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Lakers Trade Vlad Radmanovic to Charlotte for Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown

Hey all. Just got word of the news via the Lakers Media Relations Dept. I'm not home at the moment, so my thoughts on the matter will need to wait. But I just wanted to make sure everyone was in the loop. Press release below.



The Los Angeles Lakers have acquired forward Adam Morrison and guard Shannon Brown from the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for Vladimir Radmanovic, it was announced today. 

Morrison, currently in his 3rd NBA season out of Gonzaga, was selected third overall by the Bobcats in the 2006 NBA draft after earning unanimous First Team All-America honors and garnering multiple National Player of the Year awards his senior year.  Named to the All-Rookie Second Team following the 2006-07 season, Morrison appeared in 78 games as rookie including 23 starts, averaging 11.8 points, 2.9 rebounds, and 2.1 assists in 29.8 minutes while earning T-Mobile Rookie of the Month honors for November 2006. 

Missing the entire 2007-08 season after suffering a torn ACL in his left knee in an October 20 preseason game against the Lakers, Morrison has played in 44 games this season including five starts, averaging 4.5 points and 1.6 rebounds in 15.2 minutes with a high-game of 16 points November 11 vs. Denver.

In 122 career games (23 starts), Morrison is averaging 9.1 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.6 assists in 24.5 minutes.

Brown, also in his 3rd NBA season out of Michigan State, was originally selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the 25th overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft.  Traded to the Chicago Bulls as part of the Ben Wallace deal in February of 2008, Brown signed with Charlotte as a free agent this past August.  In 30 games with the Bobcats this season, Brown is averaging 4.8 points in 11.4 minutes with a season-highs in points (16), steals (4) and minutes (26) coming November 3 vs. Detroit.

In 74 career games (9 starts), Brown is averaging 4.5 points in 10.6 minutes

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"Will they be available by tomorrow AK?"

Not likely. All players involved in the trade need to pass the team physical before a trade is finalized...

Right now I find it hard to believe everyone so happy about LO. OK - he showed up for the Celtics game but he has not proven to me that he will bring it every night and especially the critical games. Again, he did great in the last Celtics game but we all know how he can come and go. I'd rather trade him packaged with some others to get one stellar player who will bring and play consistently. If he does it during the playoffs and kicks some butt - then I agree he may have turned the corner....but for his entire career he has disappeared in critical moments (entire games) and does his stupid laughter at the foul line and misses.

I realize that you have to be careful what you wish for as Mitch may trade him and we get some trash - but I think Mitch can create a package and get another all star player and then we will be unstoppable!! (get rid of Luke)

Of course I love keeping Ariza so I'm not for trading away just anyone.

Even if they were available for Sunday, neither would be likely to play anyway. Or Tuesday... or Wednesday, for that matter.


I gotta say, though, that I will miss Vlad Radmanovic. He had good moments with us, apparently he was pretty funny in the locker room and is a good guy. In terms of contracts and cap space though this helps us alot. I really wish Vlad Rad well in Charlotte. Hopefully he can reach his full potential as a player there. Just like I wished for Ronny in GSW. I just hope that this doesn't affect the team's psyche heading into the next few games.



I must say. I like a good (or bad) trade.

I think a team should make a trade every year.

It brings in new blood, new desires, new strengths and weaknesses (that's fine), new jokes, new stories, new plane rides and new card games and gives and general boost to the team-first mentality because it gives the vets players to mentor. And since both of these guys are young players, I see kobe-as-sens getting an encore role here.

With Morrison especially, I see Laker greats getting involved. He had too much potential coming out of college for the Lakers coaching staff not to be given a shot of rehabilitating that talent.


I dont think the lakers are saving that much from this trade. We still have to give Morrison a qualifying offer by in his final year and according to hoopshype, the amount is around $7M. The lakers arent really saving anything then. I still don't know what to feel about this trade, Vlade has become a big defensive liability down the stretch where he spaces out and leave the 3 pointer open. However, he also made some nice steals and when he is feeling it, he is a really good 3 pointer.

The fact that PJ didnt play him that often, really affects his consistency. All the best Rad!

