate test is...

if your team's good enough to beat the Celtics and the Cavs in a matter of days...

then you probably don't even NEED the stats to back you up.

To repeat myself endlessly, Vlad was the one Laker I never really thought of as a Laker. And, the more I read, the more I see my intuition was right. Sometimes us non-techies have a point.

His unhappiness was palpable. No one wants to be around that. And, Vlad was, as his statement makes clear, not part of the offense (let alone D).

When I consistently likened him to a refugee, it was correct. Between the hair and "I don't belong here" attitude, he did not fit in.

The Lakers need to be a moving and flowing TEAM to win. Dude camped in the corner complaining spreads the floor, but only requires attention when the ball swings that way.

As you AK, I wish him the best in finding a home he likes.



Vlad is not a head case but he was born to rebel. I told you before in other posts that it is in his culture and bloodlines. No amount of psychology will teach the fellow but just plain respect and mutual liking on job responsibilities. He and Phil Jackson are like oil and water, they can't mixed in a group endeavor. I think that separation was a good move, good for the Lakers trimming down payscale, Phil's focus on the Championship and desired rotation and Vlady's little world of understanding of his role.

On the contrary, to call the fellow names like space cadet and other racial slurs from haters would have a backlash as well. Unconsciously, these are thoughts at the back of their head on our foreign players like Sasha and Gasol but would never admit it in the open. Foreigners in general, feel this is the American way of asserting superiority and absence of mutual respect. It is similar to the Bush type of doctrine of: it is either you are with us or against us. Such behavior is not welcome to other cultures or world acceptance of equality. They will interpret it as selfishness and ugliness of our own culture of greed and hegemony. Of course, it is not true but it may also be relevant to some weird individuals.

AK. my friend you have outdid yourself - OUT FREAKING STANDING!!!

Hollinger's a stat guy - that's it.

Now, if Stein decides to rank the Lakers 4th, well - I'll just have to ask him what he's been smoking. Still, stranger things have happened. He'll find a way to justify it.

Not missing Vlade. Yeah, he was a good guy. Yeah, he's had a couple of good defensive moves and lots of threes. But there was never any consistency to his game. Ding's article also made me flinch. Van's to practice? How is anyone supposed to take him seriously if he doesn't take himself seriously? Nice person, but this is his career, and it's all about the ball playing.

Great job of Mitch to dump his salary when he could. Don't really care if Morrison or Brown are contributors this year or not. Not expecting much of them, either.

Congratulations Lakers, after the stellar road trip and your accomplishments there. You are muey fabuloso!!

(01) KIWI – OWNER - I hearby pledge not to criticise Odom until the end of the season.
(02) MAMBA24 – DRIVER – That’s my boy!


Those Hollinger rankings are like artificial sugar placed on your coffee. Stays sweet while drinking and savoring it but it is not the real thing. All these experts have their biases in their opinions especially Easterners who always treat their other coasts counterparts as always three hours behind. The bottom line is the 6-0 romping on the mighty teams of the East. On the other picture, it is too early to gloat and be boastful for the midway achievement of the team. I will reserve that at the parade in Figueroa in June.

Radmanovic was a mental cancer, like Kwame and Smush. He should be humble after the snowboarding injury and fibs and thank the team for giving him a chance.

On the post-game interview with PJ there is a ghost on the left of the screen. What is that face and where does it come from? It is not a t-shirt. It moves. It is the ghost of who?


Yep. Great morning!

All signs point to addition by subtraction with regards to the Vlad Rad deal.

He did start every game against the Celtics in the finals, and his man was the MVP.

Everybody thinks luke is a bad defender, but I don't see it. At least not lately. His size, hands and anticipation make him a pretty solid defensive presence. I think Luke isn't very quick, but he's bigger than most small forwards and he uses that size surprisingly well. I saw it yesterday, I saw it against the Celtics and I saw it against the Spurs. And if you play well against those three teams (Hey Lamar) then you're doing something right.

The ESPN announcers on the radio were pretty amazed by Farmar's athleticism on the blocked 3 point shot. I think they called it unnatural or unbelievable hops. I didn't see the play but it was nice to hear.

Faith, thanks for the Chick sound bites. Have you heard the one where the two players with the same name are shooting, stealing and rebounding on each other and Chick doesn't miss a beat in dolling out the machine-gun fire play by play? It's really funny. I wish I knew more about it, but I only heard it once on some compilation of the best of Chick.

Anyways, great road trip.


Vlad was always the ultimate love / hate kind of player. I always loved his sweet shot, his length and his bursts of hustle. Games where he would rebound, have active hands on D. Drive to the hoop. And some playoff game down the road they may wish his shot was on the bench.

But Vlad took himself out of so many games, and ultimately he took himself out of purple and gold. So many times I watched Vlad coming down on D and standing around, neglecting to find his man. Finding your man is about as basic as defense gets.

Forget the triangle. Good floor spacing is a basic thing. Vlad was almost always at least a couple of steps out of place. Almost always. By comparison, Luke, while a limted player, is almost always exactly where he belongs, making the other 4 players better.

Whne a guy can't even find the right spot on the floor on either end, he starts off in the hole. When he then loses focus on D and throws stupid passe, etc. he simply can't play consistent minutes for a championship team. Period.

I'll miss Vlad, but Phil gave him a shot and he proved the mental part of the game is simply not something he will ever get.

As to blaming the triange for his woes as a role player, well, AK nailed that one above. I seem to remember a role player called MJ calling it an "equal opportunity offense." You have to use those opportunites, like Pau did from the day he arrived.

