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Lakers Trade Vlad Radmanovic to Charlotte for Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown

Hey all. Just got word of the news via the Lakers Media Relations Dept. I'm not home at the moment, so my thoughts on the matter will need to wait. But I just wanted to make sure everyone was in the loop. Press release below.



The Los Angeles Lakers have acquired forward Adam Morrison and guard Shannon Brown from the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for Vladimir Radmanovic, it was announced today. 

Morrison, currently in his 3rd NBA season out of Gonzaga, was selected third overall by the Bobcats in the 2006 NBA draft after earning unanimous First Team All-America honors and garnering multiple National Player of the Year awards his senior year.  Named to the All-Rookie Second Team following the 2006-07 season, Morrison appeared in 78 games as rookie including 23 starts, averaging 11.8 points, 2.9 rebounds, and 2.1 assists in 29.8 minutes while earning T-Mobile Rookie of the Month honors for November 2006. 

Missing the entire 2007-08 season after suffering a torn ACL in his left knee in an October 20 preseason game against the Lakers, Morrison has played in 44 games this season including five starts, averaging 4.5 points and 1.6 rebounds in 15.2 minutes with a high-game of 16 points November 11 vs. Denver.

In 122 career games (23 starts), Morrison is averaging 9.1 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.6 assists in 24.5 minutes.

Brown, also in his 3rd NBA season out of Michigan State, was originally selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the 25th overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft.  Traded to the Chicago Bulls as part of the Ben Wallace deal in February of 2008, Brown signed with Charlotte as a free agent this past August.  In 30 games with the Bobcats this season, Brown is averaging 4.8 points in 11.4 minutes with a season-highs in points (16), steals (4) and minutes (26) coming November 3 vs. Detroit.

In 74 career games (9 starts), Brown is averaging 4.5 points in 10.6 minutes

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Mitch Kupchak is my hero.

I can't believe they got rid of that contract.


please tell me the lakers are up to something in the grander scheme of things, because morrison over vlad is NOT an upgrade.

Saves money; Vlad wasn't playing anyway.

Vlad wasn't playing - how is that not an upgrade? Think salary cap.

the lakers save about 3 million dollars total, as both salaries expire in the 2011 season

WOW! I've wanted them to dump Vlad since his stupid accident. Can someone give us more details? What is Morrison's contract like and same with Brown. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What do they bring to this team? Can either shoot a 3pter? (with accuracy)

So it was all about salary cap? Vlad wasn't getting any playing time so I guess that's why...

I was actually really shocked when I heard this, I don't know why I guess we should of all seen it coming.

Not really a big deal, though I'm still kind of surprised. I always liked Vladi, but I guess this is what's best for the team.

I don't like it. Salary cap is something we only need to consider if we're trying to sign somebody new or if your name is Dr. Buss. Otherwise I don't care. We better be trying to sign someone good, but he better not take any of what I feel are my family members spots. Mann I will miss you Vlade!!

I just read this in the oc register. If this is true i feel really bad for vlad,but i bet he'll be glad to get away from phil. I don't see how this really help's the laker's? I don't really know much about shannon brown,but morrison stink's.

do we have the best gm in the nba today? i think so! 2 yrs i never thought i'd say that about kupcak

Weird move. Unless it was to get Shannon Brown who looked really good in the game against the Lakers. It only really saves the Lakers one year off of Vlad's contract. The stache is a restricted FA after next season while Vlade has a player option that year. Maybe Farmar lobbied for this deal so he has someone to kick around considering Jordan made AMo cry when they met in the tourney. Give a space cadet, get back a hippie.

do we have the best gm in the nba? i think so!

funny, i never thought i'd ever say that about kupcak

Great move IF Morrison and Brown's contract are coming off the books this summer. Are they BK/AK? This will free up some money to re sign Ariza and if Odom decides he really wants to be a Laker and take a pay cut

Luke is going to get hurt at some point, we all know that. I don't like this trade one bit. What is Morrison going to do for us? At least Vlad could have gotten hot any day now. I am really sad..
Anyway i was at the Celtics game, and teh Celtics are teh dirtiest team in the NBA..,They are kings of cheap shots. I am amazed that no one is mentioning that Davis tripped Fisher deliberately that last foul against us.That was just plain stupid..He ought to be fined..And i am also amazed that they are allowed to get away with so many moving screens. Some one should send a video to the league.

