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Live Chat: Andrew Bynum and other items of import

A few notes:

  • We're not doctors, so we may not have all the medical information you're looking for (though we're trying to touch base with an orthopedist to answer some questions, so hang in there!).
  • Not every comment/question will get posted, so if you don't see yours, don't freak out.  It likely means someone else has a similar one and we're answering that.


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Since Bynum's injury doesn't require surgery, is 12 weeks a realistic 'worst case' scenario?

I'm as devestated as anyone out there, not just for this season but what the implications could be for Bynum's psyche down the road.

But for ef's sake, why are so many people bringing God into this? I dont understand all the comments saying "if we pray hard enough, he'll be ok".

Are these people serious? If there is a God, he has better things to do than answer prayers about a non-life threatening injury to a rich basketball prayer, like maybe answering the prayers of some kid who prays that his parents wont get blown away going to work in the morning in some war zone like Gaza.

Seriously, if you're going to waste your time praying, pray for something like peace in the Middle East or the end of the genocide in Darfur, and get some perspective.

Does anyone know the difference in severity between last years injury and this years injury? Last year the ticker said 6 weeks or so, and this one is 8-12, yet Drew never came back.

GRR this so sucks.

This sounds similar to last season. With time, bynum may turn the corner on his knee issues and return to action.

In the meantime, maybe bynum will learn to play a little differently to better protect his knees. He could still get inspiration from players such as Amare and G Wallace on what it's like to return successfully from injury.

At all times, in adversity, there is an opportunity especially if it is second time around, been there, done that, we will be better team without Bynum up to 2nd playoffs. Now whether he is will be ready physically and psychologically, that is another question to be answered by that time.

Here are the steps to be done at this time:

1. Five big players has to step up and improved their game and if these four will contribute in D, pts and rebound, it would appear Bynum absence did not leave any void at all; They are: Lamar, Mihm. VladRad, Josh Powell and Mbenga. Four tall players will replace one behemoth, their games will transform this team to great heights and give more meaning to deep bench.

2. Mitch K. should fill up the 15th slot, he has to be a good shooter and responsible defender.


Putrid, that's the thing about God. He has the time to answer ALL PRAYERS - big and small. That's why He's Omnipotent.

If prayer is not your thing, that's fine. But don't hate on us if it's our thing.


IF only Kobe didn't stumble headlong towards the basket like a stupid bull in a china cabinet, this would NOT have happened to Andrew. Did KB24 make the basket? NO! Did he get the call? NO! Did the Lakers even get the rebound? NO! The Grizzlies got the missed shot and ran back the other way.

Kobe lowered his head, charged towards the hoop, and did NOTHING but take out Andrew's right knee as he bowled him over!!! Nice going Mamba.

I will bet that anyone in Lakers Nation would have preferred to lose the stupid game in Memphis rather than lose Bynum for ANY length of time. Speaking of which, this injury (thanks again Kobe) could not have come at a worse time, with huge road games against Boston and Cleveland coming up this trip.

I just hope the team can get their heads right and win some games for Andrew! Man oh man... *Big Sigh*

P & G R

We will know if we're a better team without Andrew and if we're as soft as last year after the Celtics game. I think its a perfect test. Drew will be back before 8 weeks. This isn't last year.

Spike Lee in Yo' Face Boy!!!!!!!

I say this is an answer to Paul Pierce's faking of an injury. We'll see Bynum at the Celtic game, come out on a gurney. He'll have his Laker uniform under tear away scrubs.

Take that Paul Pierce!

Sign me up as the driver for the "Never let Bynum play against Memphis ever again" Bandwagon...
Hurt twice against the same team.... I dont even want to know what would happen if he plays against them next year...

At least we aren't the Suns, eh Butler?

How was the team meeting(s)?

Amare may have returned from a knee injury, but his defense hasn't!

Hey Butler....neener neener neener

Wilbon and Barry discuss the loss of Bynum and some quotes from Kobe after this morning's shootaround.