Here's what you really meant to do AK:



I agree with Rad,. What he is saying is that no plays are run for role players. look around the league all the best 3 pt shooters have plays run for them..From Eddie House to Peja to Wally. I understand what the triangle offense is, but we become more potent when plays are run for role players sometimes. Some of the time at the end of games when we are down by 2 or even 3 we need 3 point shooters out there and Phil has Ariza playing. That does not make any sense to me. He needs to learn to put pressure on teams at such crucial stages of a game.

When it comes to basketball, I'm old school. Part of me cringes when I see 7 footers heisting up long range jumpers and trying to be "versatile". This is especially true if their skill sets do not include a healthy dose of time spent in the low post.

For all the talk of the rise of international basketball, I believe that the lack of inside play of European big men has held a lot of them back from greater NBA success. Guys like Vlade Divac, Peja, Vlad Rad and Dirk spend far too much time on the perimeter. The lack of balance in their games make it fairly easy to defend them. I guess what I'm saying is that if you are blessed with great height in a game that places a premium on height, then use it.

Vlad Rad should have been better as a Laker. There was no real pressure on him to perform. Anything that he was able to contribute was gravy. I saw him play a few games when he was a Supersonic that made me think he was quite good. The only trouble was, that those type of games came only once or twice a year for Vlad.

I hate parting shots. I have no doubt that he and Phil are not sympatico and won't be going out to dinner any time soon. PJ's head games were clearly not the motivating tool needed to stoke Rad's fire. But Vlad has been less than professional at every juncture of his NBA career. He forgets, that as a pro, one isn't paid to is paid to WIN.

Vlad needs to realize that he had a pretty decent situation if only he would have focused mentally on the defensive end better and try to not make the mental errors that he seems prone to. While I think that he has the ability to play good defense (athletic, quick, and long), he doesn't seem to be too bothered by his crummy defense and instead chooses to worry about the minutes he's getting.

Those mental errors on the court and the fact that he seems to shake it off like they didn't happen, are puzzling and probably why he got the "Space Cadet" moniker.

Sitting on Phil's special seat on the bench, the snowboarding incident and while it seems like he has a wry sense of humor it also seems like he made does some strange stuff.

In contrast, Sasha plays his position behind the best player in the game and knows his minutes will be limited and seems to excel in the spot. Depending how tough the game is Sasha may only play a few minutes in a game, but he comes in and seems now to be really good with the situation. A few years ago he grumbled a little about the inconsistent play, but now has his role and relishes it. And don't think the guy would rather play anywhere else but Vlad thinks that he can play any way he wants and still get consistent minutes.

Good Morning Charles
Good Morning Morning Crue!
Just a little something to stir the pot this morning.
This Laker team is beginning to scarily duplicate the Bulls of 1989-90. The Team
that beat LA In the finals for their 1st title in their 1st 3 peat. The year before the
were beaten by the Pistons in the playoffs and were then called a soft team.
The Lakers were beaten by Bostons in the finals and Called a soft team.
Scottie Pippen was beaten to a pulp and sat out a finals game claiming a
migrane headache. The next year with virtually the same lineup and MJ
saying they were not Going to be punked by anyone they ran through the
regular season – much like Kobe saying The Lakers were not going to be
punked and so far running through the regular season. In the playoffs they
met Detroit again and destroyed them sweeping them in 4. Scottie Pippen
then Emerge as a star and almost won the MVP of the finals. Then they met
The lakers in the Finals lost the 1st game and swept the next 4. I predict that
this is much how The lakers season will go. They have already swept both
Boston and Cleveland in the regular season breaking 3 streaks in the process.
They will finish with the best over all record. Sweep the 1st 3 rounds and in
the Finals will only lose 1 game. This thing is looking like it is destined in the
stars folks. I also hate to say it but if Bynum is not ready to play until the playoffs
begin then he should not Play at all. The Lakers now have a chip on their shoulders
and Lamar and Gasol are beginning to emerge as star and superstar much like Pippen
Did. They also are beginning to have a beautiful rhythm. Bynums returning at playoff
time will affect that rhythm and cause Lamar to lose his confidence. Contrary to what
many folks believe The Lakers were the best team last year in the finals and should
have won those finals in 5 or 6 games What was missing. The first time Boston got
aggressive they lost their confidence. Confidence is Everything in any team sport.
So Bynum should just heal and get ready For next year. He has his contract so
he does not have to prove anything By coming back. Besides I hate to say it but
the Lakers have a better flow and are a quicker team without Bynum. Next year
Phil will be Gone and I assume the triangle also. So Bynum can come back and
Probably will be more devasting in whatever the new systems are. Well that’s
My take.

A few thoughts...

The last two games rank with the Christmas game as the Lakers' best victories thus far for the season.

DFish was huge in the last 2 games. He hit a big shot against Boston. Early 3rd quarter, Boston on a run, Fish picks up a loose ball right after Pau got his shot blocked and buries a long two. Big, big shot that halted the Celtic momentum and gave the Lakers some life.

The bench is playing with more consistency and control. Not trying to be spectacular and allowing defense to be their priority. I like.

Kobe has teammates that he can trust completely now.

Keep it up, Lamar. When Lamar is fully engaged, the Show is not going to lose many games.

What a difference two points make. If Lamar doesn't make those 2 free throws at the end of the Boston game, questions about the Lakers would have remained.
Instead, the team got an infusion of confidence from the big win in Green-land and rode the wave to a streak busting victory in Cleve-land.

Charlotte won't be comfortable for Rad, either. If he thought PJ was a nudge, wait'll he deals with Larry Brown on an every day basis.