I thought they were going to dump some players for someone like Amare - what the heck is this trade? I don't know about these players - how about some insight folks?

It's weird how some teams just like to trade players with each other. Remember the Lakers sent Jumaine Jones and Kareem Rush to the Bobcats a couple years ago in exchange for draft picks?

that was the dumbest trade they should have got rid of weak luke walton who cant shoot cant defend and is not a threat on the court at all i dont care about the cap getting weak morrison and shannon brown for our shooter is dumb they are not going to crack the lineup . rad was way better then mihm and walton i think this was a dumb move they are only keeping walton because of his daddy thats it he has no skills this guy should be doing something else instead of playing ball luke is garbage think about it when hes on the floor its 4 against 5 when he plays rad can hit the 3 man im pissed

There is more to this than meets the eye, but I don't think it's what everyone is thinking. I doubt this is a precursor to another trade. I think there is something internal with the Lakers and Vlad which we haven't seen as yet. I'm sure we will hear about it in a few days, but that's why he's gone. Otherwise I don't see this trade helping the Lakers.

Salary wise comparisons:

Vlad Rad: $6,049,400 for 3 more years

Adam Morrison: $4,159,200 for 2 more years

Shannon Brown: $797,58 is an expiring contract.

What the Bobcats get: SF/PF for depth behind Diaw or Gerald Wallace (especially Wallace's injury).

What the Lakers get: A young shooter who while did not have a great NBA career so far, has potential (#3 pick 2006). Just hope he doesn't cry though.

Shannon Brown gives depth in case Sasha is still shooting like crap. Brown may give better defense than Sasha. In any case it is an expiring contract and may help in retaining Lamar and Trevor.

Short term wise: Equal. Vlad Rad wasn't getting any playing time due to Walton and Ariza at SF or Lamar/Powell at PF. Due to injury of Gerald Wallace may get more playing time. Morrison still has a chance to show he has skills and Shannon Brown's contract is an expiring one.

Long Term wise: Advantage Lakers. Morrison's contract gives the Lakers a key expiring contract that could help future trades or help with salary. Morrison's contract expires in 2010 when the BIG free agent market comes up. If Morrison does deliver then would be very nice to retain. If he doesn't deliver, that expiring contract helps nevertheless.

Grade: B. Not exactly a huge trade like the Gasol-Brown trade or even the Ariza-Cook trade but just a solid, if unspectacular trade by Mitch. Something grander coming up perhaps?


Just read up on Adam morrison
He is a shooter but plays very little defense.
Shannon brown is very athletic and has a good jumpshot
In the end this deal saves lakes 7,000,000 of cap space.

PJ was feeling the pressure from the bloggers to play Vlad instead of Luke, now he has silenced those voices.

And, obviously this is somehow part of the PJ - Jeannie - Bill Walton love triangle.

I don't get it.

This needs further explanation.

I miss the Spaceman already.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Rad makes $6.0 this year and $6.4 next year

Morrison makes $4.2 this year and $5.3 next year

Brown's $800K drops off at the end of this year.

So the Lakers save $1.1 million next year. That don't even pay for plane fuel during the year.

I think that this trade was about Vlad's poor defense.

Morrison is a little stronger on defense but so far in his NBA career his shooting has been pathetic.

Laker-sth - LOL! Space cadet for a hippie!! too funny! I'm glad we got rid of Vlade's contract but does this help us? You go to a ton of games - are these 2 smart players we're getting or just getting more to get frustrated about?

Vlad Rad
08/09: 6,049,400
09/10: 6,466,600
10/11: 6,883,800 PO

Adam Morrison
08/09: 4,159,200
09/10: 5,257,228

Shannon Brown
08/09: 797,581

Vlad was getting paid $6M this year, next year and had a player option the year after.

The Stache is getting paid $5M this year, next year and is a restricted FA the year after.

Shannon Brown is only making $750K this year.

It's not an obvious salary dump move b/c it only saves Buss one year. Although, I don't know how much it makes sense as a personnel move either. Maybe it's a precursor to another, bigger move. Or maybe it was the perfect storm of both players being unhappy and the teams agreeing to a harmless swap.