What I hate the most is that we are letting Boston off the hook on Thursday. Since both teams aren't at full strength, the outcomes means nothing. Plus, coming off a 12-game win streak, a loss could simply be written off as, "they weren't going to win every game anyway".

Some of the thunder has definitely been stolen from that game.


I said "some" thunder. There will still be plenty left, because the Boston/LA rivalry does not depend on personel.

Winning, for us, does give us the first tie-breaker, though. So, that's always huge.

F the Celtics.


lol @ thinking praying will do anything.

I know that we don't have a ton of $$$ to go out and get some "bigman" help. And even who would even be available if we did.

But let's just say that there was someone out there who could help us; Have the Lakers ever thought of seeking out the fans for some help?

I mean, WHAT IF the Lakers' put out a press release saying:

*****"Laker fans,
Help us acquire "So and So" by donating $5 to the --Let's get "So and So" -- Fund!******

Hey, I'd put up five bucks to get us some help!!!!!!!

If we rounded enough heads, it would help take the sting out of some a big contract, let alone Luxury Tax



>>>I say this is an answer to Paul Pierce's faking of an
>>>injury. We'll see Bynum at the Celtic game, come out on
>>> a gurney. He'll have his Laker uniform under tear
>>>away scrubs.

Now THAT would be funny.

Amare is gone. He wants his knickname to continue being STAT. He wants money and glory for himself. Shaq is tearing that team apart. Terry Porter the supposed greatest coach in history is stinking it up. and whats worse is that they already lost twice to the Lakers this season. The sun has set. Game set Match.

Game Over! Lakers win.

******GIVE TODAY*********

Sky is not falling today - that's for sure.
I am still sticking with this team and believe (mark my words) Kupcake will too. I don't se eany trades - maybe we sign someone but we won't give up anything.

I really believe net/net - we have a better team this year. Powell adds a reliable presence rebounding which was missing - now he will be able to score and drive.

Mbenga and Mihm will get more PT which will bring more confidence to their game which will be good if and when AB gets back. As the blog team though - let's not harsh on Mihm and Mbenga during this time - we know they read everything so we have to keep building their confidence. They know what needs to be done to pick up any slack and they can just roll back to June 2008 to figure out where we needed the help. I guarantee kareem is spending time with ALL our bigs.

And we have Sun Yue - can't forget him....

Net/net Laker lovers - we are better, smarter, stronger and have more FAITH - we might not have bionics but we have a history of champioonship bloodlines - that should help us a lot.


It's too bad Alonzo Mourning had to retire; he would be perfect as a replacement until Drew comes back...heck, maybe we could convince him to unretire, a la Brett Favre.

I'm not a doctor, but according to various doctor and medical sites through google - recovery time (rehab and all) is normally no longer than 8 weeks. So let's hope for the best.

I've got to say... that chat box is an absolute disaster. You can't tell if your posts have appeared, you can't go back and try to read anything because as soon as a new post comes up, the whole thing re-shuffles.

I really am amazed at the LA Times and the bad software they use. I like this blog but... it really is a pain to post here! Posts have to be cleared by human hands so if AK and BK are busy... no posts go through, then the LAT installs that horrible "next" button so all the previous posts disappear...

I watched them run the paper business into the ground, INCREDIBLY driving advertisers towards Craigslist and Monster without a care in the world. I'd hate to see them take AK and BK down with them as they run their internet business into the ground as well. I'm sorry but there's plenty of media outlets out there and the LAT has one of the worst websites in the business.

LTLF, glad you like the plan.

I only wish it were true....

Can you believe that?

We need to keep our heads up and hope for the best. Lamar will get more playing time and I don't know if that's good or not. Get soon quick Drew.

Colorado loves the Lakers!

LakerTom - LakerTom - come off the ledge - we still love you!!! Adn we need your presence and insight more than ever. We need you to will all that good Beast energy over to Mbenga and Mihm in the interim.