1st off...

Role Players you forgot:

Rick Fox
Toni Kukoc
Bill Wennington
Dennis Rodman (Revived his career)
Glen Rice (Got his ring)
Mitch Richmond (Got his ring)
Devon George

More Recently:

Luke Walton

Great Laker win. The threat of the ECB3 is officially over. Now, it's all about getting it done. Great job, Lakers.

Hollinger's stupid little statistical nightmare of a ranking is so flawed. I mean Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaase!!

Here is the email I sent to Hollinger and I encourage all of you to send him something.

"Hollinger, all season long your rankings have baffled me but now I know how flawed your assinine systems is. There isn't a soul in the universe this morning (feb 9) that think the Lakeshow shouldn't be #1 and that includes everybody in Beantown and Crabville. I mean 3rd???? Give a break Hollinger"

I know, who cares, but really, how does Hollinger even believe his system is correct as of this morning. I guarantee every human power ranking on earth this week to have the Lakers at #1.

Rad was not going to get any better in LA. Good move by the Lakers. I am sure Vlad Rad's game will improve in Charlotte. The guy needed a smaller team. Playing for the Lakers might be too much pressure if you are not ready for.


Vlad didnt make an impression while he was here. However I kinda understand where his coming from. The trade was met 50/50 by the blog, half approving the salary dump and the potential a recent #3 draft pick brings. The other half wondering why you'd trade a 20pt threat on any given night. The fact that a decent portion of the blog thinks he can go off for 20+ lends credence to the notion that he was being underutilized.

If you ask me it's not that Vlad wasnt willing to sacrifice his game for the benefit of the team, it's that the mind games and politics got to him. You start him then Luke who couldn't crack the rotation replaces him? Like that'd drive anybody nuts not to mention the PJ press clips.

Yup this is all Luke's fault :)

"This Laker team is beginning to scarily duplicate the Bulls of 1989-90"

And what do those two teams have in common?

It's pretty wild this late in the season to see 4 teams around .800 and all vying for the best overall record. One thing we know is that there are 6 games to be played between the teams (none involving us), so we know there will be six losses distributed among the Celts, Cavs and Magic no matter how successful they are otherwise. Good news for us. Then again, if we keep playing the way we have been this week, it won't matter. We'll be on top.

the management made the mistake when they did not fire vlad after the LIE regarding the accident. they just fixed the problem and part because vlad did not live up to the expectations

lmao ... copied this comment off the charlotte blog that AK linked to ..

"anything is better than morrison. he was terrible...he will be lucky to be in the league in 2 years"

Look, personally I'd rather have had the Lakers wait till the end of the season to do this salary dump trade. That to me is my major gripe, why do it now given that PJ rarerly uses mid season aquisitions unless their last name is Gasol ( ok memo to all laker fans, you do not have a right to complain about any trades for the next 5 years, jeez Gasol for Kwame Brown ... we should all be arrested ... lmfao ) ... umm what was I complaining about again ... oh idk .. lol ... it's good to be a laker fan y'all

Ok back to the trade ... besides the timing ... if the money save helps keep lamar, then great. And there's something to be said about Morrison, in the few good games I've seen him play he seemed to show more grit and passion than Vlade. In the end that might be what doomed vlade, he was the least passionate about the dawn of the purple tinted golden age.

So here's weloming Adam Morrison and Mr Brown to the practice sessions featuring Kobe Bryant ... bring ya A game to practice, follow #24's lead and try to work half as hard as he does, and we promise you u'll rediscover ya swagger ... you're rolling with the best now

Oh how effing great it is to be a laker fan ...

24 + 16 + [1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age
[ ]* --> optional parameter

"This Laker team is beginning to scarily duplicate the Bulls of 1989-90"

Let me get this right mamba24, you're claiming we're beginning to duplicate a team that did NOT winning the freaking championship ... have u lost your effing mind?

Ex shame on you for not calling him out on that ...

Keen Observer,

"Some of the time at the end of games when we are down by 2 or even 3 we need 3 point shooters out there and Phil has Ariza playing. That does not make any sense to me. He needs to learn to put pressure on teams at such crucial stages of a game. "

The Lakers typically do have 3 three point shooters on the floor on the floor during these situations. Sasha. Fish. Kobe. Just not Vlad. And that makes sense, as he might have been cold at that point in the game because he rarely if ever played in the fourth, for reasons that were totally understandable. He's just not reliable enough for crunch time.


Please put me on that Lamar Odom Laker4Life Bandwagon...thanks

Also, did anyone see the article by Kevin Ding (OCregister) about was a less than stellar report...seems as though Ding did not like Vlad at


PJ rarerly uses mid season aquisitions unless their last name is Gasol ( ok memo to all laker fans, you do not have a right to complain about any trades for the next 5 years, jeez Gasol for Kwame Brown ... we should all be arrested ... lmfao )


Vlad got plenty of chances to show that he could do what the team needed, and he was never able to. The Lakers didn't need him to be a 20 point scorer; they needed someone who was a long-range threat (but not one of the focal points), a decent passer and rebounder, and could play good team defense. He got 1 out of 4. Luke is about a 2.5 - 3 out of four.

It's all about what the team needs from a particular player, and whether or not that individual can provide that, not about which player has the most basketball ability.

Long Live Chick,

Dude you and the rest of the blog needs to chillout on Hollinger ... it's a mathematical formula ... the only thing the man is guilty of is not paying attention during his probability class.