Adam is a pure shooter the same as Radman but less spacey. Good move for the Lakers, Rad was MIA too often

I knew something was up with Vlad when he had the DNP during the Boston game. So, that is another wonderful cap move by Mitch - awesome. And we lost one hard working Zag in Ronny last year but pick up another Gonzaga player - sounds like Mitch likes Mark Few's mentoring.

I will be interested in what AK thinks about this Shannon kid. Don't know anything about him but maybe he is D-League material?

Nice move Mitch!!


'Something grander coming up perhaps?'

Well, there's ten more days before the trading deadline; who knows what other machinations that Mitch might be plotting? We won't know until then...

nice analysis Kobeblitz.

This is all about the salary cap...just not in the conventional way.

If Buss can save money in a few years he'd be more apt to overspend money like this summer. Its just long-range financial planning.

Next by getting rid of Vlad and replacing him with Shannon Brown they got a guy that can play more than one position and more than one role (Vlad is there for shooting basically thats all). Brown gives them versatility to play defense and play on offense at the 2 guard...and body up players like Paul Pierce.

One thing that Doug Collins (forgive me) is that he said Phil Jackson doesnt like Ariza on those guys who are much stronger than him. Browns isnt a lockdown defender...but he just be a stronger body.

I remember Ronny Turiaf taking Kobe Bryant to a Pepperdine versus Gonzaga game to see Adam Morrison play and Kobe commenting that he liked Morrison's competitive spirit.

Still, he hasn't really panned out on a professional level.

I don't like this move.

If Rad Vlad was tied to the bench, I don't care. At least he was there if needed him... which we still might.

I'm not sure this move helps clear the path to the Championship... and that's all that matters.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


kobeblitz - thanks for the insights. I guess I'm spoiled and expect Gasol type trades now! Like getting Amare for Vlad/Walton!! Will be interesting if Mitch can pull of something grand in 2010....I think our team is awesome but fun to think of a Laker dream team!!!

Now this really doesn't make sense, we only saved 1 year of contracts and 2Mill a year? Phil and Vlad must have slept with the same woman or something

what potential trades could we make with morrison and farmar's contracts . . . we could net a 10 mil/ year player . . .

Now that we have crybaby - we are REALLY soft!!! LOL!!! I thought we wanted to trade for some toughness like Artest! (Do have to say that the Lakers showed grit against the Celtics at home)

This move is more about Lamar, one thnks, and less about Vlad. This gives us 3 million more a year to put in the Lamar/Ariza re-signing file.

Good move.

Anything we get from these guys is a bonus in my book.


When did we last have a stash on the Lakers? Didn't Scott have one?


So we traded Rad Vlad right before the Cavs game, a player who can score 25 points on a hot night for two players who are going to sit on the bench.


They should have traded Sun Yue instead.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Another Brown in a Lakers uniform?????????
And we still have Luke...


Your suspicions are correct, this trade just doesn't make much sense because Morrison's contract is not expiring due to the fact he is owed about 5.3 M next season. He is a huge defensive Liability and a very inconsistent shooter from the outside.......not nearly as accurate as Rad as an outside threat. He is smaller than Rad at about 6'8" with less experience in post season play.

Shannon Brown is a very athletic guard but he is neither a 2 or a 1 he has the potential to be good defensively but based on the Lakers obtaining Morrison defense is not Phil's priority......Only God knows what is.

I am happy for Radmonavich though because he was never utilized correctly in the Lakers offense. In Charlotte under Brown he will have a specific and consistent role.........Knock down open shots.......which Rad can do. Rad is 6'10" and athletic for a guy his size so it is no wonder he was desired by Jordan and Brown

The bad thing for the Lakers is it solidifies Luke Walton in Phil's eyes as he played over 30 minutes last game while Ariza played about 10 minutes.......slipping back into the pattern that was being established last year that will eventually stunt Ariza's development if this pattern continues.

This move doesn't save the Lakers any real money in an attempt to sign Ariza and Odom next year. It really just makes Walton more the detriment of the team and its future

I think this is what happened....1.) the only scouting report the Lakers have on Shannon Brown was from the Lakers-Bobcat game few weeks ago, 2.) can't beat the Bobcats, try to get a get a couple of their players to join the Lakers. Vlad doesn't read the playbook since he's too busy snowboarding.

seriously, why would the Lakers trade a player that they can use at PF when Bynum only plays half of the season each year? And a mid-season move when things are going well? Maybe Dr. Buss really have some financial concerns. I really hope Morrison lives up to his potential. Then, I'll say it's another good trade by Mitch Kupcake. oops, I mean Kupchak. =)

This is a really good trade.