Are you guys all crazy? I think this is a hell of a deal! Does anyone remember that Morrison was the third overall pick in the draft just awhile back? The guy was one of the top college players ever. Sure, he is too slow for the NBA.
But if there is any offense he could thrive in it's the triangle (with his clutch shooting ability and knowledge of how to get space). Kupchack, like West before him, plays the risk/reward. If he doesn't pan out, so what, Vlad was redundant. Any minutes he had was taking time away from Ariza. Also, you have to think bigger. Kupchack and Buss are undoubtedly looking at 2010. Lebron, Wade...Cmon', Lakers are always looking for the big chips. Finally, those of you who keep dissin' Luke don't know a damn thing about basketball. He would not be good on any other team, but is productive for the Laker triangle. Learn something, guys...

Steel - if MJ can find talent then why is Larry Brown trading away the whole team? And why did he bury the Wizards in mediocrity and now the Bobcats?

Let's talk about negotiating prowess - here's where I think Mitch is GENIOUS!.

EVERY team in the league know about the absolute deal of the century the Lakers got last year with Gasol. And the Ariza trade is obviously working out very well in Lakers favor even though nobody knew anything about him??? Ring a bell?

So, if you were on the other end of the phone this year - would you give up ANYONE who shows promise to help the purple?

Here's my phone scenario:

Mitch - what's up?
Cats GM - nothing much - you guys seem to be playing good ball right now?
Mitch: Looks like you need a good big, decent shooter.
Cats: yes, what are you thinking?
Mitch: well we have Vladdy and I like Adam Morrison but we need to make the salearies work
Cats: well, okay maybe we throw in Shannon - his contracts expiring and we signed him this season as a backup - decent kid
Mitch: great done deal.

Now, lets really think about it. Maybe, just maybe Mitch was being super stealth and wanted Shannon all along but had to take Adam because of the $$$??

Just a thought..............


I'm not so excited about keeping LO as I am determined to not let his talent just walk away without adding a replacement, which will happen if we don’t re-sign him. We’re too far over the cap to let him walk and then try to add someone. It has to be a simultaneous transaction for it to work. So, we have to re-sign him. But it has to be a smart contract that's cheap and allows us to trade him if necessary. No ridiculous trade bonuses.

I think he fits a lot of holes in this ship and at a fair rate is a rock solid team player.

Not a last second shot taker, but definitely a last second rebounder and opponent frustratorer.


This trade will ruin the Lakers funk and we will go on a losing streak!!!


After a bit of thought, I like the move. We know what Vlad was! We know he has reached his potential and he'll always be exactly what he is now, nothing more, nothing less. Vlad will always be nothing more than a sporadic shooting journeyman NBA player. Those guys are a dime a dozen.

On the other hand, Morrison and Jones both still have the "potential" for upside. Morrison is technically still recovering from knee surgery. Many times it takes 2 years for a player to fully recover. I don't think we've seen the best he has to offer as a pro player. Shannon Brown also has some upside. At 6'4" - 210 lbs he's athletic and given a chance to play, might be able to contribute.

At the least, let's take a look at these guys before we pass judgment on the trade. Mitch didn't make this trade just to pass time. I'm certain he thought the trade was in the best interest of the team.

I like the move. Marc Jackson had the funniest, most accurate summary of VRad: "He makes almost as many good plays for his own team as he does for the opposing team."

Also we have his albatross contract off our backs, and don't be surprised if Jackson can do something with Morrison.

Trading for a quality player at this point in time, I can understand. But not for two second teamers, that will most likely mess up the MOJO.

go lakers

this is a real bad trade its sad because when laker management realize this,it'll be too late all that 12 0'clock am but kissing they did for vlade only to be ridiculed by a coach that didn't give him a chance because of his good buddy luke fairness i've noticed luke has been playing better since his return.but make no mistake about it he's not better than radman if rad would've avg more than 30 mn's a night id bet the bank he'd avg more than 11ppg thats what luke avg in his contract year this is a horible trade it'll only make kobe work harder

This seems like a salary move as much as anything. Vlade vs Morrison is a wash as far as ability. Vlade might be better actually. But we love not paying Vlade 6 million for that extra year, so that's great. Shannon Brown is an interesting throw in. If you remember correctly, I think the Lakers were primed to pick him before Farmar, but Cleveland picked him right before us. Turns out Farmar was the pick, so thank Cleveland for that. Brown does not have a basketball IQ. He's an athlete, but that's all. I don't see either of these guys getting much playing time if any. Basically Lakers swapped one bench warmer for two. Saved some cap room for 2010.