Now rub on your ears and repeat after me in a calm serene tone ... whooosaaa (shoutout to martin lawrence on bad boys 2, that's my fav movie 2 watch high, can't beat the combination of jokes and action )

24 + 16 + 1[7] = The Purple Tinted Golden Age


"Vlad didnt make an impression while he was here. However I kinda understand where his coming from. The trade was met 50/50 by the blog, half approving the salary dump and the potential a recent #3 draft pick brings. The other half wondering why you'd trade a 20pt threat on any given night. The fact that a decent portion of the blog thinks he can go off for 20+ lends credence to the notion that he was being underutilized."

I agree that Vlad had the ability to be a 20 point threat (if not necessarily a consistent one). The problem is that when he wasn't in one of those "20 point" zones, he typically brought little else to the table, whether individually or just his overall effect on team play. All or nothing, which makes him tough to play consistently. As I've said about Vlad in the past, when you talk about the players who bring the proverbial "intangibles," Vlad may be the most "tangible" player in the league.

In terms of your other sentiment (waiting to do a salary dump until the offseason), you can't, because it's not guaranteed to be available. If it's a deal that works to shed what's largely considered an undesirable contract, you jump on it. Yes, PJ rarely plays mid-season acquisitions, but it's a moot point, because he wasn't playing Vlad much, anyway. Health provided, nothing changes, except the financials in a positive way.


vlad radmanovic: don't we have a bigger fish to fry?

i think the trade was mostly, maybe about 75%, for salary dumping. sure, Vladdy could've played better, and prove his worth to the team, but since that wasn't happening, the Lakers really saved themselves from a bad contract. i think this could put the lakers in position to resign ariza and odom. although, it depends on how much they'll ask for. i just wonder how long Morrison and Brown's contracts are, and if LA has any intention of keeping them (beyond this season). i guess i'll just have to wait and see.

Mamba24, i have to disagree with you on the Bynum thing. i think he should play as soon as he's able. i think, even if he can't make it back until start of playoffs, he should come off the bench, and give him a chance to prove himself. lakers will prob face the 8th seed, and will kick the butts of whomever they face.

but, AB is projected to be back sooner than that, so i'll have faith. he may even be back earlier, like Farmar.




I wasn't trying to chastise Vlad and didn't want it to come off that way. I actually like the guy. But that comment was strikingly non-sensical and certainly something he had time to think about before saying. It was a definite "foot in mouth" moment, in my opinion.


Vlad is a boob.
This was a Great deal for the Lakers.
They potentially just secured 4 players - Morrison, Brown (altho i think his deal expires this yr?), Ariza & Odom (aauming the cap space leads to those latter 2 guys re-signing) for the price of 1.
Mitch is the man!

-Fowl Out


I will respond to your post in a bit. Swapped at work. But I have some input for you.

Peace Brother.


Going through some of the urls you linked to, Vlad definately has a track record of being incosistent, griping about playing time and being upset with his coaches. I think you and BK were spot on when you said there were issues behind the curtain, though again reading through the articles it's not so much that it wasn't public knowledge it's just that all parties involved down played it. Kinda like yea I punched him but hey that's what brothers do ... as opposed to breaking news siblings hate each other.

As to why Vlad said what he said ... let's all be real, PJ did a number on him ... you linked to the team psych thing ... like that's really sensitive information ... I cant imagine what other profession, you can get away with revealing that an employee has psych related issues and then to add insult to injury joke about the situation

["We have a guy that's a team psychologist that comes, and Vladdy turns him down all the time," Jackson said. "I tell him, 'You really need someone to get in there and work with your head because no one has been able to do anything with your head for a while. Something is wrong with it.'...

(Assistant coach) Brian Shaw tells me you got to slap him up alongside the face to get him to play hard. ... We kind of kid him about that, but I think he was serious about the game." ]

But as most have commented we've got bigger fish to fry than vlad ... I'm out like team chemistry in phoenix, oh what fun it is to see a former rival wallow in it's own misery, heh heh, and oh what fun @ the thought of a similar future for the celtics in a few years

24 + 16 + [1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

I co-sign with AK all the way. When you get an opportunity like this, you have to step up to meet the challenge. When...WHEN did Vlad Rad ever step to meet this challenge?

He did not want to play for this team. I've been saying that for the last couple of months. You could see it in his on court body language. You could hear it in his comments. Dude was sippin on Haterade all season long.

I'm glad he's gone.

Meanwhile, Phil looks to have taken Morrison on as his new pet project. I wonder what books Phil will give him. This is Morrison's chance to cop a ring. I sincerely hope he steps up to the challenge.

i liked Vladdy, too. yet, the trade made the perfect sense. we were log-jammed at SF, and Vladdy was getting over-paid. so is Walton, but who knows if Mitch can do anything about that.

i definitely agree that his statement about "the triangle is a bad offense for role players" was bone-headed. he just didn't get his role. he's not as good or complete as Kobe or Pau, nor have the athleticism of Lamar or Andrew, therefore there are less shots for him. he didn't understand that we needed him to be like Robert Horry out there, grab rebounds, defend the post, defend the 3, trap at half-court, etc. i don't know much about Morrison, but hopefully he'll prove to be a better role player.

Mamba, please put me on the LO = Laker for like bandwagon! all we need out of Lamar is about 15 and 15 a night, then we'll be fine! but i think we need Bynum back to beat the elite teams in a 7 game series. (imagines Lakers going undefeated in the playoffs... any team ever accomplish that?)