First off, if this means we have more money to keep Ariza then how can any true Laker fan not LOVE this deal?

Second, when Kupchak got Ariza from last year, no one realized what a steal it was. We got a player who had showed potential and was we have a budding star.

At worst we rid Vlad's terrible contract and take a flier on Morrisson. Maybe Morrisson develops under a superior coaching staff into a threat that elevates the "mob" to even greater levels.

I see this mainly as a salary dump. We can cry all we want about wanting to get rid of Walton instead of Vlad but Phil didn't see it that way and he doles out the minutes. Vlad was the 10th or 11th man on a 9-man rotation team. He makes too much for that role. I don't think Morrison will ever be as good as Radman but he can shoot, or at least he could in college. If this trade enables us to re-sign Ariza or LO, I am all for it. Maybe Phil likes slow white guys who can't play D.

This trade makes a lot of sense. Vlad was always inconsistent. Mitch is clearing space to make a move to bring Shaq back. That would be a sick line up. Kobe, Fisher, Gasol, Ariza, Shaq. When Bynum gets back they would have some major depth, that would be off the charts. The Celtics or anybody else would have no chance. Bring back The Diesel now!!!

I think it was a good move, B as Kobeblitz said. Vlad was excess weight, and I think Morrison has a better chance of revitalizing his career with our outside-the-box coach.

IMO, Vlad got a bad rap here. He was a good player, played some good defense against some of the more rugged SFs. But he never found his groove.

We play the Bobcats for the last time this season on March 31st. I just hope Vlad doesn't consider that a revenge game and rain 3-point bombs on us...

Oh - yet another tidbit.....

Morrison is a Montana boy. He and Phil can kick it in the Summer and Adam can become his Zen buddy.........hippies unite!



We save about 9 million on this deal because vlad has a 3rd year at 6 million.

Vlad's total contract is for almost 19 million. Morrison and Brown will make about 10 million with their deals. This saves us 9 million by my calculations.

And, Vlad made a lot of bad plays. If we can get clutch spot up shooting along with good passing and intelligent play from Morrison, we'll be in great shape.


Its all about clearing 20 Million next year, because we're about to witness Superman Returns.

Mychael Thompson had a nice stache. I like this move. Kupcake has got another 4 months of safe harbor from me.

Gasol = 12 Months
Ariza = 6 Months
Morisson = 4 Months

No trash talking Kupcake until September of 09.

Jon K,

You gotta chill. This is a fine move, and one that has more upside than down. Did I just type that? Anyway, you get a guy with a ton of potential and nice 3pt stroke, in exchange with a guy who has had issues with the team and is a disappearing act.

I like the move and I think it creates some interest. I'm for it.

For those who felt Luke "I've got the goods on Mitch and Phil" Walton was the better player - I guess this is a good trade cap-wise.

For those of us who thought Vlad was better than Luke, well, I guess we better start drinking the Luke koolaid cuz he is our guy.

I understand the trade as a salary dump, but otherwise I'm disappointed.

I'm cautiously optimistic on this. Morrison is a winner and I'm sure his jumpshot will improve working with Laker coaches. Ariza doesn't want to start and Walton can't last more than 10 straight games before having some kind of ankle problem.

Morrison is more... shall we say... focused? than Radmanovic so even though he's not a stud defender, he won't make bonehead mistakes and that's all we need, just somebody who fills their spot correctly. If Morrision gets his jumpshot going again Mitch could look like an absolute genius.

Oh come now Jon K. Just because Vlad was a former Clipper (who still suck) don't be too cry cry.

Vlad NEVER has shot more than 21 points in his entire Lakers tenure. All he could do is shoot. And when he's cold he is a BIG liability. He is a POOR passer, doesn't understand the term "intangibles" on a day to day basis. And while he improved his help defense is a bigger liability to defense when he gambles much more than when Kobe or Ariza gambles.