Brown will at least give us a chance to collect more offensive rebounds, he misses so much we are bound to get one or two.

Seriously, Brown needs a reality check, he thinks he is better than he is. IF he can stop turning the ball over AND work on his shot AND continue to focus on defense he will be at least a good backup PG. IF not he will be a worse version of Smush Parker.

Morrison just needs to learn how to shoot. We all need to hope that the site of Farmar on the court doesn't make him cry again.

There is NO way they bring back Shaq. I think they would win the title but Kobe would not want Shaq. If they won the title Shaq would be able to say forever that Kobe can only win the crown when he is on the team. Even though it's now Kobe's team, think he wants this one on his own terms.

Too bad for Shaq, Lakers, everyone....we would kick some ass!!! Shaq should have just shut his big mouth all along - now the karma is coming back to bite him in the butt.


Just keep to your word and we won't have a problem. If the Clippers are playing the Lakers, go satanic on me. I don't care, but otherwise keep to your agreement.

Regarding me suggesting that we pick up Clippers players. I follow the Clippers and, unfortunately, for whatever reason, the Clippers have a LONG track record of taking good players and turning them into mediocre players. So, I've watched these players and seen what their potential is and if I like their game I recommend that the Lakers have a look at them. I don't see what is so bizarre about that.

Regarding the trade, as I explained to Pig, it's just not an obvious trade in my eyes WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE FINANCIAL ANGLE.

I agree with you that Rad Vlad has not played to his potential with the Lakers. He was a much more productive player as a Sonic and as a Clipper. Still, he played well for those teams so I can say with confidence that he has talent, even if he's not using it to its full potential with the Lakers. Still, the future is a tricky beast. I feel that we may need that talent somewhere along the line to winning the Championship. Depth is crucial in a long season.

With Morrison and Brown, it's a big unknown for me. I don't know a thing about Brown except that he's got a good Bio-Chrono reading.

Morrison was awesome at Gonzaga, but I don't understand why he has been so mediocre in the NBA. That concerns me. That and the fact that his Bio-Chrono reading is almost identical to Von Wafer's and we all know how that ended up.

The guy is remarkably emotionally based. I mean, it's pretty exceptional. Really emotional players have an predisposition towards instability and inconsistency and do not develop mental toughness easily.

So, in summary, I am not entirely dismissing this trade. It's just going to have to be sold to me in greater depth for me to get enthusiastic about it.

And it's going to have to prove itself on the court for me to be highly enthusiastic about it.

That's all.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


everyone is thinking something else iis brewing beyond this deal..I dont think Mitch is gonna tinker a whole lot..I cannot see Shaq coming back, I just can't. I think he burned that bridge already...I do think he was already lobbying..Even recently he made another complimentary remark regarding Kobe....I can't see Mitch doing that.. I think Morrison will get a chance to show what he can do and Kobe will make him a better player if he gets to stick around...Shannon has to learn and having him and Jordan turning the ball over won't work, so he will sit and watch for a while but eventually he will learn how to protect that damn ball if they have to stick that mofo to his hand!


I've never met Morrison (or Shannon Brown, for that matter), so I honestly have no idea what kind of person he is in a locker room, positive or negative. I know he wasn't happy in Charlotte, but his situation also wasn't great, so that may have played a role. if he's smart, though, and from what I've read about him, he is, he'll jump all over this new chance with a very positive outlook. To say the least, he has a lot to prove.


Well Wes,

We have made many trades recently.

06-07-Mo Evans which was a nice package from Motown for a player who couldn't even crack the Clippers lineup.

07-08: Gaosl and Ariza. We get rid of 2 busts and get a all-star and a better energy defender off the bench.

08-09: Jury is out on Morrison and Shannon Brown. Both ere 06 draft dudes like Farmar. Looking back at the Morrison back in college he was a very fundamental dudes guy even with the terrible shooting he has been doing lately. Because he was a leader back in Gonzaga he does have the smarts potential to learn the triangle offense better than Radmanovic did who was essentially a shooter and wasn't strong mentally. Could actually be a steal like the Ariza trade was.