"On the contrary, to call the fellow names like space cadet and other racial slurs from haters would have a backlash as well. Unconsciously, these are thoughts at the back of their head on our foreign players like Sasha and Gasol but would never admit it in the open. Foreigners in general, feel this is the American way of asserting superiority and absence of mutual respect. It is similar to the Bush type of doctrine of: it is either you are with us or against us. Such behavior is not welcome to other cultures or world acceptance of equality. They will interpret it as selfishness and ugliness of our own culture of greed and hegemony. Of course, it is not true but it may also be relevant to some weird individuals."

Respectfully, if that explanation even sums up the situation (you're assuming a fair amount of psychology on Vlad's part), it's a total cop out. Vlad has been in the league and states for quite a while. He's had more than enough time to learn how to distinguish between an American coach's "style" and whatever worldwide image "America" carries as a global entity. I think it's a pretty big stretch to contend this is about cultural differences and disrespect (particularly since Vlad had issues with a Yugoslavian coach, too).

More importantly, if Vlad carries such a resentment towards America over that perception (and for the record, I've never gotten even the slightest impression he does), then he shouldn't be playing here. I don't mean that in a "America: Love it or leave it" way. I'm just being pragmatic. What you're describing is a conflict of interests, collecting a rather large paycheck playing Stateside basketball while consciously rebelling against stateside "culture." That's an almost impossible (not to mention totally impractical) balance to maintain, particularly when you're hardly a transcendent player to begin with.

Although, like I said, I don't think your take on the situation is accurate. I think it's a lot more simple. Coach wants something specific from a player. Player isn't doing it.


SHERIFF, EXHELODRVR, for the love of God men No Mas, No Mas. Forgive me for I have
blown it. That post was never meant to see the light of day. I was working
on it when I accidently hit post. It appears to be the ravings of a madman and
so sheriff I now put my self entirely in your hands I demand to be taken away
to serve my time.for letting such incoherent ramblings appear. :-)

(01) KIWI – OWNER - I hearby pledge not to criticise Odom until the end of the season.
(02) MAMBA24 – DRIVER – That’s my boy!
(03) BOCA_LAKER_GIRL - Laker girl for life.

i just checked Morrison's contract. he's got one more year (after this one) at 5.2 Mil. Brown's .8 mil comes off the books after this season. so, unless Mitch can dump Morrison's contract... maybe a trade in the off-season, that 5.2 will have no affect on resigning trevor or lamar. but the entire deal does save us about 6 million, money that can def. go to trevor (and resigning kobe). i just hope lamar can be persuaded to take a pay-cut.

lLEONARD BAST you are absolutely right, please
see my post to Taliq & Exhelodrvr
(01) KIWI – OWNER - I hearby pledge not to criticise Odom until the end of the season.
(02) MAMBA24 – DRIVER – That’s my boy!
(03) BOCA Laker Gurl- Laker girl for Life.
(04) LEONARD BAST - all we need out of Lamar is about 15 and 15 a night,
then we'll be fine!

vlad had a few pretty rainbow shot in his game. but nothing compares to the one kobe shot yesterday. i expected to get stuck in the rafters. it was more like a "new moon shot".

For stat freaks out there, it seems like there is very good chance of there being 3 or even 4 60+ win teams this year. Four has only happened once before; three has happened 5 times. Here are the numbers:

1997-98 4 teams 62-62-61-61
1995-96 3 teams 72-64-60
1996-97 3 teams 69-64-61
1972-73 3 teams 68-60-60
2005-06 3 teams 64-63-60
1980-81 3 teams 62-62-60

This year could be one of the best in history.

AK & Blitz -

IWell, I had a typed out a long, laborious post, only to hit the wrong key or something... bounced off and somehow winding up on the Grammy page. Urgh.

In short... Ak, you didn't include Kukoc on the list of role players and Blitz thought you should have. Not trying to be a mindreader but I would think maybe there's a reason you didn't include Kukoc. Both he and Vlad chafed at the system... Kukoc survived in it for a long run but it wasn't the happiest of marriages.

At any rate, predicting how Larry Brown and Vlad will fit together would make anyone's head hurt. I hope Vlad prospers... somewhere, there has to be a home for that rainbow shot. The personality comes with it though, package deal.

Dave M (and Kobeblitz),

"In short... Ak, you didn't include Kukoc on the list of role players and Blitz thought you should have. Not trying to be a mindreader but I would think maybe there's a reason you didn't include Kukoc. Both he and Vlad chafed at the system... Kukoc survived in it for a long run but it wasn't the happiest of marriages."

Actually, the reason Kukoc isn't on the list is considerably less cryptic. I actually thought I had put him on and didn't realize the goof until others pointed it out. Nothing more than that. I meant to include him.


Best wishes to Vlad, thanks for the contributions. Hope you don't kill us when the Cats come to town.

Mamba, I'm totally on the Lamar Laker for Life bandwagon.

How about this road trip, people?? People said all along that it would be a test, that we would know what we had after the Lakers got home. Well, we're 6-0 on this trip, we've busted some streaks, set some records, and we've even got the Daily Dime, the most anti-Laker piece of crap out there, saying we're at the top of the league.

Mission accomplished! Next mission: two bunny games before the ASB. Let's get it done, Lakers!


On the whole bush doctrine international blah ... AK posted a link where Vlad had issues with his national coach ... so much so that Vlad left the bench to go sit in the crowd during a game ...

So still sticking with ya excuse 4 vlad?

(01) KIWI – OWNER - I hearby pledge not to criticise Odom until the end of the season.
(02) MAMBA24 – DRIVER – That’s my boy!
(03) BOCA Laker Gurl- Laker girl for Life.
(04) LEONARD BAST - all we need out of Lamar is about 15 and 15 a night, then we'll be fine!
(05) SBPIMP - I'm totally on the Lamar Laker for Life bandwagon

(02) SBPIMP - Best wishes to Vlad, thanks for the contributions. Hope you don't kill us
when the Cats come to town.