No offense to Vlad I really liked his hot shooting nights.............when he was one which was about 1/8 of games.

Besides we save more money this way too. Bynum's new contract will hit us next season plus Lamar and Trevor will be free agents and if we want to resign them, Kobe (who could opt out), not to mention sign a NEW free agent with the mid level exception and the bi annual exception, this trade works out great.

And your Sun Yue thing? Watch it Jon K. because anymore of your Sun Yue sucks Clipper rejects rule and I'll be saying it again haha.


According to wikipedia, the 2009-2010 salary for Morrison is a team option. Can anyone verify?

"Charlotte Bobcats picked up the option on Adam Morrison's 3rd year for $4,159,200. There is a team option for his 4th year (2009-2010 season) for $5,257,228."

So I did a brief Bio-Chrono reading on Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown.

Adam Morrison and Von Wafer are remarkably similar, so we should expect lots of entertainment from the former Zag. As you would sumise from his crying incident in the NCAA Tournament... the guy is all about emotions. How he feels about things is the guiding factor in almost all his decisions. It is important that he is appreciated for his individuality for him to be able to succeed.

Shannon Brown's reading is exceptionally interesting. Two major polarities. Shaq, LeBron, Kobe... all these guys have major polarities in their reading. Just like Shannon Brown. So, that means the guy has a lot of potential, but also a lot of challenges.


More to come later.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today.... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Addition by subtraction -- good move even if Morrison and Brown don't pan out. Defense questions aside, as a 'shooter' Morrison only making 70% of his FTs is troubling however.

Bottom line -- Do you trust VRad on the floor at critical late game and/or deep playoff moments? NO! Good riddance.

Snake - I believe you to be correct. Rad is going to take his revenge on us. Man - we even let Kwame and the Pistons look good against us! Rad is pissed and will play the game of his life. Too bad he couldn't focus when he was with the greatest team in the league!!

On a side note - was watching Turiaf play aganst the Suns. I miss him - too bad he didn't stay with the Lakers.

Do either of these guys know ANYTHING about the Triangle?

I'm still confused by this trade.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrrow... Lakers Forever.


Kupchak is the only person in the entire NBA that thinks that Michael Jordan can find talent. The more I think about this trade the more I think it stinks. Why is this an upgrade? Why would he do this? It makes NO sense.

How come we can't get rid of Luke?! Come on Mitch - pull another miracle out of your hat!! Let's get rid of the dead wood and get one more all star player in 2010!! We will be unstoppable!!!


I never thought about the Montana connection.

Perhaps it will help Morrison bond with Phil more easily and help him accept his tuteledge more easily.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The snake, trust me Vlad will set a career high record when we play them. This move just is not right.

During the Boston game I was thinking two things. I was thinking we needed another athletic defensive guard for the ends of games, and that we could have used another shooter ( I forgot about Vlad).

Both of those concerns just got answered. Sure, Vlad is the better or more proven shooter, but I think the Lakers did this because of Morrison's contract expires a year before Vlads. That's huge in my book, when we're trying to pay Kobe, Pau, Lamar and Ariza. I think this move really gives us a realistic shot at re-signing Lamar.

And I think the keeper is Brown, not Morrison. I'll bet anything that we're talking about him as the pick-up of the year, a player who contributes like Ariza and Sasha do.


We can improve because of this move. It'll still be more of a wait and see type of approach


"Oh come now Jon K. Just because Vlad was a former Clipper (who still suck) don't be too cry cry."

Okay, dude. I'm giving you once last opportunity to avoid some serious conflict.

What did you say and that you agreed to?

That you would only needle me about the Clippers when the Lakers and Clippers played. That's it.

That's what we agreed to.

Now you're back at it.

Aren't you a man of your word? It's beginning to seem that you aren't and that you just can't help but antagonize people for no good reason and without provocation. If that's so, then that doesn't make you a very good person.

That makes you an a-hole and that's how I'm going to begin responding to you if you keep this up.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Shannon Brown is a friggin STEAL!! Wow, the Lakers are the shiziznit! MJ, good lookin out!

Go Mitch..

Good luck Vladi.. I think you will do well in Charlotte.

"Missing the entire 2007-08 season after suffering a torn ACL in his left knee in an October 20 preseason game against the Lakers"

OMG, another young player with great potential but with bad knees....