And remember Faith, Walton is not a great defender and even I call him a liability on defense as Jackson does. But he did do a decent job against Pierce in the 4th quarter and overtime (Kobe did get the steals). Morrison could surprise as well.

I'm easy on new guys anyways so as I say:

Let them show what they got before saying anything good or bad.


PsychedLakerGirl, obviously you aren't familiar with Larry Brown. The guy is absolutely crazy. He wants to trade somebody away every week. If, by some miracle Brown stays in Charlotte for another 2 years they'll turn that whole roster over and still be a bad team.


That was DEFINITELY a typo. I don't know why i left off that t and its pissing me off. Not nearly it is as Kupchak picking up all of MJs broken pieces, but its maddening none the less. I think its crazy that everyone and their brother thin MJ stinks at finding talent, yet Mitch always trades away players(sometimes really good ones-Caron-) for MJ's junk.

BK is working on a formal post at the moment, but a few thoughts of my own...

1) From a business standpoint (which I think the deal was largely about), this could make it a little easier to resign Trevor Ariza, which I know is a very high priority for the Lakers. Shannon Brown's 800 K deal expires and Morrison makes about a mil less than Vlad per season (and for one less year, unless the Lakers make a qualifying offer). Thus, they're committed two mil less on the payroll next year, which is really four mil, when you think about the luxury tax implications. That 4 mil saved immediately (not to mention the six mil due to Vlad in 2010) could make committing to Ariza less financially painful. And I'm pretty sure I speak for about 97% of you when I saw, I really want them to bring back Trevor.

2) In terms of how this effects the Lakers on the court, my guess is, save injuries forcing a ton of PT for Morrison or Brown, my guess is, very little. I don't actually expect either guy to get a ton of run, unless they just come on like gangbusters. But Vlad wasn't playing much anyway, so along those lines, if they don't play, nothing really changes. Really, the only guy whose minutes I could see picking up a little more would be Ariza's (since PJ had been giving Vlad an odd, rather obligatory five or so minutes late in the second quarter that typically belonged to TA) and maybe Luke Walton, although I doubt it. But otherwise, I think everything will remain more or less as is.

3) As a person, I really liked Vladdy a lot and will be sorry to see him go. But he had grown very unhappy with his situation, and while I credit him for handling it better than, say, Smush Parker, this issue likely would have festered. If not this season, certainly down the road. Vlad and PJ clearly didn't see eye to eye and that wasn't about to change. The Lakers needed to move him (and I think have wanted to for a while), but I was skeptical they'd find any takers, between the length of his deal and the erratic inconsistency/flightiness he's demonstrated throughout his career. This worked out pretty well, in my mind.

I'm wondering if Vlad should have never lost the orange shades. He seemed to be at his best while wearing them.

4) It's a pity they could have made this deal last year, so at least Ronny Turiaf and his close ex-Zag buddy could have enjoyed the fun of playing together at the pro level.

5) I wish Vlad all the best. Good dude. Wish it could have worked here better for him.

Anyway, I'll throw out a little more later, but those are the first things that hit my mind.


This seems like a salary move as much as anything. Vlade vs Morrison is a wash as far as ability. Vlade might be better actually. But we love not paying Vlade 6 million for that extra year, so that's great. Shannon Brown is an interesting throw in. If you remember correctly, I think the Lakers were primed to pick him before Farmar, but Cleveland picked him right before us. Turns out Farmar was the pick, so thank Cleveland for that. Brown does not have a basketball IQ. He's an athlete, but that's about all. I don't see either of these guys getting much tick. Basically Lakers swapped one bench warmer for two. Saved some cap room for 2010.

Are you kidding me? Vlad was in the top 5 in 3 pt FG % in the league. Noone else on the lakers is a true 3 point threat that can extend the defense. Lakers shouldve traded Luke and Mihm, who hasnt played in the past who knows how long. What the hell is cupcakes thinking?

Here’s a question guys, how much time do you give a player to develop? Especially a player that eats up six mil a year? I like Vlad, but lets face it, he only had one part to his game and that was shooting, at which he wasn’t always consistent, so what good does having him do us? I don’t like the fact that a player that makes so much money a year can be so utterly unfocused, face it guys, Vlad was never going to “get it” the away Ariza did. And by the way Trevor was considered a bust and look at him now! Lets give the new Lakers a fair chance to come in and adjust to being coached under Phil and the rest of the Lakers staff, who knows maybe we got ourselves another steal.