Vlade is bitter, plain & simple..

Hopefully, he'll learn and move on in time and get more time to play, or rather show what he is truly capable of doing on a more consistent basis...

If Lamar can play like that a majority of the time, then I'm all for him being a Laker for the rest of his career.

Whichever one of you said he looked like a 5th grade kid out there.... I was thinking and telling my wife the EXACT same thing.

Watching Mo Williams try and guard Lamar yesterday down in the paint was like watching "the big kid" destroy all the little ankle biters.

The Lakers really attacked the Crabs were they were vulnerable. Even with Z and Scarface's sister, it wasn't much against a concerted attack to the middle.

Yesterday's game was an example of GREAT execution. That was playoff like execution, and I'm sure the 2 full days of prep time in Cleveland helped make it happen.... being on the road can be a good thing. Less distractions, more focus on the task at hand.

now if the Lakers can take that same intensity and bring it to Staples and the rest of the season, this will be a season to remember!!


You have put my remark in an off tangent situation. Vlad is a good man w/ a strong character that will not buckle down to PJ's domineering style. I have seen him step up and most recent one was the game here at Staples against Cleveland. Walton was down so Vlad played as a starter. He made some good defenses and contained Lebron. Vlad is a streak shooter and when he gets out of rhythm, it takes time to get those rainbow shots sink in. Some posters here opined, PJ did not give him those screens, they all relied on the triangle and he's the 5th option after Kobe, Gasol, Fisher, bynum then Vlad. On defense, he was soft just like other Euros b/c they are more of finesse & offensive players less on power basketball. We can go on and on with foreign good shooters like Notwitsky, Okur, Fernandez, Gasol etc. but very few are power rebounders and defenders.

Now to blame Vlad entirely on the context of his press interview is just an abrupt misunderstanding from where he is coming from. His take - How can I produce when I'm used rarely as 3 or 4? That is his take, and also he did not dissed the triangle or Phil's system entirely, he said on his statement "Phil system, great as it is" the role players (like his style)are not given much opportunity. That is his take and was not tactful to hide it. You mentioned he should: love it or leave it, he can't do that b/c they are all under contract. AK, it is plain mutual respect in treating people in a harsh way by calling names - NOBODY OWNS ANYBODY UNLESS YOU ARE GOD. Vlad is not anti-American or else he would not be running charitable programs for American kids. Coming from the outside, I'm only giving some tidbits of analysis or speculations that a typical anglo is not aware of, there are some advances that can be disrespect to those people who did not grow in this culture. Like Jackson's style of going to the press and mock at his players. To him that is ordinary but to others it is prejudice. There was also an instance when Phil Jackson advised him to see psychological help. Again, that is normal here in America but an insult in motivating people to change. Here if a celebrity get into drunk driving, get psychological help, if one beats up his/her partner like Chris Brown, he'll get psychological help. The Zen psychology is the 911 for behavioral transformation but to others, the interpretation is that you are crazy. In Eastern Europe or Asian countries, I think "Filial Piety" parents and elders are more effective in seeking advice. I'm not advocating that Lakers should contact Vlad's parents. In mild terms, perhaps Vlade Divac, Sasha or even Gasol could relate more with his problems of understanding but not the Jackson style of brutal candidness and use press as his forum of communication.

Much that I like and admire PJ, he is not a model Coach nor a motivational individual. Look at the way he treated the Kobe & Shaq situation from 2000-04, he was just a bystander and inflamed it at a certain point. It was Jerry West and even the old Chick Hearns who mediated. When PJ was no longer the Laker Coach, he wrote a book dissing out Kobe while he remained the hero. In all these strings of victories today, who gets the ultimate credit? Him. When we lost in the Finals last year, whose fault was it? The Players.That is what I refer to Phil's hegemony.


"So still sticking with ya excuse 4 vlad?"

It is not an excuse, it is just an opinion on some unabetted abuses that we are not aware of. Our culture is "put up or shut up" thing and we get into problems because of that stance. In fact, I said: it is best for the Lakers, Vlady and PJ for the trade, it is a win-win situation as far as the character and payscale saving issues. However, it would have been better if a better deal was chosen like potential savings in luxury taxes by going for an expiring contract where FO can use it to pay LO and Ariza. Right now, the trade does not solve the potential 35M gap that JB will be shelling out to pay LO, Trevor and Josh. We spelled this out in the previous thread.


Actually, you're the one blowing this WAY out of proportion. I never suggested Vlad was "Anti-American." I was simply taking the other side of the theory YOU offered, that the issue was a culture clash of sorts. I also made it perfectly clear that I thought your assessment was totally incorrect to begin with. This wasn't a matter of Phil not being able to "relate" to a European player. It was a matter of the European player not working to do what was very obviously being needed of him.

It's also laughable that you'd describe Phil's style as "domineering." Phil has a rep as one of the most lax coaches in the league. He's known for extending very long leashes and being a "player's coach." If anything, he's typically accused of extending too much freedom, not too heavy a hand.

Like I said from the start, Phil bears some responsibility for the two not being able to get on the same page. He is, after all, the coach. But you appear to be looking to absolve Vlad of any responsibility whatsoever. What percentage of the fault lies with him? Especially since this is a player that's been inconsistent his entire career, by his own admission. He's never been able to hold a starting job over the course of an entire season. But if you look at his career stats, he started a higher percentage of games as a Laker under Phil than he did in Seattle or with the Clips. By a long shot.