Jon K,

Well we better start stroking Morrison so he has good feelings and gets that 3 pointer going. How could he not feel on top of the world right now? Man, leaving Charlotte and playing for a team that is a major contender for the title?! WOW - I wish that would happen to me!!!

Good bye to Rad - thanks for all he contributed!
Welcome to Morrison and Brown! Please make Mitch look like a god!!!!!!


"And your Sun Yue thing? Watch it Jon K. because anymore of your Sun Yue sucks Clipper rejects rule and I'll be saying it again haha."

What the hell are you talking about?

What's your problem?

Just because you put "haha" at the end of a post like a fricken 13 year old girl doesn't change the fact the you are being a jerk.

If you want to discuss why I think Rad Vlad was a potential greater benefit to the team. I'm more than happy to, but not if you're going to provoke debate acting like a moron.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


There was something going on "internally" as Phil said with Vlad. He has a lot of skills, but he is a space cadet and who knows what else and Phil had reached the end of his rope with him. He was simply not going to climb back into the rotation with Luke, Trevor, Lamar, Kobe, Sasha all able to play the 3 spot. And he had a big contract.

So this is an "internals" move, a salary cap move, and a flier on 2 young guys who may be able to contribute.

AK, i know you'll write about the trade later.

But i find morrison to be too dramatic and a negative guy, he is a very WEIRD guy.

do you have any insight on the guy? aside from what has been said about him? that he is strange.

i don't know, i know he won't play, but i find him to be negative and maybe that will hurt the team in the locker room, remember 1 bad apple is enough, even if that apple is not relevant. remember smush parker?

i liked vladi a lot, he did great things for the community. i'm sad to see him go. i understand is for cap space, but still.

a lot of you will kill me, but better vladi than luke. i do like luke and what he brings to the team....ok you guys can kill me now....

At least we didn't trade LO. I was scared we were going to trade LO and we'd be stuck with Luke!

If, and this is a big if...if Morrison reverts back to the same thing that made him a high pick (and with Kobe Bryant passing you the ball, why not?), this is a good deal.

For Vlad mostly. Because PJ straight out disrespected and punked him night in and night out. VLad is a professional, and though he has his dum dum moments, he still deserved to be treated as such.


"You gotta chill. This is a fine move, and one that has more upside than down. Did I just type that?"

What do I have to chill about?

1. Kobeblitz is being a jerk.

2. I respect your right to be enthusiastic about this move. I'm just cautious about it. Unlike you, the trade does not seem to be as obviously beneficial to me, except on a financial level. I'm obsessed upon us winning a Championship this year and it's not clear to me as to how this is going to help us win a Championship THIS YEAR.

That's all.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Another reason this is about Lamar is because Vlad did spend a lot of time at PF. If we let Lamar go who plays PF Ted Winters? And who backs up Ted? Regis Philbin?


Please Please!!!! Don't bring back shaq. Talk about chemistry killing,look at the sun's right now. I think i would have to kill myself!!! I love this team the way it is. This trade was about cap space to help sign trevor& lamer.


"Well we better start stroking Morrison so he has good feelings and gets that 3 pointer going. How could he not feel on top of the world right now? Man, leaving Charlotte and playing for a team that is a major contender for the title?! WOW - I wish that would happen to me!!!"

I agree. Morrison and Brown have to feel pretty damned lucky right now.

Rad Vlad probably less so, though he'll probably appreciate the increased playing time.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Welcome back Paul Lee. Haven't seen that name for a while. In prison again?


Wow, a lot of you are extremely happy about this trade. We got two players who couldn't get minutes or points on a very bad team. Brown is ok defensivley but loves to shoot bricks and pass the ball to the other team. Morrison is a bust waiting to happen. he hasn't done anything for anyone. Michael Jordan can find talent, period. Mitch Kupchak should know that.

Wy are people here so down on Sun Yue? His a rookie-Phil never plays rookies. Just becuase he's not seeing any playing time dosen't mean he sux (we have a super deep bench this year). Does anyone know what kind of player he really is yet? i think the kid has skills he just has to get aclamated to the NBA style of play.Sasha had to go through the same thing

Any ways back to the trade-Doesn't make a lot of since right now but neither did the Cook/Evans for Ariza trade at first. And as I recall not to many people here were happy about that one at first either. Have to wait and see.......