And Jon K. the Clippers do blow.

vlad is a much better player and he knows the triangle so money money was the only motivating only concern is that luke will go down with an injury forcing ariza to start,which is great, however morrison will back him up and play more significant the playoffs and or the finals.??? yikes .... so he has to learn the traingle, get his confidence up so he can shoot better and all of a sudden become a a defensive stopper vs" the truth"...better hope this does not back fire...gulp gulp.....

BK - with the quick funny. Nice.

AK - you hit it. Someone had to suffer on minnutes and there would have been blog rebellion if Trevor (who is officially a fan fave) was benched to give Vlad the obligatory PT.

I agree they are probably two project players unless as some are opining Mitch has another blockbuster left in him. I seriously doubt that though.

He has consistently said and PJ reiterating - they wanted to stand pat. Losing Vlad doesn't really change the face of this team so I think they view it net/net as standing pat.

I definitely think they picked up Shannon though as a 3rd guard because they saw how DFish took a toll with Jordan's injury and they probably rushed Jordan back because Sun Yue just isn't ready. This helps if (hope not) something else happens and at least it keeps Sasha in his natural position. Even though Sasha tried to convince all of us that he really is a good point.


Just great we get another Michael Jordan first round pick...out-freakin'-standing...

this trade is strictly cap space. i don't think the lakers will trade anyone anymore this season, unless there's another catastrophic injury since drew.


I feel sorry for Vlad because he seemed like a good dude, but I felt sorry for Brian Cook as well. This was a good trade because Vlad was:

-the most inconsistent Laker, even more than Lamar.
-behind Luke and Ariza on the depth chart.
-is overpaid for two or three more seasons.

We got these two dudes because:

-we get two who may turn out to be solid bench players for the price of one. Both haven't played much in the league primary due to injuries. We still don't know what they could do in the pros, and I've learned to never underestimate the Laker scouts. Even if they don't look so hot the first year or two(Sasha, Bynum), they usually turn out to be players. Ariza was considered bust before he got here.
-Vlad wasn't playing anyway-Luke and especially Ariza are the guys at SF. Third stringers are usually guys that are groomed on their potential, projects like Sun is and Bynum/Sasha was.They aren't veterans expected playing time who have reached their ceiling. They'll be quiet about their pt and work hard to improve in practice, especially these guys who may have a chip on their shoulder from not getting any breaks in this league.
-Salary cap is important, folks, especially if we are to extend Ariza and Farmar. Odom might be priced too high to resign next year, though. Its not just a greedy management thing.
-If they both stink, hey, we already have Luke/Ariza at SF and Kobe/Sasha at SG. We let their measly contracts expire and say so long.

This trade may not have as immediate an impact as Gasol or Ariza did-its more of a bench player swap. I like it. If you've watched Morrison in college theres a reason he was selected #3, so there is potential there. We'll see what becomes of these two in time. Low risk/medium reward. Not high reward, like Gasol or Ariza, but moderate.


Here's the issue with this trade...

Adam Morrison's Bio-Chrono reading is such that he is susceptible to having a big ego (possibly a huge ego). He is also EXTREMELY emotional. As such, especially considering his past experience being the man at Gonzaga, if he gets duct taped to the bench, he's going to get resentful. It's just his nature. And then he could start negatively influencing the harmony of the team.

For it to work out, Kobe is going to have to pay A LOT of attention to him and give him a lot of positive support. I think that's the only way since most players recognize that Kobe is the best in the game. A lot of "Way to go, Adam! That's how you do it!" from Kobe will go a long way.

Bio-Chronologically speaking, I'm less concerned about Shannon Brown (without even knowing a thing about his game.) If the guy is athletically gifted, he'll benefit from greatly from intelligent coaching and could actually contribute. He instinctly wants to improve the team he's on. And that's good.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


did we just lose some of our depth??

luke isn't going anywhere.
morrison is a defensive liability = phil jackson doghouse.
again, this trade was just cap space.