Thus, like I said, to infer Vlad either wasn't given a chance, whether by Phil or Phil's system, is pretty ridiculous.


Tap, tap, tap.

That's the sound of the sound of AK hitting the nail on the head.


>>>You start him then Luke who couldn't crack the rotation replaces him?

You forget, Luke was out recovering from surgery at the start of
the season. That's the main reason why he wasn't in the rotation.

And actually, Rad started out the season playing hard on defense
and that's when the Lakers were blowing teams out. Then
Vlad started slacking off a bit more. The last week and a half
before Phil gave Luke a shot went like this:

Dec 2 - Lakers lose to Indiana (who were 6-10 at the time).
Vlad turns the ball over 4 times and Granger (Vlad's man)
goes off for 32.

Dec 3 - Lakers beat Philly. Vlad played well

Dec 5 - Lakers nearly lose to Washington (3 and 14) at the
buzzer. Vlad shoots well, but defends like crap.

Dec 7 - Lakers beat Milwaukee (9 and 12) by 7 points. Again,
Vlad shoots well, but defends poorly. And has 2 turnovers.

Dec 9 - Lakers lose to Kings (5 and 16). In the first quarter,
Vlad's man, Garcia goes off for 9 points as the Kings build a
10 point lead. Ariza replaces Rad and Garcia doesn't score
for the rest of the quarter. Lakers scrape their way back to
a tie with 5:58 left in the 2nd quarter... Rad checks in and the
Lakers end up 5 points down at the half, and never get back
the lead. The loss isn't entirely Rad's fault, but his 3 turnovers
and terrible defense contribute.

The first 5 games of the season, the Lakers defense held
their opponents to 76, 79, 97, 88, and 82 points. The last
5 games of Rad's tenure as starting SF, the Lakers allowed
118, 102, 104, 92, and 113 to some of the worst teams in the
league, lost to TWO very bad teams, and nearly lost to a
third bad team.

Since Luke took over starting, the Lakers have lost two two
good teams (Orlando and Miami) and one below average
team team that was on a roll (Charlotte was 8-4 in January
before beating the Lakers). Rad also started 3 games that
the Lakers lost in that time, but at least it was to good teams.

I think if Rad had kept hustling on defense like he did at
the start of the season, he would still be the starter, Luke
would only be getting a few minutes off the bench right
now, and the Lakers would be something like 45-5 instead
of 41-9.

I will point out that since the start of the year, Luke has been
shooting 42% on his 3-pointers and 46% overall. Those are
only a hair below what Rad is shooting (43% and 48%). If
Luke can cover Rad's shooting numbers, get more assists,
less turnovers, and more steals & rebounds per minute he's
on the floor, then why are you so surprised that Luke took over
Rad's starting spot?

"By a long shot."

Unfortunately, not by a rebound or a timely defensive rotation.


You forgot Mike Penberthy.

Mike Fricken Penberthy.

He was able to contribute. If Mike Fricken Penberthy can contribute, surely Rad Vlad can contribute.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Ak - fair enough, then I'll have to disagree with both you and Blitz. Kukoc often complained to the press during his time in Chicago, he didn't feel that the system suited him and he felt that he should have a bigger star there. In time, he came to grips with his role but it was always an uneasy alliance. The other role players you cite are great examples. Kukoc (IMHO) more closely supports Vlad's pov.

Although Jackson often describes the triangle as a shooter's system, I'm sure there are a lot of pure shooters who would disagree... they've been used to playing a certain way throughout their careers. Having to operate in a system that requires considerable off-ball movement, combined with lots of passing, can pull a lot of shooters out of their rhythm/comfort zone. Shooters like Kerr really worked to assimilate themselves... Sasha has also put in a lot of time and effort but to be honest, I don't think he would have survived here just as a shot maker - his eagerness to defend has played a big part.


"It's also laughable that you'd describe Phil's style as "domineering." Phil has a rep as one of the most lax coaches in the league. He's known for extending very long leashes and being a "player's coach." If anything, he's typically accused of extending too much freedom, not too heavy a hand."

You are privileged to that kind of opinion, not everyone in this blog share that take. This like looking at the glass half empty or half full. However, I still like Phil in other aspects of coaching. Time and again I am also misunderstood because I'm just relating my take on what the other fellow is thinking or opining. However, you guys here loved him when he was very productive and giving Lakers wins but hated him for speaking of his mind in saying that he was not given much opportunities as role player. Again, that his is opinion when Charlotte press interviewed him. I never absolved Vlad - I called him a rebel. I'm just giving the other point of view that may not be in your analysis, it is a balance give and take. Besides, the fellow has been traded we just have to move on as fans. You read what was said in this blog, 50% were not agreeable and other 50 % were happy, that's the beauty of having a forum such as this, you get other point of views not entirely on your own.


That's fine. We're just agreeing to disagree. But when I specifically disagreed with your point the point about Phil being a domineering coach, this is based on what players say about him. And with all respect, those thoughts carry more weight than observations made by a fan on the outside looking in. For that matter, it carries more weight than any observation I'd be able to make without the benefit of specific access provided by a media credential. That's basically the horse's mouth, you know what I mean?


>>>Look, personally I'd rather have had the Lakers wait till
>>>the end of the season to do this salary dump trade.


It doesn't work that way. Shannon Brown's salary ends this
year. If they waited until summer to do the deal, then there
would have been another full year of an extra million or so in
salary. It saves them something like 4 million dollars to do the
deal now as opposed to doing it next summer.