I think this COULD be a beneficial trade, but we'll only know in the next few weeks.

If Morrison and Brown don't really pan out and Rad Vlad is suddenly average 17 points a game for the Bobcats (a distinct possibility depending upon their system), then we may look back on this trade grudgingly.

We'll see. Hopefully our coaching staff can work their magic on these two.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


One down one more to go!

If Mitch somehow gets Luke traded,
he should win GM of the year for the next 5 years!


"Why are people here so down on Sun Yue?"

I just don't think he's that good of a player. Hopefully he will progress and next year really benefit the team. It's just that every time I've seen him play in HIGHLY limited minutes, he seems confused and outclassed.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



lol i pop up every now and then. lol you know me. I'll promise to be here tomorrow tho for the big game. This can possibly be a good trade for us. Shannon Brown is an underrated player were just gonna need to see if he can possibly strengthen the bench for us.

Morrison just dont know what to expect


I prefer weird charecters on the Lakers. I think Kobe likes them too. I sense good things are about to come from this trade and if you throw re-signing Lamar as one of them--then great things.


Will they be available by tomorrow AK?

Hook us up with insights! lol.





Mitch Kupchack I love you. I just wanted you to know.

I also like the timing. While it is the eve before the Cavs game - it keeps our Lakers on their toes. We don't need any complacency and Mitch is sending that message.

Additionally, think about this blog family - when Luke got demoted - you didn't hear any negatives. He understood what was happening and working HARDER every day to get back on the court.

On the other hand - when Radman was demoted - he was sulking, wise-cracking ("talk to coach"), really in a way - insubordinate. And if we saw that on camera, iimagine gbehind the purple curtain - I think he was not a good positive team player and we can't have that heading into a deep playoff run........RING!

We need guys to accept their roles and perform when we need them.

I would like to investigate this Sun Yue thing a little more as well. Clearly Shannon is a guard and will be a good backup to Fish and Jordan. Maybe Sun Yue isn't progressing as well as PJ wants and wanted some additional stability in that position to get them through June?



how're you doing today?


"i don't know, i know he won't play, but i find him to be negative and maybe that will hurt the team in the locker room, remember 1 bad apple is enough, even if that apple is not relevant. remember smush parker?"

What do you know about Morrison's chemistry in Charlotte? I don't know a thing. I just know that he looked like a potential future Larry Bird while at Gonzaga and then became a nobody once he entered the NBA.

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


From Spokane and Gonzaga alum. Also, this comes from a Seattle Supersonic fan.

I have been disappointed that Adam has not done well so far in his young career. He did hit some big shots his first year with the Bobcats, but injury and subsequent loss of confidence had a huge impact on his game.

You guys all remember him crying after losing to UCLA, but I want to say that he is an absolute competitor and someone you want shooting the ball. He has a feathery shot that brings down birds. He gets pissed when he loses. He can make his own shot. He has a following with the fans, home and opposing. IF he can get his confidence back, stay healthy, and fit in with his role on the Lakers, he will be a fan favorite - just like Turiaf.

I have seen him hit so many big time, game winning shots, it is impossible to count. He had a fall away 30+ foot game winner in Seattle to beat OSU. He dropped 40+ points in a HALF against USF on their home court. He was (and I hope still) a stud of a playmaker. His defense sucks, but that's not what he does.

I was completely against watching the NBA again after what Stern did to the Sonics. However, with this move I am now officially a LAKERS fan (never thought I would say it) and will certainly pay attention. Beat the Cavs!

VRad was a head case, not getting any minutes, he obviously had lost the confidence of PJ. Although he is a great shooter but was inconsistent. Morrison is also a good shooter and has passion for the game - he was nails for Gonzaga. Plus we get a possible backup PG. It will also get LAL out of a long contract.


The guy (Morrison) is not negative at all. He plays thru an incredible disability and leads his college team to unimaginable heights.

No, he's fine. I don't know if he can actually play at an NBA level, but his heart, character and disposition shouldn't be questioned.


Jon K.

Neither knows the Triangle and it will be hard for them especially for Morrison who will be playing the wing which is the hardest position to learn on the team. Only Kobe, Walton, and Ariza really knows how to play the wing. Vlad really got the hang of it hence "space cadet".