Not for nothing but Morrison has Diabetes and that proves he is a fighter or sorts. I expect him to work hard as MJ did a while back I recall he like Morrison's heart.....

I wouldn't sweat Vladdy leaving..He is going to do well in Larry's system, he will have to learn how to play defense to some degree, cuz Larry doesnt allow otherwise and shouldl get minutes, good for him.....

I think its good for us financially and then having a talent in Shannon Brown and another good shooter in Morrison...

Either way, its all good in the Laker hood...


"And Jon K. the Clippers do blow."

Do you think I don't know how keep track of standings in the league?

I'm a loyal person and I started following the Clippers when I was in high school.

I'm a Clippers fan, too. Deal with it.

Go Clippers!


By the money they save for this will allow them to sign Ariza for next year. I like the move. Vlad shooting ability is equal to that of Morrision. Although Morrision is a slacker on D. At least Vlad try's on D. I think Morrision could be that spark off the bench and grad 10-15 mins a night and hit a couple of 3's. I think he would thrive in the 2nd unit. The run & gun style. Spread the floor with Lamar at the point. Drive left and kick it out. Practice that 3 Adam! You won't see the floor if your an 11:00 shooter! Brown is icing on the cake. Physical defender, and can bang with the physical 2's in the league.

Lake Show!

Another thought...this just make's us deeper. And give's us insurance clause if Sasha continues to play like this.

Jon K,

Point taken with the bio chrome reading, but I'm still gonna just wait to see if any issues surface before worrying about it.


I think this is a good trade as I read more posts. Sounds like more upside potential to Morrison and Brown. We've all seen Rad and if he can't get it together playing for the Lakers, a team that was in the finals last year, and making a run for the playoffs this year....there isn't anything that is going to motivate him more or make him a smarter player. He's going to have his great games but he's also going to space out a lot. Now we have an opportunity to let Morrison get back to his Gonzaga days. If he gets his confidence back and can start stroking those outside shots - Mitch will look like a god!!

First off, let me say to all the Luke-bashers that dumping Vlad instead of him is a grrrrreat move.

Vlad is a good 3-ball shooter when he gets a lot of minutes, but he can't get them with this team and he's inconsistent when he doesn't. Plus he has no D and a mediocre sense of the triangle. Luke is the best passer on the Lakers, has the second best assists-to-turnovers ratio on the team, knows the triangle as well as anyone, and is the perfect fifth guy when the other 4 are players that need (and deserve) lots of shots. Plus he can hit the open jumper when they double off him.

Brown will give us some cheap and needed backup at the 1 if D-Fish or Farmar goes down. I don't think Morrison will be that good for us, but we're only committed to one more year for a useless player instead of two more like we were with Vlad. So its addition by subtraction. And if injuries give him some PT and he surprises by returning to his college form - so much the better!

Nothing lost in the present and very good for our future. Nice one, Mitch.


"Point taken with the bio chrome reading, but I'm still gonna just wait to see if any issues surface before worrying about it."

Of course, as you should.

I'm just sayin'.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I don't get some people around here.
Missing Vlad? Really? REALLY?
Why? He doesn't even get any PT this year and that just made the team better.

What's not to like about this trade?

If not for anything else, we dumped an awful contract that will help us sign Ariza, something that we NEED to do.

Even if they both don't play at all this season, it's still a good trade for us (unless Ariza gets hurt).

lose depth?? U kidding me? We just INCREASED our depth....we lost some experience as far as the TRI but hell, Vlade was always somewhere ELSE on the floor anyway -- same diff -- at least if these guys get run, the other players can point the spot on the floor where they should be and tell them to let it rip!

We will be alright..This move isnt all that significant as far as losing Vlad.....

Some of you guys sound like you're still in elementary school...if anyone thinks this move was to get players who they will play you are crazy.

The SOLE purpose of the deal was to free up $7M which helps them resign Ariza and Odom(Ariza HAS to be the priority, LO can walk if he won't play for what the Lakers offer). It doesn't matter when the $7M comes off the books, it's still savings.

From the player standpoint, any educated fan knows that Morrison will not play. I'd bet he even gets waived. He is a very poor man's Radmanovic, with the same skill set with much less skill. Shannon Brown will be used much like Ira Newble a few years back - VERY limited minutes, mostly in garbage time or to try and check an opposing player. Neither player will get any significant minutes, and neither has a future with the club.