It's starts with the D and ends with a trophy!


Mark this one too - Laker friends:

LO is going to have a great night tonight as well - he's at home in front of friends and family...............


Bynum's knees are becoming the Lakers achilles heel. Why isn't he wearing knee braces? Obviously, something about his knee structure in relation to his body type is a cause for concern for the future.

I cant express enough regret about this injury, This will undoubtedly tell us what this team is made of. It will really tell us what Lamar is made of, I dont know what to think of this Kid, its like a replay of last year, is he that unlucky, or is he injury prone? I think we need to evaluate this Kid and it would have been wise to let him play a full year before we gave him that GOLDEN PARACHUTE, I held out hope after he went down last year but i am completely demoralized now as it has too much of that deja vu going on, wasnt the initial diagnosis 6-8 weeks last time? I am so sorry for the guy cause it looks like he finally lost his fear, and started playing like we know he can. Man i Pray for him like he was part of my family and i literally hurt for him as all LAKERNATION does and hopes he comes back stronger than ever, get better DREW, GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

Okay - don't like the *ate word - but I am really disliking Stephen A Smith - just saw him on SC and can't even repeat what he said -

Can the Laker players ignore giving him interviews for the rest of the season - they do that in politics - can't they do that in sports?

Stephen A. is trash and I am boycotting him now....


OK Ariza, now is your time to rise to meet the challenge. A little earlier than we hoped, but you are the one who has to pick up the slack. We can't win five championships in a row and not expect any injuries.

there's no further need for blame or hand wringing. this season was and is far from over


>>> Bynum's knees are becoming the Lakers achilles heel.


I have to say, without Bynum that exposes Luke and Gasol. Phil is going to have to make adjustments at the SF position. Lakers can still beat the Celtics but PJ just can't have Fisher and Luke in the game at the same time with their deficiencies stopping dribble penetration.

Not to be a pessimist, but how soon after bynum went down did Ariza go down last season? Maybe we need to give Trevor a 3 week holiday or something!!

Rick - I'm drinking heavily tonight - you with me?


Take Shawn's expiring contract and give them someone like Vlad, Luke, and a filler. I'm sure that will work!

Just for insurance until Bynum comes back. Even that would help the Heat because they need outside shooters to feed off of DWade penetration.


Hold Trevor out of practice, minimum of 2 weeks!

If history is, in fact, repeating itself, then Ariza is due to break a bone in his foot while at practice within the next few days!!

This must not be allowed to happen.

No practice today, Trevor.
No practice tomorrow, either.

Losing Drew is a big blow to this team. I hope this team makes it to the Western Conference Finals. The Spurs couldn't handle Drew & Gasol, but I think they can handle Gasol. Look at Houston, how strong there bench is because of injuries. They are the team I'm scared of in the playoffs. I was hoping throughout this season that Phil would have used Mbenga because of his size and strength. I felt last year that if Mbenga would have had more playing time we could have used him in the Celtics Finals. Phil tried to throw him in at the end, but if you aren't playing it's hard to be a factor in games. I always felt that Mihm should have always been in the rotation, when Drew went out.The Celtics don't ask there centers to score that much, but to play defense and rebound. I think Mihm should start, because I think the 2nd Unit needs Lamar. Remember Mihm was not that bad when he was our regular center. Mihm and Mbenga need playing time. Powell needs playing time. Gasol really does not like playing Center because it's too physical. No matter what we think of Mihm, he will get a decent contract form another team at the end of the year.I'm hopeing for the best that Drew comes back by the end of April, but expecting the worse.

laron - So, do you think if he had normal knee structure and Kobe hit his legs the same way, then it wouldn't have resulted in an MCL tear? I don't know. That would torn any big man's knee up. Whatever happened to Laron Profit anyway?