Brown has it easier but will still have a learning curve to climb. Especially playing off guard.

And I don't mean to antagonize you Jon K. I really like your analysis and your bio-chrono readings sometimes. You do though do some odd things like always trying to get former Clippers to sign with the Lakers (Quentin Ross, Shaun Livingston). That is like trying to make Floyd's players into Howland's territory. Sure there are good players at USC but why on earth would UCLA want Trojan (not an insult pointed at Trojans alumni) trash when they got BETTER players on their roster? Yet you called Sun Yue a bust when he has 1) Not played much in the NBA and 2) is a rookie learning the NBA style of play and yet complained when we traded Vlad who was a former Clipper.

I'm sorry if you feel I'm being a jerk and I don't intent to. I can see why you think Vlad has more potential on this team than Morrison or Sun but the stats don't lie:

As a starter:
06-07: 10.5ppg
07-08: 9.3ppg
08-09: 7.9ppg

Ball don't lie Jon. Vlad hasn't really been a good starter when he was with the Lakers.


This is definitely a mysterious, Zen master move. The ONLY explanation that makes any sense at all (and sorry, the salary cap thing just doesn't cut it) is that this is Part 1 or a multi-part trade.There is NO way that with Bynum out, the Lakers with the best record in the league, and the season heading into its last half that Dr. Buss is going to be thinking about how he can save a few bucks for NEXT YEAR, regardless of who it's for. The Lakers are going for the rings, baby. THIS YEAR.

Furthermore, Morrison and Brown are NOT going to get them the rings, so someone else (plus them) is leaving. Who? It depends on how big a catch they're going after. If it's somebody really big (like a solid power forward), then Lamar is in Part 2. If it's for a smaller fish (say a quick, defensive guard), then Sasha is in Part 2.

I may be wrong on the specific pieces involved, but I'd lay odds that something like this is in the works. The time is now. The Lakers are going for the rings. They're not going to sit on cap space.

Good Afternoon Charles...Good Afternoon Everybody.. (including Rad)...

this sure seems to be about salary considerations and if it indeed helps retain Ariza and (if the Lakers have that in mind) Lamar aswell then it is a good trade...

or one semi bad contract down, one real bad one to go...

I do think that Rad is probably worth more in a trade senaerio, but the probable perceived unatractiveness of his contract may have prevented us from getting full player value...

but again, this really seems like a salary thing mostly---and I am also thinking as others have stated, there just might be more to this and more to come when it's all said and done..

I will miss Rad's shooting (when it was hot) and his free throwing (this year anyway he was at 85%---though he never went to line near enough)--but I won't miss his sloppy, lazy passing...his defense didn't seem any worse to me than Mr. Walton's so I guess there is nothing to miss about that...

does anyone know how well Morrison passes? couldn't be much worse than Rad is probably the good news...

it will be interesting to see how this unfolds...



Dudes, I'm scared:

"Morrison's defensive deficiencies didn't mesh with Brown's style, and Morrison had failed to hit shots consistently, struggling in a starting role the past four games"

I mean at least Vlad was a good/bonehead defender. But he has his moments...remember those first 4 games, he played perhaps the best defense of his career!

Morrison was a STUD in college, some of you seem to have forgotten that. Then he ends up with one of the worst franchises in the league, THEN gets injured and misses an entire season only to come back with one of the craziest coaches in the business in Larry Brown.

Being in Larry Brown's doghouse is simply accepting that you will have the rug pulled out from under you repeatedly. You make one little mistake and Brown is all over you. Some of those Charlotte players spend more time looking over at the sidelines being second guessed than actually focusing on playing the game.

We got the Stashe! I'm thinking this guy could become a fan favorite!

Phil probably feels set in his rotations. The 2 new dudes probably will not even be in the 12 man game lineup when Bynum comes back. As it is, only one of them will probably be in the 12 man even w/Bynum out, and I won't be surprised if it is Brown instead of Morrison as we can use Brown's defense. Also having a guard will ease minutes for DFish w/c has been one of the main concerns.

What the trade does though is we lose the 15th man blank slot w/c we could have used in hiring a veteran FA w/championship experience for the Playoffs push.

Unless, there's is another trade before deadline that Mitch is working on.

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