If they could manage to find a team that's high on Morrison,
they could even potentially dump more salary. For example,
let's say Oklahoma City was willing to take a gamble on Morrison.
Then maybe the Lakers could get Joe Smith for him, and then
ALL of Rad's salary would go away this summer. Or if not Joe
Smith, then maybe Robert Swift and Saer Sene (with the
unspoken agreement that the Lakers would cut one of them
and the Thunder could hire them back).

Even though Rad has shown a lot more in the league than
Morrison to this point, Morrison has more value for two reasons.
First, he's only played a season and a half... so there's still
a lot of potential for upside. And second, his contract effectively
ends in summer of 2010. So a team could gamble on Morrison
and if he didn't work out, they'd still get the cap space for the
Summer of LeCrab.

Dave M,

Maybe the way to put it would be that Kukoc succeeded under Phil, despite all efforts not to? haha


Leonard Bast

>>>that 5.2 will have no affect on resigning trevor or lamar.

I disagree. It's not entirely about salaries for next season, unless
they were only planning on signing Lamar and Trevor to 1 year

For the 2010-2011 season, they can waive Morrison and pay
nothing and thus save 6.8 million they would have been
paying Rad.

So in looking at offering multi-year contracts to Odom and Ariza,
and assuming they're going to be in luxury tax territory until
at least one of Kobe, Pau, or Bynum is gone, then they saved more than 18 million over the life of Rad's contract.
(that's including luxury tax).

If you're looking at paying out over 100 million over the next
couple of seasons to keep the core team together, then saving
18 million is a big deal.

>>>but the entire deal does save us about 6 million,

Tim-4-show, Thirty two and Anna in bondi,

If I'm not mistaken, you are all blogging in down under. I share you the grief for the damages on that firestorm going on in Victoria. We had that similar problems last year.

Lamar, finally Lamar got out of his cocoon when Kobe made a request to step up. We have been waiting for that kind of ball control from end to end and using his height, athleticism and good decision making. If we have Lamar, Kobe, Gasol, Drew and Fisher, Lakers are showing signs of Showtime Era is back. That is what we possessed in the 80's, Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Scott, Coop.

Now the next game is Thunder, boy that is what we are experiencing with the constant rains and thunder here in the Southland. This has been the perennial problem of Lakers last year. We passed on the best teams and charitable to sub .500 teams. I hope Kobe, Pau and Fish will have fewer minutes and more action on the second team to do the fighting. They are regarded second team to Lakers but in other teams like the Thunder, they can be equated as starters. Old legs need to be healthy in the real competition which are the playoffs.

The RadMan is a nice guy but he was totally worthless. The stats lie if they say anything good about him. He was more prone to disappearing and having absolutely zero impact.

How many times did you see him take a shot in the 4th quarter and wonder...hmm I wonder how many minutes he actually played.

Anyone that misses RadMan knows nothing about BasketBall. Powell is already making more of an impact. Great Trade.

Sorry for getting all technical on you, but shouldn't the fact that Vlad didn’t understand what Phil was trying to do be blatantly obvious. I mean that's the main reason they traded him and kept Luke (other than Luke's contract). I mean there is a reason his nickname was "space cadet".

I can't see a coach bring out better play than Phil, because as you pointed out, Phil has a track record of bringing the best out of players. But I'm sure there is some sort of style that might help him more. The guy has talent, no question there, but I guess Phil has only so much time, and Vlad was like a time and half project, and remember there's still Odum as a major project, Bynum, Ariza, Sasha, Jordan, even Gasol needs to learn that his hands don't hold magical properties to stop a charging player, so perhaps Vlad was just too much work. Although probably a coincidence, hopefully Phil can devote more of his time to Odum and bring him to his potential.

"Vlad is not a head case but he was born to rebel. I told you before in other posts that it is in his culture and bloodlines. No amount of psychology will teach the fellow but just plain respect and mutual liking on job responsibilities."

Actually Edwin, that's a pretty racist statement right there. Culture and bloodlines have nothing to do with it. He is one person. He is responsible for himself.

LTLF, you are absolutely correct. i was only really referring to what the Lakers had to pay for next year, and didn't really think it out in terms of long term contracts to Lamar and Trevor. but yes, i agree with you, cutting out Vladdy's contract is significant, more so down the road, after Morrison comes off the books. but that's assuming Morrison doesn't play well enough for an extension!


That is not a racist comment. Vlad is a Serbian and decendants of Partizans if you go back to your history, they will never surrender to any mightier armies. As a player he will not back down based on superior characters, it is his pride to make stand until he gets the respect he desires. The feud became prevalent when PJ kept on calling him names, criticize him in the open while not communicating with him. That what he said: "ask the coach, I don't know why i was benched". I have discussed this lengthily last year in several posts.

guys, you're 100% right about the space cadet. he just can't stand beyound the arc and shoot threes and don't try to defend. he's a lausy defender, and often got lost out on the court. his other trademark is to foul his man when beaten to the basket giving a three point opportunity to the opponent.

I don't understand Phil. Vlade was clearly the better between He and Luke. Walton is pitiful and holding the team back. Then we trade Vlade for another slow white player. Why? Do the Lakers have some kind of lineup quota? How does Luke Walton find his way on the court. He should be at the end of the bench. Vlade had better defensive feet than Luke and Odom. He was also a better shooter. It was a no brainer to start Vlade. Phil has to put his personal feelings aside sometimes. What happen to Vlade was a shame and look what we get. Adam Morrison? C'mon folks. I hope the Vlade trade doesn't come back to haunt us. Why doesn't Powell start over Walton? We NEED TO GET RID OF LUKE WALTON now!!!



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