I like the move long term, but it could hurt the Lakers in the short term. Sure Radmanovic had been on the bench, but he knew the offense and had an underrated game. Now if something happens to Walton, either Kobe has to play small forward much more with Sasha at the 2, or they have to break up the effective second team to fill the 3 spot with the starters.

My first post this year, but I gotta speak up. This is a good trade. Vlad was not playing at all, and if he was in the game got burned way too many times. He was getting paid way too much to be on a chapmionship caliber team . As far as Adam goes, I followed him through high school and then in college with the Zags. He is a fierce competitor, something Vlad lacks. He can also create for himself, has a good outside shot and has the brains to play in our offense. In the right situation, Adam will flourish. Don't know much about Shannno nBrown, but if he can help us just a little bit, it's a good trad considering we are also saving some bucks.
Lastly, to everyone who thinks Luke sucks and Phil is brain dead, if 40 -9 doesn't convnce you these guys know what they are doing, nothing will.

Jon K.
I give you credit - you are a true fan! I can't stand that the Clippers have all that talent and can't get it together. Is Dunleavy a junk coach or what is their problem? I know there are injuries but this has been going on for years!

Maybe the Lakers cans steal some players from them? Camby? Davis? Kaman?

For you to be a fan since high school - wow - I give you credit as you must have a high tolerance for pain!

Bye Bye Vlad,

Don't let the door hit ya....

Dear Jordan and Sasha,

Objects in mirror may be closer to your minutes than they appear.



"getting Amare for Vlad/Walton!! "

wow. thats just dumb. PHX is not going to help out the Lakers. Especially when the Lakers are doing better than PHX. Only if both teams were sucking bad would they trade with each other. I know everyone is on the table in PHX except Nash, but PHX does not want to help out the Lakers in any way. "Amare for Vlad/Walton"??? come on!

"So we traded Rad Vlad right before the Cavs game, a player who can score 25 points on a hot night for two players who are going to sit on the bench."

wow. thats retarded too. Vlad getting 25??? come on, people. thats just embarrassing to me that Laker fans think that.

" I just hope Vlad doesn't consider that a revenge game and rain 3-point bombs on us..."

wow. Yeah,... right. He may hit two 3's. 3 max. No more than that. We will have someone on him. We know how he works. He used to hurt the Lakers when he was in Seattle, but I don't see that happening again. This Laker team is far better than that team was. And how often does Vlad really "make it rain"?

Now the Lakers can finally be free of Vlad's expensive and long contract! More doe to negotiate on Ariza and Lamar. Morrison is a project with some potential. Under a great coaching staff with the Lakers, if Morrison can develop, he will. If not, then after 2010 he is traded with his expiring contract. Brown just may be dumped after this year to save doe. However Brown does great against the Lakers, so he may show something, maybe not.

My 2 cents. I don't really like this trade but it is done and we have tolive by it. I feel bad for Radman as his inconsistency was caused by PJ's inconsistent use of him.

Also he was maligned for dekense and could only shoot but I remember many inbound passess stolen for scores on opponents end of court. He would steal at half court and he would drive and dunk and dish. He wasmore versatile than given credit for.

During the playoffs he stopped PP driving and shooting and when Luke came in PP went wild for about 6 straight baskets.

As for PJ coaching Morrison to excel don't hold your breath. This is just a cap space move and saving his boy Luke's job. I remember the Lakers going strong and a fast start with Vlade at starting SF.

Really a cap saving move and PJ getting rid of Vlade because he stood up to him. Best of luck to lade and success in Charlotte.

I see Brown as the real reason this trade went down.
But remember Newble last year. He was acquired last year as insurance and never really used. And this year Mihm and Mbenga on team as insurance (sound familiar?) if Bynum would get hurt and not used.

Much like Pau and Kobe and Fish being overplayed and worn down. Beginning to look a lot like last year with PJ not using bench.

Then people talking trading LO for Brad Miller? With 2 -7 footers already on our team and giving up LO's versatility? Wow what does that say to your bench? You guys are not good enough. Great ego building for PJ but not for the players.

Well time will tell how this works out and even if I am not crazy about this deal, I hope it works for the best for the Lakers.