Gunner - That insight reminds me of what Coach Karl offered up with regards to the Nuggets getting rid of Camby. He said that Marcus hid a lot of their team's defensive shortcomings b/c he protected the basket so well. Without him, they've had to play better defense. Getting Billups to show them how probably didn't hurt.

Two people in my family are orthopedic surgeons and they said unless it is a total or near total tear (i.e. rupture, torn in half, two ends fluttering in the wind, you get it...), let's say it's a 3/4 or 2/3 tear... With very aggressive therapy (including stuff on the cutting edge), there is no reason he will not be on the court playing serious minutes in 10 weeks.

@ PsychedLakerGirl and Hugo Boss

Loving the optimism!!

I tore my MCL- a grade III tear- playing netball a few years ago and was told 12 weeks, but I was back in 8. No residual effects. Hopefully it goes as well with Andrew....



>>>>>LakerTom - LakerTom - come off the ledge - we still love you!!! And we need
>>>>>your presence and insight more than ever. We need you to will all that good >>>>>Beast energy over to Mbenga and Mihm in the interim.

LOL! Thanks for thinking of me, Psyched. I have walking back and forth across the Golden Gate Bridge with my laptop trying to decide whether to jump or not. My problem was that I had to make up my mind quick before Eric M’s favorite city of liberals decided to put up their dreaded suicide barrier to destroy the aesthetics of one of the world’s great marvels. Fortunately, your message just arrived in time for me to see the rainbow.

To say that Drew’s MCL injury was shocking déjà vu is surely a gross understatement. The incongruity and irony that both injuries occurred in a collision with a teammate, in a game in Memphis, and immediately following a great stretch of dominating play by Drew. Throw in the same exact range of anticipated recovery time of 8-12 weeks and it is obvious that the Bynum buzz kill is going to really hurt this team’s chances to win it all.

If it appears that there will be surgery then that is a big advantage for Drew because surgery would have definitely cost Andrew more recovery time. I also think that Drew being able to walk with a cane or crutch is another good sign. Best of all, it was not the same knee or same injury. Hopefully, Drew will work his ass off and surprise everybody by returning in 8 weeks so that he can really be ready to burn once the playoffs begin. That is what I am hoping for.

Just a comment about prayers! Other than those few enlightened beings who are 100% sure they have joined the “right” church and believe in the “right” god, the rest of us will have to be content to with faith that our prayers will be answered. While I was raised as a Methodist, I would consider myself to be an agnostic by nature with a tendency to curse God as often as praise him. I do believe that there are things in the universe that are beyond our ability to comprehend, including God and Heaven and Hell.

When my wife got breast cancer, however, I got down on my knees and prayed for the first time in 50 years. Maybe it was luck and maybe it was just an old man hedging his bets, but I promised God to never ask for anything else the rest of my life if He would spare my wife. As I left the sports bar to return home to listen to the Lakers’ announcers on Audio League Pass in order to find out how bad Drew was injured, I could not help myself and broke my promise and prayed to God that Drew would be OK. Since God is a Lakers fan, I am sure he will forgive me.

Coincidences aside, I believe Drew will be back before the start of the playoffs. I base my opinion on nothing more than a few scanty scraps of information and a mountainside of faith and trust that good will prevail and evil will lose in the end. Beast on the Mend.


Gunner - That insight reminds me of what Coach Karl offered up with regards to the Nuggets getting rid of Camby. He said that Marcus hid a lot of their team's defensive shortcomings b/c he protected the basket so well. Without him, they've had to play better defense. Getting Billups to show them how probably didn't hurt.

Posted by: lakers_sth | February 02, 2009 at 03:26 PM

Yeah Billups helped the cause because he's at the forefront of defense. But we have Fisher and Farmar who both have troubles stopping dribble penetration so, hopefully Bynum comes back early and this doesn't become some blown out procedure that cost him the rest of the season. I still believe we need to get someone through a trade for insurance. Especially with trade deadline coming up in less than 2 weeks.



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