We could have traded for Tinsley instead of Morrison. That would have made a little more sense.

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Just reading a majority of the posts today about the "surprising" trade that went down, this probably was about "setting up" for the FUTURE (financially). I wish Vlad the best of luck...We are sure are going to miss his size and touch from the three (when ON)...

If Morrison and Brown or either of the two pan out for the duration of the stretch run, GREAT!

As they say, sometimes a CHANGE OF SCENERY does one good...Now that they are with a contending team like the Lakers, this has got to be a REVITALIZATION of some sorts for them professionally...I EXPECT nothing but positivity from these guys, regardless of their impending roles on the team...We shall see...

Hmmm...Morrison, if anything, was pretty much a SYSTEM player in college, not a guy who could TAKE OVER a game when things got chippy from different points on the court (he was very much a OUTSIDE threat most of the time). Like Vlad, he is a STREAKY shooter!

If Phil can REACH this potentially dangerous shooter's MIND with a breath of CONFIDENCE, Morrison is GAME! Remember, Phil is the MASTER of getting guys to play using very "unusual" tactics in doing so...He didn't win 9 rings for NOTHING!

Especially in the triangle offense, Morrison should fit in not only as an outside threat, but also a guy (if I remember his Gonzaga days) who can post up and MOVE the defense (this was probably Vlad's DOWNFALL in the Lakers system in terms of adding ANOTHER dimension to the court).

The key for Morrison is playing in the RIGHT SYSTEM...If he doesn't work out, all is not LOST as the Lakers freed up some "benjamins" for the future (as mentioned earlier).

Hmmm...Shannon Brown (really don't know much about him, but did see him play at times during his Michigan state days) seems to have pretty decent size physically at 6'4 and 200+ pds and can play either the SF or SG position. Phil traditionally LOVES big guards. He just may put some Zen on Shannon as well...

Brown as an addition may help LA with some D work and a guy that can put his body at opposing scorers (freeing up Kobe or Ariza at times with this task). He just could be ANOTHER steal!

BTW, he seems to have a stroke as well to boot based on some fellow observers in the blog. If he doesn't work out, AGAIN, it serves as a cap relief move, although not much on his part.

Despite this transaction earlier today, I still expect the Lakers to pitch for a veteran PG SOMEWHERE with MOXY and decent SIZE physically...maybe Watson? Bogans? MARBURY (Relax Now! Just a thought...)?

Remember, our PG play is something that has to be SOLIDIFIED and STAMPED, especially on the defensive end! That we CANNOT DENY...

Fish simply CANNOT play TOO MANY MINUTES at his age (too much mileage over the years has SLOWED him a tad). The Lakers have to keep in FRESH for the FINISH. We all know he's still a GAMER!

Farmar is pretty good in transition and from the land of three, but a liability on D a bit of the time (because of his size and nature), especially in the half-court set in terms of controlling dribble penetration from his counterpart (on second thought, a PROBLEM for the Lakers as a whole TEAMWISE).

Overall, I'm curious to see how the trade is going to impact the Lakers after the ALL-Star break once the boys settle in...

Mitch just may have another SOMETHING up his sleeve.

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Ajax - lighten up! I don't think people are dumb - but we can all hope! Who would have thought that we could get Gasol for Kwame? You would have criticized that is plain stupid...come on - we're all just playing around and would love to see some bad contracts gone with the hope of some awesome talent coming in. Not probable - but Mitch did it once he can do it again!!

great deal!!.. Vlad was a slow , lazy player , if u people notice Vlad never gave his 100 % guess he was tired of the lakers ..Good Mitch trade him , lets give Morrison & Brown a chance ..

great deal! Vlad was a good player but lately he's been on the bench too much. I hope everyone tells luke to pick up speed or else i'd wish walton would be shipped out instead.

Walton has good passing skills and although i like vlade, the lakers have so much shooting talent that we can cut a guy off and get someoone more defensive, which brown is.

This is a welcome change. I am a Lakers lover so I love all Lakers. The only person I did not really think was a Laker was Vlad. He had zero personality and was a very one dimensional player who was inconsistent in that dimension. We have nowhere to go but up from Vlad. Next to Luke he was the player I'd have the least trouble missing.


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